Rik: Astrology of USA 2021-2024 | USA’s Dark Moon phase conjunct Pluto T-square Saturn Venus

According to Rik, the US Chart is going through a Pluto return. Pluto is the God of the Underworld. This particular cycle has never occurred before in the US, because we are a young country. Yes, I feel that much of the darkness coming to light (into our awareness) is happening to clear the ground for something better. We are more ready to handle it than we realize.

Even if “it doesn’t look easy, and doesn’t look fun,” I feel that our free will choices, staying connected to spirit through nature and meditation, and lots of self care, including setting limits and firm boundaries will help. Seek out that which feeds your passion, your soul, and you will draw to you like-minded people. Develop a spiritual discipline. Creating community takes a little effort, and going outside our comfort zones, but it’s also inspiring to know we are not alone in our “crazy” as we navigate these challenging times.

More and more people are awakening and seeing that the “us and them” game is not about partisan politics but about humanity vs. the Cabal. A good mantra for these times:

“I do not consent!” Stand in your Sovereignty.


Astrology of USA 2021-2024 | USA’s Dark Moon phase conjunct Pluto T-square Saturn Venus

Jan 11, 2021
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This is the general astrology of the USA next four years in a government political social context. Your personal experience might be great depending on your own astrology.

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Molly McCord: Mars and Venus Conjunct In Leo – July 2021~ Podcast

Mars and Venus Conjunct In Leo – July 2021~ Podcast

Jun 28, 2021

Molly McCord
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The middle of July brings the union between Mars and Venus in Leo at 18 to 21 degrees, which is the first time they have been conjunct since the middle of 2019. Mars and Venus will each experience dynamic energies through an opposition to Saturn RX in Aquarius and then square Uranus in Taurus. A big reprogramming is underway, and has been for a while, as we are meeting new areas of our hearts and connecting with new ways to feel and receive love. We’ll talk about the energies of this conjunction, as well as what you may be realizing in yourself and your relationship needs.

Consciously Embracing Your Natal Venus ~ https://youtu.be/gBBpUtWeqy4

Consciously Expressing Your Natal Mars ~ https://youtu.be/rpk2h2gxTlY


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Joni Patry: Venus in Taurus Conjunct Rahu May 5 – 29: Love and Money!

Venus in Taurus Conjunct Rahu May 5 – 29: Love and Money!

•May 4, 2021

Joni Patry
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Inferior Conjunction of Venus

June 2, 2020: Tomorrow, June 3rd, Venus will pass almost directly
between the Earth and the sun. This is having a strange effect on the
planet’s shape. “It is like a ring of fire,” says Didier Favre, who sends
this picture from Brétigny-sur-Orge, France:


When Favre took the picture on June 1st, the sun was only 2 degrees
from Venus–hence the blue sky. “It was not an easy picture to take,”
says Favre, “but what a beautiful view!”

Why does Venus look like a ring? Simple: The planet’s nightside is facing
Earth. Sunlight filtering through the edge of Venus’s carbon dioxide
atmosphere forms a luminous ring around the dark disk.

Astronomers call this an “inferior conjunction of Venus,” and it’s one of the
best in decades. At closest approach on June 3rd, Venus will be only 29
arcminutes (about half a degree) from the center of the solar disk. Only
twice since 1961 has Venus come closer–during the famous Venus Transits
of 2004 and 2012 [ref].


A SOHO coronagraph image of the ongoing conjunction. The horizontal
line running through Venus is caused by the planet’s bright light overloading
the pixels of SOHO’s digital camera.

Observing Venus at this time is dangerous. With the sun just a fraction of a

degree away, it is easy for stray sunlight to sneak into optical systems, damaging
sensitive electronics and hurting human eyes. Only skilled observers taking careful
precautions should attempt it.

In space, the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) will be monitoring
the conjunction. Coronagraphs onboard SOHO use opaque disks to block the
glare of the sun, revealing nearby stars and planets.  It’s a type of  artificial solar eclipse.

Even SOHO will have some trouble, though. On June 3rd, Venus will be so close
to the sun that it briefly dips behind the coronagraph’s opaque disks, hiding the
moment of closest approach. Ground-based observers will have to try to fill in the gap.

Browse the Realtime Venus Photo Gallery for the latest images.

Realtime Venus Photo Gallery
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Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius June 5, 2020 ~ Sun Venus Conjunction in Gemini

Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius June 5, 2020
~ Sun Venus Conjunction in Gemini

Premiered May 25, 2020
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Focusing in on the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius June 5th, and Conjunction of Sun and Venus retrograde in Gemini June 3rd. A packed week for sure. This is why I am early, we have a lot to get ready for.

#nhastrologer #nhastrology #astrologersofinstagram

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THE ORACLE REPORT | Scorpio 2019 Cycle

Photo taken in Denmark by Wise Owl Charlotte

THE ORACLE REPORT: Thursday, October 31, 2019

Today’s report is recorded:

THE ORACLE REPORT | October 31, 2019
Oct 31, 2019

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Laura Walker www.oraclereport.com
Photo taken in Denmark by Wise Owl Charlotte

THE ORACLE REPORT: Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Scorpio Cycle Overview now posted on Youtube. Also, the Readings page is now active for anyone who is interested.

THE ORACLE REPORT | Scorpio 2019 Cycle

Oct 31, 2019

2.43K subscribers


Laura Walker


Photograph taken by Wise Owl Lisa


“Saturn and Pluto: The Makers of Eras – Conjunction January 2020:”


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Mantra for the Second Renaissance and the Return of Wisdom

All roads lead to Liberty.

Sophia ke Thelete acousome.  Wisdom and Will, let us attend.

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•Published on Sep 21, 2019

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Alter ego means: secondary or alternative personality or alternative self. Ego is an identity or personality.

**This is my perception of things & my experiences/messages- which is always changing. I realized that even me speaking about my perception of things IS duality or seperation but in order to share an experience or knowing, I have to use words in the best way that I can figure out….even though it goes beyond words.

-through time, inner work and our awareness, we begin to access all the layers of our multidimensional awarenesd, which always leads to one original Source/God within us all and within everything.

This is how the “war” is won- through the internal connection/awareness of being one. Not what you can do or can’t do, or what 5D is or isn’t, or what New Earth or isn’t- by releasing all judgement, beliefs, duality, separation. This is because your higherself is split off from another layer, so it becomes separate/individual but is the connection to the Oversoul & Monad point of Unity conscioisness. It takes time to integrate these layers of our own awareness through DNA activations.

The etheric connection looks like sacred geometry within a massive Kabbala Tree of Life structure. Within this are the layers & bridges that are developed & activated. One is the Merkaba, access point to experience these layers & travel through them in your awareness- time travel, this is a stargate activation. You are a Stargate.

5D, your Higher Self is one aspect and is a link up, not a destination unless you choose it to be, but there are many layers. 5D embodiment is the first layer or bridge to the other aspects & eventually the Monad & full unity. It is all happening inside of you/us.

In this reality- with our physical body- our experience is subject to the energy or light of the “planets” which are not physical, in my opinion,  through the Awakening process we’re able to access other dimensions & realms of this experience with the help of the planets/lights/rays/angels=angles of light.  Then we become the conscious creator of our experience using the light/transmissions of the stars. The planets represent realms/layers in this reality as well. The Monad consciousness is like accessing the control panel & knowing how to use it, of the Mothership. You become the Captain of the ship.

We pull in people to set up our own “tests” or we pull in people unsciously for that awareness to be triggered. So everyone is your alter ego. Including trees, plants, insects, animals, water, the elements… if everything comes from one originating Source, then we are ALL of it but may not have the awareness of it based off of the multi-dimensional layer that we are focused on or embodying at that now moment in “time”

Everything in this experience is representing polarity & is needed to begin experiencing this reality/density and ascend beyond in our awareness:

blood type- postive/neg
Gender- male/female
Red blood/blue blood
Conscious mind/subconscious mind

Even blood types neg/positive have different colored plasma- green=rh neg, yellow= positive.. which arent opposite colors but they are different colors/frequencies.  Green is the Heart, Yellow is the Solar Plexus. And the neg/positive charges of bloodtype with iron/copper.

Unity is the awareness that ALL of it is one.

Jupiter= Jesus, Christ, Light, the I AM, Holy Spirit, Ascension, growth, expansion, love,wisdom, wisdom gained from the lessons of Saturn

Saturn= “Satan”  Sin, limitation, darkness/density, the physical, karma, time, physical experience & body, lessons

Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius: ushering the Age of Aquarius in the physical for many more on this path- Jupiter/Saturn -the Great Conjunction. Jupiter & Saturn have the same symbol, one up & other down.

Jupiter= Heaven, Saturn=Earth.

Uranus energy will be coming online more in 2020, after Saturn/Pluto conjunction, as it is the connection to the Galactic Brain. We pass through Saturns door when we start the Maya cycle of Caban 8 on Feb 20 2020, which is linked to the planet Uranus. We are currently in the Maya year connected to Saturn til Feb 20, 2020, the 2222 Portal can be the Uranus universal spirit/ individual soul link up. Uranus is the spirit connecting to the individual Soul embodied in the physical body. This year, 2020- is all about the multidimensional link up🤗Which is a whole new level of reality. I will talk about this more in another video.

The kundalini awakening or spiritual awakening is the beginning of the link up to the multidimensional layers. It’s the beginning of an integration process. Just like 3D to 5D- is the beginning link to Unity/Monad/Universal Mind/Source consciousness.

#energyupdate #multidimensional #duality #unity #polarityshift #Monad #RainbowBody #AgeOfAquarius #NewEarth #Awakening #TreeOfLife #stargate #GalacticBrain

Aluna Ash- 9D
Pinned by Aluna Ash- 9D
Aluna Ash- 9D
1 day ago (edited)

I forgot to mention: because we are multidimensional, it means we can slip out of one focus of awareness into another moment to moment so we’re embodying these different layers at different times based off the focus in the now. Overtime, we integrate & embody more of these multidimensional layers or aspects where we are able to consciously act as one functioning entity of the Universal Mind/Spirit. So we can still experience 3D experiences, or 4D, 5D or beyond- moment to moment, depending on the layer of focus. When the links are developed to the higher dimensional layers, we begin to have more of an awareness of when we’re slipping in and out of these dimensional layers or having experiences of duality/contrast. So there can still be 3D or “negative” experiences in our photorealistic 3D holographic reality, it’s just our awareness and perception of them changes and causes us to shift into a new or higher dimensional layer of our awareness more quickly.



Published on Jul 23, 2019


#DivineFeminine #TheEvent #Awakening

One Substance came through astral currents of the March Rainbow Wave Event is known as: “Fohat”

I heard “wormwood moon” last night right after my meditation. I believe its symbolic of a clearing of the misuse of power affecting the Feminine & emotional body. & connected to the change in cycles.

We currently have a large astroid passing through along with a solar storm- the energy can be felt differently for everyone.

Astroids/comets/meteors bring new consciousness.

*You can pronounce Chariklo like Sha- rik-low as well.

Chariklo is another astroid that has been transiting tropical Cspricorn, Sideral Sagittarius. Chariklo means “grace spinner” we connect with streams of grace, Rays of our Monad consciousness through healing & balancing the electric & magnetic. All disturbances in the physical body emotional body & mental body are due to an imbalance of the electric and magnetic. Chariklo conjunct Pluto retrograde is helping to release old constructs distorting the Feminine archetype and misuse of power against the Feminine during the last 13,000 yr cycle.

Chariklo helps in healing our “Chiron” wound- our deep Soul wounds/Soul karmas.

Here is a message below  about Chiron & Chariklo I found. Source:
Source: https://www.google.com/amp/s/nikiastr…

Chiron and Chariklo

There is a group of planetary bodies that are starting to make their debut in the astrological world now.  They are known as the CENTAURS.  The centaurs originate in the Kuiper Belt which consists of a number of objects that move around in the vicinity of Pluto and Neptune.  CHIRON was the first centaur to be discovered in 1977 and more are being discovered, assigned an ancient mythological story, and later given a name by astronomers.  The centaurs are half human, half horse in the ancient mythological stories, and are pretty wild dudes, known for wild behavior, lechery, and wanton ways (they love wine).  Chiron is a more “evolved” centaur and was a great philosopher, doctor, astrologer, healer, and teacher in his time.  Chiron represents a point in the chart (by natal and transit) of personal healing – the inner wounds.  Chiron also represents the “rugged individualist” who goes his/her own way.  Chiron was discovered at a time of reawakening of holistic healing and esoteric knowledge and is represented as a “key” to a change in consciousness, a bridge between established ways and evolutionary change.

Here are some CHIRON keywords:  by hand, shamanic healer, prophet, ways of wisdom, service, wounds, initiation journey, understanding, doorway, connection to higher planes, teacher, instinct/intellect, oracle, magical quest, sacred duty, transmute, revolution, warrior, moment of awareness, guide to the “other side.”

In transit Chiron represents: reawakening of the spirit’s journey into healing through re-experiencing the wounding, looking at the cause, and re-finding the wholeness of the soul.

Chiron is being accompanied by one of the newer named Centaurs: CHARIKLO

Chariklo in mythology is Chiron’s wife.  As Chiron represents the “abstract mind,” the magic “shaman” and teacher, Chariklo represents the “voice of reason” and understanding in a softer form.  Chariklo is the constant companion of Athena-the warrior goddess and weaver of the magic cosmic web.  Chariklo, in her mythological form as a sea nymph, connects you with your greater unconscious and soul urges.  She represents your awareness of both your emotional and spiritual boundaries.  She works to improve all your relationships by clarifying what is and what is not acceptable to your spirit.  She further represents your receptivity to the emotional claims/demands of others.

Chariklo represents the qualities of compassion, tolerance and forgiveness in unlimited proportion.  She questions intent and examines motivation in a gentle, curious manner.  She encourages you to start with yourself.  Check intent and motive.  If it feels good, proceed.

She bears the sacred marriage between body and soul.  Chariklo represents the wedding known as the acceptance of one’s spirit by the body.  She offers soul retrieval and recovery, bonding ceremonies and energetic healing as her clarity producing gifts. This clarity opens the doors for shedding the light of understanding toward all people.  Then, you are clear to become a vehicle of healing and helping others understand their own boundaries by your shining example!

As the lovers meet, they open the gateway, the boundary to celestial power, the birth process, the beginning and ending of a cycle, immutable truth, and the initiates passage.

#Chariklo #Chiron #Pluto #Astrology #channel #clairvoyant #theEvent #RainbowWave #Poleshift #goldenage #AgeOfAquarius #GalacticCycle #Mayan #astroids #consciousness #Monad #newEarth #dimensionalShift #DivineMasculine #MagneticSun2021 #SixthSun #Atlantis



Black Moon Lilith Conjuncting Pluto End of May & June 2018 ~ What type of justice are you receiving? | Psychic Sounds by B

Black Moon Lilith Conjuncting Pluto End of May & June 2018 ~ What type of justice are you receiving?

Published on May 21, 2018

“Black Moon Lilith activates those who have experienced injustice….Karma is being delivered… it is being brought in by those who have been coerced, manipulated, lied to, deceived, kept in the dark…whatever it is…they’re getting this energy with them that says NO MORE. I’m not going to take this any more, I’m not going to give my loving energy to people that don’t deserve it any more….Black Moon Lillith won’t allow anyone to blame someone else about their own actions….They need to take accountability for what they do.”

Hello Beautiful Souls ~ This ended up being a very intense reading…. please DO NOT take offense….. This may be happening to you, around you or from you… for good or for not so good.

Love you all! ~B Outro : 40.20 Recorded 05-21-18 @ 1155 am



22:50 Capricorn……26:36 Aquarius…….28:22 Pisces………….29.28 Aries……….30:31 Taurus……….32:08 Gemini…………33:54 Cancer………36:10 Leo……..38:53 Virgo………41:01 Libra………..42:32 Scorpio………..43:45 Sag’s


THE ORACLE REPORT: Friday, February 17, 2017



THE ORACLE REPORT: Friday, February 17, 2017

Disseminating Moon Phase:
  share, communicate

Moon in Scorpio

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): all ten Wisdom Goddesses

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will): Seth, God of the North

Skill: interpret

True Alignments:  looking at or doing something a different way, guardianship and protection, things coming to light or disclosed, assuring another or oneself, connection with ancestors, projecting one’s ideas into something real, loyalty, dreamy states of mind or lower energy states that increase intuition/creativity

Catalysts for Change:  concealing, saying things before thinking, manipulating information, bossy, refusal to think outside traditional or accepted theories, overly suspicious, jealousy, “gaming” or “playing” others, unable to let down guard when appropriate and safe, loss of belief/meaning

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “a flag is seen turning into an eagle”

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the magic carpet of Oriental imagery”

A momentous thing begins today, one that happens only every 30 years:  Saturn will begin conjunction with the Galactic Center.

In ancient Gnostic terms, the archons come into full exposure with the Pleroma (home of the aeons).  Time to face the music.

This begins today, continues through March 6, is revisited between May 9 and May 25, and then one last time between November 15 and 24.

The degree of the Galactic Center is 27 Sagittarius and the Sabian symbol of “the sculptor’s vision is taking form.”

Pause for a moment and take in the symbol.  What do you see, feel, and think?

The ancient Gnostics identified the center of the galaxy as our “spiritual home in the galaxy” – the conduit or portal or gate to God/Source/Great Spirit/Creator…