Emmanuel Dagher: The Decade of Enlightenment – January 2020 Energy Forecast

Emmanuel Dagher

The Decade of Enlightenment – January 2020

Hi my friend, Happy New Year, Happy New Decade, and Happy 11th Anniversary of our forecasts!

2020 will be a year like no other! A major turning point is birthing itself in each of our lives, and for humanity as a whole.

You’ve probably felt for a while now that something was up.

You may have noticed how powerful and intense the energies have been in recent years.


Paving the Way for the Next Golden Age

For the past 70-plus years, and especially recently, the veil of illusion on our planet has been dissolving.

To live behind the veil of illusion is an agreement most humans make before they enter this world.

This veil has been a part of each person’s personal commitment to learning about duality, through the process of forgetting who we are.

Forgetting who we are has allowed us to learn more about ourselves—as physical extensions of the Universe, of life, and of all our feedback experiences, whether they resonated with our core essence or not.

We agreed to this forgetting, because our Souls believed in us enough to know that we would eventually come back to remembering the magnificence of who we really are.


That era of forgetfulness lasted for thousands of years.

We’ve been blessed by many way-showers (known and unknown) throughout history who have planted seeds of remembrance for all of humanity, to help us come home to ourselves when we were ready.

The time for us to come home to our most authentic and expanded selves has finally arrived.


The year 2020 will serve as the major turning point in our linear history (though linear time itself is an illusion).

It will allow us to witness expansion, healing, and change in our personal lives and in the world like never before.

The time for us to individually and collectively dissolve the veil of illusion is here.

This is it, my friend! It’s the beginning of a completely new reality!


All of the chaos, fear, separation, corruption, and control we’re seeing in the world right now is a manifestation of the veils dissolving.

We can choose to continue to allow ourselves to be attached to this veil, which will make things even more challenging for us. Or we can choose to let go of it, and enter a new paradigm of peace, wholeness, prosperity, freedom, and love for all.

There’s a lot of fear, worry, and feelings of chaos going around right now, which is clouding many people’s vision.

It’s keeping them from seeing the remarkable new blessings and changes now appearing on the horizon.


If you’re finding yourself getting caught up in the fear, be extra kind and gentle with yourself, and know that you are not alone.

The way we resolve fear is to allow ourselves to fully honor it. We honor fear by allowing ourselves to acknowledge and feel what needs to be felt.

We are sensitive energetic beings, and have been taught to store fear somewhere deep inside our body and mind, because we just don’t want to feel it.

Yet as soon as we give our feelings the time and attention they need to be felt and acknowledged completely—those feelings no longer become a burden that control us.


Instead, something extraordinary happens.


The feelings soften, and bring us back to a state of grace and peace.


Imagine what life would be like for you, once you intentionally created/manifested from a space of ease, grace, and peace!

You’d instantly free yourself up to receive blessing upon blessing, because you’d no longer be operating from a space of need and desperation.

That is what’s possible for us now.

The purging of heavy, dense thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that we are seeing now in our own lives and in the world around us is absolutely a normal part of this process.

The purging is necessary, because our personal and collective mind has been using every coping mechanism it acquired during the forgetfulness era to tightly hold onto the old structures.

The mind has long held onto old beliefs, habits, ideology, traditions, and other attachments it has identified with, so that it need never change the way it operates.

The mind doesn’t like change, because it thinks it will lose something—itself—as a result.


Yet those who have been doing the inner work know this is absolutely not true!

They know that, in fact, by retraining the mind to embrace and honor change, it will be able to gain and thrive more fully than it ever could have by remaining loyal to old patterns of chaos, fear, separation, lack, etc.

Those who have been doing the inner work understand that the only way to move through the old patterns now coming to the surface, is to first acknowledge and embrace whatever emotions need to be felt.

Especially in the body, because that’s where stagnant energy is held.


This helps the mind feel safe enough to allow old stuck emotions to come up to the surface, to be felt and acknowledged.

The old wounds and fear patterns can then allow themselves to be seen, heard, and honored by us.

From this space, the mind is then able to understand that we are not trying to get rid of or “fix” any part of it.

It can then understand that we are simply allowing what needs to be seen to be acknowledged by us.

This is us loving ourselves in such a way that we are able to heal ourselves through our own love and compassion. Which is what our mind has desired from us all along.


Our mind, through all of its resistance, stories, judgments, and discomfort, was always trying to let us know in the best way it knew how, that it just desired our love and affection.

It’s time now to be the compassionate and loving presence to ourselves and to the world that our inner child has always desired to experience.

No adult ever taught us how to be this loving and compassionate presence for ourselves, because they themselves had never been taught that.

But all of that is changing now.

The Next Age of Enlightenment Begins

2020 is the year we will clearly notice a sea change in the direction humanity is going in.

The last time something this big happened was in the late medieval period of 1300 to 1600, when humanity transitioned into what became known as the Renaissance era.

The last 100 years have been preparing us for our next great Renaissance. We could also call it our next Age of Enlightenment.

From the global stage to our personal lives, all of us will be experiencing both an inner and outer transformation.

The key to moving smoothly through this transitional timeline, is to become more flexible and open when it comes to embracing change.

What’s coming up in the next decade has the potential to bless each and every one of us, our planet as a whole, and all of life as we know it, beyond measure.

The energies are ripe right now for a quantum leap in our consciousness.


How will this show up in our personal lives and on the world stage?


We are already seeing glimpses of this, and will continue to see other developments, such as:

New inventions—technologies and discoveries that will serve to unite, awaken, and inspire us, bringing great healing to humanity and our planet in ways we’ve previously consigned to seemingly far-fetched” sci-fi films.

Big progressions in the areas of medicine, education, business, global money exchange, governments, and other institutions. These will be reformed, refined, and upgraded to serve everyone, not just a select few who think they have been running the show this whole time.

A movement away from beliefs in the old patriarchal structures to new ways of co-existing, allowing for a balance of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies in our co-creations.

The shift in how human structures will work in the near future will create changes to such a degree that they will be unrecognizable.

They will be founded on principles of integrity and transparency, and be of benefit to all people.


Anything else will simply not be able to continue as we move forward.

There’s an energy far greater than any of the old separation-based forms, that is and will continue to be at the forefront of the sea change we are about to embark on.

This energy is within every cell and fiber of every living being in the Universe. This energy is love.


We will continue to see social causes that ask us to honor every human, animal, and living thing, and to treat them all with love, dignity, and equality.

The holistic healing and creative arts will also take center stage this coming decade.

People are and will continue to choose outside-the-current-box forms of healing and creative expression that serve to uplift, empower, and remind them of their most Divine and extraordinary selves.

An energetic balancing of sorts will also occur that will help humanity experience greater states of love, peace, joy, well-being, creativity, fulfillment, prosperity, and more!

This is the decade that will change everything! This is what our ancient ancestors spoke of (though their messages were misinterpreted by many religions and social structures).


Welcome to the next Golden Age, my friend! Your ancestors, your guides, and your I AM presence are so grateful you have arrived!

May we all be open and ready to anchor a new world that honors, loves, and supports every living being equally.

May we all allow peace, love, and compassion to be the default setting of our heart, so that all choices we make come from that space.

May we all prosper and never “want” for anything because we already feel so nourished and pampered by the Universe.

And may our beautiful planet and all her citizens be restored back to their most pristine states of health and well-being, so that heaven can fully be realized in ALL of our present reality.

We are so grateful for knowing this is now available to all of us, and we choose it now. This or something greater. And so it is!

We are in exciting times, and we have so much to look forward to.

And we are all in this together.

Until next time,
Miraculously yours,

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Published on Aug 26, 2019

#NewMoon #September #CosmicRays

I tried recording this yesterday but it was all rambles lol so sorry if this was rambling too- I didn’t relisten- just post.



**when I talk about portals- this is all based off of my own system from documenting these waves for several years in connection to the sun, moon & specific planetary transits along w galactic portal dates 13 moon calender. These Cosmic waves/rays raise our consciousness and give us the ability to use our True Self to consciously cocreate using the Planets, moon cycles, tones, portal dates, astroids, stars, etc.. within this cycle- which is the Feminine cycle.



These energies bring amazing potential to balance any polarity or duality within/without & give us a stronger awareness of what we are manifesting consciously & unconsciously – what seeds we are planting within ourselves & others, and what we are co-creating with others. We are choosing our reality by our beliefs, not by wants, unless the want matches the belief. When our DNA activates, (more & more) you begin to be aware of you writing your script, while watching others play parts or character roles that they are completely unaware of. You become the Avatar of your higher consciousness.. still in the experience but with a perception that is beyond the experience.

Use these energies to access insights/downloads/codes/activations/to manifest/heal!



New Moon Portal opens 8/27

Solar energy activated by New Moon in Virgo 8/30-9/1

so these cosmic rays may be felt from the new moon portal opening to the new moon activation point 8/27- 9/1. Some that hear frequencies, will begin to hear around the 27th


Light Codes flooding in 9/8


Full Moon portal opens 9/10-9/11

Full Moon 9/13 activates mini wave


Saturn direct 9/18


Full Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune 9/13


Light Codes Central Sun & GAP day/last day of 2nd moon cycle 9/19


9/20 first day of 3rd moon cycle


9/22 Equinox Light codes begin to come in

9/23 Equinox


9/26 wave begins from New Moon on 9/28



I am finishing up recording some of the readings for the channel and or Patreon for September & i’ll be getting to some emails sometime later in the week.

Patreon: https://patreon.com/alunaash
Paypal: https://paypal.me/alunaash

**Visual I was shown of the Sun:

The moon crossing the Sun causes a vortex within the Sun to go in the opposite direction (towards the back) then as the moon passing the Sun, the energy within the vortex of the Sun is slingshotted through the vortex & out the other side. This was coming in nonstop over the last couple days so I thought i’d share.

I was also shown how we are accessing Quantum Codes & etheric DNA, which also activate the use of the entire brain instead of just a portion or small percentage. Right now, I feel, is a prep & an etheric clearing/restructuring (just like I started seeing w the etheric bodies of the trees 4 weeks ago) for the energy of this new Cosmic Cycle & the New Sun cycle.. we are always creating something new ontop of the past, present, future. We are adjusting to the shifts in energy, timing frequency & cycles/timelines (which are also codes/number/geometry patterns/states of consciousness)

**also, if you believe “they” or others are “not awake” or “evil” “never gonna get it” “not on your level” “simple minded” etc… thats the ego/personality. Or even spiritual ego. There are people that are awake but talk like everyone is below them, why is that? Because the ego/personality is still in control. If you talk/act/belief another is not at the same “level” then YOU create that reality or keep that way of thinking, that paradigm and duality, in existence. Not them..it starts in you. Don’t believe upon another you wouldn’t want to believe or create upon yourself. It’s how the duality matrix stays in motion- our beliefs. This is why if I listen to anything on youtube, I close my eyes & feel it, to see beyond the physical illusion without distraction.

Thank you for your support!

💜I will be talking more about messages I’ve been receiving about the upcoming shifts/cycles at Fleurbrun’s conference honoring the DIVINE FEMININE CYCLE.


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Understanding the Process of Transformation by Joshua King | ONE WAY FORWARD

Understanding the Process of Transformation
by Joshua King | ONE WAY FORWARD

August 4, 2018

I feel a basic knowledge of the process of transformation, regarding our personal and collective growth, needs to be brought to light, as it seems it is being lost within the chaotic distraction that is our everyday life. Now more than ever, we must remain focused in our journey and not allow ourselves to become swept up in the tornado of dis-information and propaganda set to keep us from discovering our true potential. It is time to wake up and take charge, therefore, in the interest of spreading awareness, I would like to lay out a general procedure that, when adhered to, leads to real change,
both individually and collectively.

Here are my three steps to transformation (with explanations):

Step 1. STOP – recognise, take responsibility, assess

As the saying goes: “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, then you’ll continue to get what you’ve always got!”

We cannot change and stay the same, therefore, the first thing that needs to be done when we come up against discordance in our lives is to STOP! We must assess our lives and identify the areas in which we have become stuck. Recognise that the ways we have been dealing with (or ignoring) these issues is not working, for if it was, then we would not still be suffering them.

To effectively move into the next steps, we must resolve to destroy the patterns that have not worked for us in the past so that we may clear the way for the new tracks to be laid. This begins by becoming aware of them.

An important aspect to this step is in taking responsibility for our own life experience. We must cease blaming others and see that our experience is shaped from within. Only then can we move from a state of victimhood into a space where we may begin to reclaim our power as sovereign beings.

Step one takes a lot of reflection. We must constantly assess where we are operating from and the underlying emotion that is driving our actions. This can be a daunting process as it may reveal to us just how little control we have had in our life. However, it is also very powerful, as in finding where we no longer wish to be, we establish a clear direction for our steps to come.


Step 2. HEAL – allow, acknowledge, feel, forgive, let go

Healing cannot ever be overlooked and is vital to our transformation in that it allows us to fully process the extent of our experiences and their effect on our being, so we may go beyond. As these experiences are processed effectively, we clear our path of any debris that may have caused repeated stumbles down the line.

To heal we must first acknowledge we have been hurt. The origin of this hurt is unimportant when it comes to healing, as whether generated from outside or within, the resulting discomfort is what must be addressed, and this will not be found outside of yourself. The eyes must be turned inward. Our pains, fears, traumas, or whatever is there, must be felt deeply. It is not necessary to understand them, as this is just the left-brain trying to justify and understand what needs to be felt. Emotions are the function of the right-brain and the interference of the thinking mind at this point only serves to perpetuate suffering. Now is not the time to analyse, now is the time to meet the feelings head-on and let that energy begin to disperse. Understanding, when necessary, arrives on its own as insight and knowing as opposed to an intellectualised conclusion.

As we reflect within our healing process, we may realise where we have placed blame or where we have reprimanded ourselves. This presents us with an opportunity to forgive. With the work we have done in step 1, we have hopefully at least begun the process of taking responsibility for our experience. In this light, we may be able to see how the power to heal is born within our own ability to let go of the past, forgive (ourselves and others) and love from a place of unconditional care for our life and the lives of others

Sometimes a part of healing is in calling ourselves out, stepping into our power and facing what we have allowed to manipulate and control us. This goes hand in hand with step 1, Stopping those old ways, and within these powerful actions of standing up for ourselves, we find the keys to your liberation. “Outside” forces can only have power over us if we give it to them through fear and submission. When we realise that they cannot exist without our participation, we are on our way to breaking through the density of such illusions!


Step 3. CREATE – new patterns, habits & pathways, visualise and ACT!

At this point it might seem that the hard work is done, however, if this last step is not seen through, then we may as well have not even bothered with the precursors. For personal transformation to be allowed to flower and not wilt it must encompass our whole being and become our new way of life.

There are many experiences that may serve as catalysts to transformation, however, the real and lasting transformation rests within an individual’s ability to integrate insights gained into their everyday life as new ways of thinking and being. To help solidify this new way of being in one’s life, new patterns must be established where the old ones are being transcended.

As we uproot the weeds that were previously stunting our growth, we must take care to replenish the soil with loving attention and sow seeds that will nourish and support our journey moving forward. In other words, as we have stopped the old habits and patterns, and filled in, or healed, the holes they had left, we have then established a healthy base from which we can create positive new patterns that are in alignment with the higher vision that is coming through to us.

When creating a new reality, it is important to have at least some idea of the direction in which you are travelling. If you are having trouble getting specifics, look at your life up until this point. Look at what has brought you joy, where you find your happiness. When you daydream what are your common fantasies? In your life, have there been signs or experiences that, when viewed together, seem to be pointing in a specific direction? These are your clues. It could be that you have lived through some very traumatic experiences, but that in the process of healing them within your life, you have obtained valuable insight that lends to some sort of humanitarian work in that area. Sometimes it is clear beyond any doubt, and sometimes we must take a leap of faith in the general direction calling us and trust that we will land where we are meant to be.

With clear focus, healthy new patterns and determination to be a living the expression of your inner-most desires, the only thing left to do is to align your actions and live the dream! From one step to the next, you will find that as things are in alignment, the effort required for creation is minimal as the universe mirrors to you that which you are putting out. However, in a world that provides many hurdles, persistence is key. Don’t settle for anything less than what you have chosen for yourself. You are the creator!



So, in a nut shell, that’s it!

There are many areas I could delve into to give more depth to this process (balance, vibration and the process of manifestation would be a good start), but these are the basics that I believe we should all be familiar with. So, there you go. No excuses, no regrets, make for yourself a life you Love to live and together we will thrive beyond the reaches of the controlling and oppressive forces that do their best to blot out the sun and keep us in a morbid state of ignorance.

Now is our time to shine!

Peace, Love and Liberation to ALL!



Protocol for Releasing Fear | We Love Mass Meditations

Protocol for Releasing Fear | We Love Mass Meditations

The Light Forces wish for us to know that we are able to release our own fear, along with their assistance, if we connect with our higher self and the light within our hearts and with our divine free will.

Below is a protocol for releasing fear. May it help many:

Visualize two spheres of Rainbow light in front of you, one to your left and one to your right.

Now raise your left hand and visualize all your fears streaming into the sphere on the left.

You may say a mantra that comes forth from your heart or you may sing a song. If you can sing in light language, even better.

For example: I call upon my higher self to assist me, to clear all that is not of the highest good of my soul essence and all around me. I ask that all fear of all past lives, imprinted within my being in all planes, be released and dissolved.

Now, visualize your higher self meeting with the light forces for example, the Pleiadians, Sirians, Arcturians, Lyrans etc., on the higher etheric planes, and see them taking the sphere full of fears and dissolving it with pure white light (White Fire of AN), as it is taken to the Galactic Central Sun.

Now, visualize all that you wish for, in the highest vibration, like love, joy, healing, peace, harmony and compassion etc. for yourself, your soul family and all around you. See all that is of the highest good for all being sent into the rainbow sphere of light on the right. See this sphere growing larger and see yourself stepping into this sphere of light. Now see the sphere expanding with your light radius.

Visualize the light of these intentions within the right sphere of light, encoding within the etheric, astral, plasma and physical planes pouring down from your higher self towards your multi dimensional self and into the physical plane.

And so it is.

You may do this practice daily.

Victory of the Light!


About this blog:

We Love Mass Meditation organize mass meditations aiming to help to achieve planetary liberation as soon as possible and as smoothly as possible.

Please join us in Breakthrough Meditation at 2 PM UTC and Emergency Meditation at 3 PM UTC every day if you feel so guided.


We also organize different mass meditations regularly for various purposes. They can be found in this link below:


We also provide emergency financial support to lightworkers around the world. Please feel free to make regular or one-off contribution using the link below:


Please assist/support us for a smooth transition in planetary liberation in the highest Light.

How to Experience the Perfection of Life: Message from the Archangel Michael Channeled by Meredith Murphy

How to Experience the Perfection of Life

Hugh Nimmons, again
artwork by Hugh Nimmons (mandalamann on Facebook)

Message from the Archangel Michael
Channeled by Meredith Murphy 


“Hello, Beautiful Ones,

We join you today in a field of openness and love.

And so it is, that you are present for each moment. Do you realize this fully?

Do you find yourself able to respond to what presents in a way that is free and spontaneous? Without overriding it with your thinking? Can you allow yourself, and trust yourself, to relate to life directly and openly? These are subtle things to feel in your life, but worth observing.

Do you assert an idea, an approach created in your mind, at the moment? Can you shift into your heart and create more spaciousness, more openness, more flow, more presence?

Are you letting your participation arise from being met by the moment and life unfolding? Can you trust that your own energy field is creating the perfect sequence, regardless of how it may show up, or what you expected, and be one with life by embracing what is?

What we wish for you to see in all this, is that the moment presents to you for awareness. It comes into your consciousness, so you might be aware of perceiving it. For each moment to be realized and know as it is: complete, whole, perfect.

It is for you to be present as Source Creation, receptive to the life you have unfolded. It an opportunity, in essence, for you to know you, and to love you. For what is each moment but “part” of you? What is everything that happens, but something that is you, reflecting you, to you? In this knowing of your life, you allow yourself to be more fully recognized. More realized. More complete. More whole. More fulfilled. More loved.

You are loving you in endless ways and in each way you are paying attention to the life you have created. You can do this through total openness to your experience.

Many of you have been hesitant, or even afraid to be open. You have felt as if you were or are vulnerable. As if, you were capable even, of being destroyed, or injured if you were in a state of openness.

Or, you may have been someone, on the other hand, who wasn’t open because they did not want to be known or seen, having not liked the particular view of you that you have, you might wish for no one else to really see you, to know you, to amplify, to be reflecting back to you in awareness that which you did not want to claim. That which you wish were not so.

So you see, all of these ways of hesitating to be open speak to, the ways in which the illusions of this realm can become energized and start to structure your experience. Yet, they are distortions of your pure, divine, true nature.

You — and I want for you to hear this with an open heart, and consider it to be, without exception, entirely true. You are perfect. You are perfect. And I don’t mean, only, that you are perfect in your fundamental, absolute state innately. I mean, you are perfect right here, right now, as this relative elaboration of your essence, that you are.

There is no way to change this. There is nothing you could do in your life to delete or tarnish your perfection. It is impossible to create a smidgen of anything in your experience that in any way could improve you, transform or take away the perfect, the complete and total beauty that is you. You are divine. You are an eternal being. You are here to play within immense diversity and as such, you try on all kinds of things, and all of it is perfect.

All of it is an opportunity to know yourself more.

You came here to become as fully present here as possible, for the joy of it. To explore and discover. The challenge of this realm in which find yourself focused is to relate to everything you are, and everything that happens, knowing the innate perfection of it all. For human beings, this is a process of discovery — it is a process of remembering and tuning to all you are. Finding alignment. So that you can experience this.

You also came here to play. To create. To use your unique response to life here, and the knowledge, and your desires and your openness and the awareness that you are continually expanding into, to refine and express your vision. Your creation, of what you’d like to experience and then create some more.

So life shows up for you, reflecting what you have chosen to believe in, what you have focused upon, what you have noticed, what you have paid attention to. Life, is giving you the perfect unconditionally loving response t everything you are here. It is most clearly, and brilliantly, and completely, unequivocally, saying to you, “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Everything you energize with your choice of focus, life says, “Yes!”

Thus, there is no need to fear any moment or anything, or your openness, for, in your openness, you are actually, only being direct. You are living the truth of life. You are connected to, and One with everything. So in being open you allow that to directly be perceived and known as your experience. You don’t filter it. You don’t create layers that keep you somewhat insulated from the clarity of the direct experience of life. You allow yourself to experience life as your own creation.

When you love yourself, the clarity of directness, and being available in the present moment can really be incredible. Because there is no judgement about the present. There is only the temporary, relative experience responding to your vibration.

In the present moment, there is another chance to be realized. To be fulfilled. To know the expansive freedom and innate perfection of life! To understand your creative powers. To cultivate. To practice playing with your vibration to create what you want. To expand. To try things. To experience. To decide what you want, and to make more decisions, and to choose more and more and more, and create more and more and more. Everything you experience is created by you. Do you take this in, do you claim it?

If you walk down the street, and you are amidst beautiful buildings. You notice gorgeously pruned trees, and flowering bushes. You are walking, on a smooth sidewalk, wearing comfortable clothing and shoes. Your body has energy — it is full, you have just eaten perhaps, you are satisfied. All of this — the buildings, the care of the trees, the structure of the sidewalk, the materials that created the buildings, the order of the city, the making of the equipment, the material of the clothes can be known, directly as part of your creation. Can be appreciated, acknowledged, enjoyed and felt as the abundance it is.

All of this is your creation. All of this your abundance. You are abundant.
Consider the money it takes to bring forth all that you experience so directly and consistently in your life? Often times because you do not personally “own” something, you do not claim it as part of your experience and thus do not see, that innate abundance that is so overflowing around you. Why not consider that this money is an abundance which you can claim as yours? For are you not benefiting and experiencing all of this? Is this not your reality? Can you, in this way of thinking, see the immense infusions of abundance which make all that you experience and know as your life possible? What if, you allow it sink in, how free and perfect this all is and how generously and how reliably, it is showing up for you?

So these are some ways you live your life, potentially, more consciously aware ofthe perfection of Creation showing itself here in your relative experience.

In becoming more conscious you open yourself to greater awareness of how magical life already is. This gives you confidence to hope for more and expect more. To dream more expansively. To feel capable of your own desires that are acute, pointedly, present in your heart at this moment, realizing they too they are also being brought forth into your experience as you align with them in vibration.

If you were to consider that you have already in this lifetime created trillions of experiences! Trillions! So many things you have chosen have been presented to you as you have lived day after day of your experience.

It is beneficial for you to see this because it gives you relief. It helps you to relax! It might even make you laugh, if you really get it! It’s amazing! All of these kinds of considerations, help you to see the ease you already have.

This way of approaching your experience opens you up more — because when you recognize abundance and ease in your experience, you tend to soften even more, and relax even more and tension drains out of your body and energy flows more quickly and easily … and you open up even more.

In this more open state, you’re available to receive. Life can be more generously experienced. You can feel the abundant love of life and how it meets you with intelligent knowing and such crystal clear, perfect reflection of your focus.

Today, even while reading this, or some other times you might find yourself feeling irritated. Tired. Crabby. Achy. Unsure even. Yet noticing life in this open way, will shift you. Today we are speaking gently and drawing you into what may feel as if it is a slower, more aware, attentive state of being. In fact, the perspectives we are offering are actually quite rapidly moving energy, but we are delivering it in such a way that it will feel more relaxing and spacious to you, by inviting you to notice. In this noticing of life, you feel more stillness.

Why? Because you’re allowing the absolute energy — the Universal Oneness — to be more fully present in your awareness blended with the relative focus of you. This is your natural state — distinct and relative, absolute and expansive.

To experience the perfection of life, you simply feel more. Notice more. Tune in a bit more. Breathe more. There are lots of ways to become more fully present and if possible, more open. Each of these serve you in living more freely, and feeling happier.

How are you feeling now? All of this is to support you integrating the faster moving, more direct energies you have recently summoned and which we have already introduced and infused you with.

We wish for you to realize that the irritation you may feel now, or at another point, is because you are stretching energetically, stretching to accommodate more energy and light. Stretching into a more elevated state of homeostasis.

In this stretching, you actually, shall we say, sort of use up all the energy and space within the current limits of your reality. Then, it’s time to break through those boundaries and expand your sense of what your life is. Every time you feel bored or you notice you are irritated with life, it is a good thing to remember, “Oh — I’m about to expand more. I’m must be ready for more. Because I feel impatient.” Feelings, dear friends, are indicators. The more you learn to relate to them as such, especially when you find them disturbing, the more ease you will experience. Then you can realize such a moment that you are complete with what I have experienced and it is time for more. It is this “more” which draws the life force through you and creates this presence you are experiencing as your human life in this epic time of transformation and creativity, and change.

So if you are one who has been affected by the high flying energies in a way that immediately brought you fact to face with the fullness of your landscape, and the fact that you may be ready for a whole lot more — know that you can choose to spread out more. You can do this simply. We often encourage you to just create an opening. Just acknowledge that you’re open to receive more, that you’re not sure what that more is even — you don’t have to know. But it might really be possible now to shift into a more expansive experience. Allow yourself to consider and believe this idea. To choose to open and receive more. To decide it’s time now, to expand and rise in frequency. To expand more, in spaciousness. To intensify more, in your own energetic concentration and to elevate your experience. You could call forth your higher self and state your intention to continue to evolve, your willingness to experience newness and inspiration, and to be shown and presented with that which will fulfill you more and more.

You, dear ones, are on a perpetual journey in this life stream.

This is a really new idea for you, as human beings, to live —  knowing you are perpetual.

In this, you are continually opening to the fullness of your being and in doing so, you are creating more and more capacity to be more and more of you.

That is going to happen throughout this human life experience. So there will be many, many waves of expansion. In these waves, what was your life will fade a bit as the context enlarges. You will not lose anything, but you may find that what feels prominent, or is centered in your focus, will be different. In fact, at this moment this is happening so expansively for many of you, to the degree that it feels like a whole new you!

There may be new things introduced which then become more prominent and more dominant in your experience blend. Eventually these too will fade and you will open to more and more, and this is creating increasingly refined ways of experiencing and creating your life because that, is the nature of being human; perfecting your experience.

So today we invite you to love yourself in all of this and see and experience the innate perfection of what you know as your life.

We encourage you, to take time to claim fully the abundance of your current reality.

What is within it, this moment, this day, in your home, in your relationships, in your refrigerator, in your bank account, in the city where you live, in your learning, in your body, in your sky, in your knowing, in your leading edge emerging, what is there which can be seen more fully? Realized more accurately? Perceived with more awareness of the immense, abundant creation that all of it really is?

For nothing you experience is simply superficial, without layers of different aspects of you — in the form of others here — participating in focus and contributing through action and presence, in creating the things you know and take for granted in your life.

All of it has been drawn forth from what you think of as nothing! From the Universal Oneness, which is nothing! All of it, originally, existed as pure potential energy and this energy, through the focus and the intention and the action, and the collaboration of YOU, with all these other variations of you, that you experience as your human and Earthly family. And your non-physical family. All of this collaboration has turned this pure potential energy into apples and shoes, and sidewalks and cell phones and ideas about health and dog care and wall colors and music and so, so, so much more. And all of it, is perceived and received by you, in a moment. In an immense, infinite, rich, singular moment. All of it is temporary and such a gift. So perfectly present.

Can you sense, more accurately, the fullness of your experience? Can you see more clearly, how the abundance of existence is demonstrated to you, in each and every moment? Can you open yourself more and more to notice and acknowledge, and receive all that is being presented to you?

Then … Oh beautiful, intelligent beings of love! Living life on the leading edge … can you use this demonstration of your creative powers and the generous, abundant, intelligent, immense generosity of the Universe, to give you a sense of the most profoundly perfect and unbreakable bond you have with all of life? The reliably generous ways you are endlessly supported and met and loved?

I AM Archangel Michael”


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Realization of the absolute futility of conflict of any sort is dawning on humanity. ~ by John Smallman

If people were required to meditate instead of enlist and carry guns into battle, think what a different world it would be! -PB

Realization of the absolute futility of conflict
of any sort is dawning on humanity. 
~ by John Smallman ~ July 31, 2014


Here in the spiritual realms excitement, as you might put, is approaching fever pitch!  Yet all across the world, and particularly in the area of Palestine and Israel, it would seem that people are experiencing hell on Earth.  There is an enormous amount of unnecessary and totally unjustified pain and suffering as anger intensifies and conflicts rage, but be aware that this is the essential raising into humanity’s conscious awareness of the futility of these ways of behaving, relating, and attempting to resolve differences between peoples.

For eons conflict has totally failed to resolve disagreements let alone establish peaceful co-existence between warring factions.  Finally humanity is getting the message, but it has taken this recent escalation of conflict across the globe to really bring this message home.  Consequently enormous numbers of good and loving people are working together to persuade those filled with hate and resentment to take a break from conflict and to meet with one another, initially to end the hostile activities that are tearing families and societies apart, and then to work together to establish a loving acceptance of each others right to live in peace.

It does seem to you that people have been futilely attempting this for generations, which they have, but now there is such an intensity of Love bringing peoples together that the angry reactionary excitement of those you might describe as “hotheads” will be calmed down in order that their often intense rage ceases to fuel the fires of dissent that it seems can never be extinguished.

It is a time for acceptance, for accepting that enormous numbers of people have been killed, tortured, and injured, and that nothing can alter that fact, and for also accepting that to continue burning with rage, just as before, will bring not solutions but only more utterly unnecessary and horrific suffering.

Up until very recent times it had been considered logical by humanity generally that the way to win a conflict was to increase the size of their armies and the effectiveness of their weapons.  However the nuclear ending to the second world war made it clear that this was becoming an increasingly dangerous and indeed insane attitude to maintain or encourage.

Humans are social beings who chose to limit their access to their individual spiritual natures, and as a result they divided into different races, creeds, and cultures, further separating themselves from their oneness with their divine Source.  However, deep within every human being, hidden under a dark and divisive cloak of fear there burns an inextinguishable flame of Love.  As a consequence of the escalating violence across the planet over the last few decades, and the realization that the threat of a worldwide nuclear holocaust has not yet been totally removed, many, in desperation or perhaps frustration, are lifting that dark cloak within themselves and finding their true nature beneath it waiting to embrace them.

And this is why, here in the spiritual realms, we are so excited, uplifted, and encouraged, because we can see the absolutely amazing and elevating effects that the Tsunami of Love is causing and promoting very rapidly across the planet and throughout humanity.  Realization of the absolute futility of conflict of any sort is dawning on humanity, and many are now getting together to gently and lovingly restrain those who, as yet, cannot see this and would continue engaging in senseless, wasteful, and in fact insane conflict.

So what we are seeing is that the futility of conflict has finally been truly recognized by the vast majority, consequently it will cease.  From your perspective, reliant on the mainstream media for much of your inadequate information about the state of the world, the situation seems increasingly alarming.  That is not a bad thing because it strongly encourages people to take notice and focus ever more intently on being loving in every moment.

It is humanity’s total embrace of Love, All That Exists, the Power Source and creative Intent of God, that will stabilize the New Age allowing it to grow and prosper as divinely intended.  When Love is locked out, avoided, or denied chaos ensues, and the illusion is a state of chaos.

Love is One.  Separation, the illusory state in which you appear to have your existence as humans, is chaotic because your ability to communicate is severely restricted by the limitations a human vehicle imposes on the divine being who chooses to experience life from that perspective.  Your free will choice to separate from your Source and from all the infinite skills and abilities that state provides meant that only chaos resulted.  It was initially very exciting for you, you had brought limited skills to the illusion – the rules of the game – but they were quickly found to be inadequate, and then its chaos overwhelmed you.  Your different languages, cultures, religions, skin colors, and apparent differing levels of intelligence further divided you, and meaningful communication, which had initially been difficult, became virtually impossible.

Over the last few hundred years or so there have been ongoing attempts to improve humanity’s living conditions, although those who had inherited power and influence strongly resisted alterations to the status quo.  Nevertheless, it marked a turning of the tide, and then the nuclear devastation at the end of World War II brought the realization that either you had to find a better way to live together in peace and harmony on the planet or you were doomed to destroy yourselves.

This has not happened, and it will not!

However it remains essential that you all embrace the eternal and inextinguishable flame of Love buried deep within each one of you – and daily meditation within your quiet inner sanctuary is the way to do that – because that is the way to return to the state of oneness that is your eternal nature.  As One it is impossible that you would do anything that would harm another.  It is as One that you have your eternal existence, and in that state communication is instant, clear, comprehensible, and utterly loving.

Remember, your awakening has been divinely assured, so focus on bringing it to fruition by intending to be loving regardless of any situation that might suggest to you that Love does not work.  It does, and that is why you are moving forward so positively and determinedly to your inevitable awakening.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Jesus through John

Here in the spiritual realms excitement, as you might put, is approaching fever pitch!  Yet all across the world, and particularly in the area of Palestine and Israel, it would seem that people are experiencing hell on Earth.  There is an enormous amount of unnecessary and totally unjustified pain and suffering as anger intensifies and conflicts rage, but be aware that this is the essential raising into humanity’s conscious awareness of the futility of these ways of behaving, relating, and attempting to resolve differences between peoples.

For eons conflict has totally failed to resolve disagreements let alone establish peaceful co-existence between warring factions.  Finally humanity is getting the message, but it has taken this recent escalation of conflict across the globe to really bring this message home.  Consequently enormous numbers of good and loving people are working together to persuade those filled with hate and resentment to take a break…

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Ask for Help ~ a message from Ann Albers


Ask for Help ~ a message from Ann Albers
Saturday, 3 May, 2014  (posted 14 May, 2014)

If a dream is placed in your heart, trust that in the right time and the right way everything will unfold in perfection. It is a human tendency to want to spring into action, and this is fine if your actions are passionate, inspired, and guided, but far too often you attempt to make things happen through the sheer force of your will. You actually can make things happen this way. You can work so hard you forget the joy in life. You can tempt someone to love you until they finally do. You can force yourself to lose weight without enjoying the journey. However, dear ones, these “victories” are short-lived for they cannot be sustained. If you lose the joy in life while attempting to “succeed” eventually you will burn out. If you tempt someone until they “fall” for you eventually you will realize that they only love you when you work to “earn” their affection. If you force yourself to lose weight without joy, eventually you will slip back into your old patterns and, most likely, feel great disappointment.

So while you can make things happen and live without heaven’s help, a life lived in partnership with heaven is far more beautiful, graceful, and easy. You were assigned angels before birth for exactly this purpose. You were never meant to live without assistance. So when you find a dream in your heart, ask for help. When you ask God and your angels for help, you are asking Love itself to guide you. You are entering into a dance with Love. You are diving into streams of grace. In this dance you must often be patient. You certainly must trust. You will have to act when inspiration strikes or you will lose the opportunity in the moment. If you miss one opportunity another will always be presented. Love does not give up.

Dear ones, we implore you, “Ask for help.” Trust that God loves you and wants to guide you in the most loving way (which is not necessarily the fastest) to experience the fulfillment of your heart’s desires. As you learn to live in partnership with heaven, you will come to understand that you are None other than Love itself, asking Love to assist. The cells ask the body for nourishment, just as the body requests cooperation from the cells. And as you ask God and your angels for help, we too are nourished and gratified by the opportunity to love and assist you.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Message from Ann

In the last 18 years I have learned to ask the angels for help with everything. When I feel rushed, I sit with them and ask for peace. When I have too much to do I ask for clarity, inspiration, and assistance in doing things efficiently. When I am tired I sit with them and ask for a refill. Unlike humans, they never tire of our requests. They have taught me that” Love loves to love.” Who am I to get in the way?

Today I am enjoying an angel inspiration to grab my portable computer and do my office work at the local butterfly garden. There must be something going on with the timing. I kept trying to leave the house and I kept getting delayed. However, I am finally here, sitting here under a bamboo canopy, showered by mist with Costa Rican Blue Morpho butterflies skimming my head. Children are screaming and laughing with delight. Instead of thinking of the sounds as a distraction I revel in the energy of their joy.

As I write this a man passing by my spot accidentally steps on a butterfly who flew right under his foot. He feels terrible, so I offer a few words of comfort and ask the angels what to do. They tell me the butterfly is going to die so I offer a hand and the little one crawls on my palm for a final burst of love to help him release himself from the body. He passes quickly in the energy of my love. I then ask the angels to help the man who still feels very bad about this unfortunate accident. Another butterfly immediately lands on his shoe as if to say, “It is OK. God’s creatures understand the cycles of life and death far better than you humans.” The man gets the message.

I did not plan to write about this. I didn’t even plan to leave my office today. But when I ask God and the angels for help in every aspect of my life, I enter into a Divine dance where I am blessed, even as I am able to assist others. And while my life is busy but peaceful at the moment, the angels have helped me in times when I had life threatening health conditions,when I was financially not sure how I would make it, and especially at times in the past when I was working through betrayals, disappointments, and abandonment. They’ve guided me to allow a broken heart to become a heart broke open wider. They’ve helped me see the root causes of my lack. They’ve taught me to live and let live, love and let love. They are there for you too.

So no matter how big or small the request, don’t attempt to manage life on your own. Ask for help, and then when inspiring or joyful ideas arise, take action. I love living in a reality in which I exist in a cooperative dance with all of life. Best of all, it is there for all of us.

Please feel free to share any of my messages or posts. The only thing I ask is a small note: ©Ann Albers, http://www.VisionsofHeaven.com

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Stand Up – The Final Resistance

Whether you know or understand this stuff, please take a look. You will likely find something you resonate with. Humanity’s future is at stake. All light forces are working to shift the paradigm to one of Love and Light. This is why we see such crazy things going on out there. What no longer serves the collective is being released. We deserve to live a better life. We have to see through the illusions and take action to save ourselves. Join us. ~PB



“During the current cardinal Grand Cross, the Archons and their etheric minions are putting pressure upon the Lightworkers and Lightwarriors, trying to inflict despair and separation. I understand very well that many of you are tired, but the key is perseverance, remaining calm as much a possible and keeping unwavering focus on our vision of a bright future for humanity. We can not remove 25,000 years of darkness from this planet in a single day and it would be unrealistic to expect one victory after another. Regardless of all setbacks and delays, we will be victorious in the end. So stand up:

People wanting proof, waiting passively for the Event and seeing each delay as an »excuse« are using the wrong strategy. Instead of complaining, do whatever is within your power to assist the planetary liberation. Every small action counts and brings the Event a little closer.
The first part of the IS:IS activation was successful to the point that no big disturbing global events happened at the peak of the cardinal Grand Cross. It is true that this activation was a little more demanding that the previous ones, but the Resistance perceives the awakened part of the surface population to be able to man up to the task. Many websites and blogs could support the Light by publishing intel about the IS:IS activation, but for whatever reason chose not to. Many people were not able to handle the etheric Archon pressure and this is an indicator to the Resistance that the etheric plane is not yet clear enough for the surface population to go through the Event as at the moment of the Event the pressure will be even greater. This is precisely the reason I can not release certain intel, including but not limited to the Ascension plan, no matter how much I would like to.
The Chimera group is a bit stronger than previously thought. It appears that they have access to a certain weather modification technology, triangular aerial craft and even a few cloning facilities. Therefore my assessment that the physical plane is ready for the Event was a little bit premature.
It also appears that the QEG technology is not yet a fully working technology that can be easily reproduced, but a prototype in development. The Fix the World team and all groups working on the device need as much support as possible to bring this technology to humanity soon:
Regardless of all difficulties of the liberation process, the Light forces are with us:
Strong alliances of Light are forming.
A special task force, named Round-op Alpha, has been formed on the surface of the planet. Their purpose is to assist in the mass arrests of the Cabal. Although I can not completely confirm their timeframe of the operation and all names on their list, you are more than welcome to assist them with intel or in any other way possible:
The Anonymous is cooperating with the Resistance:

To summarize all this, after the opening of the Pleiadian portal, the planetary situation is expected to improve.
Posted by Cobra at 12:12 PM
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Dana Mrkich – Evolution Revolution Tuesday, April 22, 2014 ~ Party time is over

In this day and age of ‘you create your reality’ mindset, this idea is often talked about as if ‘You’ is a singular entity, able to be controlled and lassoed with a few strong thoughts and positive affirmations. The reality is that this ‘You’ is made up of countless aspects, conscious and subconscious, holding a myriad of beliefs, emotions, desires and fears, existing on multiple dimensions. This kaleidoscope that is ‘You’ can be likened to a team of wild horses, ideally all going in one direction but more often than not they are going in multiple directions, or trying to. In the centre of all that, we have our Soul, the beautiful horse with the very clear vision of where he or she wants to go this lifetime – sometimes the Soul helps to pull the horses in line, and other times the horses push and pull the Soul or ignore her/him completely. At the helm we have our Greater Self, able to see what lies ahead if we keep going in the direction we are going.

From time to time at crucial points of our evolution the Soul has bucked and demanded the horses’ attention or our Greater Self would rein the horses in if they were veering too far off course. Yet for the most part, until recently, we had a kind of Free Will where these horses could do what they wanted to do. It was all part of our greater learning experience.

Party time is over for this particular version of our Free Will team of horses. Our Soul is taking the lead, and our Greater Self is shouting directions like it’s the final sprint section of a long marathon race.

Our Free Will Team of Horses (including our Ego, various dreams we’ve held, our wounds, etc) are being tossed to and fro with every influx of higher vibrational energy/solar flares/eclipses/cardinal crosses/whatever possible cosmic ammunition the universe has available. The image I get is that scene from Forrest Gump where Lieutenant Dan is sitting atop the shrimp boat in a raging storm, rain bucketing down, thunder, lightning, stormy seas, and he shouts out: “C’mon, you call this a storm?….It’s time for a showdown! You and me!.” Right to the end, we try to hold on to the illusion that we are in control, without fully realising the greater enormity of who it is that we really are.

The next morning, the sea is calm.  Lieutenant Dan is sitting on the edge of the boat looking transformed, the anger has left. He says to Forrest “You know, I never thanked you for saving my life.” And he falls over the edge for a swim. Forrest’s observation is:  “I think he made his peace with God.”

When our Soul takes the lead and our Greater Self descends into us, calling us to embody who we really are, as we are being called to do right now, it can feel like a storm. It can feel like we are being pushed and pulled by some Divine Force. This Divine Force is YOU, the authentic you, the greater you, the soul of you, calling you back into alignment with you.

We can fight our Self and our Soul all we like, but we’ll end up pretty bruised. Their terrain is no picnic either some of the time, but just like Lieutenant Dan’s night with the storm, the new day comes and in our newly surrendered, humbled state we can see that our Soul and Self has been working for us not against us, the whole time.  There we can find our peace.

© Dana Mrkich 2014