Jennifer Hoffman: Use Divine Truth to Embrace Joy

As your awareness of yourselves as spiritual beings grows, you see the human side in a different way and your awareness of your truth, as well as the potential for new self truths, is expanded with each step on the ascension path. And with that awareness you find new levels of truth and understanding. This can often include the things you do not like about yourselves because you now see the areas where you lacked faith or did not use your power.

Sometimes resolving your humanity in the revelation of your divine truth can seem like an impossible challenge. How can you change your perceived faults and imperfections to become a ‘perfect’ expression of your divinity when that seems to be such an impossible task?

How do you face your own truth without criticism and judgment and use that information to become more energetically whole, to create and achieve congruence, and to embrace these understandings without judgment?

How can you use divine truth to embrace joy?

Any new truth may open an awareness to a lack of love, worthiness, deserving, great fear or confusion. It may uncover a lifetime of powerless choices, a lack of joy and harmony, or of not receiving what you want or need from others. You may see where you made the same choices again and again, despite your spiritual knowledge and understanding and efforts to create a fulfilling life. You may see the difficulties you experienced and how you created them. The truth that Creator downloads is the truth of your perfection, the choices you made on a soul level to learn lessons of compassion, power and unconditional love for yourselves and for others. The truth that you see may be far different.

The truth of yourself as a divine being is revealed to you when you are ready to see and transform the truth that your mind and ego creates when it compares your divine truth to your human truth. Access to your divine truth is a reminder of your power and perfection, in all ways and in all things. You may use this divine truth to discover where you were not standing in your power, were in fear or doubt or forgot your own divine perfection. It is not there to remind you of your imperfections, although that is what you might see.

This is where you can use your new truth to correct the perceived imperfections, and to find the rose among what may appear to be a pile of thorns. It is a very powerful realization that can free you from lifetimes of experiences in which you wanted to learn the lessons of truth, which you chose to learn with pain and suffering. When you can see the divine truth and release yourself from the bondage of fear, you are ready for the awareness of your power. The truth of your past does not have to become the truth of your present moment. The divine truth is revealed when you are ready to resolve your life and karmic lessons and create new realities which create a balance of energy flow between human and divine.

When the divine truth is revealed to you, be gentle with yourselves.

It is not your conscious choice to be powerless; it is your lesson to accept your power.

It is not your conscious choice to be in fear; it is your lesson to reconnect to Source and unconditional awareness.

That is the Truth of who you are and when you see it you are ready for the knowledge that truth brings. This is the moment that sets you free from the past, from fear, from doubt and into the peace that passes all understanding. The truth is there for you to see and to acknowledge so you can learn from it. Then you are able to use your power in a new way to create a new reality.

This how the truth sets you free and when you do this for yourselves you create a vibration of truth for all of humanity to experience and learn from.


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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

by Ute Posegga-Rudel

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Dearest friends,

In the New Age environment I notice that mainly channelings from higher dimensional realms are being trusted as a decent source of spiritual information. And it seems that mere human spiritual expressions without the wisdom of “higher dimensional beings” tend to be considered to have less value, as almost everybody is looking after seemingly more “fascinating” things, those who come to us from other realities than earth itself. As if human beings themselves possess no real wisdom.

So some of my dear readers were wondering why I do now so few channelings.

The truth is that we, the humans, exist under our own spiritual law and Divine Knowledge that is more profound than anything that is being brought to us from “outside”. I do not speak here about True Spiritual Masters Who have taken on a human body to teach us the Truth. They are the most precious gifts humanity is being blessed with. They ARE and reflect to us our Own Divine and True Nature beyond mind and are therefore NOT something “outside” of us.

Could it be that all what is pressing down from the Divine Source, all these Pure Divine Energies and Unconditional Love and Blessings, have enabled us, the humans, to “Know” and Feel our True Heritage, that is awakening us to Divine Heart-Truth, and which inspires us far beyond of the teachings that are not coming from our planet?

Could it be, that Humanity, as the Original Divine Source Race of the universe, from which all other, so called higher dimensional races, originate, has come to terms with Who and What they Are? (I am speaking of Humans Who are born of the Immortal Source-Reality, not of humans, who are born and live in the separate world of illusion, who look like us but who are mortal, – and there are very many of them, – and increasing).

And could it be that also the “higher dimensional” beings are going themselves through a process of purification and transformation, because even NASA has published that all planets in our Solar system are developing right now in size and radiance (and therefore consciousness). And if this is the case in our Solar system then we must conclude that the whole Universe is being updated.

This universal update serves to restore the Order of Divine Creation and dissolves what has been called “primary anomaly” and which makes evil possible in the universe. It would restore the right circumstance and condition of all Divine Beings and Realms, and would explain why higher dimensional beings have widely withdrawn into their own processes, no longer being allowed to teach us, what some of them did under unlawful circumstances. I have seen messages from “higher dimensional” beings, suggesting humanity’s inferiority. This inferiority might relate to the increasing number of humans, born from illusion, but not to Divine Humanity.

My beloved friends, I feel this withdrawal is perfectly serving us to go – even far – beyond of what they could teach us.

Their teachings are incomplete, as it seems they do not know what humanity can realize, even in the 3th dimension.

To realize our Divine Heritage we need Teachings from The One Itself in Which the higher dimensions are appearing. And That Is the Source Itself. The Source, The Divine Self, The Radiant Divine Heart – That Is all of conditional worlds, beings and things and pervades every iota of creation.

With Divine Grace, the Original Human Being is able to realize, even under the most difficult conditions on this earth, That Source Condition. It requires the transcendence of the ego, which is mind. This opportunity is rarely given to the beings in higher dimensions. Their self-identity is mind-based and rarely based on  the Divine Source Itself. Their identification are mainly states of attention and awareness and part of the Great Maya or Play and relate to the body-mind.

We cannot return to our True Nature by considering mortal creations of existence as constituents of Truth, rather they arise in the Infinite. They are subtle appearances of the mind, the living environment of higher dimensional beings. But they do not prove their superiority because of their higher dimensional reality.

As long as anybody considers him/herself as dimensionally superior, they do not come from Pure Divinity, as they exist still as separate beings, while our Supreme Nature is Non-Separation which is not bound to any dimension. This State of Non-Separation embraces all dimensions and all beings, including the gross 3th dimension. Because we ARE Pure Divine Consciousness, when we transcend the limitation of the mind.

I love all our wonderful brothers and sisters from the higher dimensions dearly, but we must not believe that we are inferior to them. Because they mostly live still in the illusion of the (higher) mind, according to their teachings, and perhaps this is the time now, to put it all right.

They are our beloved universal brothers and sisters who connect us to the universe, when we think it is outside of us. But again, in the liberated Divine State we realize that it is our own Divine Consciousness.

When we are able to realize this, we will be able to teach   our higher dimensional brothers and sisters Divine Heart-Truth, including those who have developed higher technologies than we have. By the way, to realize the Ultimate, technology is not necessary. It is all a nice play, but not necessary and not a sign of spiritual advancement.

Also, the more Divinely developed a race is, the less they use technology. They are just “using” their conscious mind without any external tools. It is Maya. Play. Like children love to play with tools. But we all know, these tools do not express the True Being of the child.

So the answer is, why I do not channel anymore (although I might do it again in some cases, if appropriate) – that  all that interests me really, is about the True Nature of Humanity. We do not need to make ourselves little, but to surrender that littleness into the Infinite Divine Heart- Source, that is our true Home. We are not “greater”, by incorporating the subtle planes but by Becoming and Being the Infinite Itself, through self-surrender.

In that sense to me it is much more important to communicate That Truth to you and to refrain from what is not necessary and a deviation, what distracts us from where we need to go and that humanity starts to understand what is important in this increasing chaos of diverse sources of often superficial and misleading information.

It feels as if the universe holds the breath right now, so that we may wake up and enter that Deep of the Stillness of Radiant Existence, That might however appear to the being Overwhelming, that considers itself falsely as separate.

It is as if we just need to open our eyes to get a glimpse of and awaken to the Reality That We Are beyond the illusionary ego, and leave behind the business of the fake matrix. Not that we would not have anything there to do anymore, – I guess, most of us have, – but to allow the Great Divine Consciousness to Reveal Itself to us, to incarnate as us, so that It can be Lived through us, while we are serving the world and those who are waiting to hear the call.

Of course this realization of What we Are, just doesn’t fall from the sky, and tomorrow we are enlightened. But if we have the real heart desire, we are willing to go through the – painful – process of purification and take full responsibility for it, dealing with it on the subjective level, no “case” scenarios any more.

It is always painful to transcend the pattern of the body-mind. But a purification process merely within it is not enough – engaging perhaps some kind of New Age Therapy, in which process we just move the figures like on a chess board, while remaining within the box. Our Realization is realized beyond and prior to the box of the body-mind. Because we are NOT the body-mind and its patterns.

So what interests me for real is that process of liberation and freedom, and not – in the best case – the play of subtle light and love, as it is done in higher dimensions. What interests me Is the Power of Love that holds the universe together. And that Ultimate Light in which creation is appearing. This has been always an issue in all my messages. To aim merely for the higher dimensions is still bondage, it does not bring about the Realization of Truth or God or the Divine. It is still about a separate body-mind and therefore limited consciousness, let it be even most subtle.

But this message want to hear only very few, because there is a strong attraction for most people to experience the lighter realms and to live there. It could be a trap for star seeds, who came to earth to learn liberation in Divine Consciousness, but who – distracted by all kinds of playthings and the horror of this place  – want now nothing more than simply return to their home planet. There are very few places in the universe where true liberation is being taught and possible. It is too comfy in the more subtle realms of the universe. So they just use the Power of „God“, to enjoy Maya.

A story in the ancient Indian wisdom teachings of the “PURANAS” describes however how the gods were enjoying their lives in the realms of higher dimensions, celebrating, dancing, and so on. But when they had consumed all the energy of their good deeds, their flowers would die, their radiance disappear and the other gods and goddesses would not recognize them anymore and with great suffering they would need to leave that place of celebration and incarnate again in the darker realms of suffering. This story demonstrates the law of duality. Nothing lasts forever. And the being must engage in spiritual growth to not to fall back into the realms of lower frequencies.

Even – or better especially – on this planet, if we do not invest our energy in a spiritual practice, if we do not grow in that life-time, only consuming the energy we brought to here, we will fall back into lower consciousness and dimensions. This law applies to all dimensions or frequency specific realms of creation.

So why trying to live or aim towards higher dimensions or establish them here, instead of taking advantage of our Divine Humaness? We cannot save or evolve an illusion.

It is said since the ancient times, that it is very difficult to attain a human body here on earth. Earth is the seed place of the universe, that’s why. And it is here that we can Realize The Ultimate Truth. Otherwise it catapults us forth and back in the illusionary dimensions of the universe, low or high.

False forces have taught humanity the wrong teachings. They are however in truth the custodians to test us, whether we are worthy of Realization and worthy of our True Nature. So we are being given again and again an opportunity to enter the Ultimate Path. We are tested with many distractions. We are tested about what we want. Whether our heart is ready to return to What We Are. To What Is.

All of this I said, so you may better understand what your present incarnation really could be about. So that you learn to understand your motives, and yes, make clear decisions, what you want to experience and realize in the universal play.

Much love and many blessings on your way!



Ute Posegga-Rudel,

© 2018. All rights reserved.


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Posted by Ute Posegga-Rudel at 6:36:00 AM

UPDATE: KEEP UP HIGH YOUR FREQUENCY AND LIGHT! by Ute Posegga-Rudel | Messages from the Realms of Light


by Ute Posegga-Rudel | Messages from the Realms of Light

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Beloved Friends,

in the last few months I have been going through great challenges, here where my new home is. And it is still not over but improving. I got also finally a better internet connection even if quite expensive.

Not only ordinary daily life, including basic technical requirements, takes a lot of effort and endless time in this region to make things work, because nothing is well organized and most people are poor.

Although this island is divine, I had also to deal with unexpected most difficult volcanic energies at my place here, and all the archaic and from inner earth coming negative entities closely attached to them.  It is and has been very hard work and affected my health. But I feel that this work I do is breaking through the paradigm of the old world altogether. And I know that I am doing it not just “for myself”, I am doing it for humanity too. Just living for myself, I could simply look for a cosy place to live in bliss.

But where ever YOU live, my friends, probably you all feel and sense and experience more or less that life has become more difficult everywhere. This is because the frequencies of the old ways are not supported anymore, a new energy wants to establish here and we are still waiting for that great cosmic solar event to arrive. But we do not know when.

But the sleeping masses hang on to the old ways, trying to prolong them,  that are ever more imploding and collapsing into the dead end of an artificially created world, the domain of the AI agenda. That’s why there is so much chaos in the world, for everybody to see.

According to my own personal experience only very few people – compared to the number of 7.6 Billion that makes the totality of humanity – start to wake up, willing to leave the blissful illusion pretending that everything is “OK” on this planet and enter the necessary path of initial phase of disilliusionment and possible depression in order to grow their consciousness in Truth to reach the light.

So looking at the course of events on our Beloved Mother Earth, it does not look like that humanity as a whole has made such a progress that allows us to rightly assume that a Golden Age is at our doorsteps as hoped for in the years leading to 2012.

What happened? In my blogpost in 2011 “THE ELOHIM AND THE ASCENSION PLAN FOR EARTH AND HUMANITY” I wrote:

“The reason why there was no complete ascension of the ascension candidates on 11.11.11 is, that the Darks have influenced with their mind control  and brainwash technology  the souls of the sleeping masses  in a way that they unconsciously agreed with their agenda. This means they can only be “awakened” by Divine Grace as their “soul-contract” has changed and they are now closely attached to the Dark.  Pretty weird, but I couldn’t sleep last night and this scenario was so present in my awareness, that I could not deny it. And even today this story is still very present in my mind as a given fact. Before I had received this information, I had very seriously asked for understanding what’s going on and what the  delay of the mass awakening was about and what the further plans were for them.”

The consequences of this brainwashing are obviously much more serious than anybody would have imagined! It has reached catastrophic dimensions for humanity, our planet and beyond.

Studying what other people have to say presently, people whom I consider to be of true spiritual intelligence – I found that some have similar concerns. Please see further below an example.

Unfortunately inspite of a lot of disinformation, claiming a blissful spiritualization of humanity, it has become darker than ever before. True spirituality is hardly to find anymore and many lost their path, sinking into deep materialism, – disappointed and discouraged that the promises of 2012 did not happen.

Perhaps this exactly is testing us, whether we are true to our genuine Divinity, in spite of all the obstacles and increasing difficulties of life.

If we acknowledge the new frequency and ever more expanding light, we shift our consciousness. It allows us to live a new paradigm entering a new time line, as we begin to fine tune with it. The new energies are here to create a much more smooth and beautiful life, a life flowing with  happiness, joy, abundance and love.
We may enter parallel worlds and hopefully a freedom beyond any world which signifies our true Essence of Peace, Joy and Beauty. Therefore, beloved friends, don’t give up, ever! Hell is not worth living.

But how to enter a new timeline and implement this in the midst of a disturbed and chaotic world that is functioning less and less for those who are awakening? There we face obstacles after obstacles as our own new energy does not match with the old establishment that still vibrates very low, predominant with self-serving attitudes, non-love and irresponsible actions.

Most importantly it is required of us not to mingle with or to rely unconsciously on the old energies, but to turn everything into a co-creative act that is based on a clear heart-vision, a vision that is rooted in the heart.

And indeed, the new dimension of light is manifesting itself as clear, pristine and radiant presence in our heart. It is a conscious zero-point field radiating at infinity. It must be the foundation for our new creations to bring this light into manifestation.

I have published so many messages regarding humanity’s original Divinity, and basically they all speak of the same, though with a lot of variations. And I consider these messages in these darkening times as more important than to speak of this or that possible event, pointing to the great expected shift for the better. Because it is the discovery of our true Divine Nature that shifts our consciousness which in turn would allow a new Divine World to manifest. The law is “from inside out”, our consciousness invites the shift in the outer world: Because YOU yourself ARE the world and the universe.

Whether this shift for the better will start rather benign or cataclysmic, is depending on humanity’s actions. The future is not fixed. Therefore each one of us must carefully watch out to keep our vibration high, no matter what. This is not about gleeful and naive New Age-ish raving how everything is going now so wonderfully spiritual and happy. It is not true! Look at your circumstance and look at the world! There is so much suffering, it is increasing and has not become less! The intensifying earth disasters just mirror the state of humanity’s consciousness and the present great universal crisis. Love and compassion on the world scale have not improved, and neither happiness has, rather depression, desperation and health challenges are on the forefront!

However, for you, facing this, remember it is NOT about becoming depressed yourself, but it is about rolling up your sleeves, keep your mood up and positive and using your Divine creative power to envision and manifest the signs of your Divinity.

This is how you serve the world and humanity at best. Willing to keep up your vibration, living the light and living love. Finding out who you truly are, rather to submit – disillusioned by unhappy events – to a darkening world. Instead, do not forget to exercise your higher will to open your heart, to let the light in that is waiting to be accepted by you.

Please be aware that you can choose in any moment whether to submit to darkness or to open up to Divine Truth. None of you is the victim of anyone who claims self-appointed authority over you! YOU are given free will that you can utilize always because it is your Divine birthright. There is no reason why not to engage your God-given free will in any moment. Although often you cannot change a situation, you are free how you respond to it.Trust and love yourself to respond with an open heart, even if it is extremely difficult and requires a great deal of self-transcendence. But you can do it. If you fail, stand up again. This is your native Divine power. You are born from the light. And your light is contagious to those who carry still a spark of it in their heart.

Here follows the above mentioned “example”, quoting the Seer Almine. I wrote this article a while ago, it has been sitting unpublished in my blog waiting for the right time, which has arrived now.

I decided not to make any changes, although I might repeat myself in some way. It shows how this whole human situation weighs  on my heart, as it does certainly on all those who came here to help humanity ascend.

With love and blessings,


From a conversation with Almine:

Dear friends,

I had to publish this short conversation, Almine had with her students, because it confirms what I see, feel and know.

Unfortunately there are countless messages around on the internet  awakening the illusion that humanity is ascending now as a whole. This is just a bold lie if you look with open eyes and listen to and feel with your heart, because it is not true!
The situation is like with the emperors new clothes!

This is  not about being negative or something, or creating fear,  it is about having the courage to face the truth that  there are very few who truly serve the true Divine light.

In my experience, the seer Almine is one of the purest and brightest and spiritually most evolved Mystics alive in our time, serving selflessly humanity in the ascension process. She has great wisdom and large knowledge as a Toltec master and is a great Creator Goddess with a very high state of enlightenment.

In this question and answer session she speaks of  humanity´s possible future.  I appreciate that she is not one of those who idealize  humanity and awaken false hopes  suggesting that a few people just need to do the hard ascension work and the rest takes it easy and is being simply  taken into the 5th dimension, without personal responsibility for their own purification process and growth in divine consciousness.

Obviously the extensive spiritual work of the few has not inspired the majority of mankind – as it has been hoped for and envisioned and prayed for by those who came to help humanity to wake up and to ascend. Just observe the world and your environment, be aware what most people have on their mind and do to one another and the animal kingdom, and most of all: FEEL the energies!

Then you will realize that quite the opposite has happened in the last years and even in the last few weeks, unfortunately rising in a crescendo  towards the worse. To continue living here on earth has become meanwhile a horrible suffering for those with a light body, as most humans now carry more and more negative,  painful and destructive, life-denying energies  with them.

I believe it was in 2010 or earlier,  also the Arcturians, channeled by David Miller who founded the Group of Forty, said that there was  a possibility that humanity would not survive.

Dear brothers and sisters, in spite of the seemingly obvious, we will not give up hope that humanity can still be saved. We never give up to remember to nurture the light from moment to moment, to be love, to stay strong and to practice integrity in the midst of the growing chaos, so that our frequency may match the higher 4th or the 5th dimension. It is all about the level of frequency!

With my love,

Here now the quotes from a short conversation between Almine and her students:

Question: Would it Be Merciless for The Infinite to Wipe Out the Human Race?

Almine: The volcano is like a timebomb** yes. But what it’s related to, is the possibility of the Infinite wiping out the human race — their destructive madness is threatening the planet and the animal kingdom.


**   one-magma-reservoir-national-park



Almine: It became clear during The Ohio Event (one of Almine´s retreats) that the Original Ones* have to stop saving humanity. You cannot pull those up that don’t want to. That only pulls you down.

Question: This perspective seems so without mercy to me?

Almine:  Mercy, the way man defines it, is listed in the dictionary as: kind or forgiving treatment of a someone who could be treated harshly; kindness or help given to people who are in a very bad or desperate situation; a good or lucky fact or situation.
The cruelty of man against animals, people (especially those who cannot defend themselves), the Earth herself, is like a virus spreading through the cosmos. I’ve always said that humanity, being the root race, are archetypes for all other cosmic races. What they do affects all. Mercy, the way man applies it, often means that you have prevented another from learning the hard way, something that in future could call in an even harder way. The most merciful thing you can do is to maintain an eternal perspective (which often seems merciless to one with contracted vision), and live your highest truth. If the great light this sheds can uplift man, then it is merciful. If not, then at least there’s one that will gladly use the opportunities you gift — the Earth. To elevate her beyond the possibility of man destroying her is also merciful.

* The Original Ones: According to Almine divine humans, gods, who were here from the beginning


Ute Posegga-Rudel,

© 2017. All rights reserved.


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Friday, June 16, 2017


VIDEO (recommended)

Wait a little longer – and everything will be accomplished in a new world.

As far as we consider and observe the affairs on your planet earth we are very happy to confirm to you the already  beginning process of great upliftment and relief from many ailing situations. It is happening because of the hard work of transformation and self-purification to which many of you have submitted themselves over the last decades.

Namely, the dark blanket around your planet is in a very benign process of becoming lighter, for those who see, as more of the incoming light of higher consciousness is gaining momentum, continually and increasingly penetrating the dense layers that act like a prison wall around your atmosphere.

The importance of this is that there is and will be an ever greater opening of your heart and new deepening and widening inspiration for Divinely governed transformation of old and depressing circumstances.

As it is your own creation, we can promise you that this upliftment will happen in spite all of your doubt that a positive change would ever come about. And even as things got worse in your world every day with no real positive changes in sight.

You have turned around the wheel of fortune.

We can see the light of renewal all over your horizon and with it all over the horizon of your entire universe and all planetary systems around you.

What happens on your planet for the worse or betterment is influencing significantly your greater cosmic environment as earth exists in a very important strategic location in your universe, in terms of trading, yes, and last but not least concerning spiritual evolution.

So what happens with you, happens with all of us, and with the situation of any civilization in your universe.

So we are very interested in your well-being and liberation from the grip of negative forces. Therefore, being responsible for the universal evolution of light, we are engaged in your awakening process. What we see happening is a financial transformation that will benefit ultimately all of you. This is the beginning of wealth and happiness and the possibility of true freedom of choice how you would live your life, regarding your spiritual growth, your work and life-purpose, your environment, the place on earth to live.

We know that many of you would prefer to live freely in countries of your choice but earth is not yet a free place for all humanity, you still suffer a prison where most of you have been bound to certain conditions for entire lifetimes.

There is nothing and nobody to blame though. These limiting conditions helped you to develop awareness, responsibility for your actions and re-actions and spiritual strength.

On that basis we promise to you that a happy revolution is waiting for you that will soon reveal many surprises. Mankind will be uplifted in many ways. The burden of tyranny will be lifted from your shoulders and you will be free to learn and understand the depth of your very Divine Truth.

Until then stay tall and trust that the evil on your planet can not reign earth for much longer for you. Especially not if you consent to open yourself up to the light in every moment.

Each of you can support this process by denying the darkness its grip on you and the world. We encourage you  to merely invoke and see the light where ever you go. If pain and suffering, anger, depression and fear seems to overcome you, for whatever reason, offer it all to the light, and in an instant the light will respond and uplift you to higher frequencies, to establish new earth.

And so you will be a lightning torch, a signpost with many, to invite with joy what there is to come: your liberation from oppression and slavery together with an evolved enlightened consciousness and freedom.

We ask you to trust this process in your heart and so provide the ground on which all transformation can and will happen. By this anticipation you are the ones who are blessed to bless all others.

A Global and Universal Celebration is waiting for all of us who align with the Great Evolutionary Impulse. Feel the Light of Great Renewal and anchor it in and as your being.

You are at the threshold of the new dawn of Freedom and Universal Love.

We Are the Arcturians!

Message conveyed by Ute

Ute Posegga-Rudel,

© 2017. All rights reserved.


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Message to Lightworkers – October 21, 2016

The latest guidance from our friends, the Galactics, Earth Elementals, Ascended Masters, and Angelic Beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends and fellow Light Beings!

We are very pleased to have this chance to speak with you today.

Our writer has asked that we address several issues that have arisen in response to a number of our posts concerning current political events, and the impending changes to be brought about by NESARA law.

Emails will occasionally come in, in which a reader of our channelings is angry or confused about what seems to be one political affiliation or another on our part.

Understand that our comments regarding the dinar/dong scheme, the US election, and other issues around the world go well beyond what you consider to be a political commentary.

And that that which you call “spirituality” is far greater than what you have been taught.

The Divine Love of Creator God/Goddess, and of all beings who serve humanity’s Ascension, extends to every single corner and particle of Earth life.

There is no aspect of life on this planet that is not a part of the etheric realities of higher Light and energy patterns.

You were aware of this when you agreed to work within this realm before incarnating.

There is no part of human life or Earth life anywhere, on any level, is not “spiritual” enough to be spoken of in spiritual venues, such as our channelings here.

We assure you, that all of Earth life, including the political, the governmental, the physical, the economic, the creative, and the religious, whatever its expressions, actions, uses—all of it is the stuff of energy and Light (or shadow, which is only lesser levels of Light).

None of you came into this Earth life to avoid caring about other human beings, whether you term that as “spirituality” or “activism” or “economic responsibility” or “voting rights” or any other area that you quite purposely came to shine your Light into.

Now, there is a slight conundrum here, because you read blogs such as these—called “channeled information”—for a number of reasons.

You are seeking enlightenment, and that is a fine and brilliant thing.


Yet many Lightworkers still tend to process information as they have been taught by their Earth culture, which is usually a mainly left-brain experience, rather than a Spirit-centered experience that is directed by the Love and wisdom of your own guides, Angelic guardians, and higher selves.

Words and ideas are taken in, and handed to your left-brain aspect, which then sorts through the information, decides what is most pertinent, and what seems to be all right, and what is not.

That information—your agreement or disagreement with it—is then added to your store of information.

Most assuredly, you have all been trained to think and behave in this manner. And yet we would say, that the time when all can be answered by “what you know” is well over.

In our October 13 channeling, we answered a Lightworker who asked whether they should make a large payment to their mortgage, or carry on with the minimum payments, as the bank would probably only use the larger payment for irresponsible things such as war.

This was an excellent question, and we were glad to receive it, yet some took our reply to mean that one shouldn’t pay one’s mortgage or bills.

This would never be our stance—not that particular outlook, and not the definitive Yes or No answer.

We encouraged the questioner to do what we ask all Lightworkers to do each day—to sit quietly with their Spirit Team of Angels, guides, and higher self, and ask, “What do I need to know about this issue?”

To ask, in other words, “What is the wisest way to proceed, for the good of all concerned?”

You have been programmed from childhood by a dark agenda “educational” system to forever look for an authority that will tell you what to do, rather than being empowered by with the tools of an awakened intuition, and the inner realization of your own Light and Divinity.

This is the paradigm that you were raised with, and that were told was “normal.” It is not.

It is the average situation for most of humankind. But it is exceedingly dysfunctional, and can be soul-fracturing.

It separates you from your own amazing Mother Earth, from one another, and from your own higher instincts.

And it does so in ways that are not only disempowering, but dehumanizing, for it denies that you and all of humanity are sovereign beings.

And yet you came to be born in this time to witness and help create human sovereignty on your planet once again, as you knew it in the days of Atlantis and Lemuria, and shall know it again.




And so when we offer ways to tap into your intuition, such as the muscle testing we described in a recent channeling—to hear the voice of your guides and higher self—we do so because you yourselves have decided to no longer follow the old Earth paradigm.

You have decided to claim your power—to reclaim your Individuality, reclaim self-sustaining Community, and reclaim your Divinity.

That does not happen, dear ones, when you read every word of a channeling or other article and your left-brain aspect is busy deciding what portions of it come from the Light and what comes from the dark, according to what you have already heard elsewhere.

Most assuredly, the left-brain and the ego-mind can be very helpful tools in sorting out and storing information.

But you have reached the point in your evolution where the fears, preferences, and programmed patterns of those tools can no longer run your lives.

We have always asked that you take these insights we offer, and the higher energies that accompany them (which is 97 percent of our work), and accept what feels intuitively to you to be right for your path.

Then, as our writer says, “leave the rest.”

We are not here to tell you how or what to think. We are here to remind you of how powerful you already are.

So that if we point out some bizarre oddity in the shape of the being known as Trump, that does not automatically mean that we have ignored or allowed the crimes of the one known as Clinton.

Those such as Ms Clinton and the queen of England and others, who are now only computer images, are mere representative symbols. They are nothing for you to worry about.

When the time is right, these and other images will be “switched off,” as the lady master of the 2013 Rainbow Roundtable said in one of their recent radio shows.

That will occur when Mother Sekhmet, St Germain, and others overseeing Earth’s progress, decide that that moment has come, in perfect balance with their overall role in Earth’s Ascension.


Understand that the person we are asking you to vote for is you—yourselves, and one another.

And we are asking you to stop viewing world events as having some deep, magical power over you, under which you are powerless.

You are anything but!

We have come forward at this time, speaking often through this particular channel, with that very message.

When we warn you of the ties to the dark matrix that are represented by the dinar/dong/GCR/reval scheme, it is to send you not mere information, but empowering energies that help you rise above the smoke and deception of this last gasp of the old Earth power structure.

We ask that you stop waiting to be rescued.

Rescued from the Earth you came here to honor and assist? Why on Earth would we do that, when you are one of us?

We see you each day becoming increasingly more powerful, more Light-filled, more fully aware of every area of your heart-mind that needs to be healed, raised to a higher level, loved more completely.

You need no guru, no group of experts. Your own higher aspect is all the authority you need to proceed with inspiration and higher wisdom.

And for those days when that seems not enough, we are here—the combined strength of the forces of the higher realms—the Angels and Archangels, your Galactic family, your soul family, the Ascended Masters, the Faery Realm, and others, too many to mention.

Most assuredly, dear friends and beloved family, we are here, at your side.

So call upon us for, but glean those answers from within. And release the need to judge this or any other collection of words and ideas as being the full and final Truth of any matter.

For all is constantly evolving in your Universe. Even Divine Love—and our Love for you—grows brighter and more powerful at every moment.


As a dear lady master, Méline Lafont, has said:

“I am not claiming that what I share with you now is THE only truth and understanding of it. There are many, and this is mine, what is shared through my heart and vessel.”

And we wish to say, amidst the worry and stress that so many feel now:

You are not headed toward disaster. You are creating an Ascended Earth.

One of human sovereignty, of Divine government by way of NESARA law, and of equal and just and fair treatment of all, on every level of life.

You are here to anchor human sovereignty for future generations. And so—follow your path! Release the need to make another your authority.

Know the voice of your higher self. Learn to listen from within, and learn now how to discern what you read and hear.

Seek actively the inner awareness and consciousness that frees all persons from outer situations, and which transforms all, from the inside out.

You are capable. You have come here for this.

There is no taking up the sword or the light saber only in part. You came to take up your role and to claim it fully.

Namaste! We, your fellow travelers in this realm, are with you, always.



Copyright 2016, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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New Realities Open: Passion Returns Message from the Council of Radiant Light Channeled by Ailia Mira- Expect Wonderful

28 Sept 2016 Expect Wonderful by Ailia Mira_edited-3

New Realities Open: Passion Returns
Message from the Council of Radiant Light
Channeled by Ailia Mira
– Expect Wonderful


Greetings Dear Ones,

It is time for you to remember fully who you are. You can do this if you let yourselves. Simply trust your knowing and open up your senses with boldness and freedom. Honor and treasure yourself and live with that awareness – of the sacredness of YOU.

You have this mastery within you, you remember this, then choose it, dare to use it. We are, in our own way, happy for you and excited to see what you do with your mastery.

The time is here for you to remember who you are so that you can be you – so you can celebrate and express your beauty. You have within you frequencies that can gift each and every other human being with expanded wholeness. How do you do this? By expressing yourself without hesitation, by following your spirit which will guide you in each moment, and through your attention to your sensations and feeling you can tune yourself. Moment to moment you can tune yourself to the higher consciousness within you and to the higher potentials in each moment. Then you can seamlessly, live what you feel and know. You can do this without concern or fear, without the illusionary ideas that anything is not divine. You can cut yourself free from the illusion of perfection and the illusion of dark and light and step into truth. Truth as inner knowing. Truth as alignment. Truth as divine fulfillment and wholeness. Truth as love made manifest through divine will and trust in you.

It is your evolving body which empowers this possibility – you have the structural potential to express the spectrum of truth and light and will that is you. This capacity is progressive; it doesn’t come in all at once. It is ever-expanding and spiral like – returning to existing capabilities and revealing startling depth and implications to their meaning and power.

Never before have expanded functions come in so entirely, so quickly and in so many. It is startling, and what all of this will develop into, unknown. That is wonderful. So much newness! The mystery of the experience of time unfolding and the perspectives and perceptions you will achieve and experience as this occurs is a breakthrough for humanity! A shattering of a closed loop system that has held you in the familiar and historical and made innovation seem miraculous and rare, instead of natural.

Life is opening up in very new ways, and you can know this in your direct experience. Can you see that this is true? Can you, no – will you – will you let yourself notice the changes within you and believe in what you know? The subtle knowing within you that there was a significant shift recently for you and others is, in fact, real. That can be known. It lights up a stable and viable new way of living your life. Can you feel this within you? Are you willing to know this as more than a realization? To discover this within as a new experience and one you will then, perhaps choose to step into and expand upon through your life?

All of this is very real, although subtle and mainly known from within you at this time. It is in your willingness to trust your inner knowing that you can achieve the unfolding manifest experience along these lines.

We are indicating to you the radiance of possibilities here for you. Can you see what is lit up by feeling within yourself? You can choose new ways to know yourself, or more accurately, new locations in which to be.

Once you decide to know yourself, to identify the context and you, in expanded and uplifted ways and step into this, you relocate. Once you align with higher consciousness, with clearer more accurate and stable ways, you quite literally pop up in a new location, a new version of you, and the parallel of the past implodes. This change concentrates your presence and allows more of your energy spectrum to flow into and through your life. This expanded power fulfills you. The clear demonstrations of this shift will reflect back to you in worldly events and situations as you sustain your new sense of self. For life is reflecting the standards you hold – who you think you are and what you think you’re doing here – in each and every moment.

We point you to the new, and we believe, the best game here. It’s up to you – who do you choose to be? How will you think of your life, yourself and this setting? How do you want to know yourself in this Earth game? What is the most desirable way for you to play here, as you, now?

Most of you have glimpsed what feels right for you, but the thing is this: what is calling to you now. Not what was true in the past, that you’re still holding as vision. Drop that.

Clear it all out and come into the present then open and feel – what is your life asking for and of you now?

Will you step into it, now, while the timing is aligned?

What way of being lights up when you turn to it? Can you feel the connection in that?

Your choice can ignite exuberance and passion? Will you let yourself become a flow of light? Yield to your passions and begin the joy-ride available here and now?

Will you act upon the idea that what you want, wants you and is all one wholeness? Will you trust yourself? Can you let yourself lean into the life you are living with the expanded awareness that is presenting to you now?

All of this is about you deciding to fully, freely, claim and live your sovereignty.

It is so simple to say.

But this choice is possible, and it is possible because YOU have a direct line to Creation. You have your own direct, innate, unbreakable connection with All that is. This relationship is natural as is your fulfillment. When you open up that flow and allow yourself to be who you really are, you become only a master, but a knowing bridge between dimensions, flowing divine light through your presence.

In this consciousness, you know both the touch and feel of the absolute eternal Self and Presence beyond all selves and your role here as the keeper of individuated consciousness that you are expressing in this human life.

Once you stand in this truth here, you will feel inclined to throw up your arms and jump. To delight in life with exquisite uninhibited rapture. So passionate and beautiful is this arrangement you are in and the way you know it. Know yourself.

To live this is to cut everyone else loose to do the same. With trust, or acting as if, until it feels natural. You are free, and everyone else is free to be too. Each of you here as individuated consciousness; a richness of Divine Light refined and fulfilled. This truth can come forth here, in energy and endless elaborations, in an ever-expanding expression of LOVE.

Creation’s wholeness increasingly fulfilled and reflected through matter. On Earth. Brilliant, shimmering and radiant.

This new game – the game of divine expression here, is alive. It is populated by those living in a steady state of wholeness and divine knowing. This way of being has opened up more as a result of so much, willingness to remember, and so much love for yourself that you are overflowing with it. The belief in yourself so expanded and accurate that it must be expressed, it cannot be held and contained, it needs to flow.

What you will find as you move and expand into this new potential, for you are headed there, if you’re not there yet. Feel the truth of this within you, opening up and blooming. What you will find as you move into this reality, is passion. Blissful passion returned, expanded and flowing.

You will discover an incredible infinite energy within you that you feel as clarity, vitality, and enthusiasm. Your passion. You, alive as love. For love, dear ones, is a creative force and in humanity, it can be known as passion. Passionate exuberance for yourself, your life, your interests and All that is.

Your life will sing and soar, and hum and shine and flow and ebb and at the center, is your knowing of all you are, and your presence here. Present as divine essence infusing, intermingling and endlessly elaborating. The mystery that is aliveness.

We are the Council of Radiant Light


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Gillian MacBeth-Louthan: Sirius: Spiritual Prototype

Sirius: Spiritual Prototype

Since ancient times Sirius has been honored. In ancient Atlantis the mysteries were based on information received from the Sirius Masters. After the third fall of Atlantis, the Sirian mysteries spread into ancient Egypt. As early as 3000 BC the Egyptians started celebrating the helical rising of the star Sirius declaring it the New Year.

On a silent morn in the steamy month of July when the star Sirius rises before the sun, our daystar, the Atlantean- Egyptian -Sirian New Year will be birthed. This will produce a doorway of vision allowing us to swim upon a stellar surge.

The ancient Egyptians saw Sirius as a giver of life for it always reappeared at the time of the annual flooding of the Nile. When the star sank in the west and disappeared from the night sky, it remained hidden for 70 days before emerging in the east in the morning. This was viewed as a time of death and rebirth. Sirius is the heart and soul of our physical Sun. During the Dog Days when Sirius disappears into our Sun’s light, our physical Sun is embracing our Spiritual Sun.

The helical rising of Sirius does not occur at the same time in all latitudes, and is never a constant. Each place and time zone and continent is a little different. I think it is best to energetically tune in to the rising of the Star Sirius in your area. Trust your intuition on this. The heliacal rising is the first visible and brief appearance of a star on the eastern horizon before sunrise.

As the sun sends forth her rays of clarity, a personal and planetary sonic boom is heard throughout the land. Truth unfolds itself to be seen in the long and short of it. Narrating an internal bedtime story that can only be learned by heart.

Sirius is the home of Christ Consciousness not only for our planet and solar system but also for this entire One Galaxy. It is said that all great avatars originated from Sirius, the brightest star in our heavens. Sirius has always been a spiritual prototype for earth and played an important part in earth’s early evolution. Spiritual energy emanates forth from the star Sirius into the heart chakra of our Sun and then makes its way to earth through the sun’s blessing rays.

As the rays from Sirius arc onto earth via the sun, the Christ seeds within each of us will be sent into a new prototype. These Christ seeds are DNA encodings that have awaited this particular stellar/solar emanation and configuration in order to open sealed records revealing truths that have been silent. It is in the quiet times between worlds and words that you will find the key that unlocks what has been unseen until now.

Faces of Sirius

On July 22, we enter the sign of Leo and the vibration and teachings of the Sphinx. This day announces the Atlantean & Ancient Egyptian New Year. In ancient times the ‘Records of recollection’ were kept deep within the earth, under sacred sites. The Mother template of these encodings lives within the Great Pyramid of Egypt and her Stellar Sentinel companion the Sphinx.

We all carry within us cellular awareness of every sacred site ever issued to earth from the beginning of earth-time. It is just a matter of fine-tuning our intention to receive these energies. Nothing forced, nothing prodded, nothing-manmade, Just a natural remembering initiating our dormant light codes. TIME known and unknown conjuncts itself, as the timing chain of the universe pauses to calibrate itself. All that was hidden is seen, all that was seen is clear.

We are destined to become more than we know. This new mirror reflection will give to us what we have been seeking for eons. Without the aid of those of earth, the light just continues to travel onward without a host. Know then your importance in the schematics of the Living Light.

On that day rise early from your sleep and walk out to meet the Goddess Isis in the form of the Star SIRIUS as she rises before the Sun. Within her loins of light live three powerful Stars, Sirius A, Sirius B, Sirius C. Hold within your thoughts, A Sacred Intention. Let this Sacred Intention be broadcast to all life everywhere as you align with the Star Sirius..

What should we do with this Sirius energy?

Even though Sirius rises at different times and dates, if we consciously embrace the ancient Egyptian timeline we can open a timeslip to ancient truths. Get up early on July 20 to 22nd before the sun rises and greet the Great Light from Sirius. Go outside, face east, and allow the pre-dawn energies to enter you. Ask to be released of all that no longer serves you and be filled in completion with that which serves your highest soul path and spiritual evolution.

The night before I draw a large Star of David on a piece of paper and in the center of the star, I put my new year’s spiritual resolutions. All that I yearn to become in the next timeline, giving thanks for all that I already AM. I leave this out all night on porch with a crystal. All intent is amplified when Sirius rises.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – PO box 217 – Dandridge, Tennessee 37725-0217 –


Wake up Call: St. Germain, February 13, 2015 by Nancy Tate

Wake up Call: St. Germain, February 13, 2015
by Nancy Tate

I am here today to speak with you about the coming times. I am St. Germain, and I am a part of what will be progressing around the world in the coming days. As the situation changes around the world in various ways, and with the people who are at present standing in what they consider to be their power, there will be a noticeable change come into being. These ones who consider themselves to have power over the minions will realize that is all in the past. It was a role they were to play. As the positions changed in the recent past, their positions came into a great deal of power loss. That has brought about a great deal of movement in the ability for others to stand in another place of power, and show the world what will be coming to the whole of humanity and all of life on earth.

I speak now of the money changes that all of you have been looking forward to for some time. It is in the works. It could not be brought forward until all of the power-mongers had to step down and allow the freedom of the people to speak forth and take their parts in the development of the new awakening of the freedom that their newfound abilities are able to create. I say newfound, for most of humanity has forgotten, or stored deep within, their abilities to create in any way that they desire and intend. They have been playing their roles in a way that fit the cause of the journey through duality.

That journey is complete now, my dear family. I am speaking from the present moment, which you are all awakening to. As this takes place, you will discover in a series of experiences and knowingness why it has been as it has. You will realize why you have come to this place of the recognition of why it has been in the works for so much longer than even we had realized. It is all new, my dear ones. It is the unknown showing itself in the various ways that come from the newness of expression. As you all step away from what has been your role in this experience, you are realizing how much more there is to the story, and at the same time, how much less you felt would be coming to your experience in the first place.

There is a coming event that will bring so much of what has been spoken of to the table. It will climb into the clouds of confusion and clear them away for so many people around the world. There will be new understanding as to why there have been the delays in what you’ve been told. There will be many turn-arounds for the ones who have stood their ground in the energy of power that they saw as inseparable from the ones whom they regarded as ‘less than’. It will become a journey of opening up to the truth of the equality of all of humanity, as well as all of life.

I’ve heard so many of you speak, either internally, or to others, of the abilities that the animal kingdom has shown in their communications with you. It is further expanded than many of you realized in the ability to read one’s mind and communicate with even the spider on the wall, or the beloved dog at your side. Yes, we are all becoming more in expression of the Oneness of us all. We are the beloved family that is becoming more and more evident as we approach these coming times of the sharing of not only the wealth of the world, but of the universal energies of Love.

As I close this message to you I do so with the gratitude for all of you to be able to search for your answers within. You are finding that there is more within that speaks of your truth than in any voice outside of you. You are the powers of the hour. You are the Kings and Queens of your world, within all of you is the castle of the dominion of Truth that will assist you to the places of power that you create in your minds and strongly in your hearts. I Love all of you, and I speak in your powers of Love, Peace and Joy in moving forward in the energy of creation that is deeply within your beingness. Love is all there is in everything that you do and are. Walk forward into Ecstasy.

Thank you dear St. Germain,
Much Love, Nancy Tate

Polarity Is a Two Way Street ~ a message from Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

❤ I love the message, and also the lovely, artistic way the message is conveyed, not with pretty, but shallow words, but rather, with luscious and carefully chosen words that convey a depth and strength of love, and understanding of the unique times we are in, and the precious frailty of life.  ~PB

Polarity Is a Two Way Street ~ a message from Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Wednesday, 19 November, 2014

The gifts of what is holy will come to a place of saturation and maturity and finally a light-filled program will be finalized. Light knowledge from an outside source will be transferred allowing a higher intelligence to be imbued upon those that seek to know without fear.  Old ways of thinking will be dissolved and many out dated thoughts with them.  Polarity is a two way street, a coming and a going, a receiving and a rejecting, a have and a have not.  While you are on Earth every thought has a counterpart that is birthed by design.

The planet Earth is a living breathing school of opposites and polarities.  Each person, place, and thing has an energy signature.  ‘Plenty’ goes hand in hand with ‘not enough’.  ‘Rich slow dances with poor, happy hugs sad, truth sits side by side with falsehood’.  These little polarity gods ride within the lines of every thought, every action, every creation.  Everything holds equal parts of the opposite – that’s what makes Earth such a wonderful school.

Earth is a school for thoughts in training, a spiritual boot camp, a master’s retreat.  While you are on Earth the foundation of who you think you are is completely stripped away to reveal who you are to become.  Everything that happens to you in life is a gift, a priceless bequest.  Learning to manifest what the Light in one wants and desires can be a spiritual challenge and sacred journey simultaneously.  To manifest your creation into physical form you must truly come into communion with the God within and the God without.  It is only from this original point of creation that you can create at all.  All else is a magic trick, a slight of hand, an illusion.

With each thought of manifestation we are immediately drawn into an internal dialogue.  Everything within us, as well as our outside world, reflects mirrors and magnifies all the reasons that this manifestation cannot, will not, should not be created. All the reasons one does not deserve it. We have spent so many years in penance, beating ourselves up with the limited consciousness of the past, and the pre-programmed genetic weaknesses of lack and of poverty.  Imagine your awareness, your consciousness as a computer; a computer that has many old programs playing day after day telling you why your dreams cannot be birthed, why your heart’s desires cannot be manifested.

By knowing and focusing upon what is Divine Truth you will become empowered in a way that has previously been unknown to you.  Embrace the shadow thoughts, the counterpart thoughts, understand the inherit energy that they hold.  Divine knowing is moving past a place of fear or lack.  We live on a planet of polarities – acknowledge them but do not allow them to own you.

Nothing can stop you but you.  Everything and everyone outside of you has been contracted by you to teach you and mirror your thoughts.  They are drawn to you like magic. Bad luck, good luck, or no luck are created by your thoughts and verbal decrees.  Become empowered by focusing on only what you want to create instead of giving your life force to that which you do not want to create.  On this planet of polarities, your shadow, counterpart, polarity is a gift.  What you do with it is where your true learning lives.

Your soul broadcasts beyond the boundaries that you knowingly seek. The next level of attunement that you seek lives within the solar crossings of your light and thoughts.  For eons humans have thought of themselves as body, mind, and absent out of sight spirit. As the night energies come forth, Spirit steps out of the shadow of the old self and takes on a new level of transference. Your humanness becomes multifaceted.  Your mind becomes multifaceted.  Your spirit stands ready to take you to uncharted territory. Everything stretches itself looking for more of its true identity.

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