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Dearest Friends,

knowing and sensing What and Who you could Be, when you transcend separation –  how are YOU growing into That, to enter the path of Self-or God-Discovery? Firstly you purify and let go what no longer serves you on that path.

It requires a conscious process, facing what stands in the way. Without it there cannot be growth, there cannot be awakening, especially not an awakening on the most profound level, the awakening from the dream altogether.

The path is in the long beginning very tangible, down to earth, very concrete and not in the clouds. In fact, the true way is never somewhere in the clouds. You will feel your hidden emotions and motives which you rather wanted to forget, because situations arise where you have no choice but to accept them, – for the sake of letting them go. This allows you to rise in consciousness and frequency. It is a preparation to recognize the Ultimate.

But inspite of all of that –  you cannot Awaken from that dream by yourself, only very, very few are destined for It because of profound Self-Mastery achieved in former states of existence.

The ego or mind cannot become Divine Consciousness because it is not its nature. Rather it must be transcended as it stands in the way of your Awakening. Therefore secondly, you need for this last and Great step the Help and Grace of a Perfect Divine Master, a Master Who descended from the Divine Source Itself to here, and Whose Consciousness is Divine Source Itself. He Is The One to Transmit His Divine State to you. This has always been so since ancient times and has not changed today, although New Age teachings claim, the ego can liberate itself.

Did you consider what pulls you out of the matrix of your mind? How do you enter the space of mindlessness, That Radiant Space, in which your body-mind is arising? Even the temporary stillness that might alternate with your busy mind in meditation is still part of the Great Maya, it is mind-borne and therefore not the Absolute Stillness of the Ultimate.

It is impossible to transcend the body-mind with the means and on the grounds of the body-mind. To try that you would continue to be the body-mind, no matter how subtle you are. But the truth is: nothing else but the body-mind, or even the light-body-mind is available to you in that process, where even God or Ultimate Consciousness remains merely an idea of your mind, as long as you are identified with it.

And generally there is no awareness that there is a difference between the idea of God (an “other” being) and Real God, or the Subjective Divine Reality, Consciousness, Source, the Field of Eternal Love-Bliss. The God in the dream is merely an idea about the Ultimate.

Don’t betray yourself: what you consider to be God, is a God in the dream. He is not the Whole Truth and remains therefore always an image of the Infinite, like a veil that hides the Truth, even if thin, perhaps with the experience of energy, light and higher love, but cannot be compared with the Ultimate Clarity and Power of Supreme Radiant Reality and Love-Bliss.

Because the God, imagined with the body-mind is only a pale reflection of Truth. In this reflection the ego-mind would think it is God itself. While you remain identified with the body-mind, you perceive “God” as an “other”, a from you separate Being, whereas in Truth there is no separation, but Only God, or Truth or Divine Reality That Includes you.

The apparent impossibility of Realization from the ego’s point of view might confuse you, and you might become upset that you can do nothing whatsoever to realize the Truth on your own.

So it is about surrender in Love.The ego-will and -effort can do nothing. No ingenious technique is available. The body-mind needs a Divine Revelation to understand That. The Divine Revelation comes from the Unfathomable Other Shore. It is not enclosed on your shore of limitations. And this Revelation is given by Grace.

How does this work? It is Mysterious. It can never be understood with the ego-mind, with the usual spiritual means and for sure not with the many false New Age teachings, driven by illusions. It is a KOAN. And therefore it is your deep heart-desire for Truth that  penetrates the forest of your mind. What is really desirably other than Truth? There is no greater Happiness, Beauty and Freedom than in Truth.

How to fulfill this heart-desire? Follow your truest heart! And doors will open. Opportunities will suddenly appear, because your very essence of light that yearns to meet the Supreme Being, is creating it.

There is always Divine Grace but you must be prepared to open up to It, to transcend and heal the obstacles to receive It. To purify the energy channels of your body, and to recognize the very depth and bottomlessness of your heart beyond the body-mind to become truly Free.

If you still think proudly you have already discovered all your spiritual potentials and that you are already fully enlightened, please consider that you still remain in the box of the body-mind, and you are not even aware of it because your involvement in the matrix is so deep, the programing is so overwhelming, the glue is so dense and blinding. So many illusions are holding their power over you.

The biggest obstacle is to believe to be free, while you are still captured in your bondage, because you have never really left the box. This is not about astral travel or OBE’s, what’s leaving here the physical body is just your subtle body-mind, exposed to many cosmic forces. Ultimate Freedom is the Realization of Divine Consciousness. It has no concepts, no worlds, no dreams. It Is Fully Awake. It Is The All That Is.

It is said, one must so desperately desire Truth as if one’s head is held under water, yearning for air.

With all my love to your heart!

If you need assistance to come to this point of right understanding and to find your truest heart, I offer you my support, so that you might find the Grace of Divine Help. What I have conveyed in my GOD-SELF messages, reflects my own experiences, and does not come from my imagination. 

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Energy Update: Coming Home by Jenny Schiltz

Energy Update: Coming Home by



It has been a while since I blogged an energy update because I have been so deep in the changes myself. It really is an extraordinary time of not only physical changes but profound changes in how we think of the world and ourselves. It has been said many times that this time period is the time in which truth comes to light. Most of the time when I have seen this reference it is followed by upcoming revelations within the government, pharmaceuticals, and corruption throughout the world. Yet, that negates what is truly happening with the energies.

We are being shown the truth deep within ourselves. We are being exposed completely. All that we thought we understood, our very foundation is being rattled. Our shadow, our inner child will no longer stay in the back ground, it is rising up to show us our patterns, where we have limited ourselves and where we still hold deep pain. No longer can we minimize our experiences because they have had such a huge impact. This is not to say that we need to rehash them or relive them, it is to simply say – it is time the truth arises.

When I say the words, the shadow must come to light, I almost want to roll my own eyes and say “I’ve done shadow work, I have embraced myself.” Yet, through all the work, I know in my heart that I am now exploring another level. When we first begin this journey we start to look at who we are, our light and our dark sides and at times the mood swings seem to take us to either end of the spectrum. Each swing is showing us how light we can be and also just how much is hidden.

As we look into both sides of the spectrum, we begin to accept our light and also our darkness. We begin to heal.  It is not that the light overcomes the shadow, it is simply that we learn to love all parts of ourselves. What was hidden, is now being loved and accepted and integrated into the whole.

As we merge more with our light and our shadow, the mood swings become fewer. Yet when they do occur, we seem to go deeper and deeper. Exploring the deepest recesses of our subconscious and where the beliefs, pattering and programming were created.

What arises does not come up just for you to know it is there but for you to see where it has affected you, conditioned you, and held you back. “The truth shall set you free” has so much meaning right now. Our job is to look at what we are being shown, see not the event (s) but to see what beliefs we created or adopted and how it has impacts us in this now.  Once it is realized, we can then overwrite it.

Healing ourselves, making ourselves whole is a process and we are only shown what we are ready to heal now. It is not a one shot deal.   The goal is to heal ourselves, integrate the shadow and the light; love each part of ourselves completely so that we are the walking embodiment of our soul essence.

With the accelerated timeline now anchored in, there is a push for us to see our shadow, love it, and embrace it. Then we can begin to rewrite the patterns by choosing different, by seeing the faulty logic that created them.

For many during these energy blasts there are moments of pure bliss, of feeling connected. We get a taste of that higher light and where we are headed and it feels wonderful. As you progress on this journey the times and duration in which you flow in that frequency get much longer. What is difficult is dealing with the crash, the fall down into feeling sadness, despair or disconnection. I asked my highest aspect why we experience these dips and she explained that with each increase in light (frequency) all that cannot be sustained in that light must go.  All of our shadow, our deep wounds come up, louder and louder, so that it can be resolved and balanced within.

Understand that for us to be our pure soul essence, completely embodied, all of our parts must merge back into our whole. Our shadow, inner child, soul pieces left behind and aspects of self. They must all be healed, reconciled and merged within. This is no small task and it takes tremendous time and effort to bring all of ourselves home. When we don’t take the time to do the inner child work, to dive into the recesses of our shadow or to find the soul pieces left behind it will become evident in our reality. We will be shown time and time again, in our relationships and inner dialog what our patterns and wounds are until you put all the pieces together.

Using sleep intentions have been a huge help for me. Each night I check in as I am going to sleep and let my guides know how I am doing physically, emotionally, mentally and what I need assistance with. It does not matter if you are able to hear them, know that they hear you.  I began asking for assistance with bringing all my parts home, to be shown the pieces of the shadow that were buried deep, and what patterning and beliefs needed to go. It has been quite a journey, but one where I am actually understanding what needs to heal and how to heal it.

As you experience the beautiful energy coming in, allow it to you a world full of possibilities. As you then experience the dips, allow it to show you where you have created limitations and let them go.  This energy is changing everything, not overnight, not in a blink of an eye, but moment by moment. You are coming home, home to you, your full essence, allow yourself to see what is not sustainable within you any longer.

I recently was led to see a childhood experience from a new light.  I always suspected there was more to an invasive, inappropriate bath given to me by my uncle, but I did not allow myself to look deeper. When I did look deeper the more I was shown and understood. I realized that though the incident were out of my control, my 6 year old self felt quite differently. The child felt deep guilt, shame and a lack of trust. During a shamanic journey, I was shown that this child still lived feeling this profound pain and did not think it was worthy of being part of me now.

The guide I call ‘grandmother’ brought this child to me during a journey and when I looked into her large brown eyes, her pain was palatable. She hung her head in shame. I grabbed and held her, stroked her hair and told her the truth – the truth was that she had no reason to feel shame, nor guilt and that she could trust me, us.  That I forgave her for whatever she felt she needed forgiven for, but that she didn’t have anything to be forgiven for. She was loved and had done nothing wrong. She looked into my eyes and sensing that I meant it, gave me a smile. I saw her then meld into my heart chakra becoming part of me again.  The grandmother told me that it was my job to make sure the child felt save, loved and secure. I decided to write on my bathroom mirror as a reminder “You are loved, you are safe, and you can trust you”.  I say it out loud every time I see it, allowing it to sink to my core and comfort the child. The other day I woke and saw so clearly within my mind a little blonde haired girl happily jump roping while singing “Miss Mary Black, Black, Black, All dressed in black…” I smiled and thought… I’m home.

Sending you all lots of love and support as we go through this deep work. Thank you so much to all who share this, it means the world.


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**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! **

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February 2015 Astro-Energy Report: Wiping the Slate Clean By Sarah Varcas

February 2015 Astro-Energy Report: Wiping the Slate Clean
By Sarah Varcas

February looks set to be one of the most powerful months of the year, in which we taste the first flavours of the Saturn/Neptune square set to dominate 2016. If we want to find ourselves ahead of the game at that point, we can use this month to discern where beliefs keep us stuck, a need for guarantees before action prevents progress or a desire for transcendence causes us to side-step the very things which can catalyse it in the long run. These cosmic partners remind us that we cannot release what we refuse to embrace and we cannot overcome challenge with avoidance, only with commitment to journey through and be transformed in the process. This backdrop alone provides us with all the fuel we need for our journey this month, but it forms only a small part of what the cosmos has in store!

The month begins with Mars (masculine) conjunct Chiron, and Venus (feminine) conjunct Neptune, all in the final sign of the zodiac, Pisces. This gathering of polarities in the sign which seeks to return to the One Sacred Source signifies an alchemical time. We may find ourselves on shifting ground, even sinking sand. Yet beneath the unsettling sense that something presumed solid is in fact melting beneath us, exists a deeper knowing that all is in divine order and only that which is false can be lost. The Real never dies. Mars conjunct Chiron speaks of the wounded and diminished masculine, puffed up to control and impose for fear that simple presence will not be enough to garner respect. Here we meet patriarchy in all its glory: brutal but terrified, controlling and yet disempowered. Whilst evidence suggests there are gendered winners and losers when it comes to patriarchal power, in fact we are all harmed by its imposition of priorities and values which, by their very nature, disconnect us from our true and whole self. Be it the injunction that men relinquish their sensitivity or women surrender their warrior rage, we are all made less by beliefs which falsely define who and what we essentially are.

Whilst the conjunction between Neptune and Venus highlights the compassion vital for the journey from fracturing patriarchy to alchemical reintegration, a square from Saturn reminds us the most enduring compassion has a backbone of steel. It resists exploitation and acts to challenge the notion that power can be won or lost. Instead true power resides within each one of us as a birthright and must be honoured as such. Not the power to control another but to define ourselves and live the life of our choosing. As this month begins, the cosmos illuminates the wounds at the heart of patriarchy alongside the potential within each and every one of us to heal them. Doing so requires fierce compassion – for ourselves and others – oftentimes painful purgation and a willingness to face the victim, aggressor and survivor within us all. As we heal ourselves we heal the whole, no longer perpetuating the split within our personal and collective psyches so often expressed as patriarchal power.

Which of course brings us to the issue of relationships: a most fertile ground for growth and transformation not least because within them we encounter so often our wounds. This month we must pay close and compassionate attention to how we react and respond, create and destroy in our interaction with others. The time is ripe to acknowledge dynamics and obstacles we repeatedly encounter. In honestly doing so we can recognise the primal wounds in need of healing. Wounds suffered long before we met the people now in our lives but which are nonetheless reanimated by  current intimacy.

A Full Moon in Leo on 3rd/4th February invites us to view our world and the people in it as a shared adventure not a fight to the death! If we can replace blame (of ourselves or others) with acknowledgement that life is born of consequences, one after the other, this Moon can help us recognise connections without lapsing into victimhood and solutions which promote understanding rather than discord. There exists great hope in this Moon and immense possibility if we see fit to claim its blessing for ourselves. We can, however, remain stubbornly blind to its wisdom thereby widening the interpersonal gap. Be warned though: such stubbornness may create powerfully karmic echoes which return to us when we least expect it and most wish to avoid them! At a time as powerful as this nothing we do is insignificant, so wise reflection on decisions to be made and behaviour indulged is vital now.

Mercury stations direct on 11th after three weeks retrograde. Issues avoided in the past few weeks may make themselves undeniably felt at this point, especially if they simply drain our energy and hinder our activity. False peace is no peace at all, and words unspoken do not remain silent but instead hang in the air creating atmospheres and disharmony even as they resist articulation. We simply cannot afford to live this way anymore. The cost is too great and our time too precious to waste in the grey half-life of unfinished business and inauthenticity. It can be tough to speak the truth for sure, not least when it demands change so deep and wide we fear we may never emerge from its grip. But as Mercury prepares to move forward once again we must consider more deeply than ever before the true cost, to ourselves, others and the world around us, of living in denial and fear of what, deep down, we know to be incontrovertibly true.

The 14th sees a Yod form between Pluto, Chiron and Jupiter which remains for the rest of the month. This is an intense alignment which points to expanded consciousness and deeper insight, born of a willingness to let go our woundedness and remake ourselves anew. This alone takes courage, for whilst we each desire to heal, the prospect of doing so can trigger all manner of fears about what it truly means and the path we must walk to get there. We may well want to be healed but forever sidestep the very emotions, experiences and memories we must face in order to be so. There is no bypass to wholeness. We must travel through the very centre of our being, through the core of our grief, shame, rage, despair, in order to know it from the inside and emerge renewed into a life in which those things no longer call the shots from the shadows. Our willingness to do this now, to step onto the path of the deepest and most liberating healing is supported by a cosmos so vast that no matter how great the emotion we must face it remains a tiny speck in the midst of swirling galaxies. Whilst we fear our own ability to face the intensity of our inner world the universe offers vast space to contain all that we are, shrinking from nothing. This Yod invites us to embrace the inner storm, step into it, journey to its still centre and recognise that only once we have known the stillness amidst the devastation can we come out the other side into wholeness. This is the warrior’s journey, riding into battle facing certain death of the false self in order to claim back one’s life from the clutches of fear.

A Black Moon (2nd New Moon in a solar month) on 18th/19th February assists us in this journey. Whilst all New Moons signal a time of silence to honour the stirrings of new birth, this Moon – on the cusp between Aquarius and Pisces – insists that the new is truly new, not simply a rehash of previous attempts to secure an improved outcome from less than fundamental change. This is not an ‘okay I’ll give it another go’ Moon, but a ‘time to pull out all the stops and really show my commitment to change’ Moon. This is our first big opportunity this year to collectively shift stagnant energy which keeps us all stuck in past patterns and sterile circumstances. The more people who can do that now the better, for the potential of this Moon cannot manifest without a deep ‘yes’ to whatever is necessary to shift us into wakefulness. It may feel like loss or compromise but if we follow through we will discover it to simply be freedom from ties that bind and attachments that limit our potential to embody truth.

A conjunction between Venus and Mars holds sway for the final two weeks of February. It reminds us that the sacred marriage of masculine and feminine – opposites which create a whole – is not simply a metaphor for balance but a living, breathing process woven though the very fabric of our lives. Whilst we encounter their archetypal presence most directly through our experience of gender, we must not allow such obvious polarities to divide us, for at our very core we are neither male nor female, man nor woman, god nor goddess, but an alchemical fusion of both and more: a potent force of creative and destructive power, none of which is right or wrong but simply part of the universal order. On 21st and 22nd February, having just entered Aries, Mars and then Venus cross the celestial equator into the Northern hemisphere, bringing their energy more forcefully into our present moment awareness, releasing it from hooks and ties to the past. It is time to rethink gender, to deconstruct the meaning assigned it throughout patriarchal history and consider its role as we step forward into the Aquarian Age. There are no answers offered here, no hard and fast rules, only questions posed and doubts raised to subvert our innate identification with the most fundamental duality of existence. All this alongside a cosmic reminder that we are not who we think we are and neither is anyone else!

Maintaining an open mind in the face of the seemingly incontrovertible is vital these days. Accepting the status quo and seeking only those changes which nevertheless maintain it, is part of the old world now dissolving. The change demanded by the burgeoning Aquarian Age is of an entirely new order. It blows apart preconceptions and prejudices, challenges long held notions of right and wrong and upholds Truth with a capital ‘T’ in the face of half truths, deceptions and lies so cosy and familiar we barely know they’re there. And the explosion begins with us, in us, as we allow the hardened shell of ‘this is how the world works’ to be broken open revealing unanswered questions and unrealised truths. As February comes to a close we must be prepared to know nothing. For in this divine ignorance we will discover the blessings of emptiness and the rich potential of a collective slate wiped clean.

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Sarah Varcas

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September 2014 Astro-Energy Report: Times They Are A-Changin’ By Sarah Varcas

September 2014 Astro-Energy Report

Naiad Bathing

Times They Are A-Changin’
By Sarah Varcas

“After the intense pressure (both positive and negative) many have experienced during August, September 2014 comes as something of a relief! It offers a break of sorts during which we can catch our breath, take some time out and settle into our ‘new normal’. There has been a recent energetic theme which can best be characterised as the ‘return of the repressed’. This Freudian term is used to denote the emergence into consciousness of repressed thoughts, feelings and memories many of which we may have believed were over and done with. Such a process often occurs at times of intense change, largely because it is our unconscious which conspires to prevent us from changing in fundamentally life-altering ways. During a time such as we have been through these past few months, the gates to the unconscious are flung open with every suppressed fear, denied emotion, ignored desire bursting out to assault our senses and do its level best to keep us from stepping out of our comfort zone. Just when we thought we’d dealt with our lack of self-worth bam! Self-hatred rears its ugly head the likes of which we’ve not encountered in a long time. Just when we thought that depression we struggled with for so long was healed, there it is again, penetrating every corner with its heavy, oppressive presence. Just when we thought we’d really got to grips with ‘this whole compassion thing’, we can’t bear to be in the same room as anyone else for fear of ripping their head off! We can end up feeling like nothing has changed and we’re simply the same person we were a year, two years, ten or twenty years ago!!

The other side of this coin is the rapid shifts which have taken place for many in the past couple of months. Positive progress has abounded in some peoples’ lives, but even this doesn’t come without its stresses! Big change often comes without guarantees. We know what we have to do and that doing it is now unavoidable, but we don’t know what the outcome will be, only that we cannot remain where we are. We take a leap of faith and hope for the best. Wherever we find ourselves on this spectrum of experience, September offers an opportunity to process more deeply all that has happened in recent weeks, and come home to ourselves in the midst of all this change.

Throughout September an alliance between Saturn in Scorpio and the North Node in Libra provides the energetic backdrop. It encourages us to own up to aspects of our shadow-self which may have been causing concern and allow them to show us where and how they need to be accommodated to align with the flow of life at this time. The problem with the shadow is that we allow it to isolate and shame us into silence. That’s why we repress it, denying the thoughts and feelings which cause us so much consternation. Anger, despair, hatred, jealousy, fear, feelings of rejection, of unworthiness, any or all of these and more can be cast into the unconscious in order to keep our every day consciousness free of such troublesome emotions. The process seems tidy and efficient, but in practice it doesn’t work so well. The amount of energy used up trying to keep everything hidden, albeit unconsciously, is energy we don’t have available for our own well-being. It’s like leaving an electrical appliance plugged in, using up power when we don’t need to. It’s costly and unnecessary. Energy is precious. It requires respect!

The funniest thing about the unconscious is that we all have one and mostly its contents are the same as everyone else’s. The details may vary a bit, but basically it’s the usual morass of anger, lust, envy, fear blah, blah, blah. We’re simply hiding what we all share, but somehow, somewhere along the line we’ve picked up the belief that it’s only us who has these feelings and we really need to make sure no one else finds out otherwise there’ll be all kinds of trouble!! This is how we collectively prevent anyone else owning up and ensuring that no one points out what’s really going on in the human psyche.

So why am I saying all this? Because September is a great month for normalising what we all share; for accepting, without fuss or fanfare, that we all have these strange and sometimes troublesome tendencies and it’s all part of being human, not some dreadful aberration with which only we have been burdened. Anger, jealousy, depression, hatred, despair, violent impulses, lust, whatever it is we’re not owning up to we can rest assured there are thousands out there not owning up to the same things!! It’s what makes us human, apparently! We don’t need to make a huge drama out of it, wailing and beating our chests. Simply accepting that all this mess comes with the human territory can clear away a whole load of pain and stress right there! September can be ‘coming out of the unconscious closet’ month and if we make it work we’ll all feel significantly more relaxed by the end of it!

After the first week of the month, during which we can settle into the terrain of low-drama ‘this is just the way it is’, we have a Full Moon in Pisces conjunct Chiron. This is a powerfully healing Moon, but it may come with exceptionally heightened sensitivity for a couple of days either side. Be sure to schedule in some time out and avoid stressful environments and activities if possible. When Chiron is lit up by a Full Moon there is enormous healing power to ‘download’ but as the healing brings us back to a state of wholeness the imbalances previously maintained may become particularly evident for a while. If so it may be useful to remember that energy is simply energy, neither good nor bad, just neutral, so whatever ails us can be transmuted into something that heals us if we let it. If however, we identify too strongly with the pain and distress we solidify it and create energetic structures which are far tougher to transmute and shift.

This Full Moon speaks of healing needed due to our previous avoidance of difficult emotions. The imbalances it seeks to correct are those created by denial. It asks us to feel fully whatever arises now, no matter how much we believe doing so will overwhelm us. It won’t. And in allowing the feelings to be felt fully and without judgement we are inviting healing into our lives and allowing our energy field to rebalance and realign. This is a time to watch our thoughts with an air of detachment, to refuse to believe what they tell us about ourselves. We are not our thoughts nor our feelings, but something altogether more constant and dependable which rests beneath them. We are the presence which can watch thoughts and feelings come and go, the life force which hums gently beneath all drama, passion, despair, joy and rage. This Full Moon calls us to identify with that, not the fleeting content of mind, and to know ourselves as something altogether more present and vibrant.

A few days after the Full Moon, Mars enters Sagittarius (on 13th/14th September) offering a lift and some positive energy to power our journey. This shift of Mars comes with inspiration and motivation. The healing from the Full Moon can really make its mark now as we move forward increasingly unencumbered by old energies which restrict and define us in ways no longer fitting for who we are. Mars remains in Sagittarius until the end of October, so we have a useful ally here who can help keep us upbeat during the down times and focused on the goal when getting there seems like a burdensome struggle. The 16th September sees further in-coming support in the form of an alliance between Uranus, Chiron and Jupiter remaining until the beginning of October. Freedom is most definitely in the air here, if we choose to claim it. But it must be a choice and we have to commit to following through on the choice, even when the going gets tough! This is not freedom without a price. This freedom comes at the expense of security, certainty and predictability. It challenges our assumptions and cuts shackles we may prefer to keep right now, thank you very much! But if we can allow those shackles to be cut and keep the faith that in doing so something greater can emerge in our lives, the final two weeks of September sees us laying the groundwork for the two eclipses in October, the first of which (Lunar Eclipse on 8th October GMT) packs a particularly liberating punch! (More on that nearer the time..).

The 22nd September GMT sees Pluto stationing direct in Capricorn. Retrograde since mid April, it has uncovered some dark and painful places both personally and collectively. Issues of power and power-over, revenge, resentment and hatred have been rife alongside a strengthening of those prepared to look such suffering in the face and see it through and out the other side into clarity and freedom. The about- turn of Pluto this month adds weight to the theme of normalising the shadow so we can all own up. There’s no need for shame or fear if we’re prepared to own it and work with it consciously, getting to know our own psyche at a deeper and infinitely more intimate level. Many of us seek intimacy with others, especially that ‘special’ other, but we shy from intimacy with ourselves first and foremost. The heavens this month call us to self-intimacy before all else: a willingness to give up shame and embrace all that we are and all that we have to share with others.

A New Moon in the second degree of Libra on 24th September heralds the start of an eclipse season  which lasts until the end of October. The Sabian Symbol for this degree signifies an increase in the frequency of light, a vibrational upgrade, setting the scene for the coming eclipses in October and providing clear and unequivocal indication of their potential! It is very encouraging to see this zodiac degree accented now, after this month’s themes. Ah, the power of acceptance to enlighten and illuminate! This New Moon does exactly that, demonstrating what all this challenging inner work has been in aid of.

The month comes to a close with the Sun and Neptune in a quincunx alignment from 26th to 30th, connecting the divine will with our own personal one. This connection comes not without challenge as we may discover in stark terms precisely where we are unwilling to surrender to a higher understanding, preferring our personal perspective for a while longer! No worries: we can only go as far as we can go, and if we need to stick around where we are that’s fine too. An eclipse season always comes with stops and starts, and if this is a stop, a start will be on its tail before we know it! So wherever we find ourselves come the month end we can be sure of one thing: times they are a-changing and we with them.”

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Sarah Varcas

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The Rainbow Scribe: HILARION 2014: July 13-20, 2014 by Marlene Swetlishoff

     HILARION 2014

July 13-20, 2014

Beloved Ones,


The way forward is to go within as much as possible during the next few weeks. There is a lot of activity taking place on the energetic levels on both the surface of the Earth, within the Earth and on the higher etheric levels. It is a time of great changes and this is becoming more evident with each passing day. Staying centered and aligned to your higher truth will help you move through this period with greater ease and grace. It is also very helpful to connect with the natural world around you by spending more time outdoors as this helps to keep you grounded and connected with the Earth energies. Immersing yourselves in water frequently can be very soothing, cleansing and healing to your well being. By keeping your exposure to the daily news at a minimum, you will fare well. There is much that is being kept hidden during these times but that cannot last for too much longer.


Those who have held power behind the scenes in every country of the world will not be able to keep their secret activities from being exposed to the world at large. The new energy influxes demand transparency in all interactions between all parties on the global scene and also amongst all people in general. The time for secrets is over. Every cell in every inhabitant upon the Earth is being transmuted, purified and transformed. There is soon to come a time when any darkness or shadow will be clearly seen within each person’s auric field and this revelation will assist everyone to walk in their light and live in truth and integrity. The veils between the worlds are fast dissolving and those at the forefront who have blazed a trail through contact with the higher dimensions will now find it much easier to bring through greater knowledge and wisdom to be shared with all who are searching for answers.


Forgive yourselves, Dear Ones, for being human, for you are creating a new and magnificent form that will far exceed previous ones on many levels. It is your very humanness that is most appreciated by the legions of higher dimensional beings who observe the growth and expansion taking place within you. Each of you is viewed as a true and courageous pioneer on a new and wondrous frontier as you learn to use your abilities and align these to the greater good of all, even though you must go through the same experiences as the rest of humanity. It has not been an easy path for any of you in this lifetime but keep in mind that this is THE lifetime where you emerge victorious in the light of your true magnificence!


It is the soul qualities that you express and that you earn through the school of life on a physical planet that makes you such a powerful and unique being throughout the cosmos. These experiences are what are taken into the higher dimensions of life in the universe. The things of the lower dimensions must be transmuted into a higher light in order to stay with you. This is why there has been so much that needed to be released and let go. This process is still in effect and will continue to be in operation until every vestige of lower vibrational imprint is purified within every person’s body and energy field. The more of humanity who can bring in their full light body presence, the quicker the acceleration into ascension can take place.

These times call for transmutation through the use of the violet fire decree and this powerful spiritual tool is available to all. Daily use is very helpful, not only for personal use but also for transmuting the energies that surround the Earth at this time. Use this mighty alchemical process with a light heart and the feeling of joy within your hearts. The light at the end of the tunnel draws near.


Until next week…


I AM Hilarion


©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

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SaLuSa 27 June 2014 ~ via Mike Quinsey

SaLuSa  27 June 2014 ~ via Mike Quinsey

“The changes continue to proceed as planned, and will bring about the anticipated changes that will bring you freedom from the activities of the dark Ones. Their power and control carries less weight and those who work for the Light are gaining more confidence as each day passes. So much good work is taking place and as it continues to spread, the dark Ones find that they are having less and less influence. It is you the people that carry the responsibility for spreading the Light, but we can assist where you have already made decisions to begin the process of change. Do not worry if at first progress appears to be slow as momentous changes cannot be achieved overnight, and are more likely to be successful when care and attention are given. We oversee your work and at all times will do our best to guide you and ensure your success. More and more souls are awakening to their real selves and seeking more power to achieve their vision of permanent peace upon Earth. It will come and is already affecting decisions being made to prevent any future wars from taking place.

The role of the Lightworker is to be inspired and bring more people to the realisation that the future is taking shape, and the voices that have influence are no longer prepared to go along with those who advocate war to solve problems. At long last it is being realised that war is futile and that there are no winners in the sense that all who are involved suffer loss of one kind or another. When you look back you will realise that using war to achieve your aims is often short lived, and at last there is an understanding that peaceful negotiation is the only way to solve differences. As you will find out in due course, wars are often contrived to set one against another and neither benefit as a result. As time has passed more and more people have tired of being used to settle differences, and now see that there are other ways which are far more acceptable. You are currently seeing the result of religious prejudice fuel the differences between some nations, and we wish we could get the message to them that you are all One. There is only One God of Absolute Love for all souls regardless of their colour or beliefs. However, there will come a time when it will be accepted that you are One Race, with the same destiny and eternally loved by the One God of All.

The elusive peace that you seek will first come to individuals who have accepted the Oneness of all Souls, and through them others will also follow. All knowledge is carried within, and those of you who feel particularly intuitive are able to measure the value and truthfulness of any message. There will however still be those who totally rely on others to walk the path with them. For them it is part of their necessary experience and as they become more understanding of the truth of their real selves, they will gain the confidence to travel their own path. Often the changes are the result of many lives whereby they have tested their own beliefs and have moved on where they have been found wanting. As you stand at this time you are represent the totality of your experience, and cannot help but be strongly influenced by it. There are however times when you will incarnate with a stronger attachment to certain beliefs that will give you a specific experience that you need. You are in fact much greater than you presently know, and whilst on Earth you play out each role you have undertaken which can greatly vary from one incarnation to another.

You may have wondered what our beliefs are based upon, and whether we have what you know as organised religion. The simple answer is that we are sufficiently understanding of the truth and the One God, that we live by example and realise that every other soul is either our brother or sister. Therefore our love is extended to all souls, and even those of the darkness are seen as being exactly the same as all others. It must be so as you have all come from the Source of All That Is, and undertaken your experiences so as to bring the truth to others. Where you are now in the lower levels of vibration you cannot become fully ascended and remain in them, so of necessity you only incarnate with a vibration that allows you to experience as chosen. We will also point out that this is why you must respect what other souls have chosen to experience, as it is all of value and will help others to evolve. Some souls have elected to serve on Earth to help others, whilst the majority are travelling their paths as they work their way back to the higher dimensions. There is not as you say a “quick fix” and the only positive way to evolve is through personal experience, although you can also learn from others who have gone before you.

Mother Earth is also taking part in the changes, and these are of a grand scale to prepare for those that will change the very surface of the Earth. Of necessity there will be unavoidable upheaval in some places, but you rest assured that every caution will be taken to avoid loss of life. Some are inevitable but there are also souls that have expressed a desire to leave the Earth. It may sound strange or unlikely that souls would choose to leave in such a way, but release from the physical body is instantaneous. Any trauma associated with such an experience is soon overcome and forgotten. Death as such is painless but is often thought differently and this is usually due to an accompanying illness. Understanding the truth of such an experience as death prevents what is otherwise looked upon by many as a traumatic time in your life. Be assured that as soon as you pass over your loved ones will be there to greet you and make you welcome. Perhaps the most welcome surprise is that you are “whole” again and through the power of thought can also become a young person again, full of health and without any of the problems you may have had whilst on Earth.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and have today touched upon life in the higher dimensions, which is far removed from what you have experienced upon Earth. Can you imagine an existence where within certain limitations you can “think” things into existence, therefore money is not needed. That is perhaps the most significant change although as mentioned above, the prospect of permanent good health must be music to the ears of those who have had a life of ill health. You have so much to look forward to so do your best while still on Earth. I leave you with my love and blessings.”

Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey.   






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Message to the US Military [video] by Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Message to the US Military by Starship Earth: The Big Picture

“Mark Passio communicated this missive directly to the US Military. It’s a strong message and the images in his video drive home his point like a dart to the heart.

I agree it’s time many of us looked at the same old things very differently, through a new lens, to sharpen the details and bring the REAL subject into focus so we can then ascertain exactly what it is staring us in the face, what we need to do differently—and then DO that.

LIFE is different now. These are desperate times, and we must see our world for what it IS, rather than what the establishment TELLS us it is. There’s a dramatic and vile difference.

Belief systems and a lifetime of conditioning are powerful constraints to free will and critical thinking. We must get beyond those blinders.

Members of the military are relentlessly indoctrinated into the mores and discipline of the ranks; encouraged NOT to think, or question—simply follow orders. They are military first, individuals second—if at all.

As human beings we must gather knowledge, recognize truth, and act upon our innate knowing of what is right, ethical, and appropriate under these newly-revealed circumstances in our world.

At what point does it become acceptable to take innocent human lives? Civilians… women… children… babies?

Oh, there’s a war going on alright; a war for our MINDS. At what point does war free us to murder human beings?

It MUST dawn on our men and women in uniform that something is desperately wrong with our world.

Our true and rightful duty is first to self, and then to Humanity. Blindly following the orders of a corrupt body like the federal government’s military industrial complex who only hold contempt for us is a betrayal of self and Humanity.

I hope a significant number of the military will take Mark’s message to heart… and soul—and ACT accordingly. Even a dog will refuse to obey its master and jump off a cliff.  ~ BP


Montague Keen – June 15, 2014

Montague Keen – June 15, 2014
by Veronica Keen


“The light is spreading, my dear. All the hard work is paying off. The ley lines are being activated. Truth is becoming visible and it is being exposed and discussed. This is what we have been working towards for some years: the removal of the invisible bars that had enclosed and imprisoned you.


Expect the cabal to put up a fight. They will not go quietly. It is public knowledge that they have a plan to use false flag incidents in various key cities around the world on the 22 June. By making their intent public, they may change their minds, thus refraining from exposing themselves further. They are in the defensive mode. There are some factions which want to kill and destroy whatever they can as they are not good losers.


My dear, I need to make you aware of an organisation which has the objective of destroying your work and your reputation. It puts out false information about you and your work. Its members try to prevent others, like Andrew Bartzis, from working with you. They approach all who are in close contact with you. However, those who are SOLID in their beliefs and judgments will not be swayed. The cabal leaves no stone unturned in its desire to destroy you.


Your work with Andrew Bartzis must continue. Humanity is ready to hear the TRUTH. The information that you and Andrew will bring out into the open on the 20 June will expose and explain so much about Ireland to Iran. It is necessary to have this information in order to understand what is being done in your world today. It will surprise many of you and it will expose the lies and corruption that have brought humanity to its knees. You have been lied to, and these lies have cost you so much. This information has been successfully hidden. It was the first step taken in order to imprison humanity. When you know what was done, everything will fall into place.


You have existed in darkness for 2000 years. Now, you have the opportunity to change your world, and become, once more, complete beings of light. When the Dark Ones are completely removed, you will remember what you were once capable of, in times past, when you fully understood how the universe operated. You were part of it; before the vibration was altered. You must now open your minds to all possibilities. Space is no boundary. You can go faster than the speed of light. Once again, it will be proved that the scientists have got it wrong. Things can materialise and dematerialise; this has been established. Everything is thought, everything is vibration. Mankind understood this, thousands of years ago, before he was interfered with, so that the cabal could take control. I have explained many times that this is how Ireland and Egypt were able to connect. Its peoples did not need boats or planes. Now, these capabilities are coming back. Think how exciting this will be. You hold yourselves back through lack of imagination. In the future, everything will be possible.


You are on Earth at this time in order to bring about these changes. No one can stop you; not even the Dark Ones. They have tried hard to make this their world, but they have failed. They are digging their own graves by trying to continue to succeed.


LOVE IS THE KEY that can fix everything. Great joy awaits you. We are all coming together as one. When Man fully understands how the universe works, we will bring forward knowledge of these patterns of change. Then you will live at a soul level. This is the time for which you have been praying and waiting. Your efforts have brought it about; especially those wonderful souls who worked, and continue to work, on the ley lines, obelisks, and all the control symbols. You are now fully aware that these were used to imprison you, and you refuse to allow this to continue.


I am aware, my dear, that we are asking a lot of you. You did agree to this work before you returned to Earth. Yes, it is necessary for you to return to Ireland next weekend to continue what you began last month. That was a great success and the results are there for all to see. Help will come to make this easier for you. You understand what needs to be done. Ireland is waking up to the terrible truth of what its people endured during the Vatican Rule. The whole of humanity will not be free until the Vatican is exposed for what it actually is. Kevin Annett is doing exceptional work on this subject. It would be good for you both to meet and to join forces, where possible. The removal of evil must be paramount. Every last vestige of it must be removed.


Please, Veronica, enjoy Ireland and its wonderful energy. The people are the salt of the Earth.


Take a little time to relax. We do not ask you to work twenty four hours a day. You need time to unwind and relax occasionally. There is no better place on Earth to do so than Ireland. You need to recharge your batteries in order to complete our work.


Forever by your side. Your adoring, Monty.”


Website: The Montague Keen Foundation


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Cosmic Weather – Full Moon Report for June 13, 2014 a message from Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

Full Moon in Sagittarius – June 13th, 2014: Healing Hearts and Lady Liberty

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free; the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me: I lift my lamp beside the golden door. – Emma Lazarus (Quote on the Statue of Liberty, New York.)

Hello friends. Welcome to what promises to be a Full Moon of considerable power and punch. How so, you may ask? Well first of all, it falls on a Friday the 13th which does give it a more mystical, unusual flavor. There are also some significant other aspects riding along with it including a Mars-Pluto square. If you can get past the irritations and dogma that may be coming at you, these lunar energies will prove to be powerfully transformative, that is, for the folks that choose to utilize their highest potential. As I reported on the “Hall of Mirrors” effect regarding the energies of the month of June, this Full Moon will also be significant in our own “hero/ines journey” that is currently at hand.

Jupiter moves into LEO in 2014 accentuating the momentum of fire and action started by the green wood horse and the cardinal squares. Expect the second half of 2014 to be grand action!

Vibrational Upgrade Alert: This Full Moon is also riding on the coattails of some of the strongest Solar Flare X and M-Class activity that we’ve had in many months. The Universe is not playin’ as the saying goes. Be sure to practice the usual good self-care including proper hydration and rest. Also, a healthy dose of patience and compassion for ourselves and others, certainly wouldn’t hurt.

The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon at 23º Sagittarius is: The torch and spiked crown of the Statue of Liberty.

This is such a clear and powerful image, especially in terms of freedom and arriving on “new lands,” whether they be literal or metaphorical. Lady Liberty being another Mother/Goddess figure welcomes ALL unto her, that would seek freedom and a new way of life.

What does the torch represent? The torch is a symbol of enlightenment. The Statue’s official name represents its most important symbol, “Liberty Enlightening the World.” What does the Statue wear on her head? The Statue of Liberty wears a crown, or diadem. What are the spikes on the crown? Many believe the seven spikes are rays of light representing the seven seas and seven continents of the world. Where on the Statue are the broken chains located and what do the chains mean? The broken chains are near the Statue’s feet and are not visible from the ground level. Many believe the chains represent breaking free from tyranny and servitude. – NPS.GOV

I have recently gotten into another view of symbol degrees by philosopher and mystic John Thomas, who went by the pen name of Charubel. His book “Degrees of the Zodiac” was first published in 1893. Similar to Elsie Wheeler who brought through the Sabian Symbols by virtue of pure intuitive means, his method was similar.

23 Sagittarius: A human heart encircled with a band of iron and pierced by a dagger with jewelled hilt. – Charubel

After I read this, I got a real intuitive hit here, as I was definitely picking up on the heart healing potential of this full moon. Sagittarius moons traditionally are related to expansion, exploration and “big” ideas; the shadow being in dogma, preachiness and in this instance, the potential *absorption* of those things on a personal level. A heart encircled by iron is a vulnerable heart, injured with fear of further or even greater injury. To drop the protective band around it requires a personal “leap of faith,” and TRUST in one’s own true heart wisdom and higher guidance. The guidance that is more of a Universal nature, beyond dogma, but not entirely without a personal philosophy of sorts.

Sagittarius is also interested in the TRUE and REAL, and going beyond appearances to get to the nitty gritty, so to speak. How much further could we go personally and spiritually if we no longer had a fear of injury or failure? What great gifts await us when we drop our internal servitude to tyrannical forces that are no longer working for us? That my friends, are some of the important questions posed by the incoming inquisitive and dynamic Full Moon.

Happy Full Moon friends and remember to keep it Cosmic!

NOTE: The Full Moon in Sagittarius is 9:11 pm PDT 6/12, 12:11 am 6/13 EDT.

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