Ascension Notes: In the Midst of Eclipses – 24-Jul-2018 by Kara Schallock | Soulstice Rising


More Light downloads?! Yep! This Light influx goes deep into Gaia; into Her heart actually; and this affects all living within Her, including ourselves of course. With more Light, there is more Awareness of old patterns to let go of as well as a heightened version of who we are. Drama intensifies as it is loosening its grip. You see, when something is about to transform, it gets really strong and in your face. Wave good-bye and don’t engage in the drama, lest you activate it more. Stay strong!

If you have been having memories of your past, realize this is a clearing. Be reminded that with every clearing, you also clear your ancestry (lineage) as well as your ancestors. This is quite freeing for you and them. Also know that it’s safe for you to share your gifts openly when it wasn’t so nice in the past; whether you were killed, ridiculed or persecuted, that all is cleared. You can share now without fear of reprisal. If it seems you’ve been waiting awhile to see how to show your gifts, all comes when you are ready…in Divine Time. Wait till something truly resonates without the urge to “just do something.” Separate ego wants doing; Soul wants being. Be still and patient. Meanwhile, continue to Be and continue to let go of anything that is not Love (Source). Express and experience yourself more than where you live, what you do and what you look like. You are much more than any description you have of yourself.

When you are truly an awakened one, you accept Divine Love wholly and completely; you are One with and as Source; therefore, you hear your Soul Song clearly. You are aware of opportunities, rather than seeing only challenges. Awakening is not one big event; nothing happens like that. Awakening is a continuous flow, as is everything. With Awakening, you become more and more authentic. There is no need to hide who you are or mask your true identity. When you are fully awake and authentic, it becomes a part of you, like breathing.

We are in the middle of eclipses, so there is an Opportunity to be more. The Solar Eclipse of earlier this month brought up many old emotions. As emotions arise in you or others, step away and breathe. How you react creates more of the same. If you respond, you flow with the energy rather than against it and this also creates more of the same. There may be lots of physical adjustments, so you may be more Light. Observe your body changes. I had a funny thought this morning as I lay in bed somewhere between full wakefulness and sleep. What if we are changing into an animal? What if we are fully merging with our Totem? My Totem is Raven. Am I sprouting wings? Can I fly? Can I purr like Raven does at times? Of course! What Totem are you merging with and as? What are you learning? What gifts is your Totem showing you that are a part of who you are?

As this next Eclipse comes (we’re in its energy now), how is your body changing? We continue to let go of ancesteral lineage and old guilts created by unaware actions of our past. There may be some returning or new phenomena. For me, I experience rashes, dry skin, some strange headaches, dizziness and many other things that I have been experiencing for years and some new ones as well. All is in Divine Order.If you experience illness, this may be due to an adherence to the old (resistance). There are many endings as well as new beginnings. These new and old cycles reveal themselves individually. Only you know what it means for you. Pay attention to your sacred sight, sacred hearing, sacred knowing and sacred feeling, as these are being upgraded and will continue to do so. Gaia is releasing as you are; you not only feel this, you know it, see it and hear it. Be a strong lighthouse. This is standing in your Power, knowing that you give off Light to help. You are becoming stronger in your Authenticity and Light. It continues to help you evolve in pure consciousness. You are Christed; you have everything within you. It sits dormant, waiting for you to know it and be it.

Love and accept yourself, as you do with all other life forms. As one wise woman once said, “They go low, you go high.” It does not matter how another chooses to be; always be Love and remember that there is no real separation between you and others. There are just different degrees of Awakening. Be gentle with yourself when it seems your old self emerges from time to time. Honor who you were, who you are and who you’re becoming. It is so easy to go back to who you were and seemingly challenging to fully be who you are now. The New takes Commitment and ongoing Awareness. The old is easy to slip back into, because it’s what we have known. Yet the more you accentuate the New as you, the easier it becomes to be in the New; then it’s all you know; as simple and easy as breathing. Ease.

Let all of your past go so you don’t continuously repeat it. Some issues and people clear automatically. Don’t rush back to save or fix it. Let it go, whether it is people, things or attitudes. You need not perceive it as loss; it simply is Soul’s way of clearing you so you may evolve and be more Love/Light. We need not fix anything; just let it be. Once you are clear of the old, much is also cleared in your life. Opportunities show up, you intuit new directions and that which is to be in your life remains or returns…or not. Trust Divine Order. Does that feel freeing?

There is no need to be confused or lost. If you are guided by your Intuition to take a step in a particular direction, do so. If not, it’s not yet time. Do only that which is of the Heart; of Intuition. It comes in spurts at times and if it’s from Soul, it will not let go till you take an action step. Feel first and then act. Often you may simply observe yourself taking a step without thought. This is great! There is no thinking or analyzing involved when you act from the Heart. The Heart needs no explanation or “why;” it simply is.

As we are infused by this huge Light, we may feel very complacent with barely any energy; however, we are expanding mentally, spiritually and physically and are extremely sensitive to all in our environment…the dog barking seems louder and any noise seems intolerable and so it goes. There is nothing to be concerned about; we are simply vibrating higher in much higher dimensions, while in our 3D bodies. What is great about nuisances is that they bring us right into the moment. It’s all orchestrated by Source. Cool, huh? We get to choose our state of being. We can discard and ignore upgrades and downloads and remain small or we can open up and invite it all in. We can be grateful or resistant. We have Free Will…always. Know as you move through the 3D world, you move with Awareness. Our Lightbodies are activated and as we truly know this, we disengage from the old, controlling matrix, because we know who we are.

We are transitioning to a more expansive consciousness. This affects our world and beyond as well. We are building the New step by step. Stay in your lane, focused. Are you in the fast lane or the slow lane? It doesn’t matter at all. All lanes go forward not backward. We may shift lanes at times, yet we all arrive. Ooops! Did you get stopped for going too fast or slow? No worries; adjust your speed; any warning/message is to help you be congruent with your Soul.

Being in the Lunar Eclipse is like surfing the biggest wave ever. As you ride the wave, stay centered, be open and know you are not only Love; you are loved!

~ ~ ~

If so guided, your continued tithes are graciously and gratefully accepted. And thank you to those of you who consistently tithe to support this body of work. Tithing is giving from the Heart; creating a consciousness of Prosperity. I am blessed and grateful for each of you!


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Transforming fear to Power – 26-Jan-2018 by Kara Schallock Ascension Notes | Soulstice Rising Newsletter

Transforming fear to Power – 26-Jan-2018 by Kara Schallock  ~ Ascension Notes | Soulstice Rising

One of the most important things you can do is to release all fear. Having fear; no matter what it is related to; blocks you from being a powerful creator. Creating your life is your job in the New. No-one else can do this for you. There is no blockage; there is only fear of your Power. Fully accepting your Power to create and manifest is what is waiting for you. Nothing automatically happens; you (being the sovereign being you are) must take a first step toward that which you want to manifest…after you claim your Power. In fact, often taking a first step also activates your Power to create. Much is related to fear: all of the lower emotions like worry, doubt, shame, anger, control and all the others. Release the fear and step into your Power to create and manifest.

You are not alone in transforming anything; in fact, there has been a powerful whirlwind of energy available to you for any Opportunity you choose to manifest. While it helps you evolve, it also helps you release the old that you still may carry. This whirlwind can feel like being lost, feeling ungrounded, disconnected, sleeplessness, depression, headaches and other emotional and physical phenomena. This is true whether you are releasing or integrating. To access this Light, simply intend to receive. If you are still carrying your old wounds around, this Light can help you release and transform them. Your old wounds fester, affecting all aspects of your life, if they are not released. These wounds can be the result and perception that parents, past lovers, children, friends or anything in which you took on the perception of woundedness, did something to you. Once you release the wound, go deeper and find where you carry victim energy. This is the belief that things happen to you and not for you.

The New World. Do you think a brand new Earth is going to appear? No. The Earth remains the same, as you do…only different. It is your consciousness that shifts. The New Earth is here now. Being New means you see and experience through eyes of Love; not in the old way of seeing things in duality (good/bad, beautiful/ugly, right/wrong, etc.). When you are clear of the old, you see things through your Soul; your perfect self; Love. When you flow with Awareness, your consciousness shifts higher. There is no judgment or anger; there is only Divine Order. There is no resistance to perceived challenges; you flow through them with Grace. Suffering occurs when you attach to something; when you judge something and when you resist something. When you accept What Is as Divine Order, you flow. If it doesn’t feel right, go into it with Awareness and find what you are to learn or change.

When your consciousness expands, you experience Bliss. It doesn’t matter what is going on in your life, you feel Bliss deep within. Your frequency remains high and continuously shifts as you embody the Truth of you; that of Soul; your most perfect self. When you accept the truth of you; that you are Love; you ground this Truth into every aspect of life. It may not yet feel comfortable, as it is so new and continually shifts. As it moves through you (through all your bodies, cells, DNA, electrical system, etc.) eventually you become comfortable with all the shifting, yet you will not create another comfort zone matrix, in which you stop expanding. The New is always shifting and expanding, so the only place to be is in the present moment so you may observe all from a detached place.

When you are detached, you flow. In the old, being detached meant you didn’t care. In the New, Detachment is different in that you actually are more loving; you just don’t get caught up in drama or judgment. Peoples’ energy doesn’t stick to you. You hold all in Love without the old desire to fix or save. You allow others the space to create their own lives without the need to tell them what to do or who to be. You do not compare yourself to others, knowing and trusting that each being is a powerful creator, as you are. If you find yourself wanting to fix or save or compare yourself to others, go into that energy and discover where you still hold fear and then accept it and release it. Know too that grounding this New within you feels different than grounding in the old. In the old, grounding solidified you to all of who you thought you were. In the New, grounding helps the New You be more anchored as you.

You may wonder how you fit with those in your family (especially) or friends or groups when you seem to be the only one who is evolving. Stay true to you and remind yourself that dimming your light to suit others does not help you or them; it keeps all in the status quo. You can be with others and still be who you are. The more you are your Authentic Self, the more your Light shines and the more your consciousness expands. You will find that your gifts grow, as opportunities do, and you will not have a tendency to dip into 3D any longer. The higher you go, the less duality is a part of you. So the only thing to do is to be yourself and do whatever helps you keep your Light bright and your vibration high. Don’t expect others, who may not want to shift higher, to be drawn to you. Some will reject you. Those who are ready to shift will be attracted to you. All is in Divine Order.

You may notice your physical body shifting as well as your mental and emotional bodies. What you used to like to do or eat or drink, who you liked to be with and many other things, may not appeal to you anymore. Your daily patterns are shifting. You cannot expect your physical body to act in the way it used to. Rather than fight or resist this, accept it; flow with the changes. Follow the rhythm of your body by tuning into it and asking it what it wants. When you feel disoriented or unsure, flow with what is being presented; you are merely expanding into being New. Stay in the moment and gently let go of the way you used to feel physically; this helps you flow with the changes.

You are not alone in this. While friends and family may drift away, you are surrounded and cheered on by many in the physical and beyond, who are choosing a new way of being too. Gaia is doing this as well; you may have noticed. She is letting go of lower energies. All is in a state of Transformation…dying to be born anew. There are those who blame lower energy entitities, like greys and lizzies, for the negativity that seems to be prevalent now. Don’t buy into this. This is victim energy. You alone are in charge. You can choose to dwell in lower or higher energies; the choice is yours. If you do find yourself buying into the negativity, you can clear it by remaining positive, meditating, burning sage, using Roses or Rosewater or chanting positive mantras…or whatever you are guided to do to transform the energy. You are Love; Light…you are not a victim. If you work with guides other than your own Soul, don’t connect with any being who just shows up. They could tell you they are so and so and they may not be who they say they are. Instead say this, “Only those of the Divine Light, Love and Plan be present now.” Those that are lower in vibration must leave your space. When your energy is nothing but Love, you will not be drawn into negativity nor will it be drawn to you.

As you shift in more positivity; i.e; consciousness; you attract wonderful opportunities to be more. You do not have to control this or do anything to make this happen, as all occurs in alignment with who you are within. This is the purpose of clearing and claiming yourself as Love. When you are clear, you are nothing but Love and all you attract is of this vibration. It cannot be otherwise.

~ ~ ~

If so guided, your continued tithes are graciously and gratefully accepted. And thank you to those of you who consistently tithe to support this body of work. Tithing is giving from the Heart; creating a consciousness of Prosperity. I am blessed and grateful for each of you!

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THE ORACLE REPORT: Tuesday, October 10, 2017

photograph taken by wise owl marina

photograph taken by wise owl marina

THE ORACLE REPORT: Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Disseminating Moon Phase:  communicate, share

Moon in Gemini/moves to Cancer at 11:39 pm ET/3:39 am UT

Sun: 18 Libra – “two men placed under arrest”

True Alignments:  innocent until proven guilty, withholding judgement or decision until energies change or facts come out, withstanding scrutiny

Catalysts for Change:  staying with something due to fear of changing, feeling trapped, self-sabotage or sabotage of relationships, sabotage of finances and currency, conformism, backward – up is down/down is up

Earth: 18 Aries – “an empty hammock”

True Alignments:  detaching from negative/shadow-based attitudes, taking periodic breaks to rest and refresh, inner peace, revitalizing self

Catalysts for Change:  self-critical, ungrounded, taking on the burdens of others, staying out of something when participation is needed, pushing the physical body when rest is needed

We have several astrological events happening today to make for an interesting mix:

1 – 9:21 am ET/ 1:21 pm UT – JUPITER ENTERS SCORPIO – Jupiter pushes out of the bounds of Libra and enters Scorpio, ushering a 13-month period of time when what is pulling down the collective of humanity is brought to light and vanquished.  Jupiter will bring up the dregs of the underworld, and it will be quite a sight, given that we are in the end of the Kali Yuga.  We need to prepare ourselves to process the ugliness that will come to light over the next year, knowing that the wound must be exposed and cleansed before healing can begin.

The first degree of Scorpio gives us the best advice for Jupiter’s transit through Scorpio until November 8, 2018: “a sight-seeing bus filled with tourists.”  Detached observation is the key.

We can look back over the past year (since September 9, 2016) to see how Jupiter in Libra went.  Remember that “Jupiter expands everything it touches.”  While it “touched” Libra, the Libran/Erisian themes of liberty, rebirth, racism, justice, harmony, true love, and degradation of hierarchies were prominent.

Now, Jupiter will expand the Scorpionic/Plutonic themes of the underworld, taxes, death, atomics, money, subjugation, gains and losses, sexuality, and war, among other things.

Jupiter is the High Holy planet of worship for the Illuminati.  It is their guiding light or north star by which they plan their moves.  This is a much lengthier discussion, but perhaps you get the gist of what begins today.

2 – 11:40 am ET/3:40 pm UT – MOON OPPOSES SATURN – The opposition occurs at 23 Gemini and 23 Sagittarius.  This will bring new life to projects and endeavors (primarily work or career-related, as Saturn rules work).  Things that have been “fledgling” or struggling for life get a lifeline.  A bold or pioneering and faithful attitude facilitates this.  The opposition involves the symbols of “immigrants entering a new country” (Saturn) and “three fledglings in a nest high in the trees” (Moon).

3 – 5:00 pm ET/9:00 pm UT – VENUS OPPOSES CHIRON – Money and relationships are highlighted with Venus and Chiron.  Given Jupiter’s entry into Scorpio, we want to be aware that the cabal may signal or forward plans for economies (and the best laid plans are under the scrutiny of the Principle of Prevailing Truth and Love – just because the cabal signals or makes a move does not mean it will ultimately be successful; it won’t precisely because of the ruling principle of Prevailing Truth and Love).  The opposition involves the symbols of “a boy with a censer serves near a priest at the altar” (Venus) and “a Harvest Moon illuminates the sky” (Chiron).

Relationships undergo wounding, healing, or teaching with the opposition of Venus and Chiron.

4 – 5:33 pm ET/9:33 pm UT – MOON OPPOSES GALACTIC CENTER – Visions activate and dreams weave with the Moon at “a young gypsy emerging from the woods gazes at far cities” and the Galactic Center, as always, at “the sculptor’s vision is taking form.”  Aim high.

5 – 6:10 pm ET/10:10 pm UT – MOON OPPOSES BLACK MOON – Since the Moon is aspecting the Black Moon, we have an intense Black Moon day in the midst of all of these other astrological aspects.  Black Moon days “press” on our personal fears.  Instinctive responses are automatically triggered.  We can be very impulsive, especially with our words.  Instant gratification is desired, and anger is incited when we are not getting what we want.  We tend to blame and project our feelings onto others.  If something has been bothering us or brewing inside, it often erupts on the day the Moon opposes the Black Moon.

But wise owls have been working with the Black Moon for a long time, and understand the higher nature of this energetic to heal the core fear by bringing it to light and “befriending” it instead of always unconsciously rallying in fear’s name.

6 – 11:39 pm ET/3:39 am UT – MOON MOVES INTO CANCER, ending the Black Moon day.

Two final notes:

1 – Friday, October 13 approaches.  This is a favored day of the Illuminati.  The Knights Templar were eradicated on Friday, October 13.  Given that archons are going wild here at the end times, we are forewarned with knowledge and history.

2 – Jupiter will transit opposite the Chiron Point, expanding the wounding-healing-teaching theme and the money theme between October 24-28.  The Sun will conjunct Jupiter on October 26, so this day is particularly highlighted.  Jupiter will be discharging 04 Scorpio – “a youth holding a lighted candle in devotional ritual.”  The Illuminati will be busy.

This is a lot of information (and a lot of activity!) for one day.  Please refer above to the True Alignments and Catalysts for Change listed above for more specific details about today’s energies within this powerhouse day.  Hold on to your hats, wise owls, so it is does not blow away with the wind!  Stay grounded with nature.  Find beauty.  And keep it real.  We are united and ready to face whatever Jupiter in Scorpio brings up from the underworld!

Truly, despite all the conflict and confusion arising in the world, all is well. by John Smallman

Chaos and confusion appear to be increasing across the planet, but in fact what is happening is just the rising to the surface of humanity’s consciousness many long held beliefs and judgments which are being acted out; it’s just part of humanity’s awakening process.  All the negative and judgmental ideas and concepts to which humanity has been clinging for eons have to be released in order for you to awaken, and in some cases, as you can see, they are being engaged with and acted out, often very violently.

Many of you Light holders have become aware of this and are working steadfastly to let go of all your own unloving thoughts and beliefs that you have discovered buried or denied deep within yourselves, which are now arising into your awareness and, in many cases, shocking you.  All humans have buried and denied unloving thoughts and desires, they are all aspects of the illusion, of the state of separation from Source that you chose to experience.

The state of separation – which as you have so often been told is purely illusory, unreal – by its nature sets you against each other as you struggle for survival in a seemingly hostile environment.  But in this incarnation, where it has been your intent to be loving and assist in humanity’s awakening, it is extremely unsettling for you to have thoughts, even desires, to harm others.  You judge them unacceptable.  But remember, you need to stop judging, especially yourselves.  As these inharmonious thoughts or desires arise just observe them: “Wow, I didn’t realize that I had so much buried hatred, anger, and resentment against . . .” and release them without judgment!


Often those feelings or emotions are not yours, but are from the human collective, they are what you incarnated to assist humanity to release, and that is what your loving intentions do.  However, when they come to mind your egos automatically attach them to someone you know or knew.  Before you can release all that buried and denied debris you have to acknowledge it.  There is nothing wrong in your thoughts or desires, they are, as it were, just there flowing and floating around seeking attention.  They have no meaning whatsoever until someone engages with them or acts them out.

You, our dear readers and listeners, are doing absolutely sterling work as you set your daily intent to be loving in every moment, and in every situation.  Those intentions are extremely powerful and effective because you are divine beings, One with God, and it is His Will and yours that humanity awakens.  Therefore you will awaken.  But, no one will be forced to awaken, Love never forces.

The small minority of humans who choose to delay their awakening because they are not yet ready to cease playing games in the illusion, will continue as humans within the illusion following paths they have chosen.  This is not a wrong choice, it is just the choice they are choosing because it appears to them to be completely appropriate.

Remind yourselves frequently that there is only Love, all else is illusory.  No one can be lost, let alone damned!  All are God’s beloved children and all will return to Oneness.  It has, of course already happened, because, in fact, you never left that state.  Therefore do not worry about loved ones who seem totally uninterested and uninvolved with spirituality, who have no apparent awareness that there is a Reality apart from the one you experience as humans.
There is no one who is separated from Source, because separation is impossible, there are just some who, for whatever reason in this present moment, choose or refuse to become aware of that.  They remain eternally in God’s loving embrace, and when they are ready, and they will become ready, they too will undergo their own awakening process and return to the joy of Oneness.

Truly, despite all the conflict and confusion arising in the world, all is well.  Keep reminding yourselves that your experiences as humans, while often painful and giving rise to intense suffering, are unreal.  You cannot be harmed or damaged in any way.  Yes, your bodies can and do experience intense pain and suffering, but they are temporary vehicles that you chose to inhabit, and that is their purpose, but when you have learned your lessons, lessons that you each personally chose to learn, you will discard them, with grateful thanks, and awaken.

Being One with God for all eternity you have no need of physical form, but while you do have a physical form it is only sensible to treat that form with loving respect, care for it wisely, and enjoy the pleasures it can provide.
Remember, God always and only wants you to be happy, joyful, at peace, and content.  When you are not in that state it means you are thinking egotistically i.e. you are focusing on things that could go wrong in your lives and thus drawing them to you.  What you think about becomes your intent, so be careful what you think about, and focus on joy in every moment.  You should be in joy because you are eternally One with God, and that state can never be altered.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

The New Moon…anchoring more New – 4/17/2015 by Kara Schallock | Soulstice Rising

The New Moon…anchoring more New – 4/17/2015
by Kara Schallock | Soulstice Rising

We are actually still in the energy of the Eclipse Cycle. While things have mellowed a bit, we continue to be in touch with all that is not Love. This energy has been especially powerful in relationships of all kinds, self-worth and Abundance/lack consciousness. There have been returning issues and this communicates to us that all has not been cleared.

If there are relationships that still are of the old, or parts of them that bring up old issues, then address what is being shown to you and choose to release it. Release especially old emotions and old stories that are mirrored to you by others. You may choose to let the relationship completely go or you may choose to let go of the deeper issues and remain in the relationship. Whatever pushes a button is calling you to release the underlying emotion, if not the entire relationship. Releasing the underlying issues/emotions can bring the relationship to a new Intimacy. However, also know that just because you shift does not necessarily mean the other shifts. It does, however, help you see the other with New eyes and New perceptions. From there you can choose what to do based on your Clarity and self-love. You can love others, but choose not to be in relationship with them. Accepting others does not translate into having a relationship with them. Choose what is best for you…choose the action that is most loving and freeing for you. Or you may choose to do nothing at this time. There is no one way of doing things; all is based on what you are guided to do or not do.

In regard to Abundance, many are still operating in the lack consciousness of old life. In the old, one would say, “I can’t afford that.” One would base all their decisions on what their bank said they had. One would limit what they shared out of fear of loss. This is all lack consciousness. In the New, one knows that money is energy. One gives freely, knowing this creates more Flow. One gives or spends with no expectation of how it flows back to them. If one spends or gives in fear or lack, this also blocks the Flow. The Truth is that everyone is abundant. If you truly know this and act from this Truth, you create more Abundance in all forms in your life. If you have any fear of not having, you create more of the same. When you give from your Heart, whether it is a donation, a tip or paying your bills and you do it with a grateful Heart, you create more Abundance of everything in your life. It is only when you have fear and hold on to what you think you have that you stop the Flow of Abundance coming to you. This is very big in most folks’ lives. Only when you choose to act from a state of Abundance do you truly let go of any lack consciousness. Amazing things will happen for you. Abundance is Love. To have the thought that you aren’t Abundance is like saying you are not Love.

To be Love is to come from that expansive Truth in all ways. Every choice you make shows you whether you are Love or not. And, of course, most are somewhere in between. One may be expansive in some areas and not in others. Take a look at where you limit yourself and shift it to reflect the Love you are. In this way, you rise in self-Love, self-respect, self-esteem and self-worth. Remember that we are all doing the best we can, for we still are shifting into being ALL LOVE. Any limitation you perceive in yourself and others is calling you to let it go and to expand in and as Love. This may call you to make some very difficult choices in your life. Yet, the choices you make free you to be more. You may look back at your choices and say, “Wow; that was the best thing I could have done! I feel great!” Letting go is freeing the energy to evolve into a higher form.

Indeed the Eclipses and all the cosmic activity has, and will continue to, helped us be more than we ever thought possible. We are pushed to be more and to go deeper. We cannot keep life the same, for everything is shifting. If a person chooses to hold on to the life they have always known, often it is then that the changes will be thrust upon them rather unpleasantly. It is always best to make a choice before the change decides to choose for you. And yes, that happens. A college professor I once had told a story of how he refused to make a change in his life. He kept getting bonked on the head by a bigger and bigger proverbial 2’x4’ till he got the message and shifted. Our Souls have unique ways of showing the way.

This Saturday, April 18, is the New Moon. This pushes us again to be in a state of letting go of especially the deeper dross AND to move forward in a New way. As we move forward in Love, many opportunities are available for us. It can be a whole new way of being and living, for we have been and continue to be in the most powerful shift yet. We have made some giant leaps in consciousness and this will continue for at least several months. Our lives, along with our bodies, have been recalibrated to be more Light/Love, and this continues. It is gentle for some and really dramatic for others. You may experience physical changes that are so different that you can’t even put them in a category. Flow with what is, for resistance surely delays shifting. As the old leaves, let it go without dwelling in it. And let go of any old stories you still repeat in your head.

This New Moon helps us to have (and Be) more Courage to continue on in Trust, even though we know not where we’re going. So stay in the Moment without the need to know what’s next; just be willing to move forward. Let go of any lists of future project you may have and any control you think you have and trust, placing one foot in front of the other, moment by moment. We continue to build our foundation of Love as we move more and more into the New. Resist the temptation to explain what you are experiencing in the clothes of old life or past experiences. This is all new and therefore we can’t explain it using our past. While the past comes up for release, do not linger long. It can tell you how far you’ve come, yet that is about all.

Let go of any old stories you still tell yourself. You can write a new one. Write it in present tense and write down your current intentions for who you are becoming based on how you want to feel. You might want to begin with the words “I AM,” for these words empower what goes after them. Let go of any words like will, want, wish, hope and use words like choose and intend… “I intend…”, “I choose…” You may claim what you intend in the present: “I AM Love now.” “I AM Abundance now.” You can let go of the details and just come from the essence of Love. The old stories are based in the past. You are no longer there and continuing them holds you in the past and the New then cannot be created if you are still dwelling in the past of who, what, why, where or how. Words are not just words, even though some claim that they are. Words are energy, as everything is. Words create. When you listen to yourself or to someone else, the words that are used tell you everything you need to know about where you truly are or where another truly is.

Reality shifts based on your consciousness and everything and everyone is a reflection of you. This is becoming clearer and clearer. As we each rise in Higher Truth we see beyond any veil of illusion. Intuition is honed and there is nothing hidden. You can’t be fooled any longer. The Truth is revealed through your own insight and intuition and from there you are able to discern and rise in your Power of Perception. “The truth shall set you free” has never been so potent as it is now and this will continue, for we are continuing to increase in our Light and our Love. All brings great expansion of everything in our lives and this is because our Heart Chakras have expanded significantly, bringing more and more Clarity into ourselves; where we hide as well as into others and where they might hide. By being honest and authentic we expand more into clear Truth. And there is a great Light that shines on all that is illusion and not of Love. This makes it easier to see what is not Love.

During this continual expansion, do love yourself with self-care. Pace yourself. Be gentle; let go of your busy-ness; see all with New eyes. See the message beneath even the most mundane activities, for everything is designed to show you the way. As things release, they are very much in view. Detach from judging things as good or bad; see things as they really are; go deeper. Know that transformation disintegrates things before a new reality can be created and manifest. And know that if it feels as though you’re floating between the old and the New, that that is perfect for you. As we continue to clear ourselves, we help others and Earth to do the same. The clearing allows more Light and Love to flow into us, others and onto Earth.

As we each serve Divine Will in however we’re guided to, we truly are anchoring the higher dimensions into us and into others as well, regardless of how it looks. Pay attention only to your higher calling and not what others are doing nor how things in the world look. By holding the highest vision of New Earth and by tending to your own Path is how Ascension occurs. We are One. What we do, think or feel affects all others; others may attempt to get you to shift your focus to them or to old patterns, yet you have the Power to maintain your focus on your own Divine Path.

As you rise in vibration and consciousness, your guides may shift, for you attract who and what you are. Many are guided by Soul alone and this is actually being guided by Source; by the Divine Mother of All. Wherever you are in your Ascension, be grateful and know that you are loved and honored for who you are right now; no matter where that may be.

~ ~ ~

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January 2015 Astro-Energy Report: Don’t React, Reflect! by Sarah Varcas | Astro-Awakenings

Astrology of January 2015, Aquarius, Mercury retrograde, Full Moon in Cancer, New Moon in Aquarius, the nature of the mind
Image: “Happy Thoughts” by Gary Rosenberg

January 2015 Astro-Energy Report: Don’t React, Reflect!

by Sarah Varcas | Astro-Awakenings

Energy builds in the sign of Aquarius as January progresses, offering a much needed mental spring-clean. Simultaneously an alliance between Uranus and the South Node reminds us it is sometimes the most familiar things which need discarding, whether our de-cluttering is internal or external. It’s no good focusing only on those things which stand out like a sore thumb, that we simply never found the right place for. This month we must look around with fresh eyes at those aspects of our lives we know best – be they physical possessions, thoughts, feelings or attachments – to establish which have outlived their usefulness and are sitting there purely because we’ve gotten used to their presence and would feel uncomfortable about the space left behind were we to get rid.

The fact is we need that space, no matter how uncomfortable it may at first feel. Uranus on the South Node reminds us we each have our own inherent uniqueness with which to fuel our life but it becomes increasingly difficult to allow it to shine if we remain surrounded by the trappings of an existence now passed and an identity that was simply a staging post and never intended as a final destination. The coming month offers the opportunity to sort through some of the detritus with which we’ve surrounded ourselves and decide what needs to stay and what needs to go.

There are two important questions to consider as we do so. For every possession, every thought, habit or feeling, we must ask: Does it limit or liberate? Does it raise or reduce our energy? This is all that matters now and learning how to make decisions based upon these two questions alone will greatly enhance our ability to recreate ourselves and our lives as this year progresses. Some things are easier to let go than others. The euphoria of a good clear out which refreshes the space around us may be short lived if we continue to cling to the better camouflaged features in our lives: those which blend in so well we barely notice them and the space they occupy. Most likely they are thoughts and feelings which have been around so long and become such an intrinsic part of our nature they are simply scenery much like the sky: always there so we tend to walk on without looking up and noticing it. ‘That’s just the way I am’ we tell ourselves if life brings them to our attention. ‘Nothing’s going to change that bit of me. Like it or lump it’. Or it may be something we identify with so strongly that the notion of releasing it feels akin to cutting off a hand, and why on earth would we want to do that?! Until, that is, we reflect upon those questions: Does it limit or liberate? Does it raise or reduce our energy? Frank answers may reveal exactly how far these treasured thoughts, feelings and possessions have served to keep us chained.

When traversing the domain of Aquarius our thoughts must take us so far outside the box that it becomes a mere dot on the horizon. Simultaneously the nature of our mind is reflected back to us in every aspect of our lives, somewhat like a prism refracting and reflecting light in all its frequencies at once. What we think becomes our world: the people in it, the possessions we choose, the place we live, the job we do, the person we are. All are shaped by our mind and our relationship with it. When energy builds in this Air sign we have an opportunity to renew and refresh our mental world which, in turn, refreshes everything around and within us. Given an on-going T Square formed by Pluto, Uranus and the North Node throughout this month, the impact of questioning ourselves and our lives in this way will be felt profoundly as we begin to recognise just how deeply we have believed the mind’s lies: playing small to manage anxiety and fear or clinging fast to fading truths which no longer hold water, purely because the prospect of living with the limbo of their absence feels too nihilistic to be bearable. But bear it we can, and we must, if we are to create the space in which the new can germinate its seeds as the year progresses.

The Full Moon in Cancer on 4th/5th January supports this quest, offering an opportunity to discover the powerfully creative energies which can be unleashed by just such self-enquiry. It illuminates our tendency to identify with certain aspects of the self and conveniently over look those misaligned with our desired self-image. Simultaneously it invites us to expand that self-image in ways that may previously have felt beyond our reach. It demands some risks whilst rewarding them with a heightened understanding of what constitutes the self and the power we have over its shape and character. The subsequent New Moon in Aquarius on 20th January offers the opportunity to capitalise on this understanding, enabling the insights we have gained in the intervening days to be concretised into manifest change and new beginnings. We can begin to experience, rather than simply believe, the fact that redefining who we are can become the very bedrock of change in our lives, and that we must be prepared to relinquish not only that which we know to be holding us back but also that to which we cling for security in the face of unknowable and unpredictable change. If we want things to be different from here on in, if we want 2015 to be a year in which we manifest the fruits of our commitment to growth and expansion, we must be willing to give up even those things we were so sure would be part of our future, a core aspect of our essential self.

This call to place everything on the altar and see what happens is one of the most profound challenges of this evolutionary time for it takes us outside of our ‘spiritual comfort zone’ in which we expand only as much and as far as safety and security will allow. It highlights our tendency to compare ourselves to others rather than to our own potential. To find those with whom we wish to align and those with whom we don’t and then mould ourselves accordingly, failing to take into account our own unique path and the need to be who we are, not emulate the path of another. The truths so central to someone else’s life may be beyond redundant in our own and we need to discover now if that’s true. Indeed, our own truths, so precious up to now, may also prove to be little more than empty concepts and meaningless words in the face of the burgeoning possibilities awaiting us the other side of letting go.

Throughout this month it is internal stressors rather than external challenges in need of attention. No matter the trigger, external or not, attending to how we react and respond is essential now if we want to move forward in a positive and meaningful direction. Much has fallen away from us in recent years, including old beliefs and outmoded ways of living. What we have left now is a mixture of new possibilities and old habits so deeply ingrained they feel as much a part of ourselves as our own heartbeat. For the former to flourish we need to take the latter in hand. We do this by honing our focus on how we interpret the events of our lives, the behaviour of those around us and the complexities presented each day merely by being human. Understanding others and the external world is useful in its place, but nothing can beat the precious gifts of self-knowledge and intimacy with our own psyche, self-possession and sovereignty in all that we do. These are the qualities to contemplate this month as we navigate our way into the realm of Aquarius, refreshing our minds with the waters of universal knowledge. No matter how insightful we may be about others, it is knowledge about ourselves which draws the highest price right now. Forget finger pointing, idealisation, criticism or blame. None of these avoidance tactics have a role to play this month. They simply distract us from what matters by focusing our attention ‘out there’ instead of ‘in here’!

Mercury stations retrograde in Aquarius on 21st January, supporting our quest for wisdom and insight. If we have struggled to look within rather than reacting without, this about turn will help us shift our focus inwards, to reflection before reaction. We can best use this retrograde passage of Mercury to review the beliefs which shape our experience of the world and explore how life would look if we could let them go. Whilst following through on such reflections may prove to be more complex than merely thinking a different thought, playing around with what we could believe about the world may be just the motivation we need to recognise the far from insignificant potential that new thoughts have to change the world. Especially if they come energised by our commitment to perceive in a new way and resist the seductive urge to slip back into old mental ruts which feel so familiar whilst robbing us of future potential.

Come the final few days of January we encounter the first flavours of the next major alignment to get a grip at the end of this year: a Saturn/Neptune square. Whatever we hold to be true and however sacred we perceive that truth to be, we must be prepared to let it go if necessary. For ultimately all belief is simply mind-matter which distracts us from direct experience of life itself in all its paradoxical and confusing glory. This month’s emphasis on knowing the mind and how it functions serves to forge a foundation of wise reflection we can build upon in the coming months. The ability to detach from the activity of the mind and observe it rather than be consumed by it will stand us in good stead this year. January 2015 provides plenty of opportunity to experience for ourselves the fruits of doing so.

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