I saw this on twitter, and felt compelled to respond with a recent video by Janine, as I know there are many people dealing with demonization, blame, discrimination, separation and isolation at the holidays…..from those with the most potential to hurt us… family!!! Or, those who have surrendered critical thinking who feel that despite being double jabbed and boosted, you somehow present them with a threat, whether you are vaxxed or not..so they give an ultimatum to get tested (or maybe they got home covid tests in the mail like our family did, with directives to take them on the day we depart by car).

Some will look back on these days with vindication; others with shame. Things are probably not what you think they are, so if you think treating others -especially family & friends- in an inhumane manner like this is OK, you will have an even harder time coping when actual Truth hits the mainstream.

I say, find your tribes. Eat, Drink and be Merry! Shine Brightly! Have a Blessed Celebration of Light!
For it is Light that will lead us to Truth! ~PB

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Sending Ravens with Tarot by Janine
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✨🌟Merry Christmas🌟✨🦌🎅🏽🦌🦌🦌


International Alliance of Physicians and Medical Scientists
September, 2021
(view in Italian) (Slovak) (Dutch) (Spanish) (Croatian) (Chinese)


[UPDATE: as of 2:30pm ET on 10/12 over 11,900 doctors & scientists have signed the Rome Declaration. Please join us by reading and signing below.]

WHEREAS, it is our utmost responsibility and duty to uphold and restore the dignity, integrity, art and science of medicine;

WHEREAS, there is an unprecedented assault on our ability to care for our patients;

WHEREAS, public policy makers have chosen to force a “one size fits all” treatment strategy, resulting in needless illness and death, rather than upholding fundamental concepts of the individualized, personalized approach to patient care which is proven to be safe and more effective;

WHEREAS, physicians and other health care providers working on the front lines, utilizing their knowledge of epidemiology, pathophysiology and pharmacology, are often first to identify new, potentially life saving treatments;

WHEREAS, physicians are increasingly being discouraged from engaging in open professional discourse and the exchange of ideas about new and emerging diseases, not only endangering the essence of the medical profession, but more importantly, more tragically, the lives of our patients;

WHEREAS, thousands of physicians are being prevented from providing treatment to their patients, as a result of barriers put up by pharmacies, hospitals, and public health agencies, rendering the vast majority of healthcare providers helpless to protect their patients in the face of disease.  Physicians are now advising their patients to simply go home (allowing the virus to replicate) and return when their disease worsens, resulting in hundreds of thousands of unnecessary patient deaths, due to failure-to-treat;

WHEREAS, this is not medicine. This is not care. These policies may actually constitute crimes against humanity.


RESOLVED, that the physician-patient relationship must be restored. The very heart of medicine is this relationship, which allows physicians to best understand their patients and their illnesses, to formulate treatments that give the best chance for success, while the patient is an active participant in their care. 

RESOLVED, that the political intrusion into the practice of medicine and the physician/patient relationship must end. Physicians, and all health care providers, must be free to practice the art and science of medicine without fear of retribution, censorship, slander, or disciplinary action, including possible loss of licensure and hospital privileges, loss of insurance contracts and interference from government entities and organizations – which further prevent us from caring for patients in need. More than ever, the right and ability to exchange objective scientific findings, which further our understanding of disease, must be protected.

RESOLVED, that physicians must defend their right to prescribe treatment, observing the tenet FIRST, DO NO HARM. Physicians shall not be restricted from prescribing safe and effective treatments. These restrictions continue to cause unnecessary sickness and death. The rights of patients, after being fully informed about the risks and benefits of each option, must be restored to receive those treatments.

RESOLVED, that we invite physicians of the world and all health care providers to join us in this noble cause as we endeavor to restore trust, integrity and professionalism to the practice of medicine.

RESOLVED, that we invite the scientists of the world, who are skilled in biomedical research and uphold the highest ethical and moral standards, to insist on their ability to conduct and publish objective, empirical research without fear of reprisal upon their careers, reputations and livelihoods.

RESOLVED, that we invite patients, who believe in the importance of the physician-patient relationship and the ability to be active participants in their care, to demand access to science-based medical care.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned has signed this Declaration as of the date first written.

Sign the Declaration:


“*” indicates required fields

Recent MonkeyWerxUS Military Flight Analysis

Monkey observes and explains who/what/where in terms of military flights tracked, TFRs, VIPs, etc., Immigration issues.  Infiltration, not invasion. More Americans should be paying attention, and be careful what you wish for. We all come from immigrants, we welcome assimilation but do not wish to have our way of life obliterated or restricted. We need safe and sane immigration policies.

A friend who has been a citizen for a few years has been trying to get his wife and children here legally from Serbia for years, working 3 jobs. Yet people come in unvetted on flights and across an unrestricted border. I told him to send them to Mexico, to cross the border, they’ll get housing, food card and education for his kids.

We should be observing and supporting our Australian Patriots, who are under their 6th Lockdown and rebeling with protests. They already have these types of quarantine camps, supposedly due to COVID but possibly for dissidents and anti-establishment types. Which may turn out to be everyone in the country if the government continues the harsh and unnecessary restrictions.

Are these future Camps for Patriots?

Sep 9, 2021
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Is the Government Deporting Hispanics?

Sep 7, 2021
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Welcome to AfghaniMex

Sep 4, 2021
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World Doctors Alliance, [26.08.21 03:01] [Forwarded from Robin Monotti + Dr Mike Yeadon + Cory Morningstar Channel]

Use your own discernment.

World Doctors Alliance, [26.08.21 03:01] https://t.me/worlddoctorsalliance
[Forwarded from Robin Monotti + Dr Mike Yeadon + Cory Morningstar Channel] https://t.me/robinmg

“US COVID-19 Vaccines Proven to Cause More Harm than Good Based on Pivotal Clinical Trial Data Analyzed Using the Proper Scientific Endpoint, “All Cause Severe Morbidity”

“This clinical trial design [for Covid-19 Vaccines] has been proven dangerously misleading….

Pivotal clinical trial data from the 3 marketed COVID-19 vaccines was reanalyzed using “all cause severe morbidity”, a scientific measure of health, as the primary endpoint…..

All cause severe morbidity” in the treatment group and control group was calculated by adding all severe events reported in the clinical trials.

Severe events included both severe infections with COVID-19 and all other severe adverse events in …treatment ….

This analysis gives reduction in severe COVID-19 infections the same weight as adverse events of equivalent severity…

Results prove that none of the vaccines provide a health benefit and all pivotal trials show a statically significant increase in “all cause severe morbidity” in the vaccinated group compared to the placebo group….

•  The Moderna immunized group suffered 3,042 more severe events than the control group.…..
•  The Pfizer data was grossly incomplete but data provided showed the vaccination group suffered 90 more severe events than the control group..…. when only including “unsolicited” adverse events….
•  The Janssen immunized group suffered 264 more severe events than the control group ……..
•   Janssen claims that their vaccine prevents 6 cases of severe COVD-19 requiring medical attention out of 19,630 immunized;
•  Pfizer claims their vaccine prevents 8 cases of severe COVID-19 out of 21,720 immunized;..
•  Moderna claims its vaccine prevents 30 cases of severe COVID-19 out of 15,210 immunized…

Based on this data it is all but a certainty that mass COVID-19 immunization is hurting the health of the population in general…

Scientific principles dictate that the mass immunization with COVID-19 vaccines must be halted immediately because we face a looming vaccine induced public health catastrophe.”

Link to the: Study (https://www.scivisionpub.com/pdfs/us-covid19-vaccines-proven-to-cause-more-harm-than-good-based-on-pivotal-clinical-trial-data-analyzed-using-the-proper-scientific–1811.pdf)


World Doctors Alliance, [26.08.21 03:04] https://t.me/worlddoctorsalliance
⚡️ALERT ALERT ALERT⚡️💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥


I’ve just been informed via someone senior in the vaccination authorities that they will begin VACCINATING ALL SCHOOL CHILDREN AGED 12 – 15 years old STARTING SEPTEMBER 6th 2021.


Children are at no measurable risk from SARS-CoV-2 & no previously healthy child has died in U.K. after infection. Not one.

The vaccines are NOT SAFE. The USA reporting system VAERS is showing around 13,000 deaths in days to a few weeks after administration. A high % occur in the first 3 days. Around 70% of serious adverse events are thromboembolic in nature (blood clotting- or bleeding-related).

We know why this is: all of the gene-based vaccines cause our bodies to manufacture the virus spike protein & that spike protein triggers blood coagulation.

The next most common type of adverse events are neurological.

Death rates per million vaccinations are running everywhere at around 60X more than any previous vaccine.

Worse, thromboembolic events such as pulmonary embolisms, appear at over 400X the typical low rate after vaccination.

These events are serious, occur at a hideously elevated level & are at least as common in young people as in elderly people. The tendency is that younger people are having MORE SEVERE adverse events than older people.

There us literally no benefit whatsoever from this intervention. As stated, the children are unquestionably NOT AT RISK & vaccinating them WILL ONLY RESULT IN PAIN, SUFFERING, LASTING INJURIES AND DEATH.

Children rarely even become symptomatic & are very poor transmitters of the virus. This isn’t theory. It’s been studied & it pretty much doesn’t happen that children bring the virus into the home. In a large study, on not one occasion was a child the ‘index case’ – the first infected person in a household.

So if you’re told “it’s to protect vulnerable family members”, THAT IS A LIE.

The information emerging over time from U.K. & Israel is now showing clearly that the vaccines DO NOT EVEN WORK WELL. If there’s any benefit, it wanes.

Finally, the vaccines ARE NOT EVEN NECESSARY. There are good, safe & effective treatments.


And for no possible benefit.

KNOWING WHAT I KNOW FROM 40 years TRAINING & PRACTISE IN TOXICOLOGY, BIOCHEMISTRY & PHARMACOLOGY, to particulate in this extraordinary abuse of innocent children in our care can be classified in no other way than MURDER.

It’s up to you. If I had a secondary school age child in U.K., I would not be returning them to school next month, no matter what.

The state is going to vaccinate everyone. The gloves are off. This has never been about a virus or public health. It’s wholly about control, totalitarian & irreversible control at that, and they’re nearly there.


With somber best wishes,

Dr Mike Yeadon

[World Doctors Alliance] [Forwarded from Robin Monotti Channel + Dr Mike Yeadon + Cory Morningstar]

World Doctors Alliance, [20.08.21 18:39]
[In reply to World Doctors Alliance]

https://www.ukmedfreedom.org/open-letters/open-letter-to-universities-and-colleges-re-covid-19-vaccine-requirements-for-student 💥great letter , might be fun to adapt and make your own 💥

World Doctors Alliance, [21.08.21 01:01]
[Forwarded from Robin Monotti Channel + Dr Mike Yeadon + Cory Morningstar]

Well I certainly saw this coming, that is why I reiterated that the people who were allowed to be let into Kabul, the new Taliban™ who are clearly CIA trained, were allowed to do so for media spectacle and profit just in the same way demonstrators were allowed into the Capitol building in Washington. It’s all spectacle to justify profit, and ultimately this was always going to be one of the reasons: make an association anti-vaxxer=domestic Taliban/terrorist.

“At first glance, the Taliban and U.S.-based anti-vaxxers seem unlikely bedfellows. But, according to Matt Motta, an assistant professor in political science at Oklahoma State University,  their suspicions come from the same place.
“There is this common anti-government — distrust in government scientists, distrust in government authorities — element that underlies both what the Taliban is doing, as well as what anti-vaxxers here are doing,” he explained.
The Taliban has historically characterized vaccines as being part of a Western plot. It’s not completely without justification. In the early 2010s, the CIA used a fake hepatitis B vaccine drive to gather the DNA of children, in an attempt to find Osama bin Laden.”


World Doctors Alliance, [21.08.21 01:18]

World Doctors Alliance, [21.08.21 01:46]

💥💥💥long post 3 parts very interesting 💥💥💥
Delta variant and vaccine failure (BMJ Rapid Response medley)         
Re: Vaccines should not be the preserve of rich countries – less haste?
Re: Vaccines should not be the preserve of rich countries  Fiona Godlee. 374:doi  10.1136/bmj.n2044

Dear Dr Godlee

I have pointed out your remark before, but a year ago on this very day you published these prescient words [1]:

“So instead we are heading for vaccines that reduce severity of illness rather than protect against infection, provide only short lived immunity, and will at best have been trialled by the manufacturer against placebo. As well as damaging public confidence and wasting global resources by distributing a poorly effective vaccine, this could change what we understand a vaccine to be. Instead of long term, effective disease prevention it could become a suboptimal chronic treatment. This would be good for business but bad for global public health.”

And this seems to me to be borne out by the present chaos and uncertainty (even reflected by the situation in this highly vaccinated country where fully re-opening society in our new “iatocracy” [2,3] looks like only a remote possibility). Surely, in order to act usefully [4] we need to act methodically – and at the moment the method escapes me, though as you predicted it is very “good for business” [1].

[1] Fiona Godlee, ‘Covid-19: Less haste, more safety’, BMJ 2020; 370 doi: https://doi.org/10.1136/bmj.m3258(Published 20 August 2020)

[2] John Stone, ‘Iatocracy’, 7 July 2021, https://www.bmj.com/content/373/bmj.n1605/rr-3

[3] https://blogs.bmj.com/bmj/2020/08/11/richard-smith-the-faults-and-danger…

[4] Fiona Godlee, ‘ Vaccines should not be the preserve of rich countries’, BMJ 2021; 374 doi: https://doi.org/10.1136/bmj.n2044 (Published 19 August 2021)

20 August 2021
John Stone
UK Editor
London N22

The Delta variant: not the only reason for the latest surge
Re: Covid-19: Two vaccine doses are crucial for protection against delta, study finds  Elisabeth Mahase. 374:doi 10.1136/bmj.n2029

Dear Editor,

“Two vaccine doses are crucial…” says Elisabeth Mahase. (BMJ 2021;374n:2029, August 16) Perhaps she understates the case. In the US we are now told that everyone will need a third dose of the Pfizer or the Moderna vaccine. It looks like vaccinations will be never-ending, and at this point we need additional perspective.

According to the CDC’s COVID Data Tracker the number of US cases peaked on January 10, 2021 and was followed by a precipitous 80% decline over the next nine weeks. The decline was the result of herd immunity from natural infections, not from vaccine rollouts as was frequently asserted in news releases. The fact is, it wasn’t until January 9 that the first American was completely vaccinated. There was a small uptick in mid-April before the number of US cases again declined and bottomed out on June 18, 95% lower than the peak in January. The subsequent surge has been ascribed to the highly transmissible Delta variant (Ro~6.0), but the problem is somewhat more complex.

There has been a marked decline in vaccine immunity. In clinical trials the Pfizer vaccine was 95% effective against infection, but the Mayo Clinic has found that the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine against infection had dropped to 42% in July. (https://doi.org/10.1101/2021.08.06.21261707) A similar decline was seen in Israel. This has been accompanied by a huge jump in infection rates, including breakthrough infections in vaccinated individuals. (Wadman, sciencemag.org/news/2021/08/grim-warning-israel, August 16) Based on our experience with mutating influenza viruses and the well-described waning in effectiveness of seasonal influenza vaccines, this might have been predictable. (NOTE: “95% and 42% effective” refer to relative vaccine effectiveness in populations. Absolute effectiveness, the real benefit to individuals, is only a tiny fraction of 1% for the prevention of serious illness caused by Covid-19. (https://www.bmj.com/content/372/bmj.n567/rr) )

World Doctors Alliance, [21.08.21 01:46]

The biggest question is what the clinical implications of these breakthrough infections are and how to proceed further? Israel has started boosters with Pfizer shots- developed against alpha variant (ineffective against delta); discussions are ongoing in US for boosters. We would argue that it’s not just the waning immunity but most likely virus-escape from the current vaccines (5). There is lack of surveillance and also lack of transparency in reported data by public health agencies regarding vaccine ineffectiveness (6-10). The current booster shots strategy means that we will be indefinitely chasing Covid (new) variants tails. Common sense and data should guide the public policies. “The war has changed” and current (ineffective) vaccine-tools (10) will be more ineffective moving forward to fight the pandemic, although profiteering for vaccine manufacture companies will sadly continue (11).

1. https://www.wsj.com/articles/israel-80-vaccinated-suffers-another-covid-…

2. https://www.precisionvaccinations.com/2021/08/11/israels-covid-19-vaccin…

3. https://www.reuters.com/world/asia-pacific/vaccinated-people-singapore-m…

4. Comparison of two highly-effective mRNA vaccines for COVID-19 during periods of Alpha and Delta variant prevalence. Puranik A, Lenehan P J, Silvert E et al. medRxiv 2021.08.06.21261707; doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/2021.08.06.21261707

5. Wang R, Chen J, Gao K, Wei GW. Vaccine-escape and fast-growing mutations in the United Kingdom, the United States, Singapore, Spain, India, and other COVID-19-devastated countries. Genomics. 2021 Jul;113(4):2158-2170. doi: 10.1016/j.ygeno.2021.05.006. Epub 2021 May 15. PMID: 34004284; PMCID: PMC8123493.

6. COVID-19 Vaccine Breakthrough Infections Reported to CDC — United States, January 1–April 30, 2021.

7. https://www.rockefellerfoundation.org/blog/the-u-s-can-lead-the-way-in-v…

8. https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/breakthrough-covid-cases-leas...

9. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/aug/06/cdc-covid-coronavi…

10. Griffin S. Covid-19: Fully vaccinated people can carry as much delta virus as unvaccinated people, data indicate BMJ 2021; 374 :n2074 doi:10.1136/bmj.n2074

11. Hassan F, Yamey G, Abbasi K. Profiteering from vaccine inequity: a crime against humanity? BMJ 2021; 374 :n2027 doi:10.1136/bmj.n2027

19 August 2021
Anita Joshi, BDS, MPH
Little Rock, AR, USA

Re: Covid-19: Fully vaccinated people can carry as much delta virus as unvaccinated people, data indicate

Re: Covid-19: Fully vaccinated people can carry as much delta virus as unvaccinated people, data indicate Shaun Griffin. 374:doi  10.1136/bmj.n2074

Dear Editor

COVID did surprise me 6 months after double Pfizer Jab

I’m reading this interesting article at a time when my spouse and I decided to travel abroad from UK to meet our loved ones after 2 years. Being fully double vaccinated since February 2021, we had a lot of confidence to travel and reduced apprehension of getting any bad COVID. We fulfilled all the requirements for travel, having three PCR tests negative till we reached our destiny. We were impressed to see the COVID-prevention protocol adopted by the airlines. Infact I was given a gown, mask as well as face shield, with strict instructions to keep it worn all the time.

We hardly met anyone else except people who came to receive us at our final destination. We had to have an exit lateral flow test and a PCR test at arrival before we were let out.

Going with full confidence, I spent a whole day with my mother as soon as I arrived. Same evening, however, I got frightened when I developed shivers and fever only to be confirmed COVID positive by lateral flow test in the morning later and confirmed by PCR.

At the time of writing this piece I am day 5 with persistent symptoms and isolating. I am hopeful vaccine will protect me from hospitalisation.

World Doctors Alliance, [21.08.21 01:46]

I am, however, shocked and dismayed after working with Covid patients throughout the last 18 months and being early vaccinated that COVID embarrassed me at such an unusual time. It did come as a surprise not only to me but also to my associates.

The above data is quite robust and clarifies that, yes, you may be vaccinated but you can still catch the virus, although it is unlikely to lead to hospitalisation.

It would be devastating, however, to find that we may have infected our very loved ones whom we came to visit and who have been shielding themselves.

It also makes it clear that the virus is still around but we are better protected against severe illness with double vaccination and emphasis to continue campaigning for vaccination and use protective measures where necessary.

20 August 2021
Farooq Wandroo
Consultant Haematologist
Roshan Ara Khuroo


Massachusetts outdoor mask mandate: Calls grow to relax mask order, but Charlie Baker not ready to commit



Medical Examiner- SLATE

It’s About Time for Us to Stop Wearing Masks Outside

Briefly passing someone on the sidewalk just isn’t risky.

By Shannon Palus April 17, 20215:59 AM

A man walks alone in a crosswalk wearing a mask.


Stanford study quietly published at NIH.gov proves face masks are absolutely worthless against Covid

The diapers most of us are wearing on our face most of the time apparently have no effect at stopping Covid-19. This explains a lot.

JD Rucker
by JD Rucker April 18, 2021 in Healthcare



‘What we are breathing through our mouth and nose is actually hazardous waste’: Scientists find evidence of toxic chemicals in some face masks

  • EXCLUSIVE: Preliminary analysis found toxic chemicals in some masks
  • These include known allergens and carcinogens as well as controlled substances
  • Masks intended for use by the general public are not deemed to be PPE 
  • Therefore, they do not have to meet the standards of masks worn by doctors 
  • 85% of all masks made worldwide come from China and concerns have been raised over substandard manufacturing and opaque supply chains 

By Joe Pinkstone For Mailonline | Daily Mail

Published: | Updated:



US National Library of Medicine
National Institutes of Health

COVID-19 Information

Public health information (CDC)

Research information (NIH)

SARS-CoV-2 data (NCBI)

Prevention and treatment information (HHS)


Logo of pheelsevier

Med Hypotheses. 2021 Jan; 146: 110411. Published online 2020 Nov 22. doi: 10.1016/j.mehy.2020.110411PMCID: PMC7680614PMID: 33303303

Facemasks in the COVID-19 era: A health hypothesis

Baruch VainshelboimAuthor informationArticle notesCopyright and License informationDisclaimer



Some updated perspectives on current events

Latest VAERS Data Show Reports of Blood Clotting Disorders After All Three Emergency Use Authorization Vaccines

VAERS data released today showed 795 reports related to blood clotting disorders with 400 attributed to Pfizer, 337 to Moderna and 56 to Johnson & Johnson between Dec. 14, 2020 and April 8, 2021.

04/16/21 •

Big PharmaNews


EXCLUSIVE – Former Pfizer VP: ‘Your government is lying to you in a way that could lead to your death.’

‘Look out the window, and think, “why is my government lying to me about something so fundamental?” Because, I think the answer is, they are going to kill you using this method. They’re going to kill you and your family.’ Wed Apr 7, 2021 – 8:47 am EST



‘You will be just fine,’ says surgeon general of Johnson & Johnson vaccine, though pause continues



Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Explains How the Depopulation COVID Vaccines Will Start Working in 3-6 Months

February 19, 2021287,462 views



FM 144: Spring Update

FM 144: Spring Update


From an astrological point of view, the year 2021 will be strongly influenced by Saturn. Such years manifest a lot of chaos on the physical planes, which is becoming more and more visible.
Civil unrest due to the increasingly questionable lockdown measures is intensifying. In tune with the global heated energy, we’ve also had a lot of volcanic activity in recent weeks:

As well as a military escalation in Eastern Europe on the horizon:

We are now in the middle of the so-called End Time Chaos, which was expected just before Ascension takes place.
But we are not through yet.  According to the Pleiadians, one stage that is yet to come is that lockdown measures will be tightened to the point that even grocery stores have to close in certain countries. This will be equivalent to a total curfew enforced by the military.
In Germany, supermarket closures should have been tested out this Easter, but was then discarded after heavy resistance:

Nonetheless, this scenario will probably still occur sooner or later. And from then on, according to the current state, it shouldn’t be long before the Galactic Wave hits the planet and cracks open the last remnants of the surface matrix. That will also be the moment when the Light Forces can visibly intervene and physical contact can take place.

That’s exactly what the Dark Ones fear and that’s why this whole lockdown show is happening in the first place.
Media reports confirm that DNA data is collected via COVID tests:
In recent weeks, many videos have been shared on social media suggesting that test kits as well as masks are contaminated:
In this context, this article about filamentary robots, produced at MIT and controlled by magnetic fields, might be interesting:
The Light Forces have confirmed that masks and test kits are contaminated, although I can’t tell if this refers to all the objects found in the video above, but there is definitely something to it. That’s the reason for the constant testing and the ban on wearing homemade or designer masks in certain countries.
Nanotechnology contaminated human bodies would pose an issue when it comes to being taken onto ships of the Light Forces … and the Cabal knows that. However, the Light Forces have already initiated countermeasures for this.
Plus, apart from putting the masks on as rarely as possible, it is also recommended to spray/clean them with a mixture of water and vinegar to disinfect them and to reduce/neutralize the negative effects of the contamination.
And as far as the Galactic Superwave is concerned, the following idea is probably part of the Cabal’s plan to seal the planet off and sit out the Event:

This won’t work, of course, plus countries like Sweden, which is also going its own way when it comes to COVID, has already rejected this idea:


As one can see, the density of events is increasing further. That is why many mass meditations continue to take place, to stabilize things a bit:
It is once again important not to let this drive yourself crazy, staying centred is the key.
Starseeds should also use the time to prepare not only energetically for the liberation, but also physically.


The Light Forces recommend detoxifying the own body, especially due to all the information that is coming out now regarding not only vaccinations, but also masks and test kits.

A healthy, preferably vegan diet with lots of fruits and vegetables is highly recommended, also a parasite cure and/or enemas. A detoxified body will make ascension and first contact much easier.







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First published at 21:26 UTC on March 10, 2021


Play. 00:001:05:33

Better quality copy than the previous version uploaded.

The year 2020 brought COVID-19 to America and changed nearly everything. So many voices and conflicting information telling us what to do and how to protect ourselves, it has been hard to know who to trust.

Now we can look back with 20/20 vision and see clearly for the first time. This film details the experiences of a group of doctors who have been censored for asking difficult questions and pushing against the prevailing narrative. It reveals the consequences they faced for speaking out and providing treatment for those afflicted or at risk.

We encourage freedom of thought and freedom of speech. Science is based on unbiased observations and systematic experimentation and is discussion at its core. We must be able to ask and be heard. 

Category. Health & Medical

SensitivityNormal – Content that is suitable for ages 16 and over

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