Selacia: Tips for Shifting Energies

Tips for Shifting Energies

How to Navigate Holidays

Have you felt an energy shift this week? If you don’t feel it yet, purposefully tune in over the next few days and notice how you feel. More favorable cosmic line-ups can translate into increased feelings of optimism, more clarity of mind, and more inspiration for taking action. Continue reading to better understand how this and other factors can influence your experience of these moments including the holidays.

Opportunity to Notice  

First, an opportunity to pay attention to, from my Facebook post. “A shift in energies this week creates an opening to see something in a new way and get re-inspired about your life.”

Knowing about this opportunity can help you to apply mindfulness as you access situations – both external and internal. External situations could be your work, your relationships with others, or your progress with self-expression. Internal situations could be your self-confidence, your inner conflict about something, or your general sense of inner well-being.

Key Subtleties  

It takes mindfulness and presence to notice important subtleties when energies shift. A subtlety example involving self-confidence could be recognizing an early-life influence or belief system that today causes you to doubt yourself at every turn. Awareness of that subtlety is the first step in changing things.

Placing purposeful observation on subtleties helps you to know when you have deeper work to do at the DNA akashic records level. Beliefs, mostly unconscious and outside awareness, are a key influence in what you experience.

Belief and Experience  

What you believe can impact how you feel about yourself and affect your life. If your life isn’t going the way you want now, explore ideas you hold that are based on views of others and don’t reflect your true self. Energies now support challenging these and going deeper within yourself to tap the luminosity available at your core.

What you will find in the process is that you hold many beliefs supportive of your path of light, while also holding contradictory beliefs that are based on conditioning.

Energy Cycles – Up and Down 

When we go through a time of roller-coaster energy as we have now, you can feel buoyant one evening and triggered by something annoying the next day. Part of our current roller-coaster is the intensity of the Mars-Uranus-Pluto line-up. This can feel fiery, urgent, unpredictable, and deeply transformational – all at the same time. Everyone is impacted by this, so keep that in mind as you engage with others.

Navigating the Holidays   

The holidays can bring great joy while also triggering old patterns you may have thought you left behind. During a visit home, for example, your mother makes her characteristic comments about how you look, your absence during the year, or your marital status. Almost immediately, you may feel your temperature rising. You may be tempted to engage with her, feeling that you must respond in some way. Of course, you know by now what happens when you react.

One of the most important things you can do at this holiday season is to show up in a conscious way and be present to the tendency of reacting to what loved ones say and do.

Have you ever noticed after a visit home for the holidays that you have more doubts about your progress and wonder how you will get fit after eating all of that delicious home-cooked food?

Why the Holidays Are a Good Time to Focus on Fitness

Here are 3 reasons for focusing on fitness, despite the odds at the holidays:  (1) you can use the extra time off of work to do some exercise – even if it’s just a walk around the block after a holiday meal (2) you can gift yourself with a wearable activity tracker, helping with motivation (3) even if you overeat some of the days, moderating food portions other times can help prevent weight gain you’d then need to address in 2018.

Progress – Moving Forward

About the progress noted above, consider that you may be making more progress than you consciously recognize in these moments. Also, keep in mind the cyclical nature of progress – and focus on big picture.

Your forward movement is like a river. Sometimes as the water moves around the bend it encounters fallen logs or other debris that impede flow. Other times, like during a drought, the water can evaporate into the air instead of flowing ahead. Still other times, like during an unusual heavy rain, the water cannot be contained to flow where it needs to go and then it disperses outside the river banks.

There are countless things that can impede flow needed for your forward movement. Some are pretty easy to figure out, others are more difficult as the answers lie deep within your DNA akashic records.

In my 1-1 global DNA healing work, I help others discover and clear obstacles to flow. Sometimes it’s a set of ancestral belief systems that need clearing. Other times, it’s a mindset or habitual way of being learned early in life.

Whatever it is for you, trust that you can get to the other side of it. After all, your natural state is fluid, boundless, and vast.

Selacia: When the World Puts You on Edge -Remedy for Overwhelm-


-Remedy for Overwhelm-
by Selacia
So much is happening so fast now that the August Solar Eclipse may seem like last year. The remake of our world is getting messier by the day. For most sensitives living through this evolutionary earthquake, there can be a sense of overwhelm and insecurity about what it all means and what happens next. Indeed, the August 21 Great American Eclipse amplified existing destabilization in the US and elsewhere. Continue reading for context of what’s unfolding and some simple remedies for overwhelm.


It’s not your imagination that our world has gotten crazier this year. The level of polarity, tribalism, and distrust existing in society is palpable. As I’ve written about recently, much of this is very old, but the energies of these times are helping to bring ancient wounded conditioning out of the shadows.

This isn’t the usual “coming out” party either. That’s because humanity on the whole has advanced spiritually in recent decades – allowing a bigger and more prolonged spotlight on the dysfunctional stuff in the dark basement of things that no one wanted to see. We’ve had spotlights in centuries past, too, but now we have a critical mass of people awakening.

To be sure, it’s up to us how we respond. As divine changemakers, we are at the helm of the changes, consciously aware of the significance of these moments on Earth. We are here now purposefully to help create healing solutions. We’ve had lifetimes of experiences that helped prepare us to be here now. Trust this when you think you have no answers or when you simply doubt that you can go on.

A Reason for Overwhelm

With all that’s going on, it’s understandable that you would at times feel on edge. Feelings of overwhelm are common, too.

Consider, however, that one reason for overwhelm isn’t just what is happening, but how you learn about and process what’s happening.

It’s only in recent decades that we had 24/7 instant global news with visuals, with billions of people following tragic events in the moments that they occurred.

Because of the Internet and immediate streaming of news, not only is there no delay hearing and seeing what happened, but there’s the  repetitive effect of seeing bits and pieces of the same news so many times that the body’s nervous system can go into overload.

I mention this here, as many times people are not conscious to this effect. Here’s another thing that can add to a feeling of overwhelm – being on social media for extended periods of time after a disaster, reading friends’ comments in the news feed. I’m not suggesting that you avoid social media or the Internet – simply become aware of how you ingest information and potential impacts so that you can remedy as noted below.

5 Tips for Overwhelm

FIRST, when there’s a disaster in the news or you’re having your own personal crisis, strive to be present and remember to breathe. Being present means being aware of what you are saying and doing, and for how long. The energy fall-out from one hour ingesting tragic news or focusing on a personal crisis is compounded when you do that same thing for several hours. Tune into yourself to know when to take an energy break.

SECOND, regardless of what you are learning about a disaster or your own situation, become practiced in questioning things and asking for a higher view. Quite often, pieces of information are missing or perhaps presented in a way that you may not fully understand. Don’t assume that you have all of the information.

THIRD, as I wrote about this week on Instagram, “Use your light, not hate, to counter evil. The light prevails.”

FOURTH, remember that in troubling times, the light is always there. When you connect with spirit and your inner being, you have a boundless resource to face what comes and to prevail against all odds.

FIFTH, know that goodness is at the core of all beings, including those who harm others. Be a champion for goodness, striving to see it in the world even on dark days. Live your life as an example to others of how to be loving and kind.

Copyright 2017 by Selacia

– a globally known writer, DNA intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, and the creator of The Divine Changemakers * All Rights Reserved * * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this entire copyright notice, with link back to website, and the full article text.

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red heart small

Image below from “2017 Predictions” (link below) – which provides more background about what’s happening this year, your role, and specific process that can help you navigate your way.

2017 Predictions


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Tools to Powerfully Face 2017 Challenges Selacia a message from Selacia

Tools to Powerfully Face 2017 Challenges

The past weeks have been like a dress rehearsal for what’s certain to be an unprecedented year. No one really knows exactly how it will unfold, but it’s clear we will have many historical firsts and an ongoing dynamic of both surprises and shocking events. Courage to walk through the fire of unknowns is essential. Continue reading to understand how this applies to you in the Chinese Rooster Year officially beginning January 28.

What Will Be Needed

Due to the unusual energies of this year, each of us will need to reach deep within ourselves to find balance and resource our tools for coping. Throughout the year as events unfold, we will need to strengthen our inner confidence and tap our courage to make optimal choices.

The fire of this Rooster Year indeed can help us to develop increasing amounts of courage. As dramas and polarization play out in the world – things we believe in being dismantled or at risk – it will take courage to respond in the highest way. When we manage our fire appropriately, we can courageously use our voices and our light to affect positive change.

This is not the year to be a bystander or disconnect from what we don’t want to see about the outside world. It’s vital that we be present and engaged. If something that we value is under threat, we want to know about it.

Divine Changemakers Stand in the Front Row

In times like these we need to get resourced on expanded levels and find the courage to stand up for what we believe in. After all, the role of divine changemakers is to be at the forefront of changes as humanity evolves. That means standing in the front row.

To stand there in the front row means that we set an example for others. We demonstrate that we educate ourselves about the facts of issues, rise above hate and partisan bigotry, and find constructive ways to express our voices.

What You Can Do

First is to work with your anger. When something you dislike shows up in your reality, don’t let your anger cause you to go numb to your options to change things.

Instead, go to your heart and look at your anger. Discover the root cause of that anger – knowing it may even be in your DNA from past life experiences.

Example: You may have been persecuted in an earlier century for openly opposing a dictator. If so, you could have a DNA-level vow to be silent when oppressed. This vow could make you afraid to stand up to injustice. You could then feel angry about being powerless while also angry about current-day situations.

Bringing your anger to light will help you to transform it, so you can channel it into a courageous response.

Second is to be more conscious about your words. Your words matter. Be present to them as you think them and certainly before you say them out loud. Once said, they cannot be taken back. Once they are part of your repetitive inner dialogue, they can either help or harm you.

Third is to be present. Live your life in the present, resourcing what you learned in the past to move forward in a new more enlightened way. This relates to your personal life experience and also to how you respond to outer world events.

Example: Humanity tends to repeat previous cycles over the centuries. Wars are fought, horrible atrocities are practiced. Treaties to prevent future atrocities are signed. Generations of people learn valuable lessons about what not do do again. Then, it’s like an amnesia sets in – and the cycles continue. Knowing this, when you are responding to events in the news, factor in humanity’s long history – even if others are not mentioning it or think that it matters.

Fourth is to have more compassion. Some of the people you will encounter in the coming weeks will need your compassion. Take the high road of spirit by giving others your compassion. When you don’t know what to do to help your neighbor in distress, hold him or her in a space of love.

Fifth is to bravely look at what is there. This means having the courage to look at yourself – seeing your own goodness and light while also discovering more of your shadow that is your unfinished business to take care of this life.

It also means bravely looking at the world to see it as it truly is – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Seeing comes first. You cannot change what you cannot see. Once you can see things, apply courage to changing what needs changing.

Set your intention now that during this Rooster Year you will develop a boundless courage by being your authentic self – connected to your heart and your path of spirit.

Courage to be real frees your energy to live your best life. Courage to be real will connect you with the people and circumstances in alignment with your soul purpose. As this occurs, you can facilitate your own amazing rebirth. Are you ready?

12 Ways to Bring Peace into Your Days by Dr. Paulette Sherman | OMTimes Magazine


Tools to Bring Peace Every Day

We often feel that peace is something outside of ourselves that we can only feel while on vacation or when surrounded by monks at a monastery. The only sustainable peace in our modern world is the kind that we create within ourselves, daily. What follows are 12 tools that can help to bring peace every day:


Tool # 1: Meditate.

Meditation is a great tool for shutting out worry and distractions. By focusing on a mantra or the breath, you can return to a state of inner peace and hear the still voice of your Spirit.


Tool # 2: Bathe in Unconditional Love & Peace.

Although the term bathe is a metaphor, a tool called sacred baths allows you to bathe in peace and unconditional love from your home bath. In The Book of Sacred Baths, people learn how to use visualization, meditation and affirmations to attract their dreams and to shift into a state of peace while bathing in this energy. But you can also learn to bathe in unconditional peace anywhere by doing a meditation where you imagine all the ways that you give and receive peace and love.


Tool # 3: Be Present.

Most worries are about the past or potential futures. We feel peaceful when we entertain thoughts about the present moment, which is the only thing that we can do something about anyway.


Tool # 4: Practice Soothing Self-Talk.

You are with yourself 24/7 so you can create your own peace or disturb it with how you speak to yourself. Practice being your own cheerleader, learning to soothe yourself and speak lovingly to yourself, no matter what is happening.


Tool # 5: Stop Caring What Others Think About You.

It is enough to manage your own thoughts and feelings but it is not your job to imagine what others think of you. The only thing you can control is you. So, the next time that you begin to wonder what others think of your hair or job, catch yourself and say, ‘That’s none of my business. Let me choose a positive thought about that instead.’

Tool # 6: Set Boundaries.

Learn to say no, so that we can say yes to the things that really matter. We all only have a certain amount of time and energy so we can make choices that serve our highest good. Many people feel restless because they aren’t living the lives they want. Say no to things that drain your energy and that don’t align with your Spirit. This enables you to say Yes to the things that do bring peace to you.


Tool #7: Check that your Values & Lifestyles Match.

You may feel troubled in your life when your inner and outer visions don’t match and you feel your life has little meaning or passion. So, if you value creativity or helping people, make sure you are at least doing hobbies in those areas or volunteering.


Tool #8: Practice Forgiveness.

Carrying around anger from your past is draining and can cause you to feel sad, or wounded. When you’re able to forgive, it brings a state of peace and wholeness. This can mean forgiving another person or yourself so that you can walk through your life with lightness.


Tool #9: Let-Go & Laugh Often.

It is hard to feel peaceful when you are attached to a particular outcome. It is important that you take time to surrender your desires to spirit. Ask for what you want or something better, for the highest good of all. You cannot allow your peace to be dependent on anything outside yourself so be willing to surrender those desires. Laughter is also a terrific stress relief as it fills your body with joy and peace.


Tool #10: Embrace Imperfection.

Being perfect is impossible and it keeps you focused on what is not working. It is hard to feel peaceful when you are looking at what you need to fix. When you accept that it’s okay to be imperfect, you can be peaceful even when mistakes occur or when you have a learning opportunity.

Tool #11: Count Your Blessings.

What you focus on expands. You will feel peaceful when you are in a state of gratitude. So, take an inventory of all that you love about your life and life in general. Journal about things you are grateful for and bring peace daily.


Tool #12: Choose Love over Fear.

You can choose love or fear in every moment. Fear leads to a state of constriction and dis-ease. Love allows us to feel open, trusting and at peace. The next time you are faced with a challenge, ask yourself how to view it through a state of love and peace and act on that guidance.


About the Author

Dr. Paulette Kouffman Sherman is a psychologist, life coach, Relationship expert & author of The Book of Sacred Baths, published by Llewellyn, and Dating from the Inside Out, published by Atria Books. She has written 21 books, translated into five languages. She has a private practice in NYC and does international phone coaching. Her websites are and

OMTimes Magazine

OMTimes Magazine is one of the leading on-line content providers of positivity, wellness and personal empowerment. OMTimes Magazine – Co-Creating a More Conscious Reality

Jenny Schiltz: Ingredients for Moving through the Transition with Ease – Galactic Council of Light

Ingredients for Moving through the Transition with Ease – Galactic Council of Light

It is with great pleasure that we are here to speak with you today. The Ascension plan for earth and her inhabitants has gone as planned and has in fact accelerated in the recent weeks. More are opening and accepting love, compassion and understanding into their hearts which allows them to partake in glorious changes happening at this time. We ask that you not become discouraged when you hear of tragedy or of abuse on your planet. All this will come to the light and be transmuted in time, once the lessons for all involved have been learned. You must understand the power you hold as you become the light being you are destined to be. Each of you that allows for these changes, allows for the ego to become integrated and balanced will affect all around them in subtle ways. Your very presence will help to activate and shine a light for others to follow.

We understand that many are struggling especially as the intensity of the information and life altering codes has increased. The fastest way to release all density so that the transformation will progress smoothly is to be in a place of gratitude. This is not the act of listing all you are grateful for but actually being grateful in each moment. We understand that this will take practice, but it is a goal worth accomplishing. To be in a state of gratitude means that when things do not go your way, when you are inconvenienced, when you are feeling out of balance, that you are still grateful because you know to your core that this is in your highest good for your growth. It is the knowing that all is taking place for your soul’s growth and expression. It is leaving behind the feeling that things are being done to you and exchanging it for the feeling that things are being done for you, even when it is unfathomable.

When one is in a state of gratitude they are not only manifesting their desires but also emanating the highest possible frequency within. It is from this space that one is able to bring forth opportunities and clear direction. When one is so focused on all that is wrong, they often miss the synchronicities and connections that have been created. Understand if you will, that at all times your highest aspect is working to bring about your desires that are in alignment with your purpose and soul. That when your vehicle breaks down and requires repair that during that transaction you may cross paths with someone who is able to give you an idea or even a connection to your next step on the journey. If you are so overcome with fear, worry, and anger because you feel that life is not going your way, you will miss the opportunity that was presented.

As lower timelines are being dissolved in these moments and the collective timeline is being chosen it is important to maintain your awareness and intention at all times. The dissolving of lower timelines collectively does not mean that all will automatically find themselves in the highest expression of frequency. This violates free will and does little to help you remember your mastery and the control you have over energy and vibration. For this reason, each person needs to actively work to maintain their presence in the higher frequency. This may sound complex but it is not. Simply maintain gratitude, love and trust. With these as your dominating emotions, you will find yourself open and experiencing all that is intended.

We understand that there is much in your world to distract you from this perspective and at times you will find yourself shifting into a lower frequency. This is understandable and expected as you learn to walk in your mastery at all times. By being aware of your emotions, by being present and by reinstating your intention to live in gratitude, love and trust; you will easily return to your natural state. Doubt, fear, and hopelessness cannot exist in the same space of open heartedness, so understand that it is you who must choose which vibration you would like to create from.

With continued support of the collective mission,

Galactic Council of Light


The council began working with me approximately 6 weeks ago. Their collective vibration was so high that I was only able to communicate with them briefly before falling asleep to integrate their energy. Thier energy is one of calm, peace and love. Over time I have been able to speak with them more freely and for extended periods. Our ability to access these higher realms is like a muscle that must be strengthened. They have helped me understand (remember) greater truths and walk in my own power. So it is with much excitement and anticipation that I am now ready to channel brief messages from them. Thank you to all those who have supported my work and mission by sharing these posts. Much love and blessings to you all! Jenny

To book a Spirit Guide reading or Ascension Guidance session with Jenny Schiltz, please go to

Copyright 2016, Jenny Schiltz

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including all the links above and the link to this original post. Thank you.

**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! **

Coping strategies for changing times

Processing Shock


Heal From Tragedy and Post-Traumatic Stress

Doreen Virtue

Selacia: Navigate Emotional Tides during Full Moon

Navigate Emotional Tides during Full Moon

We have a powerful full moon this week, June 2 in adventuresome Sagittarius, setting the stage for some unpredictable emotional undercurrents arising in your life. Relationships will be front and center, emotional tides swirling and getting your attention. In this article I give some tips for navigating these energies and keeping things in perspective.

This will help you begin June in a positive and powerful way, reducing the likelihood of re-dos and fixes. In my 2015 Predictions article I described the need this year to update the status quo in your life. This includes relationships, so vital to your progress and enlightenment. I’m mentioning this now because this week’s full moon is likely to shine the light on imbalances in your relationships – to yourself, to others, and to spirit.

Benefits of Knowing Ahead

When you are about to have a challenging energy cycle, there are benefits of knowing ahead and also reminding yourself during the cycle so you can stay present. Knowing what you are dealing with can add peace to your day, helping you to have a bigger picture.

Remember, too, that no cycle is all good or all bad. When there is a ripple on the water, it doesn’t mean a tidal wave is approaching. Don’t let fear color your experiences, preventing you from enjoying your day. Opportunities and benevolent situations will exist alongside challenges.

Tips for this Full Moon Week

The following are some suggestions to make the most of this week’s energies.

First – Ground yourself more regularly than usual now. You will need to be fully present and connected to your heart, and you can only do that to the extent you are grounded. Being grounded will help you avoid enlarging on issues that get illuminated by the full moon.

Second – Since emotions may be amplified, when the negative ones like anger arise, deal with them within yourself before you take actions or communicate with others. Use times like this to become more skilled managing your emotions. This is a vital key to good relationships.

Third – Full moons tend to bring to light what you couldn’t see before. Some of what you discover will trigger emotions – happy, sad, and everything in between. Do your best to stay neutral as new information is revealed. Even the things that really are personal to you are better viewed from the higher perspective of spirit. Invite that view so you can respond appropriately.

Fourth – This particular cycle may trigger some deep inner questions – about where you are really going and why you are living your life as you are. When these arise, don’t simply dismiss them or treat them like a repeat that has no resolution. Go deeper within yourself and contemplate these questions in a new way, asking spirit for a fresh approach.

Fifth – Right now is a beneficial time to update your view of how you express your soul purpose. The current energies support your receiving a new sense of clarity about your path. Therefore, be open to new information. It’s possible you could have overlooked a key activity or even a certain relationship crucial to your next steps.

You are a divine changemaker, here now to be at the forefront of creating a brand-new type of world. Deep within your bones, you know the merits of what you are doing and being. Remind yourself daily that you do not walk alone. You are surrounded and supported by countless beings who share your light-filled vision. Even if you sometimes can’t feel this, trust that the support is there.

Resources for Empaths & Sensitives | Sophia’s Children

The Valkyries Vigil, by Edward Robert Hughes (Image courtesy WikiCommons)


Resources for Empaths & Sensitives
| Sophia’s Children

Ahhh, to be an Empath — One who is wired to be more sensitive to the energy currents (subtle and not-so-subtle), the thoughts, and the emotions wafting and swirling around you.To be an Empath, oran Empathic-Sensitive as some might correctly say, is to have a set of unique gifts or medicines for our times, though it may not always feel like it when you’re getting barraged or drained by the energies around you.

As well as gifts, there are hazards on the path, due to the ‘toxic normal’ conditioning of a Bully Culture that often casts sensitivity and empathy as an aberration (see “You’re Too Sensitive … Not!” below) while at the same time benefiting from the empath’s gifts (and energy).

If you’re an empathic sort, you know what I’m talking about.

Hope in a Prison of Despair, by Evelyn De Morgan. Image courtesy Wiki-Commons.


To cultivate and bring the medicine of your empathic nature (and to be authentic), an Empath is wise to understand the toxic-normal conditioning, and what that looks like in everyday interactions.

That way, the Empath can reclaim her or his Empath mojo by learning to see the bully and energy vampire tactics in play and choose more consciously what you’ll participate with, and what you won’t, thank you very much.

You’llalso honor your Empath nature with the self-care and energy hygiene that helps you bring your Empath medicine to the world (and stay as well and sane as possible while you’re at it!).

After all, if we don’t honor, respect, and stand for our Empath nature, who will?

Butterfly on the Finger (Image courtesy of

Each of the following posts and articles offers up its own inspiration (for Empaths, by an Empath).

Plus each is a portal through which you’ll find just the right insight to guide you on your beautiful Empathic-Sensitive Way.

This series and focus is ongoing, both in this Sophia’s Children blog and my one-on-one work with Empathic-Sensitive change-agent clients, so I’ll be posting more on this topic.

Here’s a good primer for now, though — see what leaps out at you, and start there:

The Empaths and Sensitives Series (so far):

(#1): Series Intro – Unveiling Offloads, Energy Vampires, and Other ‘Toxic-Normal’ Hazards, and Reclaiming Your Empath Mojo

(#2) Energy Vamps and the Offloading Tactic

(#3) Energy Vamps and The ‘Leveling’ Tactic

(#4) ‘Withholding’ as a Manipulation Tactic

(#5) Be(A)ware the Energy Vamp: Tantrums, Outbursts, Hissy Fits, and Offloads

(#6) You’re Too Sensitive!” (Not!)

(#7) Five Ways Abusive Narcissists Get Into Your Head

On deck for this series:

– Energy Vamps, Bullies, and the Scapegoat-the-Empath Habit

– What Amps Up Sensitivity and How to Balance and Soothe It

– The Empathizing, Identifying, and Manifesting Connection

Soothing Reclamations, Energy Hygiene, and Intuition

Empaths, Energy Hazards, and Energy-Restoring Practices

Tracking and Clearing Energy Slime

Calming Remedies for Intense Energies

Energy Hygiene for Empaths and Sensitives: Working With the Water Element

When Feeling Off-Center and Pulled in All Directions, Center is Up

The Rising Tide of the Intuition Age

Other Inspirations

Why ‘Normal’ is Not a Virtue (from the Ivy Sea Wake-Up Juice)

Reclaiming Your ‘Word’ Power

Wisdom From Harry Potter – It’s Time to Reclaim Your Magic (Wake-Up Juice)

Wisdom From Austin Powers – It’s Time to Reclaim Your Mojo (Wake-Up Juice)

Psyche Entering Cupid's Garden (1905, John William Waterhouse)

The Hero’s and Heroine’s Journey

Since the Empath’s journey so often is the Hero or Heroine’s Journey, it’s really helpful to be savvy about the Hero’s Journey map … along with the mythic maps of Persephone and Inanna. Here’s a start:

Hero’s Journey: Reclaiming the Lost Heart

Persephone, Inanna, and Walking the Via Feminina

Enjoy the inspiration.

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