144K/RETURN TO YOUR TRUTH: We’re striking TWICE – on the 21st [Monday] and 22nd [Equinox] (Cobra Update)

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We’re striking TWICE – on the 21st [Monday] and 22nd [Equinox] (Cobra Update)


New 144K Briefing

The timing of the Saturn-Chariklo conjunction has just been clarified. As a result … the 144K will be throwing its crushing weight against anything unaligned with Goddess, on this conjunction.

Cobra has just called for it. We will be supporting him.
FM144 has also called for this, and added more details.

Our Soul Duty is to ensure all attempts to use the Saturn-Chariklo Conjunction by all Black Covens & Cabal Syndicates to actualize further – or maintain current – lockdowns under the pretext of Corona virus … is crushed!
(noticing a theme here :- )

We will use this as an opportunity – to transmute the entire situation – because they have to expose themselves in order to utilize the Saturn-Chariklo Conjunction energies in their favor.
Our job is to make sure they REGRET that.  

The anti-lock-down Saturn-Chariklo meditation will be the standard 1hr+ 144K Mass Mediation, because of the seriousness & extremity of the situation. And yes… we will also be doing the 20 min guided meditation at the same time as everyone else around the world.
Times for both 144K Mass Meditations are at the bottom of this Brief. 
I certainly will be!!


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It seems they start attacking via in-house electronic devices,
once the house is protected.
I promptly placed other copies of the “4×4” External Protection Code on my:
smart meter (even though I had a Farraday guard around it)TV screenand as a desktop background on my computer
For endocrine system relief & healing (better visualization
… sleep  and prep for the BIG Meditation this Monday & Tuesday)
… I suggest you do the same!

So much so … that I’m extending the 66% OFF 144K only discount till Tuesday night.
We must STRIKE …. and strike HARD. 
(in the divine way of course  :- )

The Light Forces ARE counting on us … and make no mistake about that! 

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  Times & Links For
The Anti Lockdown Saturn-Chariklo

144K Mass Meditation

Date: Monday 21st, Sept (US)   Join Time: : 5PM EDT (US)
Start Time: 5:10PM EDT

Your Timezone & day: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=144K+Anti-Lockdown+Saturn-Chariklo+Mass+Meditation&iso=20200921T17&p1=179&ah=2

Live Platform for Guided Broadcast:  is HERE !
Backup link:  https://www.blogtalkradio.com/groundcrewcommandradio

Times & Links For The September 2020 Equinox144K Mass Meditation

Date: Tuesday 22nd, Sept (US)   Start Time: : 8:30AM EDT (US)

Your Timezone & day: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=144K+September+Equinox+Mass+Meditation+-+2020&iso=20200922T0830&p1=179&ah=1

Live Platform for Guided Broadcast:   is HERE !
Backup link:  https://www.blogtalkradio.com/groundcrewcommandradio

See you there!
  Yours In Service …
The Unknown Lightwarrior

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The Syria Pentagram by Cobra | The Portal

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Syria Pentagram by Cobra | The Portal

The real occult reason for the Syrian conflict is the battle for the Syrian goddess vortex which is one of the most important key energy points in the planetary energy grid.

Whoever controls that energy point is very close to controlling the majority of the energy leyline system on the planetary surface. Whoever controls the energy leyline system has direct access to global consciousness of humanity.
This is why the Jesuits have engineered the creation of Daesh (Islamic State).
The Syrian energy vortex is actually a pentagram. In the hands of the Light forces, this pentagram is an instrument of good that can transform the whole Middle East and can be a huge transmitter of positive feminine energy. In the hands of the dark, this pentagram can create much suffering, as people in Syria have experienced in the last few years.
All five points of Syria pentagram are key towns in Syria that had a strong connection with the Goddess energy in their rich past.
These five points are:
Aleppo, a city with a strong Goddess presence:
Homs, the birth place of Julia Domna. Julia Domna was a Roman empress who tried to bring wisdom to the Roman court:
Palmyra, the birth place of Zenobia, a queen that lead the revolt against the oppression of the Roman empire:
Raqqa, the area where the Halaf culture was born:
Manbij, which was the center of worship of the Syrian goddess of fertility, Atargatis:
Three of those points, Aleppo, Homs and Palmyra, have already been liberated from the clutches of Daesh, Palmyra very recently:
Manbij will be free soon, too:


The liberation of Palmyra has cleared the path towards the liberation of Raqqa, the main Daesh stronghold in Syria:

When Raqqa is liberated, that will very rapidly lead to the complete liberation of the Syrian pentagram and will drastically improve the situation in the Middle East.
Those who feel guided, can help supporting the healing of the Syria pentagram by visualizing this piece of ancient Halafian pottery rotating over the whole Syria pentagram, strengthening the Goddess vortex there and removing all darkness from the region:
This piece of Halafian pottery, made 7000 years ago, contains sacred geometry codes that activate Goddess presence and remove darkness from all four directions.
Victory of the Light!
Many people are asking what is behind the Panama papers. This link explains it all:

January Monthly Update by Cobra | The Portal

Sunday, February 7, 2016

January Monthly Update by Cobra | The Portal

With a short delay, I am posting the January monthly update Cobra interview by Rob Potter. You can read the transcript if you scroll down the page on the following link:


The Youtube audio version is available here:


You can send your questions to rob@thepromiserevealed.com and many of them will be answered in the next monthly update interview.

An update about the Disclosure Petition will be posted soon.

Cobra: Planet X | The Portal


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Cobra: Planet X | The Portal

There has been a lot of talk recently in the mainstream media about the potential discovery of Planet X, or Planet Nine, as they call it now:

Although this is NOT yet the official discovery of Planet X, it is a step in the right direction. This is part of the soft disclosure process currently taking place. The Cabal has been suppressing their knowledge about the existence of Planet X for decades. You might want to know that Chimera-controlled Maui High Performance Computing Center (MHPCC) intercepts all data gathered by all major astronomical observatories around the world and erases all data that might lead to direct discovery of Planet X:

Eight years ago, Japanese scientist Patryk Lykawka has published a scientific paper which predicted the existence of a hypothetical planet that is very close to the real Planet X in its orbital characteristics:

Of course, his paper did not receive international press coverage as the current Mike Brown’s announcement did, because it was far too close to the truth.
Just to refresh your memory, here are the characteristics of the real Planet X, given to me by the Pleiadians:

Radius: 7,500 km
Mass: 0.76 Earth masses
Semimajor axis: 70 AU
Inclination: 40 degrees
Eccentricity: 0.25
Planet X has a rocky core, a mantle of water ice and thin surface layer of frozen methane. If a space probe would visit Planet X from a distance, it would find a silvery bluish surface with large sections of smooth terrain and patches of geologically dynamic surface with signs of cryovolcanism. If that probe would come close enough for the resolution of its cameras to exceed 10 meters per pixel, it would discover curious rectangular highly reflective features on some parts of the surface. These are the glass ceilings of the subsurface bases of the Resistance Movement and the Galactic Confederation fleet.
And, if you haven’t guessed already, Planet X is NOT Nibiru.

Cobra: Short Situation Update | The Portal

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Cobra: Short Situation Update | The Portal

Clearing of the Chimera group continues. Much progress is being made, but not much can be said about that now. I am waiting for the right circumstances to release massive intel that will broaden the horizons of the surface population about many things.

Some members of the Cabal are trying to spin Disclosure, hoping to appear as part of the positive faction in order to avoid arrest at the time of the Event:

Some media are trying to spin that partial Disclosure even further, making it into a joke:

But nevertheless, the truth about JFK assassination and its connection to Disclosure is coming into the mainstream:

Dragon sources have communicated that current militia standoff in Oregon is a false flag operation which has been designed by the Cabal to test the reaction of militias to certain conditions. This situation will not escalate as the vast majority of the Cabal does not want civil war in USA, knowing very well that civil war would accelerate the process towards the Event and their final defeat. What they want instead is a state of controlled chaos and tension which enables them to keep control and delay the inevitable for as long as possible.

The following study clearly shows that in a stratified society with pronounced inequality, the elites can not survive the collapse of the society for much longer than the commoners, regardless of their superior material and financial resources:

There are massive preparations for the financial Reset happening behind the scenes. Veterans Today is hinting at the joint Positive Military / Templar / Dragon group that is preparing the Reset:

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is the banking vehicle through which the Reset will be triggered and it will become operational in about a week from now:

The second pillar of the new financial system, the Shanghai Gold Exchange, is expected to start with Yuan based gold price fix in April:

Russia and China will start denominating their crude oil futures in Rubles and Yuan and not in US dollars anymore:

This is the true beginning of the end for the Petrodollar.

Maybe it is time now for you to start preparing yourself for abundance:

And to proudly keep shining the Light as a Lightworker or a Lightwarrior:

The concept of „false light“ was introduced by the Archons to further confuse the awakening part of the surface population and to promote distrust towards the Light in order to weaken the surface population even more. In reality, Light is Light, and darkness is darkness, it is that simple. If you are in touch with your inner guidance, you can never mistake the Light for darkness and darkness for Light.

Victory of the Light!


Cobra: Situation Update | The Portal

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Cobra: Situation Update | The Portal

Clearing of the Chimera group continues. Kuiper Ring, the network of physical Chimera bases in the outer Solar System, has been almost completely removed. Last remnants of the Chimera fleet are in disarray, scattered throughout the Solar System and hiding near the position of plasmatic nodes with the highest concentration of plasma strangelet and toplet bombs, using those bombs as a shielding mechanism.

When the physical Chimera network throughout the Solar system is disintegrating fast, the plasma accretion vortex with its strangelet and toplet bombs remains a far greater challenge at least for now.

As the power of Chimera decreases, there will be more exchange of intel between the top people of various positive factions without fear that this intel will be intercepted by the Chimera and without threat that Chimera will retaliate if top people of various positive factions talk too freely. Therefore the Resistance will soon release substantial intel to Eastern Agarthan network and to various Secret Space Program factions and some of that intel will then precipitate to the surface population. Most SSP factions were seriously mind-programmed against the Pleiadians and against other positive ET races and soon the Resistance will present them with solid proof of Pleiadian benevolence.

The Resistance will also give them technological know-how to remove nanites and other similar technologies that are falsely described as AI (artificial intelligence) . As someone has put it brilliantly in a comment on my blog: “Cobra was talking about robots and nanites (miniature robots) which were invented by the Chimera to control reptilians and humans. These robots and nanites can be so sophisticated and process information at such a high speed that they give the illusion or impression of being sentient, alive, and intelligent. But they are really just machines that are easily turned off.”

A key defense factor against those technologies is a balance between emotions and mind. Those technologies can only manipulate a mind that has suppressed emotions and can not handle strong emotional currents.

On the surface of the planet, the Eastern Alliance is making good progress:


More and more initiatives around the world are beginning to set the right conditions for the Reset of the financial system:


And Switzerland might well be the right country to accelerate that process:


If anybody had doubts about the existence of the Positive Military faction in Pentagon, here is the proof:



And some members of the Cabal have been arrested already:


They might not be top Cabalists, but a recent study from University of Tokyo shows that suppression of low-degree nodes disrupts the whole network:


Putting it simply, even arresting a few average members of the Cabal has significantly decreased the power of their whole network and will accelerate their downfall.

Victory of the Light!

Cobra: Solar System / Planetary Situation Update | The Portal

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Cobra: Solar System / Planetary Situation Update | The Portal

Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The main problem remaining are implants of the Cabal members, connected with Tunnels of Set to Yaldabaoth plasma accretion vortex which extends throughout the Solar system, tied to plasma strangelet and toplet bombs. Implants of the Lightworkers and Lightwarriors are connected to the implants of the Cabal members with Tunnels of Set and this hinders their spiritual progress, but at the same time accelerates the clearing of the Cabal’s implants and disintegration of the Yaldabaoth octopus plasma accretion vortex.
Many people are aware of the Chimera stations on moons and asteroids inside our Solar System. Here we need to understand that there are only a few hundred moons and a few million asteroids that are suitable to establish physical bases and only a fraction of those actually have Chimera bases present.
The Kuiper belt, on the other hand, is huge and has billions of potential bodies that are suitable to host a base and actually the vast majority of physical Chimera bases are positioned inside the Kuiper belt and form the so-called Kuiper Ring, the outer line of defense which protects the Chimera-controlled territories inside this Solar System against the liberation forces of the Galactic Confederation and the Ashtar Command.
The Kuiper belt is situated mainly in the ecliptic plane just outside Neptune’s orbit. You can see a picture of officially discovered Kuiper belt objects, seen from above. The yellow dot represents the Sun, four red dots gaseous planets of our Solar System and the white and blue dots represent officially known Kuiper belt objects:
If we superimpose a map of the Chimera bases (the Kuiper Ring) on our picture of the Kuiper belt, we get this animation:
Operations to remove the Kuiper Ring of Chimera bases will start very soon. I will report about this as much as it will be strategically wise. Let not the number of those bases discourage you, the plan to remove them is very solid and the situation will be dealt with efficiently.
It is interesting to see that NASA has just recently released its first space probe image of a Kuiper belt object:
Recently there have been many signs in the skies that herald the return of Light, from Andromedan ships in Texas as reported by American Kabuki:
To beautiful solar arcs in Calgary:

On the surface of the planet, the Eastern Alliance is one step closer towards the Reset as Chinese Yuan is to be included into SDR basket of currencies:

Finland is the first country on the planet that is seriously considering to give its every citizen an unconditional basic income, no strings attached:
Also, the Eastern Alliance will launch a joint Chinese-Russian news agency to counteract Khazarian control over the Western mass media:
Chinese sources report that although the Eastern Alliance is quite successful in progressing on a global scale and on federal level in China, there is still a massive amount of Jesuit / Rothschild infiltration and lots of greed and corruption on a local level.
Archon/Jesuit/Khazarian forces are putting all their efforts into maintaining their entropy machine by suppressing free energy to be able to keep their oil-based economy running, destroying countries (Syria), to be able to seize their oil, suppressing Goddess vortexes to prevent spiritual awakening (Syria again) and by preventing mass awakening by withholding Disclosure.
They fail to understand that their entropy machine obeys the laws of semi-iterative inequations and will be dissolved with mathematical certainty.
Our Event Meditation on November 21st was a huge success and more and more people are joining our Weekly Event Meditation each Sunday. Experience shows that meditation does change the world:
Our Weekly Event Meditation now has its own website:
Beautiful videos have been created for our meditation in many languages.
Translations into other languages are needed. Please send your translations to parlagisas777@gmail.com and they will be made into Youtube videos and posted here. Those who want to record the voice for the video in their own languages can contact untwine1@yahoo.com and the audio will be added to videos in their language and posted here.
Victory of the Light!

Cobra Update: Proxy Galactic War in Syria | The Portal

Monday, October 19, 2015

Cobra Update: Proxy Galactic War in Syria | The Portal

Clearing of the Chimera group continues. Not much can be said about that now publicly.
On the other hand, clearing of their Draco and Reptilian minions is now quite intense and has already reached the awareness of the mainstream population:
Here it is important to understand that Khazarians are actually Dracos who came to planet Earth in late Atlantean period through the Caucasus portal and kept reincarnating into human bodies. Caucasus portal was also the main entry point for the Reptilian warrior slave caste who came to planet Earth in human bodies in Atlantean period and later during Neolithic period through the Kurgan invasion:

And in the 4th century during the Khazar invasion:

Pleiadians and allied races were always supporting the Earth population in their fight for freedom against Chimera/Draco/Reptilian suppression. Slavic people, especially Russians, were usually quite open to Pleiadian guidance and support.
Kievan Rus, under the military command of Sviatoslav I of Kiev, have destroyed the Khazarian state around the year 965:
That was the beginning of the long animosity between the Khazarians and Russians. Since then, Khazarians were without their original homeland and have lost control of the Caucasus portal.
Pleiadians and allied races are now backing up Putin in his mission to clear Syria of the Islamic state mercenaries. Those beings actually belong to the Reptilian warrior caste which came to planet Earth thousands of years ago through the Caucasus portal and kept reincarnating in human bodies:
Many Pleiadian hostages have been rescued lately from Syria by Russian Spetsnaz agents, with those agents thinking they are just rescuing human prisoners of war from Syrian prisons. Top intelligence personnel within GRU is aware of the extraterrestrial element of the Syrian situation.
The Chimera wants to retake the Caucasus portal and this is the occult reason for the involvement of the Chechen forces in the Syrian situation:

Let me just say that Grozny , the capital of Chechnya, is a major negative vortex in the energy grid of the planet that needs a lot of healing and is connected to Odessa in Ukraine, another negative vortex, a stronghold of the Khazarians:

The situation in Syria is the geopolitical turning point for the planetary liberation. Iranian military is proudly showing their underground military bases:
While on the opposite side, Saudi Khazarians are on the run:
Far away from the attention of the mainstream media, masses in Europe are beginning to rise in their fight for freedom.
Nearly 2 million people for independent Catalonia:
A quarter million against TPP in Germany:
Hundred thousand against austerity in Belgium:
On the financial front, the Eastern Alliance has released CIPS, an international payment system that is an alternative to SWIFT:
And USA has been forced to approve the inclusion of the Chinese Yuan into the SDR basket of currencies:
There are already positive cracks in the current financial slavery system:
As the Galactic Wars are drawing to a close with the final and definite victory of the Light forces on the horizon, soft disclosure is suddenly not so soft anymore:
As the final victory nears, some people might wish to try to escape:
They will have nowhere to go.

Victory of the Light!

Cobra Interview 13th October 2015 by Untwine | Recreating Balance

Cobra Interview 13th October 2015 by Untwine | Recreating Balance

Before the interview I have an important announcement to make.

Since 2013, the Light Forces, through Cobra, have asked the surface population to establish a worldwide infrastructure that will be ready at the time of the Event. They have their own structure and they will do a lot, but if we also participated more fully, the Event could happen quicker and in a smoother way. I think we all want that.
I have already seen, working with Prepare For Change, Cobra conferences, and other groups globally and locally, how just a small group of people can have a powerful impact on the general situation. The many people who ask for proof about all the Cobra information need to get directly involved to see it. The only valid proof is personal experience. The Cobra readers community include many thousands of people all over the planet. Together we can create very strong positive shifts.
With the Prepare For Change website team, we have finally managed to get past the interference on us trying to prevent that, and to have a great and easy to use platform. It was created by a fellow lightworker with the best intentions. Members are fully in charge of their data there, you do not need to give any real name, real address, or real contact info. Nobody is abusing your privacy there, except the cabal who is already spying on you 24/7 no matter what you do. The cabal simply leave you alone thanks to Light forces protection.

So you can go to the website below and simply place a pin on a worldwide map for your city or area, and look on that map for others near you. You can then send them private messages, and create a group and events on the website and in real life.

Then, there are so many projects you can do together. Participate in global liberation meditations, do local work on the energy grid, create a sacred space of acceptance, share critical information with the public, petition locally to create local gardens, to remove poison from tap water, etc.
Here is the platform :
And click here for more info about the Prepare For Change local groups structure.
We are Source Creators !
And here is another song from my sound healing CD, meant to evoke your connection with your soul mates and twin soul :


Enjoy !

You can now follow me on facebook :


And here’s the interview, thanks again to Cobra for the time given and many great answers !

Interview Transcript

Untwine : Are there some organizations from the humans on the surface of the Earth, to support the Event on the etheric and astral planes ?

Cobra : There is something that is being prepared but it’s not finalized yet.

U : Is there any positive ET presence on the etheric and astral planes on the surface of this planet ?

C : Yes

U : Can you talk about it, how far does it go ?

C : It is a little bit early to speak about it because the positive forces on the etheric and astral planes are now pretty much working under cover, because there is still much of a reptilian presence, and when this reptilian presence will be removed, the positive forces on the etheric and astral planes will reveal themselves openly. These positive forces include human population and other forces of Light.

U : Forces of Light who came from beyond the surface ?

C : I’m not commenting on that, but there is quite a strong presence of Light which is hidden, not exposing too much right now on the etheric and even lower astral planes.

U : Was the southern TV interruption by the Ashtar Command in 1977 real ?

C : Yes

U : So it was really the Ashtar Command ?

C : Yes

U : Who was Anubis ?

C : He was one of the deities that were actually extra-terrestrial beings who visited ancient Egypt in the time of late Atlantis.

U : Is he an ascended being ?

C : At this moment yes, back then no.

U : What archetype does he represent ?

C : He represents the archetype of wisdom in his ascended state. But before, various people had various interpretations of his symbolism. So i’m speaking about his status now.

U : What does the true archetype of Saturn correspond to ?

C : The true, I would say ascended archetype of Saturn, is an archetype of stability. Not of contraction, not of suppression, but stability and balance.

U : You said in your last post that almost every being inside this solar system got implanted in 1996 [C : Yes], the members of the light forces outside the surface of this planet, were they implanted by distance or captured ?

C : They were actually captured on the plasma plane, not in the physical, some of them even on the physical but most of them were implanted on the plasma plane, etheric plane or lower astral plane. Some of them were taken outside of the solar system into implant stations in the Orion system at that time, and returned back to the solar system.

U : So it’s not something that happens by distance ?

C : No it didn’t happen by distance. There was an actual presence of strong reptilian and draco forces in 1996 throughout the whole solar system, on every plane, physical plasma etheric astral and mental planes.

U : So when a human tries to remove it, you said they are recreated automatically, is this also not done by distance ?

C : The implants are being refilled with plasma which is connected with the tunnels of Set and with the plasma network which extends throughout the whole solar system.

U : Ok, so it’s never happened yet that these implants are removed fully ?

C : There has been implants removed before the invasion of 1996, but after the invasion of 1996, there has been cases but extremely rare and people who have ascended have not ascended from the surface of the planet, but from, I would put it this way, from the Agartha network. I would not say exactly which faction and which location, but certain people went from the surface, into the Agartha network in a certain location, removed the implants, and ascended.

U : Are these implants the same that you talked about before, the two above the eyes and the one above the navel ?

C : Yes

U : Ok. And so you said that all sentient beings whatsoever inside the solar system have been implanted, does that include animals and plants ?

C : Animals are not fully conscious. They are conscious but they don’t have their I AM presence fully shaped so the vast majority of cases were not implanted. Some animals were implanted, especially animals that the cabal uses for various dark purposes, but this is very rare, it’s not a widespread occurrence.

U : Ok. And how about plants ?

C : No, no.

U : So the light forces already have the technology to remove them, but they can’t do it yet because it would trigger strangelet bombs yes ?

C : They are removing them gradually in order not to trigger the bombs. There is a protocol, I have mentioned this, I think a little bit more than 1 year ago, there is a protocol to remove all this and they are carrying out that protocol but it takes time. It takes more time because the surface population is not exactly cooperating.

U : In some conferences you mentioned that men had implants on the heart and women on the second chakra..

C : Not exactly, it’s actually an implant which exists between the heart and the solar plexus chakra, but it creates a split between the heart and sexual energy. And this split is different for men and women.

U : But the implant itself is the same ?

C : The implant itself is in the same location for both. But a different program of the implant is activated for men than for women, to insure conflicts in relationships.

U : Ok. Who is Goddess Columbia ?

C : It’s just a name of the Goddess. If you translate this from latin, Columbia means dove, which is one of the symbols of Goddess Venus. So Columbia as a Goddess is one aspect of Venus.

U : Is Buddha one of the 70 ascended masters of the Earth ?

C : Yes but he didn’t go exactly through the same path as the majority of the ascended masters. But yes if I generalize, I can say he is one of the ascended masters. A very very highly evolved being.

U : Is his twin flame known on this planet ?

C : No

U : Who is Goddess Tara ?

C : One of his soul mates.

U : And she’s also one of the 70 ascended masters ?

C : Yes.

U : Do sound waves reach into non-physical planes ?

C : Yes of course, actually the sound is transmitted through the ether and not through the physical, it is not just vibrations of the molecules of the air, it is transmitted through the ether. Sound always has the physical aspect and the etheric and also plasma aspect. It’s never just a pure dense physical phenomenon, it’s always also an energetic phenomenon.

U : Ok, and does it reach into the astral and higher planes ?

C : To a certain degree yes. Of course there are sounds which are purely astral and mental, and they are actually the archetypes behind music.

U : What process exactly made Atlantis and Lemuria sink ?

C : There were actually many cataclysms, some of them had the same reasons, some of them had different reasons. The main reason was the galactic central sun pulses of the 26000 years cycle, which came in a regular fashion, and sometimes the grid could handle it, sometimes the grid couldn’t handle it. And then, especially in late Atlantean period, there was a lot of black magic, dark forces were quite strong, and they were experimenting with technology to manipulate the energy grid, and this has triggered few of the most recent Atlantean cataclysms.

U : Ok. And so did the sea levels rise to cover the continents ?

C : Actually there was a continent in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, which sank below the waters, because there was a rift in the middle of the ocean between the two tectonic plates, which was strong enough to create the sinking of the continent, and this is different from the rise of the sea levels because the ice was melting at the end of the last ice age. There were two separate processes but they were connected.

U : So did the melting of the ice age happen at a different time ?

C : Actually the last remnants of the Atlantean islands went down exactly at the end of the last ice age, so those two processes were taking place at the same time. So it was a combination of experimentations with energy grids by the dark forces, and strong energies from the galactic center.

U : What role do tachyons play in mitochondria reversal ?

C : Actually tachyons can trigger the mitochondria reversal if there is a right combination of factors : right concentration of tachyons, with the right level of consciousness of the host of these mitochondria, right nutrition, etc, there are a few factors that need to be combined and they need to match, to trigger that process.

U : When we get mono-atomic gold, are there certain forms that can be dangerous, something we should be careful about when choosing a product ?

C : Mono-atomic gold per say is not dangerous, but sometimes people are selling things that are not mono-atomic gold, but they promote them as such, so this is a different story. But the actual mono-atomic gold is actually a very high vibrational state of matter which assist us in reaching super conductivity in our energy system. And it’s actually a very good tool to increase our vibrational frequency.

U : So is there a way to discern, in the way it was made, if it’s actual mono-atomic gold or not ?

C : Yeah, you need to get yourself educated, a little bit informed, and then you will be able to discern which is right and which is not. There’s no simple formula how to say which one is not, but, there are quite good articles about mono-atomic gold on internet. Maybe sometimes I will put a link, or explain more about this, when the time is right, but now there are so many other things which are more important.

U : Was George Washington connected with the Light ?

C : Yes

U : Has he ascended or is he still part of the general population ?

C : At this moment he is already ascended.

U : When did he ascend ?

C : In the second part of the 20th century.

U : Was he part of that group that ascended after 1996 ?

C : No no, absolutely not.

U : How long has the last expansion cycle lasted ?

C : You mean the cycle we are now in ? [U : Yes]. 14 billion years. Now we are exactly at the turning point between the expansion and contraction again. And this is the deepest reason why there is this big house cleaning in this part of the galaxy. This is the total clearing of all darkness, everything must go because the universe is re-arranging itself into a higher spiral of evolution and everything that does not align with this has to go.

U : What were the connections behind the Pre-Raphaelites brotherhood ?

C : Actually this brotherhood was supported indirectly, I would not say directly but indirectly by the Brotherhood of the Star by mental telepathic impressions. Because Brotherhood of the Star was sending ideas, images, to various groups, to speed up the evolution of the planet, this is how they work usually.

U : So, within the Brotherhood of the Star, the people who do that, would you say they are more present physically on Earth, on the surface, underground, or above the surface, or is it just the ascended masters, or all of them together ?

C : Yes they are everywhere.

U : So these mental impressions are sent by all of them together ?

C : They have specialized task groups that send certain mental impressions to a certain group, it’s a very targeted meditation which is very precise and very powerful, and people who are in the right state of development receive these impressions as their own ideas, they materialize these impressions on the physical plane, they sometimes write books, sometimes they hold conferences, sometimes they invent things… This is for example how they were cooperating with Nikola Tesla, this is just one example. This is one of the major forces of development on the surface until now.

U : So the group who is being targeted is mostly the Order of the Star yes ?

C : Yes.

U : Are the Light forces beyond the surface of this planet unified about the plan for the liberation of this planet ?

C : Most of them yes. Actually, the vast majority of the Agartha network, including the Resistance Movement, together with extra-terrestrial positive forces, they are completely aligned. But there are certain factions of the Agarthan network that have been joining lately in the last year, especially on the eastern side, some of the ancient factions, and they have quite much of a trouble integrating because some of them are quite traditional, they look like some of the more traditional dragon forces on the surface of the planet, and they have quite much of work to do, so I would not say that everything is completely harmonized, it’s a process of integration which still continues.

U : Can you explain more about the base in the Pleiades that Corey Goode visited ?

C : Actually, yes, ok. It’s not a base, it’s a whole planet, which is on the outskirts of the Pleiadian star system. I don’t know if he visited that one, but I know for sure that there is a certain planet, around one of the stars in the outskirts of the Pleiadian star cluster which was chosen many years ago to be a healing place for the human hostages and human evacuees. Many beings have been evacuated from this solar system and from this planet in the last, I would say, two decades, and they have been transported to this planet and they are receiving healing there. It’s a paradise, it’s a very positive existence. I don’t know if Corey Goode has spoken about that particular place, but that is the major healing hub for the human population, I will speak about this in details in one of my future posts. This is quite a recent development, this planet was not inhabited two decades ago, it was an empty planet, and now it has been dedicated solely for the recovery of human population.

U : The plasma devices in cell phones laptops and wifi routers, are they turned off when you turn off the devices that they are in ?

C : No, they are turned on 24h a day.

U : Even if you remove the battery ?

C : Even if you remove the battery. Also your phone can spy on you even if you close it down or even if you remove the battery, the newer versions of smart phones are spying devices for the cabal 24h a day.

U : Ok. The plasma devices, were they put there by distance ?

C : They were not put there by distance, the actual manufactory and process for certain components of these phones include the plasma aspect. When the physical chip is being made, the plasma chip is being made at the same time, in the same factory.

U : When did this start ?

C : This was gradually being introduced, but I would say it’s been fully operational in the last 2 years. So if you have an older version of the phone you might be lucky.

U : And are the plasma devices gonna be removed by distance ?

C : The Light forces have technology and they will remove this very soon.

U : Who are the people with elongated skulls that have been found all over the planet ?

C : They were people mostly from the Sirius star system, and also from some other star systems, and many of them were quite positive, they were actually trying to improve conditions here on this planet.

U : What happened to the 7000 skeletons which were found in the Hypogeum in Malta, some of them who had elongated skulls ?

C : There were a few things that happened, one of them, unfortunately, there was a war, that war was actually part of the first archon invasion, the Kurgan archon invasion more than 5000 years ago, and some people hid in that underground system to escape from that wave of invasion, and actually, unfortunately they were discovered and they were all killed. And in later times, millennia after that, this Hypogeum system was rediscovered and was a shelter for some people, and there were earthquakes and many people died underground during those earthquakes.

U : So the people who built the Hypogeum were these people with elongated skulls ?

C : No. The neolithic people on Malta who had strong connections with the Goddess built it.

U : The same who built the other temples around the island ?

C : Yes, yes.

U : What’s the original meaning of the templar cross ?

C : Actually, it’s a double symbol, because the templars have a bright side and a dark side. There were actually two organizations intertwined with one another, one trying to infiltrate the other, and the other way around. And both organizations were using the same symbol, the light side wanted to channel the energy of the Light through the symbol, and the dark side wanted to channel the energy of the dark through the same symbol, so actually this symbol was a focal point for the war between the light and dark forces.

U : And it was also used by other groups before them yes ?

C : It’s an ancient symbol yes. Actually the templars are just one version of a very ancient occult group which is much older than that. So this was just one, I would say, incarnation of that group.

U : So what was the original meaning of the symbol before them ?

C : It was always the same. It was always the focal point for both sides, since Atlantis.

U : Many ancient statues portray the Goddess as very big, almost obese, like on Malta, what’s the meaning of this symbol ?

C : Actually there were times when food was a very scarce commodity and if somebody was obese it was a sign of power and authority, and those obese women were symbols of fertility and abundance. It was actually their idea of beauty at that time.

U : And many ancient Goddess statues found on Malta were found without heads, were they originally like this ?

C : No, well actually some of them yes. Some of them were made without heads, and heads were then added later, regarding the purpose of rituals. So for example, if in one ritual, the statue represented the high priestess, a certain head was put on, if in another ritual, that statue represented the sky Goddess, another head was put on. But there were also some other statues which were made completely with heads, and later when christianity came, they purposely broke the heads off to desecrate the symbol. And usually many Goddess statues from Roman times, they are without heads because in the 4th century, there was an archon invasion when those christian priests broke most of the heads of the statues.

U : And this is the same thing that they were doing to the noses as well yes ?

C : Yes whatever they could destroy, hands, legs, nose, head. But head was the most important target because if they remove the head, they believe that they kill the spiritual power of the statue.

U : So this is the same thing that happened when Napoleon destroyed the nose of the sphinx ?

C : Yes.

U : Can you explain the role of Thule in Greenland in Earth history ?

C : Actually Thule is an ancient name for Atlantis. And Thule in Greenland is part of an old memory of one Atlantean colony which was up there in the north. So there is also just one fragment of a very old legend saying that Thule itself was Atlantis, and not just one small colony out there in the north, but a fragment of that legend remained in the mythology of germanic people. So it’s just a reflection of the memory of Atlantis.

U : Are there some crop circles which are made by negatives forces or are they all positive ?

C : Not all of them are original, some of them are made by people who are from the surface population, and these people might not always have the best interest, so I wouldn’t say they are always made by positive forces.

U : Are the stories about Putin suppressing local freedoms in Russia true, or is this being done by other factions ?

C : It is both. He is working for the Light, he is supporting the Eastern alliance, but he is not a perfect person, and he also has his own imperfections. But compared to what the cabal is doing, his imperfections are much less, I would say that he is a much better choice at this point than most of the politicians that you see elsewhere.

U : When was Yaldabaoth created ?

C : That entity was created many millions of years ago.

U : And how was it created ?

C : It was actually an impulse from one of the angels that wanted to descend into matter, and decided to project his consciousness into the plasma plane. And there was a strong interaction between the plasma anomaly and that being, so you have this atrocity now that is still existing in the solar system.

U : So that entity was always negative ?

C : Not always, only since the moment he decided to project his consciousness into plasma matter. Before that it was an angelic being who made the wrong choice.

U : So this angelic being is Yaldabaoth ?

C : I would say a fallen archangel at this point.

U : Can you talk about the process in which the Light forces will use the media at the event, who will be talking on TV, will there be pre-recorded messages ?

C : It will be the same TV anchors we have now, the same journalists that we have now will have access to the media, but the stories they will be given will be different. Their source of news will not be as it usually is now, but they will receive media information packages from certain people who will receive them from the Resistance.

U : Is it predicted that they will accept to receive these messages ?

C : Yes of course, most of them will.

U : Are they not totally mind controlled ?

C : They are not totally mind controlled, they just want to keep their jobs and they just say what they have to say, what they are told to say. And when they see the changes most of them will agree with those changes. Not all of them will but the critical mass of them will.

U : I usually feel a big energetic shift when i cross the border of a country, can you explain what is behind this ?

C : Actually on the etheric and astral plane there is an energy matrix for each country, which is a combination of the thought forms and emotions of people involved, combined to the technology of the veil, which shifts and directs that mental and emotional matrix in certain directions. So that, for example germans have a certain type of programming, the french have a little bit different one, and when you cross the french/german border you can feel the difference.

U : Will Paypal, Bitcoin, and other similar platforms also be shut down at the Event ?

C : No, they will not be shut down but they will be taken in the hands of the Light forces.

U : So people will be able to transfer money on these platforms during the Event ?

C : Not during the Event, they will be blocked temporarily, you will be able to log in, you will be able to see your account and amount there, but you will not be able to make any transaction, except in certain isolated cases which I will not describe here.

U : Has Rene D’Anjou ascended ?

C : Yes of course.

U : How about Julietta Montefeltro ?

C : Also of course.

U : Who was Master Pinto, and has he also ascended ?

C : Also yes. I don’t know exactly which were his previous incarnations but he is an ascended being right now.

U : You mentioned that the galactic center waves that happen every 26000 years have masculine and feminine aspects, does the galactic center always send both equally ?

C : No, it sends the combination which is most needed in the galaxy at that time.

U : You talked about some quite difficult consequences of the masculine waves in a previous post, what would you say is the highest purpose of the masculine waves ?

C : The highest purpose of the masculine wave is to clear and destroy old outdated structures. For example if you have a very negative civilization, which has no way of being saved, that wave can actually erase that species from the planet. And that species need to reincarnate again, in different conditions, with all the negative thought forms, negative inventions and social structures being destroyed.

U : So when darkness will be over, there will still be masculine waves but they will not be destroying things yes ?

C : There will still be masculine waves but they will just inspire people in very bold actions, to explore the universe, to reach higher, they will not need to destroy anything anymore.

U : Ok. And how do waves from the galactic center manifest in the liberated universe at this point ?

C : As energy waves which inspire. Actually they are big opportunities for fast and extremely accelerated spiritual growth, for quantum leaps.


End of transcript

Much Love and Courage for Everyone

Cobra: September Monthly Update by Cobra | The Portal

September Monthly Update by Cobra | The Portal

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You can send your questions to rob@thepromiserevealed.com and many of them will be answered in the next monthly update interview.
As you can see, the world did not end in September, and things will appear to be business a usual until the final breakthrough. The supermoon eclipse was beautiful though and I took some pictures of the partial umbral phase:
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