Kari Samuels: May 2018 Astrology & Numerology Forecast – radical transformation





May 2018 Astrology & Numerology Forecast
– radical transformation

Published on Apr 30, 2018



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Marvelous May is here! What a magical month this will be!

This is a time to expect the unexpected. There will be delightful surprises and delicious opportunities.

Love is in the air – and so is change. New possibilities abound. In this numerology and astrology forecast video, I share with you how to transform your life in the most expansive ways.

It can be a magnificent month if you know how to navigate the celestial energies.

Enjoy and share the love!





The Key To Changing Absolutely Anything by Taryn Crimi |Angelic Guides


The Key To Changing Absolutely Anything

Today we would like to focus your attention upon the topic of change. So many of you wish for change; change in financial situations, change in relationships, change in health and yet we watch as so many continually recreate the very same experiences over and over again. Yes, the set up might appear different, another year has passed, the people might be different but overall not much changes for so many. This is what we would like to further expand up on so that you may understand why this happens so often.

When you understand how the physical manifestation of anything happens you will understand how to create anything you desire. You all have heard that if you want change then you must change your habits. But we are not speaking about changing the actions that you take throughout your day; oh this will come, but what we are speaking about is changing your thoughts, your habitual thoughts.

All too often we see you so close to making the vibrational leap necessary to allow for the change you seek to make its way into your physical reality only to fall back into your habits of thought, your doubts and fears which squander the change you seek to make.

We would liken much of the experiences that you create for yourselves to a “holding pattern”. Why is this? Why would any of you choose to hold yourself in undesirable experiences? Well certainly we understand that you are not doing this intentionally, it’s just that many are unaware of what is causing it. So allow us to share with you our perspective in hopes of helping you to free yourselves of the undesirable experiences that seem to continually play out in one way or another.

You see, everything exists already, every thought you have, every dream you hold, every desire you seek, absolutely all of it already exists. We don’t mean this metaphorically, we mean this quite literally. It’s all here, right here beside you. So why cant you see it, why aren’t you able to experience it? The answer is vibration. When you understand that everything is made up of energy, and subsequently everything is vibrating at a particular rate or frequency then you will also understand that the only thing that separates you from anything you cannot perceive is your rate of vibration in relation to everything you are seeking.

Like attracts like, you can only experience what you are in perfect resonance with. But here is the key, what holds so many of you in a stale mate creation of the same old creations is your persistent and unwavering focus on the events and circumstances that are in front of you. All that will ever do is recreate the very same experience over and over again as many of you well know.

So in order to manifest different experiences into your reality, you must change your rate of vibration. Get off the same old channel and pick a new station to tune into.

We watch as so many of you want to watch what’s on “channel 10” all the while holding your constant and steady focus on channel 5. You understand that other channels on your television exist even if you are not watching them. You also understand that if you want to watch something else, you have to change the channel. And so it is in your life. You must be willing to change your habitual thoughts, because what you think about is what you will manifest. Period.

Everything in your reality is a result of the thoughts you have held, but they do not determine what you will create in the future. They only represent what you HAVE thought up until this point. So by shifting your focus away from the areas that are not working in your life and onto the multitude of things that are, you essentially change the dial. You change the channel! You must hold your focus and attention on the vision of your dreams more often than what is already in front of you. Whatever you give the majority of your focus will become your physical reality.

We hope that you have found this message to be helpful and that we have served you in some way.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

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– Dr. Taryn Crimi

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Copyright © 2018 by Taryn Crimi. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included. www.Angelic-Guides.com

February 2018 Energy Report by Jennifer Hoffman

If you are looking for some calm after January’s long and drawn out chaos it probably won’t happen in February. In fact, we may see more chaos and upset throughout the month as the battle between the darkness and the light continues – and make no mistake it is a battle. We’re making progress this month in bringing more light to the earth but we can’t control how people respond to it and that may be our greatest challenge as we see very clearly who’s ready to step into the light and who is not. The theme for February is balanced harmony and it may not be balanced or harmonious as the ascension cycle heats up but it will lead to congruence which is the blessing and promise of the ascension path.

First let’s look at February’s 22 vibration, which comes from the second month in an 11 (2) year. We will have the 11 mastery vibration all year (2+0+1+8 = 11) which is the first or novice level of mastery. This is a learning cycle that includes action but it inspires us to act with confidence even if we don’t feel we have all of the information or pieces of the puzzle that we need. Other levels of potential open up with each step, we just can’t be afraid to take that step.

The 22 vibration of February encourages us to take enlightened action so if we wait until we think we’re ready or have all of the information we think we need, we may find ourselves adrift in a sea of confusion. Act, assess, course correct, and act again is a good way to handle February’s 22 energy vibration.

To add to the 22 vibration of February, Pluto moves into the 20th degree of Capricorn (another 2). Pluto makes such slow progress that it moves about 1 degree a month. So every degree activates a great deal of transformation. With Pluto at 20 degrees, we have more 2 energy to add to the balanced harmony mix.

The number 2 refers to balance, pairs, togetherness, community, and empowerment through shared intention. Jesus said that when ‘two or three gather together in my name, I will be there.” In 2009 Lynn McTaggert conducted the first ‘Intention Experiment’ with a small group of 16 people in London who were asked to send their intention to make a leaf in an Arizona lab glow. The results were astounding and you can see the video at this link here.

While we have the 2 energy to create balance, it must be harmonious which means it is shared, equitable, and reciprocal. If there are relationships in which you give all of the energy and get nothing in return, or you’re doing all the work, they are out of balance, inharmonious, not shared, not equitable and not reciprocal. This 2 energy, plus the 22 mastery vibration, is going to help you to see this truth and to make corrections in how you share your energy.

But there’s more. February’s solar eclipse on the 15th at 27 Aquarius brings the energy of the August 21, 2017 eclipse forward. That eclipse path crossed the US and we’re now seeing the effects happen with the revelations of corruption and nefarious activity in various government agencies. Eclipses are energy wild cards, they can shift a lot of energy and create strong, unexpected change to us individually and to the collective. This eclipse also powerful for the US in another way, which I’ll explain in a moment.

A very powerful event happening this month and until December, something that happens once every 248 years, is the US Pluto return, where Pluto is at its point in the July 4, 1776 US chart (19’57” Capricorn) for the first time. A Pluto return never happens to individuals because Pluto takes 248 years to go around the zodiac but it does happen for countries, so it would be interesting to see what has happened in much older countries with their Pluto return.

For the US this degree will be repeated two more times as Pluto retrogrades this year, July 15 and December 12, 2018. My experience with retrogrades is the first pass is tough, the retrograde brings up more stuff, and the third pass is where situations get settled.  And if you look at the US natal chart, the natal moon is the same degree of the February 15 eclipse, that’s a lot of transformational energy at work. No wonder there’s so much chaos happening in the US right now. And there is more to come as Pluto creates deep transformation, and dredges the depths to get to the root of issues that create imbalance, disharmony, a biased and self serving playing field which has led to a vast amount of the world’s wealth and benefits in the hands of a very small group of people.

Pluto transits are very tough because they relentlessly demand transformation, in every way, until it is completed. This is transformation at profound levels, Pluto does not work on the surface, it goes down to the deepest roots and brings them to the light. Be prepared for the continuation of the ‘great awakening’ and more people arriving at the truth, they will be looking for light, peace, joy, and understanding so keep shining your lights so they see that there is a light destination at the end of that tunnel.

February’s theme of balanced harmony is strongly supported all month. But it won’t happen by balance being created for us or on our behalf. Instead, we will have a very clear view of what is out of balance and not in harmony with our intention and our energy, and we’ll have a chance to make adjustments and course corrections. Sometimes balance is achieved by shifting our energy, intention, and alignments. Other times it is achieved by the source of imbalance being removed from our energy field. This can include someone choosing to leave you, or a job you didn’t like or were not happy with ending with a layoff or firing.

Stay one step ahead of this process by using powerful intentions for what you want in your life. If your intention is not being fulfilled in your life right now, then these powerful energy shifts and downloads will create an opening in your life for new energy. Nothing happens by accident.

And there are no full moons this month, full moons bring completion, as January had 2 full moons (1st and 31st) so we will have lots of new energy coming in to help with changes but the final outcomes and results may not happen until next month. Watch how events unfold this month, in your life and in the world.

See how balanced harmony is being created – first by revealing the lack of balance and harmony, and  then creating opportunities to make different choices. And if you aren’t sure what to choose, take a step back and remember your intentions which create the energy container and the frequency of the energy you can receive. This will move the energy in their direction. Remember to take action, small steps achieve the best results and often the first step is the hardest to take. Trust yourself, you are energetically sovereign – what do you want in your life?

This is a month for enlightened action which doesn’t mean taking any action just so you feel that you are doing something after weeks or months of feeling stuck. Take a step forward based on what you know in this moment. Then course correct, if necessary, to stay aligned with your intention and take the next step.

Keep February’s them of balanced harmony in mind as you contemplate your choices and see how energy movements and shifts are aligning with your desire to create balanced harmony in every aspect of your life. Act in the short term, plan for the longer term, and take enlightening action, every step is important.

Have a great month!


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Jamye Price: October 2017 Ascension Energies

October 2017 Ascension Energies

Jamye Price

a message from Jamye Price

Sunday, 1 October, 2017  (posted 3 October, 2017)

September Review

September was a month of integrating the intensity of the eclipse energies of August. Here in the US, the solar eclipse was palpable. The collective energies here have felt fairly chaotic in general, and as the eclipse passed there was an intense solitude in the energies.

Like all integrations, there is releasing, realizing, readjusting—that was September.

The weather has been intense for quite awhile, yet it seemed to amp up in September with hurricanes, fires, earthquakes and volcano eruptions (potentially). This is indicative of the Ascension changes that are occurring, and why Areon has been focusing so much on the spiral and how that applies to life in so many ways.

We are at a time of increased “spin” or flow that is intensifying our experience. The antidote to this intensity is to go within, seeking inner peace and clarity, then interacting with Life. Easier said than done sometimes.

Spin either creates more separation or a more intense bonding, depending on resonance. Love, the binding force of Life, is the core of empowered change.

With Love, all things are possible. We are seeing the effects of the polarization of increased spin. We are being called to focus on Love with ever greater intensity, bringing more of that into the world.

Which leads to the October energies.

October Energies – Creative Flow

October brings us into more action, though as it pertains to your current flow. Recently the focus has been on a deepening connection into the core of the Self and the core of Life. Those two are connected through you, the fractal that is Life/Divinity/God manifest in human form. This is why

It is your inner realm that is the direct connection to the vastness of Life. Your thoughts and emotions—your subtle bridge—are the communication flow that shifts your experience from just the external. This is important as we become conscious creators and reclaim our inherent divinity on a larger scale.

The compassionate ones becoming the empowered ones is key for Love to flourish.

Continuing the September energies of focusing on whatever authentic emotions and thoughts are arising, October asks us to take that to the next level. When you feel positively, what action does that inspire? When you feel negatively, what transformation does that inspire? What is compelling you toward change? October brings action to your intent.

Creative Inspiration

October is time to ask, what inspires me? What sparks my passion, especially as it pertains to connecting outward? It’s helpful to look at this in a broad sense first, then let any actions stem from your loving intent.

Quite often what happens is we seek change mostly from what is wrong—nothing wrong with that, ;o) sometimes that is how change needs to occur. But when the predominance of change is coming from what is wrong, we end up with challenge compounding.

The “squeaky wheel” approach creates a reaction that isn’t consistently balanced, holistic or improvement based.

What can happen as we respond to life like this, is we look at what inspires us, then look at how that isn’t currently available. And continue to focus there. For instance, one may end up resenting their job, which stunts and stagnates life force. From that depleted place, change either seems impossible, or it is a reaction from fear. It takes effort to honor the frustration, soothe the self, and generate inspiration.

Create Change

The key? Find inspiration where you are. Find it in everything, everywhere, in the positive and the negative. This is polarity integration, the holon becoming whole. It’s in your now moment. The future builds from your current resonance. The past supports or heals from your choices in the present. Let your inspiration motivate you to change something within yourself, within your present moment.

This focus creates change within. It has the effect of amplifying your creative flow with whatever you are experiencing—challenge or triumph.

It changes you. You change Life.

The divine spark ignites a moment, then a movement, then a monumental change.

In Summary

October is asking you to take the catalyst of August (Igniting Your Soul), and the clarity of  September (Focus) and direct your life on a path of progression that creates a new potential for the future. Your current resonance is the perfect platform for change. And change is here ever more intensely. You were born equipped for this. You are remembering it from the human perspective, and creating change with every choice to Love. Love boldly!

Happy October!

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THE ORACLE REPORT: Wednesday, August 16, 2017


THE ORACLE REPORT:  Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Third Quarter Moon Phase:  revise, realign

Moon in Gemini

Sun: 25 Leo – “a large camel crossing a vast and forbidding desert”

Higher Expression:  perseverance, persistence, stamina, completing something difficult or outstanding, survival, reserves, inner strength, the energy for change

Lower Expression:  testing others to see how they feel instead of directly asking, running on fumes, reacting only by instinct and without thinking, giving in to the shadow side

Earth: 25 Aquarius – “a butterfly with the right wing more perfectly formed”

Higher Expression:  rising above or “out-vibrating” that which seeks to bring us down, beautiful creations and acts of love, color variation, coming out of an old way, self acceptance

Lower Expression:  lines of separation and division in advance of transformation, distorted, out of balance, perfectionism, conflict between emotions and logic


Skill is required on this Black Moon Day.

First, let’s list all of the astrological aspects occurring today so that we see the immensity, and then let’s summarize to keep it as simple and as real as possible.  You don’t need to even read all of these aspects; I list them for emphasis because there are so many:

Sun conjunct North Node, Earth conjunct South Node, Moon oppose Black Moon, Moon oppose Saturn, Black Moon conjunct Saturn, Mercury oppose Neptune, Venus oppose Pluto, Moon sextile Mars, Venus square Jupiter, Mars trine Black Moon and Saturn, and the biggies – Jupiter/Venus/Pluto/Mars/Moon/Sun/Nodes/Black Moon/Saturn aspect ERIS POINT.  Most of the solar system is aspecting 20 Aries 36 – the Eris Point or location in the zodiac where the planet Eris was discovered.

This is happening as we approach the Total Solar Eclipse/New Moon – the so-called The Great American Eclipse – on Monday.

Obviously, the cabal has rolled out plans to “eclipse” or take away “Great America” and anything and everything that makes it great, specifically its history.

This is happening now because the astrology is making for the cabal’s best shot at doing so.

What they fail to accept is that they no longer control the energetic of the Eris Point.  The rebellion and revolution they seek to instill only blows back and hastens their demise.  The chaos they are attempting to unleash will only weaken their will and their ability to continue with their agenda.

Today’s energetics are among the TOP FIVE most challenging days of this year.

We will sustain and endure (like the “camel crossing the vast and forbidding desert”) and rise above distortions (like the “butterfly with the right wing more perfectly formed”).

Here are some tips:

GROUND YOURSELF WITH NATURE.  Go outdoors.  Be in the Sun (it is there, even if it is cloudy or chem-y)
FOCUS YOUR MIND WITH TASKS.  Distract from the swirl.  Cleaning or weeding a garden is excellent for this.
LISTEN TO MUSIC.  Music is prescriptive.

MOVE YOUR BODY.  This energy is fire-fire-fire.  Anxiety (fear) is moderated by movement.

ALIGN WITH TRANSFORMATION AND REBIRTH.  This is the mindset to have.  Flip it positive, no matter what.
MAKE FRIENDS WITH YOUR SHADOW SIDE.  It’s a Black Moon Day when we tend to turn our own fears onto others, accusing them of what we feel or what we do because we cannot face it in ourselves.  Have the courage to see what the Black Moon and Saturn are trying to show you about meaning and meaninglessness, truth and dishonesty, self approval and self rejection.  Avoid unleashing your Inner Saturn (the internal parent) on yourself.  It’s an archontic trick.  Counter mind loops with the opposite thought of what is trying to be driven in your head through mind chatter and self talk.

KEEP IT REAL by aligning your value system with your actions and decisions.  Speak truth to power if necessary.
AIM FOR THE LONG GAME through the understanding that a process is underway, one where wisdom and will return and unite.  The future is bright because we have already won this “war” with the archons.  Time just has to play itself out now.

A beautiful thing is happening today, but it may not seem like it.  Mercury retrograded opposite Neptune, which is also retrograde, making things hard to see or believe.

We believe, and today we will persevere.

Note:  The Moon will make exact opposition with the Black Moon at 8:37 pm ET/12:37 am UT (at the exact degree and arc minute aspecting the Eris Point!) and then with Saturn at 9:40 pm ET/1:40 am UT.  These are the apexes of the energetics today, but they are in effect all day.

Mantra for the Second Renaissance and the Return of Wisdom
All roads lead to Liberty.

Sophia ke Thelete acousome.  Wisdom and Will, let us attend.


Copyright Oracle Report 2009 – 2017.  All Rights Reserved

Permission to repost is granted provided credit is given to www.oraclereport.com.

John Smallman: You have become so accustomed to your severely limiting life as a human that it seems normal.

You have become so accustomed to your severely limiting life as a human that it seems normal.

by John Smallman

 Saul Audio Blog for Friday May 26th
Humanity’s awakening process appears very strange to many who are just now becoming aware that they are spiritual beings having a very temporary human experience.  As they feel the nudge or hear the call to attend to their inner life, their spiritual life, having given it very little of their time or attention so far, it seems a little threatening and rather demanding.  New interests or occupations often appear a little threatening to humans because they have become accustomed to following a regular routine that works for them and they do not like to change it, and new interests or new occupations always demand change.  If sought they can be exciting and energizing, but if it seems that they are being imposed upon them they resist quite strongly.  With the latter scenario they often go into denial and refuse to address the subject – change!  Change is the only unchanging aspect of the illusion!

Now, on Earth, as those of you who read messages channeled from the spiritual realms are well aware, enormous changes are occurring, changes that can seem to be catastrophic as the old order and the routine it managed collapses. Conflict and violence are arising in many unexpected places as the karmic inheritance of thousands of life-times on the Earth plane come to the surface of humanity’s collective awareness to be acknowledged, accepted, forgiven, and released.  And because the pain and suffering that is being unveiled is so intense, many are in shock.  The safe little world in which so many sought refuge is proving to be nothing of the kind.  It truly is providing an intense wake-up call for humanity, as it leads you toward your awakening into full consciousness, and that, despite all the appearances to the contrary, really is a reason to rejoice.

To rejoice raises your vibratory field, and it inspires you encouraging you to allow your creative energies to flow.  When they flow freely and you engage with them or run with them your motivation to do so intensifies.  You are creators just as God is, and when you are operating creatively, without judgment or anxiety, joy fills your heart.  To create is to be God-like, and because God created you in His own image and likeness you are, like Him, creators.

The human sense of being separate, an individual being apart from all others, encourages a sense of inadequacy because of the limitations that being human imposes upon you.  That is, you see others doing things that you cannot do, and you feel less than them.  You then try to make up for that inadequacy by working harder, studying harder, and getting more qualifications in order to compete with those others and win.  But the whole point of being human is to recognize your own creative side and develop that, which is quite different from any one else’s, in fact it is unique because no one is the same as anyone else.  When you honor your own uniqueness, your own individual creative abilities, and then allow yourself to develop them, you find satisfaction and contentment, and no longer need to measure yourself against others and judge the differences between you as good or bad, right or wrong.

And then, of course, conflicts do not arise.  Conflict arises because your egos keep calling out: “me, me, me!”  And they do that because they feel unsafe, threatened not only by the competences and abilities they see in others that they cannot see in themselves, but also because they do not recognize as valuable their own different creative abilities.

You cannot be as someone else, you can only be yourself, and yet in many cultures there is a continuous and ongoing collective judgment suggesting that if only you could be like someone else you would be much happier, and so would those whose judgment of you you choose to accept as more valid than your own.

But you are you, God created you perfectly as you, and He does not want you to try to be like someone else.  To try and be a better person by being like someone else is to disown yourself and to disown the beautiful being that your loving Father created.  It is in effect a negative judgment of God!

However, God does not take offense, He is perfect, infinite, unconditional Love, and he completely and utterly accepts everyone.  He makes no exceptions because He created you all as perfect aspects or parts of Himself, except that you are not parts or aspects of Him, you are One with Him.  To judge you would be to judge Himself and that makes no sense.

You need to focus intently and regularly on the divine truth that you and God are One.  You need to keep reminding yourself of this.  You have a saying in the large world-wide self-improvement community “Fake it till you make it!”  Well, you have already made it, you are, due to religious, cultural, ethnic, and various other influences that have affected your human growth and development, just refusing to be aware of this.

The original choice to experience separation from God by building the illusion and moving into it included the choice to then be unaware of your divine heritage.  You wanted to undo your eternal relationship at One with God and go it alone, detached, unzipped, disconnected from the Source that is You!  And with your enormously powerful creative energy you managed to construct an environment where it seems that you are alone, a very small and insignificant being in a vast and overwhelming cosmos.  But of course you are that cosmos and all else that exists!  There is only God.  There is nothing apart from Him, and therefore you are Him, but with almost all awareness of that sublime state absent from your awareness while you are in human form.

To awaken, as you are doing, is to once again know yourself as One with God, inseparable from Him, and eternally creating with Him for the delight and joy of doing so.  And that joy is utterly beyond description and beyond your ability to conceive of in your severely limited state of being as a human.  You chose limitation because the idea amused you, but you did not realize how intense that limitation would be or how weak and feeble you would believe yourself to be while confined within a human body.

The body is essential for your sojourn in the illusion and it can provide pleasure and enjoyment as well as pain and suffering, but it cannot possibly embrace the fullness of the energy field that is God, that is Love, that is Reality.  Were it to attempt to do so it would disintegrate instantly and very violently, and you would require a very long period of rest and recuperation from the shock of such a terminal event.

The awakening process has been carefully and divinely planned to ensure that it occurs smoothly, gently, and with an intense experience of being loved.  When you feel the Love that is being offered to you, you will be unable to resist It or retreat from It because Its attraction is so strong.  It will draw you Home, which is where, at the deepest level of your being, you always are.

To awaken demands nothing of you.  All you need do is to allow it to happen.  You have become so accustomed to your severely limiting life as a human that it seems normal, and you are very reluctant to release your hold on it.  It seems to most of you that your human body provides the only form of life available to you, and even if it is very painful you do not want to let it go.

The purpose of going within daily to that holy inner sanctuary where the Light of God’s Love burns continuously is to become gently acclimatized to Love.  Love is POWERFUL!  You have no idea how powerful It is, and when you know yourself once more as Love, as you will, joy and wonder will flood into your heart – the Tsunami of Love – as you become once more aware of Who You are, the divine and perfect child of God, forever at One with Him in brilliance and glory.  All wants, needs, and fears will have dissolved as the Oneness that is God and You are once more consciously recognized and most lovingly embraced.  There is a well known saying: “Home is where the heart is!”  And that is true.

With so very much love, Saul.

Ascension Notes: Evolving Higher – 02-Apr-2017 by Kara Schallock | Soulstice Rising

Ascension Notes: Evolving Higher – 02-Apr-2017
by Kara Schallock | Soulstice Rising

Just because the Equinox has come and gone, according to man-made time, please remember that there is no time in the higher dimensions…thus, we are still being affected by this powerful energy. The Equinox is giving us a big push into the higher dimensions, as much as they are within us. They are helping us to separate from the 3D world of duality. The New is Soul-based; the old is ego-based. The New has nothing to do with old programs, beliefs or thoughts. It is fresh and we can’t take the old and expect to create the New from it. We have been shown where we are still attached to the old and have been nudged to let it all go and make room for the New, as guided by Soul. We have had the opportunity to finalize old karmic patterns and contracts that we made long ago; or I should say, were made for us based on an ongoing karmic pattern. Being in the New, we are shown new aspects of who we truly are and receive opportunities to express ourselves as Soul; if we take them.

These opportunities are connected to choices and actions you take. The highest frequencies of these choices and actions are Love, Joy and Passion. These are Soul Essences. As you merge with Soul, you embody these essences, which take you higher in consciousness, which then affects every aspect of your life and imbues your life with these Soul Essences. See? It’s a Spiral of Love. Then you love and accept yourself and others with no old expectations of how they “should” be or how you “should” be. Shoulds are based on old beliefs, patterns and rules. They do not belong in the New; they are very much of the old; not a part of who you are now.

Certainly the energies can feel a bit confusing. In one minute, we feel very anchored in the New and the next minute feel entrenched in the old. You see, the period of linear time is done; linear means going from one thing to another in some sort of order. Flow is not like this. It ebbs and flows. So go with what is. If you feel yourself being pulled back in the old, see if there is something that is pulling you back and something that wants release. Otherwise, just go with it. Stay out of self-judgment. Release what wants release gently and easily; we are not in a race. If you feel grief, allow it and then release it. If you feel sad, allow it and then release it. If you feel anger, allow it and then release it. Fill up with Divine Love always after release; otherwise you create a void after you release and the old often returns to fill up that void. Isn’t it best to continue to fill up with Divine Love? Of course, we also release and rise in layers, much like peeling an onion. We remove the outer layers and the deeper layers are revealed. No matter, continue to accept, release and fill up. Do not linger or analyze what comes up from your depths; simply accept, release and fill up. Once you begin to analyze and wonder about it, you attach to the old energy and this keeps it within you. Keep your vibration high by not attaching to anything old. Always see the bigger picture without needing to know why something is occurring. As you shift your perception from “what’s wrong” to “what’s right,” your world shifts. You have a choice…you can wallow or evolve.

While I don’t like to focus on “Ascension phenomena,” it sometimes helps to know that what you are experiencing physically is because of the ongoing downloads of Light and your bodies are adjusting. There is no difference between emotions, thoughts and physical phenomena, for they are all One. What affects one, affects all. The downloads are Light and they upgrade everything you are. Go with it without intellectually wondering if you ate something that doesn’t agree with you, are allergic to something or that you picked up some bad juju. Instead, take care of yourself as best you can. You can ask different parts of your body what it needs. Remember that these adjustments and upgrades help you to anchor new or forgotten gifts; gifts to share and gifts to help you be on the best path for your highest expression. Your Soul is in charge. Your ego is the expressor of Soul. When you meditate in your Heart or High Heart, you empower you as Soul. You and Soul are One. Soul is your Highest Self and it is Source. When you follow your guidance, you enhance your Divinity.

There may be major life changes. These can be anything from a family quarrel to a completely changed environment. Realize that it’s all created by you, whether consciously or otherwise. However the changes appear, trust it’s all for your highest evolution. If you find yourself blaming something or someone for these changes, let that old energy go. Everything is designed for you, by you, to lift you higher. You can ask yourself how you want to perceive the change. When you perceive anything from a higher point of view, you evolve. If you blame (like so many are doing these days, regardless of who they say they are), you hold onto the old, especially when your perception is that this thing, whatever it is; is happening to you and not for you. You can look at it dispassionately and respond differently than you would have in the past. Be grateful for all in your life; stay away from judging anything as “good” or “bad,” for this is duality.

Some of us experience being able to see through the “veil.” For instance, some may see stars that move, different colors and shapes and manifestations of other things that aren’t “normal” in 3D life. This is because our minds and perceptions are shifting higher. We can talk with other-worldly beings; they love it when we do. I am also receiving information that many of the Ascended Masters are here with us, as are many angels. Of course, many of us are angels as well. There are more folks on Earth, because we all want to be a part of this tremendous, never before experienced, time on Earth. There is no-one or nothing that isn’t touched by this shift. Many may not realize it and yet, that doesn’t matter. What matters is that we put one foot in front of the other and follow our own Divine Path.

Living with such Awareness does not mean there are no challenges; it’s just that you see through the challenges in a different way. Let’s change the word “challenge” to opportunity, for that is what a challenge is. You flow with them, rather than resist them or blame someone for them. Each time you move through a challenge (opportunity), you move quickly on a Wave of Grace. You don’t get stuck in some circular ongoing merry-go-round when you have Awareness and a higher perspective. There are no limitations, aside from what you create yourself based on old beliefs. If you feel stuck, see how you are creating this by what you believe is true. With each step, we anchor the New onto Earth and activate more and more the New Earth Grid. Connect and ground to it; this helps you and Gaia.

These upgrades release toxins, for we are pure energy. We may appear solid, yet we aren’t. As we receive more Light, we shift. If we were solid, we wouldn’t experience change. As we align with the higher dimensional Light, we help our bodies align with this high energy, so that we become One with it. When we don’t align with the higher energies, we create a push-pull or schism and this results in pain…mentally, emotionally and physically. How can we align? By flowing with changes and not resisting them; by meditating; by being in Nature. Having high vibrational thoughts also helps. This is staying positive with what is. Yet, when we experience headaches, anxiety, tummy upset, depression, backaches and other physical phenomena, we want to blame it on something. Blame is resistance. Better to flow with the higher energies, for when you flow with, you do not resist; you align with whatever energy is flowing into you. When you hold onto old emotions, thoughts and beliefs, you are not congruent with the higher energies and therefore, are in resistance. When you release the old and make guided new choices, you align. All emotions create something physical, as do all thoughts. Scan your body and find where you are holding some old belief or energy (perhaps it is something you hold pain about or something/someone you need to forgive). Ask your body and Soul-Self to help you let it go and fill the empty space with Divine Love afterward. When energy flows freely, there is healing/wholing. When you are clear, you align with the higher energies and while you may still have adjustments in your body, they will feel easier than when you resist.

All of the masters have told us that we will do these things and greater things. This is the time. Meditate, breathe and move gently with Awareness. Love yourself; all aspects of you; and flow. Ask all your bodies what they need for Wholeness and then follow their guidance. You are on Earth for a purpose and that purpose is to Be Love.

~ ~ ~

If so guided, your continued tithes are graciously and gratefully accepted. And thank you to those of you who consistently tithe to support this body of work. Tithing is giving from the Heart; creating a consciousness of Prosperity. I am blessed and grateful for each of you!


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Dear ones, we greet you with great love and in celebration as the New earth Year begins.

It will be a year of change both within and without for everyone, even those choosing to remain comfortably settled in the old. You have done the preparation work and are now ready to live and experience the new.

On earth there is always the temptation to fear–fear for Gaia and fear for self. An inordinate fear of some person, place, or thing bestows on it power that in and of itself, it does not have, adding energy to and keeping alive the illusion. This may be difficult for some to accept and if it is so for you, take it into a contemplative meditation and work with it, asking for understanding.

In this new year you will see many begin to empower themselves, becoming more physically, emotionally, and spiritually strong. Outrageous proclamations, rules, and actions will serve to push even the most timid into action allowing them to reclaim their innate power. Thus, much of what you imagine and fear will not take place because you as empowered people, will not allow it.

The energy of the old no longer suits an awakening majority. The consciousness of the people is the government, but the majority have not realized this and instead have looked to self promoting others to make decisions for them.

One by one, individuals are awakening and re-claiming the power they ignorantly gave to those happy to claim it for themselves. For most, the seceding of personal power began in other lifetimes and has been carried into this one through cellular memory. Much world chaos at this time is indeed the expression of awakening personal power but it is being interpreted through the three dimensional belief system.

We see in this new year a majority courageously standing up for earth, her people, and her creatures–pushed to take a stand by the actions of those who wish to move the evolutionary clock backwards through force in an effort to keep the status quo.

Maintain energies of truth and Light in your consciousness always dear ones, observing and taking action as you may be guided but never forgetting that there is in reality, only ONE POWER.

Change frightens those who translate change into loss–loss of what is familiar and known and thus perceived to be necessary. Until an individual begins to realize the true nature of himself as well as all others, he will continue to assign power for good or evil to everything in his life and act accordingly. However, even in situations that are negative, destructive, or extremely unpleasant, there remain those who refuse to change or move on because familiarity seems easier.

Changes are coming. It is what you have wanted, asked for, and are ready for, so do not resist when change happens. As you evolve into a higher state of consciousness through the realization of who and what you really are, the outer scene will become less important because you now understand that appearances in and of themselves have no real power to sustain them.

Only Ideas embodied infinitely within the One Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient Divine Consciousness are power. Divine Consciousness does not change, judge, or even care what is being dreamed. It forever IS–perfect, whole, and complete.

It is time to begin the day to day living of the truth you have worked so hard to understand and incorporate into consciousness. The time has come to stop the continual searching and seeking for God because you have found him–he is within. Live this realization every day with every bit of news and with every activity of daily living–God alone is Power.

You all chose to be here at this powerful time and have much to offer the awakening world. Know that the resonance of your Light/energy field affects everyone you come into contact with. You may wonder when you discover that some are repelled and act accordingly. They sense but are unable to align with your energy. Others will be drawn to it. This is the work–going about your day with no need say or do anything out of the ordinary, just being the Light.

You will discover some ready and wanting to hear what you know, sensing from your energy that you have what they seek. These are the ones you can begin to give truth to–small bits at first until you know they are ready and asking for more.

Never give pearls of truth to those not yet prepared for them in the belief that you are helping them in some way. A consciousness not yet ready for truth will simply see it as nonsense, often throwing it back at the giver or trampling it with ridicule. Truth must be kept sacred and safe–trust your intuition in these situations.

Hold on to your hats dear ones, because much is going to take place in this new year. A group of un-awakened humans cannot halt the evolutionary process of mankind. Remember always that in reality, the world is a spiritual Universe, peopled with sons of God and governed by love.

Our New Year message to you dear ones, is a reminder to hold fast to truth spite of the many outer appearances that will tempt you as things appear to get worse before they get better.

Never forget that one with God is a majority.

We are the Arcturian Group 1/1/17

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Jesus through John: Humanity is ready for change! | John Smallman

Jesus through John: Humanity is ready for change!
| John Smallman

Jesus Audio Blog for Sunday October 30th


Humanity’s awakening process is further intensifying, as you may well have noticed.  The need to awaken is emerging into the collective human awareness as the pain and suffering of the illusion, the dream or nightmare in which it seems you presently have your existence, becomes increasingly unacceptable.  Violent and frequent conflicts and disagreements at every level of society in every nation and culture are leading to exhaustion and a deep seated desire for peace.  Those who have been in control for so long are in disarray as the power they thought they had and owned dissolves leaving them confused and terrified.

The nightmare that so many on Earth have been experiencing is drawing to a close as an era of peace, harmony, and creative cooperation flows in to replace it.  It will be a new and gentle era, very different from the one to which you have for so long been accustomed, as people come together to join in love and completely change the way society has been interacting for eons.  Housing the homeless and feeding the hungry is the first priority, then, all across the planet, work will commence to repair the damage that large international corporations have done by mining, drilling, logging, dumping toxic wastes, and by industrial scale farming using utterly inappropriate pesticides and fertilizers.

Humanity is ready for change!  And massive changes are occurring that will completely alter the way humans interact with one another and with the planet, your earthly home.  Your true nature is Love, you know that, but you chose collectively to hide your true nature from yourselves in order to play the game of separation in the illusion, but the many games you could choose from were only possible if you actively and very effectively forgot who you were.  You made that choice, and then renewed it each time you chose to incarnate as a human on your beautiful planet.

Having forgotten who you were, you became alarmed – many of you today have memory problems as humans and find this at the least unsettling and, sometimes, even terrifying – and feared for your very survival.  You developed an ego to advise and protect you from the dangers you imagined surrounded you and programed it to be fearful and mistrustful of others and of the world in general.  And this general lack of trust led to secrecy, betrayal and conflict, conditions that are now endemic throughout the human collective, and to most the states of constant caution that have arisen as a direct result seem wise and sensible when you live in such an apparently dangerous environment.

However, the dangers of your environment are but scenarios that you invented to make your games interesting, and you can remove them at any time you choose to do so.  You are all beings of enormous power, in fact in the terms of your limited human environment, your powers, were you aware of them, would seem infinite.  You change the environment in which you experience life and you change the experiences presented to you by the intent that you hold.  Your intent is what you generally think about or dwell upon, but frequently it is at a level below your conscious human awareness because it is so constant and unchanging, mostly guided by an underlying sense of fear.  It is a little like the electricity that flows in your homes and powers the appliances, you are generally unaware of it – although you use it almost constantly – until it fails.

You have forgotten how powerful you are!  That amnesia is an aspect of the illusion that is essential to its seeming reality.  If you remembered who you are and how powerful you are the illusion would just dissolve into the nothingness from which you imagined it into being.  Humanity’s awakening process is a process of remembering who you are, and signs of that awakening surround you even though many still choose not to see them.

The illusion has become very familiar, it appears to be your natural home.  The air you breathe, the water you drink, the food you eat are all essential aspects of it that enable you to live embodied as form within it, as a human being.  But you are so very much more than the human form with which you have temporarily identified.  In human terms, unimaginably more!  You have become thoroughly accustomed to smallness.  You see yourselves as practically insignificant in the larger scheme of things, i.e. in relation to the universe in which you are presently experiencing life, and that too causes you to be fearful.  But that is an unreal environment which you chose to construct and inhabit!

Finding yourselves so small and limited you imagined an ego, alsowith very limited intelligence,to be your competent protector, and gave it power over you at the intention center of your mind so that it could respond instantly to threats and dangers, thus keeping you safe.  Because its abilities are extremely limited it frequently flees into fear and then reacts inappropriately to what are truly quite unreal threats, and conflicts result.

You are not your ego!  Your ego is like an automatic guidance system that maintains direction as you follow your human life path and prevents you from colliding with objects in your path, thus freeing you for creative thought and allowing you to open your heart to engage with the Love field in which you have your eternal existence.  However, your ego keeps on distracting you from the peace within by calling to mind anything that will disturb that sense of peace.  When you are at peace your ego feels abandoned, and it will do absolutely anything to get your attention.  Whenever you feel fear, anger, judgment, or anxiety it is your ego that is controlling your mind and demanding your undivided attention.

Whenever you become aware of this, take a very deep breath and remind yourself that you are a beloved child of God, forever safe in His divine embrace, and make the intent to open your heart and invite God’s Love to fill it.  Doing just this allows the abundance of divine Love to pour into your heart and bring you peace.  Until doing that becomes automatic you will have to keep remaking that intent in moments of stress as your ego attempts to keep you fearful by drawing you out of the peace that dwells always within you.  And as you remake that intent remind yourselves that you are divine beings of enormous power who need fear nothing!


Your loving brother, Jesus.

Chaos, Creativity and Pandora’s Real Box | Sophia’s Children

Chaos, Creativity and Pandora’s Real Box | Sophia’s Children

Pandora's Box, 1871, by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. PD image courtesy of Wikimedia.
Pandora’s Box, 1871, by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. PD image courtesy of Wikimedia.

“If everything is uncertain, then the future is open to human creativity, to possibility and therefore to a better world.” ~ Immanuel Wallerstein

We don’t normally see chaos as an ally, because it seems so, well, chaotic. Uncertain. It feels uncomfortable and thus unfriendly.

It freaks us out when ‘real life’ starts going all Salvador Dali on us and melting and shapeshifting whether we want it to or not (and often, we don’t, even if we sort of do).

Part of the problem is that we’ve been taught that change is bad — that we’re supposed to create things that have ‘staying power’ and just keep on growing and expanding endlessly in the form that we envision.

The 1897 painting of fighting "Laelaps" (now Dryptosaurus) by Charles R. Knight. PD-US, Wikimedia.
The 1897 painting of fighting “Laelaps” (now Dryptosaurus) by Charles R. Knight. PD-US, Wikimedia.


When things start changing, the dear, sweet Lizard brain gets all stirred up and we fall easily into fear (because we think it should stay the same) and we cling to what’s dissolving. Understandable, but not particularly helpful (and I speak from experience!).

Given that everything seems to be shifting around us at the moment, constantly and in a freakishly accelerated way, it seems timely to take a fresh look at chaos, and explore making it our ally.

In various timeless, Indigenous and/or Ancient Wisdom traditions, all is energy, and energy is always moving, transmuting, morphing, and shapeshifting.

Energy becomes one thing, then falls apart or dissolves so that the energy is freed to become something else.

The ancients saw this as Life expressing itself in endless varieties.

Galactic Center, Milky Way. Hubble-NASA, Chandra Xray. PD-US.
Galactic Center, Milky Way.
Hubble-NASA, Chandra Xray. PD-US.

For ancients and alchemists, chaos is the very center of creativity — the pure pool of creative potential that ultimately finds expression or takes a particular form. One might say that chaos is the wellspring of manifestation. That definitely makes it an ally!

Instead of panicking because energy has become stagnant and wants to move, which means something is going to fall apart or dissolve, we can look through the appearance to the energy of creation behind it, and know that it’s going to become something new, and often much better if we allow it and work with it rather than struggling against it.

But how do we remember our innate capacity for co-creating with chaos, for opening into a conversation, a dance, with that Source energy of creation … particularly when the Lizard Brain with its ‘negativity bias’ is a part of us, and an ancient, deeply conditioned part of us at that?

There are many paths and many practices, from a variety of traditions, yet the crucial elements are finding the stillness within you, a portal for working with the energy of creation.

I’m not saying that’s easy — for me sometimes it flows gracefully and sometimes, often, it’s deep practice.

And Then There’s Pandora …

So what does all of this have to do with Pandora and her famed ‘box of ills’ (aka chaos)?

Quite a bit.

Pandora, 19th century, by Charles Amable Lenoir. PD-US, Wikimedia.
Pandora, 19th century, by Charles
Amable Lenoir. PD-US, Wikimedia.

Pandora, starting with the Greeks, became a feared force that ‘opened the box’ and unleashed all manner of horrors upon poor humans.

Sort of like Lilith, Mary Magdalene, and more than a few other Mothers.

This, as it turns out, was Pandora’s story as rewritten in support of an emerging Patriarchal worldview – change the myths, and you change the culture.

Sort of like Lilith, Mary Magdalene, and more than a few other Mothers. Again. Only fair to repeat it.

Very tedious, but there we are.

We’re in reclamation mode now, though, not weeping endlessly over spilled milk mode (though neither are we denying that milk was, indeed, spilled).

Originally, though, Pandora was another face and name for the Great Many-Named Mother, Sophia, Gaia, Cybele, and many more, who provided all that was needed, and provided it generously and abundantly.

Pandora as Great Mother had her jar — shaped like a womb — from which all abundance grew.

Pandora, 1881, by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema. PD-US, Wikimedia.
Pandora, 1881, by Sir Lawrence
Alma-Tadema. PD-US, Wikimedia.

Pandora’s story reminds us that the chaos we fear is actually full with abundant new possibilities, creative inspiration, and ample energies in support of positive change.

Pandora, like chaos, can once again become our ally as creative artists of our own lives — and of a new ways of being, living, and working that serve all.

Sure, it’s deep practice, but so is much that is worthwhile … and the creative process itself stirs out of that same chaotic, unformed energy and spirals into expression in and through and around us.

By delving back into a remembrance of the gifts of what has been called the Sacred Feminine, or reclaimed Feminine, we open the jar of (healthy, grounded, inspired) hope and true abundance.

You’ll find a plentiful and abundant offering of musings on the Reclaimed Feminine in the ‘reader favorite’ Deep Feminine Mysteries page here at Sophia’s Children.

Another favorite on this theme: Uncertainty & the Spirit of Creative Adventure, from The Wake-Up Juice archives.

Big Love and Blessings on the Way,


Via: https://laurabruno.wordpress.com/2016/10/22/chaos-creativity-and-pandoras-real-box/