A Message to Lightworkers – June 28, 2019 by Caroline Oceana Ryan

A Message to Lightworkers – June 28, 2019
Caroline Oceana Ryan 

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you today.

And we see that many of you are coming into a time of Integration, which our writer was speaking about with someone today—a time of integrating your higher self, your soul’s presence, and your most authentic life intentions, into your spirit, mind, and body.

Several things may occur to you as you think of doing this: “It’s too difficult—I might fail at it,” or “I don’t know howto be my higher self!” or even, “Am I allowed to be that insightful, Joyful, and empowered?”

And we would say, you are more than allowed.

With these energies pouring in now to your planet and solar system, integration with your higher self is actually now a requirement of your daily life.

We would encourage you to open up and to welcome the process—to welcome the process of releasing feelings of stress and worry, of sadness and disempowerment, of smallness and powerlessness.

Are these pleasant experiences, to feel any of those? Of course not. You don’t need them!

A great part of your life path now is engaged in moving out of those feelings and experiences, and breathing fully into your power, realizing Who you truly are.

Consider for a moment what this means for you, on a daily basis.

As you integrate with your higher self and merge more often with your soul and its incredibly wealth of resilience, Joy, wisdom, and self-assurance, you begin to relax into Knowing that All Is Well, even when outer situations challenge you.

Santa Fe Sky – Photo by Jennifer Scalia

You begin to see that you are not on the Earth only to wrangle with challenges and pain (past or present), but to reign over the circumstances of your life as being only an outer projection of what you have chosen to experience—a choice made either in this life or before coming into it.

You begin to grasp that in this great holographic projection that you call everyday life, you are the Creator and the Originator, the Experiencer and the Reformer, all in one.

You are not at the mercy of what feel or look to be “outer realities.”

You are in fact their author, and can revise anything you wish, beginning first with how you feel about those situations—how you view them, what you believe them to be, and whether or not you see them as having power over you (and they have none, unless you allow that).

Is this a simple transition to make? Does it happen quickly?

Some of it, yes—as soon as you determine to stay in your body and your heart-space as you view everyday life, releasing the impulse to allow your mind to determine and interpret what is happening, letting it tell you how endangering, annoying, or Wrong that situation or person is.

As soon as you decide that your focus now comes from a higher place—from your calm and Peaceful higher aspect, not your confused lower, smaller self—you begin processing experiences and ideas from that higher perspective.

And that perspective is a miracle, compared to how you have been taught to view life.

That perspective lives in a place of ongoing unconditional Love for yourself and all others.

Does that mean that everything that happens to you or others is OK and wonderful?

Well, no, as you still live in many paradigms of duality in which the denser “realities” of life will strike you as unfair and unjust many days.

But remaining in your body, not trying to heal or fix or change the situation or person immediately, and staying responsible for your own well-being before you take up responsibility for another—this will free you from entering absorbing the density, sadness, and destruction of a painful situation.

In that moment, you end the practice of giving up your power.

You begin to transform the situation by holding space for its healing, from a place of detachment.

Photo by Lynne Newman

The detachment and release of dense, third dimensional Earth systems and circumstances does not come to you from without.

The only way to free yourself, and to empower others to free themselves from all the illusion, is to know that no matter how seemingly difficult a situation may be—yes, even when children are kept in cages and cement block cells, away from loved ones and denied proper food and medical care—no matter how dreadful that may feel to be, there is still the chance to know inwardly that their souls are more powerful than any outer situation they encounter.

You may be wondering now about those souls that have been fractured and impaired by life experiences that were too traumatic for them to bear, and we are aware of this.

We would say that your Universe has made a decision, in moving into a new Sat Yuga of Peace and Healing, to bring in the higher Light that can heal the souls that have suffered more than they could bear.

And that reintegration and healing on a soul level is being offered more Earth souls now than ever before.

If you have a hard time believing this, it will be harder for you to co-Create your own soul healing, reintegration, and empowerment, and therefore, your own Earth life empowerment.

Is that where you desire to be?

Will you allow the ego-mind and the personality, and the brainwashing of religion over your many Earth lives to run you to the degree that you surrender all choice, all power, all renewal over to them, as if those influences were your lord and master?

Is that why you came?

We would say, you came for the opposite of that.

You came for the liberation not only of a planet’s population, as dramatic and powerful as that is, but for your own freedom, re-formation, and enlightenment.

That is your path, and no one can take it from you.

Photo by Lynne Newman

You may begin today—right now—to look at a situation in your life that has been causing you pain or consternation, and put your hand over some symbol of it, or your own heart, and tell it, “I bless and release you to your higher good.”

Then hand it over to your guides and higher self, and as your higher self stands before you, step into his or her energies.

Stand up and do this now if you like, living out the visualization fully by walking right into your higher self’s presence as they stand before you.

Know that as you daily hold the intention to BE your higher self, not only to be guided by them, that you are indeed achieving this, in beautiful ways.

And that in this, as in all moments as you Ascend on your path, dear ones, you are never alone.

Namaste, friends!

We welcome you to your new Earth life, and celebrate with you all that that holds, as you create ever higher forms of Earth life.

For this you came.

Copyright 2019, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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About Caroline Oceana Ryan

Caroline Oceana Ryan is an author, speaker, and channneler, and host of “The Empowered Lightworker.” She currently channels the higher wisdom and guidance of the Collective, a group of higher beings assisting humanity as we Ascend into fifth dimensional life.

Arcturian Group Message for SEPTEMBER 9, 2018by Marilyn Rafaele | Oneness of All


Arcturian Group Message for SEPTEMBER 9, 2018
by Mari
lyn Rafaele | Oneness of All

Greetings from the Arcturian Group. We are a collective of evolved Arcturian Beings of Light who have chosen to work with the people of earth at this powerful time of ascension energy by assisting all ready and willing to move beyond the third dimension and into a consciousness that no longer embraces duality and separation.

We are love and easily observe the innate purity of each of you. Our work is to assist you to understand and accept that you too are Beings of Light but have forgotten. You may call upon us when ever you wish for you are part of the Arcturian Group collective consciousness. We are not here for one person alone but for anyone seeking enlightenment. This is our work, our joy, and our mission of Love.

It is time to fully open to deeper awareness and really see dear ones, to observe and translate beyond the plethora of situations that so many struggle with on a day to day basis. Many, even those awake to truth find themselves in the midst of physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual turmoils leaving them in doubt, confusion, and sorrow.

The world as you have known it is a material concept of the real world. The real world is a spiritual Idea within the mind of God. The material world that seems so real, the the interpretation of a consensus consciousness enmeshed in beliefs of duality and separation. A tree is not as you see it with human eyes, but in its true form is a beautiful, living, body of Light which is true of all living things.

The material sense of earth will change as the false beliefs that formed it begin to dissolve. It can never return to what it was in spite of efforts by those attempting to make this happen because the substance of it is different.

People are beginning to honor and appreciate all life forms and are finally giving serious thought to cleaning and protecting the earth because they are starting to understand Oneness–that what they do to others and to Gaia, they do to themselves. Humans are the only species that defiles its own nest.

Those who do not yet know that they are spiritual beings (consciousness and not just a human body), are experiencing varying degrees of panic at this time as they observe their reality (the right way of things) fall apart. Because of this, some are acting out through violent and thoughtless reactions in a useless effort to keep the status quo.

Because people build their lives around their attained state of consciousness, their personal “security rug” gets pulled out from under them when change happens, either personal or world wide. Some love seeing the “bigger picture” while others panic. This can happen when a spiritual shift takes place as well.

Awakening to a new level of awareness happens when the individual is spiritually ready, and not when he/she thinks they are ready. This is why many rites, rituals, and activities promoted to shift someone spiritually are really quite useless. Trust that your Higher Self knows what you are ready for and when you are ready for it.

Shifts in consciousness can feel like and often are thought of as being a personal failure because they often result in the collapse of one or more parts of one’s life that were created out of a past state of consciousness. Always remember that nothing real can ever dissolve, only concepts entertained about something can disappear. If something in your life is a spiritual reality meant to be there, it will reappear in higher and better forms as your consciousness (the substance of it) evolves.

In reality these experiences are graduations, events necessary to force someone out of their comfort zone. Without these “wake up calls” many would continue to simply stagnate in the illusions of material sense because it would be all they were aware of.

With time, every soul moves beyond the need for difficult experiences (wake up calls) in order to learn and grow because they spiritually reach a point where they can access and be taught from the ever present Divine Source of everything within.

Recall the most devastating event in your life. Did it leave you in the same place you were before? Did it make you more compassionate toward those with similar issues, or did you become resentful and angry? Outer experiences always reflect one’s belief system and can be impersonal (formed out of consensus world consciousness) or personal (reflections of one’s personal belief system). Energy always aligns with like energy.

Being expressions of the ONE Divine Creator, makes each soul a creator as well. Experiences, no matter how seemingly painful or useless to material sense, serve to teach the evolving soul what it needs to learn through its own creations. Unaware of the vast fount of information sleeping within them, newly awakening souls are usually only able to learn through their painful and difficult creations.

Some evolved beings choose to be a part of a disaster situation in order to assist others and add their Light but are usually not consciously aware of having made this inner choice. No one is ever punished for past indiscretions as many still believe. Karma is simply the balancing of energy created by the person involved–alignment of energies–the soul experiencing its own creations so to speak.

Revenge, retribution, and punishment are human concepts that never have and never will be qualities of Divine Consciousness. Every spiritual idea embodied in Divine Consciousness (abundance, harmony, wholeness, intelligence, joy, peace, etc. etc. ) is held in place as LAW which no individual could ever fix, heal, or change. Ponder this truth with respect to disease, lack, and other three dimensional issues.

The third dimensional belief system considers uncomfortable physical, emotional, or mental experiences to be “bad” and in need of solutions and preventative measures. Some practical three dimensional advice for making life easier is perfectly fine and necessary for everyone, but the the problem with most “solutions” is that as a whole, the professionals involved do not yet understand the bigger picture, and no matter how well intended, their solutions often serve to add more power to and thus prolong some situation.

Most healing professionals do not yet understand that a person is not just physical, but has an emotional, mental, and spiritual body as well. As a result, “treatments” (often simply chemicals that serve to cover up an issue and block the person’s clearing of it ) only lop off an offending branch and do nothing for the root.

Many highly evolved souls are now entering the healing professions and they come armed with a consciousness that recalls powerful ancient healing techniques as well as a realization of the inate Divinity of every person who comes to them. Many of today’s treatments and beliefs about health and disease will soon be considered obsolete.

You are so much more than than you have been lead to believe and this is how we see you. Never ever forget that you are a Divine Being, an actual facet or expression of God on earth experiencing a sense of separation that is teaching and leading you to remembering who you are. Self love is imperative to spiritual advancement for you remain locked in the third dimension as long as you believe yourself to be separate from Source or unworthy in any way.

Many, even some who are very evolved, have gotten trapped in the ever so real illusions of duality and separation, and have become like stone statues holding one pose forever–lifetime after lifetime. At this time, right now on earth, intense high frequency energy is pouring to earth and available to assist anyone receptive to it. These powerful evolutionary energies of Light are breaking apart the stone consciousness of a sleeping world through what seem to be disasters.

You who read these messages are no longer of this dense energy or you would not have found the messages (alignment) and they would make no sense to you. However, many of you still struggle when you begin to realize that you are no longer in alignment with many cherished beliefs and concepts– some of which have served as bonds within family, friends, and activities.

It is at this point that the spiritual road can become a lonely one, especially in the beginning. The awakening student of truth often finds himself with no friends with whom he can share, no longer having anything in common with many of his old companions. If this happens, never believe that you have somehow failed or that living the spiritual life means you must live a lonely life.

Gradually your consciousness will automatically and without conscious thought, draw to you those you are in alignment with as well as some who are ready to learn from your level of awareness.

This does not mean leaving behind everyone who does not believe as you do, (or favorite foods and activities). Rather it simply means that as you evolve to new levels of awareness you automatically move out of alignment with many familiar things and may no longer desire to engage in them as you once did. This is not a good thing or bad one, it simply is.

Divine Consciousness which is your true Consciousness (for there is only ONE consciousness), is a law onto ITself being the one and only Power there is. IT is not a power over something, for nothing exists for it to be power over. It simply and infinitely is the only Power.

Remind yourself in every waking moment and in every situation; “My consciousness” (not the human conditioned consciousness, but my real SELF) “is a law of abundance, wholeness, harmony, peace, etc. governing everything in my experience.” The realization of this truth will gradually begin to manifest as more harmony in every ordinary aspect of your life.

Many are choosing to leave at this time (not consciously) knowing that they can be of better and higher service from the other side so do not be overly sad or concerned when a loved one chooses to leave. Remember there is no such thing as death–how could an infinte God die?

When a person chooses (yes, chooses) to go home, he is met with celebration. Friends, family, and Guides are there to greet him often saying; “Oh, are you back already?” Overly mourning a loved one by building shrines or constantly talking about them only serves to hold the loved one in earth energy and away from moving on in their own spiritual growth journey. A healthy period of mourning by those left behind is normal. We refer to situations where it is excessive.

When death is understood as “going home” by the majority, it will no longer be feared and resisted but will be seen as the personal choice of someone who knows their work is finished. Some serve and learn here, while others serve and learn from the other side. You are actually more real on the other side than on earth.

All is one, all is perfect, and all is love for there is nothing else.

We are the Arcturian Group 9/9/18

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Meg Benedicte: Just Hours Till Leo Eclipse

It is just hours till the Leo Eclipse arrives. We are now entering the eclipse pre-phase that occurs early Wednesday morning, Jan. 31st before sunrise on the west coast. This is also a Supermoon, being closer to earth, it will appear larger and feel more amplified. Lunar eclipses affect the emotional body, stimulating deeper healing and transformation.

Tomorrow’s Lunar Eclipse aligns with the North Node, which represents our karma and life lessons. Leo North Node emphasizes the development of individual power and self-love. This eclipse is stirring up any wounded aspect of dis-empowerment or fear of personal power. Is there any karmic history of misusing power? Were you overpowered by others? The cosmic energies are providing absolution for past mishandling of power.

The Leo Full Moon conjunct Ceres applies nurturing healing from Divine Mother, Goddess of unconditional love. Offer your fears and wounds to Mother for transmutation. This Eclipse is more internal, plunging the depths of pain and suffering, so we can feel empowered again. In our Global Activations tomorrow we will apply the healing balm of Mother to hidden fears and disconnection.

It is impossible to live in love and blame at the same time. We must be healthy of mind, body, spirit to master power in our lives. It is imperative the Lightworkers embrace their Soul power in service to the Light.

Join other Starseeds and Lightworkers on Wednesday, January 31st for our Leo Lunar Eclipse Global Activations at 12pm Pacific. The webcast/telecast will include timely energetic activations and empowered intentions to accelerate personal and planetary ascension. Let’s create 2018 as the ‘Break Free’ year of accelerated transfiguration!

Register to attend here: https://newearthcentral.com/?p=120945
Lovingly, Meg
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Astro-Numerology Insights with Tania Gabrielle


Jupiter stays in each sign for approximately a year.

So Tuesday, October 10 is a big day.

  • Jupiter changes signs from Libra to Scorpio.
  • 10.10 in 2017 (a 10 Universal Year) activates a triple 10:10:10 code.

Jupiter, the great benefic, blesses us with fortunate, good, positive energy.

Since Jupiter expands everything it touches, it enhances the qualities of the sign it is traveling through.


In Scorpio, Jupiter searches for truth, uncovering buried issues and bringing them into the light.

No stone is left unturned.

Thus Jupiter in Scorpio enlightens through wisdom. Deep healing is possible as a result

“The Truth shall set you free”, is a great mantra for this transit!

Scorpio is about the darker, watery, hidden realms. Pluto is the ruling planet of this sign, and Pluto governs the underworld… power… life, death, rebirth – total transformation.

On a personal level, you’ll have an urge to understand your unconscious desires and accept your feelings – especially the ones that surprise you!

Basically you’re coming to terms with underlying issues and resolving them. Jupiter is completing its journey around the zodiac while in Scorpio – before returning to its “home sign” Sagittarius and starting fresh again.

This time now is a wonderful invitation from the cosmos to be compassionate and to forgive.

To set yourself free from guilt.

To just – let go.

Anything Jupiter touches offers so much HOPE and Freedom.

And since Scorpio governs the 8th house in astrology, Jupiter will SUPPORT you to get out of debt, if you have the DESIRE to free yourself from the weight and control of money owed. Jupiter in the 8th house sector favors money coming to you from outside sources and partnerships.


  • You will be extremely sensitive to energy.
  • You will see through other people’s thoughts, motives and actions.
  • You will be able to go into the depths of your spiritual resources to heal yourself and help others.
  • You’ll have a deeper understanding of yourself and others.

This period is a fabulous time to develop your intuition, psychic awareness, telepathic skills, and deeper communication with your guides!

All good news!

And the more you know about where Jupiter is in YOUR birth chart – the better off you’ll be.

Because Jupiter describes the unique gifts you must activate to attract abundance and fulfillment at a soul level.

How will you personally experience this healing and intuitive awakening?

Where in your life will these outside resources come from?

You were born with Jupiter in a unique sign and in a unique astrological house.

You have three Jupiter sectors located in your astrology birth chart. Each sector reveals your personal needs to create:

  • easy financial flow
  • fortunate opportunities and outcomes
  • the best environment for success

Your three Jupiter sectors make up Your Jupiter Wealth Code.

Now, with Jupiter moving into passionate, intense, transformational Scorpio, it’s the perfect time to feel Jupiter’s unlimited potential and ACT on your deepest desires.

Discover how you naturally activate Jupiter’s blessings in your life!

Click here to discover your Jupiter Wealth Code.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle


PS. Scorpio is a water sign signifying unlimited resources – understand the unique way you are naturally designed to expand prosperity and make a positive impact!

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Jenny Schiltz: Integrating the Eclipse Energies & Timeline Split

MEG BENEDICTE: “Divine Feminine Rising!” by Ascension Avatar

MEG BENEDICTE: “Divine Feminine Rising!”

by Ascension Avatar | The Circle of the Dolphins

Awakening-to-the-Divine-768x562 (2)

While Venus is moving retrograde from March 4th until April 15th, it will span 13º Aries back to 26º Pisces. Venus represents the sacred feminine and rules beauty, values, self-esteem, romantic love and deep healing. Since February, the 2 eclipses have triggered energetic clearings and healings, including any traces of shadow opposition from the body/heart/mind. Many came down with ‘kundalini flu’ as congested emotional trauma released into the Light.

This Sunday, March 12th there will be a Full Moon in the earth-bound sign of 22 º Virgo. Combined with Venus Retro, you can expect to feel your feminine power rising within you and in the planetary collective. This is evident in growing public outrage, marches and demands for women’s rights, pay equality, female empowerment and respect. The Virgo Full Moon enhances your inner warrior to develop more self-worth, self-care and healing transformation.

The Virgo Full Moon also connects directly to the ongoing ‘Jupiter – Uranus opposition’ transit. You may experience sudden outbursts or reactions to perceived limitations and seek more personal freedom in your life. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself demanding liberation from all violations and setting healthy boundaries in all that you do.

The planetary Ascension depends on the return of the divine feminine. The native nations are leading the movement for clean water, air, food supply and human rights. The feminine power inspires more compassion and loving kindness for all life on the planet. The corruption and deception are being revealed to the public for cleansing and dissolution.

You are being prepared for the upcoming Equinox Stargate upgrades arriving on March 20th.  This month is a powerful threshold point into higher dimensional consciousness. As the out-dated energies are dropping away, you are rising into a unified state of Oneness!

Join other Light Warriors from around the world for the
Equinox Stargate Global Activations

on Monday, March 20th at 12pm PT.
Register at: https://newearthcentral.com/?p=15000

Lovingly, Meg



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Are You a Member of the Team of Transformation in Embodiment? Saint Germain through Natalie Glasson

Are You a Member of the Team of Transformation in Embodiment? by Saint GermainAre You a Member of the Team of Transformation in Embodiment?

by Saint Germain

Channelled through Natalie Glasson  11th November 2016 Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

I am the transformation I wish to be in my world,

I am the transformation I wish to see in the world.

I, Saint Germain, invite you to repeat these two affirmations to yourself aloud or silently until you can feel, sense or acknowledge their energy activating from within your being until you feel you embody them. I invite you to use the process of repeating these affirmations as a tool of contemplation and self-observation, encouraging yourself with great love and compassion to understand their meaning to you. It is easy to understand the meaning of these two affirmations at a mental level. However, to connect with the words, meaning and energy of the affirmations within your being will create a beautiful state of enlightenment to be revealed as well as awakening transformation within your being which may be beyond understanding, yet will be comprehensible.

Transformation signifies a shift from one energy to another or from one perspective to another; it is an alteration in your energy which brings you to realise your natural alignment with the Creator.  Transformation can release you from old energies, habits and patterns as well as awaken you to greater volumes of light, love, wisdom and truth within your being. When you allow yourself to transform you are letting go of an aspect of your identity or an energy you identify with to accept a new part of yourself which holds the vibration of your soul, soul group and the Creator. You accept a part of yourself which is love and holds the vibration of freedom. The freedom pulsates around your being loosening other aspects of your identity or an energy you identify with which is hindering your alignment with the Creator. Thus, transformation takes place and becomes a continuous process until a majority of your being vibrates in harmony with the Creator’s vibration of freedom.

Transformation creates freedom within your being; freedom is to exist in alignment with the Creator as a reflection of the Creator, letting go of all limitations as they arise.

The process of transformation can be blissful as you feel yourself filling with light as limitations dissolve with ease and perfection. Sometimes transformation can cause us to evaluate energies or beliefs within us that we are holding onto so deeply that they are brought into our reality. It can feel as if your worst nightmare or exactly what you did not want to manifest is being presented to you. It may even feel that transforming from the situation or experience is unimaginable and yet you are being invited to become a master of transformation upon the Earth. Many may be experiencing desperation within which is causing them to seek outside of themselves to gain answers because they feel unable to move from their position or even instigate transformation. Those who are experiencing this now are Masters of Transformation.

With the ascension of the Earth accelerating and in dramatic contrast a deep-seated feeling within humanity that there will never be peace, love and healing because the Earth seems impossible to change, many souls are approaching my ashram and the 7th Ray of Light Ashram to fine-tune and master their ability of transformation and aiding transformation within others. A group of souls who may not be connected on the Earthly plane are gathering with a mission radiating from the depths of their being. A guidance which encourages them to study the art of transformation on the inner planes with the purpose of anchoring the vibration of transformation more fully into the Earth to create a powerful awakening or transformation within humanity. We have labelled these souls and their mission as the ‘Team of Transformation in Embodiment.’

Those from the Earth who have enrolled to be a member of the ‘Team of Transformation in Embodiment,’ are learning to work with the Violet Flame of Transmutation, embodying the 7th Ray of Light of a violet colour overseen by Lady Portia and representing transformation, the New Age, magic, purification, manifestation and more. The team are working closely with Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst to create the balance and synthesis between transformation occurring on the inner planes and the Earth. This ensures that transformations which take place at an inner plane level impact and create shifts at a physical level with ease and perfection. Both Archangels are ensuring that transformation takes place at an earthly level quickly and easily due to the transformation being put into motion on the inner planes, as well as every aspect being supported by their powerful angelic vibrations. The ‘Team of Transformation in Embodiment,’ are also studying with me, Saint Germain, to access my abilities of manifestation of the Creator and creating freedom within from the soul to remove all that limits the necessary shift into greater Creator alignment. Their purpose is first to create transformation within their own being or reality.

The members of the ‘Team of Transformation in Embodiment,’ upon the Earth have each accepted an experience which may make them feel desperate, hopeless or that they are unable to resolve the experience. Consciously they are unaware of the choice their soul has made to be a part of this powerful team which has a purpose of mastering the art of transformation and supporting humanity in transforming into their natural alignment with the Creator. Due to their valuable work, studies and energetic transformations they are instigating upon the inner planes, members of the team upon the Earth simply need to discover like a key within them, the experience, thought, wound or new perceptive which will ignite the transformation at a physical level. Examples of the energies which when recognised would act as a key to awaken transformation are faith, self-worth, self-love, reclaiming inner power, trust, compassion and truth. A simple realisation will create a powerful and magnificent transformation which would realign their energies more fully to the Creator and divine flow of the Universe, allowing a freedom which will be a release and a completion of the lessons of numerous past lifetimes. These souls will then feel the energy and essence of transformation and the freedom of the Creator pulsating throughout their being guiding them to support others in doing the same. This is a role many are taking on at this stage of ascension in order to support a powerful release and clearing of old energies as well as enhancing faith in the Creator and the manifestation of the Era of Love.

Any soul can be a part of this learning process. Whether the energy of the ‘Team of Transformation in Embodiment,’ resonates with you and you feel you are a member or you are unsure, if you have a situation, experience or aspect of your being you wish to transform you can benefit from the energy, light, wisdom and learning which is being shared and instigated on the inner planes now.

Are You a Member of the Team of Transformation in Embodiment? by Saint Germain

‘Saint Germain, I wish to create and support a myriad of beautiful and blissful transformations within my being and reality, so I may exist and live as one with the Creator experiencing my natural alignment with the Creator. Please support me in achieving this now with the ease and perfection of the Creator. Support me in accessing the knowledge, wisdom, light and tools available on the inner planes to aid me in becoming a Master of the Art of Transformation with the ability to experience transformation from within my own being and aiding transformation within others. I am ready to receive, thank you.’

Steps of Transformation

  • Let yourself realise where transformation is required.
  • Call upon Saint Germain, the 7th Ray of Light, Archangel Zadkiel and Archangel Amethyst, the ‘Team of Transformation in Embodiment,’ and your own energies as a member of the ‘Team of Transformation in Embodiment.’ Let yourself experience these energies surrounding you and merging with you.
  • Ask that your soul works on the inner planes to instigate and create all the necessary transformation which is required.
  • Take time to focus upon that which you wish to transform. Allow yourself to examine polarities. Let yourself understand the energy which you wish to transform so that you can describe the qualities of it. Then allow yourself to observe what would be the opposite. Recognise if the opposite is something you wish to experience or maybe something else. Often that which we wish to experience we feel is lacking within us or we reject because of feeling unworthy. Contemplation in this way may lead you to that one key, that one realisation which allows the transformation to be instigated at a physical level.
  • Once you have discovered the key to instigating the transformation of whatever you wish, you will experience the Creator’s energy of freedom seeping into your being. If you have yet to discover the key or experience the necessary transformation then simply take time to imagine the energy of freedom seeping into your entire being from your soul with feelings of deep seated love, healing, enlightenment and peace.
  • Realise the shift which has been made, how it filters into your being and reality, your greater oneness with the Creator, realise that you understand the art of transformation.


I, Saint Germain, am present to support your inner transformation,

Saint Germain  

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15 Tips how to become a Master Alchemist and transmute Energies By Vera | The Wake Up Experience

15 Tips how to become a Master Alchemist and transmute Energies

Processing Abstract Visualization

So often we hear about lightworkers being here to transmute energies and raising the frequency of the planet to help humanity ascend. In the article “Why feeling like Crap is an essential Part of Lightwork” we had a closer look into the Universal energetic dynamics at play and why there is no way around the pain we experience. Nevertheless, there are a lot of good methods to ease the process of transmutation and to get back into balance again. This process is like a boot camp to prepare you for the mission you came here for: Helping humanity and planet earth to ascend. It is not for the fainted heart and not a walk in the park. But there are many helpful tools to make it as smooth as possible and learn how to be an alchemist – because that is what energy transmutation is all about. And: The rewards are real! Doing the work is so worth it. Living in 5D is living in paradise on earth. It is beyond anything we could imagine when we are still caught up in the 3D matrix.



The whole ascension process does not have the goal to keep us in pain. It is a deep cleansing process to free us from old belief systems, fears and pain. It is meant to spark us, motivate us to heal and go for our hearts desires and dreams. We are to become a true free spirit, our true authentic self. What we will become after the transformation goes beyond our wildest imaginations! When we are living fully anchored in 5D, we live in a place of deep inner peace, harmony , oneness, community and unconditional love. We are the forerunners to show others the way. Therefore, everything that is not serving us for this goal is stripped off of us now. All the 3D stuff we got so used to! And that can hurt as hell. That being said, here are some helpful tips to navigate your own awakening journey and move forward as quickly as possible. And please: Don’t be upset over alleged setbacks. You are always moving upwards, although it might sometimes feel like being thrown back to zero. It is not the case. See it as taking a step backwards to reintegrate, recalibrate and to prepare for the next big leap forward.


1) Be grateful


First of all, tell yourself again and again, that THIS IS HAPPENING FOR A REASON. See the bigger picture and start expressing your gratitude for everything that happens for you, the good and the seemingly hurtful or bad things. Nothing happens to you, everything happens for you. Be grateful especially to those people that hurt you the most on a human level. They are the ones that love you the most on a soul level. They push your buttons to show you where you still carry wounds and where healing is needed. They show you what blocks you from ascending. In the beginning, you might not believe it, but just keep going.

“Those people that hurt you the most on a human level are those that love you the most on a soul level.”


It takes some time to reprogram our software from fear to love. A good trick for energy transmutation is having two journals: A (low frequency) ego journal and a (high frequency) love journal. When you are upset, give your ego all the space to judge, blame, cuss, and spit all the anger out onto paper. Once it is done, take some deep breaths and then re-read the ego/victim story. Find the points in the story you can be grateful for. What does that situation show you or teach you about yourself? What wounds does it show you that still need healing? Who did you meet that you might not have met because of the situation? Then, take your love journal and re-write the story into a story of gratitude. After you are done – burn the ego journal pages. You don’t want to read that low-frequency stuff again. Of course – you can re-read your high frequency soul journal as often as you like. It will help you to stay in higher vibes.

You can also use a gratitude app to put down everything you are grateful for and thank the people involved and the Universe for the experiences and lessons. Especially the allegedly shitty moments are those that deserve the most gratitude energy, because those are carrying the biggest potential for growth and transformation. Recognize them as chaotic integration phases that are very necessary to get you to a higher level. That is something we even learn in classic Change Management: A system can only be changed when it goes into chaos first. A rigid structure can never be transformed – no matter if you look into physics, biology or chemistry… that law is always the same. By rewriting our ego anger, resentment and fear story into one of gratitude, forgiveness, fun and love, we are transmuting the low frequency to a higher one.


2) Disidentify with your Ego


Our ego sits exactly between the mental and the emotional body and creates a lot of chaos with our thoughts and feelings. (for more info on our energetic bodies, please go here). It is a master in leading our mind away from the NOW, projecting fears that we experienced in the past into the future. We are caught up in “should have, could have, if I would have” thoughts and are coming up with scenarios what could all happen and interpreting and judging actions of other persons or our own. We blame ourselves, we blame others, we blame the Universe. Our ego has got us so wrapped up in fear patterns that we are unable to see the bigger picture and love that is trying to shine through. We are too blind to see that all of this is perfectly orchestrated and is happening for a purpose. That is why it is so important to calm down our little 24/7 chatter box in our head and teach our ego where its rightful place is. It was always meant to be an advisor and only protect us from real life danger (when we could be eaten by a lion for example). Then of course, a fight of flight response is not only helpful but necessary. But our ego is so overtrained by the news, marketing, education, politics etc, that it causes a fight or flight response all the time, pretending we are in life danger, no matter if we have a misunderstanding with our partner or parents, a performance review talk with our boss etc. That is unnatural behaviour and our ego is actually supposed to be quiet most of the time. So how do we get it back to its natural behaviour?

“We are so used to identify with our thoughts, that we do not even think of the possibility that those could be an illusion.”


We are so used to identify with our thoughts (and also our emotions, but we come to that later), that we do not even think of the possibility that those could be an illusion. We ignore the possibility, that there might be a reality outside of our thinking patterns. That also happens for spiritually very advanced people. The spiritual ego is hard to detect and can be a real big block in our ascension. “I know how it works. My method and knowledge is the only truth. I have been on this path for so long, I don’t need any support or feedback.” Those are just a couple of examples how you can detect the spiritual ego at play.

When still in ego mode, we are blaming, we are judging, we are chasing, we are fighting… because we act out of fear. Thus, it is really important to reprogram our mind and teach it that WE ARE NOT OUR THOUGHTS. To do this, every time you catch yourself in thought spirals, take a step back and observe yourself. Observe your ego. See it as this little child that is afraid to die. So love it, thank it for just wanting to protect you, tell it that it is not necessary though. It can help to give your ego a name when you talk to it. That helps to disidentify with it.

Ask your ego two questions when panicking:

  • Am I or someone else dying because of this?
  • Does the planet stop turning because of this?

The answer is no? Tell your ego that there is no need to be protective right now as there is no life danger and send it back to sleep. You can say something like: “See it is not necessary to protect me right now. Sit back, relax and go on a long vacation. You have been working so hard for such a long time, you really deserve a break!”

It will fight hard to stay in the lead and shoot all fears it has got onto you. Stay calm. Caress your ego when it freaks out, tell it that everything is okay and secure. Tell it that you hear its advice and are thankful for it, but that it is just not capable to see the fuller picture. Tell it that you will therefore not take the advice and follow your heart, but that this does not change your love for your ego and that you will not abandon it but help it to grow. You will have to do that very often in the beginning, because the ego does not want to lose its power. Don’t give up. It will get less and less aggressive. If you show it your love, tell it how much more you can be together with a fusion of heart and mind, it will start to trust your heart and step by step will surrender.

Another very helpful approach is to practice being in the NOW. Meditation is something that can be very helpful. Integrate it as a daily habit and start practicing being in the NOW. That is hard! You will realize even more, how the mind jumps from past to future constantly. Learn to watch these thoughts flying by without interpreting them or clinging on to them. Tell yourself: Those are just thoughts passing by, it is only energy. They are not me, they do not define who I am. Meditation does not necessarily mean to sit like a Buddha for hours and make ohhmming sounds. All it means is to find a way how to be in the NOW and experience oneness and inner peace in a worry free zone. You can have that feeling and the connection to the collective consciousness anywhere. Find out what is best for you. Nature, running, surfing, skating, skiing, hiking, painting, playing music…. To come into the NOW: Focus on your senses. Feel, smell, touch, taste, hear, see what is going on in the moment. In these moments, thoughts cannot exist. All you can do is feel a moment, not think it.. Once your ego surrendered, you become the free spirit your supposed to be, and your mind becomes a powerful creator. Your thoughts are the basis for manifestation. If you think fearful thoughts, you create a fearful reality. When your thoughts come from a place of love, you create more and more love for you and around you.


3) Forgive Yourself and Others

 Abstract sound waves

This, for many is the hardest part to do. Because our ego loves to blame and judge others and ourselves to make them or us feel miserable, unworthy. It keeps us in a victim role. Often, we do not even realize it, because we are so stuck in our old belief patterns based on human ethics and morale. “This is just not the way one should behave. Friends don’t do that to each other. If he or she would truly love me… “. Just some examples to help you detect whether you are still in ego/victim mode. These sentences are full of conditional thinking. Those are sentences of conditional love. To reach unconditional love, we have to leave the human level and go onto the soul level.

“To reach unconditional love, we have to leave the human level and go onto the soul level”.


Classic forgiveness work does not go there. It stays on the human level. We might understand the situation of the other person better and why they acted that way. But it still f*cking hurts. Forgiveness becomes effective, when we add gratitude into the equation. Gratitude for the lessons we learn. For the growth opportunities we receive.

That means to accept that there is a higher purpose and bigger meaning behind everything we experience and that our soul chose these situations to expand our consciousness and grow. A wonderful method to do so is Radical forgiveness by Colin Tipping. He has a lot of information and free tools on his website. It is a great method to transmute energies from low to high frequencies quickly.


4) Accept, embrace and let go

Beauty girl cry

The second body that needs healing is the emotional body. It hosts our female aspects, the feeling side. This is where we get into the hard stuff. This is where the real boot camp starts. Here, we have to face our deepest fears and hurts. We have to be brave, and it is not much fun to experience all the hurt and all the past wounds we had buried so deeply and locked away forever as we thought. But, if we want to ascend and live in the 5th dimension, locking away is not an option anymore. We are presented with everything that still needs healing to be able to move into the higher frequencies of 5D. How do we handle that?

When pain comes up, the most important rule is: Don’t fight it, don’t blame anyone or yourself but just accept this as a necessary part of your healing and be grateful for the release. This will transmute the low fear frequencies into high love frequencies quickly. Don’t identify with it. WE ARE NOT OUR EMOTIONS, these are just energies we are experiencing. They do not define who we are. So accept them, embrace them and then let them go. And that is done by acting out the emotion. If you feel sad, cry, if you feel angry scream and hit a pillow, go running etc. whatever helps you to get it out of your system. Follow what your body and system wants you to do and feels like doing in that moment. You are guided perfectly – also in dealing with the pain. In those challenging and painful situations, tell yourself, that this too shall pass.


5) Heal your Inner Child

Silhouette, group of happy children playing on meadow, sunset, summertime

The inner child is the wounded, abandoned and hurt part within ourselves that recalls those bad memories and delivers the “energetic software” to our ego with the protection strategy we once came up with to avoid pain or punishment. This part of us is fearful and sabotaging us as an adult. Working with the inner child is often not successful because our adult self is supposed to take over responsibility and give our inner child what it would have needed in the past. Our grown up self often is in such a bad place, that we do not want to take over any responsibility because we do not feel capable. On the other hand our inner child just looks at our grown up self and is kind of saying: “What, this person is supposed to take care of me and I am supposed to trust him or her? Look at him/her! He/She’s a mess! No thanks… I am better off alone with my learned protective strategies…”.

In addition to that, when people work with their inner child, they often forget that there is not only one version but five versions that have different topics according to the state of evolution in growing up: The infant, the toddler, the pre-schooler, the schooler and the young adolescent. To successfully heal the inner child, we need to work through all of them and reclaim all of them to come to a complete healing of the past and rewriting the story. It is recommended to seek support for inner child healing. A neutral person can help to guide and will make sure that neither the adult nor the inner child is sabotaging the process.


6) Redirect the Energies and find Joy

Colorful Aura - Colors Spectrum Background with a Dark Center.

Colorful Aura – Colors Spectrum Background with a Dark Center.

When you are a little more used to the emotional breakouts and not as overwhelmed anymore, you can start to redirect these energies and transform them. This can be arts, journaling, supporting others, dancing, sports, …whatever you like to spend your time with. This is the first step into the direction of finding joy again. Step by step add more things that you enjoy. What makes your heart sing? When do you forget space and time? Traveling, singing, dancing, star gazing, hiking, knitting, painting… Discover what is right for you. Ask your inner child what you truly enjoy and let it come out to play. Discover playfulness. It is very important for us to find joy again and come into the NOW. This will help to even out the emotional break downs. Step by step, you will lift your frequency by adding more joy. The higher our frequency gets, the less space for low frequencies of fear based emotions such as guilt, shame, sadness, anger etc. The darkness within us will be absorbed by our light.


7) Love Yourself and treat Yourself well

Baby kissing a Mirror

Even when in emotional turmoil, always treat yourself the way you would want to be treated by a caring friend. Take good care of yourself, make yourself a cup of tea, buy yourself some flowers, light candles for you, spoil yourself with a massage, watch a funny movie and so on. Laughter and humour can help immensely. Look down on your 3D self, taking a 5D perspective and smile about the programming and the struggles they cause. See it like watching your own “Truman Show”. A big lesson to learn for us is to enjoy time on our own and getting rid of feelings of loneliness. This is a giant step into direction of self-love.

Another wonderful tool for self-love is mirror work. Sit in front of the mirror and look yourself into the eyes. See the beauty and wisdom reflecting back at you. Tell yourself in the mirror “I love you”. “You are beautiful just the way you are”. “You are perfect”. These are just examples for affirmations. Come up with what fits for you. It might take a bit until you start believing yourself. Unfortunately we are all misprogrammed through all the beauty and fashion magazines, telling us what beauty supposedly is. Learn to say “fuck that” and keep telling yourself how beautiful you are.



8) Appreciate your Body

Spiritual Awakening

Our physical body is the densest part to heal. Our physical body is like the external drive of a computer where all the old emotions are stored that we suppressed and did not release. Additionally, the physical body is changing from a carbon based to a crystalline structure to be able to handle the much higher 5D New Earth frequencies on a permanent level. During this process, we experience all kinds of very uncomfortable ascension symptoms.

In addition to that, we struggle with our physical body, because it is not the way we want it to be. We think we are too slim, too fat, we don’t like the shape of our nose, of our eyes, we have too much or too little hair etc. So what to do about that?

Again, mirror work is a very good exercise. Stand in front of the mirror and start thanking your body and all the organs and parts. Appreciate what they do for you every day. Your body is your vehicle and lets you experience life. It lets you feel, smell, touch, hear, sense, walk, breathe… There are so many things our body does for us, we take for granted. Processing and digesting food, moving, keeping our heart beating, transport vitamins, amino acids etc to the right places needed and cleansing out substances that are not good for us. Very often. we prefer to ignore its warning sigs and blame it instead. It just lovingly wants us to know when it is time to take a break and rest. So appreciate the pain as well, watch it and find out what it wants to tell you. Again, be aware that our idea of beauty and a perfect body is shaped by social programming. Recognize that this is just an illusion and tell your body how much you love it.


“A healthy nutrition plays a vital part in our ascension process”


A healthy nutrition plays a vital part in our ascension process. The energies coming in are extremely tough on the adrenal glands and the thyroid. Food that does not resonate with these frequencies can tax the system further. Low vibrating, dead and processed food can hurt our body very much. Red meat, junk food, sugar, white flour, alcohol, dairy products and additives are just a couple of examples that are damaging our system during the awakening process quite heavily and can even cause serious addictions and illnesses. You will realize that your cravings change throughout the ascension process. You might need more or less food – depending on the energetic activities around you. Say good bye to the idea you have to eat three times a day. Only eat when you feel like it. Your body is very sensitive during the awakening phase. Even green tea or herbal teas with too many different substances in it can make the system go berserk. Start treating your body with healthy food. Enjoy the taste of a freshly prepared meal with love. Make it a special event and be grateful for the healthy meal you are enjoying. When it comes to food, start to observe what makes you feel alive and what makes you rather tired. We are all different and not everyone can handle the same foods. Learn what your individual system needs. Just follow your cravings. During ascension, we can feel like being pregnant and crave the most awkward things. And we are pregnant… with our new authentic selves to be reborn :-). When you crave weird things, make it as healthy as possible. Chocolate: Go for dark chocolate possibly with coconut or rice sugar instead of white sugar and milk. Pizza? There are wholegrain and nut cheese alternatives. Be careful with soy. It has a high estrogenic effect and can bring the body even more out of balance. Lemon Water throughout the day, Apple vinegar (one spoon in the morning undiluted) and Himalayan pink salt (to season your food or in your lemon water) can be real life-savers when going through emotional and physical pain, as it has a very calming and cleansing effect. The good thing is: After your body has transformed, you can eat what you want – your body will not take in any poisoning stuff anymore. You become immune.

“After your body has transformed completely, you will become immune to poisoning ingredients.”


Give your body what it was actually invented for. Movement! It was not made for sitting 10 hours in front of a computer or on a couch. Yes, there are times we need to just lie and recalibrate. And that is perfectly fine. Also here, follow what your body asks for. Movement does not mean you have to become a marathon runner, a walk in the park and lying on the grass to recalibrate improves your situation quickly. In times you feel more energy, go doing what you love. Running, cycling, dancing, yoga… this will keep your system healthy, helps to unblock stuck energy and release it. It is very likely that you will experience an emotional breakout while moving your body. Again: Be thankful for the release and act it out.

Another big body related issue we all have to deal with is the programming of sex and nakedness being something dirty and shameful. We feel we don’t deserve to enjoy our nakedness and finding pleasure in sex. Also here, a reprogramming is necessary. Again, the mirror is of great help. Do the same exercise as above, but this time naked. Appreciate every bit of your body and appreciate your naked self. Start loving yourself and your body, stroking it softly. Snuggle into yourself. Be brave and explore without any shame.

“Learn that masturbation is something beautiful and natural to experience and can help to cleanse your whole energetic system from blockages”.


Learn that masturbation is something beautiful and natural to experience and can help to cleanse our whole energy system from blockages. Sexual energies are very sacred and are actually the creator energy directly from Source. It is time to find back to this powerful energy and to use it for our ability to create, manifest and to heal this planet. This is the ultimate physical form of self-love. Very often, you will experience an energetic release e.g. through crying while masturbating. This is a great way of transmuting energies quickly into higher frequencies. Be thankful for it.

Our body is a miracle. And we can steer and create it very well. Nothing is set in stone. We are not a slave of our genes, we are the master of it. If you want to find out more about how much you can influence the functioning and well-being of your physical body, check out the amazing research and work in “Epigenetics” of Bruce Lipton.


9) Sound Healing

Abstract sound waves

In our awakening process, we often realize that we cannot listen to certain music anymore that we used to love. That is because we become oversensitive to these frequencies. As our own frequency rises, we do not resonate with certain music tunes anymore.

Music expresses the unseen rhythm and energies of the universe. Music is vibration put into sound so we can hear and feel it. Music and sound can change vibes and therefore can be a major support in changing vibrational patterns. It can help to push old fears and energies to the surface for healing. Most of the music produced for the masses today is recorded on 440 Hz, which is a frequency in disharmony with the natural frequency on this planet and creates a constant disharmony with our body. 440 Hz supports the left brain (rational thinking, logic) while 432 Hz is opening the right brain (intuition, feeling). The introduction of 440 Hz as concert standard goes back into Nazi times. Without wanting to open up a conspiracy discussion, it was certainly useful to the rulers at this time for people to be in their left brain functions.

While 432 Hz music in general has a very calming effect and is perfect for relaxing and grounding – as it is in line with the natural frequency, music in 528 Hz is the heightened frequency of the heartbeat of the higher dimensions and of unconditional love. 528 Hz music is perfect to bring up old pain to surface to release it. Once you have cleared everything out, 528 Hz music is supporting to connect to the higher dimensions and to unconditional love.

10) Keep your Power


The awakening process can be very confusing, upsetting and painful. This leads us to have more questions than answers and our logical brain and ego wants answers. Fast. It is more than tempting to ask others for advice, get psychic readings to find out more about our situation and the next steps we should take. There is one big issue with that though: We are giving our power away to others. We make ourselves dependent again. Awakening is about self-love and trusting our own abilities. It is only our ego searching for these answers outside. Through our heart, we are connected to collective consciousness, to Source, the Universe, God, whatever you want to call this higher intelligence we are all part of. To truly become enlightened and awakened, you have to go within, find your own light, your own truth. The only guru you need is you.


Of course – that does not mean to make it on your own and not reaching out at all. It is important to connect and share with others to realize you are not alone and to find your own path and your tribe. Nevertheless, a good teacher/guide only gives you the tools, not the solution. He or she asks the right questions and is not giving the answers.


11) Sharing

Share your love, your experiences, your concerns with other likeminded people. Find your tribe that gets you and vice versa. Sharing is a wonderful way of redirecting energies into something useful. Even smallest things like thanking a waiter or holding someone the door will change the energy quickly.


12) Grounding and Rebalancing in Nature


Nature is healing. That is where we come from. We have more in common with nature than we think. Because we all consist mainly of water. So does nature. And water has a wonderful characteristic. It communicates and transports information quickly. The smaller amount of water adapts to the larger amount of water. So when we are walking barefoot through grass or a forest, when we hug trees, we take a swim or just put our feet into natural water, we are surrounded with the natural frequency. Which is carried as data by the water in the grass, the trees, the lakes, the sea, the rivers etc.

When our system and cells are in chaos because we had a bad day, a fight, an emotional breakout, spiralling thoughts etc. getting in touch with nature/water rebalances us quickly into the natural frequency, as we as the smaller part of water adapt to the bigger one. Second best option: Take a seasalt bath at home, or program the water before bathing in it with 432 Hz sounds. Just let a song play (there are plenty on youtube and spotify) in the bathroom, before you enter the bathtub.


13) Watch Children

We can learn so much from our children. Just watch them play. They are completely in the NOW and not worrying about yesterday or tomorrow. Maybe you are even brave enough to play yourself. Sit in a swing, build a sandcastle or play boyscouts and go exploring…


14) Don’t try, allow


No matter what you do – practice to let go of control and let things unfold. Instead of making concrete plans, just know what you want. The universe will take care of the “how”. Go with the flow and trust that you will get what you wish for or something better.


15) Find Correlations and get to know your System


In general, on all healing levels, always look for correlations. What makes you think, feel, or experience body symptoms or emotions in a certain way. Observe your environment and what is going on with other people around you or on the planet or in the Universe. You might find out, that the fatigue you are experiencing comes from too many people around you or an EMF field close by. Or your nervousness always starts after having eaten a certain food. Your sudden emotional break out might be caused by earthquakes or solar flares. Finding these correlations takes the drama out of the equation and you can appreciate your body as a radar system that gives you clues about the energies around you.

Here are a couple of helpful links to check for correlations:

Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions:



Astrology/Energy Forecasts:






Solar Activity/Geomagnetic Storms:




“All these healing exercises ultimately have one goal. To lead you back to self-love and freedom.”


All these healing exercises ultimately have one goal. To lead you back to self-love and freedom. The first important switch we have to flip is from fear to love. The second important switch is to focus on our own healing and mission, away from external influences. You are all that counts. That way, you will find your true and authentic self. And with it, the answer to the question, who you truly are and what you came here for.

The texts I share are always based on channelings I receive and/or on experiences of clients and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage everyone to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. With lots of light and love, Vera Ingeborg


If you enjoy what you are reading and would like to support me in continuing to live my mission and share what comes through me, I am very grateful for your donation. Thank you ❤


Update for Aug. 30, 2016 by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

Update for Aug. 30, 2016 by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

8 Batz, 15 Uo, 13 Caban

Selamat Jalwa! This world is now under stress. Final conflicts are being drawn out everywhere. The Light has managed to gain the upper hand in all of these concluding events. The dark can clearly see that its last struggles are only to end in defeat. These last arguments, which include the new monetary system and the accompanying financial system, have largely been decided. Even the introduction of the currency exchanges has begun. It is expected that many of you are soon to receive vital information that is to permit you to take your long-held currencies and exchange them for vast amounts. These are just part of a way to jump-start the many long-awaited currency exchanges first promised a few years ago. The main obstacles came from a de facto American regime, which greatly feared the results of such large monetary exchanges made by those who had never before been given such an extended series of tremendous opportunities. Nevertheless, this is just a beginning, caused by the many delays that hampered the sending out of what are called “the prosperity programs.” This fact has slightly altered the original sequencing.
The prosperity programs have long been tied to what is now called the new NESARA republic. It is this entity that the dark greatly fears. It brings into power a legal entity charged with returning this government to US constitutional authority and ends all the illegal practices that severely debased its currency and diminished peoples’ rights. This new temporary governance (4 months in length) is to right all of this and gives America common law, liberty and immense prosperity. It is this new governance that is to encourage peace, cooperation and harmony among nations. It is also to make the first global overtures that are to lead swiftly to full disclosure of our benevolent existence. It is to allow us to publicly address you about first contact and how, together, we can move all of you toward full consciousness. This process is to include our mentor program and the use of a living Crystal Light Chamber. All of this is to include a series of key lectures by your Ascended Masters!
This process of prescribed change contains a growth in consciousness (spiritual awareness) that Heaven is now “beaming” daily to you. You need to realize that what is currently going on is part of a vast reality change fully choreographed by Heaven. At present you reside on a dimensionally divided world. The inner part, known to us as Agartha, is an Inner Earth realm filled with fully conscious Beings who live in a 5th dimensional realm. The other part is your surface reality. This is a three-dimensional realm that was the result of vile Atlantean experiments that have kept you in a limited consciousness reality. You are the offspring of an experiment that has been in effect for roughly the past 13 millennia. This extraordinary phenomenon is slated to end in the next few years and we are here to be the chosen instruments to ensure its success. Heaven sincerely intends to return you to full consciousness and unify the dimensional essence of this world. This activity is to allow you to return with good grace to your former realities.
The present time marks the end of this era and the dawn of a new one forged by your transformation into fully conscious Beings. This process has a fluid timetable set forth by Heaven. We fully understand how the length of time it is taking is frustrating. Again, we need to remind you that you are ending this reality by changing it into one marked by what most of you may well call miracles. You and I are altering the very nature of this reality. You are to learn how to create ships that can easily and quickly traverse space, thereby traveling from one world to another. These travels are to take mere minutes and thoroughly dispel notions that you long have harbored. Use these times to relearn your true history and interstellar origins. These realities are to be yours as you become more conscious. The key to this is how you allow yourself to go forward. It is all about Spirit and not what you call material energies. More is yet to come!!!
Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! I am a weary traveler who, over the many centuries and millennia that I have walked, has seen both the Light and the dark of numerous Souls. I strode this land to gather wisdom and to embrace the Light. Heaven has given me a grand mission. This mission is to teach and show humanity the Light, and to reveal the untold treacheries of the dark. These journeys permit me to see many worthy men and women and in a special flick of Light to easily turn them into the wonders that they truly are. In this time, you are the truly worthy ones who are in need of divine conversion. Heaven has fashioned a plan that I and others now wondrously follow. You are on a path to a glorious destiny. This pathway is still trod by many of dark persuasion who dearly intend to cast you aside. Be wary of these and know without doubt that the Light is here to ensure that this road leads faithfully to a sacred end.
Be strong and ignore the queries of the doomed. Those who seek to preserve this hell are, in fact, on the verge of a wide extinction. These series of alterations are to bring you face to face with a number of somber realities. You are a disparaged child of the Creator. Through a prolonged series of amnesias you have lost your way. We are here to restore the path that the dark forced you to abandon so long ago. Back on this path, you are to rediscover the human kindness and holiness that the dark overlaid with division, divisiveness and deceit. The Light, in this way, is to enable you to learn many unknown things about yourself. You are a Being filled with the Creator’s goodness. It is our task to scrub this from the centuries of dirt that now surround you. So be wary and able to listen carefully to what we are to say!
The Light has long protected you, preventing the dark from extinguishing the special essences that are the real you. Our mission is to take this holy vessel further and refill it with what it was intended to carry. This project is proceeding as intended. Deep down, this serious and lengthy sequence of vital conversations somewhat frustrate you. This, of course, is to be expected. You have become beings who, like the dark, are filled with needless anxieties. This is one of the things that are shortly to be expunged from your Light-encrusted Soul! You are to learn divine patience and uncover truths that you left behind when you fell from the sacred grace of unfettered divine consciousness. This sacred tool is again to be presented to you. Be wise and able to accept what Heaven so graciously gives you. Hosanna! Hosanna!
Today, we continued our weekly report about what is occurring around this globe. A new reality is being born that is to be highlighted by a growing prosperity and new governance. Much good is now appearing everywhere for all to see! Know, dear Ones, that the countless supply and never-ending prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


Jenny Schiltz: Deep Healing and Integration Taking Place – Quan Yin

Deep Healing and Integration Taking Place – Quan Yin



Greetings! We come to you today with important information regarding what is taking place in this Now. The next few months will be very pivotal not only for your growth but the planet as a whole. While many of you were hoping that things would smooth themselves after the the New Year, understand that a vote was taken to continue this accelerated course. Each of you on this path received a vote and your highest aspect consulted with you in dream time to receive your input. Understand that for each one that merges with their soul, hundreds around them are affected. While each of you are creating your own reality, your own hologram, you are also participating in the collective hologram as well. The more awakened the beings participating in the hologram, the more you will see the world and all of it’s beings change in response.

The stream of light consciousness entering your world will continue at a steady pace. One’s growth is dependent solely on how fast one is able to integrate and utilize the light codes. While each of you are at different stages there are patterns and rhythms that will allow you understand what another is experiencing in varying degrees. Now more than ever, self care, self love is very important. As these codes are digging deep within your belief system to root out all that is not in alignment, you will find that you will feel depleted rather quickly. Taking great care of your form will aid in assimilation. Exercise designed to move energy through your body and aid in releasing will be beneficial. Ensuring that your hydration and nutritional needs are met is also imperative. Listen to your form, which has consciousness and honor what the body needs to move through this time with as great of ease as possible. Rest and limiting exposure to electronic signals will allow the body to recharge at a faster rate. Be aware of your thinking  and make sure that you are your biggest supporter, your greatest champion.

At this time much is happening within as each of you embody more and more of your soul. All facades, masks and personas that are not in alignment with your truest aspect will be shown to you. How one handles this will depend on if the person is ready for true, lasting change. We understand that coming face to face with your layers, your masks is not a comfortable process. Many of you have created identities and personas to help aid you through the lower vibrating earth as a form of protection. Some of you have shed layers as you awakened only to create new ones, putting yourself once again in a box of limitation. Those must now come down, it is safe for you to allow all these layers protecting your precious soul to come down. What was once protection is now holding you from your potential. As these become evident, you will be able to see them for what they were; protection for your soul. View them without judgement. Realize that though you fear being hurt as so many of your tender souls have been, that you are now ready to move forward and walk in your power, confident in your abilities to exact change in all areas. You must silence the inner critic, the one that holds you in place with fear or dogma as there is no place for this in the light.

There will be those who when shown their layers and masks and being  unable to face their fears will continue with their facade until they are ready. There is no judgement with this as each soul is on their own timeline and much has been learned through masks as it is another way to explore life in form. Some of you will see yourselves for the first time and look into the mirror thinking that you have lost yourself and that all meaning become irrelevant. This is not the case dear ones, this is simply you leaving behind the old and embracing who you truly are. It is a process and not something that happens in an instant. Take this time to really examine all you have held dear, all you have believed, all that you have been told and allow your heart to lead you to your truth.

At this time much will be brought to light and examined. Forgiveness of self and others is very important. You must see each moment, each action taken by you or another as an opportunity given for you to grow and learn. Judgement must be left behind as you begin to see the soul behind every being on this planet.  To judge another is to judge yourself, adding more for you to release. See the beauty in all lessons, all experiences and you will feel yourself lighten considerably. Understand that forgiveness is also a process and many of you may be revisiting moments that you have previously thought healed. This means that these emotions are held deep within your layers and are awaiting final forgiveness so that it no longer impacts who you are. Remember, it is you who chooses what to bring forward and what not to in your now. In each moment make the conscious choice to remember who you are, remember your soul, and not the layers that have encompassed you in this life.

Holding you in high regard and with deep love,

Quan Yin


Personal conversation with Quan Yin:

Me: A while ago I was shown a bucket within me that I needed to keep filled with golden light. This represented my energy levels and I was urged to make sure that I always keep my bucket full. Recently I was shown that bucket  but it had an overflow spout leading to other buckets and I was urged to fill each one as much as I can. That it was important to make sure I was placing my needs first.

Quan Yin:  It has never been more important. Many of you are being called upon to stabilize the energy around you while you are also integrating the deep changes within. If self care is not made a priority, one could find themselves quite depleted. Each person knows intuitively what feeds their soul, this is of great importance.  

Me: My 7 year old shared with me that she feels pain, holds it (as she put her hand over her heart chakra) I asked her what about and she sat there and told me for everything. The kids who won’t let her play at school, the boy who said he had a crush on her but lied, the kids who pick on the kids who have problems, for the bugs that get squished, for all the animals that get abused, and the sad stories she hears. As I was sitting there listening, it hit me that so many of us felt those things too as kids in one form or another… but many of us shoved it down, disconnected and believed it  when  we were told we were too sensitive.  It brought me to layers of pain I didn’t realize existed to that degree within me. 

Quan Yin: This is what I refer to as the walls built to protect your soul. It is a distortion and must be changed. Too feel everything deeply is your soul, it is your highest aspect. When one feels this deeply how can they possibly harm another. Many are seeing the truth in those core emotions and removing the filters that kept them deeply hidden. It is safe now, you can feel as you should, you are not alone and so many, many more are realizing this truth. 

Me: How do I help my child with her deep pain?

Quan Yin: Teach her compassion, teach her forgiveness and teach her self love. With those three attributes she will keep feeling but will be at peace. One feels anxiety not because they feel the emotions, but rather they allow others to make them feel wrong or different for feeling them. She will keep her compassion and through forgiveness understand the greater plan. 

Me: Quite a few clients have used the words “reset” to describe what they are feeling in these moments. I find that interesting.

Quan Yin: Yes a deep reset is taking place. Each person is being given the opportunity to change within them all that is not accurate for who they are, all that does not resonate within. 

Me: Some are hearing a heart beat in their right ear. What is that, what is the purpose?

Quan Yin: Their body is being tuned to the frequency of the shifting earth. Not all will hear this, but all are being tuned. We recommend that those who hear this heart beat, connect themselves to the earth, to Gaia and commune with her, experiencing her love and grace.

I hope my questions and answers have helped you as they have me. I am holding all of you in the highest light and with the deepest love. May you all be blessed. Thank all of you who have shared and supported this work as facebook continues to restrict my ability to share these posts.   It means more than you will ever know.


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**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! **

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