Doreen Virtue on Grief…

“When your heart breaks from grief, that can also be the time

when your heart opens even more to love.” -Doreen Virtue
As you may know, Louise Hay made her transition recently on August 30, 2017, passing peacefully in her sleep at age 90. Although she had lived a long life, it was still a shock when she passed.

Shock is a natural reaction to change. It’s the first stage of grief which gives us a cushion while we slowly adjust to accepting the change. Even if you didn’t know Louise personally, it’s likely that you felt a personal connection with her, and that can still lead to shock and other signs of grief.

When new losses occur, it can bring up old unhealed grief about our previous losses. New grief can compound old grief. Signs of unhealed grief can include a change in eating or sleeping patterns, unstable emotions including bursts of anger, temptation to relapse into addictive behavior, and depression.

That’s why it’s important to take good care of yourself during the grieving process. Being extra-gentle with yourself, keeping your schedule simple, avoiding harsh situations, immersing yourself in prayer, and making quiet time, are examples of necessary self-care during the grieving process. Therapists who specialize in healing from grief and trauma, as well as grief support groups, can be tremendously helpful.

Grief involves many emotions and thoughts, including survivor’s guilt, anger and blame. These aren’t pleasant emotions, but they need to be addressed instead of smothered over, or ignored. Prayer, journaling, and getting compassionate support can help you to heal from these intense-but-normal reactions to loss.

Grief, like all forms of earthly suffering, can lead to great healing and spiritual growth. Our broken hearts can have more compassion, and a greater ability to love deeply. We may be inspired to help others through their grief, to spend more quality time with loved ones, and to focus upon our true priorities.

Here’s a helpful prayer:

“Dear God, Thank you for holding my hand and sending your comforting angels to me during this time of transition. Please lift me up, and give me the strength to fulfill my responsibilities and priorities, and show me which activities to focus upon and which to release. Thank you for being with my loved one who crossed over, and reassuring me that they are with you in heaven. In Jesus name, Amen.”

In his sermon on the mount, Jesus said these comforting words: “God blesses those who mourn, for they will be comforted” (Matthew 5:4 NLT).

My prayers are with you, and with everyone whose heart is grieving. May we find peace and comfort in God’s love.


Doreen Virtue changes her message. Here are my thoughts.

Doreen Virtue changes her message. Here are my thoughts.

Although I will continue to follow Doreen Virtue, who has helped multitudes of people around the world with her psychic gifts, it looks like she may no longer be posting the weekly Divine Guidance/Angel Messages, so I will not necessarily be posting her new “Heart to Heart with Doreen Virtue” (Jesus/Bible messages), after this one, because they do not resonate with me. However, I feel much gratitude for her body of work, and I continue to use her cards, self-healing videos and podcast meditations. I have great respect for her, although her views differ from mine.

Her recent contact with Jesus and subsequent changes she has made has stirred much controversy in both the New Age and Christian communities. HOWEVER, DOREEN VIRTUE HAS NOT “DENOUNCED” EVERYTHING, as she explains in this video. She points out that many of the rumors are not true, so she has taken the time to explain what has transpired in her life.  I think it is best to listen to Doreen express her own views in these 2 videos before passing judgment.

Heart to Heart with Doreen Virtue: Trust in the Lord

IMHO, the difference between “fortune-tellers” and someone sharing their psychic spiritual gifts from God is INTENTION. Doreen has always had only the best of intentions, so that has not changed. What has changed is now that she has come to understand her gifts on a deeper level, she knows she must make sure God is the source of her messages before sharing them. She mentions towards the end of the video that God and Jesus do not want us to JUDGE others. Here is Doreen’s full statement, along with the video that she posted last week on her FB page:



as well as on YouTube:


Doreen describes her experiences with Jesus

Here are your Divine Guidance messages for August 21 – 27, 2017


Published on Aug 19, 2017

Part 1 has discussions and prayers about making life changes, including making decisions, dealing with health issues, and letting go of the past when going through changes.

Part 2 discusses bringing in the light of God into your life and our world, Jesus, and practical and spiritual ways to protect from darkness.

Part 3 is ranch announcements.

From the Butterfly Cards at:

Mornings with the Lord is available for pre-order at:

Here are your messages for July 31 – August 6, 2017 with Doreen Virtue


Published on Jul 29, 2017

It’s a rainy day while we’re filming, so we’re tucked into Doreen’s office patio with the dogs.

Part 1 of the video focuses upon healing loneliness and fear, especially related to childhood.
There’s Nothing to Fear
Your Angels Are Always With You

Sharing Makes Everything More Fun

Part 2 discusses how to hear and follow your divine guidance, which keeps you safe and joyful.

Part 3 extends the free Divine Healing for Addictions video course offer until the end of August, now that the cart issue has been resolved.

From the Cherub Angel Cards at:

The rescue animal fundraiser auction is at:

The new life purpose video course is at:

Here are your messages for July 24 – 30, 2017 with Doreen Virtue


Published on Jul 22, 2017


Part 1 focuses upon your spiritual teaching life purpose, including trusting your inner wisdom and divinely inspired ideas. It’s all about love. A prayerful meditation at the end of Part 1 helps with overcoming doubts, indecision, and procrastination.

Part 2 discusses and prays about having self-control AND Cornelius the baby cow, and our newest baby cow Sarah join in. Michael adds his prayers and discussion to the 2nd part of Part 2.

Part 3 is ranch announcements, including introducing you to Jenny, our newly rescued tiny baby pig. Doreen and Michael pull and discuss cards from the Butterfly Cards about memories and moving.

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Your Divine Guidance Messages for July 17th-23rd, 2017 with Doreen Virtue


Your Divine Guidance Messages for July 17th-23rd, 2017
with Doreen Virtue

Part 1 focuses upon the messages of the Angels of Abundance cards. This week, the cards are about clearing your mind and gaining inspiration and forward momentum by spending time in nature, disconnecting from the outer world and connecting with God and your inner world.

Part 2 is about increasing your confidence in following your path, purpose, and divine guidance.

Part 3 is announcements, including Doreen discussing that she is now following her guidance to take Sundays as a day of retreat (so she won’t be posting a daily card on Sundays).

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Here are your Divine Guidance messages for July 10-16, 2017 with Doreen Virtue:

Here are your Divine Guidance messages for July 10-16, 2017 with Doreen Virtue:
Published on Jul 9, 2017

Part 1 is a discussion and meditations about dealing with the current intense energies with your sense of humor; forgiving yourself and releasing guilt; and detoxing your life by exploring your options to phase away from toxic situations.

Part 2 discusses spiritual healing; Doreen’s visions; and includes a meditation about calling in God’s divine light to release negativity and let go of worries.

Part 3 discusses announcements, including a discussion of Doreen’s new book, “Father Therapy” and updates about animals at the rescue ranch.

With the Archangel Michael Cards at:

And the Archangel Raphael Cards at:

Mon/Tues:  Sense of Humor
Wed/Thurs:  Innocence
Fri/Sat/Sun:  Explore Your Options

Your Divine Messages for July 3 – 9, 2017 with Doreen Virtue
Published on Jul 1, 2017


Part 1 focuses upon relationships, particularly romantic relationships – including a discussion, prayer and meditation on relationships and on divine timing.

Part 2 focuses upon overcoming people-pleasing and co-dependency – and Michael joins the second part of Part 2 to give his messages.

Part 3 focuses upon announcements, including the coupon code: Angel at checkout at to receive the “How to Start and Grow Your Spiritually Based Business” online video course for $4 through July 11.

Doreen is working with the Daily Guidance from Your Angels cards this week, available at:

You can watch Michael’s Archangel Michael free meditation at:

“What the Health” documentary that Doreen and Michael highly recommend is available for free viewing on Netflix and on YouTube at:

Since many people have asked, here is the Bible she reads from:

Doreen’s dress is by Kye Crow of Wunjo Crow, on facebook and etsy. She also does animal rescue work, funded by her clothing sales.

Your Divine messages for June 26 – July 2, 2017 with Doreen Virtue


Your Divine messages for June 26 – July 2, 2017
with Doreen Virtue

Career transitions, upgrades, and positive blessings and changes are the focus. Part 1 of the video includes a prayerful meditation about your career, life path, and life purpose.

Part 2 of the video is a discussion and meditation about being highly sensitive and empathic, and sending calming energy to the world.

Part 3 shows the new animals on the ranch, and gives announcements.

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The “How to Start and Grown Your Spiritually Based Business” online video course is on sale for $4 this week with the coupon code: Angel at checkout at:

– scroll down and you’ll see the class next to the “Career Change” angel card.

Here are your Divine Messages for June 19 – 25, 2017 with Doreen Virtue

Those brilliant ideas you’re receiving are answers to your prayers AND a roadmap of your divine life purpose. You are being called into service to help the world, and God is giving you the ideas, confidence, and support to do so.

Part 2 of the video discusses letting go of worries, and opening your heart to love.

Part 3 of the video shows an owl, a baby goat, and chickens who came to the ranch this week.

From the Angels of Abundance Cards at:

The animal rescue ranch fundraiser auction is at:

Michael’s free Archangel Michael meditation video is at:

Mon/Tues: Unlimited Ideas
Wed/Thurs.: Dreams of Abundance
Fri/Sat/Sun: Pay Yourself First