Tania Gabrielle: TOTAL Solar ECLIPSE in Cancer July 2 Astrology Numerology Forecast: Dreams Come True

TOTAL Solar ECLIPSE in Cancer July 2 Astrology Numerology Forecast: Dreams Come True

Published on Jun 20, 2019


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A highly sought after spiritual intuitive and personal growth leader, Tania Gabrielle inspires legions of praise from her clients and followers. Tania introduced the merging of two ancient divination arts – Astrology and Numerology – to the Western World, unlocking the codes in the stars, names and numbers to facilitate wealth and well-being with a primary focus on teaching spiritual principles that manifest practical, real-life results.


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Tania Gabrielle: Neptune sextile Saturn – Dreams Come True


Neptune creates a gorgeous sextile to Saturn on January 31.

It’s the first of three meetings between these two planets this year and so will leave an impact all year long.

Since both Neptune and Saturn are in their respective home signs (Pisces and Capricorn) – the impact is super magnified.

To sum it up:

Your dreams are coming true!

This aspect brings out the best in both planets:

  • Saturn provides the fortitude, discipline and work ethic to take your Divine Mission seriously.
  • Neptune adds romance, spiritual service and love to the wonderful equation.

Saturn gives structure and patience, so your imagination can soar while, at the same time, you have the patience to allow the petals of the flower to open naturally and gracefully.

As a result your future looks and feels BRIGHT.

You feel optimistic AND motivated!

An unbeatable combo…

So get fired up about manifesting something that creates profound internal and external growth…

What makes this opportunity so powerful is how practical and realistic you are while not loosing touch with your initial spark of joy.


Neptune nurtures your inner romantic…

…cherish your heart’s desire.

At this time your devotion to help others is very strong. You don’t mind taking on the responsibility of making your big dream to uplift others REAL.

Sextiles always provide hope as our ideas blossom.

It’s a great time to outline a goal, make plans organize a strategy.

Neptune sextile Saturn also provides an exquisite tranquility, so enhance your life with sacred geometry, peaceful music, serene Japanese gardens – anything with structure and peace that delights your heart.

Health and Healing also get a boost – and continuing all year long.

With Neptune moving through its own sign of Pisces and Saturn in its home sign Capricorn, this is truly a spectacular opportunity – one that will not come around again in our lifetime (Neptune’s orbit around the Sun takes165 years).

So take advantage of the stunning celestial energy flow in play now.

Be sure you have a Universal Star Code roadmap!

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  • Leverage your professional and personal life by planning ahead with this in-depth guide to the daily star codes.

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Manifest powerful results day after day, month after month!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

P.S. Included is a printable PDF transcript and special music selections – all downloadable! Every edition is delivered before the month begins, so you can plan and prioritize in advance in complete alignment with the celestial codes.


Lisa Transcendence Brown: Actualizing Your Dreams AS REALity through Your LightBody

Actualizing Your Dreams AS REALity through Your LightBody

a message from Lisa Transcendence Brown

Thursday, 6 September, 2018  (posted 10 September, 2018)

Aloha beautiful Star-Light BEing Family!

Deep within your Consciousness…. all of your Dreams exist…

Deep Within is Where WE all go, in order to activate and access this…

Sifting through the “clutter”, the illusions of the old…. those limits, conditions and “I don’t trust, I don’t believe” … is a necessary part for us all. It’s HOW we awaken from our own amnesia here and it’s how we FEEL the EXCITEMENT of our own NEW Earth REALities… to then anchor and create/birth all into our own physical experiences here.

Light Codes & DNA Re-Writes: These are challenging at first, because they push our human aspect beyond anything we could perceive before, beyond every self-imposed belief, limit and all that we “thought”….. Light Codes (Universal/Cosmic) these re-write our DNA… yet they “take away” any human “control”… as to EMBODY THE VASTNESS OF PURE SOURCE LIGHT, our Ego does have to completely dissolve. There’s not enough “room inside” for the NEW and the OLD to both maintain command….. The “driver” of your Ship, the “Commander” of your Personal Light Ship (Merkaba/Star Gate System) is your Highest Vibrational Aspect of who you truly are…..

DREAMS come alive as you embrace them and are ready to “make them real”. The beauty, magic and magnificence, the JOY…. becomes your NEW DESIRE…. on a Soul Level… all your Dreams do “come true”…. when you/we each stop “not believing”……

Your own judgment, your own limits, your own excuses and lack of trust, your own choices, your own priorities… these determine all.

I remember when I used to discount all, used to only believe the physical reality right in front of me and “all of this” was not tangible, not dependable, not believable…. not possible. The reason was because of where I “lived” from. My head. My own separation. My own need to control. My own lack of trust, because I didn’t have an open connection with my own higher selves/Soul. I had shut completely down, my heart was completely closed…. and because of this, my own awakening processes were beyond extreme and intense…. because I had so many walls of protection, I held onto so much and I was “scared” of the “Unknown” and what I could not control…. which was my own ego aspect, the one that lives in fear…. while appearing to be the strongest, the most “powerful” in my own reality…. none of it was “real”. It was all my own limits….. yet I didn’t have access to see this, until my own heart started to open fully….

Years later, after going through my own depths of hell, after going through my own awakening journey of transcending separation consciousness and learning HOW to LIVE through full UNITY LOVE Consciousness in my own reality here…. years of creating, exploring, expanding and anchoring a ridiculous amount of light in my own physical body structure…. the DREAM is REAL….. because I opened up to something “beyond my ego self”, I started to care about others, I started to make a difference, I started to share my own Light, my own “Gifts” (natural abilities), my things….. I started to REAL-EYES how important expanding my own consciousness was FOR US ALL here.  Yes, I had to travel through my own separation to see, I had to let go of everything not aligned…. because this is a part of clearing all of that energy that kept that as REALity. I had to choose….. as we all do. This is what the human aspect calls “free will”. Yet even this is greatly misunderstood…. as most everything on this journey is.

DREAMS ARE AVAILABLE to all…… as each ALLOWS themselves to DREAM….

Yet not sitting around “waiting” for them to just drop in our laps from “doing nothing”…. which is what our ego aspect loves to do… we actually are FULLY CONSCIOUS PARTICIPANTS in anchoring, creating and aligning our own realities ourselves…. as our Higher/Highest Selves.

First we anchor every ounce of Light that activates every day. Then we get up and we “do”… all of the things that we SEE…. as the VIBRATION WE ARE TRANSMITTING OUT…. is that we are truly ready to RECEIVE.

First we open our hearts fully…. and learn to allow for magic as our new realities here.

First we open our hearts and listen to our own Higher Selves.

First we open our hearts and embrace the virtual unknown.

First we open our hearts and accept that our ego does not have access to our higher dimensional realms/realities….

First we open our hearts and surrender all the judgment, limits and emotions that keep us in the old prisons of unconsciousness…

First we open our hearts and get ready for all new…

First we open our hearts and allow our higher mind consciousness to open up…

First we stop short-changing ourselves and waiting on “others” to “do for us”…

First we stop allowing the “old” to be our current reality anymore…

First we choose to let go of anything that does not support our highest existences as LOVE…

As you can see, there are many “firsts”, because when we exist from ZERO POINT FIELD… everything is “this now”…. they are all first… and we have to “Learn” how to “do them all”, how to Master ourselves…. and LIVE a WHOLE NEW LIFE that emanates from our own PURE SOURCE

LIGHT LOVE….. and radiates out to change the vibrational dimension of all…..

Our highest dimensional DREAMS come to us as WE shift our own vibration out of all of that Lack and fully into pure love……

Our highest dimensional DREAMS are easy when we are fully aligned…

Our highest dimensional DREAMS are our NEW Earth REALities experienced because we chose…

Our highest dimensional DREAMS are a vibrational RESPONSE to what we focus our own ENERGY and reSOURCEs on….

Our highest dimensional DREAMS have already occurred…. we just “step into” them (vibrate) as they materialize here for us…..

First we open up to D-R-E-A-M and then we “get up” and we “do” what we see will allow that to occur easily for us all…. AS LOVE…..

Let your judgment go, for if you are judging others for living awesomeness, then you are unable to live awesome too. If you are projecting your fears, anger and hurt out… then that’s what you are creating to experience here. If you are fully embracing your NEW EARTH REALITIES fully too, you’ll be UNITING, supporting, contributing and excited….. and you won’t be placing limits on yourself or others anymore. You’ll be uplifting, you’ll be inspiring, you’ll actually truly care……. you will see how important your own contribution of your whole SOUL is necessary for you to experience your highest everything here……

Step away from “reality”….. observe it… just see…. just close your eyes, go deep inside, find your own inner peace. Reconnect to that deep profound love that’s available as you do. Access your deep inner-knowing… let this pre-VAIL for you….

BE READY for DREAMS to replace your fears….

BE READY for excitement to replace your intrepidation…

BE READY for all new… out of the “blue”… like “magic” to appear for you…

BE READY to rock out awesomeness…. and do the work too……


We choose/chose. We committed our own energy and all that we had to SERVICE TO HUMANITY, by honoring ourselves, by honoring our LIGHTBODY UPGRADES and making integration (DNA RE-WRITES) our own priority and we surrendered fully to our own highest everything to be our ONLY REALITY….. and it worked.

MAGIC IS WHERE WE LIVE… because magic is inside.

BEAUTY IS ABOUT…. because beauty is a presence, an essence and a feeling that emanates out.

KINDNESS, CARING, RESPECT… is what we experience, because this is HOW WE LIVE and how we treat each other…..

ABUNDANCE is a state of Consciousness… which translates into Value, Prosperity and Wealth… it’s not a “thing” at first, it’s how we feel, treat ourselves and the VALUE WE HOLD from a fully connected state as LOVE… for ourselves and each other….on a whole… as ONE, yet it’s so much more that that… because it’s also identifying all that is not Love-Unity-Consciousness and stopping supporting/feeding/allowing/re-creating that as our own realities here….

PEACE, BLISS, SERENITY… these are energies we hold through all….

DIVINE PRESENCE is what calls forth realities to support easily…

ZERO EGO …. yes, we can live and exist these ways, because we see our own ego/programs and we dissolve/resolve them ourselves… therefore they no longer “play out” in any of our realities here….

OUR REALITY is as we CREATE it to be, as we allow it to be… and a vibrational response to what we HOLD…. in every nano-second here. We observe ourselves to figure out what this is… and we shift the vibrational energy ourselves…. as PURE SOURCE LIGHT… it’s just one of our simple abilities… and responsibilities as LOVE here.

There are no victims or “less” in our realities… that was a human game we all played before. Seeing victims, seeing less is the ego aspect still unconscious… playing out duality programming…. and each’s heart is closed, which means their minds are closed, which mean each is operating at a vibrational frequency anchoring their bodies in an old unconscious matrix program/dimension/reality still…..

EACH have to CHOOSE to break the cycle… that’s how this works…. the ENERGY MUST DISSOLVE… or the REALity continues until it does…..

MULTI-DIMENSIONAL NEW EARTH means that we all get to CHOOSE the DIMENSION our bodies occupy, therefore dictating our actual physical experiences here…..

In order to vibrate at an oscillatory rate “fast enough” to physically “ascend our bodies”, we have to clear/drop the density that “slows our field spin down”…. and realize that the more expanded we become, the easier this is to maintain….


Means that Light leads the way, Light illuminates all and Light is how you transmit LOVE… through your own Divine Presence here. Your presence dictates your actions, your behavior and how others READ YOUR ENERGY TOO…. If your heart is closed, then you have “nothing to offer”… so you have to open your heart fully for YOUR LIGHT TO WORK FOR YOU….

Yes, your Light will do the work for you. Your Quantum Cells/Your LightBody spans all dimensions/times… as all exists as ONE, without the separation between any of these, so all becomes “easier” for you here……. Your ego will always be challenged, so expansion is necessary to “go beyond this”…. Your Light calls all forth for you…. it speaks for you…. it recodes every reality FOR YOU…. all you “have to do” is BE PURE LIGHT with every breath and everything you do too……

When you release the limits and conditions, the limits and conditions dissolve…

When you release the stories, the energy you had all tied up in “that” can now be focused on what you do desire to experience as love here.

When you are TRULY READY…. NEW Earth will fully be visible and start to materialize fully for you here….

When your heart is wide open, your mind is too… and NEW Earth is birthed from within you and felt all around you …. first surreal, fuzzy, kind of dreamy, floaty feeling… then more real every day…..

Until NEW EARTH IS ALL YOU KNOW… because YOU ARE NEW EARTH…. with your every breath too…..

p.s. Remember, challenges are to resolve all human limits and old beliefs that you hold. Alternate realities are available as you see new alternatives to your old ways…. Your old ways are your Old Earth realities…. expanding fully activates those Light Codes for your own Alternate Realities to become visible from within….. ♥ Everyone exists in their own Universe now…. they always did… yet each was unable to see…. close your eyes and see this… then choose how you’d like to navigate and experience your own. ♥

Each’s Consciousness and body’s vibration will dictate this.


Keep embracing and making Magic! Abundant blessings from our beLOVED LeMUria Kauai,

       ♥ Lisa

Copyright: Please share to assist and awaken others too. All I ask is that you include my name or website for credit as the author of this content. NEW Earth is all about about sharing. This assists us all.

This message was originally posted here

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Dr. Taryn Crimi: What to expect from the energy of the Summer/Winter Solstice | Angelic Guides

What to expect from the energy of the summer/winter solstice

Today we would like to focus your attention upon the energies of the winter/summer solstice now streaming heavily upon you, many of you will now begin to feel urged to once again move toward manifesting your dreams and desires. Many of you have felt as though you were stuck within a holding pattern that left you feeling unmotivated, uninspired and for many quite physically tired. As we have said time and time again, there is a time for integration and there is a time for acceleration. You are now entering a period to rapid acceleration. This is what we would like to further discuss at this time.

For some of you the thought of rapid acceleration may seem daunting, however there are still very many others who will welcome this period as they will be delighted to once again feel inspired, motivated and even compelled to begin to take the steps necessary to ground their dreams and desires here in the physical. For many of you, you will find that very large chapters are closing at this time, however with every proverbial door that closes another one is soon to open. Galactic cycles, collective cycles as well as individual cycles are in the midst of coming to a close; which of course will welcome new cycles, patterns and energy to begin.

As you all have passed through a strong integration and release period you are now ready to once again move forward. We do realize that it may seem as though you are continually met with similar obstacles that you cannot seem to escape, but we assure you, you are releasing in a much greater capacity than you currently realize.

Several months ago we encouraged you to choose your dreams and targets wisely as there will soon come a time where you will see your thoughts and focuses manifest into form in the not too distant future. We said:

“We remind you to choose wisely what you wish to plant, as you will find your harvest to be stronger and larger than years before. If you wish to plant your desires you will witness your dreams come to life. Do not let your fears get the best of you because you do not see how your dreams could possibly manifest, we remind you, things are not what they seem to be. This is why we say, plant your seeds wisely, for in a few months time you will reap the harvest of your seeds.”

The time has now come. You will begin to see the beginning manifestations of all that you have tirelessly worked on in the beginning months of this year. For those of you who have worked diligently on releasing all that no longer serves you, you will soon reap the benefits of carrying a “lighter” load.

Though you will likely begin to feel the sudden bursts of energy, insights, motivation and determination that seemed as though they had escaped you these past several months, we would like to remind you that force is not necessary in order to manifest your dreams and desires. Certainly effort is still required though force will only further delay what you wish to create. When you feel the urge to force the outcome that you wish to manifest, remember to take a moment, step back and allow for the path of least resistance to be presented to you.

You will witness the seamlessness of divine timing and synchronicity in your lives. We encourage you to keep your minds and your hearts open to the boundless opportunities, blessings and gifts that will soon be presented to you with greater ease than ever before. This is to be expected. Place your trust in yourself, in your ability to create all that you have dreamed of.

We encourage you to place your feet upon the path to creating the world you have yearned to live within. A full leap of faith is not required; all you must do is begin to take the first step to creating your dreams. And so we remind you, believe, allow and accept.

We hope that we have served you in some way.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

Click here to download your Free 35 minute channeled message to learn “How to Manifest Anything You Desire”


You are more than welcome to browse the Angelic Guides website for all the materials generously posted for free. For more advanced practical knowledge and/or personal guidance please check our shop/store for more guidance…
– Dr. Taryn Crimi

Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.

Article by: Angelic-guides.com

Copyright © 2018 by Taryn Crimi. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included. www.Angelic-Guides.com

Energies are Gathering for Your Forward Movement


Dear Ones,

The energy is gathering. Can you feel the quickening within your body?
Can you feel the energy in your solar plexus and your peaceful heart? It is an impending sense of Balance from all your work since the eclipse cycle and the Equinox.  It is a state of purity and empowerment. All that is most needed in your life and on the Earth.

As you integrate this sense of Equanimity, it re-balances all areas of your life and brings you into present moment awareness. Know that Freedom is at hand and a divine momentum will be clearly activated for your direction forward to the end of this year.

You are getting ready for harvest. What have you cultivated up to this moment that you are ready to bring into fruition? Where can you draw energy, reclaim it from old patterns? When you do this, it will give you the much needed strength for this time.

What areas in your life feel most out of balance? These are questions that will allow you to make the most of this time of forward movement. You are grounding the new energies that are evolving within your being so that you can bring new life into your world.

To be the Grounded Presence requires your awareness. It relies on your commitment to allow the flow of Divine Love through your body and then actively send it through your Base Chakra to anchor within the Earth

Divine Love is the powerful catalyst that changes energy from the inside out. The flow of this Light through your chakra system spreads out into your cellular structure activating the cells to higher frequencies. Because Energy follows thought, when you can visualize your heart receiving the Divine Love that is active in these higher frequencies, it will actually pump empowered Light throughout your blood stream.

As the Light permeates the Earth energy, it activates the nourishing flows of pure vitality within the nutrients of the Earth that feed the ecosystem. The elemental realms also receive this nourishment. The Prime Directive that upholds the Divine Blueprint for Nature requires your love – for yourself as well as for the Earth – in order to thrive.

When you bring Divine Love through your grounding system it feeds the ecosystem and allows you to also connect with the heart of the Mother of the Earth. When you connect. you will feel how gracefully she can nourish you, and bring more vitality into your energy system.

The flow of Divine Love through your root system has the power to change the world. Know that this descending energy flow is the practice required for manifestation of your dreams.

This is the part of the reciprocal plan that is being activated for this time on Earth. The Universal presence of Nature actively awaits the commitment of humanity to bring more Love and Respect into the Earth, so it can feed all of humanity with its nourishment.

Your spiritual practice is an important step in this process. The deep connections you bring to the Earth, along with your loving intentions, assists in bringing her great teachings and nurturing for all humanity.

You are the Grounded Presence active within your life, bringing new purposeful focus into the world.

Manifestation awaits you and all is well. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel fora
Archangel Gabriel
September 28, 2017

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Weekly Forecast for August 28-September 3, 2017 ~ contributed by Hillory Skott

Weekly Forecast for August 28-September 3, 2017
~ contributed by Hillory Skott

Saturn is direct. How have things changed since April?
Saturn makes sure the Karmic scales are balanced. Mercury
retrograde can put us in touch with information that is veiled
in someway. A messenger between worlds. Have you learned
your lessons? If so, you can go forth with a solid foundation
beneath your feet. Now you can see the rewards for staying
the course. Saturn is ready to hand over the goods, are you
ready to take on the responsibility? That is what is required.


We are coming through some very swiftly changing times.
Which is good. Sometimes hard and disorienting, but worth it.
Mercury is retrograde which is disruptive when it needs to be.
It keeps you in a state of review, to be sure you have your
head on straight. Ensuring you are going in the right direction.
When you allow yourself a break from the norm, Mercury
retrograde can deliver a ll kinds of interesting goodies. The veil
between the worlds, or dimensions is thin now.


Look for messages from departed loved ones. Pay close attention
to your dreams. Go through old journals and see if you left yourself
any messages. Looking back in time can be enlightening, healing.
Clean out old boxes, and storage spaces. With Mercury in Virgo there
will be great satisfaction in perfecting things for the first few days of
the week.


Observe your own inclinations, give yourself space to follow your
natural rhythms. With space you can find the clues, you can sense
the direction of the highest, most light filled version of this lifetime.
Allow yourself the space. Insist upon it.


Saturn went direct on the 25th after back tracking since April in
Sagittarius. Jupiter ruled Sadge is a truth seeker bar none. Saturn
makes sure we keep our commitment to balancing our Karma.
Saturn rules sorrow and regret, it can be cold and withholding,
down right cruel. Poor Capricorns are ruled by serious business
Saturn. Like everything, it has its good sides. But its dark stuff
hurts in very painful ways. The Sagittarius energy is making sure
the truth comes out. The truth can be nasty. But better out than in-
festering feelings are toxic. Get things moving.


It went retrograde while Venus was also retrograde and they
Squared each other. It really does not get harder than that.
How has life been since April? No doubt you have been tossed
around in really dark and stormy waters. Regret, sorrow, loss,
grief, shame, guilt, melancholy, illness relating to the structures
of the body, the skin, joints, connective tissue. Saturn has been
teachi ng us the lessons we signed on for. The more tied into your
own chart this transit is the more you will feel it in your life. It can
be all different kinds of painful.


Now that Saturn is moving direct again things are turning around.
The healing is initiated. Growth and understanding have occurred.
If you lean into responsibility, if you take the high road and be a
good example, Saturn will reward you with confidence and wisdom,
it will give you worldly goodies to show you your efforts are paying
off in the ‘real world’. You might be adapting to the loss of many
important aspects of life. Trust though, that you are gaining so much
more than you are letting go.


No time to get down you are moving up.


Mercury Moves into Leo on its backward slide on Thursday PST.
You are going to feel a distinct shift in your thinking. Having fun,
expressing your Joyful self is a priority. Don’t miss an opportunity
to experience Joy. Tap into your truest Self.  Know that you are
worth it. You deserve the fulfillment of all your dreams come true.
Mercury in Leo may have you feeling short tempered and irritable
if you don’t get what you want when you want it. Patience is a virtue
said Saturn.


There is a lovely aspect between Mars and Uranus on September 2 PST.
Look for sudden opportunity. Lucky breaks and chance encounters.
Mercury is fusing with Mars on Sunday at the same degree of the Eclipse.
This weekend reset your intentions. Did you miss an opportunity?
Be ready to make a move. Be open to magic and too good to be
true situations. Sometimes things are just amazing in this amazing
life we live. Especially if you are open to it. Most especially if you insist
on it. Choose a magical life. Look for the magical path. Follow the light.
Work with the Light.


~ contributed by Hillory Skott


Create Amazement!

Karen & Salma



Unbounded Potential Empowerment Group Inc. | 49 Canyon Blvd West | Lethbridge, AB, CA | T1K 6X6

Here Are Your Angel Messages for December 7 – 13, 2015 with Doreen Virtue​

Here Are Your Angel Messages for December 7 – 13, 2015
with Doreen Virtue​

A powerful and positive week, because you’ve made the decision to take great care of yourself! Your new spiritual awareness is making big contributions to world peace.

It’s a week where you’ll lift above negativity, and pull up the energy for everyone around you. This is a purposeful week for you, where you step into spiritual leadership. You’re a role model of how to be peaceful in the midst of stressful energy.

This is a week where you put your spiritual wisdom and divine guidance into action. It’s a week where you get to experience yourself as your true authentic and spiritually powerful self.

You truly turn lemons into lemonade!

Doreen is working with the Angel Tarot Cards with Radleigh Valentine, available at bookstores and app stores worldwide, including at: http://bit.ly/AngelTarotCards

This week’s video was filmed at night, so the lighting looks different than the other videos which are normally filmed in the afternoons.

To watch the entire reading, or to sign-up for a free subscription to Doreen’s 4AngelTherapy YouTube channel, where you’ll be notified via email when each week’s reading is posted, please click here:

Your Angel Messages for August 11 – 17 Doreen Virtue’s weekly angel oracle card reading

Your Angel Messages for August 11 – 17 Doreen Virtue’s weekly angel oracle card reading

Here are your Angel Messages for this week:

Let the old go, and welcome in the new! is this week’s energy and theme. With the Angel Numbers, Super Moon, and all of the prayers you’ve been saying, it’s now time to take action. No more doubts, no more procrastinating, no more preparing . . . it’s time and you’re ready.

This week asks you to fully commit to your dreams, and go forward fearlessly. Well, if you have fear, still go forward and give those fears to God.

A special thank you to everyone who prayed for our Hawaiian islands’ protection this past weekend. Your prayers worked!

To watch the entire reading and sign-up for a free subscription, to be notified as soon as new readings are posted, please visit:



The Star Elders ~ with Aluna Joy
August 6, 2014

We know that you can feel it coming.

Something big is about to shift.

Your hearts are fluttering to a new rhythm.

What is coming will be unlike anything that you have yet to experience . . .

but it is something you have been wishing for.

This is great validation for all the hard work that you have been doing for a very long time.

Read the entire article here…
Posted on 8/6/2014  http://www.alunajoy.com/2014-aug6.html