Radical Trust by Shanta Gabriel

Radical Trust by Shanta Gabriel

Dear Ones,


In every moment, you are being guided on a path to Oneness with All That Is.

There are times when the lessons on the path may feel more difficult than others. You may question if you have taken a detour off the path of your Soul Purpose. You could even wonder if you are doing something wrong.


There is a sure-fire way to discover the answer to these time-honored questions. The answer lies in Gratitude.


It can be necessary to give thanks for the challenges, difficulties and obstacles on your path. We know this is a very difficult thing to do. You may worry that giving thanks will make you receive more of what you are currently struggling with. Feeling angry for what you are experiencing gets stronger, and resistance to What Is may suddenly take over your consciousness. This idea of being thankful for circumstances that seem unfair and monumental does not sit easily for most people.


It is just at these times that trusting that you are being guided and cared for in every moment is necessary. You are on an accelerated trajectory and all that you need to be in harmony with your greatest Soul Reality is being provided moment to moment.


This is the time of Equinox, when darkness and light are in perfect Balance. This is an example of your most beneficial emotional state as well.1


When you can release the attachment to outcomes, as frightening as that may seem, you are demonstrating the required neutrality for Life at this time. Your Soul is asking you to rely therefore on Radical Trust, even if it means leaping empty handed into the Void.


Every step you take, bless it. Ask to be in Alignment with your Soul’s Highest Purpose on Earth. That sets the stage for Divine Orchestration of all that is required for you to be in perfect Harmony with that prayer. It will be chosen by your Soul with all the lessons, experiences and challenges provided in perfect timing, all in Divine Order. Trusting this process may be one of your greatest challenges.


So on this day of Equinox, step into the Equanimity that allows you to offer all outcomes to the Wisdom of your Soul. Ask to expand your Faith and Trust in the process. Remember you are not alone, ever!


As you open your heart and mind to Gratitude, trust that you are being supported by a Love that never ends. All is well. And so it is.


Shanta Gabriel for
Archangel Gabriel
September 22, 2017

A Note from Shanta:

Leaping empty handed into the Void in total Trust seems to be a theme in a lot of people’s lives right now. I know a surprising number of people who are leaving town. Some say it is because our Mt. Shasta winter was too big last year to handle after four years of mild drought winters.

I am sure that is true for some, but people all over the world are being called by their inner spirit to move to new places. My guidance has said that people are being moved by their Soul to where they most need to be right now. Some I know are in resistance, feeling as though they just got settled, but are aware of an essential movement inside their hearts taking them to a new life. I know several people who are selling or giving away everything they own, showing Radical Trust in their commitment to their inner spiritual guidance.

I know I have been in this situation;  more than once surprisingly. Usually it occurred just as I was beginning to feel settled. Sometimes I stayed in one place for as long as 3 years, however it as also been as frequent as every 2-3 months. It has always been hugely frightening! Every time I needed to mark it as a demonstration of my willingness to follow my heart even when it meant giving up all I had ever known.

It is not an easy thing to give thanks in a time of tumultuous upheaval  Changing our lives is often burdensome, always scary, and may require a letting go of many things, people and pets, in order to follow the next step in our Soul’s growth. Deep breath!

And for some people, if they were not willing to follow the inner nudges of their hearts to make a change, the Universe may step in and take it all away in a heart beat. This has been in evidence very recently. My guidance says no matter how it looks, there is a Divine Plan.

What I also noticed however, was a tremendous sense of adventure that would leap unbidden into my heart when my journey was finally underway. Often as I began my drive, there would be a rainbow or a cloud that looked like an Angel on the horizon. In some way I am usually shown that I am being guided and protected. I even like to think that my willingness to trust is being celebrated by my Soul’s guidance.

It is a powerful time to be alive and we are being asked to stay in Balance and Equanimity as much as we can. Equinox can give us a true inner sense of that place within us.

It is a step by step process, relying on the Inner Gyroscope of our Soul to bring us back to center. We would never find ourselves in such a position, if we were not being held in loving wings of Pure Light, protected and cared for, guided in every moment.

I believe it is an Act of Faith.


Thank you for your Courage and Willingness to participate in New Life.

Love and Blessings, Shanta

September 22, 2017



Planetary Aspects End of September and all of October 2017 All Signs must watch! | Psychic Sounds by B

Planetary Aspects End of September and all of October 2017 All Signs must watch! Psychic Progno

Published on Sep 18, 2017


These are the psychic planetary aspect prognosis for Sept 25 thru Oct 31 2017. While mathematical degrees and positions are used not all messages are purely astrological. Best of luck to all of you as justice and farness are illuminated as well as a significant number of trying times. Better than August and September but only by a small margin. Hope these help you, Blessings ~B

The Akashic Records of September 2017 by Jen Eramith (an excerpt from the Monthly Message) | Akashic Transformations

The Akashic Records of September 2017 by Jen Eramith (an excerpt from the Monthly Message)
| Akashic Transformations

The energy this month is clear. There is a sense of honesty and of being forthright that emerges this month. This is not to say that things are quiet; in fact, this is a very active month. And yet there is clarity resounding through the entire time period. This clarity has a sweeping energy. Clear perspective sweeps through, almost like a hurricane clearing everything out of its path.

This month brings an opportunity to see things for what they really are more than ever before. There is no more room for denial. There is no room for tolerating deception, and no reward for being sneaky this month. Nothing sneaky will work. The only thing that will work well this month is honesty.

You can expect to engage in the difficult process of facing a truth that you have been ignoring, or a truth that was previously hidden from you. Many of you will feel betrayed as you realize things are not what they seemed, or something you believed was never true. It will be important to have compassion with yourself and with others. Even if you are frustrated with one another, try your best to offer compassion and understanding as people wake up and realize things that you may have known for a long time.

This sweeping clarity may be difficult, but it is also profoundly reassuring. It is the feeling when you finally sit down and get to work on something you had avoided. It is a relief to rise above the dread of procrastination. The hard work is before you, and yet there is something clean, clear, and restful in your mind when the struggle is over and you start working. This is the energy available for you in September 2017.

To become a Member: Join Akashic Transformations for access to the full monthly message and to the library of channelings, audio recordings, and more! Here is a list of the benefits of membership.

Members: Login here to your membership account, then read the entire Message under the Members tab above. Enjoy!

THE ORACLE REPORT: Wednesday, August 16, 2017


THE ORACLE REPORT:  Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Third Quarter Moon Phase:  revise, realign

Moon in Gemini

Sun: 25 Leo – “a large camel crossing a vast and forbidding desert”

Higher Expression:  perseverance, persistence, stamina, completing something difficult or outstanding, survival, reserves, inner strength, the energy for change

Lower Expression:  testing others to see how they feel instead of directly asking, running on fumes, reacting only by instinct and without thinking, giving in to the shadow side

Earth: 25 Aquarius – “a butterfly with the right wing more perfectly formed”

Higher Expression:  rising above or “out-vibrating” that which seeks to bring us down, beautiful creations and acts of love, color variation, coming out of an old way, self acceptance

Lower Expression:  lines of separation and division in advance of transformation, distorted, out of balance, perfectionism, conflict between emotions and logic


Skill is required on this Black Moon Day.

First, let’s list all of the astrological aspects occurring today so that we see the immensity, and then let’s summarize to keep it as simple and as real as possible.  You don’t need to even read all of these aspects; I list them for emphasis because there are so many:

Sun conjunct North Node, Earth conjunct South Node, Moon oppose Black Moon, Moon oppose Saturn, Black Moon conjunct Saturn, Mercury oppose Neptune, Venus oppose Pluto, Moon sextile Mars, Venus square Jupiter, Mars trine Black Moon and Saturn, and the biggies – Jupiter/Venus/Pluto/Mars/Moon/Sun/Nodes/Black Moon/Saturn aspect ERIS POINT.  Most of the solar system is aspecting 20 Aries 36 – the Eris Point or location in the zodiac where the planet Eris was discovered.

This is happening as we approach the Total Solar Eclipse/New Moon – the so-called The Great American Eclipse – on Monday.

Obviously, the cabal has rolled out plans to “eclipse” or take away “Great America” and anything and everything that makes it great, specifically its history.

This is happening now because the astrology is making for the cabal’s best shot at doing so.

What they fail to accept is that they no longer control the energetic of the Eris Point.  The rebellion and revolution they seek to instill only blows back and hastens their demise.  The chaos they are attempting to unleash will only weaken their will and their ability to continue with their agenda.

Today’s energetics are among the TOP FIVE most challenging days of this year.

We will sustain and endure (like the “camel crossing the vast and forbidding desert”) and rise above distortions (like the “butterfly with the right wing more perfectly formed”).

Here are some tips:

GROUND YOURSELF WITH NATURE.  Go outdoors.  Be in the Sun (it is there, even if it is cloudy or chem-y)
FOCUS YOUR MIND WITH TASKS.  Distract from the swirl.  Cleaning or weeding a garden is excellent for this.
LISTEN TO MUSIC.  Music is prescriptive.

MOVE YOUR BODY.  This energy is fire-fire-fire.  Anxiety (fear) is moderated by movement.

ALIGN WITH TRANSFORMATION AND REBIRTH.  This is the mindset to have.  Flip it positive, no matter what.
MAKE FRIENDS WITH YOUR SHADOW SIDE.  It’s a Black Moon Day when we tend to turn our own fears onto others, accusing them of what we feel or what we do because we cannot face it in ourselves.  Have the courage to see what the Black Moon and Saturn are trying to show you about meaning and meaninglessness, truth and dishonesty, self approval and self rejection.  Avoid unleashing your Inner Saturn (the internal parent) on yourself.  It’s an archontic trick.  Counter mind loops with the opposite thought of what is trying to be driven in your head through mind chatter and self talk.

KEEP IT REAL by aligning your value system with your actions and decisions.  Speak truth to power if necessary.
AIM FOR THE LONG GAME through the understanding that a process is underway, one where wisdom and will return and unite.  The future is bright because we have already won this “war” with the archons.  Time just has to play itself out now.

A beautiful thing is happening today, but it may not seem like it.  Mercury retrograded opposite Neptune, which is also retrograde, making things hard to see or believe.

We believe, and today we will persevere.

Note:  The Moon will make exact opposition with the Black Moon at 8:37 pm ET/12:37 am UT (at the exact degree and arc minute aspecting the Eris Point!) and then with Saturn at 9:40 pm ET/1:40 am UT.  These are the apexes of the energetics today, but they are in effect all day.

Mantra for the Second Renaissance and the Return of Wisdom
All roads lead to Liberty.

Sophia ke Thelete acousome.  Wisdom and Will, let us attend.


Copyright Oracle Report 2009 – 2017.  All Rights Reserved

Permission to repost is granted provided credit is given to www.oraclereport.com.

Selacia: Choosing Hope in Dark Times – Using What You Know Intuitively

Choosing Hope in Dark Times – Using What You Know Intuitively

Planetary energies in these moments are pushing us to redefine ourselves and what it means to be powerful agents of change. The old world we were used to is dying and being restructured. The new world we want to live in remains under construction. Progress towards a more enlightened society has been made, and many more positive changes are in the works.

Choosing Hope in Dark Times - Using What You Know Intuitively

To be sure, we continue to live in dark times. The light is there, however. Our challenge and indeed our skillful means of moving forward is to be able to witness both extremes. Seeing them side by side, fearlessly and without agenda, helps us to prevail. Indeed, for the changes we want, we cannot afford to develop amnesia and isolate ourselves in our homes and like-minded communities.

What is Needed Now

Conscious involvement in an elevated way is needed. What do I mean by elevated? I’m referring to active participation that factors in the big picture rather than the mundane. Big picture includes humanity’s cycles of evolution over time as well as our own lifetimes of preparation for being here in these moments.

Mundane approaches include obsessing about the news and who is doing what. Also included in this category are reactionary fear-based responses. Outrage is one of them. It’s okay to feel outrage and acknowledge to ourselves we are outraged about things. It’s counterproductive, though, to get stuck in outrage mode.

Moving Beyond Outrage

What’s needed is a constructive response. As a divine changemaker, you know the difference between simply voicing outrage and taking positive actions to support things you are passionate about. It feels different inside in your heart when you take this higher road. You feel good about it. To focus on and support things you believe in will energize you. To act from outrage will deplete you.

To fulfill your soul’s purpose this life, you must be fully engaged with life and hone your inner wisdom so that you have an unbreakable bond with spirit. As you do this, your inner guidance will show you the appropriate next steps. Many of these will show up as windows of opportunity to act on with divine timing. Small steps can lead to big leaps.

Gifts of Your Inner Wisdom

Your inner wisdom will help steer you towards the light, the truth, and the right view of situations. It will help you avoid fantasy thinking – like the trap of believing everything will be okay in the end regardless of what you do. It will help you stay focused on hope, an energy that allows for wondrous developments arising from the quantum levels of the unknown. To feel hope is to acknowledge the potentials that indeed exist, and to feed their creation with your consciousness, focus, and actions.

As you do this, you become the hope of the world. You become a miracle worker who leaves behind seeds of positive change for the next generations.

© Selacia. All Rights Reserved.
Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this entire copyright notice, with link back to this website, and the full article text.

Selacia Selacia is a globally known writer, DNA intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, and the creator of The Divine Changemakers.

Browse her website and benefit from unique spiritual transformation tools offered, or follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more timely and inspirational insights.

THE ORACLE REPORT: Thursday, June 29, 2017

horse Tabby.jpeg

THE ORACLE REPORT: Thursday, June 29, 2017

Moon Phase Matrix:
 Crescent Moon Phase:  challenge, growth, struggle

Moon in Virgo

Emissary of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom):
 Dhumavati, Goddess Who Sorts and Winnows

Emissary of the Aeon Thelete (Will): 
Kathe, God of the South

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Day:

     Sun – 9 Degrees Cancer “A Small naked girl bends over a sparkling pond trying to catch a fish.”

     Earth – 9 Degrees Capricorn “An Angel comes carrying a harp.”

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month Cancer:
 “An arctic explorer leads a reindeer through icy canyons.

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year:
 “a woman’s hat with streamers blown by the east wind”
From Andrew:
While the moon is in Virgo Attention towards details is on the increase, with a tendency to fault-finding, cleanliness and neatness. It is a good time to undertake routine, painstaking work, and to search for and correct errors.

Sun –
A Small naked girl bends over a sparkling pond trying to catch a fish. – Innocence and Naivete are seen in this symbol. The girl is grasping for something beyond her reach. If you find yourself not understanding something, have fun with it. That sense of delight may lead you the satisfaction you desire.

Earth –
An Angel comes carrying a harp. This symbol speaks of caring for others in need and being there for them when they need it. Angels come when they are called. Often it is about tuning into that healing energy and radiating it forth. Sharing your own vibration that can be seen as inspiration and comfort.


THE ORACLE REPORT: Wednesday, June 28, 2017



THE ORACLE REPORT: Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Moon Phase Matrix: Crescent Moon Phase:  challenge, growth, struggle

Moon in Virgo

Emissary of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Dhumavati, Goddess Who Sorts and Winnows

Emissary of the Aeon Thelete (Will): Kathe, God of the South

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Day:

Sun – 8 Degrees Cancer “A group of rabbits dressed in clothes and in dignified parade.”

Earth – 8 Degrees Capricorn “Birds in the house singing happily.”

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month Cancer: “An arctic explorer leads a reindeer through icy canyons.

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “a woman’s hat with streamers blown by the east wind”

From Andrew:

Sun – A group of rabbits dressed in clothes and in dignified parade. – Are we trying to be something more than what we really are or are we stretching our abilities and striving to a higher place than we have been known for. The pull of this symbol is between whether it is a ruse or the real McCoy. And whether you can live up to the position you are striving for. The show of effort may be the key to being noticed. Performance is needed.

Earth – Birds in the house singing happily. I write this as my own two cockatiels chirp and sing right beside me. This symbol speaks to spreading joy and happiness to the world around you. Music has the power to lift people to another place. And birdsong can be magical. Listen for birds and be aware of birds you may see. Check Ted Andrew’s book Animal Speak for any specific birds you may encounter throughout the day.


THE ORACLE REPORT: Tuesday, June 27, 2017



THE ORACLE REPORT: Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Moon Phase Matrix:
 Crescent Moon Phase:  challenge, growth, struggle

Moon in Leo

Emissary of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Dhumavati, Goddess Who Sorts and Winnows

Emissary of the Aeon Thelete (Will): Kathe, God of the South

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Day:

     Sun – 7 Degrees Cancer “Two Faeries (nature spirits) dancing on a moonlit night.”

     Earth – 7 Degrees Capricorn “A veiled prophet speaks, seized by the power of a God.”

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month Cancer: “An arctic explorer leads a reindeer through icy canyons.

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “a woman’s hat with streamers blown by the east wind”

Definition of the Crescent Moon Phase by Laura from August 2013 – The Crescent Moon phase of the lunar cycle begins Saturday (for us in June 2017 that means today – Tuesday).  Whereas the New Moon phase is where we seed an intention, at the Crescent Moon phase the seed pops open and begins its life.  It takes a tremendous amount of energy for the seed to do this because it is going against its previous state of being (a seed) to a living state of being (a seedling).  In life, Crescent phase challenges us.  Struggles ensue.  Will the seed move beyond the challenges to continue on and grow or will it give up?  Many dreams, wishes, intentions, and ideas end during the Crescent phase because we have a tendency to give up when faced with difficulties (growing pains).

From Andrew:

Note that I did not spend a lot of time on the new Moon Sabian Symbol – An arctic explorer leads a reindeer through icy canyons from last Friday, June 23rd, the first day of this New Moon cycle.The symbol speaks to the need to plow through or soldier on in the face of adversity. Look at the elements you are facing personally or we are facing collectively and see where you need to be in the struggle. So, at the crescent phase begins, where are you in this struggle. Have you taken the reigns and gotten on the trail, or are you waiting for something? Are you the type that wants to follow the leader, or will you strike out on your own?

Sun: Two Faeries (nature spirits) dancing on a moonlit night. An interesting symbol comes today, as it is the crescent phase and likely to be no moonlight to speak of. But more that the symbol embodies the idea of enjoying the company of like-minded people in fun and frolic. Intuition and imagination are heightened during this time. Your emotional and spiritual side will be speaking to you and through you. It is a time you can let go of the rational and embrace spiritual.

Earth: A veiled prophet speaks, seized by the power of a God. Messages are coming. And they come from authority. It is deep in meaning and deep in affect, but can it be believed? Watch for signs to see if you can intuit the source and whether it is trustworthy. The energy can potentially be for good of all, or just lead astray.

What are the messages we are hearing now, and how deep are they.  Yesterday’s amusing story about CNN retracting a story and 3 reporters “resigning” for not following the journalistic standards of CNN. The Lamestream news, which pretty much includes almost everyone out there, has made it its mission to confuse and obfuscate everything. And we ask why.

I personally began to understand about opinion and yellow journalism when I travelled to England back in the mid 1980’s. I grew up reading The LA Times and the Whittier Daily News each morning and evening. My dad read them, so I did too. And I tended to be the kind of kid that believed what I was reading. It was the NEWS. And the LA TIMES was considered a prestigious and “conservative” paper. What did I know. But in London, life is different. They had 4-6 different papers, who openly admit their biases. The Labor paper, the Tory paper. Funny thing is that they all would publish a picture or 2 of women’s nude breasts or some member of parliament who tripped on the sidewalk. And then spin it towards their own agenda du jour. I found I could not believe anything I read.

Coming home, I greeted my trusted LA Times with a hug. But from then on, I was forever changed. Everything I read seemed laced with the same kind of BS I saw in London. How could that be? We are the US. We believe in the power of a free press. It is in the Constitution. This amazing trip I took changed me in unexpected ways. Specifically to put on my glasses, like the ones in the movie They Live! To see the world for what it is with open eyes.

CNN, at that time, was in its infancy, a mere 4 years old on a cable system with few subscribers. In 30 years, they grew up and took on the mantle of respectability. And after 37 years are finally being called for yellow journalism due to their discretions being so obvious that the establishment could no longer credibly not see it.

So who do you listen to?


THE ORACLE REPORT: Saturday, April 1, 2017



THE ORACLE REPORT: Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Oracle Report will return Monday.  Please note from yesterday’s report:

The Moon has moved into Gemini, ushering a weekend of the Moon transiting opposite of the Black Moon (Black Moon days).  The astrological Kp index, so to speak, will be a bit higher (“Ka index”?).  This means shadow sides and people’s core fears can be more easily triggered.  Issues related to meaninglessness, futility, rejection, disapproval, and disappointment can ensue.  This would be the trap or the “play.”  The non-local field around us can erupt and cause people to project their own feelings about themselves (and their fears) onto others.  The ultimate outcome of these situations is that something is brought to light or birthed or rebirthed.  The opportunity for growth occurs.

This is most prominent this weekend for those with the Sun, Chiron, or Black Moon in Gemini or Sagittarius (as the Black Moon is transiting Sagittarius, engaging the Gemini-Sagittarius polarity).  Understand that you are undergoing a rebirth process and de-personalize it (your feelings) as much as possible.  Go into nature and release the birthing pains.  Remember also that Crescent Moon phases are the most “challenging” for us, tempting us to struggle.  Release the struggle.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Moon Phase Matrix: Crescent – persevere through challenges and maintain sight/direction

Moon in Taurus/Gemini (12:40 pm ET/4:40 pm UT)

Emissary of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Chinnamasta, She Who Expands the Mind

Emissary of the Aeon Thelete (Will): Ian, The Wind of the East

Skill: spread your wings/re-form

True Alignments:  refreshed from spiritual Source, beginnings/potentials, freedom/liberation, noticing variations, seeing the lighter side, moving out of darkness, enriched with blessings, finding joy and beauty

Catalysts for Change:  pushy, restricted, tainted, negative attitude about the future, difficulty thinking for oneself/following without question (mind control), exaggerating things, feelings of failure

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month/Year: “a woman’s hat with streamers blown by the east wind”

Today, we spread our wings, form, and re-form.

Two symbols involving birds appear within the Sabian symbols (energetic codes that describe the evolution of life) today.  The Sun is discharging “a flock of wild geese,” and Mercury is completing discharge of “a duck pond and its brood…”


Thursday, March 30, 2017

Moon Phase Matrix: New (set intentions, goals, and wishes for the new astrological year)

Moon in Taurus

Emissary of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Chinnamasta, She Who Expands the Mind

Emissary of the Aeon Thelete (Will): Ian, The Wind of the East

Skill: engage your will

True Alignments:  recalibration, hard work/teamwork, changing things up, tidying up or putting in order, recognition of efforts and service, the bearable lightness of being, MUSIC, honesty, comfort, cohesion, FUN

Catalysts for Change:  feeling superior, discord, weathering something (for now – the energetic changes tomorrow), lack of objectivity, taking oneself too seriously/not seriously enough, control issues, domination, acting out, petty tyrants

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month and Year: “a woman’s hat with streamers blown by the east wind”

What do you think of this new year’s energy so far, wise owl?

We are likely to get a good “read” on a lot of things today, as the Sun is discharging “the ruler of a nation.”

When the Sun activates this degree of the zodiac, we engage our “inner Thelete” – our willpower!


Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Moon Phase Matrix: New- set goals, wishes, intentions for the new solar-lunar year

Moon in Aries/Taurus 11:49 am ET/3:49 pm UT

Emissary of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Chinnamasta, She Who Expands the Mind

Emissary of the Aeon Thelete (Will): Ian, The Wind of the East

Skill: do something symbolic of what you value

True Alignments: confident, looking at something a different way and coming up with a new idea or solution, determination, accounting for limitations, expectant, getting up and trying again, the quantum mind, poised, resting when needed

Catalysts for Change:  rigid thought patterns and structures/resisting change and adjustment, foolish/taking giant risks, strain, not listening to the body/not resting, intense self blame, taking disappointment too far, boundary violations, hopeless

Sabian Symbol for the New Solar-Lunar Month/Year: “a woman’s hat with streamers blown by the east wind” (the new, the reformed, renaissance)

Are you braving a storm or coming out of a storm?  The Earth and Mars are discharging the energetics of each.

The Earth is located at “a canoe approaching safety through dangerous waters.”  Mars is located at “a man with a rakish (tattered) silk hat, muffled against the cold, braves a storm.”  Perhaps we are experiencing a little of both…

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Moon Phase Matrix: New (set intentions/goals; engage the heart’s desires and dreams)

Moon in Aries

Emissary of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Chinnamasta, She Who Expands the Mind

Emissary of the Aeon Thelete (Will): Ian, The Wind of the East

Skill:  be on the lookout for signs and synchronicities

True Alignments:  interpretation, solution focused, creating a new image, representations, understanding cycles and seeing patterns, hopeful or renewed hope, creativity, the feeling of fellowship, art, merger of mind-body-spirit, important things standing out to be understood, unite and win

Catalysts for Change:  intolerant/low tolerance for others, too much importance on appearance, hidden in plain sight, confusion, misunderstanding/miscommunication (slow down and take steps for clarity), seeking approval, getting involved in other people’s lives instead of focusing on one’s own life, self pity (engage your imagination), self denial, stereotyping, divide and conquer

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month and Solar-Lunar Year: “a woman’s hat with streamers blown by the east wind” (the new, the reformed, renaissance)

The first full day of the new solar-lunar year endeavors to bring clarity to the various streams of experience in our lives.  Today’s streams involve:

1 – CLEAR VIEW OR GAZE – The Sun is discharging “a crystal gazer,” which delivers wisdom.  We see the signs, see something we have missed until now, and find the meaning.  Pay special attention to animal encounters or sightings, as well as anything that repeats/makes a pattern within the field of consciousness…

ONENESS OF ALL: The Arcturian Group Message for DECEMBER 4, 2016 by Marilyn Raffaele