1.16.21 Patriot Streetfighter POST ELECTION UPDATE #25 Patriots Are In Full Control – PAIN Coming

The Tipping Point Radio channel was deleted by YouTube. Scott Mackay has been using The Untold History channel for his Tipping Point Radio show. When that goes, he’ll be using Patriot Streetfighter channel

1.16.21 Patriot Streetfighter POST ELECTION UPDATE #25
Patriots Are In Full Control – PAIN Coming

About the Coronavirus – An Ascended Master’s Perspective

About the Coronavirus – An Ascended Master’s Perspective

Mar 2, 2020
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In early 2020 one of humanity’s biggest concerns is the worldwide outbreak of the coronavirus. In late February, Adamus gave a short message with his insights on what this virus is about and why it is manifesting on Earth. He said that every virus, even the common flu, is ultimately a consciousness virus. It stems from an imbalance in human consciousness and serves to bring resolution to the imbalance. Adamus stated that the “coronavirus” is specifically related to the current economic and financial imbalances and lack of equality on the planet. In fact, it is technology that can ultimately help to rebalance this situation. For Shaumbra, Adamus says there is nothing to fear when you allow all energy to serve you.

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Cobra: Entry Protocols Update | The Portal

I honestly never doubted Cobra, but I did have a concern about the potential for A.I. to run rampant, mainly due to recent revelations in the news about potential invasive A.I. applications.  I am going to delete the post referencing the issue, because I think the guy, though well-meaning, is a bit paranoid, and admittedly cuts himself off from community. I am also wary of anyone who says only their information is “pure”.  Sorry if anyone was misled by it, I only wanted to consider the A.I. aspect.  On a brighter note, I finally got the correct download link to the Mass Lightworker Healing/Clearing that I couldn’t access last Sunday. Jim is in Taipei at the Cobra Conference, of course, so I had to wait for his jet-lagged self to travel and catch up on email.  I am so relieved that he has not gone underground, we need his help here! ~PB

Cobra: Entry Protocols Update | The Portal

Monday, May 14, 2018

Entry Protocols blog post has triggered strong reactions and so it requires an update.

First, it was never claimed that pre-Event entries into the Resistance will happen. It was stated that they may, or may not happen. Entry protocols were given to the surface population so it may be prepared in case they do happen.

Second, if pre-Event entries do happen, they might not happen in the immediate future (days, weeks or even months).

Third, these entries are only intended for a very small number of people, between 20 and 200 individuals. This is NOT a mass recruitment campaign for the Resistance.

Fourth, these entries are only intended for two categories of people, the first category being very advanced Lightworkers / Lightwarriors with minimal attachments to the surface population that require a well deserved rest in a more beautiful and loving environment and the second category being Lightworkers / Lightwarriors with practical experience in cultural anthropology, communicology, sexology, counseling psychology, cultural psychology, sociology and social work. This second category will help the Resistance in future interactions with surface population, as Resistance members are many times at a loss how to interact with often reactive surface humanity. 

Fifth, these entries will very seldom be presented to surface members with strong family attachments. Surface population will experience many surprises in their personal relationships after the Event and needs to distinguish between emotional attachment and unconditional love:

Sixth, candidates for Resistance entry will go through a process of inner preparation so if and when the entry does happen, they will be able to trust the process through inner Soul connection with their inner voice of truth and with the Resistance. People with excessive amount of fear and mistrust are not considered as candidates.

Seventh, an entry into Resistance is considered to be a spiritual initiatory experience and therefore the candidate needs to go through the experience in full alignment with his own free will and on his own. This is an entrance into a higher reality and is NOT a trap, leading to some reptilian underground base.

Eighth, banana comments that have mushroomed over the internet in the last few days are proof that most of the surface population is not ready for contact. So do not complain if there are delays in the future.

Luckily, many people are sane enough to see with their own eyes that I have not been replaced with a clone, and that my intel still stands:

Victory of the Light!

The Arcturian Group Message for FEBRUARY 25, 2018 by Marilyn Raffaele



The Arcturian Group Message
for FEBRUARY 25, 2018
by Marilyn Raffaele

We of the Arcturian Group honor you who have chosen to assist Gaia and her people during these times of change and awakening. Thanks to you, many are beginning to see for he first time which is adding more light to world consciousness.

Many young ones on earth at this time have incarnated for the sole purpose of assisting the ascension process through their Light and awareness. They carry with them no karma to balance, no lessons to learn, and no energy to awaken, but rather chose to incarnate out of love, for the sole purpose of assisting in the awakening of a world still held in, but ready to graduate beyond the third dimension.

Many of these evolved children and teens have been categorized as “problems” simply because they do not fit into the accepted third dimensional “belief box”. They are out of sync with many concepts and beliefs regarding body and mind simply because they do not resonate with that energy.

The commonly accepted use of prescription drugs to “cure” them has caused many of them to lose sight of why they came and who they are. Drugs must be used with great discretion and with the awareness that they effect the energy of an individual.

Many in today’s world are expressing anger, fear, frustration and other negative emotions because the false sense of security that comes with many universal beliefs is dissolving. Try not to become too involved in the nitty-gritty of world appearances. Be aware of them, do what you are guided to do, but continue to understand them for what they are, expressions of duality and separation. This does not make them any less painful for those experiencing as well as those observing, but when you hold fast to the higher truths, it helps dissolve the impersonal beliefs manifesting as these things.

There is an element working very hard to prevent mankind from awakening because if the majority was to awaken they would lose the “power over” and control they feed on. These dear ones function from a consciousness of fear and separation, and so fear mongering is their favorite tool for controlling the masses and blocking Light.

BE ALERT to anything you find yourself fearing and you will soon recognize the particular concept or belief you hold as power. Then you can take back that power and say to your mind–NO MORE.

The earth still carries energies created over eons of time by people fully programmed into a third dimensional belief system. The human mind is a powerful instrument of awareness but when conditioned by these beliefs can only access what is floating about in an impersonal world consciousness–that which is already known.

Every thought ever thought and every belief ever believed makes up the consensus consciousness accessible to everyone. The contents of this consensus consciousness are impersonal and never become yours until you claim them as yours. When the energy of a person’s consciousness is in alignment with the energy of certain concepts and beliefs, they unknowingly attract them.

For example; a person who has experienced many lifetimes of disease and ill health is often wide open and receptive to thoughts, beliefs, current ideas etc. regarding physical health simply because he is still carrying energy that aligns with them. Individuals living fully from a third dimensional state of consciousness will often accept whatever floats into their head, allowing the suggestion to become theirs, and then declare themselves “victims”.

Stay alert to what comes into your mind knowing that now matter how obnoxious a thought, it is not yours until you accept it as personally yours. Everyone has experienced some negative thought and wondered; “Where did that come from?” Whether it is old cellular programming surfacing or something from the un-awakened consensus consciousness, it is never real, permanent, or yours unless you allow it to be. The only real qualities you have or can ever have, are God qualities.

That which flows from Divine Mind is power. That which flows from the human, conditioned, un-awakened mind is not.

Nothing new can flow from a strictly “human” mind simply because the human mind has no way to access anything other than what is already known. When an individual begins to spiritually awaken, heretofore closed energetic doors begin to open, allowing the Source of creativity to express. Example–Music created around some cliche or from concepts already known, can never be powerful and inspiring because the substance from which it was formed is already “old”.

New ideas regarding every facet of life on earth can only flow from the Source of creativity which lies within. The world often terms new ideas as breakthroughs–deeper, higher, better, advanced ideas of science, art, music etc. but many of these so called breakthroughs were actually “whispered” into the ears of a spiritually and technologically prepared scientist, musician, artist, healer, etc. by those on the other side seeking to advance the consciousness of mankind.

There are some very creative people able to access their inner creativity without spiritual awareness. They usually believe that they personally are the creative source and that it is coming from their mind which can lead to the development of a large personal ego. They have opened their creativity in other lifetimes through either spiritual work or through actual practice and have carried it with them into this life. There are no child prodigies, only souls who over lifetimes have perfected some ability.

You can talk to your mind just as you can talk to your cells and tell certain thoughts and beliefs; “No, mind, we are not doing it that way any more”. This practice is not done with resistance, judgement of self, or fear, as this only gives these things a power they do not have. Do this exercise simply as an acknowledgment of habits and concepts still clearing or broadcasts from an impersonal universal human mind.

See the world you want and feel the emotions that come with it. Let your creativity flow in the directions of peace and enlightenment for Gaia and all forms of life upon her.

There is a war going on–a battle raging between the old and the new, the false versus the real. However, since nothing real can ever become unreal, you need not battle. Everything real already is and forever will be. What do you accept as real? This “war” can only be fought through the consciousness of its unreality and non-power thus starving appearances of their substance.

Many traditions taught and still teach ceremonies, symbols, words, and actions for protection. The need for protection was and still is based in the belief of two powers, good and evil. This continues to be promoted through film, TV, books, etc. Long ago, knowledge attained in the mystery schools and even before they came into being, was misused by those not spiritually evolved enough for the information. They saw it as an opportunity for self gain and a way to control and manipulate others. These activities are now termed the “black arts”, still practiced by some for self gain and “power over”.

You need not fear these things. With evolution comes the realization that you need no protection–protection from whom or what, if God is all that is? Lower resonating frequencies cannot enter into the higher unless you align yourself with denser energies through fear and the belief that they have power. Protection simply is–a facet of the conscious realization of ONE POWER– your consciousness when imbued with Light and truth.

Yes, but, you say; “Look at all the people being harmed by others at this time.” Know that these types of situations are usually not random. More often than not, especially in these times, they involve souls who have agreed either as a group or individually to experience something for the purpose of;
1.-clearing some personal or group karma, or
2.- providing some unselfish service to mankind’s ascension process through an event or experience that will impact a lethargic world into awakening in some necessary way.

There are no “good” people, only enlightened ones. There are no “bad” people, only hypnotized ones. God is the only person there is.

God does not love or seek pain and suffering. Suffering is not and never has been a facet of Divine Consciousness. If it was, pain and suffering would be eternal realities held in place by Divine Law. The days of hairshirts, flagellation, and “offering it up” in the misguided belief that pain and suffering pleases God and makes a person more “holy” are finished. The past must be let go of.

Ascension means evolving into a higher dimensional energy. In spite of what so many believe, the third dimension is the bottom wrung of a very high ladder. You have all worked hard to get to where you are now and Gaia is ready as well. You were fully aware of these times as being times of change before choosing to incarnate. know that you are are Light workers and no longer victims regardless of any past experiences.

Everything surfacing at this time is doing so because of the expansion of consciousness taking place as so many begin to awaken. These energies of enlightenment are serving to expose everything hidden and dense both within and without. The temptation for everyone at this time is to slip back into the past, where things were familiar and comfortable, and where the “bad things” were hidden from view. Nostalgia has become very popular.

Try to stay present in each now moment, for when a person continually looks to the future, they are actually in the past, seeing and pondering things from what is finished. Stay present doing the best you can in each moment while living from your highest state of awareness. This is the work.

Many are hurting and suffering at this time, love them in the ways you are able to. Love yourselves, for you block the flow unconditional love if you eliminate yourself from the wholeness of ONE (belief in separation). Love as well, the troublemakers through your realization that they also are expressions of Source, in spite of their ignorance.

Love, pure unconditional love is the answer to everything because it is the only Reality.

It is the realization of a consciousness of ONEness.

It is your essence.

It is your soul.

It is God.

We are the Arcturian Group 2/25/18

Donations are welcomed.

©2018 onenessofall.com | Marilyn@onenessofall.com


Inside Me

Yes, seems like they’ve kicked it up a notch, F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) has gotten a grip of me, my life teetering on edge…but perhaps it is I who have allowed it to creep in…
I am in a state of high angst trying to juggle, but dropping the ball, and not sure which way to turn in this house of mirrors…
I know I just need to breathe, find my faith, trust and take action…
I feel like I am stumbling along in the dark…where is my forest? Where are the trees?
I need help, please, getting back to the Light!

Later, an insight…like Dorothy in the maelstrom…The Light, the Power, it was inside me all along…


Your Angel Messages for March 9 – 15 from Doreen Virtue

Your Angel Messages for March 9 – 15 from Doreen Virtue


Here are your angel messages for this week:

You are called to use your spiritual tools this week, to help others to rise up above fear. This week may be intense, and fear-energy may try to pull you down and off your path. However, think of it as a test which you can easily pass, when you focus upon healthy ways to deal with stress — such as prayer, yoga, exercise, connecting with nature, music, etc.

In this video, Doreen is working with the Messages from Your Angels Oracle Cards, available at bookstores worldwide, and also as an App for smart phones and tablets. You can also get the cards here: http://goo.gl/2aMlVY

To watch the full reading or for a free subscription, to be notified by email when new readings are posted, please visit:

Montague Keen, Sunday, October 19, 2014

– Carl Jung

Montague Keen, Sunday, October 19, 2014

Posted on October 19, 2014 by Jean Haines | 2012 What’s the Real Truth?

As consciousness develops and opens minds, those within the Cabal find that they have to use desperate measures to counteract it. Ebola is now being used. Pressure is being put on people everywhere to have a vaccination in order to protect themselves. Do not buy into this FEAR propaganda. See it for what it is. Protect yourselves by using the many NATURAL methods of protection that are widely available. Do not be swept up in the panic that has been created. Only the vaccinated will be in trouble.

Every time consciousness is raised, the Cabal responds dramatically to block it. You need to make decisions about your own lives but only after careful examination of the facts, rather than in a state of hysteria. Keep calm, take responsibility, and research the facts. It is necessary for you to become fully conscious human beings in order to bring about the New Age of light and love which you have been working towards. You are fighting for your existence on your planet. The corrupt usurpers are fighting a very dirty battle to hold on to control. You are beginning to see and understand this.

A pact was made, in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I of England, with off-world beings. They guaranteed that blood sacrifice would continually be made to appease them. This resulted in war after war being waged ever since. It mattered not where, as long as the blood flowed. You have been lied to about the reasons for wars, over and over again, in order to keep this charade going. Because consciousness is rising, the urgency of creating World War III becomes more desperate each day, as they need the blood to flow. This is why so many of you are conned into believing that you are fighting for your country. This is not true. Your blood is needed to appease the off-world masters. This is a battle for the takeover of your planet and humanity. They want to eliminate 2/3rds of you. It is time for you to understand what you are up against.

You have the ability to change all this. It just takes courage, and time to research the truth. Then you can get together with the awakened and share your research. Know that together, you are strong and you will succeed. Do not be swayed by the mind control that is being used on your TVs. It is time to be strong and to believe in yourselves. Fight for your survival.

Iceland has shown you the way, so it can be done. Do not allow yourselves to be lulled into a false sense of security. This is the end game, so you cannot afford to be complacent. You are not aware of all that is being used against you and you would be horrified if you did. Every weapon at the Cabal’s disposal is being used to destroy the world as you know it.

Meditation is most important. Take the time to link with who you are, and why you are on the Earth at this time. Open up to your spiritual side. The elementals have returned to Earth to assist you, and many of you can see them and can communicate with them. Those within the world of Spirit are assisting you. They help you to locate the ley lines so that they can be regenerated, and this allows the energy of life to flow again. This is the way to save your planet, which has been starved of this life force for so long that it desperately needs your assistance to retrieve it. This important energy was deliberately blocked from the human race. It is all part of their secret knowledge which has been used to keep you in bondage for centuries. When you release this energy, progress is made to expose all that is corrupt and criminal.

Learn to use your minds and expand them, for you are capable of so much more than you realise. You have this power, so use it for the good of humanity. I am part of the Network on this side of life. It is our greatest wish to free humanity and restore your planet so that life can be free of corruption. We want all wars to stop, so that peace and harmony will become the norm. This is our aim. Will you assist us?

There comes a time in the life of Man when he has to make big decisions. The decisions you are being asked to make now are the most important ones ever asked of mankind. It is up to you to save mankind and the Earth itself from the destruction that was carefully planned and is now being carried out now, right under your noses. Every decision you make will have an impact on your fellow man.

Courage is needed, for this is not a time to be found wanting. So much depends on your decisions. FEAR is your greatest enemy. It is used against you, every moment of your lives.

My dear wife was attacked again recently. Why do they want to shut her up. Why do they put so much effort into it . . . They do not want you to know that you can change everything, just by coming together and working together.

The Centres will explore new ways to live life on Earth after the fall of the corrupt. A big effort has been made by the Cabal to try to prevent the creation of these Centres. As they are doing their utmost to prevent the survival of Man on Earth, and the Centres are part of Man’s survival, why would you expect otherwise? They do not want you to survive. So you have huge decisions to make that will affect the future of your planet and all that live on it.

My dear Veronica, you know the end result and so you persevere against all odds. We did make a good team, you and I, and we will continue to do so.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

Message from Veronica

The A virus is being used to control the minds of certain individuals in order to “EXPOSE” my wife, David Icke, and others, who help to show you the truth. This person used to sit in séance. He was so impressed that he wrote this testimonial after one such séance. Notice the complete change in this person. This is how it works.


From: southenglishman@hotmail.com
To: mkeen7225@aol.com
Sent: 19/06/2011 09:17:34 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: Seance testinonial from Banyan Retreat, Kent 16th June 2011

Hi Veronica,

Below is my testinonial from Thursday’s seance in Ashford, Kent.

‘The seance had been going for around 30 minutes, and young Timothy, the boy spirit responsible for manipulating the ectoplasm from David Thompson, brought through a man. The voice said ‘Veronica’ and it was Monty. It was dark, however, we heard his footsteps coming closer. I was sat next to Veronica and Monty spoke for around two to three minutes personally to Veronica before taking her head in his hands and leaning forward and kissing her! The whole room gasped at this, and Monty said he loved her twice and then made his way back to the cabinet and disappeared. It was a wonderful experience’.

Hope you had a nice evening yesterday.

Cha to you in the week.
Ian x