An Anniversary Prayer – September 11, 2020

An Anniversary Prayer – September 11, 2020

September 10, 2020

An Anniversary Prayer – September 11, 2020
Catherine’s Anniversary Prayer — September 11, 2020
By Catherine Austin Fitts

Lord, we gather in prayer on the 19th anniversary of 9-11;
We thank you for the many blessings you have given us, among them the gift of life;
Let our hearts be in your heart, our mind in your mind;
Help us to speak life into this anniversary and this day.

We pray for those who lost their lives on 9-11;
We pray for the families who lost loved ones;
We pray for those who lost friends and colleagues;
We pray for those who lost companies, jobs, and resources;
We pray for those who risked their lives and health and whose courage and sacrifice lifted us through this time;
We pray for those who risked their lives who have died in the years that followed as a result of the harm that happened that day;
We give thanks for the grace and courage they have brought to this earth;

We pray for the people and the land of New York, Pennsylvania, and northern Virginia;
We pray for all who have suffered and sacrificed in the wars and through the legal and financial policies these events were used to justify.
We pray for the people of the Middle East and the millions who have died in the wars justified by the events on 9-11.
We pray for all who have lost their lives, health, financial security, reputations, or privacy as a result of 9-11.

We pray for the perpetrators of the events of 9-11;
We pray for those who traded and exploited these events;
We pray for all who financed 9-11 and have profited;
We pray for all of us whose participation in unhealthy thoughts, fake news, entrainment, disinformation, mind control, and other corrupt and harmful systems has facilitated more killing, more war;
May that which has been stolen be restored;
May we all be restored to your love and your peace.

We give thanks to the millions of people who have contributed to our understanding of these events;
We give thanks for independent media;
We give thanks for independent journalists and investigators; scholars, authors, engineers, architects, scientists, and concerned citizens;
Lord, protect them, encourage them, lift them up and let them feel today our appreciation and our admiration;
They have stood between us and the abyss:
They are “the repairer of the breach, the restorer of paths to dwell in.”
Let our resources gather to replenish and refresh them—their best is yet to come.

We pray for the U.S. Constitution—for the covenant we have made with each other to preserve and live in accordance with the rule of law.

Lord, we know you have not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, of love, and of a strong mind;
Allow the light of truth to shine and spread; to restore, to heal; and to illuminate pathways to heal hearts and rebuild the wasted places. Help us face what needs to be faced; help us change and grow in your divine light.

Today, on this special day, we celebrate that all things are possible.

We give praise and restoration in the name of Jesus,


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