Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message April 03, 2020

Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message,

April 03, 2020 

The world has never had an opportunity to sit back and take a look at itself, or test what response it would give in a worldwide emergency. Now one is confronting them it is interesting to see how the main countries are coming together not knowing where the pandemic may take them. The virus that threatens most of your civilisation is testing you to the limit, and it will show how well you can come together to deal with the threats that could bring down some of your governments. The virus is testing your resolve to beat it before matters become too serious.

The virus is already severely testing your ability to cope with its impact upon the very foundations upon which your countries rely upon for a smooth passage through life, and it will never be quite the same again and a lot of soul searching will have to take place. In time you may well consider that what is happening now is in some ways a blessing in disguise. Because there is no doubt that when matters return to normal there will be a lot of speculation about the need for making changes that will avoid such a catastrophe again. It will also be an opportunity to prepare the population for the great future that awaits you.

Some people are questioning why God allows such pandemics when so many people will die from the virus, but understand that freewill must be upheld. The truth will be hard for many to understand or accept, but whether as individuals, or collectively, you will come to accept some responsibility for the outcome, as your actions have helped bring it about. Realise that those souls who have passed on will be told of the circumstances leading to their death, and with a greater understanding of karma will accept their experience as part of their evolution. You will find that each lifetime is planned for such progress to which you will have agreed and little or nothing happens by chance.

You may feel aggrieved that you do not have waking knowledge of your life plan, but as we have previously explained, you should intuitively know when you are being tested. To fully know would mean that your reactions to your experiences would not necessarily be spontaneous as they should, given that you should feel free to express yourself in whatever way that you wished. Having given you freewill we have no desire to unduly influence you, although we may try to keep you on your spiritual path so that you fulfil your life plan.

You are unlikely to fully understand how your life can be so well organised to ensure you have every opportunity to get through it successfully, until you can see the full picture as you will when you return to the higher vibrations. Life is not as full of random happenings as you may believe, and your Guides are always with you to point you in the right direction. Again we emphasise that they do not impose their help upon you but at all times are there to guide or help you follow your chosen path.

You have all travelled a long way to get to this point in your evolution and it is probably the most important time you have ever reached. You stand at the door to freedom from the attention of the dark Ones, who have tried so hard to divert you from your path back to the Light. Although they are given limitations as to what extent they can go to achieve their aims, they are often still able to divert your attention from your goal. However, many of you have stayed true to your life plan and have moved beyond the obstacles placed on your path. Now there is no looking back as you have established a strong hold on your future.

You can now start thinking about your future and where you would like it to lead you, unlike earlier periods when your path was arranged for you. Now you are able to choose which one you wish to take, and have ample time to consider it before the Event takes place. The Galaxy awaits your presence and will welcome you as a Galactic Being who will follow your own designated path. Before the Event it is difficult to appreciate how wonderful it will be to have such freedom and be free from the interference of the dark Ones. Everything you have so far experienced has made you more resilient and stronger in the face of difficulties placed on your path.

Those who oversee your progress cannot interfere with your freewill decisions, but can use any situation that in the long run will ensure the outcome can also be of benefit to you. You may look at the present situation on Earth and ask how can that be, yet already there is recognition that the pandemic is highlighting the weaknesses in your old ways of living. Things will have to change to ensure your future is assured of never having to again face the results of such a serious pandemic. It has given you an insight into how precarious your lives have been balanced and how easily they can be uprooted with serious consequences. You have an opportunity to put things right so as to ensure that you never have such an experience again.

It might be hard to accept that you knew the possibilities of what might happen before you incarnated upon Earth, but you also knew that the outcome would most likely be a great change in direction that would benefit all Mankind. The New Age will now commence in a way that was impossible during the earlier period. All the good things that you were promised will soon start to become your reality.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Paul Seymour: It’s the Constitution, Stupid

There’s an old saying in the US political scene which was intended to remind candidates back in the bad old days that the American people weren’t really interested in honorable principles such as personal freedom, nor bettering the world by ensuring equal justice for all.  The only thing that the majority of the American people really cared about were their own personal bank accounts, and their ability to keep up with the Joneses.   Therefore, as some rare principled and idealistic candidate (rookie) might naively campaign about ways to better the world, their jaded and crusty campaign manager would shout at them – “it’s the economy, stupid!”  Fortunately, with the election of Donald Trump, and even more importantly the power base of principled military leaders behind him, we’ve seen that era of greedy materialism, envy and hate take a mortal wound to the chest.  Hear that sucking sound?

The slaves to the dying system are still out there, though.  You can hear them parroting the fake news with reckless abandon.  Yet when you ask them to support ‘their position’, which was provided to them by CNN, CBS, BBC, New York Times, the Washington Post, etc. they start to stammer.  They weren’t expecting that.  They get that nervous, deer-in-the-headlights look as their eyes start to twitch while they wonder why simply shouting the party line isn’t sufficient.  I saw one lady even ask to not be filmed as soon as she realized that she was going to have to offer some shred of evidence in support of her claim that Trump was trampling on human rights.

That surprised the black, True reporter, who then simply asked her to list off some examples of how Trump had been abusing human rights.  She couldn’t even come up with a single example as she asked the camera man to turn off the camera.  NONE.  Her previously smug demeanor quickly washed away in her mortal embarrassment at being exposed as such a mindless robot.  This forty-ish white lady self-righteously tromping the sidewalks of New York City had assumed that the black man who had asked her about President Trump was obviously another non-sentient parrot as well, and would be very happy with her response.  She was dead wrong about that, and as a real reporter he actually wanted to hear some evidence.  At the very least he expected her to be able to support her own opinion.  She could not.  Her ‘thoughts’ ran only as deep as what she had been provided on the tee vee.

She is far from alone, very unfortunately, and I recently decided to try and help people like her to sort out their confusion, and possibly even to get them to piece together how they are politically, ethically and morally getting their asses handed to them in a methodical fashion.  That starts with defining some of the key terminology being used in this modern, bloodless revolution of expanding human consciousness which had been prophesied long ago in several cultures, and even in the Book of Genesis.  It is known as the Great Awakening, and it is world-wide.

Let’s Start by Defining the Swamp

Trump garnered a vast majority of the True vote (ignoring votes of dead people and illegal immigrants) mostly by promising to drain the Swamp.  Those who found it in their hearts to vote for the heinous criminal known as Killary, are seemingly unaware that there even is a Swamp.  At least I hope that is the case.  The alternative is that they are very well aware of that stinking stagnant muck, but both relate to it, and like it that way.  Or possibly they just have a whore mentality, as they trade their honor and principles for pieces of colored paper from the Swamp creatures in one form or another?  Actually, I don’t want to smear honest working girls here, but I couldn’t find the proper term for such unprincipled scum.  There, I just found it.  Sorry ladies.

So what is the Swamp?  It is the status quo, very briefly stated.  That mostly unelected power base that has slowly but surely built itself up inside the Beltway, and across the land over the course of the past two centuries.  Just as Jefferson predicted that it would.  Actually, he correctly warned us to clear it out every 100 years, or so, but we failed to heed the warning.  If you don’t know who Jefferson is, nor to what statements I am referring, you might be a Swamp Creature yourself.  Or at best, one of their useful idiots.

The Swamp Creatures, then, as is about to be proven with factual evidence when the 71,000+ sealed indictments start getting unsealed and acted upon, are a very nasty group of sociopathological criminals and traitors who are actively working against the United States and its people.  Actually, their goals are global, and treason isn’t even the worst of their crimes, unfortunately.  Those crimes had become systemic, and have gone well beyond one’s ability to count, and some of them are way beyond the bounds of common courtesy to even mention.  I’ll make reference to the fact that the term ‘pedovore’ has recently been coined to describe a surprising percentage of them, though, and I’ll leave it at that.  You don’t even wanna know what ‘walnut sauce’ is amongst the vernacular of this very sick, yet powerful base who backed Georges I and II, Slick Willie, Barry Soetero, and were also firmly behind the pedovore Killary.

Have you learned about the ‘snuff film’ she and Huma made yet?  It was on the lap top seized by the NY police from Huma’s husband, called Weiner.  It was found under the file name – ‘Insurance.’  For some reason, this weird little ‘man’ mispronounces his own last name as weener rather than correctly as whiner.  Why, I can only imagine, but it will be an important day for the rule of law, not to mention the concept of civilization, when all of that scum is off the streets permanently.  Better yet, excluded from the human collective consciousness entirely.

The Swamp, then, flows straight from the very top of the former establishment right down to the sewer.  Over generations it has been carefully constructed to include the top levels of every facet of society.  From corporate CEO’s and Boards of Directors to local politicians, and including top ranking intelligence agency officials, cops and judges.  It also includes the leadership of many of the most well-known NGOs and charitable organizations which rush in to ‘help save’ children from a long list of ‘threats’ which they themselves have created.

That is why there has been no huge tangible progress for us to point at over the past two+ years as far as draining that swamp, and say – “hey, there’s the smoking gun”.  The White Hats (Alliance) need to clean out those top layers first.  Hence the 71,000 sealed indictments.  To anyone who cares to look, the proof is absolutely everywhere, but we know that certain levels within our society, and especially in the more greedy and materialistic corners, just don’t really care to look.  Looking might prove detrimental to their selfish desires, and abilities to accumulate more useless stuff with colored paper, at the expense of their dark little souls.

To add a bit more context, a Swamp Creature will actually look the other way when one of their own kind rapes and tortures a child.  Or worse, if you could imagine such a thing.  They’ll also attempt to smear and demonize anyone who speaks out the Truth on these subjects, and they’ll do absolutely anything in order to undermine the regime that is bravely working to eradicate this sub-human filth, in their quest to save Mother Earth and humanity.

To Accomplish their Objectives they had to Destroy the US Constitution

In the United States, these pieces of crap were greatly hampered by the Constitution, and an armed populace.  Therefore, starting with George I, they began working methodically to undermine the Constitution and reduce its protective powers.  This had to be done gradually and systematically, as they worked to steer humanity towards Hitler’s envisioned New World Order (NWO), and away from their own individual basic human rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Individual Free Will is viewed as a huge negative in the eyes of the NWO/Illuminati/Deep State/Cabal.  Why?  Because with Free Will humans progress spiritually.  Without it, they can not.

Starting back in the 80’s, we also had Ruth Bader Ginsburg insisting that we are all the same.  How dehumanizing is that?  We are quite obviously not all the same.  In fact, we are infinitely unique and special.  If we were all the same, I guess we wouldn’t even need names, would we?  We could simply be stamped with an alpha-numeric bar code to differentiate us from each other.  What we need to do is to recognize and cherish the fact that we are all very uniquely different, and all have the same divine right to pursue life, liberty and happiness without governmental parasites getting in the way.  We all have that essential god-given right, and the right to pursue it in an infinite variety of ways, so long as we don’t violate the Golden Rule.  Simple, when we don’t have Zionist Bankster/pedovore-funded groups like the ADL, ISIS, NOW etc. and suddenly ANTIFA working full time to divide humanity against itself.

Then we had the Republicans – Georges I and II working in concert with the CIA and the MOSSAD to start the War on Terror, after the Democrat – Slick Willie had spent eight years working to degrade the office of the Presidency, and the moral world leadership status of the USA.  The Democrat Soetero came along after the Smirking Chimp (R) to complete that task.  For the minority of you who aren’t yet aware of the sick joke which is the government’s version of what happened on 9/11, I’ll let you finally go do that homework.  It only takes a few hours with an open mind to learn the Truth.   Or alternatively you can wait until it is brought out in the open by the White Hats/Alliance who are currently working to restore your basic rights under the eroded, and many would say essentially ‘revoked’ Constitution.

What are the Definitions of Patriot & Traitor?

Traitor = One who betrays one’s country, a cause, or a trust, especially one who commits treason.

Patriot = One who loves, supports, and defends one’s country

Or as Mark Twain defined it – “One who loves their country all the time, and the government when it deserves it.”  Therefore, if we’re going to attach labels to people nowadays, it makes the most sense to narrow them down to just these two.  Or maybe it seems a little less judgmental to use Constitutionalist vs Anti-Constitutionalist?  The only thing that really matters is Free Will, and the Constitution is the world’s best shot at taking back humanity’s opportunity to live with individual Free Will.  That battle right now is being fought primarily in the US, but has world-wide ramifications.  When the Constitution is reimplemented in the US by those who support its values, the rest of the world will be taking notice, and are soon to follow.  Look at France for example.  The British people will also see their voted will for sovereignty granted as BREXIT will finally be implemented.  The Italian people are also taking back their country, and Germany will be soon to follow as Merkel goes away.

So now we’re back to the title of this piece.  It’s the Constitution, stupid.  Back in 1776 – 1783 the US fought a war against what was then the most powerful country on earth, along with some key help from France, so that it could live under a Constitution that brought the experiment of Free Will to contemporary humanity.  As described above, the freedoms provided under that document have been greatly eroded, and especially since WW I when the illegal Federal Reserve bank and the illegal Income Tax (and IRS) were all implemented under the nose of a duped President Woodrow Wilson.  Wilson later publicly admitted he had given away America’s Freedom to a handful of powerful men.

I am a great opponent of labeling of any kind.  I think it is not only counter-productive, but also a bit childish.  I get quite sick of hearing people literally scream all day long about Liberals and Conservatives.  Republicans and Democrats.  These labels don’t even accurately depict what their shouters believe they do.  The term ‘liberal’ has been so twisted as to be unrecognizable.  I mean, Jefferson was a True liberal.  How do you reconcile Nancy Pelosi to Thomas Jefferson for Christ sake?  Why not just debate the subtle contrasts between diarrhea and chocolate?  Similarly, shouting about Republican vs. Democrat seems to imply that the US actually has a two party system, which in reality it does not.  They had a one party system, with only the illusion of choice as both parties answered to the same Bankster/pedovores.  Until now.

Now we have the White Hats, or the Alliance as you prefer.  And that, thankfully, is also a world-wide movement.  This brave and principled force is not comprised of one man, you must certainly realize.  Don’t you?  If Trump were to throw up his arms and quit tomorrow, do you think this movement would cease?  That’s hilarious.  Just look at how well-organized it is, and come to realize that this Plan to save Mother Earth and Humanity is waaayyy beyond a single person.  All potential contingencies have been considered and planned for.  Having the sheeple scream all day at each other about nonsensical issues helps keep them out of the way of actual progress, I suppose.  Do you think it’s all about Twitter?  hahahahahahaha

Back to childish labeling, if you feel you must use a label to describe your imagined adversary and/or yourself in this current world of such blatant polarization, we have only two labels which make any sense at all.  Patriot (Constitutionalist) or Traitor (Anti-Constitutionalist).  Patriots could be either Liberals or Conservatives, Democrats or Republicans, black or white, man or woman.  So too could traitors.

The Bottom Line

So now let’s get down to the end game.  I would say that the current bottom line on Earth today is the ability of humans to express the primal Universal Law of Free Will.  To date, at least in recent Earth history, the best opportunity we have had to actually live as individuals with Free Will has been under the US Constitution, along with a few other less populated nations like Iceland, Switzerland, and a couple of others.  That was until the Constitution had been successfully undermined by the New World Order fascists working under the umbrella of the Central Bankster-pedos/Illuminati/Deep State/Cabal/Zionists/Khazarian Mafia etc. etc..

Therefore, to simplify the current world-wide Revolution, what we have is a fight to the death between basic good and evil for humans to have their divine right to Free Will, as we take it back from the Satanists.  That’s right.  The reason that the old power structure had been so aligned against you and your divine right to Free Will is spiritual in nature.  We simply can not progress spiritually without absolute Free Will on an individual level.  That is why the Bankster/Zionist/Satanists will fight to the death to deprive you of True freedom, as is supported by a fully functioning Constitution with like-minded supporters working within a very limited government.  With it, you are just too dangerous to them, as you would then be on the verge of discovering your True powers as a Co-Creator.  As John Wheeler, a colleague and friend of Einstein said – “We live in a participatory Universe.”

I’m moving in to new ground there, and I’ve raged on long enough for a single essay.  I hope we can now all agree on the importance of supporting the Constitution, as well as those people who are bravely fighting against the Bankster/Satanist machine in order to reimplement it.  If you would like to explore the Great Awakening in more depth, and especially of the ultimate spiritual war between good and evil, you can get my ebook – Cycles of 7, for $11.11
at https://www.kobo.com/ww/en/ebook/cycles-of-7

In Service to All, In Service of the One

Paul Seymour is a former corporate slave who was freed many years ago in order to eventually find his authentic self as a scribe, wanderer and sacred activist.  www.cyclesof7.com

Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message, January 18, 2019

Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message,

January 18, 2019


Time is passing by quicker than ever and that fact alone is proof that you are well on the way to Ascension. Much help is being given to you who have already set your path on ascending, and short of changing your mind you are assured of success. As your Guides can now come closer to you, they will be able to directly influence you thus helping to keep you to your life plan. In the midst of all of the turmoil occurring on Earth, it is necessary if not vital that you keep looking straight ahead never losing sight of your goal. At your level there are still hurdles to overcome, but they should be relatively easy for you to deal with at your advanced stage of evolution. Temptations still abound but you will have successfully handled it so far and there is no reason why you should not continue to do so in the future.

The changes taking place on Earth are necessary to move on those who are unable to lift themselves up, or who are sometimes held back by the dark Ones. As enlightened souls move into positions of power and importance, you shall begin to see the changes have a positive effect. With the authority bestowed upon them and the intent to bring all into the Light, they will make important changes that will be noticed and felt. Many of them are to get the right people into power so that there can be a collective move to bring Humanity out of the dark realms and into the Light. However, many people are of good heart, and seek a way to express their willingness to help other souls looking for a way forward, but find difficulty in locating an outlet for their desires. They need not worry as their Guides will be well aware of their intentions and will lead them forward so that the opportunities come their way.

Understand that your Guides know you better than you know yourself, and are also aware of your life plan and intentions. So if you feel urged to take a certain path give it serious consideration as they may be trying to “push” you in the right direction to serve your needs. Unless you are in a karmic situation where a certain experience is due, you have total freewill but use it wisely. In fact, as so many have moved with the changes you are finding that life is running more smoothly and that is to be expected. Some karma may have been held over but in principle it is now dealt with straight away. In fact, now that you have long passed the marker progress should be exciting and fulfilling. The “pot of gold” at the end of the rainbow may be elusive but you are getting nearer to the peace and calm that awaits you.


Peace is being enforced where possible and necessary because many still harbour visions of “blood and glory” although modern warfare and weaponry is becoming so deadly it is a path to a quick death. The realisation has come to many that wars are pointless and heart breaking, often causing immense trauma for those that survive who suffer mentally for a long time afterwards. Humans are becoming more sensitive to the taking of life of another human Being, and their reluctance to do so is starting to show. These are the beginnings of a great change with regards to how others are viewed, who are in essence exactly the same as you and simply want a good happy life where all can live in complete harmony. It is not a pipe dream and will happen and must come, and bring peace to Mother Earth and all life that lives upon her.


Peace starts with the people who only want to express love for each other, and you could say that it is catching as when others see your calmness and happiness in all circumstances, they want to know your secret. It is happening now but like all major changes takes time to really impose itself upon the people. Does anyone really want to live with the uncertainty of life that war and strife cause, of course not, and in times of war people are conscripted into the services and are given no other choice. Be assured it will change, it has to as there will be no place for such energies in the near future. Those that maintain such urges for war and all connected with it will eventually find themselves with like kind, whilst those who are at peace will ascend.

Many of you have a reasonable idea of the changes that are coming and since they bring peace are eager for them to come into being. On Earth how quickly it happens is largely down to the people themselves, so we encourage you to move yourselves into the higher vibrations and live your life accordingly. Such changes are coming as you enter deeper into a new area of Space. It is all associated with the upliftment that will eventually lead to Ascension. You live in a society where people are at all different levels of evolution and some are totally unprepared for the changes. Nevertheless there is time for them to lift up, but they must have the desire to do so and many literally have no such interest in the future. Their position and desire to stay in their present situation is respected, as when they feel the urge to move on they will seek the knowledge that will enable them to do so.

You who we call the “old souls” have been through many cycles to reach this turning point, and you are to be congratulated in having done so. We know that through the experiences you have had you will not fail to reach the ultimate change – that of Ascension. By your example you will attract others and be able to help them on their way. They will ask “what do I have to do to be as successful” and the simple answer is live your life in Universal Love for all life treating them equally regardless of their beliefs. If some are still held by older beliefs they will learn from you and the way you conduct your life. However, you cannot be all things to all people but you can help them to express themselves with a love that knows no boundaries. For example Jesus was one who treated all with love and kindness and showed absolutely no bias at all with anyone. There are of course others, but he is one whose life is recorded in much detail as an example of the power of Unconditional Love.

The Grand Experiment is coming to an end and all participating are due great praise and love for their undying resolve, to prove that souls can rise up even when subjected to the most severe tests. You knew in advance that you were going to be tried in the most extreme circumstances, with the assurance that Spirit would always be on hand to see you through the more difficult times. It has been a most lonely experience far removed from the higher realms where you normally reside, and have enjoyed a most harmonious existence, without the presence of lifeforms of the lower vibrations. Be assured that you have never been given or undertaken responsibilities that have been beyond your capabilities. Your gain has been to grow more experienced so that you can help others that follow in your footsteps.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. It is certainly needed to uplift you in such difficult times.

This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.
Mike Quinsey.

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Jennifer Hoffman: The 5 Dimensions of Will

This is an  Archangel Uriel channeled message, enjoy!

Your free will represents the power you have to express your creative energy and integrated divinity in the third dimension and you can use this ability in any way you believe is right, necessary, and appropriate. It means you have unlimited power of energy expression and no power in the universe will judge, alter, or influence your energy choices in any way. Your free will is your source of miracles, mastery, and manifestation and it is the unlimited power and access to your infinite potential. If you use it in ways that do not allow the expression of your greatest potential and possibilities, you will not be able to access the free will’s multi-dimensional energies that include 5 or more dimensions of being.

Each dimensional aspect of will has a function on your ascension path and all must be used together, in congruent harmony, in order to activate the manifesting ability that is your divine blueprint, as well as how you fulfill your purpose of creating the healing to congruent harmony reality foundation for your ascension path’s energetic resonance in your life, for the earth, and for the collective of humanity.

In the first dimension your will exists as the energy of light and dark, which you identify as good or evil. This is a very limited dimension with little potential for growth and expansion. The choices you make in this aspect, to be in the light or the dark, to be good or evil, allow you to move to the 2nd dimension, which is structure or form. In this dimension your will creates a reality whose form depends on which vibration and frequency of 1st dimensional energy you are in. The 2nd dimension is the mind/body connection, where you receive, integrate, and align with energy without awareness (which happens in the 5th dimension).

The third dimension is the energy of emotions, which is where you create an emotional mirror of energies that you have chosen in the first dimension and the form you have created from the second dimension. The third dimension is the emotional body connection, the place where you receive and express energy after you have filtered them through the emotional body. Here is where you judge light, dark, structure and form and how your emotional body responds to what you have created.

The portal to the 4th dimension is intuition, which is the bridge between spiritual and material realities. In order to move to the 4th dimension you need to learn the energies of acceptance, forgiveness, discernment, and detachment, which are lessons learned from your experience of the 3rd dimension. The 4th dimension can be related to the spirit aspect of the Divine Trinity, where your mind, body, and emotions are balanced and expanded by spirit and your connection to a higher source and frequency.

The 4th dimension key energies are awareness and intention and the lesson is energy mastery and sovereignty. This moves you out of the unconscious energies of emotion and into greater energetic balance and control over your energies, your frequency, and vibration. The purpose is the integration of your humanity, spirit, and divinity. This impacts your creation abilities as you move out of unconscious reaction and fear into the controlled response and unfolding creation of miracle mastery, intentional creation, and the energetic congruence of self and Self awareness.

In the 5th dimension you have joy, vision, and knowing, which requires the awakening of and connection to your inner intuitive guidance, faith and trust, and full connection to Source and your power as co-creator. When you arrive at the 5th dimension your will is directly connected to your highest potential, your higher self and Source, and this is where you create heaven on earth.

By understanding the many dimensions of your will you can know how you use energy to create and the levels of dimension you are creating from. Fear is the lowest level of energetic vibration and the least rewarding and beneficial energy but the choice to be in the energies of joy and the light of divine truth is one of humanity’s lessons.

Releasing judgment, self blame, to embrace self acceptance and forgiveness are the bridge to the highest dimensions of being. Use your will to create the reality you most want for yourself and the world will benefit from the use of your will to serve your soul mission and life purpose, to expand the energies of love and joy, and to experience life as the highest expression of your light.


If you like this article and would like to work with me because you are ready for profound personal and spiritual transformation, consider a personal intuitive consultation or intuitive coaching, where we work together to examine your life path, purpose, potential, and possibilities and help you choose one that will bring you the joy, abundance, love, peace and power that you are ready for. Click here to explore the possibilities for transformation.

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Aluna Ash Clairvoyant- 9D: Energy Update 10/8

Energy Update 10/8

Published on Oct 8, 2018



Posted a little late..lost my voice part of the day/night yesterday

ALOT of diff downloads right now.. **We create individually based off the NOW which is your “new” or highest timeline. Everything is a projection. If you feel guided to share your work or info, PLEASE START or share as much as you can ❤❤❤

We are experiencing multiple lives at once, some are experiencing other lives in conscious state or dream state or a trigger. We stay in alignment in a higher vibration through our passion, creative expression, etc.. that is your higher self, 5D

This below is 3D, timelines that can be changed through us uniting as a collective in the moment by our individual vibration & intent

I was seeing (again) a larger earthquake 7.5-8.0 then another not long after. They are mirroring one another- almost perfectly.

The dismantlement of the Vatican will become public. “Darkness at 11″…? Dont know what it means. Darkness during day. And was seeing 2 suns rotating one another with this.

There will be different false flags. 🕳 Even a false flag light trying to fake “the Event” and trying to Manifest this through programming the collective unconscious

And the roll out of technology- Nov.

One false flag im getting strongly is mid November. 11th. But there is several within collective timelines following this one whether the collective experiences them physically or not is dependent on “now” or what we call “now”

A mass Collective Event March/April 2019 originally was not supposed to manifest until 2020-2021.

Dont get a microchip or feed into the cloning agenda they will be pushing even more towards the children collective consciousness in order to create a false construct of crystallized thought or collective timeline where these synthetics can still have control and power without empathy and unity for others- they are in survival mode and absolutely have no ability to connect through the heart.

Bloodline Wars taking place- more astrally and psychologically, manipulation of perception and Free Will

My guidance: “Right now is preparation for the unfolding of everything”

Upgrades with the 3D avatar/ physical body through the endocrine system altering all organ systems and all functions of the body to adjust to shift in density and access to Gaias original template “The Mother” energy and the 13th Gate.

Cause & effect will speed up, what you put out through your intention will come back. Make sure you are not infringing on another person’s Free Will by projecting any energy or rituals or intentions or group meditations, etc.. at them without their consent.


Mike Quinsey Message, July 27, 2018


You wonder how much longer you have to wait until events start to take place as promised. The truth is that on a higher level all is in the “now” and it is difficult to pinpoint a date for an exact happening. The most that can be said is that certain ones are destined to occur regardless of any other activity, particularly attempts by the dark Ones to prevent them happening. When the higher powers declare that certain events are to take place, you may rest assured that they will. They are beyond interference from the dark Ones, and can ensure that progress follows a path that leads to success.

Progress is not exactly held up but often concealed in such a way that knowledge of it is kept from those who would interfere with it. We know that some of you cannot understand why we tolerate such actions of the dark Ones, but bear in mind that you live on a “freewill” planet and we cannot interfere with the decisions you may make. As you might say, once you have made your mind up you have to be prepared for the outcome, for “better or worse.” Of course you are prompted in such a way that you understand the likely consequences of your actions, and hopefully you will respond to the influence to take the best action in the interests of everyone.

Regretfully, whilst a certain degree of chaos is taking place, people can be rushed into making rash decisions, and the turmoil continues. However, you are slowly leaving the old vibrations behind and with the improvements particularly through the higher vibrations, the trend will continue in a lessening of the negative activities until they will eventually cease altogether. It is all to do with your destiny, and having passed the marker there is a whole new vista ahead of you. You are already in year five of the New Age and soon you can expect to learn more about the changes that are already beginning to have an impact upon you and your Earth. Looking way ahead you are destined to enter higher vibrations in a new area of space. Some will be afraid of the “unknown” but be assured that all changes and effects of them will be to your liking.

You will no doubt be aware that some of the big national companies are in some cases struggling to keep afloat. They are having to size down to keep afloat, and some groups are reducing their numbers to also ensure they keep afloat. Clearly these are unwelcome changes, yet they cannot be avoided as there is something of a “sink or swim” situation to be faced. The changes are a sign of the times you are experiencing, and in the far future will be seen as a precursor to those changes to smaller and more manageable businesses. Of course you will see problems ahead, but in the meantime there will be gradual changes along with new technologies that will enable you to eventually become completely independent. You have a saying ”small is beautiful” and so it is, as you will eventually find out.

So what should you do whilst the changes are progressing, and the simple answer is focus more on your own needs and live up to your intent to lift up your vibrations, assuming of course you are pressing for personal Ascension. Of course you should in any event be working towards the same goal, and human nature means that you are always seeking a way to evolve more quickly. However, you will need a lot of help and guidance if you are unaware of the way your lives are set up, and organised to give you opportunities to evolve. Clearly progress is much more likely if you too are aware of how your life plan is set up to advance your spiritual progress. You have to be awakened spiritually and understand how much help is given once you have become aware of your true self. It follows that every soul eventually wakes up to their true selves, and realizes that they are much more than just their physical body, and that there is no such thing as death inasmuch that all souls are immortal.

Few people have the full story as to what is happening at present to make it possible to take a great leap forward. So much is at the ready as progress takes place and short of announcing the great changes that are held in abeyance, little information can be released until it is totally safe to do so. You have come a long way to reach this position, and no announcements will be released yet to reveal what is taking place that is positive and certain to uplift humanity. Slowly but surely those of the Light have taken over important positions that must be in their control to enable the final thrust to be made. Victory is in sight and what a joyous time that will be, and celebrations will be in order.

You who are incarnate upon Earth at this time, number amongst those who can be considered as privileged to have been chosen at such a special time. Your presence will help stabilize the Earth and at the same time help the vibrations to rise. You will undoubtedly have already lifted up your vibrations, and can help create peace and harmony through your presence. You have looked everywhere for God and it has been quite a revelation for most to know God is inside each soul, and has been there all of the time. God loves all of his creations without exception, and God’s love is all encompassing and eternal and God bears no judgment where human souls are concerned, God is the embodiment of Universal Love. God is All that Is.

The mysteries of life are too complicated for most people’s understanding at their present levels. However, each soul is enlightened according to their present needs and their Guides are always ready to advance their understanding when it is apparent that they are ready. Every care is taken not to move things forward too quickly to give time for new information to be fully understood. There is no sense of trying to rush matters, and each soul will travel their chosen path at whatever speed suits them.

It is worth bearing in mind that as you go through each incarnation, you take on many different personalities. You gain experience in as many ways that are possible, meaning that you will be a man or woman according to what best brings you the experience you need to further your evolution. Often you will incarnate with those who have been part of your family in previous lives, but not necessarily in the same roles. You are no doubt starting to realise that great care is taken to ensure that your life plan is well suited to your needs. Having agreed to one you nevertheless still have the option of exercising your freewill, but at all times will be encouraged by your Guides to fulfil your agreed plan.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Ascension Notes: In the Midst of Eclipses – 24-Jul-2018 by Kara Schallock | Soulstice Rising


More Light downloads?! Yep! This Light influx goes deep into Gaia; into Her heart actually; and this affects all living within Her, including ourselves of course. With more Light, there is more Awareness of old patterns to let go of as well as a heightened version of who we are. Drama intensifies as it is loosening its grip. You see, when something is about to transform, it gets really strong and in your face. Wave good-bye and don’t engage in the drama, lest you activate it more. Stay strong!

If you have been having memories of your past, realize this is a clearing. Be reminded that with every clearing, you also clear your ancestry (lineage) as well as your ancestors. This is quite freeing for you and them. Also know that it’s safe for you to share your gifts openly when it wasn’t so nice in the past; whether you were killed, ridiculed or persecuted, that all is cleared. You can share now without fear of reprisal. If it seems you’ve been waiting awhile to see how to show your gifts, all comes when you are ready…in Divine Time. Wait till something truly resonates without the urge to “just do something.” Separate ego wants doing; Soul wants being. Be still and patient. Meanwhile, continue to Be and continue to let go of anything that is not Love (Source). Express and experience yourself more than where you live, what you do and what you look like. You are much more than any description you have of yourself.

When you are truly an awakened one, you accept Divine Love wholly and completely; you are One with and as Source; therefore, you hear your Soul Song clearly. You are aware of opportunities, rather than seeing only challenges. Awakening is not one big event; nothing happens like that. Awakening is a continuous flow, as is everything. With Awakening, you become more and more authentic. There is no need to hide who you are or mask your true identity. When you are fully awake and authentic, it becomes a part of you, like breathing.

We are in the middle of eclipses, so there is an Opportunity to be more. The Solar Eclipse of earlier this month brought up many old emotions. As emotions arise in you or others, step away and breathe. How you react creates more of the same. If you respond, you flow with the energy rather than against it and this also creates more of the same. There may be lots of physical adjustments, so you may be more Light. Observe your body changes. I had a funny thought this morning as I lay in bed somewhere between full wakefulness and sleep. What if we are changing into an animal? What if we are fully merging with our Totem? My Totem is Raven. Am I sprouting wings? Can I fly? Can I purr like Raven does at times? Of course! What Totem are you merging with and as? What are you learning? What gifts is your Totem showing you that are a part of who you are?

As this next Eclipse comes (we’re in its energy now), how is your body changing? We continue to let go of ancesteral lineage and old guilts created by unaware actions of our past. There may be some returning or new phenomena. For me, I experience rashes, dry skin, some strange headaches, dizziness and many other things that I have been experiencing for years and some new ones as well. All is in Divine Order.If you experience illness, this may be due to an adherence to the old (resistance). There are many endings as well as new beginnings. These new and old cycles reveal themselves individually. Only you know what it means for you. Pay attention to your sacred sight, sacred hearing, sacred knowing and sacred feeling, as these are being upgraded and will continue to do so. Gaia is releasing as you are; you not only feel this, you know it, see it and hear it. Be a strong lighthouse. This is standing in your Power, knowing that you give off Light to help. You are becoming stronger in your Authenticity and Light. It continues to help you evolve in pure consciousness. You are Christed; you have everything within you. It sits dormant, waiting for you to know it and be it.

Love and accept yourself, as you do with all other life forms. As one wise woman once said, “They go low, you go high.” It does not matter how another chooses to be; always be Love and remember that there is no real separation between you and others. There are just different degrees of Awakening. Be gentle with yourself when it seems your old self emerges from time to time. Honor who you were, who you are and who you’re becoming. It is so easy to go back to who you were and seemingly challenging to fully be who you are now. The New takes Commitment and ongoing Awareness. The old is easy to slip back into, because it’s what we have known. Yet the more you accentuate the New as you, the easier it becomes to be in the New; then it’s all you know; as simple and easy as breathing. Ease.

Let all of your past go so you don’t continuously repeat it. Some issues and people clear automatically. Don’t rush back to save or fix it. Let it go, whether it is people, things or attitudes. You need not perceive it as loss; it simply is Soul’s way of clearing you so you may evolve and be more Love/Light. We need not fix anything; just let it be. Once you are clear of the old, much is also cleared in your life. Opportunities show up, you intuit new directions and that which is to be in your life remains or returns…or not. Trust Divine Order. Does that feel freeing?

There is no need to be confused or lost. If you are guided by your Intuition to take a step in a particular direction, do so. If not, it’s not yet time. Do only that which is of the Heart; of Intuition. It comes in spurts at times and if it’s from Soul, it will not let go till you take an action step. Feel first and then act. Often you may simply observe yourself taking a step without thought. This is great! There is no thinking or analyzing involved when you act from the Heart. The Heart needs no explanation or “why;” it simply is.

As we are infused by this huge Light, we may feel very complacent with barely any energy; however, we are expanding mentally, spiritually and physically and are extremely sensitive to all in our environment…the dog barking seems louder and any noise seems intolerable and so it goes. There is nothing to be concerned about; we are simply vibrating higher in much higher dimensions, while in our 3D bodies. What is great about nuisances is that they bring us right into the moment. It’s all orchestrated by Source. Cool, huh? We get to choose our state of being. We can discard and ignore upgrades and downloads and remain small or we can open up and invite it all in. We can be grateful or resistant. We have Free Will…always. Know as you move through the 3D world, you move with Awareness. Our Lightbodies are activated and as we truly know this, we disengage from the old, controlling matrix, because we know who we are.

We are transitioning to a more expansive consciousness. This affects our world and beyond as well. We are building the New step by step. Stay in your lane, focused. Are you in the fast lane or the slow lane? It doesn’t matter at all. All lanes go forward not backward. We may shift lanes at times, yet we all arrive. Ooops! Did you get stopped for going too fast or slow? No worries; adjust your speed; any warning/message is to help you be congruent with your Soul.

Being in the Lunar Eclipse is like surfing the biggest wave ever. As you ride the wave, stay centered, be open and know you are not only Love; you are loved!

~ ~ ~

If so guided, your continued tithes are graciously and gratefully accepted. And thank you to those of you who consistently tithe to support this body of work. Tithing is giving from the Heart; creating a consciousness of Prosperity. I am blessed and grateful for each of you!


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A Message to Lightworkers – July 20, 2018 by Caroline Oceana Ryan

A Message to Lightworkers – July 20, 2018

The latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this opportunity to speak with you again.

This week, we wish to answer a question from a Lightworker who wrote us regarding the timing of NESARA’s announcement—something about which there is great speculation!

I read a lot of predictions about when NESARA will be implemented on the physical plane. I’ve never believed the “today, tomorrow, next week” predictions that have been floating around for years.

While I do not believe all the predictions I read regarding timing, I would believe information from the Collective regarding timelines. I know “soon” is Archangel Michael’s favorite response to the question “when.”

Likely meaning, any time in the next 10 years. And I understand that Ascended Masters, Angels, and other loving spirits do not deal in linear time. 

It seems that with the current group of folks running this country, allowing the physical plane implementation of NESARA will not be “soon” at all.

Must we wait until the shift to the New Earth is significantly more manifest?  
You are correct, dear one, in noting that “soon” is not an exact timeframe, and one not entirely applicable to your world and to Time as you know it.

What it means, when used by those who are oriented more to the higher realms than to Earth, is that NESARA is on the horizon—that Earth is moving into that reality in steps, not one sudden jolt.

And that of all potential realities, the timeline you currently exist in will indeed see NESARA fulfilled—publicly announced and enacted.

You are correct that it does not mean “soon” as in “next week” or “next month,” for it cannot mean that.

It is not that those times are not possibilities.

It is simply that we cannot be prescriptive in the slightest, regarding When this great transformational moment will actually occur outwardly.

You and nearly all Earth Beings came into this life under the agreement that Earth events would co-creatively enact their own reality, just as you co-create your own reality in your particular Earth life.

This means that forms of interference by those in the higher realms that would re-route, revise, or prevent certain aspects of your life or Earth life—even by way of time predictions—are not permitted, due to the provision of Free Will on this planet.

This is what is meant by Free Will! You create your own existence on all levels, both in this life and beyond it.

All must respect this, or face consequences before a very high galactic court.

Understand that when we in the higher realms step back from human affairs, it is not out of a noncompassionate or noncaring belief that human beings are not worth troubling with—far from it.

We stand back to allow you your choices—your own journey, your own evolvement—and increasingly, your own empowerment, as you more and more understand that you Have the choices of free will and evolvement, and can know full empowerment, which is the realization of your own Divinity and the unity of all things, all beings.

Now, this is not to say that interventions do not occur, for they do occur.

You bring these into your reality as you declare that they must occur, in whatever form is best.

The energies now shifting not only Earth’s vibration but human consciousness also bring in interventions.

We see only a forward movement, a trajectory of conscious evolvement that is moving ever-upward, beyond the material distractions, beyond the despair and fear, beyond the sadness you feel some days, that what you have experienced in this life and other lives has been just too much, and will your liberation never occur?

We have said many times that you yourselves are the ones establishing your own freedom, your own kingdoms, your own sovereignty.

And why is that, you may wonder, when there are so many in the higher realms who love you beyond what any Earth language could convey?

Because that Free Will determination and active co-Creation is how sovereignty and freedom are established and maintained!

Particularly after so many eons of existence in the low vibration of third dimensional frequencies.

You are the only ones to pull yourselves above the fray, the madness, the confusion, and what you call injustice, though you chose this road you’re on quite consciously, and there is not a one amongst you whom we could call a “victim.” 

And why has it all followed that self-determined path?

Because, great co-Creators, you wrote it this way.

This is your film, your canvas, your holographic projection.

And do we see now your decision to raise your voices in a song of liberation, in a high vibrational harmony that only Ascending beings could manage?

Yes! We hear you, and we witness your increasing demands for the kinds of Freedom, Peace, Joy, and Abundance that only a liberated people could create for themselves.

So the question becomes not so much “when” NESARA is birthed outwardly, but how often you and your fellow Light Warriors celebrate NESARA’s precepts, spirit, and intentions, as if it were already here.

For that is how you create in your world, dear one.

Not by waiting, and certainly not by asking “when.”

The question is never “When?” There is no question.

NESARA is here now, on your timeline, as you are here, and once enough of you fully join your frequency (in the present moment) with that which you claim to have waited for, you will wait no more.

We realize the unsatisfactory nature of our answer on some levels.

And so, as a side note, we do see things shifting upon the Earth and in Earth systems, including an inevitable dissolution of the old regime, with a speed and a determination that we have not witnessed before on your planet.

And yet—we celebrate that far, far less than we celebrate your coming to remember your own Divinity, your Unity with all that exists, and your great Love of your own journey, even in its darkest days.

Your bravery is fully seen, and your journey marks the way for life on a higher dimensional Earth, the joy and colorful brilliance of which you have only begun to envision.

And so yes, you are getting there — the “when” is up to each of you.

Namaste, dear ones!

We are with you, always.


Copyright 2018, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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About Caroline Oceana Ryan

Caroline Oceana Ryan is an author, speaker, and radio host of “The Empowered Lightworker” on the BBM Global Network. She channels the higher wisdom and guidance of the Collective, a group of higher beings assisting humanity as we Ascend into fifth dimensional life.

Arcturian Group Message for JULY 15, 2018 by Marilyn Raffaele | ONENESS OF ALL

d47c4e3e72bf2421e243a24167247eefArcturian Group Message for JULY 15, 2018
by Marilyn Raffaele | ONENESS OF ALL

Arcturian Group Message for JULY 15, 2018
by Marilyn Raffaele | ONENESS OF ALL

We of the Arcturian Group wish to say that much change is on the horizon. You are witnessing the death throes of world beliefs that have held mankind in bondage through lifetimes. These dense miscreations can only dissolve as higher frequencies of truth begin to replace the energy that formed them in the first place.

A sense of discord comes when everything familiar begins to change but intense fears and confusion will not come to those who understand that nothing real ever ends, but rather transmutes into higher levels of expression as consciousness becomes more enlightened. Because third dimensional energy is so dense, this process is gradual and involves many twists and turns of resistance.

Focus your attention and efforts on being the highest level of truth you know in every moment and situation, rather than on the illusions of material sense around you. Your Light, the Light of awakened consciousness, is serving to open the pathways that allow more Light to flow to earth. These high frequency energies are affecting all life. Everyone is feeling them, the un-awakened, the awakened, and the animal kingdom as well.

These high frequency energies are causing many of you to experience times when emotions, physical aches and pains, or extreme physical exhaustion seems to take over. If you are not alert, it can easily lead you to believe that something is seriously wrong, but then within a day or two things seem back to normal and you feel fine–until the next time. These experiences are related to the process of clearing, translating and integrating new and higher frequencies into the physical, and the mind’s interpretation of the process.

It takes energy to do these energetic upgrades leaving you with less for your usual everyday chores. Ascension energies are replacing the denser in physical cells. Allow the process to take place without immediately concluding that something is wrong, but rather know that something is right. Your physical expression is unfamiliar with what is taking place because serious energetic upgrades while remaining in the physical has never happened before.

As you integrate these new energies and your resonance changes, you will no longer be in alignment with many things that up to now have been a part of ordinary living. Heavy foods, alcohol, sugars, and processed foods that you may of previously enjoyed with no problem, now either don’t appeal to you or make you feel sick when you eat them.

Because everything is energy, energetic alignment is necessary if there is to be harmony of anything– marriage relationships, friendships, foods, entertainment, employment, ideas, beliefs, etc. You are no longer in alignment with many of the seemingly ordinary things you were once aligned with. Your evolving state of consciousness is resonating with new and higher frequencies and attempts to make something spiritually outgrown continue as it once was, will not work.

Free will allows everyone to ignore truth as long as they wish, but truth can never go away because it is the reality. Only those things created from illusory concepts can dissolve permanently. Try to see change as a graduation, dear ones. Many believe that they are open to change, but when something familiar begins to change or disappear, even the very awake will often respond with resistance because there is a sense of security in what is familiar.

You are no longer evolutionary beginners and are well prepared to withdraw your sense of security from the outer through the realization that safety and security are already fully present within, facets of your own Divine Consciousness. Learn to go with the flow while giving no power to events and situations that may affect your sense of security. Stay in the now moment, trusting that all is proceeding according to a Divine plan individually and globally regardless of whether or not anyone believes it.

This does NOT mean that you never take precautions in situations where they may be required. It means that you take the practical actions you are guided to take for living in a third dimensional world, but you do these things without surrendering to fear concepts regarding certain people, places, or things secure in the realization that one with God is a majority.

We wish to speak of suffering which is a general term describing the feelings that follow great loss or simply living day to day in physical, emotional, or mental pain. Many ( awakened and un-awakened) are suffering as the result of the intense clearings of old energy now taking place in Gaia, individuals, and within the third dimensional belief system as a whole.

In previous lifetimes, most individuals incarnated with one lesson they wanted to concentrate on. Because of the powerful ascension process taking place now, you came into this life with the intention of resolving and moving beyond any remaining issues with people, places, groups, or belief systems–anything in need of completion or that might act as a barrier to your ascension.

Intense experiences of good or bad remain stored in cellular memory and are carried from lifetime to lifetime until cleared. Cellular memories you are ready to to clear are surfacing through experiences that alert you to their presence but do not need to be identified or “figured out”.

As you live from a higher state of consciousness, frequencies of Light automatically dissolve the lower resonating energies. It is a waste time to dwell on or try to figure out everything that may be clearing because this just focuses on old energy. If it is necessary for you to know something for your spiritual growth, you will somehow get that information through dreams, intuition, or actual memory. At this time many of you are clearing for the world and not always personally. Remember there is only ONE.

For those of you experiencing depression, sadness, and sorrow we say to you, allow these emotions to flow through without resistance. Suffering is created by holding on to unfulfilled expectations of how things should look or be in order to be right which always reflects one’s personal belief system.

In the three dimensional world, most suffering is caused by seemingly uncontrollable forces–nature, laws, religious beliefs etc. This is how a dimension based in duality and separation, works. This is what you are evolving out of. Duality and separation does not exist in the higher dimensions. The three dimensional belief system represents the lowest rung of a very high dimensional ladder although most as of yet do not realize this.

Suffering remains and will continue to remain alive and well as long as world consciousness continues to create through beliefs of duality and separation. Never forget that as expressions of the Divine, everyone is a creator, forming their world out of the substance of their state of consciousness. Help those who suffer in whatever practical ways you are guided to, but never believe that it is your duty to save anyone for all are learning lessons they themselves chose with the help of their Higher Self and Guides.

Mind interprets one’s attained state of consciousness and manifests it as physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual form. Suffering is resistance, a yearning for things to be the way a person believes they must be in order for them to be happy. Nothing will or can change globally or individually until consciousness changes because consciousness is the substance of all that is. You have reached that place of readiness that will enable you to move into the realization and experiences of who and what you really are.

Visualize a bright sun with many beams of intense light shining outward. As these beams of light get further away from the sun source, they start to become less bright, change appearance, and accumulate colors and shadow. Each light beam begins to look different from the other, absorbing different colors and accumulating layers of energy that take on the appearance of various fabric textures and color that change and increase as each ray passes has different experiences. The ray of Light never disappears, but is now completely obliterated by the layers of debris.

This is your story, the story of every man, woman, and child from the beginning. You are the Sun Beam that forever remains pure, intact, and perfect regardless of how much illusion is draped over IT. Evolution is the gradual removal of all debris.

Accept that you are already awake and that there is no longer any need to seek and search outwardly for what is already fully present within you.

Allow the process and trust that everything is proceeding according to plan.

We are the Arcturian Group 7/15/18

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Ascension Notes: Love and Value – 21-May-2018 by Kara Schallock

On May 29th there is another Full Moon bringing another Opportunity to be more Love. Join in the energies by keeping your thoughts, feelings and actions aligned in Love. Meanwhile, we have been experiencing many downloads of high dimensional Light. This has exacerbated much upheaval in leftover beliefs that limit and emotions that are deeper in the subconscious. Our Divine Service (Being Love) is upgraded. Be kind even to those our separate ego deems “bad” (remember, there is no good or bad in the New). I want to share something someone wrote to me today (Thank you, Megan). It illustrates pure Love in Divine Service:

“…it is interesting to embrace that actually everyone I meet loves me and I love them. The only thing that seems to stop me from realizing and experiencing this Love is my false belief that tells me this is not so…Could it truly be that under all the stories, everyone loves everyone? I like this as my core belief.”

We all are Love. Most are so attached to their old stories they cover up the Love they are with belief systems that say, “I’m not o.k; I will get you before you get me.” If all could drop their stories and their blame, all would discover that they have always been Love. Recently I had a conversation with someone I hadn’t been in touch with for several years. As I listened openly, I discerned that she is still attached to her old stories; her old beliefs; even though she claims to be “spiritual.” She is still seeking outside of herself and nothing has changed since I have met her; a very long time ago. She still seeks outside of herself, when all is within. I can always tell when a person is protecting the lies of their separate ego; they defend themselves. While I saw that she is a karmic mirror to the last dregs I hold within me, it is not for me to try and convince another of something, but rather, listen with Compassion and allow them their illusions; it is their path and not mine. There are many in my life with whom I no longer resonate with, as there probably are in yours. We can love others unconditionally, yet not be a part of their lives. We love because Love is who we are. Others love us too, whether they are aware of that or not. Loving all is our Divine Service, including loving ourselves. Ascension is a continual flow into being and expressing Love more and more. Ascension never stops; it is infinite, as we are. We simply continue to be more and more Love.

We need not react to our or another’s emotions; instead, we respond as we look deeper and find the belief that has created the emotion. Have you pondered the word “emotion?” It is being out of Flow (e-motion). All our work is to be in Flow, rather than resisting anything. What is sin? It literally means “off the mark.” Sin is not what religions have told us it is and we are not saved by some “sinless” being. Being off the mark simply is a helpful reminder to adjust our sails so that we flow once again. Emotions merely show us where we are not flowing. Are you listening? Are you adjusting your sails?

Rising to Christed Consciousness takes much focus and Perseverance. Actually, the Truth is that you are already Christed. With every awakened choice, you expose your true consciousness. Others can help by reflecting who you are back to you, yet it is up to you to do the work. By removing what no longer belongs (like what Michaelangelo did when sculpting the Pieta), you expose your Christed Consciousness; the masterpiece within. If you sense you are all alone; that others don’t understand you; remind yourself that you are creating and manifesting the New. Ascension/Christed Consciousness guides you to leave what is safe and comfortable and in the process, those who choose to have a safe and predictable life may not like you (they love you though). It’s o.k. not to be accepted by the ones who remain in the old matrix. You did not choose this path to be liked and accepted. You chose this path to bring forward a new life. Continue to be true to what you know is right in your Heart, letting go of the old need to be approved of. If you feel rejected, let it be and release that old energy; it may have come from old lifetimes and carried forth life after life. It is now that you may let it go. What is essential is that you remain true to yourself. You are a Love Warrior. Follow your Guidance and Intuition always. Give with no conditions. Love.

You are not alone. There are those who align themselves with you, whether in physicality or not. You are supported by the Light. All is for you. When you experience what you may perceive as awful or unfortunate, know it is for your highest evolution Go deep within it and discover the gift; it may be a message to change, transform or let go of a deeper belief. Whatever you find, honor it and be thankful.

Generally, we have taken another step upward. Because we all have Free Will, whether you take a step upward or not is your choice. We can change something in a second or continue on in the same way. Stay present in the Now Moment. This connects you to Truth and helps you disengage from the old matrix. The old thrives on keeping you in the past or future and it loves to keep you in fear. Anxiety and stress are aspects of fear, so be aware when and if you feel these. Release these energies and the belief once you identify what belief is creating them. Be confident in yourself.

One way you can dissolve old conditioning is to not believe everything you read or see; use your Discernment; your Heart’s Discernment; not your head’s discernment/analysis. Feel if something resonates or not. In doing so, you disengage from the old matrix and begin to create your own world. Become the observer; attached to nothing. Another way to detach is to not romanticize anything…from relationships, different cultures, masters of the past, marriage, families, etc. Pay attention to how you feel. Romanticizing hooks you into illusion and as we all know, dropping our illusions is essential if we want to evolve. This romanticizing extends to our guides, ascended masters, saints and anyone we place on a pedestal higher than ourselves. If you’re not sure, you can say, “Only those of the Divine Light, Love and Plan be present now.” Those of lower vibrations will leave. Also, those beings of Light must be invited. Be wary of anything that shows up uninvited.

Value yourself, for as you do, you value others and others value you. Valuing yourself is loving yourself unconditionally with full Acceptance. When you do, you attract others who see your value, for they value themselves as well. How many ways and how often do you judge yourself? If you do, others will reflect judgment back to you. When you truly care and love yourself, others will too, for they care for and love themselves. This is Oneness and there is no escaping it. You attract what you are. The only one who creates anything is you. Ask yourself what you want: to be a slave, controlled by others and old beliefs and patterns or be free to create from your own knowing. If you chose the latter, keep your vibration high and express Love in all you feel, say, think and do. Nothing less will do.


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