Aluna Ash- 9D: NEW MOON & G1/G2 SOLAR STORMS + + 10/25

•Oct 25, 2019
Aluna Ash- 9D
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SOLAR ACTIVITY WILL CONTINUE OVER THE NEXT WEEK AND A HALF… what’s coming in right now is just from one release rotation the new moon portal- is pulling on the magnetic field of the sun creating more of a release of energy from the Sun, I spoke about this in a video a couple weeks ago. Solar storms/solar flares


Please make sure that if you’re struggling with your mental health, emotional well-being or physical health in any way that you go within first & (if needed/wanted) seek guidance either w someone you feel comfortable with or by a professional & don’t just say “oh well, its the energy..” if you are experiencing rapid changes in your thoughts, emotions & energy, it is really important to seek guidance/support if needed. Mental health is extremely important during these times and will become something that is more focused on within the collective. You will get to a point where you feel positive & balanced during these waves/shifts without going too high energetically then going down after- meditation daily & constant awareness of your thoughts, is key💗staying present. Stay focused, aligned in your Heart, Soul Heart & don’t get caught up in BS, the blame game, victim roles, programs.  Hold steady to the Original Force/Spirit. Where your focus goes, your energy flows.


Kundalini energy can be moving all through your body & energy field.. maybe even more active at this time


**Correction, the October Energy Update was posted 2 weeks ago speaking about this Geomagnetic Storm & Portal

But I believe I spoke about it again in last weeks 12 day portal video as well.


**10 Galactic Activation Portal Days in a row within a 12 day Portal:
October 26th-November 4th are the 10 GAP days.
12 day portal: October 24th-Nov 4th


Re-activation of culminations/shifts of or from the Full Moon 25 degrees Sagittarius on June 17th & re-activation of energy of the Total Solar Eclipse at 10 degrees Cancer from July 2nd during this 12 day portal and during the 9 GAP days. And an activation begins with the Galactic Center following this New Moon, that will continue until December when Jupiter moves into Tropical Capricorn duting prior to the next larger Portal & the next Solar Eclipse that will be bringing in Geomagnetic Storms as well (my intuitive feeling)


This Portal is connected to those that transitioned & even more so to those that have crossed while the nodes have been in Cancer & Zodiac since last October. The veil is thin around this time & perfect for honoring Ancestors, healing, meditation, cleansing, relaxing, deprogramming, etc..


💜With the energy coming in, it’s causing an acceleration with the synchronization with the planetary light body & planetary field through our consciousness, DNA, pineal gland- galactic antenna, and activating different spheres within the Brain through number codes/subliminal frequency transmissions from Higher Dimensional Mind impressing upon the individual Subconscious bringing the subliminal messages up to the conscious awareness into the objective reality to be impressed and creating a new program through repetition. This is part of a hive mind deprogramming from the higher dimensional mind/awareness. The Elements will be stirred up within the collective due to this 12 day Portal & energy coming in. It, the weather changes, are natural due to Cosmic energy, shifts with collective & the planetary field.



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Aluna Ash- 9D: GET READY! 😎


Published on Sep 1, 2019

#GreatCentralSun #CosmicFamily #Dakini

The smaller cats, leopards & jaguars were all representing female energy and bees & hornets are symbolic as well- i should’ve mentioned.

**I could be interpreting the messages wrong that I’ve been getting, but I don’t think so because of how clear they’ve been coming in and the visuals along with contact with my Cosmic Ancestors speaking about these messages, that we are “getting reading” and we “know what time it is” and everytime they come through- they are correct. The one that was speaking to me has always been in the background now she’s up front. Bright white/blue-ish..coming from the Great Central Sun. When I get the downloads they will usually send a message as a visual of the Great Central Sun first. The messages are bright, clear, direct, visual, physical, telepathic. I just share my perception, messages I receive & experiences- I don’t try and figure it all out in the deep thought because my subconscious already gets it and it will show up in my reality again or my conscious awareness in some other way when it is meant to.

I know many will be or already are- getting similar messages with something shifting connected to the Feminine cycle. I’m so grateful for all the Divine Masculines & Feminines on their paths and empowering/supporting/encouraging one another and for those who inspired me to share my own experiences & path more publically 💜

So the New Sun cycle begins right as we are lining up with a specific density wave & point/region within the Photon Belt and different cycles meeting at one point. Like 13,000 year cycles.

October 24th- November 5th is the 1st big opening/wave of the energy connected to the New Sun cycle & this peak region. Then another in December right before the Solar Eclipse on December 25th 2019. Which is opening a new gate while closing another.

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Aluna Ash- 9D: Energy Update, Waves/Events, New Moon Portal 4/27

Energy Update, Waves/Events, New Moon Portal 4/27

Published on Apr 27, 2019

If anyone is interested in doing a group fast with us on Patreon (it is open to public, do not need to be a Patron to join us with this group fast/cleanse) Check out:

We do have a wave that just hit, the sun is currently shooting quick streams of this wave. The energy can come and go with the waves coming through the Sun & the Earths schumann resonance shifting.. causing quick tiredness or alertness, can go back n forth.

Some people have hexperienced the Event anchored in its 3D physical form already.. this is because they’re tapping into the cosmic mental plane within the different rounds or spheres a consciousness. Others have too but werent aware of it at the time consciously, and more will have these experiences. THE EVENT, is a shift or change in perception through the Cosmic energy coming in.

4/27- galactic portal activation date, lunar tone- means polarization, stablization through awareness of challenges along your path.

4/28- kundalini, life force integration. (I will be doing a 30min Shakti transmission on Patreon this day at 9pm EST due to Red Electric Serpent tone, lay down, rest n relax & make sure you drink alot of water after)

4/29- transform, death, surrender, forgiveness, adjusting to a new plan and change.

4/30- gateway opener. Last day of 10th moon, planetary moon cycle. healing, peace, empowerment.

5/1- New Moon Portal
5/2- 1st day of 11th moon, this is an activation date.
5/3- galactic day of harmonization and integrity.
5/4- New Moon

I will be posting what this next cycle & ending of this galactic yr means for the zodiac signs karmically soon.

I’ve been getting a lot of messages about programmed events coming.

💜I keep hearing clairaudenitly: “The turtles back mirrors the center of creation. The land mirrors the turtles back. The land of creation. ” this is the land of creation. This is what heard, and was seeing a red & blue light with, what i know is, Orions belt. I was seeing this lining up & mirroring each other after being out of alignment. Blue & red coming together as one.. Then I saw a baby birthed. The red and blue lights were stars, the baby was another star.. (Guessing this is referencing Turtle Island & us aligning back with the Orion belt, center of creation 2022 after the emergence of the Magnetic Sun Dec 21st 2021 during the DF cycle)

I’ve been hearing this for several weeks I just haven’t been able to understand it clearly up until now. Even while in Hawaii I was hearing this and seeing these Turtles everywhere, my condo there was decorated in sea turtles 🤣 but I was having a really hard time understanding what I was hearing up until now.

I was also hearing “a collective Soul-guided exit point” & ” Goddess Hecate”

**maybe Borean Calling will see these ^🤗

I keep hear that “the collective will be really upset at first, then it paves the way for healing” as well. I can feel this in my body so much.

Thank you family for your support. I love you!

** I pinned a poem in the comments.

The Rainbow Wave= Rainbow Bridge. Merge of Personality & Soul.



MATTHEW WARD through SUZY WARD: “Message from Matthew — February 14, 2019”

“Message from Matthew — February 14, 2019”

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. The combination of positive and negative responses to ever-rising vibrations has kept Earth’s energy field of potential in too much turmoil for any activity to achieve unstoppable momentum. However, energy streamers around the effort to indict all Illuminati principals have been gaining strength consistently and, of the multiple activities behind the scenes to end dark control of your world, it appears that the indictments will be the first to reach fruition. If the current pace of strengthening continues, action already underway can become known worldwide within months.

Well-known individuals being charged with crimes against humanity will come as a shock to most people, and it’s reasonable to anticipate reactions ranging from “fake news” to vehement denial, anger and fear. Lower-ranking Illuminati will try to jump ship rather than go down with it, wrongfully accused individuals will want to prove their innocence, and if there is strong resistance in some quarters, very likely military troops will be called upon to keep the public safe. Confusion will be widespread until the society understands the far-reaching benevolent impact of what is happening.

Dear ones, before much longer your mission as lightworkers will rachet up a notch or two. Your fearlessness and exhilaration can calm persons around you, and that will be immensely helpful, but you will need to be mentors, too. The peoples will need to be told that removing those individuals from their influential positions is leading to a peaceful world with wise honorable leaders and the end of warring, corruption, deception and impoverishment. You can substantiate your explanations by referring doubters to pertinent information compiled by researchers and published on the Internet or elsewhere, and if individuals believe telepathic communication is real, tell them about channeled information from sources you trust.

A number of you are asking if the incoming energy waves could be causing the conditions you are experiencing and if so, what can you do to relieve the discomfort. In previous messages we have spoken at some length about this important matter, but it bears repeating and we offer a condensed version of that information.

Primary symptoms of bodies’ adjusting to intensifying energy are fatigue, weakness and general sense of unease; episodes of memory lapses, headaches, mood swings, aching muscles and joints, ringing in the ears, blurred vision, cramping, nausea and itchiness are not uncommon. To lessen their effects, get sufficient sleep, engage in age-appropriate exercise and drink a lot of water. Avoid sugar, alcohol except a sensible amount of red wine, and foods with chemical additives. Of all foods, fruits and vegetables have the most light, and if you are financially able, choose organic produce. If your diet is not vegetarian or vegan, choose seafood certified free of impurities and eggs, dairy products and meat from animals that have not been given antibiotics or growth hormones.

Reducing mental and emotional stress is of paramount importance — stress is the root cause of all dis-ease — but do not take pharmaceuticals as sleep aids, to pep up or calm down. What will be most helpful to you in stress reduction is as unique as each of you is, but the following suggestions can raise your vibrations, thus beneficial to all. Change negative thoughts and feelings to positive. Avoid situations that drain your energy. Feel grateful for the goodness in your life. Let go of bitterness and forgive those you feel have wronged you. Be in Nature as often as you can. Spend time with animals. Reserve time for solitude and introspection. Meditate. Listen to your favorite music. Read uplifting poetry or prose. Watch amusing TV programs. Write down the source of frustration, then let go of the feeling. Communicate with like-minded people. Smile often and love yourselves as much as we love you.

We caution that the symptoms mentioned above also can indicate the onset of illness; if a condition persists, consult a healthcare specialist, preferably one who has a holistic approach to diagnosis and treatment. The more conscientiously you care for yourselves in mind, body and spirit, the more light you absorb; light raises your vibrations, and that will enable you to more easily adjust to upcoming energy surges.

[Reader message]:


“For ages the Vatican has known about pedophile priests. Why didn’t a pope take action long ago to end that abomination?” For centuries popes were members of the wealthiest families, the forerunners of the Illuminati. They controlled the masses via “papal infallibility” and “God’s laws” while the popes’ families reaped more riches through tithing, taxes and “servitude to God.”


Devout believers provided the virtually free labor that erected opulent buildings on Vatican grounds and master painters, sculptors, and creators of stained glass and intricate tile murals produced the art that so grandly decorates the buildings. Even if the popes during those years and down through the centuries may not have been pedophiles themselves, most assuredly they didn’t want anyone to know that pedophilia was rampant in Catholicism’s hierarchy.

When the first accusations were made, the offenders claimed innocence and that was the end of it; but as the light intensified, so did the resolve of more and more abused individuals to speak out. When the same claims against adults in trusted positions in secular society led to admissions and convictions, accusations against priests no longer could be swept under the rug. Although papal acknowledgement has been given to those offenses of longstanding, the extent of unconscionable acts that have taken place in the Vatican is yet to be revealed. As shocking to the public as the announcement of indictments will be, disclosing the truth that the Vatican is the international headquarters of Satanism will be more so.

[Reader message]:


“I don’t think that Matthew has a good grasp of what can happen when ET’s step in to this world and try to make changes. Once they cause change with their technologies, then we’ll be dependent upon them. Once that dependency has been established then control takes place. We have a planet of many resources and likely those resources are valuable to outside civilizations. The cabal are the bad guys and we can rid our world of them over time as more and more people become enlightened. We don’t need outside sources for that, particularly when those outside sources are interested in our planet for trading and profit. My intuition tells me that any outside source that visits our world will not be good for us in the long term.”


In numerous messages we have talked about the importance of trusting your intuition, guidance to the conscious mind from soul level, where truth is known. This is a case whereby belief is blocking intuitive awareness — what one believes, whether it arises from fact or falsehood or assumption, is the individual’s reality. Dispelling the concerns of that dear soul who wrote is necessary because she is not alone in being wary of other civilizations, and crews in crafts surrounding Earth cannot land and ETs living in your midst cannot introduce themselves until the society is ready to greet them without fright.

So then, let us address the two issues that are relevant here. One is Gaia’s desire that life on her planetary body be according to her vision of everyone living peacefully in harmony with Nature and sharing the world’s abundance. The other is a universal law: No civilization may impose its ideas, however beneficial those would be, upon any other civilization. Accordingly, pre-birth agreements were made by the souls who chose to live on Earth so they could complete third density karmic lessons and the myriad souls who would help them become enlightened so they could co-create the kind of world they, the peoples, want — it’s the same world that Gaia wants for them. And, God authorized civilizations advanced in spiritual and conscious awareness to help their Earth family rid the planet of the darkness that has prevented them from manifesting that kind of world.

It is too late to think that you can rid the world of the cabal on your own. The massive light beamed from civilizations 80-some years ago interrupted the cabal’s pervasive darkness that was controlling life in your world. Members of those civilizations who volunteered to go to Earth anchored that light and generated their own, thereby bringing to light the cabal’s long-hidden heinous activities. Crews in your skies have prevented detonation of nuclear warheads launched by the cabal and are reducing the toxic elements in their chemtrails. Some of the many extraterrestrials living among you have thwarted the cabal’s efforts to start pandemics, some have exposed their other illegal and immoral activities, some are working to wrest from the cabal their control of the global economy, some are in the international group whose efforts eventually will hold the cabal legally accountable.

ETs also erected the light grid around the planet that prevents the entry of any source with low vibrations. Therefore, only beings with high vibrations can come to Earth, and those who have been waiting to join you have no intention or interest in profiting from your world’s resources or controlling the populace.

Yes, their technologies will indeed change the planet. With swiftness that will astonish you, they will dematerialize nuclear waste; eliminate the toxicity in your soil, waters and atmosphere; turn deserts into arable lands; and expand the rain forests; and your scientists will work side by side with the extraterrestrials in all of those endeavors. The populace will neither want nor need to become dependent upon other civilizations, and after the visiting helpers teach the use of their technologies and gift them to you, they want to return to their homelands and families.

Feel grateful for these “outside sources”! While your governments deny their existence, your entertainment industry gives them reality as monstrous creatures who will eat, annihilate or enslave you. That is more than enough for the society to overcome without adding concerns that people from other worlds intend to profit from your natural resources — that is what the cabal has been doing for centuries. Other civilizations have been helping Earth’s peoples in myriad ways for millennia because the souls who embody there are beloved members of the universal family.

We say farewell for now, dear brothers and sisters, but in every moment we and all other light beings in this universe are supporting you with the power of unconditional love.



Lightworkers Will You Answer the Clarion Call? | In5D


Lightworkers Will You Answer the Clarion Call?

Lightworkers Will You Answer the Clarion Call?

December 4, 2018 Spiritual Awakening
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by Wendy Hutchinson,
Contributing writer,

There are major energetic shifts taking place on our planet right now.  Many who agreed to be in service have been held down by density and fear and are not ready to step up in this time of great need.  Some are being torn from the inside out as they battle the inner voice calling them to service but allowing fear to hold them back.  Fear expresses as anxiety, depression, stress, anger or anything that is not presenting as an elevated emotion.  For a while it was possible to straddle two worlds and not fully step onto one or the other, but the ascension train is pulling away from the station and the gap between those two trains you were straddling is forcing you to commit one way or another.

Many lightworkers are saying all the right “spiritual” things but barely scratching the surface when it comes to the deep inner work required to elevate.    Life circumstances presenting are creating stress.  It may seem like the world is falling apart, when in fact, those very experiences are presenting a wakeup call.  All of us are being forced to stand firm in our alignment with our higher selves to source.  Now is the time to assess everything being invited into our lives.  How are you treating yourself emotionally, mentally, physically?  Are you choosing to nourish our body or punish it?  Is the community you hang out with holding a higher frequency and elevating you or bringing you down?  Pay attention and choose wisely.

New waves of energy are pouring into the planet.  People are feeling it whether they are awake or not. Personal energetic fields are being flooded with higher dimensional energy.  To assimilate and hold those frequencies inner work is required.  People living in the lower density vibrations of fear will feel inner turmoil until all is resolved.  Resistance to the process will create tremendous suffering emotionally, physically and will possibly present in negative personal life experiences as well.  Healing of the inner wounds must occur.  Peeling back layers and layers of karmic debris in order to go higher is essential for ascension.    The higher frequencies are creating a transparency never experienced before.  It is getting harder to mask the lies as the truth wants to bubble to the surface.    Relationships are crumbling, people being shaken to the core as things long suppressed are coming up to be examined and healed.  Contrary to our instincts, going into the dark is where the most powerful work takes place.    Looking at all those shadow aspects long buried and working through them with love will transform your life.    It takes great courage to go there, but the reward of becoming whole and complete is worth it.

Ascension is the elevating of our personal energetic frequency.  It’s time to break from the pack and take the road less traveled.  It’s not all rainbows and unicorns, love and light.  Enlightenment and ascension is a process.  It’s basically the complete stripping down of every aspect of self that was ignored or buried for lifetimes bubbling to the surface being dealt with and cleared.  Cutting the ballast allows the quick rise of the light quotient held.   Marconics energy accelerates the life path and assists in personal ascension by pulling karmic debris from the field and aligning you to your highest vibrational frequency.

This is a critical time in the history of our planet and for humanity.   A Clarion call has been heard.   Every one of you reading this are meant to be here, to create impact, you matter.  Elevating ourselves is the best way to assist those around us.  How we are showing up in our every day lives creates a huge impact.  The frequency we hold as individuals radiates out to the world.  Our thoughts are powerful creating timelines and ripples we may not even be aware of.   It is critical to release anything in negative lower vibrational bandwidths.  Fear is pervasive and insidious, it preys on every vulnerability within us.   As lightworkers, we must shed all doubt about who we are and what we have come here to do. There is an inner knowing that you are here for a reason.  Every single person on this planet is contributing to the collective tapestry.  The question is, will it be a positive or negative contribution?

Align with your truth and listen to your heart.  There are those who will not be able to understand you.  They live in a different vibrational place.  I heard a quote recently, “you can’t speak butterfly language to caterpillar people”!  The matrix encourages people to participate in the hive mind, to move like bugs to the light.  Following specific doctrine, politics, and bombarded by media images of what should matter leaves no room for individual thought and expression.   Walking your path takes courage and strength.  It can be a lonely road.    Seek knowledge and wisdom but filter it through your own belief system.  Soon the foundation of who you are will present itself and from this foundation you will grow.

If you are reading this, you are being urged to come forward.   Believe in yourself and know that you are here to shine a light for the people around you.  Be the highest version of yourself.  We can no longer languish on the sidelines waiting for the right time to strap on the boots and enter the fray.  I believe many are being fast tracked at this time.    For those light workers who are still on the fence, trapped in fear and doubt, the time is now!   You all have a very important role to play and it is time to stop dimming your light and playing small.   We have all contracted to be here at this very moment to assist others.   Silence the critic, go deep, and do the inner work.    The Clarion call has gone out and my hope is you will answer.

About the author: Wendy Hutchinson is a writer, certified level IV Marconics energy practitioner, and intuitive life and spiritual coach. In 2017 she was spotlighted as the Life Purpose Institute’s top coach. In 2017, she wrote for The Missing Piece Magazine and was also voted Life Coach of the Year. She is a contributing author to the 2019: Inspirational Almanac.

Passionate about walking people through the ascension process, she helps people overcome adversity, release karmic debris, and align with their highest potential. Contact her here: or blog:

Her show The Path of Me can be viewed on her YouTube Channel Wendy Hutchinson:

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A Message to Lightworkers – September 7, 2018 by Caroline Oceana Ryan

A Message to Lightworkers – September 7, 2018

The latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective:


Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you again.

We see that many of you are somewhat watching the clock or the calendar (though you feel their increasing irrelevance), wondering when the Big Moment you are sensing drawing nearer is going to actually occur.

And we would say that your anticipation of that moment is assisting it in occurring.

In fact, it is not just one moment you are looking forward to, and co-Creating with your expectations and images, but a whole series of moments.

We speak of events that presage and introduce great change, and even more importantly, a series of energy waves that empower you to strengths and self-images that are far beyond what you have known in any previous Earth life.


In fact the ways that you know yourself now—the ways you view, experience, and feel about life, as you see it through the eyes of your current Earth life and spirit essence—are changing so rapidly, that you may feel some days that you awaken in the morning a different person than you were went you went to sleep the night before.

That is nothing to fear or feel odd about.

Though the personality may try to hold you back, and pull you back to old habits—the small-mindedness you were raised to practice, the fear or anxiety you picked up intuitively from infancy, the small self-concept you were given by your family, schools, or religion.

None of that applies anymore, and that is not because some magical wave of Light is moving through your Universe to “fix” everything and make you larger than your former life could have ever imagined.

Most assuredly, that Light is indeed moving through the Universe—but you are its driving force, its motivation, and its co-Creator.

You have placed yourself in a human body at this particular moment on Earth’s timeline not merely to assist in Her and humanity’s Ascension, as beautiful and vital a job as that is.

You have come here now so that you could yourself contribute to the shift that this entire Universe is experiencing, which is a move upward in frequency on every level.


You have seen how there is no standing still, anywhere in Nature or even in human life.

There is a constant flow of movement going forward, so that even those persons or events that appear to be regressing or forgetting former strengths and abilities will still, at some level, contribute to powerful forward flow and evolvement in your world.

This is why, on a higher level, when you see those who favor the supremacy of a particular race marching through the streets, you do not panic or grow cynical.

It is why, even in the midst of extreme weather and Earth changes, you maintain an inner calm.

It is why, in the face of a void of leadership where that element is needed most, you remain centered and affirm that All Is Well.

Not because you “do not know the facts,” but because your eyes are set on something so much bigger than any one outer event or set of circumstances.

This is also why illness, a temporary shortage of money or friendship, or ongoing family quarrels do not affect you as painfully as they once did.


When your eyes are set on the horizon, and that horizon is full of glorious colors, Light, and unending beauty, getting brighter all the time, there is no time for panicking the details along the way to reaching it.


You are the ones you have been waiting for, as we have said many times, so beautifully prophesied by the Hopi elders.

And you are the ones with the ever-widening, ever-deepening sense of your own co-Creative wisdom, your own Divinity, your own powerful Beingness.

So that only the present moment, and all you have to be thankful for, are what matter now.

And that increasing feeling of optimism, that something Big and wonderful is about to happen?

It is there for a reason, and you are the ones laying the groundwork and creating the path to that which you have envisioned.

You are here not as spectators, or mere recipients of someone else’s benevolence!

You are the benevolence, or it would not be appearing around the world in so many ways.


Though the good news is generally hidden from you, in a last-ditch effort to keep you addicted to the fear and stress created by the bad news, your increasingly powerful intuition is informing you daily that much is occurring now—appearing in your skies, shifting in your halls of power, shapeshifting in people’s heart-minds.

All of this, to usher in the new era of Peace and prosperity in ways that no army, government, or power-stronghold can weaken or delay.

This is why you are here now!

It is your very presence that has given a motivational/co-Creational surge to the Universal cycles, the movement of higher frequencies and higher energy octaves as they flow through your galaxy and many millions of others.


And so now it is the inner voice that is telling you how things are, more than the outer ones.

We encourage you to listen, friends!


Take time each day to hear what your Spirit team of guides, Angelic guardians, and higher self are saying!

Now is the time to ask them, not a presumed news source or expert on this matter or that, what is truly occurring on your planet, and in your Universe.

Ask for a vision of what is really occurring, and you will receive one, whether as an energy download that will inform your understanding on a very deep level, or as a direct message to your heart-mind.


You are the authority now—the author of what you are experiencing, in your individual life and in this new era of Universal life.

You, the co-Creator! The beautiful, empowered one!

We bow to you, and to the Divinity we see within you—becoming more visible each day.

Namaste, Light Bearers!

It is for you that we are here, and you for us, for we are One.


Copyright 2018, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post. Thank you.


About Caroline Oceana Ryan

Caroline Oceana Ryan is an author, speaker, and radio host of “The Empowered Lightworker” on, Studio B. She channels the higher wisdom and guidance of the Collective, a group of higher beings assisting humanity as we Ascend into fifth dimensional life.

A Message to Lightworkers – February 12, 2018 by Caroline Oceana Ryan

A Message to Lightworkers – February 12, 2018
by Caroline Oceana Ryan 

The latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, Emperors of Light!

We greet you with real joy and words of encouragement, as you have recently traveled through (and are still integrating with) powerful astrological occurrences and internal shifts in both your consciousness and cellular makeup.

These energy waves have commanded forth a significant remaking and re-creating of human life, reshaping even how energy flows and functions in the human form.

As those who volunteered to be at the forefront of this time of re-creation of human and Earth life reality, you have not only come to transform up and out of the third dimensional experience, but to reintroduce higher dimensional energies to Earth, beginning with your very bodies, hearts, and minds.

You are more than anchors of higher Light; you are living, moving, breathing demonstrations of it.

We are aware that this has taken a tremendous toll on nearly all of you.

You are many days exhausted, disappointed with life, feeling to be out of the resources and resilience one needs to simply keep going at times, let alone to go forward with a joyful sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Many are currently struggling to simply keep their spirits attached to their bodies in ways that represent a functioning Earth life.

And yet, there is within you now a Light burning, even if it feels to be only a spark, that was not there even three months ago.

It is not the time that has passed, but what has occurred within it, that has been a crucial catalyst.

You are used to feeling that life comes to or at you.

Yet this higher level you have now reached in your Ascension journey is a matter of you living not in passivity, but of actively reaching out into the Universe—going further into its depths.

This means that you are not only stepping out of the Matrix—you are superseding it, moving to where its energies, cyclic commands, and overall structure are increasingly no longer a part of your reality.

This is the essence of moving up in vibration—that which is not real to you begins to move out of your reality, until it ceases to exist for you altogether.

This is why those who vibrate with a high expectation of and love for prosperity and Abundance are never without money (or people who believe in their ideas and are willing to invest in them)—where they are vibrationally, hardship does not exist, even if others standing quite near them find that that is all they see.

This is why those who vibrate with perfect health have no problem maintaining their perfect or near-perfect weight, eating healthfully, choosing holistic remedies, and rarely becoming ill—or righting themselves quickly after an illness or injury.

Because from where they stand vibrationally, there is no poor health. There is only an increasingly higher vibration in every cell of their being.

Even illness is an opportunity to move only higher.

And it is why some who do not appear particularly attractive, gifted, or fascinating nevertheless constantly enjoy joyful friendships, a fulfilling romantic life, and positive work connections—because from where they are, they see and expect only Love and Divine expression in every person they see.

And so we invite you, in this time that feels to be made of inner and outer tumult in many ways, though with a feeling of swift change and optimism in the air—we invite you to realize where it is you have come to.

And that is not simply another step upon the Ascension path, but a quantum leap into a whole other aspect of it.

In this new level of existence, with which every wave and particle of your being now resonates, what used to be called miracles in your old life are now occurring far more frequently, and are more clearly the direct result of your presence, your own innate energies.

You are thinking now that, in that case, you need to redirect and refocus your energies to address the parts of your life that do not yet seem aligned with your higher vision for them.

Yet we assure you, they are already busy aligning with that higher vision, because in your new vibration of extended possibilities and increasingly active co-Creation, they have no choice but to do so.

And so we would say, it is less and less now a matter of “waiting” for the world to change—waiting for NESARA to be enacted, waiting for better health or higher income, or waiting for a Love that is real.

You are already integrating the energies of the realities you have dreamt of for thousands of years—the culmination of the soul missions, dreams, and visions of hundreds of Earth lives, and especially of the life you are living now.

Now we would ask, will you admit that you have come this far?

Will you allow yourself to see that no one can hold back your progress, whether on the inner planes of life, or the outer?

Are you willing to feel as empowered and responsible for what you create, as we ourselves can see that you are?

Think, from the heart-mind, before you answer—feel first what your heart-mind has already decided.

And if the answer is a powerful “Yes!” know that we proclaim it with you, and that as always dear ones, you are never alone in this journey.

Call out to us, in those moments when the transformation feels to be too much, when the Sun’s energies and the Earth’s rebirth, and all that has set in motion, feel to be too overpowering.

We will answer, as we have in every dimension you have ever been in, and reassure you that you have nothing less than legions upon legions of Angels, faery folk, gods and goddesses, and Light Beings of every description flying forward to meet you as you call out for support, assistance, and the feeling of being loved and encouraged.

Namaste, Makers of the New Earth, and the New Crystalline Human!

You are never alone.


Copyright 2018, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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About Caroline Oceana Ryan

Caroline Oceana Ryan is an author and speaker who channels the higher wisdom and guidance of the Collective, a group of higher beings assisting humanity as we Ascend into fifth dimensional life.

A Message to Lightworkers – October 13, 2017 | Ascension Times

Greetings, Transformational Jedi!

This has been quite a week!

This week’s Message notes the powerful higher Light that poured onto the planet on Wednesday.

As so much occurs in the world now, we are being called to understand that far from the end of things, this is a new beginning,

And as with all births, there is a time of feeling only the disturbance of the creational force.

We can still stay centered, and allow ourselves moments where we see the new ideas, solutions, and higher energies coming forward, in our own lives and all around us.

I realize that not everyone will agree with what the Collective have to say in this post.
As always, I ask that you take what resonates with you as being true for your path, and release the rest.

And a reminder: If you ever have Just One Question you would like the Collective to answer, go to my website at and scroll down to “Just One Question.”

Hit that PayPal button, then email me your question. I will send you the channeled answer as an MP3 within three working days.

I may soon be offering a two-question option as well that is similar — not a live phone session, but a recorded answer to questions sent in by email.

Sending much Love and Light to all,


A Message to Lightworkers – October 13, 2017

The latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, Transformational Ones!

We note many powerful and Earth-shifting changes occurring now, not in only the atmosphere surrounding Earth, but the vibration of Earth life itself, including empowering shifts in your own individual and increasingly unified group consciousness.

Some of you have been aware of the great influx of Light that reached the planet, with an initial outpouring and new Light-grid creation that occurred on October 11, over a twelve-hour span.*


This Light is unlike that which has reached your planet for many millions of years.


This is a form of energy once only experienced in the higher realms, and felt and experienced by those of higher consciousness, for millennia.


It has come to the planet now not only due to astrological shifts and occurrences, but because human consciousness has called out with intention and desire to experience that which you once would have once considered impossible to experience on Earth, except in rare moments of Divine insight and revelation.


This is what is meant by the term “revelation.”

It is simply the opening of a portal in consciousness that opens the way for an experience or vision which your everyday vibration and awareness do not generally offer.

You are aware of the Book of Revelation, known as the “last book in the Bible,” as if it were a definitive statement of the end of the old era.

Though written in symbolic terms, this writing, much revised over the centuries, cannot be considered a map for what is occurring in these “end times,” which are not the end of your world, but the end of an era.

You are moving forward now—some days joyfully, some days with utter exhaustion as you experience the birthing pains of one bringing forth new life—into a place in space/time that is not entirely new to you energetically, yet new to your Earth experience.

Most of you have had lives in the times of Atlantis or Lemuria, or in Inner Earth where the vibrations are still that of the fifth dimension or higher, and other higher dimensional Earth experiences, including times spent living amongst Earth-based Angelic beings or the faery realm.

Yet you have not yet experienced the feeling, the reality, of Earth life as it moves from the depths of density in the third dimension, into the fifth dimension.

You are already seeing increasing fifth dimensional aspects to Earth life, whether you realize it fully or not.

Some of that is a greater desire and even greater demonstration in many aspects of your media to tell the truth regarding what is occurring amongst the old power structure now, rather than obediently hiding the truth of what is happening, out of fear of retribution.

Certainly, some of that still exists.

Yet there is also a brave new stance taken on over the past decade or more, and growing all the stronger, as the internet and other non-mainstream forms of communication take their place as expressions of consciousness that will not be contained or controlled to serve another’s dense purpose.

You are aware as well that those who call themselves white hats in media, government, education, medicine, and other areas of Earth life, including your space programs, are gaining an increasingly stronger foothold as they come forward with histories, explanations, solutions, and inventions that would have been suppressed in past decades, and violently so in past centuries.

You are seeing unrest in parts of the world such as Spain and other countries where some of the populace are asking for an identity other than that which they were assigned at birth, or handed by an invading and occupying force.

Do not be disturbed as these last vestiges of of the old order express themselves, wherever you may see them occurring in the world.

There are also moments of great beauty, courage, and expression of higher Love.

You are seeing now groups of African-American athletes and their non-Black colleagues kneel in protest at the worship of a symbol that is duplicitous at best, having come to symbolize freedom and equality for an elite minority, and not the majority it was originally meant to serve.

We view this not as disrespect on their part, for we see into their hearts, and note the bravery with which they question a system that claims to reward them but in fact punishes them with physical and psychological injury in a Roman gladiator-style contest, as it turns a blind eye to the unnecessary deaths of innocent persons of color.

From the high heart, one is able to view their actions as grasping individual and group freedoms.

An expression not of disrespect, but of their higher selves’ desire for the dismantling of an old oppressive system as the newer one, supported by these astounding energies, comes into place.

They are in their way doing as the majority of humankind are doing now: requiring that what they experience, and even the air they breathe, be blessed with the kind of freedom that ensures dignity, safety, and respect for all.

These are not simply momentary glitches in the old order.

These actions and that of many others, such as the brave mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, and those within the Hollywood system coming forward to report the criminal actions of those in power there, requires a democracy that unquestioningly and consistently serves all, regardless of a person’s ethnicity, beliefs, gender, or other social identifiers.

In releasing and refusing the victimization placed upon humanity for so long, and in taking in through every cell of your being this astounding new higher Light vibration, you are in fact becoming an entirely new race of beings.

A higher race vibrationally—one in which the Light of your souls pulses through all the more powerfully as each day you resonate more and more fully with the new Light data and energetic waves pouring over your planet.

And so we may now call you god-men and god-women, and not only the humans you have been known as for millennia.

For why would you not recognize the incredible growth, grace, joy, and creative expression of your Divinity, as it pours forth through every aspect of your new humanity, freeing you to be New Earth Beings of higher Light and higher Love.

We bow to you, as always, dear ones.

Do not be disturbed by the waves of change and the apparent disturbances and shocks they can bring, in any given moment.

For none of this defines you.

You yourselves are defining the moment, defining the Earth, defining what many call the New Human Template.

And we bless you and give thanks for all you are and are becoming in this glorious new day.

We see and we celebrate the Divinity within you.

Namaste! We are with you, always.

*For information on the great onrush of Light that reached the planet this past week, see and

Copyright 2017, Caroline Oceana Ryan


If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post. Thank you.

Recent: A Message to Lightworkers – October 6, 2017

About Caroline Oceana Ryan

Caroline Oceana Ryan is an author and speaker who channels the higher wisdom and guidance of the Collective, a group of higher beings assisting humanity as we Ascend into fifth dimensional life.

Jenny Schiltz: Two Components to the Energy Waves

Two Components to the Energy Waves

Two Components to the Energy Waves

by: at: 5th Jun 2017

The other night while the house slept, I sat in meditation, I did so with the intent to understand how to help people through this process with greater ease.  It was not long after my form relaxed that I felt myself being pulled from the state of simply being into one of co-creation.  I soon found myself standing in front of the Venusian Council.

I explained to them that people are hurting and I wanted to understand a better way to help them, that I felt like something is missing. They agreed that many are focused on only one aspect of this process and were neglecting a very crucial element. That indeed something is missing.

We are being hit from all sides energetically at the moment, with the full purpose to dig up beliefs, resistance and old patterning that simply no longer works This energy is coming in waves from the CME’s, solar flares, planet & moon alignments, but also from our own inner earth. There is a mass effort to awaken humanity, to show clearly the dysfunction, the upside down thinking that has been our reality. These come in waves, peeling layers off until nothing is left but our own individual heart centered truth.

We are becoming pros at letting go and transmuting the energy, but that shouldn’t be the only result from the energy blasts. The council explained that with every energy wave that comes in, regardless of its source, there are two basic components available. The first part of the wave is designed to dig up our stuff – this can be emotional or physical density. The second component to EVERY wave are things to move us further on our journey. These can be codes that expand the heart chakra, crystalline body codes, blueprint & chakra upgrades, and even codes that help us to uncover our natural gifts and unlock potential. Where so many are lacking is in the receiving department.

They explained that resistance to receiving is due to a deep unworthiness that so many still feel. This coupled with societal programming that taught us that to receive is selfish and that when we receive something it is taking from another has left us not being able to accept what is ours. While many on the intellectual level understand those feelings  are not accurate, there is still something within that is operating from this deep sense of lack and unworthiness. We must look at all the areas where we have pushed away what the universe has for us. We have to see where we are asking the universe for something with one hand and pushing that very thing away with the other.

Below is a brief video that explains this in a way that we can begin to see where we are not open to receiving in all areas of our lives.  Sending you all lots of love ❤ .  Jenny

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Jenny Schiltz: Energy Wave hitting and Transforming each of us