Dana Mrkich: 2022 Energy Report

  • Jan 6

2022 Energy Report

Happy New Year! The 2022 Energy Report is 17 pages so get yourself your beverage of choice and settle in! You might also like to have your journal handy or notepad for the journalling prompts.


This year has a very different feel to the last two. From March 2020-March 2023 we are in an intense 3 year window of major social transformation, mass awakening and a dramatic choice point/turning point for humanity. Each year has triggered and activated more and more people to wake up: personally and collectively, socially and globally, on every possible inner and outer level. Each year’s awakening wave has been bigger than the last, with 2022 set to bring on the biggest of all.

Before we get into the three waves, a quick recap on what March 2020-March 2023 is all about:

Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn in Aquarius is manifesting in a couple of different ways. Saturn is the Father, and can come across as controlling, dominating and restrictive. On a healthier note it also represents growing up, taking personal responsibility, and stepping into greater spiritual adulthood. Aquarius represents humanity, community collaborations and freedom. It also represents technology, computers and things like AI – Artificial Intelligence.

If we look at March 2020-March 2023 as a choice point between two very different future timelines, we can see the preview that Saturn in Aquarius is giving us: on the one hand we have extreme government control, with our every move tracked, traced and restricted. Today it’s QR code check ins and v mandates, but in the dystopian Shadow Edition of Saturn in Aquarius there is so much further we can go. Maybe it’s your bank card getting disconnected because you didn’t pay a fine, or you bought too much food above your weekly climate quota, or you had one more child than allowed. It all sounds so crazy yet yesterday’s conspiracy theories are all today’s news headlines.

A Swedish tech start up has invented a microchip that can be implanted under your skin to store information like your v passport and bank account payment details. The organic human then starts morphing into something else, something that is now connected to a greater, artificial machine. If your phone or computer can be hacked, why not a human with a chip? If a phone or computer can have information downloaded into it, why not a human? It’s all possible, and it’s all there on Timeline New World Order, aka Saturn in Aquarius, the Shadow Edition. If trans-humanism is what someone genuinely chooses, and would love to experience, then good for them. That is their choice. However, what if ones ‘choice’ is actually not ‘choice’ at all, but a result of coercion, blackmail, threat of loss of livelihood, inability to feed ones family or permanent separation from family? People have ridiculed those fighting against mandates saying ‘they have a choice, no-one is forcing them’, but there is some serious gaslighting going on here with this word ‘choice’. Before we go further down this timeline we might want to assess how we feel about the preview so far.

This isn’t about spreading fear. This dystopian reality is not destined for humanity or Earth. However it is important to realise that even though it is not destined, it most definitely was planned, and now we’ve had to live through the preview of this plan just so that we can see what was planned. If we didn’t see it, many still wouldn’t have been awake to what’s really been going on for so many years/decades/centuries/millennia, and we have to fully awaken as part of our transition to the next cycle.

We are all receiving a test: where is your line in the sand when it comes to personal freedom and the greater freedom of humanity vs totalitarian control? At what point do you say, enough? Everyone is having their own personal line in the sand moment, and these moments are ultimately part of our initiation into our next phase of spiritual adulthood and true freedom, personally and collectively.

This brings us to the other version of Saturn in Aquarius: the Great Awakening Edition. Here, Saturn asks us to put on our big girl and big boy pants and step up. Step up into our power. Step up with our voices and choices. Step up with our truth. Saturn asks us to stop needing external authority to tell us what to do or dictate what is right, and to instead tap into our inner author-ity (author of our own life), and response-ability. It is time for us to step into our spiritual adulthood and be led by our own inner compass of morals, values, integrity and discernment.

In the Great Awakening Edition, Aquarius is all about freedom, communities working together in a heart-centred way (as opposed to externally directed/controlled), and humanity entering a new phase of our organic evolution. New homeschool co-operatives are popping up everywhere, led by teachers who are no longer welcome in the old system, and parents who are done with it. Families are moving out of cities, wanting a treechange or seachange, having got a taste of a slower-paced life, with the ability to work remotely, and eager to connect with close-knit, like minded communities. In this Age of Aquarius, (a 2000 year cycle which many astrologers believe started in Dec 2020 with the Great Conjunction of Jupiter/Saturn in Aquarius), unity and community is what it’s all about.

The 3 year Saturn in Aquarius influence comes around every 28-30 years, so this isn’t a new thing. However what is new is that this time around it co-incides with:

  • The end of one Age – the 2000 year long Age of Pisces – and the start of another, the 2000 year long (approx.) Age of Aquarius.
  • The end of a Mayan great cycle – the 5125 year long count, which is 3114BC to 2012 AD – and the start of another.
  • The end of a Mayan grand cycle of almost 26, 0000 years – 23, 618BC – 2012AD – 5 x great cycles = 1 grand cycle.

What does 2012AD have to do with 2020-2021?

If you go by the ancient calendar, Dec 21, 2012 actually fell on Aug 27, 2020.

The end of an Age, and the end of Great Cycles, typically herald huge social, cultural and paradigm shifts for humanity. The end of a Grand Cycle is like the pinnacle of Shifts, and could really quantum leap us into something that is impossible for us to foresee or perceive from our current level of consciousness.

To understand current events, know that we are in a transition point between not only one Age to another, or one Great Cycle to another, but we are getting the whole shebang as we Shift from one Grand Cycle to the next. It is a full circle closure moment of sorts. If an Age is a chapter in our book of humanity, and a Great Cycle is a book in a series, the Grand Cycle completes the series. We are on the cusp of a new chapter, in a new book, in a whole new series.

Those who have had control over the last great cycle, and indeed possibly the whole of the last grand cycle, want another crack at the wheel. BUT…it’s not its turn anymore. It is the turn of humanity to regain our freedom and sovereignty. It is the turn of the awakening timeline. The control timeline is giving everything it’s got to have another go of the wheel, but the thing about destiny is, you can’t stop it. In fact, whatever you do to try to stop it only seems to bring it about faster. And humanity’s destiny is to be free this next cycle. So here we are, in this crazy climactic point as we transition out of the collapsing old, into the unknown new.

Awakening Adoption Curve

In marketing terms, there are 5 different kinds of people when it comes to trying new things. At the start you have your innovators and early adopters. In the image above they are described as tech enthusiasts and visionaries, although for this analogy let’s replace the word tech with “truth.” In Great Awakening terms, these would be the people who have been ‘awake’ or aware for years if not decades. In the context of this energy report, ‘awake’ refers to ‘awake to the truth of our world’ rather than ‘awake-lite/light’ which is being awake to the spiritual aspects of life while ignoring/avoiding/not being aware of the whole reality show.

The innovators and early adopters received the equivalent of a group text message around March 2020 which basically said: “The shift is here. It is being triggered by the trojan horse that is covid and its associated global control restrictions/control of the new cycle agenda.”

The decades-long (millennia-long) control agenda was meant to re-route/cancel the great awakening with this final climactic trojan horse event, but in the funniest twist it has actually ended up triggering the awakening in a bigger way than all previous years of spiritual books/workshops/retreats/videos/courses combined. It feels like they had to press fast-forward on something that was meant to unroll at a slower pace, and in doing so press conferences and news headlines now increasingly resemble some sort of comedic satire.

The non-sensical narrative and relentless push to steer everyone down one and only train of thought ultimately resulted in awakening the next wave of peeps, who came in strong during 2021: the Early Majority. These are the pragmatists who initially perhaps gave the authorities the benefit of the doubt thinking ‘Let’s see how this goes. Maybe they really are trying to do their best.” However as time went on, and more and more things just didn’t add up, make sense, or were contradictory, as more and more doctors, virologists, epidemiologists and immunologists were thrown off social media and de-registered for asking questions, as treatments were banned and new still-in-trials v’s were mandated in almost every arena by bureaucrats and business owners who have no background in medicine or health, this next wave started having their “Hang on a minute” moments. By the end of 2021 millions within the Early Majority group had joined the 2020 group, literally marching the streets of every major city and regional town, all over the world, united in a call for freedom and truth.

In 2022 we’ll see more of the Early Majority join in, and maybe even some of the Late Majority if their personal circumstances become shocking or extreme enough. This group, known as conservatives, (not to be confused with political Conservatives), find it very hard to accept a reality other than the one they are firmly entrenched in. If they admit, for example, that politicians and certain media organisations have lied, then what does that mean for their entire belief structure? It takes a lot, and sometimes can be too much, to mentally and emotionally accept and process that the world is very different to how they thought it was. So some within these last groups, the conservatives and the sceptics, may not choose in this lifetime to ‘see’ or to awaken in the way that we are defining awakening.

Clinical Psychologist Mattias Desmet is an expert in Mass Formation Psychosis: the process that happens when a society is being ushered into totalitarianism. (Link to video interview below) He has given some great interviews to help people understand why people so willingly give up their freedoms. He describes the process as a kind of hypnosis that around 30% of people go into. Another 30% are not susceptible to it, for reasons scientifically unknown. The middle 40% tend to go along with the majority, and so it’s important for the awake 30% to keep holding the line so to speak, creating the opportunity for more and more of that 40% to join them.

Looking at the above graph, using Mattias’s percentages, we could guesstimate that the majority of the 30% are in those initial groups of the innovators and early adopters. These are the starseeds who came into this life ready for this exact moment, ready to help people over the bridge into the new world. The rest of the 30% along with some of the middle 40% are the Early Majority, while the Late Majority contains the straggling remainder of the 40% along with some of the ones in that final 30% group still under full hypnosis. The Laggards/Sceptics complete that latter group.

The mainstream media is giving a false impression that there is a very small minority questioning the narrative. They stir up division with almost every story. However, the numbers out on the streets at all the freedom rallies worldwide, and the comments sections of popular news sites, articles and you tube videos, tell a different story. Add to that the rule of thumb that for every person at a protest, there are 10 at home who would have liked to have been there or are there in spirit/agree with the viewpoints being expressed. If you take a look at the ratings for many of the ‘leading’ news shows in your country you will likely find that their viewership numbers are at their lowest point ever, and are being surpassed by the likes of Joe Rogan’s podcasts and other alternative media.

A lot of people are waiting for the truth to finally come out on mainstream media. Even if they lost faith in the mainstream media long ago, it is still the ultimate symbol of confirmation that a news story has hit the masses. The issue however is, the mainstream media is holding up the old world, and is owned by the old world. We are still waiting on mainstream news shows, with declining viewer numbers, to validate what we know, meanwhile independent news media with skyrocketing viewer numbers that far surpass the likes of CNN and BBC, are getting on with interviewing Dr Peter McCullough and Dr Robert Malone (links below). We’ve finally met the nice guy who values us and treats us with respect, (independent media sources) yet we’re still wanting to hear “I love you” from the bad boyfriend who cheated on us (mainstream news)!

2022 is hopefully the year that more people not only switch off from the mainstream news, but realise that most people have already switched off. We want ‘the truth’ to be on the mainstream so that the masses see it and hear it, but actually mainstream news has started its process of collapse.

The Joe Rogan Podcast is averaging 11 million listeners per Spotify episode,

and 200 million listeners monthly.

The Sun, and the Light

The Sun is gearing up with its Solar Maximum cycle, forecast to peak between end 2024-early 2026. The Sun in 2022 feels like it will be speaking to us in bigger ways than you may have perceived before.

At the start of the energy report I mentioned that 2022 feels to have a very different energy than 2020-2021 in this current 3 year cycle. 2022 feels super-charged with Solar/Soular Energy, activating us in positive, empowering ways. For so long, many on the path of awakening have had to ‘clear our stuff’, and go through dark nights of the soul, heal our wounds and integrate our shadow. The collective started to go through all of that en-masse at the start of 2020. While the majority of the collective will still be doing that in 2022, there feels to be a huge surge of energy propelling the first wave further forward, with a palpable feeling that we have finally ‘broken through the clouds’ as a critical mass. That is, a big enough number will have awakened/become aware, to start having a tangible ripple affect across the globe.

This doesn’t mean that we will finally have 70% or 80% of us awake and aware. We don’t need to. Up until recently, the energy of the ‘cloud’, (the old energy) has been the dominant force. Even in our awakened states it has still occupied the bulk of our attention and focus over the last couple of years. The elite/control agenda energy managed to be the dominant force for decades/centuries/millenia with only 1% as their number. So our critical mass tipping point of those fully standing in the Light, and embodying it, and acting upon it, going by that, might also only need to be 1% or 1.5% or 2%.

I don’t know the number or the percentage,

but having “Majority” power isn’t about having the most amount of people.

It’s about having the most amount of influential energy.

In 2022, our group text message says something like: “We are the Children of the Sun. Our Light is the greater Force. Our Light is the greater Frequency. Truth overrides Illusion. Love, Light and Truth are the stronger energies, and this is now what we will focus on.”

Imagine that we are all connected by golden light. We have all been strategically placed all over the planet in certain locations. Know that wherever you have been based for the last couple of years, and wherever you are now, there is a reason for that. As more of us ‘switch on’, this light grid gets stronger and stronger. 2022 feels like the year where this light grid becomes the stronger force on this planet. This year will call more truth-speakers and light warriors to action, while activating others to question things or finally draw lines in the sand about what we will and won’t accept.

Make a conscious effort every day to feel the Sun on your skin. Have you ever felt unwell physically, mentally or emotionally and then sat outside and felt the sun’s rays pouring onto you, and then felt so much better?

Use the Sun in a more conscious way in 2022 and ask:

what messages do you have for me today?

Venus Retrograde

Venus is on her Retrograde journey from Dec 19, 2021 – Jan 29, 2022. The first month of 2022 asks us to ease into the year gently with a focus on self-care and self-love. As Venus starts going direct from February 1 this is when we’ll feel more of the real new year energy, (Chinese New Year also happens to fall on Feb 1 this year) with regards to feeling ready to move forward.

For almost 2 years we’ve been told to ‘stay home’, all the while being bombarded by a tonne of external noise. Venus invites us to go home – within. To connect with your inner sanctuary space of peace and quiet, of calm, beauty and harmony, allowing external noise to fall away.

  • Do you have a daily practice that helps you to feel calmer and clearer?
  • What makes you feel uplifted and energised?
  • What fills your creativity and joy cup?

With our busy lives, unless something is written down and scheduled it tends not to happen.

  • Write a list a few things that you would like to include as your daily self-care/spiritual/mental health/emotional wellbeing practices. It might be a daily healthy smoothie, morning walk, 10 minute meditation or gratitude journaling. If you’ve never had any of the things on your list as a daily habit just start with one thing at first. Once it is ingrained as a habit and becomes as natural to your routine as brushing your teeth, then add something else.
  • Write another list of things that you would really like to spend more time doing: eg reading, gardening, engaging with a certain hobby or creative project, cooking, baking, learning guitar or a new language, whatever feels good to you. These are usually things that we’ve been meaning to do for ages ‘when we have time’ but never get around to doing them. Choose something on your list, and make it easy for you to actually do it. Buy the wool for the jumper you’ve been saying you’re going to knit ‘one day’. Set an alarm on your phone for a certain time each evening that says “Put the phone down, time to read a book/pick up the guitar/etc”. When we’re stuck in old patterns we kind of need this forced prompt to get us doing something new. However if the new thing is genuinely something you enjoy doing, eventually it will become your automatic go-to rather than the old thing.

It’s quite apt that we start the year with this focus on inner self-care, harmony and balance because the Numerology of 2022 is all about that!

2022: Numerology

2022 with its emphasis on 2’s speaks of harmonious partnerships, union, and balance. This year will strengthen these themes – and highlight anything that is in contradiction to that.

2022 is a 6 year in numerology which represents love, the heart, emotional awareness, peace, home, family, friends, self-care and taking care of others. We’ve all come to a greater realisation and appreciation over the last couple of years regarding what’s truly important. 2022 will highlight our heart connections and the responsibility we have to nurture those connections, both within ourselves and around us. Journal Prompts: 🌺 What do you want to do more of in 2022? 🌺 What do you need to do more of? 🌺 What do you want to do less of? 🌺 What do you need to do less of? 🌺 Write a paragraph describing your ideal vision for 2022 for your personal life. 🌺 What are 3 things you can do, either as a new daily/weekly habit or action steps, to support that vision? 🌺 What is your vision for humanity and the world? 🌺 What can you do to support that vision?

Daily Alignment affirmations: Someone on the last Sanctuary Space asked if I could post the words I said leading into meditation. I use these words a lot- at the start of sessions, and also as a daily alignment practice. If they resonate please feel free to use them, or tweak to make them more personal to you: 💛 I am filled with Love, surrounded by Love, protected by Love and guided by Love 💛 I am connected to my highest Self, highest Source of truth, love and light, and to the core and Heart of Mother Earth 💛 I am aligned with my best possible self, best possible reality and best possible movement forward on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, cellular, DNA, ancestral, etheric and all the chakras Daily Gratitude ❤️ I also recommend a daily gratitude practice where you say thank you for a few things that you are grateful for and appreciate ❤️ You can also include things that may not yet be in your life but you’d like them to be. Word it in the present eg If you’re looking for new work, say: Thank you for my work that I love where I help people everyday! ❤️ You can also say thank you for feelings you have or want to feel eg, Thank you for all the love, joy, happiness, peace, good health and abundance in my life

Chinese New Year of the Water Tiger

February 1, 2022 starts the Chinese New Year of the Water Tiger. The Tiger is bold, courageous, adventurous and doesn’t mind taking a risk. The Tiger has a lot of enthusiasm for life, so hopefully this year we’ll all feel a resurgence of energy and motivation to get out there and truly live life again – and find the assertiveness to do so among all the influences telling us we can’t or shouldn’t. Tigers don’t like to be told what to do, so this year Tiger will help everyone who is ready to say “Enough. I am done with this constant micro-managing of our every movement!”

Tiger energy is creative and likes to dream big, so this year for the first time in a long time you might be asking yourself with regards to a certain big idea, dream or desire: “If not now, when? What am I waiting for? It is time to take some sort of action toward this!”

Tiger energy likes to look good and feel good, but not in a selfish way. Tigers are generous and like everyone around them to feel good too. Tigers know that if they keep their cup full, all the better for helping others keep their cups full too. Running off the back of the Venus Retrograde influence, the Tiger Year is a great year to keep asking yourself:

  • What makes me feel good? Do I need to do more of that?

They are family-oriented and like their relationships to be happy and healthy. This ties in really well with the 2/6 influence of 2022 numerology. You might be asking yourself this year: What is the best decision for my family when it comes to the home we live in, where we live, where my children go to school etc. Tigers, especially Tiger Mothers, are extremely protective of their tribe, and of their children. This year we will see a huge vocal uprising when it comes to the protection of children.

This is the year of the Water Tiger. Water energy at first conjures up feelings of peace, serenity and gentleness, and indeed this is for sure one of the ways that the Tiger energy can manifest. Yet water is not all still lakes and picturesque waterfalls. It can also be raging white water rapids, a deluge of torrential rain, floods, tsunamis and huge stormy waves. Water is sensitive and emotional. The year of the Water Tiger will bring all our emotions to the surface, activating gushes of creativity, expressions of feelings, and healing releases.

This is not a year to keep things in. Find positive, supportive ways to say what you need to say, ask for what you need, maintain healthy boundaries, treat yourself and others with kindness, love and respect, say yes when you want to say yes and say no when you need to say no.

USA Pluto Return

On February 22, 2022, Pluto will for the first time be on the same degree exactly that it was when the US Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 1776. The below is from the Jan 2018 Energy Report, and is helpful to understand that the US’s Pluto Return isn’t a 1 day thing or a 1 year thing. It is an almost 20 year process, rebirthing much of what originally occurred 250 years ago over a 20 year period. While 2022 is significant, 2024-2028 will be even more so, with regards to the rebirth of true freedom.

USA Pluto Return

1773 Pluto in Capricorn 21 Degrees

Boston Tea Party protesting British Parliament’s tax on tea

Pluto returns to this degree: 2019

1775 Pluto in Capricorn 26 Degrees

American Revolutionary War begins, the 13 colonies fight for independence from the British Empire

Pluto returns to this degree: 2021

1776 Pluto in Capricorn 27 Degrees

Declaration of Independence, 13 Colonies asserting themselves as a new nation – the United States of America

Pluto returns to this degree: 2022

1778 Pluto enters Aquarius 0 Degrees

The turning point of the Revolutionary War. Up until then it was still thought that Britain could win. France joins US as allies.

Pluto returns to this degree: 2024

1783 Pluto in Aquarius 8 Degrees

The War ends, US Independence recognized.

Pluto returns to this degree: 2028

1789 Pluto in Aquarius 17 Degrees

US Constitution and Bill of Rights (first 10 Amendments) submitted

Pluto returns to this degree: 2034-2035

1791 Pluto in Aquarius 20 Degrees

US Constitution and Bill of Rights adopted

Pluto returns to this degree: 2036-37

Australia Pluto Return

With so much happening in Australia over the last couple of years in terms of our extreme restrictions including almost constant state/international border closures, and many people feeling like we’ve once again become a prison colony, I wondered recently: what was going on in Australia during July 1776? Well, guess what:

During the 1700’s almost 60,000 British convicts were transported to the US. In July 1776 as mentioned above, the Declaration of Independence was signed. A new convict solution was going to be needed. Enter Joseph Banks, who was the botanist on board James Cook’s first voyage to the land now known as Australia back in 1700. In August 1776, at the suggestion of Joseph Banks, the east coast of NSW was selected as a perfect place to found a Penal Settlement.

In 1783, the US Revolutionary War ended. US Independence was officially recognized, and one of their demands to Britain were: no more convicts. The First Fleet from Britain carrying the first convicts bound for Australia thus landed on our shores in 1788. See Pluto Return chart above for how those dates correspond to current times.

So it is no coincidence that this ‘prison island’ theme has come up again, not to mention issues regarding the treatment of our aboriginal population that have made global headlines.

Does this mean we are destined to continue relatively bound and chained during this time? No. Pluto Returns bring back the same themes, and the same energetic influences. However they call for transformation and overhaul. They call for a death/rebirth of all that has outlived its use by date, so that something more authentic and in alignment can emerge. Pluto Returns are catalysts for healing, and as Denby Sheather said in our chat the other day (link at end), now is the time for the healing of the wounds of colonisation.

Australia is going through a major transformation, and our Original Peoples are playing a large role in leading the way forward. 12 Elders did a sacred ceremony at Uluru on Dec 21, 2020, said to have opened the “Magic Box.” (Article about it at end) This “Magic Box” is said to be connected to the Pleiadians. The message passed on from generation to generation for thousands of years, was that it was to be opened at a certain time. Dec 21, 2020 was that certain time.

Opening the box was one part of it, activating the energy inside is another, which is where (allegedly) the people of Australia and then the world come in. Some say that the activation requires a certain number of us to be in a high vibration: that is, heart-centred, love-focused and unity-oriented, as opposed to being in fear, anger or division. The energy that has been opened can then be anchored all around the country, and then out to all around the world. Others say it is the aboriginal people themselves who are singing the activation in, the rest of us just need to step out of their way. Either way, having an intention to maintain a high vibration sounds like a good plan. Certainly, the energy at all the freedom rallies has been very high-vibe, heart-centred, love-focused and unity-oriented which has been wonderful to see and be a part of. If this “Original Prophecy” is true, then it makes sense why this country has been particularly targeted for 2 years when it comes to ramping up fear, depression, anger and division.

Now is the time to get up, to rise, to hold hands, to unite,

and to stay strong to the vision in your heart that knows what is destined for our Earth and Humanity:

a new beginning, a rebirth and a return to the Old Ways of the Original Peoples.

The Final Healing

All countries, all nations, all people, all individuals, have to heal their wounds.

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you.

If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”

― Gospel of Thomas

When we react to life from our wounds, from our unhealed issues with our mother or father, from our anger at being betrayed, from our fear of being persecuted, from our desire for revenge, we are at risk of acting blindly, not in the best interests of ourselves or others. When we have the courage to face and heal our wounds, address our issues, and transform our most intense emotions, we can then start to step into our spiritual warrior mode, into our spiritual adulthood, and take responsibility for our lives with our new found response-ability. That is, the ability to respond from a clear, calm, self-aware, heart-centred place.

Pluto Returns strip us down, leaving us feeling raw and exposed. They then build us back up, new and improved, on a stronger, more solid, firmer, more sustainable, more authentic and aligned foundation. As anyone who has been through a Pluto Return aka Dark Night of the Soul knows, it is a brutal process. Yet it is necessary if we are to step out of lives that we have outgrown, lives or identities that have become too comfortable or uncomfortable, too false, too out of alignment with who we really are. The ending of an Age, of a Great Cycle and of a Grand Cycle is like a Pluto Transit on steroids!

We are all in it now. The Shift of the Ages. The final healing and the great cleansing/clearing. Your life has prepared you for this moment. None of us really know where this is all going, but if the last couple of years have taught us anything it is that we need to let go of our need to plan and control the future. The bigger questions are:

  • How are you navigating your Now?
  • How are you using each day that is given to you?
  • How is your relationship with your Self?
  • How is your relationship with those you love the most?

With lots of love,


(c) Dana Mrkich 2022


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Dana Mrkich: Riding the Storm

November 8, 2019 |  Dana Mrkich

 Schumann Resonance Oct 28, 2019

The intensity of last Monday’s Scorpio New Moon opposite Uranus (28 Oct) has, for a lot of people, continued. Deep emotional releases from heavy crying to rage-like anger to feeling generally frazzled has many feeling out of sorts- even while things in your life might be generally okay.

At the same time the Schumann Resonance was pumping strong (imagine your heart beating faster than usual, and you feel that thump thump thump stronger than usual….only this is Earth’s heart beat).

Much like the Solar Flares, this can make energetically sensitive people feel emotional, can ramp up anxiety because it’s revving up the nervous system, can trigger physical heart palpitations, fatigue, adrenalin surges and a need to just find a quiet place to rest and restore.

Sometimes we can feel super energised, creative and motivated when the Schumann Resonance is high so it may have affected you that way.

With the energy feeling very much like electric static I had originally thought this would ease as the moon moved away from that Uranus opposition. But err, no. It appears that influence is still with us as the moon prepares to go Full next Wednesday, nestled right alongside Uranus in Taurus. Yes you read that correctly. We’re going from a New Moon opposite Uranus, to a Full Moon being on Uranus. (While not being exactly on the Uranus degree it is close enough to warrant being called a Uranus Full Moon.) May as well get our brown paper bags out now, breathe in…and out…breathe in….and out!

On a personal level this particular New to Full Moon fortnight has been like a Scuba Diving Ride you didn’t realise you were in line for. Heck, you didn’t even know you were in an adventure park. One minute you’re washing the dishes, the next you’re breathing into those brown paper bags, sobbing uncontrollably about something that happened 40 years ago. Or something that happened 40 seconds ago that wasn’t really that big a deal, so WHY AM I SOBBING LIKE THIS!!! Or you are breathing into the paper bag because you’re trying really hard not to lose your shit for the tenth time this week because a lot of anger is coming up. Or things have just got really crazy with your schedule really fast, and your brain can’t work out how you are going to do the hundred things that suddenly showed up out of nowhere.

Scorpio loves a good scuba dive. Add Uranus to the mix and we’ve got ourselves an extreme sports version where you get zapped every few metres on the descent.

“Look at that memory!” Zap.

“Remember this issue? Did ya ever clear that?” Zap.

“Aww, you’ve still got that wound? Poke, poke.” Ouch! Zap.

Now I’ve got a scene from Willy Wonka in my head where the Oompa Loompas have to roll Violet to the juicing room and are singing that Oompa Loompa Oompa Dee Daa song as they squeeze out the excess juice, iron her out and send her back to her parents’ excess free.  That’s us right now…..being wrung out like towels, and feeling strung out in the process!

Breathe deeply.

Move slowly.

Try to stay present mentally

– too much past/future worry increases the anxiety and frazzled feeling.

Put your feet on the grass, sit on the grass, lie on the Earth.

Do what you need to do to feel grounded

especially if you resonate with this feeling

that you’re plugged in to an electrical socket.

On a global level

Uranus is connected to shock…and there’s certainly plenty of that in the collective consciousness as more and more truth is being constantly revealed. This Uranus-influenced New/Full Moon window is really amplifying our awareness of, and sensitivity to, the crazy global reality show unravelling before our eyes!

The Great Awakening voyage we’re on is entering rough waters. Not because things are getting worse. Nope. As hard as it may be for some to believe, things are actually getting better because so much that has been hidden is now coming to the surface for all to see. Only this is causing mass turbulence and mass shock, as we start reaching the critical point of mass realisation to the behind the scenes truth of our world. Everyone generally knows that the powerful run the world. Now, millions are awakening to how:

  • Journalists have been muzzled for decades from telling the truth in order to protect powerful people. They have been used to serve “pyramid power structure” agendas that keeps control/power at the top. (Project Veritas posted video this week, exposing an Epstein cover-up revealed by a news anchor on a hot mic)

  • Powerful, public people have been involved in the trafficking and ritual abuse of children. (The FBI Vault posted documents this week about The Finders)

  • A global blackmail system has been used to control powerful people, from Hollywood actors to those in the music biz, to politicians to corporate and media moguls, who in turn are used to influence the public in a way that serves the “pyramid power structure” agendas. (Follow Tiffany FitzHenry on Twitter, she also has some new interviews up on You Tube including one with an adult survivor of elite-level child-trafficking and ritual abuse).

  • Many regular people enter journalism, politics, entertainment, and corporate life with good intentions, not realising how the system works until they ascend to the higher levels. Some however are born into “the network” or “the family”, and have been moulded from a very young age to be used as an influencer (and I’m not talking the latest insta-famous ones).

2020 is going to reveal more and more and more and more….it may produce sea-sickness and dizziness when you realise how much of the old reality has been a lie. That reality is not the reality we came here to create. As it collapses, and it will, it’s natural to feel grief, anger, confusion, depression and despair.

Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross defines the 7 stages of loss/grief as:








This is where we’re at folks. Everyone in 2020 will be in one of those stages. Your job is to a) hold steady as best as you can using all the centering/grounding/connecting to your Highest Source tools you have and b) support others as best as you can.

One of our lovely She Fires Bernie put it well – “be the calm witness in the eye of the storm.” Remember – the Storm isn’t a sign that everything is going to crap. It is a sign of all the crap being revealed. We are absolutely going to come out the other side to a very new shore, a very new world. And, in the meantime, there is of course that calm that we can each personally find and help cultivate in others by going within, and by creating pockets of the new in our personal lives: in our families, in our homes, our schools, our workplaces, our communities.

This is how we will create change – flipping the pyramid around so that the base is at the top, with mass awakening leading to mass empowerment leading to mass grassroots level transformations. Our energy can then filter and flow through society as it was designed to do – co-creating healthy communities in healthy ways. A true leader holds the space, holds the vision, for the majority to thrive.

We have been living in an upside down world, so of course as things are being flipped the right way around things are going to feel a little topsy turvy!

As the old influence is being unplugged one socket at a time, now is the time to add your positive influence and light. Be the calm eye of the storm for those caught up in the turbulence.  Hold your torch steady so that they can find their way to their own torch.  Remember to keep your own cup full: healthy nourishing food, enough sleep, plenty of water, exercise, get outdoors, fresh air, sunlight – it’s the basics that are the most helpful!

How are you all feeling?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2019

Dana Mrkich: The Shaking of the Reality Tree

October 26, 2019 | Dana Mrkich


The truth of our reality is being revealed constantly now and it’s relentless. It’s happening all day, every day, on every topic and in every life area. It’s happening on personal, inner and private life levels, and on global, collective and societal levels. This can feel overwhelming. It can feel liberating. It can be confronting. It can be confusing. It can trigger shock and trauma. It can create a feeling of heaviness in the air, and a feeling that great change is upon us.

It can be exhausting because no sooner have you discovered one new layer of reality that you weren’t aware of, you’re finding another, then another. Sometimes new layers cancel out the truth of other layers. Other times new layers make previous layers make more sense. Life right now is like an archaeological dig on steroids – find ways to stay hydrated, nourished and sane!

Emotionally at times it can feel like you are drowning or suffocating with the enormity of all that is coming out (whether it’s related to your own life, the life of your loved ones, or more collective situations). Sometimes we aren’t even aware why we’re feeling like this. Most people these days are far more sensitive than they realise, and are picking up on the shaking of the reality tree without knowing that’s what is happening.

If you resonate with this, it’s important to find ways to breathe it out and stay connected to your inner centre (that’s where the calm is).

Do things to reconnect you to YOU:

go for a walk, spend time in nature, journal, garden, bake,

do something creative or fun, spend time with your family and loved ones,

talk about whatever you need to talk about with people you feel safe with.

The closer Saturn gets to Pluto (meeting exact on Jan 12, 2020), the more intense this shaking of the reality tree might feel. It’s not a bad thing, but it can be a challenging thing. If you feel like crying, cry. If you feel frustrated, go for a run or nature walk, clear your head and allow positive solutions and inspiration to come to you.

What happens after we give a fruit tree a good shake? We collect the fruit into our baskets, and we go off to make our apple pie or plum jam. This is Saturn and Pluto – they can really rattle us, but it’s all for the purpose of us realising what’s what: What’s reality, what’s not? What do we have to work with? What do we still need to work on? What can we do with what we have? What do you want? What do you need to do to have what you say you want to have?

There is resistance to truth coming out, some of it conscious, some subconscious. Some of the resistance might be within you, some of it is within others. Cognitive dissonance, denial and projection can be the mind’s way of dealing with information that it doesn’t want to be true, or isn’t ready to accept as true. It can be the body’s way of processing energy that it doesn’t know how to otherwise process.

This resistance creates a washing machine type effect of swirling turmoil and chaos. There is fighting and division as people argue “This is the truth” vs No, THIS is the truth”. This fighting and division can happen within us also as different aspects of ourselves battle it out “Change! You can do it! Break free!” vs “No, I can’t do it! I’ll never survive!”

Let go of the tug-o-war rope by loosening the polarity mindset. On a personal level: you might be shouting at the universe “Where is my soulmate??!!!” Meanwhile, there is a part of you inside quietly saying “Please allow this time with yourself….there is a gift here.” You may be frustrated that certain financial or career doors aren’t opening for you. Meanwhile the lull is what activates a new creative idea that you wouldn’t have had otherwise, that leads to eventual success. Delays or detours aren’t always due to a “block” in your energy. They can be flashing signs saying “Not this way….go that way! That way is better! You’ll love that way!”

On a collective level: when you think that “your side’ is right, and the “other side” is wrong, it can be very hard to see things from another perspective. Zoom out and seek the truth in each unique situation. When we are bound to “one side” we can blind ourselves to any good on the other side, or any bad on our side.

And then we have the role of the media – mainstream, alternative and social – all of which are playing huge roles in our reality-creation, and trying-to-make-sense-of-reality process. Pay attention to when you need to unplug from all of it for a few hours or days or weeks!

If mainstream media had a Relationships Status right now it would be #itscomplicated.

On Monday all Australian newspapers blacked out blocks of text on their front pages, as part of the launch of their Right to Know (what our government is doing) campaign, and are demanding greater protection for whistleblowers. This interestingly enough happened on the same day that Julian Assange’s hearing happened in the UK.  Ironically, the mainstream media haven’t exactly been supporting him even though he could be the poster boy for their campaign!! On the one hand some feel this is hypocritical, on the other hand it could be a very clear example of why the campaign is needed – have they not supported him because they have been muzzled from doing so?

Meanwhile Project Veritas has been uploading videos secretly taken by CNN whistleblowers, showing that their journalists are told what to report and what angle to take specifically regarding President Trump.

Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies continues outing their operations documents which show blacklisted sites and search terms, pushing things like natural health and wellness sites out of easy view.

We are being shown VERY CLEARLY that the news we get (even in spaces that we think we have control of like our social media or search engines) is being tightly controlled. This is usually done under the guise of “protecting the public”, when for the most part it’s more about shepherding the public to think a certain way, act a certain way, don’t look here, look there, and conform to agendas set by those way up at the top of our society’s pyramid structure.

This is not a conspiracy theory. It’s real, it’s happening, and it goes way back to the post WWII social behavioural engineering black ops projects like Operation Paperclip, MK Ultra and Operation Mockingbird.

What does this have to do with our spiritual awakening process? Everything. We are here to be free, free to live our full potential as individuals, as families, as communities and as a collective humanity. We haven’t been able to do this under the control structure that’s been over us, and we haven’t been able to dismantle the control structure because 99% of people haven’t known about it! How can we awaken from something we don’t even know exists?!

Truth has been labelled as conspiracies. The pattern has been that people ridicule anyone who questions official stories and narratives. However, there’s been a disruption in that pattern over the last few years and it’s gaining momentum.

Hidden power-players have been pulling the strings on our global reality show for a long time.

Reality 1:

We have the surface illusion world

that has been presented to us as reality.

Reality 2 and 3 are called “conspiracies”

Reality 2:

We have a hidden world

where all manner of dark deals are done and secrets are kept.

Humanity has had to be increasingly manipulated

in ever more elaborate ways to keep us uninformed,

behaviourally controlled

and unaware of Reality 2.

Reality 3:

We have the true nature of our greater reality,

our true potential and our real history

…all of which we’re slowly having to piece together.

Regardless of which reality you prefer to live in or acknowledge, all timelines are collapsing into each other now. The reality tree is being well and truly shaken and stirred, with everything coming out revealing ALL realities.

These 3 realities have been existing simultaneously within our one world, each separate to the others, yet intertwined in ways we haven’t known about. What’s happening now is, the walls between all these realities are coming down which is triggering “awakening” in some and mentally “unhinged” type responses in others.

To paint a picture: When a person has disassociative identity disorder they have compartmentalised fragments of their memory and personality. Personality X doesn’t know about Personality Y.  In the case of trauma-based mind control these personalities are intentionally created, so that they can be controlled. The different personalities aren’t ever supposed to meet or know about each other, and if they do it can result in a complete breakdown of the person’s core identity. In a way, we have collectively been experiencing disassociative identity disorder, existing within multiple realities. Now imagine that the walls between these realities are coming down, so now the realities are merging and spilling into each other. The breakdown we are currently witnessing (global protests, revelations re powerful people and trafficking/child abuse, extreme division etc) is part of the breakdown of our old collective core identity.

With time, healing and mutual support a new collective identity and reality will emerge, one that is based on truth. No longer splintered or fragmented, humanity will emerge, bruised but not broken, ready to ask ourselves: how might our world look without the control and secrets we’ve been existing under? It’s exciting to think about but in the meantime…….the breakdown is in process, and we have to go through it.

And even if you have had your own personal “breakdown” or “awakening”, you still need to be there to help others through theirs, and witness everything as it unfolds.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2019

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Dana Mrkich: Saturn & the South Node: Seeing the Past in a New Way to help you Move Forward in a Clearer Way


We recently talked about the effect of Pluto, Saturn and the South Node being together in the skies this year. Today we’re going to focus on Saturn and the South Node as these two are pretty much side by side for the next 4 months until the end of September. This is a huge time for getting your act together, letting go of what needs to be let go of, and moving forward with purpose.

Whether by choice or through circumstance it will feel like you are coming face to face with the past over and over again. You may be confronted to look at:

What old baggage am I still carrying around?

What old stories and beliefs am I holding that no longer serve me?

What patterns do I keep repeating that I am DONE with?

With this baggage, with these stories, beliefs and patterns, some of them might be connected to your past in this life, others are connected to your family and their story, or your ancestral lineage/multi-generational patterns. Some could be past life related (soul lineage).

With old stuff like this, it can often be the case that we’ve cleared/healed our beliefs on a conscious level but on a subconscious level or on an “emotional set-point” level we’re still lugging them around. For example, consciously you may genuinely believe that you’re always taken care of, and that you always have enough. However you might find yourself constantly repeating old money patterns, or old emotional reactions to those money patterns. The emotional reaction is part of your OLD emotional set-point (your emotional set-point is the emotion you keep falling back down to time and again be it disappointment, anger, frustration etc) and it’s this emotional reaction that keeps habits/actions/energy alive that keep the whole cycle going!!

This repeating cycle is a result of decades, if not lifetimes, of a certain groove being conditioned to act and respond a certain way. Whatever your old groove is, whatever that old wound is that keeps getting poked and prodded, Saturn and the South Node are joining forces to help you say “ENOUGH!!!”

All this is happening in the sign of Capricorn which is about being an adult. It’s happening opposite Cancer which represents our inner child. So for a lot of us, wherever we have been acting through the lens of our inner child, wherever we have felt like the victim, wherever we are in blame mode, wherever we feel dependent, needy, not good enough or overly sensitive, it’s time to emotionally grow up. It’s time to be the parent that we perhaps never had, or wish we had.

Saturn represents the father so for some of us our 2019 healing story could be related to our father or anyone who was in a father role when we were growing up. It also represents authority in any form, so if you have any sort of entanglement with authority this year it would be very beneficial to look within and ask:

Where am I ready to own my inner authority in a greater way?

Where am I ready to step into greater responsibility?

Where am I apologising for being who I am?

Where do I feel I have to justify my very being?

Where am I still acting like a child/living in child-mode?

Where do I need to claim my adulthood (and autonomy)?

Saturn is about taking responsibility. Saturn requires discipline, patience, hard work, practical action, taking one step at a time to reach long-term rewards and goals. There is no cutting corners here.

Is there something you have been wanting for a long time? Something you’ve wanted to do, become or accomplish? This Saturn/South Node energy is ideal for seeing very clearly what’s been holding you back, knowing exactly what you need to do to let that go, and take steps to move in the direction of your choice.

Saturn is about consistency and commitment. It’s about showing up – especially for yourself. If you want something, go for it – but you have to show up and do what needs to be done.

Here’s an exercise to help:

Write a list of things that you want to do, become or accomplish.

Next write a list with 2 columns:

Column 1: Why do I want this?

It helps to get clear on why you want what you want. Sometimes things have been on our want/to do list for so long, but they’re actually no longer relevant to our current version of who we are. Time to ditch those things. Sometimes we realise hang on, I only wanted this to prove something to my parents/society. Actually I really don’t want this! Knowing why you want something helps you to stay motivated even when the fruits of your efforts aren’t yet here in their full form.

Column 2: Why I don’t want this.

This column can be a tough one if you think “no part of me doesn’t want this!!” Trust me, if something is not in your life that you want, there is a part of you that for some reason either doesn’t want it, OR doesn’t want it yet (right timing is everything!!!) Be open to whatever wants to come through onto the page. With things we really want, there are usually conflicting thoughts within us eg if I have, let’s say, more success, then that means I will have less time, I’ll be more open to criticism, online attacks etc etc. Working through those conflicting thoughts will help soften them, so that what you really want can come to you in an easier way. You don’t necessarily have to let go of conflicting thoughts. Using the above example, yes, more success will likely mean that at times you’ll have less time! (Other times it will mean you have more time!). So it’s more about just acknowledging the conflicting thought and saying well yeah, that’s true, but I’m okay with that.

You might see that the conflicting belief is trying to help you. For example: The belief might be: “a new relationship will mean I have less time to myself”. Maybe right now time with yourself is super important to you. Maybe your soul very much needs time outside of being in a relationship. So in this case you might agree that this no-relationship time is a gift, and thus enjoy it while it lasts instead of resisting it.

Restriction and Control

Saturn can manifest as “restriction” in some area of your life. If that’s the case for you, ask: “How is this restriction serving me?” Lack of money for example is a good motivator for finally going for that promotion we would otherwise be too scared to ask for, or that new job, or finally getting some business idea off the ground. Lack of freedom is a good motivator for finally leaving home, or any situation you’ve outgrown. Obviously we don’t want to always attract “lack” in order to manifest “more” (if that’s your emotional set-point, it’s time to change that). Finding the gift in restriction is often the very thing that helps to shift it.

Saturn can also manifest as the control that ‘someone’ or ‘something’ has over you. With the karmic South Node on Saturn it’s time to come out from under this control. (This can include our own thoughts just as much as any external factors). You will feel a new liberation as these control layers start flying off you. This frees you up to live life much more in alignment with who you really are.

Saturn is all about being real – bye bye to anything built on illusion. Which brings us to the global stage…..

Where have we been controlled?

Who is trying (and in many ways succeeding) to control us?

Where have we given away our authority?

The South Node will help us see, in a clearer way, things we haven’t been able to see before. Just like we’re now able to see our personal wounds in a clearer way, our collective/global workings are being revealed helping us to understand why the world really is as it is. More on that in the next blog.

For now, when your old stuff/past stuff comes up, find the gift so that you can learn the lesson and move on from the pattern, OR if you feel you’ve already got the lesson it’s fine to say “Hey old pattern/old belief/old reality influencers, I don’t believe you anymore.” Most importantly: CHANGE your actions.  If you are used to saying yes to something you don’t want to do, how does it feel to say no? If you are used to procrastinating about something you want to do, how does it feel to start taking regular action steps, even if it’s just tiny steps?

Has this Saturn//South Node conjunction started to affect your life already? How?

Share below.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2019


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Humanity Rising

South Node


Dana Mrkich: Mars Retro: Anger and other Energy needing Expression

 Goddess Kali: Artist Unknown

Happy Solstice everyone! It’s the shortest day of the year for us in the Southern Hemisphere, and longest in the Northern 🌞

We also have Mars, the planet of “energy needing expression”, preparing to go retrograde next week. Retrograde periods highlight and intensify the influence of a planet, making us more aware of how we’re using a particular energy in our life. With Mars, it can bring up: anger, rage, explosive outbursts or aggression.

It’s a time to look at why these emotions are coming up:

What is really being triggered?
What underlying issue is wanting your attention?

What is your habitual response when it comes to anger?

Do you shut down, suppress it or project it?
Do you need to change this response?
Do you need to learn to express yourself and your needs in a more assertive way?

Mars retro can also increase your desire to be physically active or vice versa enforce or encourage a period of rest.

It’s also a great time to cook up creative ideas that you can implement a few months down the road.

If you are one of the many for whom anger or rage is bubbling up, or if you’re empathetically absorbing it from the collective, strong physical workouts are an excellent, healthy way of moving that energy through you. Exercise is great for clearing any “excess” energy that doesn’t belong to you. It clears your mind so that you can healthy address any authentic anger that does belong to you. Anger and rage are powerful emotions and messengers. We don’t just want to “release” them, especially if they are coming up strongly or recur often. It’s better to look at why the emotion is there. Ask the emotion: what are you wanting to tell me?

There is A LOT of projection going on at the moment- personally, socially and politically. We are angry about that over there, meanwhile the same thing is happening here (in our psyche/our home/our life/our country/our side). Projection happens because it’s just too painful or overwhelming to see/accept what’s happening “here”.

There is nothing wrong with being angry. What isn’t helpful however is being angry when it happens “there” but ignoring it when it happens “here”. The tricky thing is we can often have a blind spot when it comes to what’s happening “here” which is why listening to each other is SO important right now. Other people can see our blind spots, and we can see theirs. Our new human mantra needs to be listen up instead of lashing out.

How are you all feeling? #listenupinsteadoflashingout


Life & Soul, Humanity Rising, Mars Retrograde, Anger, Outrage, Rage

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Easing into May | Dana Mrkich

 May 2, 2018

May will hopefully be a gentler month than the crazy emotional dodgem car ride that was April.

Last month we had both Pluto and Saturn go retrograde, while Chiron changed signs moving into Aries after 7 years in Pisces. This trio created a feeling like someone continually pushing you under water while you’re simultaneously being squeezed by a vice. On top of this we had Monday’s Full Moon in Scorpio. Since then then we’ve started to feel some relief and release as the intensity of all April’s movements starts to ease.

If you have any old wounds, old triggers, shadows yet to be fully owned, old issues around father/men/the masculine or stability/security, you may have experienced those flaring up strongly over the past few weeks.

Journal Prompt: Take some time to write about anything that keeps flaring up. Ask: What is this emotion/situation/health issue trying to teach me? Why do I keep pushing away xyz? What would it mean to allow/let in abc?

Globally and collectively we can feel the showreel is running out of tape. It’s like that last episode on Seinfeld where one of them say a joke and the others don’t laugh “We’ve done that one already.” Oh yeah.

The momentum that the old world was running on is done. From personal and family karmic cycles needing to get wrapped up and closed, to the exposure of global elite circles spilling out for all to see, it’s a time when the theatre ushers are escorting everyone out: “It’s time to go find yourselves a new movie.” Meanwhile the curtain has been pulled back by the cleanup crew revealing the truth behind the flashy show.

So here we are in this odd time of truth. Odd because it simultaneously brings up feelings of liberation, freedom, grief, depression, connection and isolation. So many people are going through changes that it can feel like we are all in our little bubbles, doing our best to get air when we can in between dunks. Your usual habit of being there for others may not be possible while you tend to yourself. Likewise your usual support circle may be tired out from their own current goings on.

We take it in turns to do what we can. Some of you may be full of energy creating new initiatives and projects- new systems and structures need to be in place as the old collapses around us. If you have energy to spare look around to see if there is someone who needs your help be it a phone call to check on a friend, a donation of food or clothing, or just listening to someone who needs to talk.

How are you feeling? 💗❤️


Life & Soul

Dana Mrkich: Cap Full Moon intensity

July 7, 2017


Dana Mrkich


There’s a Full Moon in Cap (17 deg) this Sunday 9 July, and you’re likely already feeling it. Jax was born on a Full Moon. For his first couple of years we’d always know a Full Moon was coming because 2 days before like clockwork he’d have a very definite emotional shift. He’d either not want to sleep, or sleep more than usual, or cry more or be irritable or be like an energizer bunny hypo version of himself. Most of the time I completely forgot it was Full Moon related until I either looked at the sky or my calendar or one of my sisters said something and I thought aha!

That’s why it’s so helpful to know about astro events. They’re influencing us whether we realise it or not, believe in astrology or not. The tide goes in and out with the moon’s new and full moon phases, and likewise our emotions are triggered by planetary movements. Knowing about what the planets are doing helps because, just like me with Jax, it helps make sense of behaviour or feelings that seem to come out of nowhere.

So what can we expect from this Full Moon? Well, if you haven’t already you might like to start doing some deep breathing before you say or do anything you’ll regret. You may be feeling strong emotions start to bubble up, or spill over! Anxiety can be heightened. There’s quite the palpable feeling of electricity in the air, which can leave you feeling frazzled or buzzing. This Full Moon is a degree away from Pluto in Capricorn. The Sun and Mars are opposing them in Cancer. Mars isn’t crazy close, but in this case we’re definitely feeling his energy.  Here’s what all that means:

Full Moons amplify emotions and often bring things to a head. Astrological events don’t create issues that aren’t already within you or around you somewhere. They bring things to the surface or to your attention so that they can be addressed, ideally in a healthy, positive way (that’s where knowing these triggers are happening comes in handy!). They give you a nudge to explore opportunities or get out of your comfort zone or express your needs.

Hiding under a doona/duvet until the astro trigger has passed might feel good – and hey, if you can do that go for it! – but ideally if you are getting hugely emotionally triggered it’s to your benefit to ask yourself: Hmmm what’s really going on here? Why am I so upset? Is there anything I’m not expressing? Do I have needs that are not being met or desires that are not being fulfilled? Is there something in me or in my life needing healing, closure, transformation or release?

This Full Moon is in practical, ambitious Capricorn, squaring Jupiter in Libra. Jupiter is all about expansion and abundance, and a square can make things feel a bit tense. There might be some goals/dreams you are really wanting to move into right now, but you’re feeling like you’re trying to move a big ship through a narrow canal with tight bends and curves every few metres. The Full Moon brings your emotions to a climactic moment, so you could feel like you are about to explode, implode, scream or give up! Don’t give up! This is a time to step away, take some deep breaths, do some yoga, go to a workout class, get out in nature, have a dip in the ocean, bake some cookies, anything to clear your head which is momentarily being filled by rising extreme emotions.  If you’ve reached a climax with some intense situation, things will look and feel a lot clearer on Monday. Rather than prematurely blow up at your partner, boss, family member or colleague close your eyes, take a deep breath in and out, and say to yourself: “This situation is now resolved, show me how.”

The Full Moon is pretty much right on Pluto. Pluto is all about deep, deep transformation. He’s about diving in to our shadow and seeing what we’d usually rather avoid or confronting what we have a hard time owning about ourselves (both the good qualities and the not so good). Where do we hide when we need to be seen? Where do we stay quiet when we need to speak up? Pluto asks us to look at how Power and Control are manifesting in our lives. Do we feel in our power, or not? Do we try to control what is out of our control? What defines the line, for us personally, between knowing what we have power over, and what we don’t? Where is it appropriate to push and claim what you want, and where is it appropriate to let go, surrender and trust your Soul to direct the show in ways you may not currently understand? Pluto helps us get clear on these lines, although we usually go through quite a bit of push/pull/resistance before we get to the clear part!

Pluto will ruthlessly cull anything we have outgrown, and demolish whatever no longer serves us. Pluto flies the flag for getting you onto your highest evolutionary path, and he tends not to do it in a fluffy, gentle way.  If Pluto is aspecting a significant point or planet in your chart you may feel like you are going through some sort of rebirth, which can be painful when we resist wherever Pluto is wanting to take us, and liberating when we surrender to the flow of where Pluto (or rather our Soul with the nudging of Pluto) wants us to go. With this Full Moon right on Pluto, more people than usual will feel his energy and so be aware of the fact that this weekend can trigger a short yet intense dark night of the soul for some folks around you, or for you.  Nurture yourself, take care  of yourself and if you can, extend some nurturing to anyone in your circle who is going through a hard time.

So this Full Moon on Pluto as you can see is full on enough, but Mr Mars is opposing it, so he’s adding fuel to the flames. With Mars people always talk about anger, and yeh he can bring up anger which with Pluto’s influence can easily turn into rage. But Mars is also about physical energy and action. You will feel compelled to DO something about whatever is playing out in the Full Moon/Pluto arena, but because that arena is already super emotional, to add emotional votality to the mix is not recommended! As written above, if you can ride things out until Monday without losing your cool or your mind, and divert your attention to calmer pursuits, things will ease up. If calmer pursuits aren’t going to do it for you, then get physical in a healthy way, anything to release all the energy that is wanting to move through you right now.

You’ll be in a much better emotional space from early next week onwards to deal with whatever needs dealing with. If bridges are burned this weekend, due to you or someone having an emotional explosion, it will be one of those ‘fire for the purpose of purification’ moments. Personal or professional relationships that are meant to move forward together after that purification moment will move forward in a much healthier way having finally addressed the crap, or those that aren’t meant to move forward will be released, for the good of all parties involved.

So there you have it. A big Full Moon weekend for sure.

Suggested prayer:

Thank you for this transformation. Thank you for helping me release all that no longer serves. Thank you for helping me to open to all that I am now ready for! Aho/Amen.


(c) Dana Mrkich 2017

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Dana Mrkich: The shadow side of awakening

April 27, 2017   |  Dana Mrkich


There are so many different aspects to awakening. There’s awakening to your soul, to other dimensions, to a more conscious way of looking at your self and life. Then there’s awakening to what’s going on in the world, uncovering the world as run by the global elite, a world where they use the many for the benefit of a few. And a lot of people know this generally, but maybe aren’t so aware of the specifics, like say the global, elite-level, trafficking and abuse of children, the degree to which mind control and blackmail is used to control public figures, the degree to which the media is suppressed and scripted, the false flag events and manufactured wars created for specific purposes.

I used to think that as long as people were awakening to the former, they’d eventually be guided to info that would awaken them to the latter. But that’s not necessarily true. What I’ve been seeing a lot of over the past year is a massive amount of people being incredibly awake in one way, but totally unaware in other ways. And that’s part of the evolutionary growth process really. None of us are completely awake and aware in every area but we are living in times that are definitely calling us to step up and stretch our awakening selves into those arenas that have remained in the shadows.

This push to acknowledge our shadow, both personal and collective, is part of the overall shift process we are all experiencing right now. It isn’t pretty, it can be really emotionally tough, but we have to go there if we want to truly thrive and function at our optimum states personally, socially and collectively. Why? Because that which we don’t see, or don’t want to see, influences us without our knowing. It’s like driving around with a parking brake and thinking that’s the normal speed of your car. Or being excited that life gives you three doors to choose from every day, only later realising that there were actually 100 doors, only 97 were hidden from you.

There is also an inner push happening to own our power. Our personal and collective power has been in the shadow, and initially it can be unsettling to start having to own it. The transition phase into new ways (from life changes personally to shifting family and relationship dynamics to changes in politics/banking/media/corporations/health/education/sustainability/you name it) stemming from our reclaimed inner power can be, and will be, a bumpy ride. But better a bumpy ride to a good destination, than the illusion of a smooth road built on a false foundation or sinking swamp.

More truths and revelations than ever are coming out this year, and this is only going to increase. This is excellent news, it is empowering and liberating. But a heads up, it can also make you fall into bouts of depression, overwhelm and despair. As disturbing as it all is though, even worse would be to continue living in this shadow unaware. The heaviness you may be feeling this year is related to the increased awareness of the denser energies that have always been there, only not in your conscious awareness. It is a balancing act to learn how to be in the process of awakening to those energies, while not letting yourself be sucked into their vortex. When it gets too much think of yourself as a candle or torch that is lit in a dark room. Darkness can feel all encompassing, but light is always more powerful no matter how small. Keep your eyes and ears open to the truth, while keeping your focus, energy and attention on the strength and power of that strong inner light that guides you, that IS you. Ask your inner light, your heart, your soul, to guide you on your best possible path, to do what can be of the most good, for you, for those around you and for the world.


2017 so far has been relentless. When things get too much, remember to close your eyes and breathe. Focus on those you love. Focus on what is good in your life. Go to the beach, go for a walk, cook a lovely meal. Give thanks for all you have. Immerse in some inspiring words or music. Take care of your self in a good way, and let that be the springboard from which all else follows.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2017

Source: http://www.danamrkich.com/single-post/2017/04/27/The-shadow-side-of-awakening


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Dana Mrkich: Pluto + Mercury: you can’t stop transformation that is due


Astrology never fails to amaze me. Today Mercury goes retrograde almost on Pluto, the day the US Electoral College cast their vote. I just found out that Congress formally count those votes on Jan 6, right as Mercury is preparing to go direct again. What does this mean?

During Mercury Retrogrades, you often can’t move forward with something no matter how much you want to particularly when it comes to signing contracts, agreements or anything involving important communications. You might be waiting on a decision, but people won’t give you a clear yes or no. So it can feel like a limbo land kind of time.

In truth, it’s anything but limbo land because retrogrades are busy in their own unique way. It’s a time of reviewing, revisiting, making sure everything is in order before getting the green light to move forward into the next chapter.

During this retrograde Mercury is temporarily moving away from Pluto who is all about deep transformation. The feeling with regards to the continuing election dramas, is that there is a group who are adamant they don’t want to move forward to this particular transformation, and will kick and scream trying to stop it at all costs. But you can’t run from Pluto, he is there waiting for us all, holding up his big Shadow mirror, demanding we SEE all there is to see, even that which we don’t want to see, even that which is uncomfortable to see, because it is only through acknowledging and seeing the whole truth, that we can truly shift, truly shed what no longer serves us, and move forward in a much more free way. Any journey involving Pluto is never an easy one, but it is always a necessary one and ultimately, a life-changing one for the better because of what he gets us to see and face.

The US will get their green light on Jan 6, and by Jan 30, ten days after the expected inauguration date (very strange energy around that still), Mercury will have caught up to Pluto, marking a climactic moment related to transformation, and potentially indicating the exposure of things that have been kept hidden.

Pluto is all about the Shadow, those qualities we hold that we don’t really want to acknowledge – and the US establishment is up to its eyeballs in being asked to look at its shadow right now. As is the way with anyone who doesn’t much like looking at their Shadow, the resistance to this process is in hysterical over-drive led by a manic mainstream media and old guard politicians. With certain truths exposed, they have come out swinging in a finger-pointing fake news frenzy, so ironic when most people now know these guys are the fake news kings. We also have the “Russia did it!” accusations of election swaying, with Obama vowing to retaliate. Again, ironic when the US govt has interfered with foreign elections and overthrown democratically elected governments in countless foreign countries for decades.

It can’t go on like this, the hypocrisy, the belief that everyone else should be accountable to a golden standard of rules – except the elite establishment who impose them and abuse them more than anyone!

It is time for a changing of the guard, and that doesn’t mean changing from one political party to another. More on all that in the end of year report coming soon xx

(c) Dana Mrkich 2016

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Dana Mrkich: The Shadow Lands

November 16, 2016


How are you all feeling?

The US election result has released a tsunami of emotions within millions of people: shock, sadness, grief, joy, elation, relief, fear, anger, powerlessness, liberation. And because emotions are deeply personal, regardless of the external trigger, every emotion is connected to a personal memory or belief, and dredges up like memories and beliefs. So you think you’re crying about this thing or angry about that thing but if the emotion is intense, then around 90% of it is related to pain, wounds or beliefs that have their roots in the past, which are seeking to be healed in the present.

It has triggered the need to step up, speak out, and act with more focus, intention and compassion. It has opened our ears and eyes, stretching us, making us aware of more than we were, asking us to understand more than we did.

This tsunami can feel overwhelming because not only are you feeling what you’re feeling, you are also likely feeling what others are feeling. Even if they are on the other side of the world. Even if they are on the other side of the political divide. Because energetically, we actually are all in this together. Like, literally. Our human bodies make it look like we are all different, and separate and divided, when in fact for the most part, we are more similar, more united and from the same one energy source, more than we consciously realize.

And on top of that there was a supermoon full moon, because that’s exactly what we need, more emotional triggers!

This full moon was in Taurus, opposite Scorpio and it’s really that Plutonic Scorpio energy that has us all scuba diving right now into the depths of our inner shadow world, and into the deepest, darkest corners of the country’s shadow. The shadow is that part of us, that part of life that we don’t want to see. It feels too ugly, too uncomfortable, too difficult to deal with. But we signed up for wholeness, we signed up for unity. We didn’t come here to hum along, pretending our carpet is clean when there’s pain underneath. We didn’t come here to keep the curtain closed, to ignore or avoid that which we have no idea what to do with.

So, crises happen to help everything come up and out, to the surface, to be seen, felt, known, acknowledged, healed and transformed. It doesn’t mean we took a wrong turn or that there’s been a mistake in the cosmic plan.

Imagine an annual extended family dinner where everyone has done the whole pretending thing for years. Pretending they like Uncle Roger. Pretending their marriage is fine.
Pretending their life is all fancy cutlery and big houses when they are up to their eyeballs in debt. Then one year, Aunt Minny, who knows all the secrets, and is tired of the annual charade, decides she’s had enough. During lunch she starts letting it all out, all the secrets, all the shame everyone holds, all the skeletons. And everyone is mortified. But to everyone’s surprise it opens the door to healing. Everyone feels relieved. They weren’t the only ones having troubles or struggling or hurting. They start talking, really talking. Not just gossip or weather, but real, raw, open, honest, vulnerable communication.

And that’s where we are at. Blame and judgement will get us nowhere while we’re in the Shadow Lands. Taking time to understand “Why do you feel that?” And “Why do I feel this?” might teach us something.

Don’t be afraid of seeing the shadow, yours or someone else’s. And allow yourself to see light in places you didn’t expect or where you were convinced it didn’t exist.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2016


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