Jennifer Hoffman: How do you handle jealousy?

Jennifer Hoffman: How do you handle jealousy?
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Have you ever had to deal with someone who is jealous of you? Many of my clients have this issue and it is hard to understand when the person who is jealous is their mother, a sibling, a family member, or a close friend or partner.

How do you handle jealousy?

First you must understand that it is not personal. It is not about you, it is the other person’s problem and issue.

And understand that it is their lack of self esteem which causes them to be jealous of you.

What happens is they see you having, doing, or being something they want in their lives but they do not value themselves enough to manifest it, so they are angry with you for having it.

While they may really want to have what you have in their life, they do not think they are worthy of it, or can have it or create it — they do not value themselves enough to make the effort, or they are afraid or feel that there is not enough for them because they believe that the Universe is a limited in its blessings and they don’t get any.

Jealousy destroys relationships because it creates an impossible situation where you may feel obliged to dim your light to make someone happy but that won’t help because the jealousy is the other person’s issue, it is a result of their lack of self esteem that makes them jealous of you and of everyone.

What you can do is maintain your self esteem, your self value, and keep that foundation strong no matter who is jealous of you. When you have a strong foundation of self esteem it does not matter what other people think of you, you will stay strong in your own congruent energy field.

How do you build self esteem? It’s the bonus in my Core 4 Energy Healing program, which addresses our 4 most challenging areas of emotional energy trauma:

1. The Mother energy trauma created in the Maternal Emotional Energetic Template
2. The Parent/Child energy trauma that is created in challenging parent/child relationships
3. The family karma that is the result of our karmic cycles and soul group family dynamics
4. And forgiveness, which I teach as an energy, not an emotion, so it can be used to release traumas without regret, resentment, or fear.

And as a bonus I’m including the Self Esteem Course to help you build a strong foundation of self esteem because without it, you cannot love yourself. If you have had problems with the idea of self love, this course will help you release the blocks that prevent you from valuing yourself, which are created by judgments and criticisms, and get your self esteem or self value in place so you can love yourself.

This course will help you clear these energies in time for the strong creative energy of 2019 and I’m offering it as a holiday special price this week only. It will not be offered at this discounted price again.

You can watch my free webinar ‘How to Heal Karmaat this link, which goes into a very detailed explanation of what karma is, our soul groups, karmic cycles, and how they impact our lives.

With the Core 4 Energy Healing course you get 6+ hours of audio and video, energy exercises, worksheets, and guided meditations that take you from trauma to transformation. Plus 4 pre-recorded video lessons that present a deep dive into each of the lessons.  AND as a holiday bonus, 3 additional Q&A calls where you can gets answers to your questions about the program.

Registration is open now and closes on November 30, 2018 at midnight US EST. This special price is my gift to you so register now and you can begin right away. You’ll receive access to a new lesson every 2 days (so you can do the work in each section  — this is very intense work) and can download the course materials to your personal spiritual library.

Click here to access the program description page and begin your Core 4 Energy clearing now, starting with the Maternal Emotional Energy Template, the emotional energy you received from your mother during her pregnancy with you.

Many bright, beautiful blessings,
Jennifer Hoffman
Intuitive Master, Channel, Best selling Author
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PS:  Registration opens now and closes November 30, 2018. This special holiday price will not be offered again in 2019. Click here to learn more and register now.

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DAILY OM: Focusing on Friends and Family ~ Step into healing your family relationships this month.

Focusing on Friends and Family

by Madisyn Taylor

Step into healing your family relationships this month.

Dear friends,

Welcome to the start of the holiday season–which is why we are focusing on friends and family this month. I hear from so many of you who struggle with family relationships that can leave you feeling depleted and unsure of your next steps. Indeed our familial relationships can be some of the most confusing and complicated that we will experience. We all know by now that these difficult relationships can be our best teachers, but there also comes a time when we need to get to a place of peace. This will look different to all of us depending on our circumstances.

Each of our paths will be different, and we may all need a different approach to reaching what we feel is a good outcome. I’m grateful there are so many wonderful and healing modalities available to help aid us in a resolution that best suits our needs. Please know that the perfect family doesn’t really exist. In this age of Internet perfection (where everything is faked and Photoshopped), we may be led to believe that perfection exists in every family but your own. In reality, every family can have drama, and it is up to us how we respond to it. All we really have control over is our response.

Know that there is always help available to either repair these relationships or help you navigate the often stormy waters. I have listed below several courses we offer in the genre of family wellness. As we head into this holiday season with our families, I hope that you can put some of these tools into practice in your own life. Use your sacred friendships to help keep you strong, and hold space for you along the way.

Combating Emotional Vampires by Dr. Judith Orloff. This is a six-week online course with 14 lessons that help you learn how to recognize if you are being emotionally sapped by another person and how to deal with it. Included are practical advice and action steps to help you protect and rid yourself of people who are not good for you. There are also meditations to help you stay centered.
more info

Protect Yourself From Control Dramas by Dr. Jody Janati. This is an eight-week online course designed to help you identify as well as protect yourself from common control dramas that arise when people become defensive. Learn to recognize these behaviors: intimidator, poor me, interrogator, and aloof. Also included are a step-by-step guide to three successful techniques and 101 things to say and do. more info

Release Yourself From Family Karma by Sara Wiseman. This four-week online course will teach you about the seven karmic shadows that are written into our family histories. You will be guided through healing the shadows that are present for you in your family line. When you are finished with the course, you can expect to experience shifts in the way you think about your family. more info

Letting Go With Forgiveness by Ana Holub. Receive a new course each week for eight weeks. Some of the topics covered are getting past denial and distraction, the wisdom of forgiveness, unwinding limiting beliefs that aren’t true, releasing pain from your emotional body, learning your soul lessons with gratitude, and so much more. more info

I know this isn’t the most fun topic in the world, but it is so necessary. Thank you for continuing to do the hard work and continuing to improve your life and shed the old. Not only does this help yourself and your family, but it helps everybody around you and, eventually, the whole. Have a wonderful month and happy Thanksgiving to those in America.

Be well,

Madisyn Taylor