Many people are being drawn to their Sacred Partners these days.
Sometimes that could be someone familiar seen in a new light, or a past life connection recognized.
Are you clear on what you want? Are you also considering the hopes, needs, wishes and dreams of the person you desire? Or are you looking for someone to plug into the empty space that aches in your life? Did you ask what their aspirations are? Are you taking time to get to know them? Or pushing an ultimatum, on your terms only?
Do you take into consideration, with events of the last year, that we are all navigating uncharted territory?
Is it love, or a need for control to calm your angst that drives you? Can you be comfortable with uncertainty?
Can you allow the seeds to bud, flower and blossom?
Spring is in the air, complete with intoxicating, fresh scents that reawaken innate memories.
Yet all we ever really have is today, here, now. Can you enjoy the journey and allow love and romance to unfold naturally? Or will your insecurities and demand for commitment cause you to give up and run away?
These are things we should reflect upon and ask ourselves. ❤

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NorthPoint Journal  Your guide to planetary energies for November 20 to 26, 2017 By Pam Younghans


NorthPoint Journal
Your guide to planetary energies for

November 20 to 26, 2017

By Pam Younghans

Highlighted Aspects this Week
TUE: Venus sextile Pluto, Venus square Nodes, Sun enters Sagittarius
WED: Neptune goes direct, Jupiter sesquiquadrate Chiron
FRI: Mercury square Chiron, Sun semisquare Pluto, Mercury semisquare Jupiter
SAT: Mercury trine Uranus
SUN: Venus trine Chiron, Saturn trine Pallas Athene

STARTING THIS WEEK, and continuing through the first week of December, the planet Saturn is at the same degree as the Galactic Center, the black hole at the center of our universe. This alignment activates a release of old patterns while also creating a window of access to higher-level insights and solutions.

The Galactic Center (GC) emits powerful infrared radiation. In his article “The Soul of Sky,” astrologer Philip Sedgwick writes: 

“The Galactic Center’s infrared jolt to the energy field naturally induces the release of past memories that preclude an individual from making progress in life. This infrared energy pressures the subconscious mind, providing the release of learned behavior and memories, both negative and positive, all in the interest of moving forward. The energetic crowding process pushes out mentally/emotionally stored data to clear space for new information to enter both the conscious and subconscious minds.” 

According to Mr. Sedgwick, the key to both steps in the process activated by the GC — the purging of the old and the receiving of the new — is staying grounded:

“Meditation, if not grounded, does not support the Galactic Center. In fact, disconnected spiritual exercises make access to galactic points more difficult to integrate — especially this one. Simply sitting upon the ground, tail bone connected with Earth, does the trick.” 

ANOTHER ASTROLOGER who has described the effects of the GC is Mary Elizabeth Jochmans. In her book, An Introduction to Karmic Galactic Astrology, she writes that with the Galactic Center:

“Old patterns, concepts and ways of being which are limiting are constantly being ferreted out. Once this happens, the information pouring in from this black hole is brought into awareness and an inner knowing takes place which cannot be explained.

“Once a commitment is made to work with the information received, the fullness of the information can be perceived, allowed to come through and be expressed in some form. This is a catalyst for change in humanity.”

POWERFUL STUFF. I must note that Saturn was also aligned with the GC in early 2017, from late February through late May — a longer transit due to Saturn going retrograde. My hope is that this earlier three-month-long transit undertook the “ferreting out” portion of the GC’s work, and that we’ve succeeded in clearing the old patterns and concepts that have stood in the way of our progress.

If that has occurred, perhaps with this upcoming alignment we can gain clear access to those higher-level insights and solutions that will enable true progress. Since Saturn is involved, it will require clear intention, commitment, and discipline for us to sit and listen, so that we may gain the information that will take us forward.

Technically, this alignment with the GC occurs about every 29 years, whenever Saturn reaches 27 degrees of Sagittarius. But from a metaphysical and spiritual perspective, this particular alignment, manifesting at this unique time in our personal and shared journey, has never occurred before and will never occur again.

AGAINST THAT BACKDROP, other planets are of course in motion this week. Most notably, Neptune goes direct on Wednesday, after having been retrograde (appearing to move backward) since June 16.

other planets are of course in motion this week. Most notably, Neptune goes direct on Wednesday, after having been retrograde (appearing to move backward) since June 16.

When a planet comes to a standstill to change direction, we tend to experience its influence more fully. Neptune’s usual effects are to sensitize us to beauty, to pain, to our spiritual calling, and to our need to use our creativity and imagination. Its lessons include learning to trust when outcomes are unclear, opening our hearts in compassion when they want to close in protection, and transcending the dramas of physical existence through connecting with a higher source and allowing our creative muse to speak through us.

Because of Neptune’s strength this week, we may feel more foggy or less focused than usual, less in control of outcomes, more psychically “porous,” and more sensitive to both beauty and pain. And, since we are completing the planet’s retrograde phase, it will benefit us to take a few moments to review the past five months, to consider what patterns we have released, how we have dealt our emotional vulnerability, and how our inner world has expanded to support us in difficult times.

CHIRON is quite active this week. The Wounded Healer makes hard aspects to Jupiter on Wednesday and Mercury on Friday, then wraps up the week with a harmonious Venus aspect on Sunday.

As always, we can anticipate some emotional uncertainty around the days when Chiron is in aspect, especially on Wednesday when it interacts with Jupiter. This aspect corresponds with times when we may experience a lack of faith and diminished hope — but we also have the opportunity to heal the fears that feed those lacks, through holding compassion for self and others.

On Friday, we may second-guess our ideas or feel that we are not being heard — but we also have the potential to heal our ability to hear ourselves and our spiritual guidance. With Sunday’s Venus-Chiron aspect, the road is paved for deepening our relationships, based on an understanding of another’s true feelings, and a knowing that we all carry wounds and are doing our best to heal.

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: Your personal new year involves some soul-searching, as you endeavor to understand how you can both live in joy and be of service to others, without falling into self-sacrificial roles. Not long ago, you went through a period of uncertainty and disillusionment; as you move forward into the coming year, you will have the opportunity to move beyond perspectives that leave you feeling helpless and hopeless. Once Saturn enters Capricorn in late December, you will start to feel more and more supported in pursuing your highest goals and purpose.

In peace,


Copyright NorthPoint Astrology 2017. All rights reserved.

DAILY OM ~ Entering into Commitment

by Madisyn Taylor


Many people have not witnessed a loving relationship between their parents, so they don’t know what it looks like.


Loving and committing to another person is a spiritual process whether it involves a wedding or any other type of commitment ceremony. Often when we enter into a relationship, we allow our emotions to lead us forward without thinking more deeply about what true commitment involves. If we can understand that sharing our lives with another person is not just based on love but also on the hard work of being able to compromise and enter into a dialogue with them, then we are much more likely to find the key to having a successful relationship with our partners. So many people have not experienced a loving relationship between their own parents and therefore have no role model of what love should feel like or look like.


Many of us have been exposed to the idea that love should be romantic and sweep us off our feet. While this is a natural part of any relationship, the true test of our love comes from our willingness to explore this world with another person; to not only share in the delights that we encounter but also to negotiate the bumps in the road together. Generally this often takes the form of a mutual exchange of ideas, but because any relationship is based on the needs and experiences of two people, we might also face a certain amount of misunderstanding. Learning to be open and receptive to our partners and to treat their wants and ideas with respect can help us navigate even the most difficult situations. One way to do this is to take a deep breath, holding our partner in a space of love, and allow ourselves to listen fully with our hearts to what they have to say. Should this become difficult to do, we can also turn toward people whose relationships we admire for advice or guidance. Knowing that there are resources out there to help us and being up for exploring them with our partner will only serve to deepen and strengthen our relationship.

Entering into a committed relationship is in fact a spiritual journey that we undertake with another person. By being able to love and care for someone else with an open heart, we will find that we can reach a greater level of personal transformation, evolving along our path and learning powerful lessons about ourselves that we might not otherwise be able to do on our own.


THE ORACLE REPORT: Tuesday, June 2, 2015



December 2014 Energy Report By Jennifer Hoffman | Enlightening Life

December 2014 Energy ReportBy Jennifer Hoffman | Enlightening Life
November 30, 2014

December will be another action packed month with lots of activity that moves us forward and takes us back, invites us to go within as well as expand outward, using what we have learned this year to create closure and clarity from the chaos. This is a divine invitation to move from healing to wholeness, if we can, in the words of the Serenity Prayer, “… accept the things we cannot change, change the things we can…” What we cannot change is other people; what we can change is the energy we use to create our lives. If we ever had an opportunity to create the life potential we have always wanted, this is it. The question is, do we have the courage to embrace the joy, peace, love, and abundance that we say we want? It only takes a thought to ask for a miracle, while it takes courage to allow that miracle to manifest and face the ripples of change that it will create. The standstill has become a turning point and we can all choose to face new directions.

Five planets change sign in December, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Saturn, Jupiter goes retrograde, Uranus goes direct, we have the 6th Uranus/Pluto square, and Mercury goes into shadow retrograde. Planetary sign changes are energetic shifts that open new portals of potential. The personal planets change signs many times within a year, inviting us to take another tour around life’s wheel of experience. It is the upward spiral of evolution, marked by the slower moving outer planets, and the overall expansion of our conscious awareness, that invites us to expand and ascend through the portals and create new perspectives for our lives. We go around life’s wheel many times, coming full circle, or to the 360 degree mark, where we have to choose — do we go around the same wheel again or make the energy shift — raise our vibes — that will take us out of that wheel’s cycle and into a different one? It only takes a small shift and every little bit makes a big difference.

But we have to be willing to implement change, as well as have the courage to embrace, align with, and integrate its accompanying transformation for the long term. When we’re at a place where any change is welcome because we’re tired, disheartened, disillusioned, and unhappy, we are willing to take the first thing that comes along. At that point, anything is better than our current situation and we’re making a lateral move that  may take us from the proverbial frying pan into the fire. If we want to make a real shift, we have to be willing to change our energetic frequency and vibration,  to demolish everything we are and have been down to the foundation and rebuild. This requires a release of chaos and giving ourselves closure, eliminating our connections to what we know doesn’t serve us and inviting new possibilities that have unknown potential and outcomes.

After two years in Scorpio, where it has taken us down to the depths of our unconscious awareness, Saturn moves into Sagittarius, the sign of the philosopher, religion, higher learning, and anything foreign. It’s time for us to grow up (a Saturn lesson) and become disciples of our own learning, soul mission, life path, expansion, evolution, and ascension. Saturn teaches us discipline and focus, showing us where changes must be made and then stands next to us, as a constant reminder of the work that needs to be done, until we finish. It’s a little like telling your children they can play outside once they clean their room, then standing at the door to make sure they do it.

The Uranus/Pluto square of December is the 6th of 7, ruling the 3rd eye, according to the association between these 7 aspects and the 7 chakras first made by astrologer Carol Anne Ciocco. These have been occurring since June 2012, an expansion of the Pluto/Uranus conjunction of the early 1960s. We are evolving from flower children into the adult seeds of change. The 6th chakra is where the mind meets spirit, the divine and human can see ‘eye to eye’, and where we integrate our soul’s light into our human darkness. It’s our chance to release our emotional baggage and create our spiritual/human partnership before we reach the 7th chakra aspect, in March 2015, where we claim our ‘crown’ and finalize our journey back to our Source connection.

And there is the full moon on December 6, a reminder of unfinished business in any area where we are hesitating to let things go. Do we think we’re breaking a promise or a commitment to someone or something if we let go before we think there is completion? How do we know when something is finished? We can’t, we can only decide when we are finished and let that be our reason for letting go. We often take our healing commitments too literally and charge ourselves with the impossible task of making someone else happy, of bringing perfection to what we see as imperfect. Can we be happy if we’re too aware of others’ unhappiness? Is it possible for us to acknowledge that happiness is a choice that everyone gets to make for themselves?

It’s the new moon/Solstice conjunction on December 22 that is another powerful aspect this month. At 0 Capricorn and happening a week after the Uranus/Pluto square on the 15th, it takes us back to February 2008, when Pluto first entered Capricorn. This is the 3rd of 5 new moons occurring at 0 degrees, yet another invitation to go back to our center and re-align with our own truth. The Solstice is the darkest and longest night but it only lasts one night. From that point forward, we get a little more light each day.  What happened in 2008 that is coming around for you now, in the form of a transformation, an unconscious desire to change something in your life, in a powerful and meaningful way? What commitments are you willing to make to yourself now, that don’t have anything to do with anyone else? Every point of transformation begins with a desire for change that follows a realization of some degree of discontentment or unhappiness. We can hide from or ignore our unhappiness or make a commitment to change it. But hiding is no longer possible now because we’re experiencing this at a soul level and it’s no longer possible to lie to ourselves, to convince ourlselves that our life is fine when we aren’t feeling it. While it is at that point that we feel truly awful, it is also our most powerful moment because we step into the possibility of transformation when our level of pain is greater than our fear of change.

We have been waiting for the world to change, as the world has been giving us every opportunity to change — the standoff has reached a turning point. It is now time for ‘the end’. Not as in the end of the world but as in closure and completion and an end to everything that has no more energy for you. It is our chance to end the year on a ‘high note’ and enter the new year on a ‘high vibe’. What are you ready for now, considering everything you have experienced in the last year or more? Endings clear the way for beginnings and we can’t move forward with our baggage — something has to go. What baggage are you releasing, or is releasing you, now?

What you may be seeing this month, and in your life, is ‘the end’, the termination, completion, and final death throes of something that has been in some kind of death phase for a long time, but you have been reviving it each time it got close to ending because you were afraid to see it leave your life. Think of the end of a marriage, a job, a cherished relationship, or a way of life. When it goes, so does your security, stability, and relative comfort. Even if you aren’t happy, it is still a known quantity. Without it, you have to redefine your life, which includes allowing yourself to know joy, peace, love, and abundance in an unlimited flow without any fear. Are you addicted to chaos? You’ll know that answer when you have to live without it. Can we feel purposeful if we aren’t fixing a problem, calming chaos, healing someone, or facing a challenge? We now have the opportunity to deal with this question very honestly and know whether we really want and are ready for ‘peace on earth and goodwill to men’.

What has come ‘to the end of its energy road’ is now reaching an END, no more reviving or resuscitating situations that simply have no more energy for you, no matter how much you want them to stay in your life. And if you aren’t ready for them to end, the other person is and they’re letting you know that they’re done and gone. Or the situation suddenly ends, or becomes so unbearable that you must walk away. New paths are beckoning as the old ones come to a necessary close and we must follow them because that is the evolution and ascension promise that we have made.

The keyword or theme for December is peace, which is not the absence of sound, motion, or movement, it is the presence of calm, serenity, and detachment. You can have calm in any storm when you refuse to participate in the chaos and instead, be in the energy of peace. Detach from the chaos and acknowledge, accept and take responsibility only for what is truly yours. Be selfish, self aware, and self focused so you can use this month’s energy to learn what is important to you, and use that to create the new foundation for your life. Set powerful intentions for the new outcomes you want so you will know what to release. Be clear about what you deserve and are willing to have in your life, because you are the only one who limits yourself and the flow of energy.

And as you go through the holidays, appreciate and be grateful for what you have learned this year because it is setting the stage for 2015 and the next stage of our evolution which I believe will be much more joyful, peaceful, and the path to fulfillment will be a lot clearer and easier to find. Have a wonderful month.


If you like this article and would like to work with me because you are ready for profound personal and spiritual transformation, consider a personal intuitive consultation or intuitive coaching, where we work together to examine your life path, purpose, potential, and possibilities and help you choose one that will bring you the joy, abundance, love, peace and power that you are ready for. Click here to explore the possibilities for transformation.

Copyright (c) 2014 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved. You may quote, copy, translate and link to this article, in its entirety, on free, non-donation based websites only, as long as you include the author name and a working link back to this website. All other uses are strictly prohibited.

Outrageous Openness – Letting The Divine Take The Lead By Lissa Rankin, MD

Outrageous Openness Letting The Divine Take The Lead

Outrageous Openness – Letting The Divine Take The Lead

24th July 2014

By Lissa Rankin, MD

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

We’ve been taught that in order to get what we desire, we need to either force our desires into being through hard work, sweat, and tears. Or we need to apply the Law Of Attraction, whereby we visualize what we desire, say affirmations that affirm that we already have what we desire, and “manifest” the desire into being. But what if there’s another way to deal with desire?

In her book Outrageous Openness, a book which seriously changed my life, Tosha Silver teaches that the Law Of Attraction, improperly taught, is merely another way to push/strive/struggle in order to bring our desires into being. What if instead of making it happen, we acknowledge our desires, but then turn them over instantly to Divine Will?

Surrender in this way is also not about becoming a desireless zombie or getting rid of your desires. But it’s also not about handing a shopping list to God, filled with specifics about exactly what you want and when you want it with the expectation that God will fulfill all your desires. As Tosha says, “God is not your Costco. God is not your bitch. God is not here to grant all of your specific wishes like some cosmic fairy godmother”. The Law Of Attraction implies that you know what’s best for you. God doesn’t.

But what if it’s not about getting what your ego wants but instead, allowing Divine Will to lead your life?

Tosha’s prayer is one of utter surrender. “Take me over! Use me! Make me yours!”

Can You Trust? Can you imagine letting go of attachment to all your desires, really trusting that living in Divine alignment will be more fulfilling and meaningful than anything your ego might conjure up? Can you dream of trusting that you will be shown your part in the cosmic orchestra in the perfect way, in the perfect time? If that feels impossible, if you can’t bear to trust that the Divine has a plan for you that might be better than your own, Tosha suggests saying a “Change Me” prayer. “Change me into someone who is ready to surrender.”

Here are some examples of variations on Tosha’s “Change Me” prayers, collected from Outrageous Openness.

When things aren’t going well at work:

I call Divine Order into my work. In the right time, in the right way, let my offering become available for the good of all, to all who need to be guided to me and to know.

When you’re looking for love:

The perfect partner is already selected. He/she is arriving in the right way at the right time. I am so grateful to receive him/her.

When something you want isn’t happening as fast as you wish:

My life is unfolding in Divine timing. All delays are beneficial. I’m always at the right place at the right time.

When you’re looking for clients:

I’m now available to receive anyone who can benefit from my teaching. Let all who need me find me. Let me help relieve suffering. The Divine is my complete Source for all prosperity and will provide.

When stressed about travel:

Let every aspect of this journey unfold in harmony. Let Divine Order arrange and show me every detail. The right airline connection, lodging, and all else are already selected and I’ll be guided to them easily. I’ll follow the leads as they are shown.

When you feel an impulse to be of service:

Wherever I can be a force for Love, please guide me. Take me wherever you wish me to go. Let me do your bidding.

When struggling to get over the painful loss of a relationship:

This entire relationship now belongs to Divine Order. It is in God’s hands and I am open to a miracle of completion The situation now unfolds in the perfect way for the good of all. I needn’t fear letting go; my needs are always met.

When trying to decide about whether to do something you can’t quite afford but wish to do:

Please show me if you wish me to go. If you do, please bring a sign, and a miracle. Please show your Divine Will in this matter and send a clear sign that gives the proper direction. And if for some reason I’m about to head the wrong way, please, please stop me.

When dealing with writer’s block:

I ask that if I can be of service, and I this be God’s will, that the perfect chances will arrive to pulverize this damn writer’s block once and for all.

When dealing with a customer service cluster f*ck:

With every fiber of my being I invoke God as my Source and cast the burden of this mess. I pray that the perfect people who intercede on my behalf will come at the right moment.

When struggling to find the perfect apartment or just the right parking spot:

I am now being guided to the right apartment [or parking spot] at the right time. It’s already handled.

When unclear about what’s next:

My perfect new path is already selected and will arrive at the right time. I’ll be shown the steps to receive it.

Then, after making these prayers of intercession, you have to let go and trust that it’s all handled, even if what shows up doesn’t look the way you hoped it will look.

Surrender to Trust

Tosha teaches that surrender is hot. It’s about committing yourself – not just part of yourself but all of your self – to being available for use as a Divine vessel. The ego doesn’t like this one bit and will get very tricky, trying to manipulate you into thinking you need to be in control if you want to bring your desires into being. The ego cannot trust that Divine will is better than the ego’s will and so it will convince you that there is much to DO in order to bring your desire into being.

Letting the Divine Take The Lead - Surrender Personal Will to Divine Will

Surrender needn’t be misunderstood as passivity. Sometimes inspired actions are necessary, and Divine will appears as an instinct towards enlightened action. You can tell the difference between enlightened action and ego-driven striving based on how you feel in your body. Is it “spanda”, the rising shakti that leaps you to your feet and makes you say, with a full body YES, “I’m doing this!” Or are you exhausted just thinking about what it will take to force what you desire into being? Say yes to spanda, because it’s a Divine yes. Say no to dread because it’s an ego trap.

Here’s the “how to” version of what Tosha teaches, boiled down from what I learned in her book and her workshop:

1. Notice your desire or the problem you feel you need to solve.

2. The minute the desire or problem arises, offer it over to Divine Will. Say a prayer or set the intention, “If I am to have this or solve this, please send a sign. If not, please stop me.” The act of the offering is what creates the conduit for the Divine to allow the inspired actions that arise spontaneously from within your own body, thereby opening space for receiving, none of which can happen when you’re grasping. She uses the example of reaching for a feather. The very act of grasping for the feather generates a wind current that pushes the feather away, but if you just stand there and let it float, if it’s meant to come to you, it can.

3. Release attachment to outcomes. Once you’ve offered over the desire or problem, let it go. In this moment, your desires become merely preferences.

4. Look for signs. The signs may arise as inner knowing or as external feedback. Are you getting the “in the flow” green light or is Universal Intelligence trying to stop you with the cosmic red light? Do youjust know what you’re supposed to do? Appreciate both “yes” and “no” guidance with equal openness and gratitude.

5. Pay attention to “spanda.” Surrendering to Divine Will doesn’t equal passivity. Sometimes you’ll be called to inspired action. Can’t tell whether or not to act? Then use your body as a compass. If you’re considering taking action, do you feel a full body YES that makes you leap up with enthusiasm? Or does your body feel exhausted at the mere thought of it? If an impulse to take action feels good to your body, do it. If not, keep waiting patiently, trusting that the impulse for inspired action will come when and if it’s time.

6. Follow the guidance. Guidance may appear as an exciting idea, an inner voice giving you instructions, a vision, or an external sign from the Universe. It’s okay to hesitate if you’re guided to do something you’re not ready to do. But if you get the same message ten times, try saying a “Change Me” prayer. “Change me into someone who is ready to take action.” Otherwise, you may remain at the mercy of the fearful small self indefinitely. If you perpetually avoid what you’ve been guided to do, you will not succeed in your Divine mission.

Are You In?

Will you commit to letting the Divine take the lead in your life? For inspiration, stories of how others have done this, and further guidance, read Tosha’s book Outrageous Openness (available on Amazon). In my endorsement of Tosha’s book, I wrote, “The holy grail is right here in this gem of a book. Tosha Silver’s wisdom goes down as easy as a mint milkshake and leaves you feeling so free you’ll want to do cartwheels on the beach. But don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this message. Look no further for an easeful path to enlightenment infused with rapture and hope, which comes as much needed medicine for the soul.”

I can’t recommend this book highly enough. Really, it changed my life.


The Gabriel Messages: Inspiration for the Week July 20, 2014 – by Shanta Gabriel: Acknowledge Yourself


The Gabriel Messages: Inspiration for the Week – July 20, 2014
by Shanta Gabriel: Acknowledge Yourself

The Gabriel Messages book and the companion cards continue to be basic tools for me that are powerfully relevant for these interesting times in which we live. We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages in these articles to provide insight and inspiration each week that we can bring into our daily lives.

For this week’s issue, the card that was chosen is a call from your soul to remember the truth of your accelerating spiritual growth.
The Gabriel Message card for this week:

    Acknowledge yourself for how far you have come instead of how far you think you have to go.

I loved receiving this message from Archangel Gabriel in the early 1990’s. It demonstrated a bit of angelic humor. The operative word that struck me most deeply was “how far you think you have to go.”

Obviously at the time I was in a fast-moving portion of my life, growing personally and spiritually as quickly as possible, while starting a new business working with the Angels. Being in the business world was completely overwhelming for me at that moment, but I was convinced I could create work that was based in spiritual principles and stay in that center while my business grew. This, of course, created a spiritual incubator that kept the learning experiences coming fast, deep and strong. When one goal was met, I was on to the next one without a breath in between.

This message was meant to draw me back into present-time awareness; especially to get out of my head and remain in my heart so I could truly notice that I was encountering milestone events practically daily. Add to this was the fact that I was actually handling them reasonably well for a novice entrepreneur. The messages from Archangel Gabriel were reaching thousands of people, bridging Heaven to Earth and bringing peace to Earth one person at a time, as my mission statement in 1994 stated. These situations needed to be acknowledged, and my inner spirit had to be validated for this powerful time of awakening in my life.

Not a lot has changed in many ways 20 years later; all the same principles still apply. That form of my business disintegrated so that it could morph into a new form for this day and age. What is different is that we are all having this experience. If you are reading this article, you are doing your best to live your life in alignment with spiritual principles. In 2014 we have gotten the “memo” that our lives are meant to align our spirit in the world. We are diligently discovering what it means to live in the world but not of the world. We are doing our best to bring as much Divine Light into our lives as we can remember, moment to moment. All that we are working on is in the name of becoming more conscious and spiritualizing our lives so that we can take advantage of the magic in this new time.

So in this message your soul, in conjunction with Archangel Gabriel, is saying:

“We know you are busy and have a lot going on in your life. We love you and see how hard you are working on yourself. And we would just like to encourage you to slow down enough to acknowledge yourself for how far you have come in this life before you go on to the next thing.

“For just a moment stop and breathe in how truly wonderful it is that you are focused on raising your consciousness. Remember how important that is to the world. Do your best to actually feel the steps you have taken and how you have changed even though it may seem as though your life is not any different.

“The plateau before manifestation can often feel bleak, and can fool you into thinking nothing is happening. This is your ego-mind speaking and not your heart. Your heart knows the truth that you are awesomely inspiring your gifts to come into the world in a beautiful way. See that, feel that and acknowledge that truth — even for a moment before you move on.”

How you live your life has a great deal to do with awakening the consciousness on the Earth. When you have dedicated your life to your spiritual growth, doing the best you can to live to your fullest capacity, this is truly an important moment of awareness and needs to be acknowledged.

Know that your soul’s gifts are beginning to manifest daily. Your attention to this fact will cause it to accelerate and become even more powerful. This is true if you do not negate it by wishing it were happening faster, and focusing on the lack rather than the truth of what is. Though it may seem slow at the moment, we are actually experiencing a nearly warp speed acceleration of consciousness on the Earth.

Taking a breath and a moment to clearly see how far you have come in life as your soul is growing, will help you to feel acknowledged, nurtured and empowered to keep on keeping on. This is true even though at times it feels as though you are slogging through warm jello, sometimes it may be like you are hacking through a thick jungle, and other times it feels like surfing a monster wave. Kowabunga!

When you take a step back from your life to give yourself a little perspective, notice how hard you are trying to live your intentions and give acknowledgement to yourself as a spiritual being in a physical world. It is time well spent. You so deserve all the goodness that is waiting for you to receive it. The heavens are rejoicing at the momentous growth of those who are serving the Light.

May I join the realms of Awakening Truth to offer my gratitude to you from an elder perspective. Thank you for your willingness, your dedication to your soul’s growth and to the evolution of the planet. You have made and will continue to make a big difference.

Shanta Gabriel, 2014
The Gabriel Messages #51

Acknowledge yourself for how far you have come instead of how far you think you have to go.

Dear One,

You have grown and changed so much. You are so busy being in the moment, applying all you have learned, and giving of your talents, that it’s necessary to take time to really notice how far you have come.

See all that you have given to others and your world. Notice how much you have changed and how hard you have worked on yourself. See how your intention for a better life is leading you forward. You have come a long way and truly have so much to offer.  For all that you are, acknowledge yourself.

Acknowledge your commitment to a higher purpose in life. Acknowledge your willingness to give. Acknowledge yourself for the loving heart you share so freely, asking little in return. 

It is easy to be caught up in the world’s view of goals and achievements. This spurs you to look forward to the future and to hurry through the present. In order to be more integrated and whole as a person, it is also necessary to look honestly at the past.  This means being compassionate with yourself, seeing the lessons that you have learned, the things you would do differently, and knowing you have done the best you could. Then come into the present moment and acknowledge yourself for how far you have come.
Acknowledge yourself for who you are right now. Know that you are still learning many lessons in life but that you are willing to use all you have learned to live a fulfilling life.  Honor the Spirit within you, honor the Love in your heart, respect the person you are right now and know the Angels of God are guiding you in every moment. 
When you treat yourself with honor and respect, the doors of Heaven open for you to fulfill your highest destiny on earth and to live in peace.

Remember to:

Acknowledge yourself for how far you have come instead of how far you have to go.

Shanta Gabriel, 2014

12 Qualities of an Enlightened Person ~ By Charles A. Francis

12 Qualities of an Enlightened Person
Posted on July 26, 2012 at 5:45 pm
By Charles A. Francis

In the previous article, I gave you my best definition of the term enlightenment. In this article, I will explore the implications of enlightenment. I will describe some of the qualities of an enlightened person.

This is not a comprehensive list, but I think it contains some of their most prominent qualities. As you read this article, keep in mind 2 things.

There are varying degrees of enlightenment. That is, everyone is at a different point in their spiritual development, and some may be more enlightened than others.

What I say about enlightenment will be limited by how far I am along the spiritual path. I may be able to see a little farther ahead, but not too far. Even though I’ve had peak experiences, once I return to a normal state, it once again became difficult to know for sure what lies ahead.

Having said this, these are 12 qualities of an enlightened person that I’m fairly certain about.

1. Happiness

The enlightened person is happy and joyful. He has a cheerful disposition most of the time, and is willing to share that joy with others. He is always optimistic that all challenges have a resolution. Even though the resolution may not be the most desirable, he is confident that he is capable of being at peace with it.

2. Peaceful and Serene

The enlightened person is peaceful and serene because she is free of fear and other unwholesome emotions. She can see that the human condition reaches beyond this physical existence, so she no long has a fear of the unknown. She is free of worry because she understands that freedom from suffering comes from within, and not from material possessions.

3. Loving, Kind, and Compassionate

The enlightened person is loving, kind, and compassionate for 2 main reasons: 1) He genuinely cares about other people, regardless of whether they care about him, and 2) He knows that other people provide him with the spiritual nourishment he needs to grow, therefore, he remains spiritually open to everyone.

4. Not Self-Centered

The enlightened person is not self-centered, because she has lost the sense of a separate self. She can see the interconnected nature of our existence. To her, this is a reality, and not just a concept. She realizes that all physical manifestations (humans, animals, plants, etc.) depend on each other for their survival.

5. Emotionally Stable

The enlightened person is emotionally stable because he no longer has an ego that needs validation for its existence. He is not hurt because there is no ego to hurt. He does not get angry because he is understanding and compassionate toward those who are not as far along the spiritual path.
6. Patient and Understanding

The enlightened person is patient and understanding because she appreciates how our ignorance creates our own suffering. She understands the challenge of becoming enlightened, so she doesn’t condemn people for their missteps.

7. Humble

The enlightened person is humble. Since he knows his place in the universe, he doesn’t need validation from others. Therefore, he has nothing to prove to anyone, including himself. His humble nature allows him to be kind and gentle, and be open to everyone he encounters.

8. Insightful and Open-Minded

The enlightened person is insightful and open-minded. She is able to see the world with great clarity, without attachment to preconceived ideas about people, places, and things. This enables her to observe the world without jumping to conclusions. Belief and intuition are replaced with clarity of vision and understanding.

9. Inner Strength

The enlightened person has great inner strength. He has learned healthy ways of connecting with the sources of mindfulness energy—through healthy interactions with people, and within. He no longer has a need for the power struggles that most of us engage in.

10. Leadership

The enlightened person is a leader. Having awakened to the point of understanding the nature of suffering, she realizes her duty to help other people find freedom from suffering. She leads by example, rather than control. People follow her because of who she is and what she stands for. They want to be more like her.

11. Mindful of His Health

The enlightened person is mindful of his health—physical, mental, and emotional. He knows that the mind, body and spirit must be in harmony in order to maintain his spiritual condition. He has developed an understanding of physical and mental health, and doesn’t blindly depend on others for his health. And he certainly doesn’t impair his mind with alcohol or illicit drugs.

12. Committed to their Spiritual Practice

The enlightened person never forgets how he achieved enlightenment. She is also aware that it takes continual effort to remain that way. It takes a great deal of mindfulness energy to help others along their path, so she’s aware that she needs to replenish her spiritual strength on a daily basis. Otherwise, she’ll lose her effectiveness as a spiritual messenger.

Overall, the enlightened person is mindful of himself and the world around him. Furthermore, he is curious and willing to continue learning. He is aware that even though he can see with great clarity, developing an understanding of the true nature of our existence takes time to observe and investigate.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, this is not a comprehensive list of the qualities of an enlightened person. But I think these are the most prominent. My purpose for examining these qualities is to give us a compass to guide us in our spiritual journey—a vision of the path that lies ahead.

So, you want to be enlightened? Well, it takes work and dedication, but it’s well worth it. From this list of qualities, it seems clear that enlightened people live rich and fulfilling lives. Those who achieve any measure of enlightenment do so through some form of daily meditation practice, a willingness to let go of old views, and are committed to helping others achieve enlightenment. Are you willing to do what it takes?


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Best wishes on your spiritual journey!
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