Ascension Notes: Our Next New Phase – 12/30/2014 by Kara Schallock | Soulstice Rising

“Be reminded, my Loves, that what I share is your potential as it exists in the higher dimensions. You are honored right where you are and everyone is right where they belong. Some are living their New Lives; others are somewhere in between the New and the old, others are just now awakening and many are still asleep, dulled by the 3D illusion of separation and strife. Some will resonate with what is shared here and others not so much. Remember, this simply is what I am guided to share.

One of the most important tools you have is that of Detachment. I know of a few people who are definitely in this stage of being. Detachment helps one let go of 3D illusions. This season, that is almost complete, is a great example of this. It is rife with separation and many fall back to sleep in order to fit in with the masses. It is the Path of the highly evolved being to stay focused on Who they are; not just in words, but in true feelings and true action. Being detached helps a being rise in vibration, consciousness and dimension. It can feel uncomfortable, because it is not the way we’ve been programmed to feel and be. However, as one Sister-friend said, “…the energy is there to blast through the illusion once and for all.” Another friend posted on my Facebook Community Page about how strange it feels to be so detached from 3D and how it is difficult to do basic chores and wondered how one can offer anything in 3D when living in the higher dimensions is so free and effortless in simply Being Love. Another Sister-friend writes how challenging it is to work at a job that is in 3D, even while sharing her LoveLight. I’m sure some of you, and I trust many of you, can relate. I certainly do.

I share also that in the higher dimensions there is no time separation; it simply flows as One; it is time-less. So when referring to 2014 ending and 2015 beginning, it seems silly to me, for they flow together with no break in between. Time and years are human constructs, designed to hold us in an old paradigm. I also encourage us to let go of the word “paradigm,” for it is merely another container, even when called a “new paradigm.” When one reaches a particular higher dimensional state of Being, one questions all things including popular notions of spirituality and Ascension. One sees the higher truth in others and in all things. There is no hiding; only being authentic and true to oneself, detached from all expectations of how things are “supposed” to be. Detachment is not “not caring.” It actually is a higher form of Love and Freedom. It sets all free to be and choose what resonates within.

As we flow into the higher energies seamlessly, we can also let go of portals and gateways, which also seem separate from the Flow. What I have experienced is an infinite, non-stop, steady flow of high dimensional Light. So if there is a difference between the phase we’ve been in and this phase we are now entering is that…Infinite, ongoing Light. I know that doing Ceremony heightens our experience, and yet, we needn’t be attached to doing these on a particular day, do we? Just like we needn’t share Love on a particular holiday or get together with loved ones in a particular timeframe. Let us be Love every day; in every moment.

Most of us are somewhere along this continuum and we are able to see clearly where we are still attached, what and who we still are called to let go of and how we continue to evolve through our choices. There is no deadline and no “supposed-to’s” or “shoulds.” There is only this Moment and we can choose to be more or resist and stay right where we are. We will continue to receive downloads of Light and we will continue to hone our choices as we continue to evolve infinitely with no time constraint. Now is the time to be real; to strip off our many masks until we stand naked in pure Authenticity.

We needn’t explain or define or articulate what we feel is Truth, for that has been done in all the religions. What we are to now do is to Be and follow our feelings (guidance). How can we articulate our own state of Being, especially as it shifts day by day and moment by moment? For isn’t that then placing it in a box; a paradigm of constriction? We can paint a picture and write a story, yet can we truly share how we felt deep within doing so? And each one of you will take away something unique from each picture, story, writing and channeling; even this one. This is because each of us has our own experiences and our own perceptions and history, which then filters what is shared so that it is meaningful for our own personal growth and evolution. When one sees a tree, another will see the beings in the tree or a forest or the world. As “they” say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Ponder that statement and feel the larger meaning.

We are called to honor who we are honestly and authentically. We are called to walk our talk and to be a role model of what we talk about. We teach by being the highest we can be, and as we do that we integrate the New within us and our Light touches all others. You can emulate another who stands in their own Light, but do not follow them; be your own Light. This is what we’re called to Be in this New Phase.

It is time that we live our Truth. We have integrated enough Light so now let us put it into action. Stay focused on who you say you are and the backward pull into the old 3D duality will become less and less of a challenge. Even as you still must pay the rent and shop for food, you can do it consciously without being seduced back into duality. Stay centered and grounded and take care of your physical body so that you may be even more of a channel of high dimensional New Life. Remember that we are the ones who have chosen to bring Heaven to Earth and not the other way around.

Remain focused on being your highest self, stay in the Moment so that you can feel your next steps and know that you are incredibly blessed as a Being of Love. Know too that you are expanding in all that you are…Creativity, Abundance, Love, Peace, Joy and more. What you focus on is what you attract to you, because what is attracted to you resonates with your consciousness.”

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Thoughts from your Hostess of Light November 2014 a message from Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Thoughts from your Hostess of Light November 2014
a message from Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Thursday, 6 November, 2014

This time of year has been a power point since I can remember. We sit in accordance with our own decrees getting ready for the rocket to leave the launch pad on the shores of self. The very heavens themselves line up as Sirius and the Pleiades and the belt of Orion tightens around our own inquiring energy field.

We feel the holiness pull us closer as the Christmas music begins. Issuing a decree that magic is in the air for the taking. The time-fields have shifted as had magnetic truths, our days and nights are manipulated by others as we seek to line up with the real time lines.

Trust what is in your heart not on the calendar that has been changed from human time beginning. Your inner rhythms seek to align with the other energies creating a harmony and resonance that has not been heard or felt for some time. Reality shifts and turns like a restless sleeper on a windy winter night. We look in the mirror trying to find a reflection that fits us in these changing times. We see only fractured fairy tales of the past, reflecting all of our learning’s and dramas.

We as light beings have traveled thru time and circumstance to this point in the galaxy bringing with us truths we have acquired and kept in our hearts for eons of time. We seed this glorious green living planet with both our trash and our treasures.

Within the molecular content of all of our creations lives a spark of Light. It is that spark of Light we set free starting this 11:11 until January 11, 2015. It is this spark of Light that we will rewrite into a program that will serve what we seek in our heart at this time on Earth. This holy season you will be granted a Christmas Wish via the whims and instructs of a loving Creator. Giving to you the perfect gift that will serve your highest good at this part of your Light and life.

Make room in your life and home for what seeks to grace your world. Open to all possibilities for the universe seeds your heart anew as you leave 2014. It gives to you instructs that will grant what you seek to know; Insights via whims and dreams as to the next point of your journey. The Courage to claim the mountains of self. Courage to go where angels fear to thread and the guts to keep on believing what you know in your heart to be true.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – PO box 217 – Dandridge, Tennessee 37725-0217 –



What energy and experiences can we expect during this month? September 2014 Message | Akashic Transformations – Jen Eramith

September 2014 Message | Akashic Transformations – Jen Eramith
From the Akashic Records: An Excerpt from the Message of September 2014

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What energy and experiences can we expect during this month?
Are there particular activities we can use this month in order to engage the energy?

What energy and experiences can we expect during this month?

The energy in September 2014 is very fresh and new.  It is like springtime.  There is a light energy, and a sense of clarity.  You will find new information coming into view, and truth coming to the surface.  This can sometimes be challenging, but this month it is likely to be in ways that are fun rather than difficult.  Of course, there will be challenges because that is part of life, but overall the energy is fun, light, and hopeful. 

This is a good time to engage life with optimism and goodwill.  Strive to take things lightly, use humor, and to move things along.  Strive to be kind and thoughtful, but do not take things too seriously this month.  The energy this month feels like a clear blue-sky day.  Look for feelings of lightness and possibility.  This is a good time to start new things; it is a good time to change what you have done before to make it lighter or easier.  This is a good time to let go of whatever does not work. 

Overall, this month will seem to pass quickly because the energy is so light and so much is moving.  Be willing to adapt along the way.  It will not serve you to hold onto things this month.  It will not serve you to hold onto resentment or to try to maintain control over everything that is happening.  It is better to go with the flow and move with the changes.

Are there particular activities we can use this month in order to engage the energy?

One simple thing that will help you engage the energy this month is to smile.  😀 Smile easily and smile often.  🙂  😀  🙂  Look people in the eye (   0) (   0) —>> ( 0 ) ( 0 ) and let them know that you like them. 🙂  Demonstrate that you are willing to work with people in a cooperative way.  There is a sense that there is goodwill among all members of humanity.  It is not that everyone will get along, it is not that it is a perfect peacefulness — but overall there is a sense that people could get along where they did not before.  Conflict resolution will go better this month than it may have gone earlier in the summer. You may find it easier to work with your enemies or with people who have misunderstood you.  You will find things go a little bit better than usual with conflict this month. 

This is a good time to reengage conversations that may have been stuck before, or to heal in places where you may have felt hurt before.  The important shift that must occur is to give up hope that the other person will make you feel better.  Instead, approach the conversation with the hope that you will understand them better, and they will understand you better.  How you feel may vary depending on your situation, but understanding is possible in a new way this month. 

The energy that supports conflict resolution this month is not about feeling better.  (!) The energy holds potential for seeing things more clearly and letting them go.  It is about finding a sense of freedom and lightness and joy, rather than being stuck.  Whether you feel good or not is secondary.  Let understanding be your motivation as you engage with conflicts or try to move forward with projects and relationships…”

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Welcome to a magical conversation with Spirit

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By annamerkaba on August 7, 2014   

This post contains a meditation to clear your heart space, activate your crystalline grids and help you to connect to your own self. This meditation should be performed during the full moon which is coming up shortly, but can be done at any given moment in time. This super moon brings with her spectacular energies and so it’s wise to use these energies to your advantage…

Freedom, equality, balance, tranquility, resurrection, remembrance, antiquity, emotional release of pain and suffering, and understanding the stubble energies of unconditional love shall become the primary guiding posts for your earthly selves in the days to come. Accessing the crystalline structure of your being is simpler that you imagine it to be. For there is a mathematical equation that shall get you to the moment of pure excellence that you wish to arrive at. The ground point, the point zero, the zero point of antiquity, traveling back in time, to the seeding of your heart with the new structures of the encoded DNA…

“Freedom, equality, balance, tranquility, resurrection, remembrance, antiquity, emotional release of pain and suffering, and understanding the stubble energies of unconditional love shall become the primary guiding posts for your earthly selves in the days to come.

For through the pinnacle of truth shall your true selves emerge and bring forth that which you are destined to be. The accomplishment of self fulfilling prophesies that you are prophesying upon yourselves at this moment in time, shall come to pass only through the codices ingrained in your mind’s eye, for through the mind’s eye of your beholder selves shall you truly see the diamond crystalline bridge to the reality of your choosing. For all begins and ends with you. All is you. It has always been and always shall be spinning the ultimate understanding of self into existence. Albeit the absence of time in the universal understanding of things from the perspective of your earthlings elves – TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE our dearly beloveds, for the truth of the unconditional love is emerging from within your heart of hearts, and is spreading like wildfire throughout your known world.

Accessing the crystalline structure of your being is simpler that you imagine it to be. For there is a mathematical equation that shall get you to the moment of pure excellence that you wish to arrive at.

The ground point, the point zero, the zero point of antiquity, traveling back in time, to the seeding of your heart with the new structures of the encoded DNA of your vehicles, you shall discover the ancient understanding and the ancient encodings system within the  RNA and DNA codices of your hearts structure. For the hearts structure has been altered and the connectors to your divine selves have been broken, and the time has come to put the crystalline structure of your being back into the heart space where it belongs, activating the dormant DNA that has been hidden diligently so within the subatomic structure of your vehicles. For within the nuclei of your atomic structure, lays a tiny code of excellence a tiny code of excellence of your benevolent selves, and today, we shall exhilarate the encoding, we shall bring that which is none existence into your present reality, we shall show you the way of becoming, the way of BECOMING.

And so, and thus, we ask that you find a quiet moment in time, a quiet moment in your linear understanding of selves. A quite moment within your structural matrix. And embrace the oneness with your creator selves; allow the energies to pulsate through your body, pushing out all that no longer belongs. For the coding and the activating of this spontaneous nuclei encoding shall be a most brilliant experience.

And so and thus, we wish for you to begin singing a song to your own tune, a song of love and devotion to the ONE that is YOUR HEARTS.

“I sing a song to my heart. I sing a song to my heart. I bring pure love and reprise. I know that I am a deity. I know that I have come here to spread the magic of love. By the power invested in me by my higher self and the source of eternal flame. I ask thee to release me form the bondages of time. I ask thee the to release me of bondages of slavery from which I have come, the slavery to the EGO, the slavery to that with which I have infused my own being

Through the endless incarnations of my ancestors of whom the DNA structure of my vehicle has been acquired

Through the endless incarnations of the codices of pain and suffering,

Through the endless karmic existence of the DNA structure of the body and the vehicle that I am inhabiting

Through the endless war and the endless war misconception and misunderstanding of reality in eons prior I RELEASE ALL THAT STANDS IN MY WAY TO PURITY. I RECALL THAT WHICH I AM.

Through the seed I ask that I be connected to the infinite potential of my being, to the infinite potential of my I AM presence, I ask to be further released, replenished, reconstructed, to the new understanding of my present reality, to the new understanding off that which I am, for I am that which has come, I am that which has gone, I am that which remains, I AM.

I am the seed of love and I am the seed of peace, I am the seed of eternal flame of the violet

I am the seed of eternal flame of the golden particles of GOD

For the God that is within me shall come forth and rise above and through the illusion set before me by the matrix of my own creation.

I set forth the encodings, I release the encoded structures of the ancients, for the ancient structure of life, no longer pertains to that which I am.

The ancient understanding of life, the karmic wheel of life no longer has any association with thaw which I am

For I have not come from the wheel of karma, for I have been brought into the spherical existence of the matrix earth, from eons prior, eons past, eons into the future and the now moment of time. 

For I have risen form the ashes of those who have come before me. For I have risen form the ashes of that which no longer belongs to me. For I am not that which my ancestors wished me to be, for I am not that which I have been brought to believe that I am, for I am that which I AM!

For I AM an infinite being of love and understanding. For I am an infinite potential of the cosmic gateways. For I am the power of cosmic proportions. For I am eternal being of light and life.

For I relinquish the power of my ego. I relinquish the power of all who have wielded the power over me for eons past. I relinquish and let go. I LET GO and ALLOW the love and the wings of protection to embrace me in a space of eternal understanding of light, eternal understanding of peace, eternal understanding of my creator self.

For with love and peace and harmony I create, for with the determination of a thousand lyrical songs of the angels I bring forth the light of my creator self,

For through the structural abundance of my grids I AM. For I AM.

Peace and harmony and joy and love and light be onto those who come before me who are presently incarnated on the karmic wheel of life.

Peace and Joy and unconditional love shall embrace all who sing a song of destruction, for through the power of my I AM presence I embrace them all into an unconditional violet flame of love, and as they sing a song of destruction the words shall lose all meaning within their brains, and their heart codes shall activate fully and completely, pushing out all that does not belong, pushing out all that has no place in a world of peace, abundance and love.

For the peace that I feel for all of mankind, for all of my beloved children shall spring forth and give rise to a new world, a world of love and light, prosperity and peace, of their benevolent selves.

For the moment has come, that my structural components are activated, and so I allow, and so I ask, and so it is. I ask and I allow for the structural components of my crystalline christened self to emerge from the depth of my heart and  begin to spin in a vortex of unconditional love for all, unconditional love for all including my own self. For I AM Love!

For nothing but love exists, for love and only love shall emerge from within the depth of time and space. And as I spin the vortex of eternal unconditional pure love, I invite the hearts of others to connect with that which I am, and together in unison we spin a new song of prosperity, a new song of light and of love for all! AMEN-RA-IM-RA! I AM THAT WHICH I AM! IT IS SO AND SO IT IS!”

And so our dearly beloveds, as you sing a new song and allow the new energies to circulate throughout your being, by activating and allowing the crystalline sparks to enter your heart space, you shall push the remaining darkness that lurks deep within your harts space into the light for healing and transmutation. You shall unfurl the true DNA of that which you are. You shall activate the god’s code within your very selves, and allow the true essence of all that you have brought to this planet to unfold.

And as the process continues, you shall see miracles abound. You shall witness that which you have not thought of witnessing prior. For the moment to learn how to activate your creative vehicles have come, and  each moment of your journey on earth shall present  you with a new undersigning of your present reality.

Welcome the new energies for they are here, welcome the new understanding of life and love, for it is here to stay.  For the turbulent wars that are abound on your planet at this moment in time shall come to an end. For you shall see peace and prosperity unfold before you. For it shall be so, and so it is. For you shall see the fruits of your labor spring to life, and begin a new chapter of planet earth, a new benevolent chapter for all who dwell therein.

That is all that we have for you now. We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.”

PERSONAL NOTE: As I was reading this it reminded me of the Violet Flame article that I posted a while back and here is a very relevant part of it to help you understand a bit more of what they are saying in regards to the “hearts space, atomic levels and nuclei”.

The violet flame works by changing “vibrations”. In physics, vibration is the speed of oscillation – the speed at which something moves back and forth. On the atomic level, vibration can be understood to be the speed at which electrons orbit around the nucleus of the atom. The violet flame works by changing vibrations on this level.

Atoms are mostly empty space. The empty space between the nucleus and the electrons is where negative energy and karma can become stuck. When the atoms in our bodies and auras become clogged with this negativity, the electrons whirl slower and slower, and we begin to resonate more with negativity, and less with light – we have a lower vibration, and become less spiritual.

The violet flame transmutes this negative energy. It does not simply surround and remove the energy, but transforms it into light. Because there is less density within the atom, the electrons whirl faster and faster, thereby raising your vibration.

When you have a higher vibration, there is more spiritual energy in your body. Acupuncturists and yogis know that optimum health comes when this spiritual energy flows freely throughout the body. The violet flame frees up this energy and re-establishes harmony and equilibrium, propelling you into a more spiritual state of being

You can read the rest of this article here:

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~Anna Merkaba – Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker-Author. To book a Healing Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL –

Inspiration for the Week – The Means to Fulfill Your Desires ~ a message from Archangel Gabriel channeled by Shanta Gabriel

Inspiration for the Week – The Means to Fulfill Your Desires

The Gabriel Message card for this week:

You would not have a desire without the means to fulfill it.

We live in a world of pure potential. This means that all that we desire is available as long as we are a vibrational match for it, according to the Laws of Attraction. Many years ago I heard the following affirmation from Silent Unity:

The infinite resources of Spirit are equal to every demand.

That affirmation really helped me to realize that I really can have what I am praying for. That there is an infinite supply and I am only limited by my beliefs. So of course, over the years I have been in a process to change my beliefs about what is possible and getting clear about what is important to me on a soul level.

I know now that I am truly deserving and worthy, and it’s really OK for me to ask for what I want. That in itself took years! What I notice is that when I am clear, it is more graceful to manifest what I want in my life.

I have also noticed that there have been some desires that have lasted for many years. They have not gone away. So it makes me wonder why they have not manifested. When I am honest with myself, I can see how there is some ambivalence around my having them. When I explore the idea of the reality of that desire manifesting, I begin to realize that there is a mixed message within me. That means a mixed message to the Universe as well. When I feel into the desire I may think about the responsibility or some other aspect involved with its manifestation. I may notice that the actual feeling of that situation becomes more of a heaviness. So I put that desire away for a while until it pops up again and I have to look to see if that is what I truly want at this time in my life. So there must be an aspect of Divine Timing about my desires as well. As a wise friend said yesterday, “I am grateful for what I have not received in my life. It was not right for me.”

I trust that the Universe is really willing to provide for us. I know that when I can be very clear about what it is that I am wanting, my ability to manifest is profound. At this point, it is my intention to have my life be more simple and flow gracefully that keeps me from manifesting some of the big desires that have been put on the back burner.

Especially as the veils between the dimensions have gotten thinner, I can see that there really is not anything I can’t have if I put my whole heart and mind behind it. The Light is so strong and its ability to morph and change is seemingly limitless. So when I am focused on the Light and allow it to be the force behind my creation, it becomes amazingly effortless.

Basically I know that inherent in every desire is the means to fulfill it, just as I know that there is a solution inherent in every situation that looks troubling. It is trusting this that has allowed my life to simplify and gain more ease. We have so much assistance from the non-physical realm as well as the physical to create a life that works for us. Sometimes it is just the ambivalence about our desire that prevents us from having it. It is all about gaining clarity so we can ask for what we really need, and then allow our support system to provide it.

The Gabriel Messages #52

You would not have the desire without the means to fulfill it.

Dear One,

All things in life are a part of the Higher Power. This includes the desires of your heart. You have within you all that it takes to fulfill these desires and create the life you want to have. Know that each time you feel a deep longing, the seed of fulfillment is inherent within it.

There is a re-awakening within you, showing you a potential for all that you desire. This re-awakening results from your connection to God and the remembrance of the Angels who are guiding you always. As you commune more and more with this energy, your life will begin to take on the magical qualities you desire.

It begins with letting go. When you know in your heart that all your needs will be abundantly met, you can release the part of you that wants acquisition. You will now be free to discover the true desires in your heart. True desires have qualities that are fulfilled when the desires have been manifested. If the desire is for money, there is a quality your heart seeks to have fulfilled — a sense of safety, an abundant lifestyle, or perhaps, simply freedom from worry.

Becoming aware of these qualities allows you to take action to gain these first, which will then allow the physical world to manifest in a form which is in your highest good. The first step after discovering the qualities you seek, is always to ask for what you want, making sure you clearly state the qualities you are seeking to have. The Angelic Dimensions stand ready to assist you in the process of gaining all you desire in your life. Clarity is key.


It is truly God’s Plan to have all beings live in a state of abundant joy and freedom from fears, with peace, harmony and love in the world as well as within families. These qualities are not too much to ask for in your prayers because they are the natural state of balance in God’s world. Your prayers you offer in order to attain them opens your mind and heart to fulfillment in your personal life.

It is also vital to be in the company of like-minded souls who believe that miracles are not only possible, they are also willing to have them manifest in their own lives. It is clear that in some situations in the world, only a miracle of divine proportions can create a solution. With enough people believing miracles are possible, there is no doubt that creative solutions, which are beyond the mind’s ability to understand at this time, will occur.

Begin now to allow miracles to manifest in your world. Be the first one to ask for divine intervention, and to share your belief with others, so that all may live in a new level of conscious awareness and abundant joy.

Those desires in your heart are there to remind you that miracles happen, and God provides you the ways to have all the good you desire in your life. Know that you are blessed and profoundly loved. Call on the Divine Spirit and the Angels then allow the desires of your heart to be fulfilled.

Remember, you would not have the desire without the means to fulfill it.


“MOVING TO GREATER ENERGETIC CONNECTION” ~ ASCENSION MESSAGE FROM THE HIGH COUNCIL OF ORION ~ 20th May 2014 ~ Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood ~ Transcribed by Paul Marwood

20th May 2014 ~ Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood ~ Transcribed by Paul Marwood

“Greetings Dear Ones.

We are the High Council of Orion.

As many of you know, this time of change and transformation, transition, within the consciousness of your planet, within the conscious energy of embodiment in the space where you find yourself at this time, you are moving to this place of living into your energetic reality, which means that you become a creator God within your life. It means that you begin to learn to understand the power of your creative abilities, come from within, and allow you to stop waiting for experiences, people, or information from the outside to make you whole, as if you are not whole in and of yourself at this moment in time. But to allow you to expand into this reality that you really are part of this field of Oneness where everything exists, where all that you need is within that field of information that you are energetically swimming in all the time. Learning to know, understand and connect with this idea that it’s all there and it’s not separate from you. It’s not unattainable. It’s not beyond your grasp. It is not something that others are specially able to have and you are not. It is not even being withheld from you in a punitive way.

It’s a question of really beginning to expand your thoughts to this possibility, this idea that it’s all around you. It’s all there, accessible to you. Without going into the sad story about how all these things have been missing in your life, how perhaps you are inadequate, broken or have done the “wrong things” in the wrong lifetimes, even this lifetime, so, therefore, you can’t have it.

What if you decide to drop those ideas, those awarenesses, and those stories for a moment? Sit and feel into the reality of the truth that it’s all around you right now! You’re sitting in the middle of it! You’re sitting in the middle of an energetic field where everything your heart desires; every aspect of your life that you feel is missing is there. So just allowing yourself to sit in the field possibilities, just for a little while, every day, for a few moments, without needing to see a specific outcome; without needing to see “Well, if I want this and now I’m thinking that it’s in the field of possibilities, why isn’t it here right now”? Just being open to this idea that it’s all there around you.

What if it’s not being withheld? What if you are not missing the key ingredient? What if you’re not broken in such a way that you can’t have it? What if you just allow that noise, that chatter, that self-talk to turn the volume down, and allow yourself a few moments of quiet, of meditation, of peace, of turning inward to just allow for that energetic possibility?

What we would suggest to you is that you, as you sit there and feel into the space of this possibility, to actually imagine, if you will sense, feel into the space that the boundaries of your physical body will dissolve into the energetic field around you. You can even envision this, if you will, as you sit there quietly. Envision what it would look like if the boundaries of your body became the light that they actually are and they dissolved in the field of the light that’s all around you. As you begin to connect with the more, without looking for a particular outcome, without looking to have a result in front of you as evidence that this is true. Just feel what it feels like to breathe into the reality that you are sitting in the midst of this energetic field that contains everything; whether it’s the piece of mind, whether it’s the joy, the elation, the connection, the human relationships, the ease in the material world, whatever it might be. Just sit and feel and breathe and allow the space of possibility to just even be around you. This is a first step in moving towards this greater energetic connection.

In your world right now you’re used to and want to see evidence immediately. You want to see “Well, I did this… now where’s the result?” “I did this, now where’s the result?” What we’re inviting you to do is just open up your field of experience. Just sit in possibility. Within this field of possibility is a solution to whatever it is that you’re seeking. Do you have to sit in this field of possibility and say “Well, then, where’s my answer? I sat here for five minutes.” We would suggest that you just allow yourself to steep in the field of possibility for a while and become aware of how your body’s feeling, how your emotions are feeling. We would suggest to you that, as you are sitting there in that place of possibility, you will feel lighter, more hopeful, excited, anticipatory. Then more deeply envision what it means to lose yourself, if you will, in this boundary-less area of light and possibility, where the answer, the solution, the response to what you desire may be something vastly different then you would think in your ordinary human thinking, yet can be greatly more satisfying. For in the human realm, in the third dimensional realm, you may feel that you desire a particular relationship or a certain amount of money or a place to live or whatever it might look like, so that from that place, therefore then, you really are going to experience the love, the connection, the peace of mind, the right location. You feel that if you get these third dimensional things in place, therefore, life will feel okay. What you’re really seeking are those higher-level feelings of connection, joy, peace, love that are the side effect of these things that you are desiring.

What if you think you need a new job or a new relationship or a change in a place to live or a different health situation in your body because when you have it, then worry, concern, loneliness and other things will fall away. If you look beyond those things immediately that you’re desiring, the feeling, the outcome of what your life would look like beyond that, within this field of possibilities, there are so many ways you can achieve that ultimate goal that you’re looking for without it needing to be clearly defined by a specific outcome that you might think about in your third dimensional realm.

As you sit in this field of possibilities and just allow yourself to be there, you might see different points of view, be inspired to move in a direction that you haven’t thought about, see the same situation through a new set of eyes. So for today and right now we encourage you to begin to connect with this field of infinite possibility that you are steeped in constantly. Begin to dissolve the barrier between you and it. Live into that energetic reality that you are in a field of infinite possibilities where the solutions and the answers are all there, perhaps in a different way than you expect, but in ways that could surpass your wildest imagination! We invite you free yourself from a particular outcome needing to be the only possible solution, and open yourself up to the infinite nature of the universe in which you find yourself. As we always say, have fun with this! Enjoy the journey! We will always be at your side throughout it.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”

© 2014 Copyright Holly Hawkins Marwood

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Channel: Holly Hawkins Marwood 

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