Elizabeth April: Vital Message to Starseeds for 2022

Vital Message to Starseeds for 2022

Oct 22, 2021
Elizabeth April
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This is such an important video, watch it till the end. Understand why you’re tired and restless and why shit is just breaking down right now. Thanks for being here, like, share and subscribe if this resonates!! -EA

Gaia Portal: Dec ~ Jan by Éireport

Cleansing is begun… The Light of Life enters

20 Jan

Caretakers take flight.

Harbors of old elements are cleared.

Cleansing is begun.

The Light of Life enters.

Densities of the former are released

1 Jan

Densities of the former are released.

Upliftments follow.

Sidereals come to the core.

Light Path seekers are rewarded.

Minds open to the Radiance

20 Dec

Comforters apply the Master.

Melanomas are healed.

Skies open to the Radiance.

Minds open to the Radiance.

Fellows of the Land inspire the artisans of Light

7 Dec

Fellows of the Land inspire the artisans of Light.

Realities merge onto the single line.

Streaming visions set the paths.

Humanity thrives


GaiaPortal: Stations of the cutting edge establish 16 NOV by ÉirePort

GaiaPortal: Stations of the cutting edge establish
16 NOV by ÉirePor

Stations of the cutting edge establish.

Ferrules of complicity are broken.

Carriers of the Higher Message are recognized and followed.

Cosmic Energies are received in full.

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