Joni Patry: June 2021 Predictions: Sudden Changes Will Shock the World! + Most important LIVE Youtube video update of the year. Talking about June and July 2021

Joni informs us about the US Birth Chart, long-held secrets the media kept from us revealed, Joe Biden’s Health, the potential for war on many levels, Mercury Retrograde, Mars in Cancer disrupting security and the family unit, Stock Market and the economy, The New Normal, Travel, America goes back to work, Entitlement, Anger and Rioting, What Freedom means, Media/Fear and the Coronavirus, and the importance of FAMILY. We enter uncharted territory ahead as chaos clears the air for what lies ahead.

June 2021 Predictions: Sudden Changes Will Shock the World!

•Premiered 23 hours ago

Joni Patry
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