Celebrating You! Message from the Council of Radiant Light Channeled by Ailia Mira

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Celebrating You!

Channeled by Ailia Mira


Hello, Beautiful Beings!

Today we want to riff a little bit about you, celebrate you. We love you. We love you and we have so much enthusiasm for what you’re doing. It feels like a good time in our co-creation to reflect back to you what we’re noticing.

We know you to be the most adventurous souls. Do you see yourself like that? We do. Because we see you exploring life in this amazingly complex and rich environment with a perpetual return to some sort of inner optimism and sense of meaning. You are learning to feel within you to tune to the soul that you are and you’re realizing more and more that your alignment with all that you are is the vehicle for your ascending consciousness. We love to see this and we love to see you believe in yourself, and trust yourself, and start to really get familiar and comfortable with shaping your energy.

We love how much you’re using co-creation like this as inspiration, as inspiration and support and camaraderie. We want you to see what a change that is from when you looked for answers outside of yourself. Now you’re drawn intentionally to experiences that are already in resonance with who you are. The echo your inner knowing. That expand upon your sense of what’s possible in alignment with who you truly are. Together, you’re going even higher.

We love to see you be soft and gentle yourself, to make light of things and to have humor and generous love in your relationship to you. We love to see you let yourself be in an expanding state and let where you are now also be beautiful to you.

We want you to realize that we see you beginning to live your life as a conscious flow of energy.

As you do this, and as you elevate, lifting higher and higher in consciousness, what you will find, if you’re not already, is that so many of the stories and the ideas about life on earth will drop away. Your relationship, the way you are oriented to your embodiment will change dramatically. It will feel natural and it is, but what used to feel normal by and large, may fall away and the simple directness of what emerges will likely give you joy and make you smile.

There are a lot of stories here, aren’t there?

There are a lot of ways you’ve all been told to think about your life and to feel.

There are a lot of things you’ve been told are important.

There are a lot of rules about how you must act in order to get certain things.

There are a lot of things you’ve been taught and even pressured into, manipulated into, shamed into focusing upon and doing.

As you elevate and align with the truth within you, these things fall away because clarity comes forth, directly from within.

As you live in clarity more and more and as you are feeling good more and more, feeling good being a manifest demonstration of your ongoing alignment, then your sense of meaning and purpose, and your orientation to life, is clearing up. It’s simplifying.

The viewpoints available to you now and coming into focus for you now are much more fun, aren’t they? Isn’t that an accomplishment?

If happiness is what everybody wants, aren’t you getting more of what you want now? Isn’t what’s coming into focus for you now more liberating and expansive and fun? Don’t the viewpoints you’re starting to have about your experience require you less and less to feel bad or try hard? Aren’t they easier and more natural feeling?

Most especially, we’ve noticed and we celebrate your increasing sovereignty.

The more elevated your frequency, the more your consciousness makes it very clear that you don’t need to make life work out for anyone else. In fact, you can’t. You can’t. Your sovereignty and the sovereign truth of all life becomes clearly, brilliantly, and liberatingly, apparent.

Everyone is creating their own experience, co-creating their own experience, whether they’re consciously doing this or not. You can’t create anyone else’s life for them. This is such a radical idea. Living this, is such a radical insight.

We know that many of you still want to make life better for others. We know that many of you still feel that pull to try and make your children, or your spouse, or your friends, or your family, or your world happier. But, in a sense, you really can’t. We’ll say something even more daring here. Even wanting peace on earth, an idea that people think about so much this time of the year, is in a sense fine to hold individually – it’s lovely to want to have a peaceful life. But in a sense, wanting everybody to be in a certain state is kind of aggressive. It’s kind of aggressive, to think you know what’s best for everyone and to wish for everyone to feel the same…and probably that hasn’t occurred to most of you yet.

The idea that – peace – is better and preferable and so everybody ought to want it and live it is, in fact, not sovereign; is in fact not honoring of each and every one; is in fact not seeing each human being as the master they are, here creating the experience they wish to have and are focused upon.

We keep talking about the diversity here, and we really want you to grasp that the diversity is not going away. It’s not going away, and you wouldn’t want it to because the diversity creates more and more clarity within you as you make more and more choices about what you want to experience. The diversity is the platform for expansion. Everyone here is a master. The diversity stimulates your clarity and knowing and with this you expand.

The principles and the structure of creation are active and reliably responding to each and every one of you. As you know this, as you discover this, as you learn to deliberately co-create with this, you become profoundly aware of your freedom.

Everybody’s free to think what they want and be in whatever state they want to be in already. You are also free to claim your sovereignty and to let others find their way from within, as you have found, and are finding your way.

Once you orient to the truth within you, you demonstrate so beautifully what alignment looks like. That is such a gift. As you are in alignment, you become increasingly unconditional. Unconditional in your relationship to the life you encounter.

When you’re unconditional about what you encounter and what you see, that is a gift! Loving life, basking in life, feeling unconditional life flowing within you and feeling your connection to the vaster realms of creation, and being present in that fulfillment – that’s a gift. Your joy, your happiness, your alignment is a gift. In a state of aligned fulfillment, you have much to offer All That Is, and everyone you love and care for. This, along with the creative expression of your uniqueness, is your gift!

We are opening up with you and enjoying the co-creation we are sharing together.

As you tune, as you practice thinking thoughts that feel good to you, and as you choose to live in alignment, most of all sovereign alignment, you are empowering our co-creation with you.

We are here in the non-physical to play our part, to support your alignment, and allowing so that you can experience what you’re expanding into. So, the physical can expand and diversify, and with that, all of life expands and diversify.

You are adventurers and explorers taking life to new levels. We are here holding steady the love we feel for you and amplifying your connection to you so that you can tune into that and let it flow. That’s what it’s all about!

You’re starting to really get that. It’s getting simpler. That is what our co-creation is about: to remind you, to assist you in being fully you, freely you, in your individuated embodied focus for the joy of it.

We are here too for the joy of it, just like you. The joy of it for us is embracing you and all the visions and choices you are making, and then from that state of expanded expression reminding you of who you’ve become, and calling you, amplifying you into alignment with who you really are.

We are here to tout your strength and your ever-expanding capacity so that you can hear it and see it and feel it activated as truth within you when we say it, and live more freely and boldly, from the truth of who you are.

We are here to remind you and to love you dearly, and we do, often, daily, Every time you think of us. Because it is our joy to co-create with you, and to see you extend the realms of creation into new expressions of experience, into new territories of existence, and new arrangements of experience and living and being.

As you unfold this as the light you are in unconditional love, and sovereign alignment, and freedom, and expansive, unlimited joy, creation is basking in your adventure.

We love it, and we love you.

We are the Council of Radiant Light.

December Solstice + the Emerging Potentials

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December Solstice & the Emerging Potentials

Message from Archangel Michael & the Council of Radiant Light

Channeled by Ailia Mira


Divine Ones, we greet you in celebration!

We greet you in love but we also greet you today in celebration. The December Solstice is approaching and this time of celebration is so appropriate given your expansion and the emerging potentials for humanity!

We greet you in celebration!W are celebrating your recent shifts, your recent decisions, your choices and your focus on aligning with your own higher consciousness.

We have seen a lot of devotion around this and about this we have that to say, Bravo! Brava! We celebrate you! So much brilliant joy is surging through so many of you more often as you make these simple direct choices to be who you want to be and love yourself as you are now and feel empowered in the present, and claim your ability to choose what this moment is for you, as energy.

We see so much opening up in your realm because of your many shifts. You are raising the vibration of your planet as you raise your vibration. Don’t you love that? Well, if you were focused on raising the vibration of the planet, you’d be struggling because you’re attempting to do something that’s not sovereign, but when you raise your vibration through your own intention to be in sovereign alignment with all you are, through your own alignment, the vibration of the planet rises. Subtle, but powerful.

You are also elevating the potentials for bliss and joy — and other really elevated, good-feeling states in your world as you allow yourself to tune to bliss and joy. The light within you is focused more on these ways of being, and as a result, your old sense of self, your old ideas about who you are are dissolving. This is really beautiful and empowering because as you realize that you are continually reappearing as we spoke of yesterday, moment-to-moment reappearing in new and different locations with infinite possibilities of locations in which to arrive and experience. Because of these realizations and your choices around them, your relationship as soul to embodiment is changing and becoming elevated.

The most empowering realization to truly grasp is the absolute newness of now, the absolute newness of now. That is the biggest and empowering idea that we can encourage you to create and energize in your knowing as a belief. Learn to think thoughts until you believe them that convince you of the absolute newness of now. Then live, trusting that newness.

All the things you feel you want to change. All the things that feel stuck. All the things that you feel hold you back or limit you. All of these can be dropped effortlessly in the newness of now with the focus in the now, to choose and think and see and amplify what feels good to you now.

It is still not clear to you, we know, because we see it, how powerful and radical it is to actually honor what feels good to you, to make your pleasure a priority but you’re getting it. You’re getting into it more.

Making your pleasure a priority is so contrary to so many paradigms and rules and ideas about how to live your life, and yet really everyone wants it. Everyone wants to feel happy, joyful, pleasurable, bliss and passion. These are treasured states and everyone likes them and wants them, and yet there are so many ideas about how often you’re supposed to have them and what it takes to achieve them.

Beyond that, you each have different ways you like to know these experiences, different circumstances and situations which you associate with them. All of this is beneficial and beautiful, but what isn’t beneficial is the idea that these states are rare or not natural, or that they require effort or sacrifice, or all the fourth dimensional ideas we’ve been pointing out, you know, this feeling like that you’ve got to change what’s wrong with you or fix or heal yourself or others or the planet in order to feel these things.

We say again, no circumstances need change for you to feel anything including bliss, passion, exquisite joy and pleasure. In fact, the circumstances will change faster and more to your liking only when you feel better. Subtle, but powerful.

The better you feel, the better the circumstances will be and the better they will become. The more you will experience joy in the present the more you will find to feel joyful about in the future. Your future looks a lot like how you’re feeling today, right now and the momentum you are living. It is important, as we’ve shared before, while enjoying the circumstances and situations that will arise in this new and expanding alignment that you’re choosing, to not forget how it’s coming about.

Do not lose your awareness that your feelings are manifestations of your frequency. Don’t get sucked into some idea that the circumstances are what gives you joy. Don’t buy into that idea that the circumstances give you joy. It is your focus on the things you enjoy that give you joy. It is your choice of focus always that creates your energy state and gives rise to what you feel as happiness and any other feeling. A feeling is the first manifestation of a frequency state and you are creating both your energy and through that, the feelings you have moment to moment.

In a certain sense, a thought is really what comes first but the feeling comes very fast, and it’s most helpful for you to notice that the feeling is a manifestation of a frequency and to own that, own it. Using the feeling state as an indicator of your alignment with all you are and feeling into better and better alignment with the vaster you.  Own that you are creating your feelings.

Own that you are creating your feelings. Own that you are creating your feelings through your frequency, not the other way around. Not the other way around. Don’t let your feelings manifest in your experience and interpret them as guidance. They’re not guidance, except as indicators of your alignment. They are manifestations of your energy and your focus.

Empowerment and mastery, which is what you all moving into and aspiring to, in your embodiment, is doing all of this naturally, doing all of this reliably as a normal way of being.

Perhaps that might be your aim now, to experience the inner harmony of creation through your masterful, confident, consistent use of focus with an aim to being increasing alignment and unity with the vaster YOU?

You might aim to create and live an intentional soulful life by empowering your higher levels through your increasing capacity for sovereign alignment.

This is what’s emerging at the leading edge of human experience and that way of being, is lived unity. It’s letting go of the need to change things to feel the way you want to feel and letting everybody else be a master too.

This insight, that you don’t need to change things to change how you feel, is the liberating truth of your age. It’s the liberating truth of your time, to realize that your choice and consciousness and the state of your energy is what matters. What matters is the truth of your being coming forth and becoming normalized in your experience, in your time. It’s learning to live from the truth of life, the underlying truth that all is energy. That’s the shift happening now.

The shift in your world is a shift into living in the knowing that you are eternal energy expressing as individuated consciousness.


With that, because of that structure, because that’s the way it is and that’s how it comes about, you are innately powerful creators.

You can take control of your creativity and masterfully live with intention because it’s all done through your consciousness and you have control over how you use your consciousness.

It takes practice to do this.

This is a very important thing for you to remember. We’ve mentioned this before and we will continue to mention it repeatedly. It takes practice to do this. It is so important for you to know that it takes practice to live this way because it will help you not get discouraged and help you persist in claiming your capacity and shifting your life into the new potentials for being human.

To live using your consciousness intentionally is a radical departure, a radical departure from the old locations in time/space as a human being. Becoming accustomed to entirely elevated locations in time/space in which you are intentionally embracing your sovereignty and your freedom, and discovering how to be you and your knowing. That’s the leading edge.

You are in your knowing more and more, and that is liberating you. In any now in which you are in your knowing, you feel exquisite and there is a lot of energy flowing through you and it’s thrilling. You know what you really feel? You feel up.

You feel light and you feel up. Is it any wonder because that’s what’s happening. You’re lightening up and you’re rising in frequency. You’re in the ascending current. Let it flow! Let it flow!

Be open, allowing of it. Take action upon your knowing. Close the gap between ideas and action. Let the flow expand. What comes to you in this state is really good feelings and glorious unfolding, glorious!

The Solstice energies can be used to shift even further into these new ways of being. For realize the galaxy and all fields of light in your domain are participating in this ascending flow. You can tune and co-create with these vaster fields and doing so is also natural and real. Life is opening up to different knowings about co-creation between the non-physical and the physical and your lives are convergence points where together we co-create!

You are meant to have a glorious unfolding of your embodiment. You’re meant to be here in the most exquisite uplifted state of being and enjoy how that feels, and create from that ever elevating, ever expanding platform.

Each new level you experience gives you new inspiration through the contrast of your life for what you want to create. The sensations and the visions of that way of living!

The sharing and the laughter of that and the well-being and the abundance of that? Paradise!

Paradise. Utopia. Eden. All these words have been in your world lexicon for a long time and they’re pointing to this. They’re pointing to this experience here, now: alive as soul, intentionally getting how it works as energy and using your focus, knowing you are consciousness, eternal, free and unlimited in your capacity to expand your capacity and to create.

Feel into more and more harmony with the total you. Be gentle with yourself because it’s radical.

Know it takes practice and find the wide open spaces in your inner landscape and let them nourish you. Let that lightness of being within bring you into state of being who you truly are.

Home is how you often think of this, this feeling of coming home, and when you live this way, your life will be a felt demonstration of everything you enjoy in an endless stream of now.

I AM Archangel Michael with the Council of Radiant Light.

We are complete.



Unconditional Love + the Value of Being Here, Now. Notes from the Ascending Energy Arc, 24 Nov, 2016 by Ailia Mira

Best seat

Unconditional Love & the Value of Being Here, Now.
Notes from the Ascending Energy Arc, 24 Nov, 2016
by Ailia Mira


I want to share with you, the amazing and expansive insights I had today.

I was feeling elated. I was noticing how the elation I feel amazes me, and I let that unfold…and more and more wonderful insights came, attracted to the state I was in. This state of alignment and appreciation – it gives us the best seat in the house! The best views. Here’s my view, now…

It’s amazing to know that we can feel how we want to feel, regardless of circumstances or situations. Unconditionally.

Unconditional love used to seem like such a lofty and unachievable state of being. Beyond actual realization. I feel differently about it now. Unconditional love is hard when I try to like everyone and everyone else’s preferences for doing things. But unconditional love and true appreciation becomes easy even, (yes I said easy) when I am in alignment and know I am sovereign.

Unconditional love is natural. When I am in my knowing of my sovereignty, I become capable, unconditionally. And when I am in alignment, I allow the Divine Light within me, my soul, my essence, whatever you want to call it, to be here, I merge into that perspective. I am fulfilled and I can genuinely appreciate everyone else.

When you truly get that contrast is to help you choose. When you realize that without contrast your unique perspective would have no value! There would be no way to have it or express it. Then you start to relate to differences with deep, real appreciation.

I have recently had much more profound awareness of the value of contrast in my life, in our world and wow, has it opened up my knowing and my experience in wonderful ways.

Contrast? Bring it on!! I love the expansion of it and the flow of the fullness of my being, that is summoned as I want more and more and more!!!

Thus? Elation, and deep appreciation for being here, NOW.

Do you feel the incredible power of this moment? Do you feel the amazing expansion you are bringing to All That Is, by being focused here. And most of all, do you GET that if you were not, uniquely you, and if you were not here, where there is contrast, the value of your own being, could not be known or experienced? Wow. That dazzles me!

I hope, if you’re in America, that you’re enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving. And to everyone else, everywhere else – thank you! For allowing me into your life. For sharing the journey with me. And for being here as the perfect, eternal, infinite soul you are.

With love,

Expect Wonderful

Navigating Life in Clarity ~ Message from the Council of Radiant Light Channeled by Ailia Mira

We’re Shifting Because of What You’re Becoming (Stop Apologizing For What You Want) Message from Archangel Michael & the Council of Radiant Light Channeled by Ailia Mira

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We’re Shifting Because of What You’re Becoming
(Stop Apologizing For What You Want)
Message from Archangel Michael & the Council of Radiant Light
Channeled by Ailia Mira

Hello, Beautiful Humans!
We are here now to take into account what is going on for you and to reflect that back to you, so that, you might know yourself more fully and to share with you what is changing for us, as a result of what is changing for you.
We see you as divine frequencies unfolding in a time space reality, replicas of your energy structure. Like you would see a fractal image, unfolding perfect copies of itself infinitely, we see you in time space giving unique flavor and choice of focus to the variations of your energy that arise from your expression and flow.
It is with this vision of you in our sights that we remind you – you are a perfect replica of your wholeness in this human body. You may feel at odds with certain circumstances in your life, but that does not change the essence within you. You are a perfect replica of your frequencies,  here. In your turning inwards and tuning to your vastness intentionally, you realize this more fully, and it gives you a profound sense of joy. You don’t always know how to sustain this knowing, but you are more and more often in your knowing and specifically in your knowing about you.
Being in your knowing about you is a magnificent thing isn’t it? We think so.
So, as this idea about who you are, is opening up for you, it is easier to be uplifted. It is easier to feel expansive. It is easier to feel free. This is because as you think of yourself as you are, what you are becomes available to you as consciousness. The essence that is you is able. You are capable and free and masterful and robustly alive, and when you see YOU in a more accurate fashion, those capacities flow forth.
So in your lives, the question that would benefit you most right now is to ask yourself this, “How do I want to know myself, right now?”
Do you want to know yourself as creative? Do you want to know yourself as abundant? Do you want to know yourself as fulfilled? Do you want to know yourself as expansive? Do you want to know yourself as optimistic and cheerful? How do you wish to know yourself, right here, right now?
We are aware that you may think this is some mental exercise, but it’s not. Not at all. It’s a means of changing your state of being on the spot.
If you were to think about why you want to know yourself as creative, as abundant, and focus on what you want of that your energy will resonate with that.
Do not focus on what “that” will fix, just focus on what it is you want. What are you looking forward to? What is within that experience that calls to you?
If you focus upon what you are summoning and let it feel good to you because of why you want it, then as it feels good to you, you resonate with it. When you feel superb, get more specific about what you’d like in that experience, embellishing and adding to it. Doing this, you will be lifted up on an ascending current that gives you elation. A current that is always within you but you are tuning to by choosing within, to know you, in new ways – ways that genuinely appeal to you!
Having fun and discovering yourself through creating and expressing is what the world is emerging into. The world is developing into a realm of focus for knowing yourself more fully as powerful creators and enjoying your ever-expanding capacities. The world is on the brink of a renaissance of unprecedented proliferation and expansion.
You are the ones that are going to do this. You are the ones who are going to find out that you can change your life here and now, into a flow of dynamic aliveness. Once you forget thinking about how to go from here to there and just go there. Leap into what you want. Don’t build a bridge, just withdraw attention from one and move into the new. The desired. The more authentic. The future that you’ve been longing for? Go there now.
Think about that. Just think about there. Just think about what that version of you/your life, is like and why you want it and let yourself enjoy it. Let yourself consider who you might be in it, how you would feel and think about you. Does it feel right – as in true? Is that how you want to know you? If yes – expand upon that. Expand upon that. Expand upon what you want to know. Resonate with it, which means, of course, allowing it.
Stop looking for someone else, even your higher self, to tell you what you want.
What you want is clear to you.
Stop apologizing for what you want. Want what you want!
Want what you want and believe in yourself as a Divine Being. A Divine Expression of Creation. A Divine Perfection of energy focused here, now, and let yourself use the here/now experience to inform you. It is, already, so let it be and let what you want out of it, be right. It is right for you; you’re knowing it – that’s the feeling of “I want that,” so go with it.
You know what you want in relationship to your life here. You know what you like and what you want. Why are you resisting who you want to be? Why do you doubt who you want to know yourself as? Stop listening to anyone else’s ideas about who you are and listen to YOU. Honor you. Love you.
Listen to that knowing within you that wants what it wants.
Go into what you want. Think about what you want. Talk about what you want and see yourself IN IT. See yourself in what you want and let what you want, be here now as you. Line up with it. Let it shape your way of relating to life. Expect it. See it coming in. See it filling in, notice what is showing up of it, and savor it and let the rest come in too.
These are the ways of being a masterful creator. You might think, Oh – Archangel Michael – this sounds a lot like the law of attraction. Well, guess what? It is. It is the law of attraction.
You’ve already remembered that you are divine, now live it. Now create from the Source that you are. Create, create, create, have fun, have fun, have fun, as you. Generate the brilliance of that sovereign alignment and flow of expression that is you, yielding to what you know to be true for you. You making YOU the author and authority here and now.
This sovereign alignment is how you come in, here, more and more. How you let the total you arise here and now – by being in ways that you want to be.
We are aware of your resistance to this. We know you have spent a lot of your life denying your desires. We know you have lived a long time keping the things you want being on the far horizon. Didn’t you realize that when you embraced who you truly are, that gap was going to close? We know you want it, but now that we’re saying, “you’re free – go for it,” you’re acting a bit lit you’re still locked down.
You’re going to close the gap by making your desires real and important to you, and learning how to vibe to them. You’ve got to practice this until it becomes natural to you – to be an energy match for your expanded-ness, the version of you that you cherish and love and want to know, here.
We know that there are a lot of other kinds of messages out there for you, especially in ascension or spiritual circles. We’re offering a way to close that gap, now and get on with your living, your divine expression.
There are going to continue to be people who tell you, “clear the way first.” There will be ones that say, “do this exercise first and focus in this way and listen to this meditation each day and run this light through your body,” etcetera. Use this for that. Do this and get that. Do this first, and then you’ll be free.
Now, you can do those things, if you like. If they make you feel good and you are happy doing them, then do them.
But they are not your liberation – YOU ARE, through and as choices you make in consciousness. It is you, deciding that you matter and you are wonderful that is the beginning of stepping beyond all those things which might be distractions from facing what you want and giving yourself enough love that you permit yourself to be who you want to be.
So we’re putting you on notice here and now that our focus has turned to Divine Expression and you being the 5th dimensional you, or even more expanded, here and now.
We’re turning our attention to you as the CREATOR you are, and that aspect of you being allowed to come forth. To show up here.
We’re turning all of our focus toward the liberation of light in the flow of your expression as the divine signature of Creation that is you.
You – in the wisdom of your focus, are drawn toward what is going to give you joy and what’s going to light you further up and open up your capacities, and we see that as something a) you’re ready for and b) more fun.
We’re following your lead. We are shifting with you. The leading edge of humanity is shifting to claim Creator Authority. You don’t have to join in, but we think it would be very fun if you did.
Step into you. Step into the you that you long to be, the you that you wish you were now. Just do it. Stop making yourselves wrong and stop pushing your happiness endlessly out into the future after you complete some things you think you have to do.
How? Stop buying into the limitations here.
We can tell you the limitations are illusions or constructs or ideas from separation, but if you still pay attention to them as if they matter and are real and important? We can’t stop you from doing that. Only you can.
Cut the cords that you’ve got hooked into a version of life that you want to be over. Withdraw your energy from it and energize what you want to experience. Make what you want real and important. Think about it and feel it surging within you as energy and flow. Eclipse the past by energizing the present and let that new vision flow and unfold your next moment.
We recognize this as the time for Divine Masters to emerge. We see Divine Masters creating confidently, and playfully.  We see that emerging, and we are pivoting with you, beyond ideas of remembering you’re divine, into the thing you do with that remembering: LIVE.
I AM Archangel Michael with the Council of Radiant Light

Spherical Expansion into Greater Unity Message from the Galactic Dragons, Channeled October, 2015 and October 2016, by Ailia Mira

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Spherical Expansion into Greater Unity

Message from the Galactic Dragons,

Channeled October, 2015 and October 2016, by Ailia Mira


Note – this message is an unusual one. It is built upon a transmission received about a year ago and was channeled into again today, spiraling this message into a different version of the transmission for now. In the 7 years I’ve channeled we’ve never done this! It was interesting and very beautiful. I became much more aware of how we are already so full of potential and yet ever-expanding. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂 Love, Ailia


Greetings Divine Ones,

We are the Galactic Dragons. We speak to you from the Galactic Center, bridging transmissions of energy and light within multiple Universes. We are gateway keepers and ambassadors to vast realms of light. We love this role in our co-creation, and we share with you, with great joy.

As you are living on Earth, the energy you experience is opening up for you in revolutionary ways. As part of this, we initiate this communication with you. We translate for you the energies within our collective larger wholeness and invite you to feel and participate, consciously, in a more unified, universal sense of community.


Life as you know is, is changed.

We’ve shared this with you before and we say it agai, for it is true – nothing is the same – for YOU.

Yes, there are still many human beings living along timelines largely associated with the separation age and with limitations and fear. But there are also more and more human beings who have opened up to their direct knowing. With this inner connection re-established you and others are uncovering the truth of who you are.

You have realized the distortion of ideas of separation and the illusionary power of fear and limiting ideas. Although many who have awakened are still learning to live the truths they have remembered and discovered, there is nonetheless, through this remembering, a vast momentum underway in your world. This momentum is a momentum of light!


The momentum has opened up a new timeline and the diversity of views and frequencies on your planet now is vastly expanding.

The light within you is your connection to your Source. The Divine within. You are a divine being and yet your human body holds only some of the frequencies of consciousness that comprise your wholeness. The spectrum of your essence present here is enlarging.

In the fullness of your being, what we often call your Divine Self, there are multiple layers of harmonics and an arrangement of light. As the fullness of your being, you are so exquisite and refined, pure and clear, expansive and powerful. This energy field animates your human experience and simultaneously nourishes all aspects and expressions of your being. This stream of light is infinite, and it is your gateway to Oneness. All that you experience comes to you through the hierarchy of your being.

For so long human beings sensed a hierarchy of being and in that, they imagined God – a being separate and higher, better and holy, to be adored and loved, and even feared. They imagined someone loving who looked over them. They did find it troubling and mysterious how they could feel and know this immense loving energy and still experience such awful and painful experiences. There was in these times, a sense that God was somehow perhaps displeased or that one needed to make God happy with supplication and worship, to achieve good experiences. In effect, to earn them by winning God’s favor.

Now these ideas may seem a bit silly to you, but they were very real for many and in fact, still are real for many.

The idea that you are God is still not just radical but blasphemous to some.

The earnest wish to be pleasing to this imagined Divine Being outside of you, called by many, God, came from the best understanding of the many. This ideas was also maintained and the distortion expanded by some who stepped forth in religious traditions and in other ways, as leaders acting as an intermediary to connect you to God. Eventually, there was this idea that you could not connect directly to God, yourself. In fact, for much of life on Earth, human beings did not even trust themselves to pray, but rather, felt that only holy people could speak directly to God.

Now, even in the awakening community there are those who help you bridge your vaster connections and yet there is a stage in this process of conscious evolution in which you must go direct – yourself – to the connection within and learn to trust your inner knowing beyond all else.

The remembering that you are experiencing — that the divine is you and is access within you, directly — is sorting all this out. You may still think of the Oneness that is, as God, or Source or Infinite Intelligence, but you know this energy as one and the same as you.

We dare you to live this.

As this return to a more direct relationship with Creation takes place; the potential for human experience is expanding and the potential for humanity to KNOW God, is expanding. It is a very exciting transformation to participate in and to witness. All of us feel tremendous joy as the planetary field of Earth opens up more and rises in frequency, giving Earth and humans easier and more direct access to higher consciousness through light and the templates and activations of the informational structure of this light.

The recent transitions that many of you experienced in September have made for a very different playing field.


This was true for the year 2015 when we first shared this message and again, now in 2016 – the cycle is repeating spiraling out, and upward, expanding as you expand and evolve. We are asking Ailia to add to and revise this message for parts of it are important now, to be remembered and we are updating it to help you feel how you are changing in ways that are like a spiral.

We want you to feel how this cycle is perpetual; how you are perpetually expressing in many points of focus and in this human life, integrating it all.

This playing field, your life experience, is elevated and new because many of you have now achieved resonance with untapped levels of your own embodiment. That’s what the new playing field is — an untapped level of your own perception and experience of embodiment. Access to this new level is made possible now by the changes in your energy state and the affinity you now have with higher frequency fields.

Accompanying this time, in 2016 is a new parallel, a new timeline that is refreshingly pure and coherent. This is the timeline of Earth’s fulfillment as love.

You are being altered through the amplification and expression of this timeline and it is interacting with your energy system with knowing and you are infusing this timeline with the signature that you, in essence, are.

Given all this, be aware of how you perceive life and allow your sights to soften so that subtle newness can emerge.

Perception is a filtered experience of energy that helps you to focus and unfold your lives. Affinity and frequency create this filter of perception. Think of frequency differences as definitions that make different experiences and perceptions possible. As you become different in your own embodied frequencies, you have an affinity with different fields because your energy defines your access in different ways.

You, living a human life, have a rich, complex and multilayered energy field. Your human energy system is comprised of your own wholeness through cosmic energies that inform you and consistently enter your field and sustain you. Your human energy system is comprised of planetary electromagnetic energies that enter your field and help you to ascend. Your human energy system is comprised of solar energies and frequencies of your own human perfect blueprint, through sunlight and through the sun-based foods you eat and digest, internalizing their energy and organizing qualities. Your human energy system is comprised of pranic energy through your breath. You also shape energy and are comprised of structures of energy based on your thought and attention.

You encounter one another, and sometimes you pay so much attention to another that you tune to their energies — you call this “taking on their energy.” In truth, you are not taking on their energy but rather, tuning yourself to it by attention.

Learn to be with one another and be sovereign and free!

You travel and meet people and go places, and in all of this encounter frequency imprints from other times and people. All of this transforms and changes your dynamic human energy system. When you are in a state of sovereignty your energy system intelligently can assist you by getting what benefits you through higher vibrational resonance.

You experience galactic energies streaming into your world and universal cosmic energies and the qualities of these based on and shaped by large fields in your solar system and your universe. You read or go to events or channel yourself, and in doing so connect with non-physical fields of light. You do this through prayer, by reading. You change your field as you give attention to anything. You listen to music, or look at images, or art, watch films or tv, participate in a conversation. You often open yourself up to the energies of nature and are influenced by the balancing qualities of the elementals.

All of this takes place and the state of your energy determines what of it, integrates and informs you. Your body itself is comprised of a perfect template of knowing and infinite intelligence and your blueprint for this embodiment and your ongoing informing from your Divine Self. To optimize this, care for your frequency often and with love.

You, in this human experience, are an amazingly rich and dynamically informed field of light!

The reason in part we describe for you some of the ways that you are this rich and amazing being is to help you to see the immense potential within your experience for ongoing elevation and refinement.

You will never get it done! (The optimizing of your field and the expression of your signature in light). Your energy field is always dynamically changing. There are endless ways of perceiving and knowing your human life, based on the different frequency arrangements you create, generate, choose, entrain to and allow to create your field.

Your presence is generating, moment to moment, based on an enormous variety of inputs, some of which we’ve just described for you. You are flashing on and off as matter and light — completely merging with the Divine Oneness instant to instant and then re-informing your presence here, quite literally! It is happening so quickly you cannot even notice this, and yet it is always reinstating you from the fullness of your being and all you are here.

In all of this, you are thriving! You are fundamentally so well. Incredibly well! As is all of life.

So then, what now? What next? What is possible here?

Anything you can imagine and set about creating beloveds. Anything.

You are moving beyond limitation into a state of divine self-expression and you are changing the world in which you are focused.


We want so very much to be part of your experience because we know you as empowered beings of light. We are here to remind you of this and help you to release that which impairs your openness and impairs your thinking by limiting your sense of what’s possible for you.

The more you can release ideas of what you can and can’t do and simply explore things, the more you will find you can do things you never did before. The more you will find you can create things you used to think would be impossible for you.

In the earlier part of this life experience — we use linear terms because that’s how you experience life, by and large, here — you had to learn to limit yourself. You did not come in here with limiting ideas; you assimilated these. Then they became normal to you. Other people had similar limits. You’ll notice that whole family systems, have similar limiting ideas, this is how it works because you’re energy, and you can change your field and your consciousness with your attention.

Think about that for a moment — you can change your field and your consciousness with your attention. By what you pay attention to.

What can you do with that knowing?

What changes might you make to your life, knowing what you perceive is available to you, because of the state of your energy field … and knowing you create this field with your attention? DYNAMICALLY.

We want you to see, if you can glimpse it, that nothing has a hold of you. Moment to moment you are entirely and completely FREE.

What if you took that to heart and lived from that?

What if you were not even sure you believed this but were fully willing to try it out?

We tell you, the results, and the experiences that you would have, would demonstrate the truth of this to you amply and quickly.


What if, you surrounded yourself with positive, empowering ideas and people who thought that way and lived that way? What do you think would happen to you? What do you imagine might change in your energy and your experience — circumstances and situations — as you had your attention, on these uplifted joyful people and immersed yourself in the way they were living and thinking?

Not hard to see that some of it would rub off onto you, now is it? Or that you might tune to that energy (or take that energy on, as you often think of it)…!

Isn’t this wonderful?

So if you want peace, you use your attention to choose what gives you peace. If you want financial abundance, you use your attention to notice abundance. If you want more clarity, you focus on clarity and notice clarity and cherish clarity and embrace clarity.

You cultivate your energy field, consciously or unconsciously, and the implications of this are big.


Light has opened up within you that can help you to access brilliant ideas. Incredible, enlightened inspiration for expressing yourself and improving your experience. Access to vast fields of coordination and amplification is available to you, and you are immensely supported by the planetary logos and the solar logos. These energy fields know you and love you and are continually transmitting waves of uplifting frequencies to Earth and you, to empower you to tune to the most beneficial arrangements of energy and light.

As you consider all of this, we hope you see how different life on Earth is, and is becoming. How different your sense of self is when you realize these truths, and how you feel and think about all of Creation. Human beings are beginning to understand the nature of their mind and consciousness, and thoughts and how everything is energy.

You’re seeing the ways that limiting ideas create feelings and drive choices.

There is so much enlightening energy in your world! A great variety of people are sharing their experience and with this many doorways to wisdom and truth are emerging. The realization of how everything works together as One is becoming more and more available in collective consciousness and life on Earth is becoming new again and again and again, in very beautiful and enriched ways.

You are a distinct and beautiful expression of life as this human being who we share with right now. Your presence is dynamically changing and dynamically arising in this field of energy called Earth, as this field of energy you consider your body your human energy field. Dynamically arising moment to moment!

The great remembering is liberating all of life on Earth from the separation age.


It will take time for each human being to realize and live from the truth that there is not a singular God outside of themselves, but that they are that divine energy and can access it directly. Each human being is divine light energy and exists in a hierarchy of frequency and being that is vast, informed and whole. The inner knowing of this truth is a bandwidth of frequency whose time has come. The planetary frequencies have made this truth more available. There is a momentum of tapping into this, and it is lighting up your world.

That truth, that persistent gentle, spacious reality of you and your perfection! You and your innate belonging to and with all that is. It is here and the time has come when enough energy has changed — in human consciousness and planetary fields — to make this truth more available and more commonplace.

This return to direct relating with all of life and Creation is the great remembering. This great remembering was the aspiration of this epoch in time/space. It has been accomplished. Now it is the living of this uncovered capacity that can and may be your focus.

Why not live that? Life on the leading edge.

It is simply a matter of how you choose to see yourself. We invite you to remember you are Divine.

We encourage each of you to consider what might be the most authentic form for your life given your divinity. What form and ways of being and expressing will most fully liberate you to enjoy this continually evolving experience of embodiment?

To enhance that experience, we join you, bridging you into communication and connection with Universes beyond your human knowing and helping to further reconnect all of us, consciously, to the great Oneness.

With love and enthusiasm, we are the Galactic Dragons.


New Spectrums of Your Wholeness Message from Archangel Michael, the Council of Radiant Light & the Elohim of Grace Channeled by Ailia Mira

5 Oct 2016 Expect Wonderful by Ailia Mira_edited-4

New Spectrums of Your Wholeness

Message from Archangel Michael, the Council of Radiant Light & the Elohim of Grace

Channeled by Ailia Mira


Dear Friends,

Deep within you, you are going again, to birth. New ways of being are opening up, and you are stepping into them, in your consciousness with a skillfulness that is accomplished. There is more clarity and more ability to receive now. There is more comfort with seeing the vision of your life, in ways that give you joy and feel good, without bringing to it the critic’s negative voice, or fear.

As you let yourself lift into a new sense of self, you create the consciousness of your identity in a way that allows more to come to you. You will discover this in your physical state, in your emotional responses and most of all in the ideas that come to you.

The world is opening up to you who are believing in your dreams, who are embracing your inner knowing and are willing to live it. The world is opening up to you, and the fulfillment in abundance that you knew was possible when you came to Earth is becoming more vivid and real.

You are moving beyond polarity. Beyond ideas about what you should do and the exhaustion of doing what you feel you must do while at the same time trying to water and feed the struggling energies within you of your true form. Your real life; the one that is a vehicle for your Soul is coming forth in your inner vision.

As you trust yourself more, you are calming down. You can live with less stress even as you feel compassion for the immense changes and how these energy changes are playing out on the world stage. You feel centered more often than not, and you are ready for more.

It is accurate – that you are ready for more. You’ve built a structure energetically that can take you into new realms of Creation that exist here on Earth.

The pure line of spirit, the ascension pathway, the fulfillment of the destiny of humanity calls to you and you are increasingly resonant with this line of light. Collapsing other parallels as you line up with who you truly are.

The concentration of your being is amplifying as you no longer prop up all the alternatives of should, and ought to and can’t and won’t and aren’t allowed and won’t work. As you no longer feel the need to live in fear and energize the security of doing what you were told was your life, you are more energetic and whole. The ideas of who you, that you held in limitation, are now dropping anchor within you. The world is reflecting that transformation back to you, in increasing opportunities, beauty, kinship and the manifest feeling of hope within you.

Hope is growing. Hope and a feeling of well-being are expanding within you. The most profound indications of ascension are a growing, very real sense that all is well and you are capable. It is amazing that you now know this from within. You know you are capable even if you’re not sure how to open up your capacities. It’s different now, regardless. You know you are capable of mastery and a life of joyful abundance, immense freedom and love. You know it.

It is this certainty within you which is changing the game for you. It is realigning you with the love you are and opening up the field of light that is your embodiment and the perceptions within that, to new energy fields. This absolute knowing of your inherent capacity is in effect a key, opening up corridors of light from your vastness and infusing your humanity with liberating consciousness and coherence.

The integration of this is affecting many of you significantly now. You may feel spacious, dizzy, altered, expansive, unable to focus, or other ways, be aware that change, deep change, is taking place and you’re a bit in limbo until you come into a new state of homeostasis.

That’s what’s coming, dear friends, a NEW level of being, an equilibrium that is vibrating differently and with a wider spectrum of your wholeness, present here.

We look forward to the co-creation that will ensue when you emerge. In the meanwhile, we surround you with love. W see you as the divine being you are and amplify your wholeness through that knowing.

I AM Archangel Michael with the Council of Radiant Light and the Elohim of Grace.



– See more at: http://www.expectwonderful.com/2016/10/new-spectrums.html#sthash.f94KwQTN.dpuf

New Realities Open: Passion Returns Message from the Council of Radiant Light Channeled by Ailia Mira- Expect Wonderful

28 Sept 2016 Expect Wonderful by Ailia Mira_edited-3

New Realities Open: Passion Returns
Message from the Council of Radiant Light
Channeled by Ailia Mira
– Expect Wonderful


Greetings Dear Ones,

It is time for you to remember fully who you are. You can do this if you let yourselves. Simply trust your knowing and open up your senses with boldness and freedom. Honor and treasure yourself and live with that awareness – of the sacredness of YOU.

You have this mastery within you, you remember this, then choose it, dare to use it. We are, in our own way, happy for you and excited to see what you do with your mastery.

The time is here for you to remember who you are so that you can be you – so you can celebrate and express your beauty. You have within you frequencies that can gift each and every other human being with expanded wholeness. How do you do this? By expressing yourself without hesitation, by following your spirit which will guide you in each moment, and through your attention to your sensations and feeling you can tune yourself. Moment to moment you can tune yourself to the higher consciousness within you and to the higher potentials in each moment. Then you can seamlessly, live what you feel and know. You can do this without concern or fear, without the illusionary ideas that anything is not divine. You can cut yourself free from the illusion of perfection and the illusion of dark and light and step into truth. Truth as inner knowing. Truth as alignment. Truth as divine fulfillment and wholeness. Truth as love made manifest through divine will and trust in you.

It is your evolving body which empowers this possibility – you have the structural potential to express the spectrum of truth and light and will that is you. This capacity is progressive; it doesn’t come in all at once. It is ever-expanding and spiral like – returning to existing capabilities and revealing startling depth and implications to their meaning and power.

Never before have expanded functions come in so entirely, so quickly and in so many. It is startling, and what all of this will develop into, unknown. That is wonderful. So much newness! The mystery of the experience of time unfolding and the perspectives and perceptions you will achieve and experience as this occurs is a breakthrough for humanity! A shattering of a closed loop system that has held you in the familiar and historical and made innovation seem miraculous and rare, instead of natural.

Life is opening up in very new ways, and you can know this in your direct experience. Can you see that this is true? Can you, no – will you – will you let yourself notice the changes within you and believe in what you know? The subtle knowing within you that there was a significant shift recently for you and others is, in fact, real. That can be known. It lights up a stable and viable new way of living your life. Can you feel this within you? Are you willing to know this as more than a realization? To discover this within as a new experience and one you will then, perhaps choose to step into and expand upon through your life?

All of this is very real, although subtle and mainly known from within you at this time. It is in your willingness to trust your inner knowing that you can achieve the unfolding manifest experience along these lines.

We are indicating to you the radiance of possibilities here for you. Can you see what is lit up by feeling within yourself? You can choose new ways to know yourself, or more accurately, new locations in which to be.

Once you decide to know yourself, to identify the context and you, in expanded and uplifted ways and step into this, you relocate. Once you align with higher consciousness, with clearer more accurate and stable ways, you quite literally pop up in a new location, a new version of you, and the parallel of the past implodes. This change concentrates your presence and allows more of your energy spectrum to flow into and through your life. This expanded power fulfills you. The clear demonstrations of this shift will reflect back to you in worldly events and situations as you sustain your new sense of self. For life is reflecting the standards you hold – who you think you are and what you think you’re doing here – in each and every moment.

We point you to the new, and we believe, the best game here. It’s up to you – who do you choose to be? How will you think of your life, yourself and this setting? How do you want to know yourself in this Earth game? What is the most desirable way for you to play here, as you, now?

Most of you have glimpsed what feels right for you, but the thing is this: what is calling to you now. Not what was true in the past, that you’re still holding as vision. Drop that.

Clear it all out and come into the present then open and feel – what is your life asking for and of you now?

Will you step into it, now, while the timing is aligned?

What way of being lights up when you turn to it? Can you feel the connection in that?

Your choice can ignite exuberance and passion? Will you let yourself become a flow of light? Yield to your passions and begin the joy-ride available here and now?

Will you act upon the idea that what you want, wants you and is all one wholeness? Will you trust yourself? Can you let yourself lean into the life you are living with the expanded awareness that is presenting to you now?

All of this is about you deciding to fully, freely, claim and live your sovereignty.

It is so simple to say.

But this choice is possible, and it is possible because YOU have a direct line to Creation. You have your own direct, innate, unbreakable connection with All that is. This relationship is natural as is your fulfillment. When you open up that flow and allow yourself to be who you really are, you become only a master, but a knowing bridge between dimensions, flowing divine light through your presence.

In this consciousness, you know both the touch and feel of the absolute eternal Self and Presence beyond all selves and your role here as the keeper of individuated consciousness that you are expressing in this human life.

Once you stand in this truth here, you will feel inclined to throw up your arms and jump. To delight in life with exquisite uninhibited rapture. So passionate and beautiful is this arrangement you are in and the way you know it. Know yourself.

To live this is to cut everyone else loose to do the same. With trust, or acting as if, until it feels natural. You are free, and everyone else is free to be too. Each of you here as individuated consciousness; a richness of Divine Light refined and fulfilled. This truth can come forth here, in energy and endless elaborations, in an ever-expanding expression of LOVE.

Creation’s wholeness increasingly fulfilled and reflected through matter. On Earth. Brilliant, shimmering and radiant.

This new game – the game of divine expression here, is alive. It is populated by those living in a steady state of wholeness and divine knowing. This way of being has opened up more as a result of so much, willingness to remember, and so much love for yourself that you are overflowing with it. The belief in yourself so expanded and accurate that it must be expressed, it cannot be held and contained, it needs to flow.

What you will find as you move and expand into this new potential, for you are headed there, if you’re not there yet. Feel the truth of this within you, opening up and blooming. What you will find as you move into this reality, is passion. Blissful passion returned, expanded and flowing.

You will discover an incredible infinite energy within you that you feel as clarity, vitality, and enthusiasm. Your passion. You, alive as love. For love, dear ones, is a creative force and in humanity, it can be known as passion. Passionate exuberance for yourself, your life, your interests and All that is.

Your life will sing and soar, and hum and shine and flow and ebb and at the center, is your knowing of all you are, and your presence here. Present as divine essence infusing, intermingling and endlessly elaborating. The mystery that is aliveness.

We are the Council of Radiant Light


– See more at: http://www.expectwonderful.com/2016/09/passion.html#sthash.oILr42ko.dpuf

The Equinox, the Void + Letting Go. Ascending Earth Update by Ailia Mira | Expect Wonderful

21 Sept 2016 Expect Wonderful by Ailia Mira_edited-2

The Equinox, the Void & Letting Go.

Ascending Earth Update by Ailia Mira | Expect Wonderful


Hey Beautiful,

I’m in the VOID.


Do you feel it? The Void is that empty space where it feels like nothing is happening. It can be frustrating if you resist it, wanting everything to start moving and shaking. Or if you don’t recognize it.

The way to be with the void is to let go. Hang, and soften. Enjoy.

The Void is a natural part of upgrading and changing. As you continue to evolve, you’ll experience the void again and again. Given the deep shifts many of us have felt happening in this Eclipse Cycle, it’s not surprising to find yourself in this experience.

The void is a state of transformation and feeling it, indicates a specific location in the cycle of change. The void may feel like nothing it going on, or it can feel like a lot is happening, but you don’t know what or what to do with it. In the Void, we’re in a deep period of integration and emergence. Life is going again to birth.

The Void can make you want to hole up and withdraw. You may feel much less social than normal. You might feel over-energized, or more sleepy than normal, or both! You may feel confused and your moods may go up and down.

In this deep restructuring you’re learning to orient and perceive and think in new ways. It may be harder to think and respond in ways people are used to you responding and yet you may not know what is happening yet and what life will be like on the other side. In a sense you are starting to orient to a new level of consciousness, a new standard for being and choosing.

You might be experiencing the void in an area of life, rather then overall. This happens too as specific parts of our experience are deeply transformed. 

If you’re feeling this, now is a time to allow these deep changes to penetrate and perpetuate a new way of being. It’s not push. Instead let inspiration return and arise, organically, from your newness. There is always a point in this journey when you feel more clear and strong, and then you feel inspired to take action because what you want next, becomes obvious.

Until it does, enjoy the still point of this and trust that all that you’ve summoned, allowed, completed, cleared, upgraded and shifted will come forth in a new configuration. 

Let yourself change. Embrace this experience, for you’ve summoned it, in your desire to grow spiritually and expand.

Breathe deeply and sink into this part of the experience. Listen to your body and honor it’s wisdom. Once the amazing work of assimilating all this newness into form and your multidimensional connections reset you’ll find you come online in new ways. Be curious and soft as things start to come forth. Discover who you are, by what arises from within, rather then projecting the familiar onto the newness.

I tried repeatedly to channel this afternoon, but could not. This often happens when such a fundamental change is occurring that I’m offline, while restructuring. So I took to my bed, read a book and relaxed.

I now view the Void with delight – it’s full of promise. The Void to me means the major information and activations have been received and the building is underway. There’s nothing to do but let go and trust. So I watch movies, read, walk outside and expect little of myself.

Tomorrow is the Equinox and given what I’m feeling, it feels like Divine Timing.

The Equinox can assist us with balance, inner harmony, and poise amidst transformation. Both learning what these are like and generating that in our experience. These reliable galactic cycles, can remind us of the incredible intelligence everywhere, if we choose to see know it this way.

I’m tired today. My sleep cycles have been off. I’m energized and staying up late, but waking at the dawn. But even amidst this tiredness and given my inability to channel, I know that this Eclipse Cycle is a game changer.

The pure line of spirit, the parallel within our world of the fulfillment of the destiny of humanity is amplified.

There will continue to be drama in the world and extremes, but there’s also a clear alternative: knowing our mastery, and pivoting out of separation. Choosing love.

Love is a creative force, that manifests as feelings but is essentially a flow of divine light within us. Love propels us to elaborate our energy signature, our essence, without inhibition. When we do this and knowingly, we can discover grace. Once we welcome and allow life to flow, change, expand, connect, and come together in an experience of wholeness, we naturally want to share and express ourselves. We discover that being who we are, is also the key to having what we want -for they are one and the same. Fulfillment comes about through alignment and authenticity.

Once we get that, our life becomes an act of embodied love and our stewardship of our humanity, universal and personal. We can embrace expressing our essence, directly, confidently, with respect and honor for the way we are here a unique expression of Creation. Love for ourselves, love for everyone else. Love for all ways people are playing out the end-game of the old world and love for all the new emerging frequencies that feel like balm and joy and possibility and aliveness.

We become part of that pure line of spirit, the path of divine identity and expression, a life and way of being which implodes separation.

There are many doorways to awakening and all of them are infused and nourished by the same unified field. We wake up and live from a sense of somehow knowing, that what was is now obsolete and then the newness of our knowing just keeps opening up and expanding. An ever-expanding experience of following our spirit and that path unfolding our capacity and fulfillment. How miraculous is that?

I look forward to emerging from my own transformation and to sharing what comes up and through me, with you. I welcome any and all changes you are creating. I celebrate your mastery and embrace you with knowing, kinship and love.

Happy Equinox!

Here’s to all you are, and all you are becoming!

With love,


– See more at: http://www.expectwonderful.com/2016/09/the-equinox-the-void-letting-go.html#sthash.rW4fEykr.dpuf

Human Emotions & the September 16 Lunar Eclipse Message from the Council of Radiant Light: Channeled by Ailia Mira

14 Sept 2016 Expect Wonderful by Ailia Mira_edited-1

Human Emotions & the September 16 Lunar Eclipse

Message from the Council of Radiant Light

Channeled by Ailia Mira


Greetings Divine Ones,

We greet you today and we begin to attune you to the energies of Friday’s Eclipse. This lunar eclipse will open up emotional insights for you, helping you see where you can release and upgrade your emotional structures to correspond more accurately to your vision of heaven on Earth. In this you will see more clearly what you chose to make real and important and have the opportunity to upgrade these choices to align with the next level of your embodiment.

Changing your relationship to emotional states is something you are naturally empowered to do, but many human beings do not know or claim this. You, dear ones, can choose this as your birthright and we encourage you to do so.

Human beings have emotions in ways that are so intense, varied and vital. It is very easy to assume that your emotions are real indicators of something. Yet in actuality, your emotions are manifestations of your frequency and what you are experiencing. Sometimes your emotions are triggered automatically and have nothing to do with real knowing, insight, thoughts or conscious choice. As such, learning to see you emotions as manifesting from your energy and your experiences rather then being indicators of truth, is a key to liberation.

Emotions are accurate expressions of thought-forms you hold and energy states you are in. That is all. To address emotions, you must look to your beliefs, ideas, unconscious vows or patterns and most importantly, your energy state.

We are not suggesting you start analyzing all of these things, more that you simply grasp that emotions arise from sources beyond feeling states. Feeling states are manifestations of energy states. That is the principle to remember. Realize too, that feeling states that don’t feel good, need not be heeded. You can learn to cut yourself loose from less desirable feeling states – you chose your energy state. You chose what you pay attention. You can build your ability to do this intentionally and consciously. You can chose your focus and set your energy with greater freedom.

Nothing in life is more powerful than your choice in how you use your attention and focus. Nothing.

Your attention is your greatest ally. It can help you to amplify what you love and dissolve what gives you no joy and has no signature for you. You can learn to live a life that is continually expanding, stimulating and expressive and yet not feel the lower frequency emotional states for any significant period of time.

It is rather unrealistic to think that lower frequency emotions won’t arise, so please do not be disturbed when they show up, or use that manifestation to beat yourself up. Instead, when lower frequency emotions show up, be nonchalant about them – meaning, don’t make a big deal out of them. Change your energy state and therefore, manifest a new feeling state.

Learning to deal with emotions in a very practical way that benefits your joy, is empowerment in embodiment! It is a distinguishing factor between those who feel capable and able to create what they want and those who do not. When you feel good emotionally, you have steady capacity to express, share, experience and create! You have alignment and the ability to let the good experiences in life in! You have fun.

Learning to relate to your emotions as not reflecting who you are, but manifesting from your state, is challenging for most humans.

Most humans, because of the ability of the body to have profound sensation, orient to sensation and feeling with a sense of identity. Feeling that these things indicate who they are and that the general tenor of you feeling state, has something to do with your identity. Such as, “She’s kinda moody,” and “He is a happy guy.” Notice how these sentences are objectifying the emotional state as an identity. That’s different than saying, “She’s feeling kind of moody today,” and “I notice he tends to be in a happy mood most of the time.” That attributes feelings as a manifestation, a temporary expression, not an inherent identity.

Your inherent identity is in a sense, vibrationally uplifted, and so would in a sense equate to positive emotions, yet in your vastness you are not an emotional being in the way you experience emotions as a human. So it’s very different and we want you to get this – you are not your feelings. Don’t be sentimental about you feelings in a way where you get attached to them, or that you equate who you are with them. Most of all, do not feel stuck in your feelings. You are free and can choose to be aware of your ability to change the way you feel!

This conversation opens you up to the Eclipse Energies on Friday; this conversation about emotions. Begin to turn your attention to your emotional state and take notice.

What feelings come easily to you? What would you say your 5 most common feelings are? Of any frequency? If you write down a list of your 5 most common feeling states you will see where you are living your well established patterns. Then you can decide what serves you in these familiar pathways and which ones need refinement to uplift and alter the less desirable states you experience often. You can simply rewire your inner patterns to generate more beneficial states.

For example, if anger is one of your 5 most common states, even if it’s the only lower frequency one you experience, then there is an opportunity to enrich your life by repatterining your response around anger.

You might start with realizing that anger is a common pathway for you. You might look to see why – what is the emotions beneath anger? Am I generally already tired or down when I get angry?

You might also look deeper. What is really going on that you are feeling and the anger is expressing. Is there a tendency to feel obligated to participate in things that don’t have a signature for you? Do you find it hard to say, “No, thank you,” to things that don’t fit, so you get mad when they don’t fit and you want the outer circumstance to change, since saying “no,” is hard for you?

The reason lower frequency pathways exist is you’re in a lower vibrational state and/or you get triggered into a lower vibrational state because you’re resisting the present moment.

In this example about anger because saying “no” is hard, you might resist what following your spirit would mean and then you get angry. The anger is actually manifesting as a way of expressing your outrage that you have to face your discomfort and learn to say no, in order to be true to yourself. It is a feeling that arises from resisting the present moment and being true to your Self.

The Eclipse on Friday will help you with these kinds of shifts.

You must bring your mind to this collaboration in order to have insights. Openness and paying attention to your feelings with these ideas in mind will help you to consciously understand and shift your thought processes and ways of relating to life. You can use the energy to help you do this, but for most of you having insight is also very beneficial and can ensure quick and complete changes are possible. So do more then let the energies work within you, co-create with them, on purpose.

We are making available, support that can attune you to these transformative energies before they come in full force, through this transmission today.

We invite you to embrace this support and allow yourself to feel amply loved at this time.

We are the Council of Radiant Light

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