Anna Merkaba: METATRON – Gratitude the KEY to Manifestation – Channeling Archangel Metatron

METATRON – Gratitude the KEY to Manifestation – Channeling

Greetings my beloved masters of the universe. Today I would like to share a message that I have received from Archangel Metatron about Gratitude.

Without further ado here is the channeling that I have received:

“Gratitude the extraordinary power of eternal creation. Today we wish to speak with you about gratitude. For gratitude is the abundance principle of that which you wish to manifest in your reality. Gratitude carries with it the vibrations of creation, and manifestation, by uniting the exemplary energetic structure with the interplanetary grid system of geometrical upholdings.

By utilizing the power of gratitude one is then able to create a completely new reality for oneself. For through gratitude, and gratitude alone one is able to tap into the energies of manifestation which are ready to assist one on their path of enlightenment, benevolence and might, on their path of purification, assistance and benevolence, benevolence, co-creation and coherent structures of the beholder.

It is through the power of gratitude that you shall find the link to the missing pieces of the puzzle within your very own experience of life. For by being grateful for that which you are, for that which indeed you represent, for that which surrounds you, for that which you are experiencing, you are then able to tap into the energies of abundance, and through said energies create a completely new reality for yourselves to behold. To behold a completely new reality of Being.

And so and thus, using the power of gratitude shall come in handy for you now, for through said power you will then be able to generate massive amounts of manifestation energies by your thought processes alone, for through the feeling of gratitude, by truly feeling the feeling of gratitude you are then thereby generating said energy and feeding said energy into the matrix of creation, the matrix of benevolence, the matrix of love and light, the matrix of manifestation, and through said matrix of manifestation, through said energy of benevolent co-creation of the external momentum you are able to put together, if you, will a new energetic blueprint for your life.

And so and thus, what we are trying to say to you dearly beloveds is that the power of gratitude shall assist you in manifesting anything and everything that you wish into your reality. Use said power with vigor and might, use said power anytime that you wish to attract energies of abundance into your life. And you shall see the landscape of your reality shift swiftly, as swiftly as you wish it to shift.

Understand that you are the manifestor of your own life, and follow suit to the powers that indeed you have. Follow suit with the powers that you have brought with you through the ethers and grounded into your earthly planes of existence.

That it s all that we have for you now. WE love you. WE are with you. Goodbye for now.”

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Blossom Goodchild – Channeling The Federation of Light – July 15, 2019

Blossom Goodchild – Channeling The Federation of Light – July 15, 2019

Good morning! Continuing on … You have spoken of ‘topsy turviness and upsidedownness’ often. In our news it has been revealed that the leader of the biggest child trafficking organisation in the world has been arrested, which will lead on to many ‘celebrities’ being uncovered for hideous crimes committed. Is this what you have been speaking of? Thank you.

Welcome Dearest Souls. We find ourselves ever closer to your thoughts and sentiments … for the closer we are able to ‘connect’ with you all, the more we are able to ‘understand’ things from an Earthly perspective. We are able to ‘read’ your thoughts more clearly, now that the Energies are settling and blending.

Are they settling? Doesn’t necessary feel like it.

Yes. The initial ones are … which have made a clearer pathway. Yet, Energies rolling in shall continue a flow filtering through now … to lift you up … build you up … and pave the way.

We shall address your question first and foremost.

This is indeed that which we have been speaking of. The arrest of this gentleman has/will open the biggest can of rancid worms … and uncover movements that one could not possibly conjure up in their darkest nightmares. This is why we implore you to …


TO SHINE IN YOUR TRUE COLOURS … because when such ‘News’ is presented and brought out to the public … it will certainly be necessary for you to do so.

For a while … there shall be much ‘culling’ of what can be and what cannot be divulged. For indeed, many will be so appalled that there is a possibility of much uprising amongst the people. People, as we have said, will not know what to believe is True … for much will seem literally impossible for a human being to stoop to such levels.

There are many celebrities fearing for their lives and not knowing where to hide for safety.

Yet, it is law that you reap what you sow and may we say, some of the seeds that have been sown by so called people of status, are far from what one would or could possibly expect.

So much is to be exposed and when it is … each shall then open up to yet something else. For it is not just within the said child abuse/trafficking that is to come out. All of this shall lead to uncovering’s of manipulation of your people. We would go as far as to say … ‘Slavery of your people’. Those with a great deal of power and money have taken advantage of their position and now they shall have to deal with the repercussions of such.

We can say without question … it shall not be a pretty sight.

It all sounds rather horrific and yet, you have prepared us for such for a long time and now it seems here it is.

And this is why, Dearest Blossom and all … we have continued to shower you with our Love and expressed the essential need for you to discover THE LIGHT THAT YOU ARE.

For without that KNOWING with inside of yourselves, it will be very difficult to cope with these coming days … for they shall hit you like a ton of bricks.

Please KNOW we are not trying to be negative … we are simply preparing you … for this is not a small matter that will just roll on by.

THIS is the beginning of THE CHANGE … in a way that can be tangibly experienced. There shall be no more ‘Well I’ll believe it when I see it’ … for as trials that have already taken place shall reveal … there is no going back now and your world is about to turn on its head.

Again … it is our purpose to continue to express the ABSOLUTE NECESSITY for your strength to shine through.

When things come out … when souls cannot deal with these things …


It is then you you keep saying this to yourselves over and over …


Over and over repeat this within your Being … for not only shall it give you strength … it is the call that goes out into the beyond to gather your tribes together and BE ONE.


And through this KNOWING you will be encouraged … and you shall feel the Love and the back up from all Angels and Light Beings and sources from other worlds.

For they too have been awaiting to hear this call … from you!


Billions of Light forces from ‘Everywhere’ shall heed your call and come to join you.

They too have been preparing for this time …


Far out! My heart is all a flutter. May I ask where you stand within all this? Just in case we need beaming up!

We are with you 100%. All the way.

For this is what we have been preparing you for. We certainly do not feel that we have ‘done our job and we’ll be off then!’

That’s handy to know!

We shall be where we have always been … in your hearts.

I guess what I am asking is, within all this … when all these atrocities are out in the open and uprisings and upside-down-ness etc. are taking place … can we expect any ‘tangible’ assistance from you?

There will indeed be ‘signs’ of what is to come. Signs, not only from your skies, yet, other phenomena also.


When you say other phenomena, what do you mean?

In that, with this strength you bring forth … you shall also allow yourselves to ‘step deeper into your True Beingness’ … which will provide you with ‘Powers and abilities’ that have been in slumber.

Darn … I knew I shouldn’t have thrown out my superwoman outfit!

Psychic abilities … Healing abilities … ‘Knowings’ that you didn’t know you knew shall be in the forefront of your everyday movements.

It will seem as if the ‘training’ is over … (for want of a way of describing) and you WARRIORS OF LIGHT are ready now to walk into the field.

You have been preparing for this, for so long.

You have waited so diligently.

You have had times when you thought you would give up and give in.

Yet, here you are … READY!



This waiting has been relevant to the jigsaw pieces being put in place and the picture although not of the prettiest … is complete.


Although that which is revealed will feel so grim and ‘mind blowing’ … for it WILL blow your minds, Dearest Ones…





In order for you to MOVE INTO THE GOLDEN LAND.

YOU ARE IN IT NOW. Yet, the darkness must now leave for ever … and it shall.

Revealing to you … Opening up to you …

THE GOLDEN LAYER OF LIGHT that you are now free to live within.

THE GOLDEN LAYER OF LOVE that was buried upon your Planet eons ago.

The rightful and fitting Energy of your Divine Mother Earth is once again to HOLD HER OWN.






Dearest Souls … BE yourselves.

The moment of Glory is upon you.

How we have waited, like you … to be this close.

I can certainly feel the energy pounding through my Being. Any other advice?


Ask yourself if what you are presented with is Truth or lies?

Do this by taking a few deep breaths and FEEL that which your heart is telling you.

This is the only way you will KNOW.

Sometimes I have tried to do that … and I am still unsure.

Then breathe some more … Sit with it for as little while longer … and ask for the answer to be felt by you.

There may be much conflict and discussion amongst many as to what is Truth and not only that … the correct way of it being dealt with. For such much anger and hatred will come up to the surface for many … And it is YOUR LIGHT AND LOVE that needs to balance these Energies out.

We do not expect you to not experience this for yourselves … for there will be much delving into your ‘knowledge base’ in order to ‘understand’ the bigger picture and even more understanding required in order to be able to ‘Forgive from your heart’.

Yes. I know it may be tricky to understand where these ‘beings’ were ‘coming from’ to even conjure up a notion of certain behaviours, let alone be able to just ‘Forgive them’.

Yet, may we then suggest you ‘Forgive’ in a general manner? Offer out the Energy of Forgiveness as A WHOLE … FOR ALL THAT HAS TAKEN PLACE … TO ALL THAT ARE IN NEED OF THIS LOVE … Perhaps do not focus on any one particular event … should it be that your ‘mind’ finds that too difficult, yet, as we say … Send out Loving Forgiveness … AS A WHOLE … TO THE WHOLE.

Thank you. I think many may benefit from that suggestion.


So in the toughest of times …


That which is TO BE will allow you to KNOW A PEACE upon your Planet that She has not felt for so, so long … that the feeling is almost forgotten.

Yet, it shall be as if a spell has been lifted as in a fairy story and the land shall once again be …

Full of sunshine lollipops and rainbows?

Oh, and so much more Blossom Goodchild … So very much more.

Whoa! A wave of Love so strong just washed over me, it made me cry!


It shall arrive at the Divine moment … when it is most poignantly in position to do so and be released.

Many ask if this is the solar flare that is widely spoken of?

It is part and parcel.

We have spoken before of your Sun (that you are aware of) being the gateway to the Divine Source. Therefore, THIS DIVINE WAVE OF LOVE HAS TO COME FROM WITHIN IT.

So, Yes. We confirm it is ‘tied up within’ the solar flare that is to come.

Tied up within, meaning?

Exactly that … A Part of … All that is involved. For once this wave begins to flow … there shall be more to follow.

Oh. I haven’t heard of that before.

More so, in the sense that once ‘The Wave’ has been sent out … it shall be like a ripple effect upon the Planet and also, as if releasing the initial Wave allows then … the ‘breakthrough’ … the Freedom … for the Energy stored up behind it, to flow through, also.


Forgotten what it FEELS like.

Yet, instantly shall you remember … the moment it touches you … and indeed …




Beautiful, my friends. In such Gratitude … in Loving service. I AM.


Please revisit The Invocation ‘We are the Game Changers’ whenever the mood takes you … to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

Make every day a HAPPY HUMAN DAY!

The link to be able to access all my YouTubes is

Website: Blossom Goodchild

New Energies in an Old World ~ Pamela Kribbe channels Mary Magdalene

New Energies in an Old World
 Pamela Kribbe channels Mary Magdalene

Dear courageous men and women,

I greet you all, I am Mary Magdalene. I was here on Earth in a time of change, at a time when many people were looking for a way out of the restrictive situation. The Earth was then shrouded with an energy that kept people small and gave them a feeling of having no worth. That veil is thinning now; more light is coming from above, and that light comes from your souls which remain outside the veil.

When you incarnate on Earth, you take leave of your greater self, of who you really are. You descend into a world with structures of thought and feeling that are not of the soul. Feel from deep inside yourself where you come from, how infinite and far-reaching that realm is. Feel its energy and pull it through the veil, because you can do that. You have the ability to remember who you were and still are, that simplicity and complete joy. You need not adapt to structures that are not your own; you can experience freedom.

Imagine, symbolically, that you spread your wings, like a big bird, or perhaps an angel. What do those wings look like, what colors sparkle and shimmer? Feel the power in those wings! You can fly and you often do that in your imagination. You are not always here on Earth, in these man-made structures, you travel frequently. You are sensitive and you feel the energies that do not fit into these worldly structures.

You are visionaries and seers. Sense for a moment what those words evoke in you, because there is an old taboo against being like that. Yet know there are two reasons for seeing through the veil, for looking at what is essential and speaks to you. The first reason why you feel compelled to do this is because you want to remember who you truly are while in this life. You do not want to live shrouded by the mists, you want to be authentic with yourself, to experience the truth, and to make decisive steps on your inner path as a soul. Therefore, there is that great desire in you to break through the mists and to go toward that which is of the essence.

The second reason why you feel that inner urge is because you are a forerunner, a pioneer in consciousness. You are also here to give something to others, to allow your light to shine outwardly, to overcome the confusions, the pains, the fears in which humanity lives. There is still a veil over the Earth and although it is beginning to get thinner, powerful people like you, who allow their light to shine, are needed here to serve as examples to others so that the mists dissolve.

That is what you are, and as a forerunner for others, what your souls wanted to achieve in this life on Earth. You live the path for others to follow, and by that I mean you do not stand above others, but next to others. You are the way, so you are deeply challenged to remove the obstacles in your life, to penetrate deeply into life’s essence, and by doing that, you also light the way for others, because you are an example for them. Feel the truth of these words for a moment and consider how they apply to you.

I can penetrate deeply into you, because you are open for that which is on the other side of the veil. You are the light bearers; you bring in a new era and what you call channeling creates openings in the thick shroud that surrounds the Earth and which is filled with fearful and dark thoughts. Each time an opening occurs, and more light comes streaming through, there is more joy in the earthly atmosphere, more hope and encouragement. People are then more willing to look into another’s eyes, to hold another’s hands, and to recognize themselves in another, and that is the purpose of channeling.

You are an earthly channel and you create a path by going the way of self-remembrance. When you are open and surrender to that path, external energies from outside the earthy atmosphere come to support and strengthen you. These energies, or guides, can support you in your own personal process and, in addition, there are energies that want to pass on something to other people. When meeting with others, tune into that stream which transcends your personal ideas and intellect, so your ideas can then get a more universal form. This is a very important step toward a new reality. To feel that connection with your soul, your higher self which transcends the Earth and which survives your body, is a sign of being sound in mind and mentally healthy.

In the world of the soul, which is your natural home, live many other beings, including guides and teachers, whose heartfelt mission is to assist humankind on Earth. It is therefore natural and beautiful when you, in collaboration with such guiding lights, transmit information, warmth, and compassion on Earth. But you will find that once you take steps on this path, a lot of fear arises in you. The search for your own inner liberation, your own personal path, is one thing, but to bring forward your wisdom and knowledge among other people, in regard to ethereal energy and inner transformation, causes deep fear and resistance in most of you; you then collide with contemporary opinions and views of life.

There are very deep reasons why this energy work – channeling, clairsentience, clairvoyance – has been viewed with suspicion and has met with resistance and rejection in the past. In this present time, that suspicion takes the form of a rational, authoritative science that claims to have gathered objective knowledge of the world and therefore rejects the domain of feeling and intuition as illusory and too subjective.

But there is a deeper tension at the root of this rejection. There is in people, and certainly in people with positions of power, a great fear to let go of control. Many structures and hierarchies on Earth are based on power and control, and those who have power want to keep it that way. When people start thinking for themselves – by what they feel or want – it means a danger to the existing order. There is a certain holding on to power in the human world, a reactionary force that opposes change.

You collide with those powers when you stand up as an individual, when you follow your own path and spread your message in the world. It might no longer be the case that in today’s society there is a dictator, or military or ecclesiastical power that will hold you back, but the patterns of fear, control, and power have become internalized in people, so you can be the recipient of rejection by family, neighbors, an employer. And this rejection is largely based on fear, from which sprouts a need for control that attempts to smother or dispel this emotional energy.

What can you do about that rejection? How can you find a way through that rejection in your own life? First, I want you to realize who you are, that you are a pioneer in the field of consciousness, that you are great and brave and courageous, and that you have already shown much resistance to old energies that want to draw you back into their pattern. Become aware of your own courage and perseverance. Hold fast to your inspiration, your desire, which is why you are here and why you are living your life as you have. By recognizing your own greatness and courage, you are already taking an important step forward. Do not allow yourself to be changed by the dictates of society; stand for yourself.

The next step is to feel where your energy is truly welcome, so let yourself be guided by that feeling. There are plenty of people in this world who need what you have to give, the very thing that makes you unique. There are openings in the energy field of the Earth, and movement and change in the collective thinking. Let yourself be guided, as it is not the intention that you should struggle against the existing order, but that you should stand strong in your own energy field guided by what is good and safe for you; where you can thrive and blossom, and no longer feel the need to hide. Such possibilities and places now exist here on Earth; those people are there.

Use your intuition and let go of the old idea of unworthiness. It is not about “having to do your best” and “having to prove yourself”, it is about feeling where you are welcome, where you not only give and share, but where you also receive inspiration and abundance in return. Feel the balance! For example, see yourself standing in a field or in a city among people. Stand firmly with your two feet on the ground; stand erect in this world. Feel how you are different and how it is right to diverge from the old, to take a new path, to follow your heart and your feelings. Make yourself great and feel, from under your feet, the power of the planet that supports you.

When you do that, you radiate your light over the Earth as an energetic transfer, and you do it in an untroubled way. To no longer hold back your energy, your natural radiance, is a huge step forward. You can invest a lot of energy in holding back your own radiance and strength – but now you let it go! Feel how much peace it gives to you to not have to posture yourself in all kinds of restrictive ways, but instead to just be here and to stand erect. Let that whole wave of energy roll out over the Earth. The Earth is allowed to connect with your soul, here; that is your life purpose.

I now want to ask you to focus on what kind of energy wants to flow through your heart into the world. Feel that energy for a moment and try to carefully put it into words. Is it an energy of gentleness and healing, or one of clarity and decisiveness? Is it more of a female energy or of a male energy that wants to flow through you? Maybe you can also feel if that energy is more than just your own, or is there something or someone who stands beside you and strengthens that process? Enjoy that energy, because you have now connected with your essence and with your teachers, guides, or energies with whom you work and who find themselves aligned with you. It is true collaboration when you do not feel apart from them and when you feel you all are an essential part of this channel.

Finally, I would like to ask you: what wants to come to you from the world as a beautiful and good and positive response in return for what you have to give? Energy returns to you from the world, from the atmosphere of the Earth and humankind, which speaks of validation, recognition, and gratitude. See if you can receive that.

In this way, you come full circle. You form a channel through the shroud, the veil, and you put yourself out there completely. You walk the inner path to liberation past the fear and then you shine your light outwardly. You form a channel for others, touch them with your energy, and then you receive energy in return. You are a human being who participates in two worlds: that of the Earth and that of the Heavens where your soul resides and from which it comes. As an earthly human, you have a need to receive so you can feel good being here; to receive in return for what you are and give. Let go of any ideas of unworthiness and be the radiant center of giving and receiving in this circle.

I feel deeply connected with you and I honor your courage! I love you dearly. Thank you very much.

Mary Magdalene

© Pamela Kribbe

Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan

Beacons of Light February 2019: The New Male Paradigm | Spirit Library (video + transcript)

Beacons of Light February 2019: The New Male Paradigm



Greetings, dear ones.

We bring you Greetings from Home. We join you this day to take you to the next level, because there is so much information being shared on planet Earth. It gets a little confusing from time to time. So first let us bring you greetings from Home. You all have a strong connection in your heart, energy and the spirit that resides within that physical body. All of you are moving in a different direction now. The last time we were together we came to talk about a natural balance of the vacuum that can be caused. We also talked a lot about love and fear, which are simply opposite sides of the same coin. However, the entire process of fear is only on planet Earth where it is a natural human experience. As you move to this next level, let us explain a little of what is going on and what the next step can be for all humans.

The Equalization

You have a job right in front of you and it’s absolutely magical. You must understand, dear ones, how difficult the times ahead may be for all humans. You’ve advanced at incredible rates, just look at the world around you. Life is easier now than it was even 10 years ago. You are rapidly advancing, so enjoy and celebrate that, work with it. Now, the last time we were together, we talked about balancing of energy. What happens when something gets out of balance? There is an equalization that takes place naturally. Well, we’re going to show you that today from a different perspective. We have been talking for quite some time now about the rise of the feminine on planet Earth. The rise of the feminine is taking on a whole new role. You will see it as it unfolds over the next three to four years.

There will be a pronounced feminine strength. Not just energy, but strength. That generally means there need to be some redefinitions, rethinking and rewording. Many of your words are either outdated or originally were used specifically for masculine energy. For instance, your species is even identified as mankind. Recognizing and changing these imbalances are part of making space for the feminine to rise. So let’s talk about this for just a minute, because it is a huge piece of what will be happening over the next several years. This imbalance is much larger than you think. Balancing it will affect every single area of life on planet Earth, right down to your physics. The good news is that it is underway already.

Masculine Paradigm

The masculine side of the Earth game can accomplish this imbalance more effectively than the feminine side. Over time, the masculine energy will begin to make a safe space for the feminine to rise. To do this a new masculine paradigm is needed. Humans are at an evolutionary step and balancing this imbalance will benefit everyone. It will give the masculine a more creative and different role in the world. Yes, of course, there will be resistance but the sheer power of the feminine rising is unstoppable. Have you ever tried to stop the tide from coming in? In a short time many who have been resisting will find they have much more to gain by being supportive and a new masculine paradigm will begin. We ask that everyone begin to imagine this new paradigm. It’s very simple. There will be a natural balance, but it will be much slower. It will take effort, because there will be resistance with considerable back and forth movement.

What if you’re a female working in this energy? We are aware that 70 percent of our audience is female, yet you also carry masculine energy so keep that in mind. This is the same way that we have been working with men to carry feminine energy. However, it’s now helpful for females to make it safe to change the male paradigm. That separation needs to lessen, which is why you have so much in your news about different types of sexuality. From bi-sexuality to transgender, people are blending together and having new types of relationships. All sorts of interesting things are happening, none of which are right or wrong. It simply shows that the collective is moving toward a new energy to balance, and it is the current masculine paradigm that can slow this down.

Is it possible that the new masculine will form to undermine or overcome the feminine energy? No, the feminine energy is much too powerful, especially at this time. Why not accomplish it through harmony? We realize that it’s been quite some time on your planet since you’ve resolved things in that way. Most of the time humans go to war, but you’re also moving past that. You’re growing up as a planet of beings and that is taking place very quickly. So, to create this feminine energy, what are steps at any of you can take to make it safe? Take a look at gender equality, which is quite out of balance in almost every area that you have grown up in. So, looking at areas that affect you, you can have a huge impact on that. Many of you can make more of a difference than you even realize, to help create the space for this energy to evolve.

Releasing Old Paradigms of Competition

Humans are difficult because you have grown up in a field of polarity and duality. You view everything as right or wrong and good or bad. If you can step out of the competition it will help, because almost everything has been placed into a framework of competition. That is how you have motivated yourselves. Although it isn’t wrong, now that you’re in the fifth-dimension things can start working differently.

You already understand how to create magic. You can create things simply by thinking about them. When you put yourself in alignment, all the energy in every single cell of your body aligns in such a way as to let through the largest amount of light possible. The magic appears and that is at hand right now.

When you balance the energy of the masculine and feminine, you create an entirely new collective which can rise together. In doing so, you can resolve many of the problems that humans are currently having on planet Earth. It’s difficult even to count the many wars on Earth, at so many levels.

Immigrants are being forced out of their homes, which is causing mass migration. People living in the places they are migrating to are reacting as if others are taking something away from them. Oh, my goodness, you humans play such fun games! It’s absolutely amazing to see. The feminine already has the solution to this problem. When mothers speak to mothers at all levels, things will start to change because this balance is waiting to happen. Re-member, you’re on the planet of free choice.

And this new male paradigm can be based in creativity instead of competition. Eons ago the cave man carried a club, but what if that hadn’t been the male paradigm? We hope you realize that the paradigm is that ancient. So, what if the new male norm was to gain power through harmony rather than force? It is the male on your planet that will benefit from stepping into a new paradigm. Dream, imagine and place your thoughts into the collective record. It all begins with a thought.

There are now places where you can start working with this and the collective is finding a new energy. It is almost as if suddenly all the doors and windows have been opened and fresh air is coming. Make space for the feminine to rise. How can you empower someone with feminine energy? And it doesn’t have to be a female, which is the interesting part. You don’t have to be a male to come up with a new male paradigm. The reality is that once you get the paradigms down and know how it works, you can pass it on fairly easily.  These next few months, you have an opportunity to find ways to make a new male paradigm.

That is magical, dear ones. Yes, it is going to take some effort and it will be a collective decision, not a singular one. There are no books written on the subject, not one course or channel. However, when the energy anchors that opens the next door which you’ve all been waiting for. We’ve told you before that you’re in a time of mastery and during these next several months there are still alignments. You’re trying to find your exact alignment where you can be the highest potential of a spirit pretending to be a human. As a result, you have a lot of changes occurring.

The New Game

We can’t wait to share with you some of the exciting things that you’ll be able to do when you step into this next level. It’s so incredible, because the magic is right at your hand. You don’t even have to think, and you certainly don’t have to take a course or learn how to align yourself to make something show up. It just does. In reality, you will be working with this in different ways. You’ll learn how to step into this other area, although the fear of getting there can create problems. The good news is that once you’re there, the fear is very easy to dissipate. You’re going to find life at this next level much more comfortable for a spirit. It is quite different and, yes, you will step out of the physical. Please do not fear that because it is not really a death process. In truth, most of you won’t actually know you accomplished it until you turn around and prove it to yourself. Just relax, dear ones.

Go through the process and know that you have many opportunities. Every time you see something out of order, anchor it by making a mental note. It’s that simple. When you watch someone on television or the internet that seems to be out of balance with masculine feminine, make a mental note. Then envision how it would work if the paradigm were set differently. You can anchor it in your heart, whatever the challenge or disharmony may be. Basically, you set the intention for it to be harmonized. That’s what happens when you wrestle with any problem. The entire world helps you with it, and that’s the deep truth of the inner level that you’re now starting to reach. How do you reach it? Make space for the feminine.

Dissipating Division

There have been times before when you grew, and again you had to make those advances. You had to go through the 1960s and the 1970s. Yes, you had to burn the bras. You had to do all those things to step out of the control and into the freedom of the feminine energy. Sometimes when humanity moves too quickly, there’s too much of a division between one thought and another. Humans end up with playing this game of back and forth, it’s so much easier if you work together. Although both sexes can resolve this, the feminine wave has the greatest opportunity at this time.

Anchoring Light

Dear ones, you are the greatest magical angels who have ever lived. You can help resolve the world’s problems by anchoring light. How does it work? How do you do that? It starts with awareness. It’s very simple actually, you become aware. Whether you become aware of the problem in the newspaper, on television, or perhaps someone talks with you or your children. Those are the pieces that we want you to anchor. You don’t always have to resolve them, but if you know that there’s a problem there and you see it, anchor that and bring it in. Identify it as a problem, but release the immediate need to correct it. Then take that harmony into your heart, and over a very short period of time it will start changing.

Of course, making space for the feminine is most easily accomplished by creating a new paradigm for masculine energy because the paradigm for masculine energy is completely outdated. The use of force will be ineffective in a fairly short time as humans evolve. So if you can’t use force you’ll have to use harmony, which is what we’ve been trying to work with you on from the beginning. We are getting closer to a new male paradigm. Creating a new male paradigm does not mean that every male will step into it. But as the pressure from the rise of the feminine is felt, having these thought forms expressed is like having a template already in place for how to fit in the new energy. These paradigms are temporary because they must grow,although they will be doing so at a starting place.

There is an opportunity to step into a new reality and to take your charge right now. We ask you in your own lives, whether you’re masculine or feminine, how can you help to create a new male paradigm even for the male aspects within you? It does not make any difference whether you are a man or a woman. We love to trigger you with those ideas. Be able to plant those seeds in very fertile ground because you are the lightworkers of planet Earth. You came in to be triggered at very critical times, to be here at exactly these moments. You’re awakening from the dream at an incredible pace. Reach out and hold each other’s hands. You can make space for the feminine by creating a new male paradigm of power. Well done, dear one. It is with the greatest amount of admiration that we greet you in these ways. We ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together.


The group

CONSCIOUS EXPANSION Pt5 CHANNELED MESSAGE FROM THE ARCTURIANS 9th January 2015. Channeled & Transcribed by Paul Marwood

 man sacred geometry

Image credit Cameron Gray Parable Visions

9th January 2015.

Channeled & Transcribed by Paul Marwood

“Greetings Beloveds

We are here to talk to you today about the consciousness on your planet, and how that consciousness ties intimately into the consciousness of the galaxy and this universe, for we are all connected in one form or another. This world as you see it in its physical form is one of the lower denser frequencies, and this life that you have created (when we say you, we are referring to the humanity of this planet earth).

The reality you’ve created is somewhat separate from what is really happening out there. You have created for yourselves a level of separation from your divine essence, that which makes you up, that which animates you, that which is everlasting. Now in these cycles of life as they have unfolded in this linear timeline, your experience here, the earth events that have taken place have created a greater and greater separation from that inner essence, largely to control the masses.

This is and has been shown to be the end result of the functioning of the ego, but now we are in a time of change, a change to move away from this ego, for it is still a part of you, the move is to a greater level of connection to your divine essence which as you will find out shifts many of your perspectives.

Much of what you view as unimportant at this time will become more important as you grow in your connection with your higher consciousness, and we are witnessing this now with many on your planet, and we want you to know that we are here in full support. Many of our ships are in orbit of this beautiful planet; we are constantly working with those that choose to work with us, and energetically assisting all that are here on this planet within the bounds of the galactic laws that we are allowed to.

Know that we do not see you as separate to ourselves, you are like our brethren and we yours. Many of you have journeyed together with us in earlier lifetimes, many of you have worked with us and then chosen to further that work down on this beautiful planet, to bring forth the knowledge that you have, to create shifts, to make known the unknown as it exists on your planet, to start to unravel the joys the gifts, the wondrousness of what is available to you at higher levels of consciousness and in the higher dimensions, while also being able to experience that which is in the density of this physical dimension, for that is also an experience.

For those of you that are feeling the shift, the shift in how you feel within yourselves, a shift in what you are drawn to, a lessening of the attraction to material items, the suggestive propaganda of your media systems, and that which is not in alignment with you, who you are and where your at currently in your lifecycle.

And as you are feeling these shifts and many of you may not quite understand why you are feeling the shifts, we will elaborate on this more in future messages, but for now let’s simply say that as you a being exposed to higher frequencies, greater levels of love, that which you have not experienced before in this plane of existence on this beautiful earth, you are opening up to the concept of higher consciousness, a greater connection to your divine essence, that presence which is able to connect, see and understand much more than the consciousness that exists in your physical bodies.

We want to encourage you to follow these ideas, inklings, think about and explore where these feelings guide you. Allow like a child to play with some of these ideas and feelings and experiences, not to take them too seriously. From the seriousness, the mind has an opportunity to come back into the equation and start to analyze, and in this case the analysis is not able to clearly understand the scope of what’s really happening, so as you see it’s not (as you would say in your scientific world a valid analysis).

It is best to allow an openness in yourself, enjoy fun playing and in this joy, fun and playing and openness, you remain open to greater levels of information feelings experiences, and events that the universe can bring into your life and your experiences to allow you to experience more, for what is happening right now is a more of everything.

You may start to experience more colors, sounds, sense smells you may have never sensed before, you may start to feel the messages of your guides, the Angels, beings around you. You may suddenly start to sense and feel their love and support, this is a good thing for you’re not alone, you never have been and never will be.

We are all in support of each other, for there is no true separateness and for those of you that are concerned that you may lose your identity, let me guide you that, that is not going to happen, for you are unique, you are a unique Soul. You are here with your own experiences and your own interpretation of those experiences, and in that form you are able to see, learn, and express what you experience and learn in your individual form, and then choose to share what you choose to share with the greater consciousness.

Also when you need to draw information in, you can request that of the greater consciousness, so that the information, should it be known, can be brought forward, again all things working in unison for the greater good of all. We encourage you to explore those feelings of connecting to more, allow time in your day to be quiet, peaceful and connected to yourself, feel and enjoy that quiet, loving peaceful connection, that space that you create when you are more in connection with your higher self.

You will know that by just how you feel, and you will also know it when the mind comes in with things, questions, jobs that you have to do, people you need to speak to. Those are all activities of your physical body mind, love it, but allow it to step aside in this place, for your connection to your higher self is important at this time, and as you enjoy this time allow it to extend out further and further into your day.

Whether you are sitting meditating, or still carrying out your day. Allow that “tuning in” to become the greater and greater part of the day.

I am Lord Arcturus, and we are the Arcturians.”

Be blessed dear ones.

© 2015 Copyright Paul Marwood
This channeled message may be reproduced in it’s entirety provided it is kept in it’s original form and not altered or changed in any way, with the Author and a link to clearly displayed as shown below.

Author: Paul Marwood 


J. O. P. B. (Joy, oneness, peace, belonging.) a message from Kryon channeled by Lee Carroll


“Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. The channeling process is far more common than you know. I know who’s here, and there are those in this room, right now, who know how channeling works. When the healer steps up to the patient, there’s a communication. It’s channeling, and the healer knows all about it. Sometimes the healer steps aside and in comes the information the healer needs, which is often verified by the innate of the patient in front of them. Then the two of them begin the balance, the dance of energies, and the channeling begins.

Now a healer and a channeler have something in common. They both are channeling, but in different ways. Healers don’t heal. They balance. No Human Being can force healing on another. However, most patients are asking for balance so they can heal themselves with the assistance of the balancing healer. True healing requires this cooperative process, and what you’re hearing right now is similar. There is balancing energy present within the message being delivered.

The messages I give contain energy, dear ones, and like the healer, there is balance to help clear the way within your thinking process. This clearing may help you make a decision, enabling you to move to a different level of understanding. It’s a healing of the mind. This is free choice. Many times, the message is simply the exposure of the energy of truth, ripping away the veil for a moment, which creates balance. So that’s what we want to do tonight. This is not a long channeling, but one that is profoundly different, for we want to open a subject we don’t talk about very often.

The Soul of the Human Being

We have spent many months communicating to you about the current shift. We actually started this information way before 2012. Now we’ve continued into 2013 and all through 2014, giving you even more attributes of the shift. In these years, we made suggestions about what is next for you. We told you of the energies around you and what to expect, and we gave you a warning not to despair over the dark and negative energies that you see around you. We told you that your current situation is like a final battle between dark and light. We also told you that the things that have low consciousness would quickly rise to the forefront and would show themselves in all their darkness and ugliness.

What happens when you move a lot of large rocks in your garden that you’ve never moved before? The things that live under them, in the dark, suddenly scamper out when exposed to the light. Perhaps you didn’t even know they were there, lurking, but they were all along. We told you some time ago that these dark things would occur at this time. You would see them in your news, and we begged you not to despair. We gave you instructions about how to have peace with it all, and we gave you instructions about tolerance and benevolent behavior, but we’ve never talked about the soul, not like this.

What is the difference between the Higher-Self and the soul? First, the Higher-Self is a unique part of you. It is part of what we call the “soup of God that has your name on it”. It is part of your Akash [the record of your soul’s journey]. It is you, the part of God that is you, walking on the planet. It’s important for you to remember that each time you incarnate, it is the same Higher-Self that comes with you. Did you realize what a friend you have here? The Higher-Self has been through all the lifetimes with you! When you connect to your Higher-Self, you connect to the entire Human family – something that you know about and have been with. The Akash is the record of everything you have ever learned. It is part of the system of your innate, which is also a part of your Higher-Self. When you are NOT on planet Earth, the Higher-Self is not present. It’s totally something that belongs to the duality of the Human on the planet.

Now I want to talk about the soul, because it’s very different from the Higher-Self. Be clear with something: In an older energy, not all Humans were able to connect with the soul parts of them. The soul part was far above their consciousness and was only a concept. Now, the new energy begins [after the 2012 shift] and we wish you to start learning to connect to the creator. What is the soul? Why is it different from the Higher-Self? For the explanation, we often get into concepts that are very difficult to explain in any language.

The soul is the spark of God. It is forever, and it doesn’t have your Akash within it. Instead, it has the imprint of the creator, and it is all that is. Some of you can feel it when you drop into the core during meditation. That’s when it starts to come forward and you actually feel it. You know that it is not the Higher-Self. It’s beyond that. However, it still belongs with you as a Human, since you are a multidimensional being. Your duality supports this, for it is corporeal and spiritual at the same time.

The soul is not that which communicates with you with words or thoughts or gives you intuition. It’s more than that. It’s not on the other side of the veil either! It’s with you, and it hides in every single piece of the corporeal you. It’s the beauty of you; the magnificence of all things. There are some attributes you need to hear, for I want you to begin to practice feeling the soul within. Every moment you spend in this kind of communication changes you. Some of you will be able to do this and some of you will not. Some of you will not even care to, but for those who wish to, I want to take you there.

If you’re going to understand these things, you’re going to have to take a little metaphoric trip with me. I want you to go to a place in yourself that is eternal. It’s a safe place and only you can go there. It represents the deepest meditation you have ever had. It represents the attributes of the soul and the things it wants to give you on a daily basis. Take my hand, let’s go together.

The Journey

Look around with me. What is the first thing you experience? If there is a hierarchy to experience, the first thing is joy – joy! It’s a peaceful joy, for no matter what’s happening in your life, the essence of God and love is joy! It’s overflowing, and it explains why many will weep with joy when they meet themselves in this way. It is the essence of the creator in you and it’s quiet and safe. You can tap into it any time you want to, for it belongs to you.

The creator has a smiling face all the time! Did you realize this? Humanity needs to hear this! So many Humans believe you must suffer to get the attention of almighty God. I would like to give you a secret: JOY gets you more attention! Suffering is a three-dimensional Human attribute. It never belonged to God the creator. It was never a prerequisite for acceptance from God. Suffering is a concept that was totally created by Humans. Dear ones, again we tell you: Do not apply the attributes of humanism and Human consciousness to the Almighty, the Great Creative Source, the pure love of the Universe. God does not “think like a Human”. Your soul is the essence of God.

Do you know how old you are? This part of you had no beginning and will have no end. It is a circle of love that is so perfect, the Human mind cannot conceive it. The soul is part of the creative source of all things. It makes you different from the other animals, dear ones. I want you to start dropping into the core more often, to experience these things that we have not talked about before in this way.

The Oneness of All Things

Our journey continues and we see another attribute of the soul. We only have one word for it – oneness. Oneness comes from the Ancients, who often said, “Become one with everything.” All creation has the source of God, and you have the ability to become one with it all. Oneness isn’t a concept. It’s a state of being. Can you feel it? Can you see that the grids of the planet were created to help you feel it? Oneness allows you to feel the energy of the animals, the air, the rocks and the trees. But mostly, oneness helps you to relate to God with the others like you, the other Human Beings on the planet.

Oneness is the opposite of separatism. An older energy has Humans deciding who they are and then separating themselves from others. They categorize themselves and put themselves in groups. Is that an attribute of God? Would Spirit be like that? Would the creator of the Universe decide to put you apart from the others? You are a perfect creation, and so is the one next to you and next to you and next to you and next to you [Kryon points to the audience sitting in front of him]. This goes beyond the concept of “Love your neighbor.” It means that you are made of the same star stuff as they are!

Oneness: Many are not able to feel this. It is a concept that is simply too high to experience. It must be sensed. Listen: Sensing the soul is an attribute that has been restricted to the Shamans of the past, and now it is yours. I want you to feel the oneness of all humanity. Don’t look at what they do, but WHO they are! Did you know that as you picture this and as you feel this, it affects everything around you? Higher consciousness is like a glue – it’s sticky. It affects others around you, and it helps them to see you as a balanced person who cares. They see something they like and enjoy about you. Dear ones, you cannot hide a person who is one with everything! They glow! Their light is bright, and they smile in joy and oneness.

Complete Peace

The journey continues into the soul, and we see and feel the second attribute: Complete peace. This is not partial peace, not peace just for you, or for now, but complete, eternal peace. It’s the peace that surpasses all understanding, for there is no logical reason for it. It exists because “IT IS,” not because of any outside reason why it should. It is the source of peace. No matter what is happening in your life or around you, when you drop into the core of the soul, everything is perfect forever. It has nothing to do with your life, but rather with the story of creation and beyond.|

It takes you to the place where universes are created and things that are far beyond anything you can even imagine are common. You see, you are a part of that because you were there when the Universe was created – in complete peace. Imagine a place that you can drop into, where there’s no drama, no problems and only love. This is the peace that is part of you.


Your journey is almost done. We’ve not talked about this much, but it’s about your identity. I’ll call it belonging. We have said this before so many times: You are not alone! Oh, that statement goes so much beyond those words! What is it like to belong to God? What is it like to be part of God? The joy and the oneness and the peace are all in a circle around that which is your soul. It’s not your Higher-Self or your pineal portal, and it’s not your Akash. Instead, it is all that is. You are timeless and forever, and you belong to the central source. You belong to the creator.

This belonging is forever and absolute. You can’t hide from it, and you always have it. Because you are a piece of the creative source called God, that means you are never apart from it. It is you and you are it. Therefore, no matter who you think you are, you are always with family – forever.

Is there anything that can ever touch that? No. As your metaphoric journey into the heart of your soul comes to a close, say it: Joy, oneness, peace and belonging. Joy, oneness, peace and belonging. Joy, oneness, peace and belonging.

I’ve just given you the secrets of the Shamans. Sometimes they would sit for hours and sort through those concepts, trying to integrate them or separate them from the corporeal Human Being – anything that would make them more potent and real. They wished to capture the essence of them and claim them as their own and use them. In an older energy, it was frustrating to feel these yet not be able to touch them or work closely with them. Now that is starting to change.

Human DNA is starting to grow more spiritually functional, and in the process, it is going to take on more energy. The attributes of this beautiful, eternal soul are finally going to be able to be held by you in a corporeal way. Did you see it in the masters? Yes! This is what attracted you to them. You FELT God in them, and as part of humanity, you reacted. You revere them today and remember these who could touch the face of eternity with every step.

Come back now and join me in the chair. Listen: All of these things are part of what you can be. Today, for the first time, we have started speaking of these things: Joy, oneness, peace, belonging. So now I’ll ask you again: Who are you? With these masterful tools, who are you? I’ll tell you who you are.

Raise your hand and make this statement if you wish: “I am part of the creative source. I’m as old as old. I’m as young as young. I am eternal and my wisdom is forever. I can co-create miracles even though I am a Human, because my soul awakens in me and the beauty of mastery is finally within my grasp. I am God.”

Dear ones, even a little goes a long way. Your entire body and all your cells are ready to awaken to this truth. I want you to sit and go to this core every day.

Joy, oneness, peace, belonging.

And so it is.”


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Lee Carroll

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