Era Of Light: Why You Need Super-Conscious States To Be Truly Free

Why You Need Super-Conscious States To Be Truly Free

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We all want to be free, because freedom is our true nature. It’s this inherent quality of the soul that drives you to seek a way out of anything that feels constrictive—pain, limitations, disease, injustice, oppression, and so on. But the ego-mind distorts this natural yearning with the belief that freedom is something external to yourself.

Drawing your attention outwards is how the ego remains in control of your perception, directing your reactions and behavior with unconscious impulses and desires that prevent you from seeing yourself and your reality clearly. Why? Because the ego-mind is the very entrapment your soul wants liberation from!

As I’ll explain in detail in my upcoming book, the ego is hard to pinpoint and defeat because it has shape-shifting and mobile qualities, and it arises from your identification with your body and mind. Some people think of ego as the arrogant, negative aspects of the personality, but it’s much bigger than that.

Your ego is a false, temporary identity; a sense of individuality that disconnects you from your true Self and makes you rely on others for validation, because it cannot exist without the illusion of “others” being separate. So it robs you of the freedom of your divine nature through an internal sense of otherness that colors your self-perception with judgments, guilt, and fears.

There’s a continuous battle between the ego-mind and Divine Consciousness at the core of your soul. Ego hijacks the Self you truly are to create the world and control your perception, which becomes your experience of life. It gives you individualized experiences but also traps you in a sense of deficiency and isolation from which you’re always trying to escape with distractions and fleeting moments of enjoyment or pleasure.

Meditation Is Freedom From the Ego-Mind

The ancient yogis and sages of the East found the way out of such entrapment by redirecting the mind inwards and reaching super-conscious states to transcend the painful, sensory reality of the ego-mind. This is the path to inner peace, love, and freedom, which are the essence of the Self and your authentic nature.

Clearly, reclaiming it demands great discipline and effort to remove the ego-mind blocking your own light with its continuous flow of thoughts, feelings, and desires, and setting you off center by drawing your attention away from the truth. You may not be able to control the mind, but you always have the capacity to change its direction.

Just like it blocks Consciousness by pulling you outwards, you diminish the ego by redirecting your attention inwards. It’s quite a battle, however, so you need tools and much perseverance to be victorious. For this reason, meditation should be an ongoing practice.

Meditation is the complete absorption of the mind in an object of concentration (your breathing, a mantra, an image, etc.) that leads to the mind disappearing and only the absolute reality of Consciousness remaining. This super-conscious state is known as SamadhiNirvana, or Satori, and its various levels unfold as you’re able to remain in it for longer periods.

Self-Realization Is Continuous Self-Awareness

Once it becomes steady, it is called enlightenment or Self-realization, because the delusion of duality disappears and there’s only oneness with the Divine. At this final stage, all the mental imprints and seeds of the ego-mind have been roasted in the light of Consciousness, so there are no more thoughts or desires (or karma) disturbing the infinite peace and freedom of the Self.

Without experiencing super-conscious states, even if briefly, you don’t have the taste or mental seeds of true freedom that reduce the ego-mind and yield deeper super-conscious states. This is why it’s crucial to practice meditation to expand these states of no-mind to your day-to-day activities.

This is a process, so accept where you are and go from there. First you must withdraw the external senses to experience deep relaxation, which is what usually happens during a guided meditation (and why most people start there). Then you must develop full concentration on your breathing or a mantra, which leads to silent meditation.

In time, the Self pulls you onto itself and the ego-mind goes completely quiet. At this level, there is no “experience,” since there is no ego to experience anything. It takes years to get there, so do it gradually (in increments of 10-15 minutes or so) but be consistent!

Finally, with self-awareness and continuous effort, you may transfer your meditative states onto daily life and become a witness to the dream of Consciousness. All through this process, however, you must recognize and dismiss the ego-mind trying to distract you.

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James McConnell: Saint Germain: The Beginning of the Next Phase

Saint Germain: The Beginning
of the Next Phase

by James McConnell | EraOfLight
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I am Saint Germain. As always, it is a pleasure to be with you. To be able to share. To be able to open up new vistas, new understandings for you to come to. For as you are contemplating much that is happening now across your planet, as you are looking at the scene in front of you and wondering, your third dimensional consciousness is wondering what is happening?

Why is this happening?  Why can’t we just get on with it?  Many of you ask that question—why can it not just be over?  Why can we not end this game now?

And the answer that comes back to you in those moments may not be the answer that you were looking for, but you know that it is the truth.  You know that you must continue to play the game for a little bit longer.  And to be able to, as you said in your discussion earlier, trust the plan.

The plan is everything.  The plan has been in motion for thousands and thousands of years, and that is just for this planet here.  That is just for this planet.  But there is the greater plan, the universal plan, that has been in existence for millions, and even billions and billions of years.  And it is all focused now, in this moment now that you are in.  All is coming together exactly as it needs to.  As you have heard many times, everything is being orchestrated.  So just trust, now.  Trust in that.

And look out at everything that is happening, but just look at it—do not become involved in it.  Do not become emotionally involved in it.  Just see it for what it is.  But know that so much that is happening behind the scenes still yet today is, again, part of this plan.

And right now, there is a secret operation that is going on, that is occurring.  And it is even beyond the scope of what you could possibly come to understand at this moment, because it is so vast.  It is so much a part of a vaster plan, here, that is occurring.

And all you need to do is just trust.  Trust in yourself.  Trust in the knowing within each of you that you have planned and worked to come to this moment in your lives, and this moment in your collective lives.

This is what you came here to do.  And you are right now at the cusp of that, right now where you are approaching.  We cannot say The Event just yet, but it is approaching.  We cannot give you a date.  We cannot give you a time frame.  But we can say that everything is leading up to that now, even the announcement that you just had of the President.  Even that is part of all of this.

But again, you must trust.  You must know that there is a bigger reason for everything, here, no matter what it is.  But we can tell you, I can tell you, that what is happening now with your president, he is going to come through this.  It is not even a remote possibility that he will not make it through it, because it is a planned operation, you must understand that.  It is all planned.  And it is all part of the greater plan, the greater operation that is in motion now.  Secret as of yet, but soon to be revealed.

Could this be the great announcement that has been spoken of?  Very possibly.  But there is a series of announcements that will be coming.  One after another.  And this is the ending of one phase now, and approaching the beginning of the next phase.

And the next phase will bring even faster announcements, faster developments than you’ve become accustomed to.  One right after another is what is going to be happening, here.  So when we say for you to ‘fasten your seatbelts because the going is going to be rocky,’ we have not been joking about this, as you have already seen in this year that you are in now, in your 2020 year.  This has been quite a rocky year, and it still may yet get rockier.

But, once that happens, it will all smooth over, and you will be able to unbuckle those seatbelts and give a huge sigh of relief and be able to sit back and truly come to a rest.  Because you will have earned it.

You are all in that part now where you are earning your keep, so to speak.  You are coming to the point where you are reaching the level, the awakening, that you have been preparing and planning for as a whole, as a collective whole.

True, not everyone will awaken.  And all certainly not at the same time.  But many, many more are in that awakening process right now.  All it takes is just a little nudge here and there.  And that’s where you come in:  you, the Lightworking Community, the Light Warriors–that’s where you come in.  To give that little nudge when it is called for.  Even if it is just taking off the mask and showing others that you do not need to wear them, or not worrying about this virus.  For you know it is not what it appears to be.

Everything that is happening right now is not what it appears to be.  If you attempt to analyze, if you attempt to use your three-dimensional mind to come to understand this part of the plan, you will not be able to.

But, if you rise above it, if you raise your vibrations and rise above it, and come to it from a 5-D experience, from a 5-D outlook as we do, then you will be able to look back down at that lower vibrational dimension and begin to make sense of it.  It will become understandable, because you will be looking at it from that neutral point, from that point within the moment.  Whenever you do that, then everything, and I do mean everything, makes sense to you.

I am Saint Germain, and I release this channel now to your One Who Serves.

Just continue to move in the direction that you are.  And do not give up!  No matter what it is, do not give up!  Do not say, “I cannot handle this anymore,” because you can!  You can continue to move on.  You can continue to forge ahead.  Because, my friends, you are the Way-Showers!  Show the way, now!

**Channel: James McConnell

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