Cosmic Wind – another eclipse! ~ a message from Sarah Biermann


Cosmic Wind – another eclipse! ~ a message from Sarah Biermann
Monday, 28 April, 2014

“Wow! The cosmic energy is quite powerful!

From the perspective of “out there” we are upgrading the Energy Templates for our bodies individually and collectively (old souls will have more awareness of this and will more strongly experience of the shifts).

The other major template that is up-leveling is the Money/Financial Systems and Values. It is time for us to release our judgment about money. In the Destiny Cards Oracle Deck (using the playing cards) diamonds represents money and values. Money was created to make it easier to have a balanced exchange of energy.

There is an undistorted energy of money that is quite beautiful. My visual is to pass through the dark, heavy clouds created by the misuse of money etc., to the bright star that is the pure essence of money. Ask money to come to you to balance your energy. Old souls are working on learning self-love and self-worth so we can have unbalanced money energy expressed as over-giving.

Another confusing change is the experience of blending the of some of our parallel realities. With each choice, especially major ones, when part of us chooses one thing there can be another part that chooses another. It is like taking a different route driving home. Sometimes we end up at the same place, regardless of the different routes. When this happens the parallels can blend back together. Your soul gets the experiences received from both paths.

A few years ago I played with the parallel potentials. To get to my house I can take two different routes. On this day I chose the left-turn route, but I was somewhat aware of the me that went the right turn route. As I pulled into my driveway I suddenly saw that my car was already there! I slammed on the brakes to avoid a collision. It was shocking and discombobulating! It took a couple of heart-pounding, head-spinning minutes to get grounded in one reality and park my car. This was a very real and clear lesson about parallels; how they work and how it feels to blend. (The other thing I learned was to stay in one parallel while driving!)

My car experience was only a small blend and it was confusing. What’s happening now is bigger and old souls will feel it much more than younger souls.

Some of the symptoms:

Feel ungrounded
Have had dreams and/or waking moments of not knowing who or where you are
Can’t focus, especially on left-brain activities
Feel confused or unsure (doubt)
Have had old triggers activated – are feeling/doing things that you thought you were done with
Have joint and muscle pain
Headaches or tightness stuck around your head


Do not blame yourself. This leads you to doubt and worry – the traps of the old soul.
Go for a walk – especially in nature or near a large body of water
Go out and put your butt on the ground and dig in the dirt – plant something
Stay really conscious of what triggers you and try to catch it before you spin out. Write a list of your triggers –

Thinking about it helps you stay aware
It is like a shopping list, even if you leave the list at home, you remember better if you write it down
You have something to refer to if you start to feel bad and are not sure why

I was thinking about the Grand Cross. It is a balanced cross which is spirit combined (crossed) with matter. The cross is contained within a diamond shape representing money and values.

There is a “crossing point” at the center, like the crossing of two paths. No wonder the parallels are blending!

The 2nd eclipse is happening on April 29th. This is a solar eclipse (the Moon travels between the Earth and the Sun) in Taurus. It is creating a comfortable trine with Pluto (part of the Grand Cross). Pluto is retrograde leading us to revisit our shadow (negative emotions). This is why your old triggers can be up again. Mercury is in conjunct the Sun and Moon. Taurus offers a path out of the underworld. Let Venus (Taurus) and Mercury hold your hands and guide you out of the Underworld with gentle, loving thoughts about yourself.”

Sarah Biermann – Teacher, Intuitive Counselor, Energy Healer, Writer and Artist – Email:

Cosmic Weather – New Moon/Solar Eclipse Report for 4/28/14 ~ Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer


Cosmic Weather – New Moon/Solar Eclipse Report for 4/28/14
Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer
Monday, 28 April, 2014

The Grand Finale. Re-seeding and grounding our new reality.

Hello friends. We made it through the very astrologically intense month of April. If you are still standing with a smile on your face and love in your heart, let me personally thank you on behalf of the collective. 🙂 The energies (especially of the Cardinal Cross last week,) were as intense as expected, though they did end up being more subtle than anticipated. This didn’t change the fact I have heard of many folks changing partners, jobs and residences, especially in the past week. Powerful gale force winds of change have been afoot this month. As for me, I moved my home base 125 miles to the high desert of California. It’s good to know however, we’ve got plenty of cosmic back-up in these changes.

The New Moon and Solar Eclipse will be the last major astrological event for a very busy month in the cosmic sky. I kept hearing that it will be the “grand finale,” which certainly makes sense. Besides being the finale, it is also the *culmination* as solar eclipses can often be. I have in jest called them in the past the “fire under the @$$,” and they can really get things moving. When in combination with a New Moon, it’s a powerful time of re-seeding and re-creating on many levels.

Beloveds there is a center point in the middle of the four points of the Cardinal Cross, that is likened to a its own “galactic center.” It is a place of peace, harmony and wisdom. It is also deeply healing as it contains the healing medicine of freedom from illusion. As you have journeyed through the stations of this particular cross you have grown and expanded immensely. This wisdom may not be immediately known to you, but will be revealed in an ever-expanding, subtle but tangible process. Shanti. ~ The Keepers, 4.27.14

I love the Sabian Symbol for this new moon and find it particularly appropriate, based on the energies of the month in general. Taurus 9: A Christmas Tree is decorated and shines in the darkness.

I feel the Christmas tree in this case is not so much a reference to any particular religion, but to the realm of the nature spirits and the deep forest which is very apt for Taurus. It is also a symbol of faith and hope, no matter how “dark” our outer circumstances may be or may have been. For some, this past month especially has been quite a trip through the underworld. On a collective level, no matter what our personal circumstances are we have all felt it; for empaths and sensitives, even more so. This also offers more evidence of just how supported and loved we are through these intense changes by the Universe. I find this personally to be very reassuring.

A note on the “dark of the moon” which is 48-72 hour window prior to the new moon: I am sensing and already seeing some evidence that this window will be particularly powerful. Since it is Taurus, it is distinctly connected to grounding/earthing, “seeding” new life, etc. That may be why I was drawn to plant flowers and cactus in both my front and back yard this weekend. I recommend some kind of symbolic act amenible to you. If is is artistic (a shout out to the Venusian influence,) in the form of visual art, gardening or music, even better.

Since we are dealing with the “grand finale” of April’s powerful energies, be prepared for some emotion to pass through. Taurus energy will be very helpful with this, in that it is not necessarily mental and more quiet, meditative and earthy. Allow yourself to be open to giving and receiving more love and nurturing. A suggestion the Keepers also gave on these energies is to “think bigger.” As in to drop more limitations about ourselves, our capabilites and our own loving nature.

Happy New Moon/Solar Eclipse friends and remember to keep it Cosmic!

NOTE: The New Moon is Monday April 28 at 11:14 PM PDT/2:14 AM (4/29) EDT. Stay tuned to the Cosmic Weather page for updated information on the Solar Eclipse.

© Irma Kaye Sawyer 2011-2014. Please feel free to share these messages as you are guided with author and copyright information included. Thank you.

The Vibe Report – April 23, 2014 By Nancy Leilah Ward

The Vibe Report – April 23, 2014
By Nancy Leilah Ward


In the midst of intense energies, self care on every level is so important. Some of us are experiencing a purge right now and it is affecting our energy bodies – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. And the purge may also be manifesting in our outer lives, which are but a reflection of our inner lives.


The last few months have been all about Ho’oponopono, which is a Hawaiian practice for clearing of disharmony within human relationships. It’s about forgiveness and reconciliation and there is a kind of prayer that flows along with this: “I love you, I love myself, I’m sorry, please forgive me, I forgive you, I forgive myself, thank you.” I’ve added a few elements to this prayer, specifically about loving and forgiving myself, which, I feel, is essential to healing of the wound of self hatred that Humanity has been carrying for thousands of years.

This energy of forgiveness of self and others is something we’ve been playing with for a long time and it is continuing on ever-deeper levels. Our clearing process moves us into deeper harmony with ourselves and places us in right relationship with our environment and one another. Memories from the past have been coming to the surface. I feel I have been writing about this for years, but so it goes, as we experience deeper levels of clearing. Memories that seem like “minor” incidents have popped into my head for forgiveness and clearing and I have realized that if I’m still regretting something, however small, it will come up for reconciliation.

The Eclipse Sandwich

The current planetary alignments, Grand Cross and eclipses that we are journeying through at this time are influencing volatile circumstances in our lives or in the lives of those around us. Had any meltdowns lately? Remember the expression: “Breakdown to Breakthrough” and be gentle with yourselves. Practice ho’oponopono when necessary.

We can get stuck in feeling that we’re being “wronged” in situations and when we can shift out of the habit of feeling like a victim into a broader view of the bigger picture – which has to do with taking responsibility as co-creators in whatever drama is playing out in our lives – the feelings that surround the situation will dissolve. (Another part of the deep-clearing process.)

We may also be experiencing sudden issues or circumstances that come out of nowhere and put pressure on us. I had a little meltdown last week regarding an unexpected circumstance I had to deal with and after the storm passed, I realized that I don’t want to be buffeted around by unexpected energy that comes my way. So I made an intention: “I intend to remain calm and in the moment of NOW when confronted with unexpected, possibly annoying situations. To meet what is in front of me with grace, seeing it as the new possibility that it represents, fully focused and ready for action. Moving through the situation alert and present.”

Let it Go

What isn’t our truth that we have been holding onto is becoming too hot to hold anymore. That is the blessing of the energetics of change that we are in at this time. We need to acknowledge that which we have been ignoring or hiding from and open to receive the gift of honoring ourselves. That is the breath of fresh air, the expansion, the moment when we fill ourselves with our own pure energetic vibration, unencumbered by false beliefs and patterns that we have gathered to us throughout our lives in order to comply with the cultural circumstance we were born into.

Doom and Gloom

It seems that each time we go through a period of change that has been hyped up (think December 21, 2012), and the Big Disaster doesn’t happen, there is another possible disaster that replaces it. I recall a few months ago (I think it was in November 2013) there was a big flutter of concern going through Facebook that the US government was going to shut down the power throughout the country for four days as a kind of “fire drill” to see how people and municipalities would respond. There was a building concern that the US would be left vulnerable to attack and take-over by a certain country. For about 4 weeks this “OMG the sky is falling” possible disaster was hyped up and of course on the big day…nothing happened. And yet there always seems to be something else – some other theory or “possibility” that comes up that generates fear and vulnerability and helplessness. The latest one I’ve heard about is the Yellowstone Caldera – a huge volcano that could blow and the result would be a nuclear winter for the entire planet.

Why do we keep doing this? I see two possible answers – ONE is that we want change, big change… we want to be free from the fear and monetary enslavement that we are under and maybe we feel that a big disaster is the only way to create that change.

The SECOND thing is fear of death – or unacceptance of death. Basically, like Jim Morrison said, “Nobody gets out of here alive.” We are going to leave these bodies we are in at some point – that is part of our journey of consciousness. It could happen by the Yellowstone Caldera blowing up or by stepping on a rake! The thing is, we are so much more than these bodies we are in – our energy and consciousness is so vast and … we don’t really die. WE DON’T REALLY DIE.

We Are the Golden Wave

When we allow our own pure energy to flow and follow our truth…follow our bliss… we are free and having fun. And we are radiating that expansive energy. By living our truth and exuding love and fun (joy), we are changing our world. So have fun, dance, create…be outrageous – be yourselves…

We are the Creators. The life force energy from Creator Source (wherever, whatever that is) flows indiscriminately through the All of the All. It simply is. And we are that Divine Is-ness. We are given the gift of this creative life force energy – through the life and the body we are in right now. When we forgive and soften to ourselves and one another, and we come to know ourselves as Divinely connected in Spirit to one another, the energy generated from that knowing moves out from each of us like a wave of joy… the Golden Wave is our co-creation flowing through the Collective Consciousness, calling all to rise up and BE in the fullness of our truth..

Just Add Love

It’s like we are standing surrounded by gifts and we don’t even see them – because we have had our own hands over our eyes, believing in the shadow instead of the light that shines through us as we create the shadow play.

We can create anything. And so that Golden Wave of love and joy that flows through us – through the Consciousness of Humanity when we are simply BEing ourselves – that is what changes our world.

The indiscriminate life force energy that flows through all is a gift for us to play with. Our gift to the world is to add love to that energy, creating the Love-force energy and witnessing that energy expanding into joy, bliss, ecstasy, as we live and create from our hearts. We are on the threshold of something so wondrous and amazing. We can shake off the fear and dance in the surprise and wonder of this miracle we are co-creating.

Know, too, that anything that comes up for release – whether it be a “minor memory” or a relationship or job or way of living – is actually creating a new pathway that is paved with our heart-truth and leads to our joy and bliss.

Much love and joy to all.


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Portal2012: The Intelligence Hub for the Victory of Light ~ IS:IS Portal Report and Window of Opportunity Update by COBRA

Portal2012: The Intelligence Hub for the Victory of Light

IS:IS portal activation was a partial success. Although we have not reached even one half of the planetary critical mass, people participating were very strong in their dedication and we have managed to lay a solid foundation for the second (and eventually third) part of the IS:IS portal activation.

The energies of the cardinal Grand Cross have triggered all kinds of suppressed dysfunctional behavior and ideas which needed to be cleared before the activation could take place. Here I would just like to mention some Archon-induced strange ideas floating around that the Ascended Masters, Archangels and Egyptian Gods and Goddesses are »part of the false light«, are »there to deceive you« and are »part of the hierarchy that is there to enslave you«. Nothing could be further from the truth. All these beings are true beings of Light and are our friends, brothers and sisters. Without their continuous help and assistance, humanity would not survive the last few hundred years and would be extinct by now.


After all turmoil of the weekend, the activation itself was peaceful and calm. Further unification of all future positive timelines has occurred.


At the activation, there has been drastic reorganization and refocusing of the energy currents throughout the Galaxy so that they are now focused on the tiny sector around our planet with the purpose of the planetary liberation. As the moment of our liberation approaches and the ultimate victory of the Light draws near, Light beings from the whole Galaxy hold their focus on our small planet:


A few hours after the activation, together with my team I have launched StratoProbe 1, an unmanned stratospheric aerial vehicle.

After the successful launch, the balloon was slowly gaining altitude and a few minutes after piercing the Veil it has taken this picture about 9 miles above the surface:


The elongated object that you see in the upper part of the picture is neither a lens reflection nor an airplane, but most likely a Pleiaidian craft which belongs to the network of Pleiadian lightships that was directing energies of the IS:IS portal from the universe towards the Veil boundary. This is how these lightships look like:


On the second picture, taken 15 miles (24 kilometers) above the surface, you can clearly see the curvature of the Earth. The energies are absolutely crisp, clear and full of Light


After the successful activation of the IS:IS portal, there will be further events within this Window of Opportunity.


On April 29th, there will be an annular solar eclipse which will solidify and anchor the energies of the IS:IS portal further.


On May 3rd, we will be assisting the birth of the New Renaissance. Marco Missinato, a composer of beautiful New Renaissance music, will have a concert in Sedona. This concert will be streamed live, attempting to reach the critical mass of 144,000 listeners and thus creating the right energetic conditions to accelerate the birth of the New Renaissance:


You can join the live streaming of the concert here:

After you click that link you will be taken to a page on the livestream hosting company Streaming for the Soul’s website where you will need to sign up to become a member / open an account with Streaming for the Soul. To do this, click on the grey Purchase Livestream Tickets button in the left-hand margin, about halfway down the page. Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email with a link. Click on the link and you will be taken back to their site. Follow the prompts and select Purchase Tickets then select Unfolding Secrets and choose the concert viewing time that suits your time zone best.


For more information about the streaming process and conditions click here:


Astrological chart for that event reveals Jupiter, Chiron and Saturn creating a Grand Trine, easing the energies of the cardinal Grand Cross and creating perfect conditions for the flowering of the New Renaissance:




Then finally on May 17th we will open the Pleiadian Portal. You are more than welcome to join us in Switzerland:


You can also choose to do the activation from your own location. Details about the Pleiadian Portal will be posted soon.


After the closing of 2014 Window of Opportunity, there will be much more stability and harmony on this planet and the planetary situation will begin to improve.



Posted by Cobra at 11:53 AM

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My final thoughts on the Cardinal Cross: 23rd & 24th April 2014: Cardinal Grand Cross: Oppositional Angst by Sarah Varcas

My final thoughts on the Cardinal Cross:

Earlier today I was talking about the square aspects which form the outer barrier of the current Cardinal Cross. Now I want to add in the oppositions, that is, the two internal diagonal lines, to provide the ‘filling’ so to speak! (You can see the chart for the Grand Cross here)

So how do they play into all this? Well… in a sense they provide the ultimate answer, because oppositions show us where we need to adjust within ourselves in order to more fully embrace all that we are. The energy of an opposition is most often experienced in and through our relationships. Its qualities exist fully within us and yet, because they consist of opposing forces, we deal with it by projecting one end of the opposition onto someone else. So, for example, we perceive ourselves to be patient so we project our impatience outward and find ourselves surrounded by frustrated and judgmental people whose presence in our life increasingly becomes a burden. Or we identify with being a ‘doer’, a go-getter who takes charge and makes things happen, and we project our ‘lazy slob’ onto others and criticise them for their lack of commitment and inactivity. In essence, an opposition reveals where we contradict ourselves and contain paradox, and challenges us to own and express that paradox fully without needing to dissociate ourselves from part of it in order to feel acceptable (to ourselves or other people).

A further way we manage oppositional energy is to swing from one extreme to the other. In this case we express both extremes at different times, and yet still cannot contain them both in a state of dynamic tension which enables us to be fully who we are. As we swing to one end of the spectrum the other is ignored, denied or projected. As we swing back we do the opposite and so on. We can spend a lifetime swinging to and fro on an opposition, but far better that we wake up and recognise what’s really going! The inherent task of an opposition is to develop the self-awareness necessary to recognise that we can be two very different things and still be one person; that human nature contains all manner of contradictions and that acceptance of this fact can enable us to get along a whole lot better, not only with other people but, most importantly, with ourselves.

So when under the influence of a Grand Cross we have two very powerful oppositions in progress, challenging us to embrace our paradoxical nature, recognise our inner contradictions and spot when we’re polarising our psyche by identifying with only part of it and projecting the rest onto our environment in some way. If, for example, we increasingly find ourselves criticising others over certain things that we’re very clear are something we ‘would never do in a million years!’, we should begin to hear some alarm bells ringing! We may just have more in common with them than we would like to admit. Or we may be focusing upon their failings as a way to feel better about ourself or avoid some of our own glaring issues that we’d prefer to ignore! Likewise, if one minute we feel and think one thing and then the next we’ve done an about-turn and everything looks completely different, we may just need to accept that both options are possible but a blend of the two may be more conducive to inner peace and self-acceptance!

Whilst the squares I spoke about earlier today require that we take action and deal with issues presented by our environment, the oppositions demand that we make adjustments within ourselves in order to rectify imbalances in our relationship with others. If we can manage both at the same time we unlock the doors to exponential change in ourselves and our lives!

With the current oppositions existing between Uranus (radical freedom) & Mars (assertiveness and aggression), and Jupiter (expansion) & Pluto (power issues & deep transformation), we may well be facing challenges to our freedom or others agitating for theirs, angry outbursts, suppressed emotions bubbling to the surface to create unrest, and/or unexpected occurrences which give rise to a whole new order of existence. If so, it is vital to remember that inner adjustment is as important as dealing with the external manifestations of change. Attitude counts for so much when dealing with oppositional energies. A willingness to recognise that the world is never as polarised as we may like to think, and everyone is a seething mass of contradictions and paradoxes which make life increasingly complex until we can more peacefully accept that fact, will go a long way to making these times more manageable and less fractious for all concerned!

Indeed, if we can look within and see ourselves for exactly who we are, warts and all, right now, accepting it all with an open mind and a peaceful heart, the insights available at this time could change our life in the blink of an eye. The Grand Cross reminds us that no pointed finger will ever lead us to the truth unless it is pointed back at ourselves, gently and with a compassionate heart, ready to embrace the whole world as self and self as the whole wide world.

Sarah Varcas

23rd April 2014: Cardinal Grand Cross: Cosmic Square Dance by Sarah Varcas


23rd April 2014: Cardinal Grand Cross: Cosmic Square Dance

by Sarah Varcas

I promise I will stop talking about the Cardinal Grand Cross (also known as a Grand Square), just not quite yet!

Here’s the chart again, as a visual aid. The four sides of the square are (not surprisingly) known as squares and the two central diagonal lines are oppositions. So here we have four squares and two oppositions all working together to create a vortex of energy in which we are immersed right now. Which means what?

Well, a square between two planets is initially about stress, irritation and frustration. Something in the environment, be it another person, a set of circumstances, an event, or anything which we may perceive as ‘other’, comes along and places an obstacle in our path. Our well made plans go awry as someone else’s seem to take precedence, or an unexpected happening blind-sides us throwing our lives into disarray. We are faced with something which causes us stress, anxiety, anger, frustration and we have no choice but to react to and deal with it as best we can. This is why squares, whilst challenging, are also the seeds of growth and development, because it is often in these very kinds of circumstance that we discover strengths we never knew we had, inner wisdom we’d not yet had to call upon and creativity we weren’t aware of.

The trouble with squares, though, is us! Because whilst they demand that we deal with the emotions and the issue involved in order to recalibrate our lives, what we often do is avoid, ignore and suppress instead. The emotions triggered by a square may be so powerful that they scare us, or so dark that we fear if we truly acknowledge them we’ll be lost in that darkness forever. So we swallow them down, grit our teeth and try to soldier on. Either that or we over-react in the moment and blow a gasket, rendering far more remote the possibility of positive progress in due course. And, of course, what we often do is both: suppress and avoid, the tension builds, and then we explode, with anger, frustration, despair (can you explode with despair? I’m not sure… but you get my drift!). Generally speaking, human beings are not great at handling squares, though once we get the hang of it they can bring about some of the most momentous and positive change in our lives.

So, when we have four squares working in tandem in this way you can understand why it can be such a challenge. If you imagine we are at the centre of this alignment (which is effectively where the Earth is situated in a geocentric chart such as this) every side is blocked by a square, so no matter which way we turn we will encounter what feel like blocks to progress and challenges to our own idea of what should be happening in our life. There is no escape but through these challenges, developing new skills, understanding, strength, awareness and wisdom as we go. Yes, it can be frustrating beyond belief. We may experience emotions more powerful than we have ever known, fear that paralyses, incandescent rage, deep despair, but on the other side of these emotions we encounter wisdom, insight, a deeper peace born of having traveled through the darkness of our own inner pain with eyes wide open and a heart willing to see, perhaps for the very first time, the true extent of all that lies within.

The squares in question are formed by Mars squaring Pluto and Jupiter, Jupiter squaring Uranus and Uranus squaring Pluto. This is an incredibly powerful combination of planetary influences. Pluto brings us challenges unrivaled by any other planet. It takes us into the very depths of our own psyche, finds the most painful bits that we really don’t want to be reminded about and then brings them out into daylight for all to see. Pluto wants us free, but its way of going about it can feel little short of sadistic! It demands that we let go everything with which we identify if that identification is holding us back in any way. Pluto will not accept fear of change as an excuse not to do so, anymore than it will accept ‘I can’t live without [enter your own thing/person situation here]’ as a reason not to let go. Pluto takes us into the underworld of our life and demands that we deal with whatever we have banished there. So when Pluto is squared by Uranus, the planet of sudden change, disruption and radical freedom and Mars, the planet of aggression, assertion and personal will, we can begin to see just why things have been so intense and there are so many things coming to challenge us. In effect, our very sense of self and identity is under fire at this time, challenged to rise up higher so that identity is not born of fear and a need to control and impose our will upon the world around us, but reflects deeply a commitment to liberation, whatever it takes.

So what about Jupiter? Well, here we have a slightly different kettle of fish, of which we can be grateful! For in Cancer, Jupiter reminds us that whilst, yes, we need to work towards freedom from all that binds, we need to do it in such a way that our sensitivity to our own and others’ suffering is kept intact. Just because we’re in the pressure cooker right now doesn’t mean we can’t use the boiling water to make a nice cup of tea and have something of a break. We can’t be in Pluto’s underworld 24/7. Sometimes we just need to take a moment out and reconnect with the more gentle aspects of this universe, especially at a time when the universe can feel like a fairly brutal place! In a sense this is also a challenge, because once we’re in the thick of suffering it can be easy to forget we can take a step out of it, moment by moment, and just be with what’s happening rather than having to do anything with it. This part of the process is just as important as the rest of it. So if we’re in the middle of it all right now, we need to remember to schedule a tea break, take a walk, watch the sunset, or our pets sleeping. Jupiter reminds us that even in the greatest of intensity, the present moment, the very second right now in which we live and breathe, is still one of peace where we can be renewed and replenished on our journey.

The Cardinal Cross is exact on 23rd and 24th April, but its influence has been increasing throughout the past few months and will continue to be felt in the coming weeks, though less intensely as it begins to dissolve.

Later on today I’ll post about the oppositions and their influence in the whole picture.

See you then!

Sarah Varcas

If you’re interested in studying astrology with me, using your own chart as a tool for your personal and spiritual development, check out my on-line astrology course.


Soulstice Rising: Ascension Notes
Infusion of Light – 4/22/2014
by Kara Schallock

Many call April 23rd a Gateway; a Portal; a cardinal cross. I suggest we move beyond labels and realize that there is actually an explosion (for lack of a more peaceful term) of high vibrational Light. And this isn’t just for one day; it is happening now and began with the Lunar Eclipse, building in momentum till the Solar Eclipse of the 29th. And it doesn’t stop there, for there is no beginning and no end to the Light that is showering on and into us. We have seen this since December, 2013; each “event” has taken us higher and finer into the New. We are so fond of dates and labels and yet, doesn’t that somehow limit the energy; placing it into a box? Our language is slowly shifting, so I know I still use certain words that may seem limited, because New words have not made themselves known yet. So, please do feel the energy behind the words.

We are in a most powerful surge that began last year and will continue to build in power. (Of course, this has actually been occurring for several years, building in momentum.) Time has certainly changed, hasn’t it? Sometimes it is slow; sometimes it is fast and we often lose track of it altogether. Why? Because, in Truth, there is no time. We are timeless. Time is made up by humans to keep us in a particular consciousness. We celebrate the weekend; why not celebrate every moment? We gather with families on holidays, because we’re told to. When are we collectively going to say, “Enough already; I will celebrate when I want to.” This is another example of the illusions we are controlled by that keep us in a particular place. I speak collectively here; many who are awake; fully awake; see time, holidays, and events as illusions of control. To be a master, we choose when and how we celebrate. We choose how we use our time. We choose. And as we choose in Discernment, we help others dissolve their predictive patterns and illusions as well; this is Oneness. And yet, we are still on Earth and dates do remind us of the powerful “time” we’re in. Someday, we won’t need reminders.

This powerful shower of Light creates a monumental leap forward; especially for those who have completely cleared the old constructs within. Many refer to a new matrix; and yet, isn’t that just another box? If we are to be completely free, we really need to see that there are no containers of Truth and Freedom. We are moving into a timeless and placeless space of manifesting (for that is what Earth energy is for) what is within our consciousness. So, if your consciousness holds the idea of a paradigm or some sort of form, then that is what is manifest. If, on the other hand, you want complete Freedom, go beyond any container and by focusing only on evolving your consciousness (the extent in which you know you are Source; with nothing below or above you), you manifest amazing forms that match your consciousness. So the only thing to do really is to align yourself with and as Source. There is no hoping, wishing, praying or even intending for something. It is in the Being in which you create and manifest. This is the bigger picture.

For the smaller picture; a step into the bigger picture; know that this period of powerful Light infusion brings more transformation, more Truth and Transparency, more feeling (moving out of the head), more Freedom, visions, Unity and I AM consciousness. Much is revealed individually and planetarily. Old beliefs and illusions bubble to the surface and then you get to choose what to do with them. Will you let them go or let them stay? As you follow your Integrity, Discernment and Guidance, you will know. This is not intellectualizing, but is feeling through everything. When you feel expanded and energized, that shows the path that is calling to you. If you feel your energy drop and you feel constricted, that is showing you the path of limitation.

The Truth is revealed either through you or through others. Often it is easier to see limitation in others than it is with yourself. By observing others, check within to see if any little remnant is still within you and then choose what you want to do with it. There are no rules in the New; there are no “supposed-to’s.” You have free will and therefore, you must choose for yourself how and who you want to be and express. As you observe others, can you stand in your own center without the desire to rescue, correct or teach; or do you succumb to lower energies in order to keep the peace? There is no right or wrong way; so you must choose and your choice will reflect your current consciousness.

As we move more into our Hearts, we are much more sensitive. This is not ego-sensitivity, when one takes everything personally as though they’re being attacked; this is Soul-sensitivity, when one sees the Truth behind everyone’s words and actions and part of this is also seeing beyond the Veil into other realms (orbs, colors, shapes, energy, etc.). However your sensitivity is manifest, it is specifically for your own evolution. As you grow more sensitive, you may long for more quiet time, more Nature, softer music, less words and less people. Follow your guidance. Also your diet may shift back and forth from being very hungry to not at all. You might not care for a favorite food any longer or perhaps not be able to tolerate it. This sensitivity then extends to all areas of your life…activities, work, friends, etc.

It is best to slow down and feel. Don’t push or rush into things. Question everything, for surely everything is and will continue to be much different than how they have been. If you have old emotions or thoughts come up like anger, judgment, impatience, etc., let them go. Breathe. Remember, you are evolving, especially now. If you are one who is experiencing “spiritual phenomena” like orbs, colors, etc; just observe and realize it is merely a part of the New. Often folks get carried away by the phenomena, becoming attached to it and when it stops they think they’ve done something wrong; this is old thinking. Remember, there is much so-called magic and miracles in the New; yet it is and will be commonplace…just like we expect to see the Moon, Sun and Stars. We simply observe, give thanks and focus (not attach) on Being the Flow. Yes, Being the Flow; not being in the Flow. Feel the shift?

So what is this period of Light influx bringing us, if we choose to align ourselves with it? A dissolution of rules and systems and time, as well as illusions and disillusions. It brings more evolution into being Soul-guided and our egos become servants of our Souls. It is a time of stepping more powerfully into being authentic and free. It is a time to be Home. And Home is right where you are; in body and the knowing that you are a very high dimensional being. And it is time to laugh and let go of the intensity of being so serious!

Walk your talk, speak your Truth and dare to be authentically you. The present energies support you in this. You really can let go of the edge and be free. The only one holding you back is you. So, where is your Bliss? Be there/here. Now.

~ ~ ~

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Have a Breakthrough during April’s Crossroads by Selacia

Have a Breakthrough during April’s Crossroads
by Selacia

Feeling edgy and out of sorts, or simply sensing that you’re on the edge of your seat about to make your next move?

If you’re experiencing either of these states right now, you are in good company. You don’t have to look far in any direction to notice people with an anxious disposition. Some of them close to you may be acting out their jittery feelings, too, adding to your own nervousness.

Especially if you are sensitive, you can feel what others are feeling. Sometimes you are aware of this response – other times it may be unconscious. Don’t make sensitivity or awareness bad. It’s part of being multidimensional to tap into the interconnected world and the collective. This includes people you work with, live with, and interact with in everyday life.

Energy is energy and it exists whether or not you are consciously aware of it. No matter how hard you try, you cannot divorce yourself from the world and its current energetic shifting that touches everyone around you. Even pets are impacted!

As a reminder of what’s going on, here’s a recap of this month’s energies underlying the edginess, chaos, and intensity. We now sit between two powerful eclipses in a longstanding transformational cycle building for decades.

Next Wednesday’s Grand Cross Peak

Part of that cycle is the rare cardinal grand cross energy you can feel now before it peaks April 23. Even after that peak, too, is a cycle of releasing and adjusting to the new energies.

For perspective, what you are feeling is both personal and your tapping into the collective dance of radical shifting involving how Earthly life is lived. It’s not just about one day, or one month, but certainly April is an intense time for most people to handle! In my private astrology readings for DNA healing clients, we address the very personal implications of cycles like this.

These definitely are moments you don’t want to sleep through or let slip by unnoticed. Indeed, this cycle has great potential to catalyze just the breakthroughs you have needed to get free of your past and move into a much more promising future!

From a multidimensional perspective – as I describe in my book Earth’s Pivotal Years – “upward spirals of growth can occur either very slowly or seemingly in a flash of time. This applies to both individuals and the planet as a whole.” When we have a grand cross, think of it as a crossroads that can ignite your personal spiral of growth with a bolt of lightning!

Avoid the tendency to go into fear and have a breakdown. Use these energies to have huge breakthroughs instead.

5 Tips for Having Breakthroughs

Here are five tips for having breakthroughs in April and over the coming weeks as the chaotic energies continue to play out.

First, avoid your learned tendency to be harsh with yourself. Refuse to listen to your ego voice that keeps you in fear and negativity. Don’t let that critical voice convince you that things are hard, no fun, or tough to accomplish with all that’s going on. Invite your higher wisdom to help you stay positive, on track, and open to the gifts of self-discovery now becoming available at this crossroads.

Second, when you first begin to feel a negative emotion, check in with yourself to determine how much of what you are feeling is yours, how much is other people, and how much is the collective. The only feeling you have any power over is your own. This means owning how you feel but refusing to act on the emotion. An angry text or comment to a colleague or loved one will backfire. Find a gentle way to communicate or hold your tongue for a bit until you can find more constructive words.

Third, remember that just on the other side of chaos and darkness there is peace and light. These qualities always are there, in fact, but during turmoil it can be challenging to access them. Keep your focus on your light-filled intentions and your own light within. It is your own light that can reveal things blocking your full divine expression. Allow this light energy within to bring you the outer resources you need to break free. These resources could include insights from others not invested in seeing you the way that you have always seen yourself. It’s common knowledge that enlightenment is catalyzed by being with and seeking input from others outside of you. Asking for help doesn’t make you less than – it can help you to be more than your ego self is allowing you to be.

Fourth, know that crossroads like these tend to bring up intense desires to do or be something different from what society dictates. To have breakthroughs, you will need to self-moderate your desires and only take actions on things that truly need action right now. If you’re not sure, wait. Meditate on your desires and invite dreams or other inner input to help you see the larger picture of where these desires will lead long term.

Fifth, on a daily basis, ask your higher self to reveal to you what you are not seeing about your situation. Ask to be shown – directly or through other people – what in your DNA-level conditioning is blocking your forward movement. Invite a knowing of how your current blocks relate to things you experienced in past lives, vows you took in other lifetimes, or agreements you made with people at another time in history. These things, not on the ordinary person’s radar, can be seen in the field of the DNA, which is also the place they need to be cleared to have real progress. Remember, too, that in your DNA are very beneficial patterns helping you in this pivotal lifetime – ask to be made aware of these things so that you can see your divine qualities. Then call upon those qualities to assist you in creating breakthroughs that subsequent generations will liken to miracles!

Copyright 2014 by Selacia – author of Earth’s Pivotal Years, healer, and teacher * All Rights Reserved * * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this copyright line and the full article text.

Weekly Forecast: April 20 – 26, 2014 a message from Kelly M. Beard


Weekly Forecast: April 20 – 26, 2014
a message from Kelly M. Beard
Sunday, 20 April, 2014 (posted 21 April, 2014)

The Karmic Tools Weekly Forecast covers the current planetary transits which affect people in different ways and to various degrees of intensity. Take notice when it is a Personal planet (Sun / Moon / Mercury / Venus / Mars) interacting with a Social (Jupiter/Saturn) or Collective planet (Uranus / Neptune/Pluto). And pay extremely close attention when it is a Social planet interacting with a Collective planet because that means something *big* is brewing that will move large groups of people along their evolutionary paths. Tuning in to the energy and rhythm of the planets can serve as a useful *guide* as you move along your Individual Path. It also helps to understand your place within the context of the larger Social & Collective Story. Below, you will find out how these energies tend to manifest, as well as guidance and direction.

*NOTE* There are some days when there are NO CONTACTS (besides the Moon), please note that there are no missing entries, we just list the actual Activations of each week + the day they happen.
Weekly Forecast: April 20 – 26, 2014

4/20 ~ Jupiter (faith/belief) ~square~ Uranus (freedom/liberation):

(3 of 3: 8.21.2013 ~ 2/26 ~ 4/20)

Expansion & Liberation coming together can shock the system, no doubt, and this activation will push you out of your comfort zone, whether your life is changing for better or worse. It’s time to gather all the knowledge & earned wisdom of the last 3-years and apply it to see what works and what doesn’t. Experiment with new ideas, expand on anything solid and explore new realms of possibility, on every level ~ physical, emotional, spiritual & mental. That said, the hallmarks of this activation initially are: impatience, restlessness & opposition from those who were once supportive (when YOU change, the people around you have to change or go away, if only temporarily to evolve on their own). If you have postponed major decisions, this could be the Universe cracking the whip, as it were, when change becomes your ONLY option and stepping in to the Unknown is the only “open pathway”. Generally, when Uranus is involved there is a “sudden awakening”, the human challenge is that once the crisis is past or the initial shock has worn off, people tend to fall back ‘asleep’. The key is to use the square to help do some of the heavy lifting for you, since change is being facilitated regardless (through varying degrees of friction & discomfort). Whatever you want to change, add it to the energetic mix of *now* and recognize what used to be true is no longer true or, conversely, what was NOT true in recent/long past is suddenly true now. While this energy can feel very much like you just picked the Wheel of Fortune card in the Tarot, it doesn’t have to be a negative thing necessarily, but an opportunity to shed the skin of an old belief so that a new YOU can emerge!

We get 3-chances to work this *Mojo* during 2013-14. First today (8/21) with Uranus Retrograde (liberation/breakthrough), then with Jupiter Retrograde, when we get to edit the current Story (2.26.2014) and finally, with both Direct and moving toward creating New Paths (4.20.2014) based on Higher Truth and 12-15 years of learning and experience (1997-now).

{Note} Jupiter is a 12-year Cycle that moves at 3-year increments. The last Cycle was activated in 1997, in Aquarius. The current Cycle was activated in 2010 on the Cusp of Pisces/Aries and the next one in 2024 will be in Taurus. Any square is a test to grow, out of comfort zone, in to new territory. Presently, the test is between Cancer (what we contain, nurture & protect) and Aries (independence, courage & noble cause); between what we believe and what needs to change; between the past and the future. Another thing to consider or frame of reference would be 2000 as the first test of the New Truth & Story activated in 1997. Similarly, we initiated a New Truth & Story during 2010-2011 which is now being tested, in some major way, to evolve. Squares bring challenges, choices and generally, crossroads that take you in new directions, learning all the way. Keep in mind that cycles repeat, however, YOU and the support around you, changes with the seasons.

4/20 ~ Jupiter (expansion) ~oppose~ Pluto (power):

(3 of 3: 8.7.2013 ~ 1/31 & 4/20.2014)

These two Gods, Jupiter & Pluto, are potent indeed! This is about recognizing the inherent power of your perceptions and what you believe or claim as Truth. How much of it is consciously co-created and grows & expands with you … and how much is influenced by the depths of your subconscious? Jupiter moves the Story of your life along and contact with Pluto indicates an utter transformation, no half-way. If you’ve been integrity about the Story you’re telling, then this is a mid-point of sorts that allows you to see what is completely done and where you can course-correct around any deep revelations. Because Jupiter indicates success and luck, it can bring rewards for deep dedication and with that, more power that you will need to consciously ground (repeatedly) or it could overwhelm you completely. Keeping in mind any push-pull energies around power in general. If you are making self-centered choices, things could back-fire in unpleasant ways. However, if you are making choices that take in to consideration the relative Truth to others or larger Story, then much progress can be made because it enlarges the Circle, which brings in resources and energy from those who share a common vision. Think Higher and Dig Deeper! Reconsider your definitions of wealth & power.

{Note} This activation happens every 12-years, however, the Sign Energy & Lesson changes. The last one in 2000-2001 was in Gemini/Sag, but during 2013-14, it is Cancer/Capricorn. In any opposition, the goal is to find, maintain & strengthen the center-point. However, that usually entails first swinging from one extreme to another and lots of practice calibrating a natural balance that you can sustain long enough to be effective. In this case, the energetic theme is the Masculine/Feminine ~ Mother/Father ~ Home/Work ~ Public/Private ~ Personal/Global ~ which is ALL up for a recalibration within and around us. What is the Truth & Story? How must we completely change where the fundamentals are concerned?

4/21 ~ Uranus (radical change) ~square~ Pluto (death, rebirth & transformation):

These two may need a little qualifying first. Uranus has an 84-year cycle, comprised of 7-year increments (each Sign), breaking in to social cycles of 21 years (square) and 42 years (opposition) as well. Pluto has a 248-year cycle, and spends 11-33 years in each Sign, which comes in waves apparently, but reminds us that “Transformation takes as long as it takes!” Uranus is considered the *Change Agent* ~ while Pluto represents the ultimate (and permanent) transformation. However, they operate considerably differently. Pluto works very slowly, over long periods of time and behind the scenes, exerting its strongest influence from the hidden realms. Uranus works with lightning speed, change in an instant, sudden illumination and life is never the same again. They are getting together in a 90-degree angle (square), which will ultimately build something, but not before the complete destruction of that which is not worthy (ending the old way), the clearing and purifying of space for new growth (preparation) and restructuring from the ground UP (rebirthing/rebuilding). Squares push us *out of comfort zone, in to new territory* ~ they help us *build* something stable and useful through the trials and adjustments, processes and sacrifices made, especially when they are actively engaged like this … which is rare. (Uranus Squares Pluto every 50-80 years.)

On a personal level, this is a revolutionary time to be alive and all life is affected one way or another when these Collective shifts happen. Even though both of these planets are considered Collective planets, they will affect individuals with planets active in these Signs. So this go-round is primarily affecting Cancer/Capricorn and Aries/Libra energies, though no one is exempt. (You can look to the Signs for the themes and lessons.) There is a tremendous pressure from the Social and Collective realms to adjust on personal and Individual levels. This activation forces change, seemingly from outer, uncontrollable influences, but it should not be a surprise. It usually changes something you’ve known needed changing, but resisted and postponed. Essentially, Pluto reveals that which is already dead, done and over but very often we avoid these deeper, darker realms. “Suddenly” (Uranus) there is a catalyst (activation) for change and there is no going back! We *LIVE* during the current *Activation* which means we can set an intention to co-create. We can set an intention for ourselves and 7 Generations to come, if we like. Allow the old paradigms to drift in to your memory and focus on the incoming, new paradigm. Connect with the new life and new structures rising from the ashes, like the Phoenix reborn, of all that’s gone before. It is not necessarily “good” or “bad” but it’s definitely “over” so don’t waste precious resources looking back.

4/21 ~ Uranus (radical change) ~square~ Pluto (death, rebirth & transformation): (cont’d)

Connect to your Aries Instincts (independence) and Libra Circle (community) and anchor your fundamentals, how you provide for your Self and your family (Cancer) as well as, how you contribute to Society (Capricorn). If you do that to the best of your ability, you should come out of this 4+ year *PROCESS* on completely new ground, stabilized in the outer realms and more secure in your Center to navigate, come what may. There will be two Activations in 2012, 2013 and 2014 with the 7th and final one in 2015.

NOTE: The last time Uranus Squared Pluto was 1932-1934 with Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Cancer. The next time Uranus Squares Pluto will be 2073-2074 with Uranus in Capricorn and Pluto in Aries, the exact opposite of what we are experiencing *NOW*!


June 24, 2012 ~ 8° ~ Uranus in Aries/Pluto in Capricorn

September 19, 2012 ~ 6° ~ Uranus in Aries/Pluto in Capricorn

May 20, 2013 ~ 11° ~ Uranus in Aries/Pluto in Capricorn

November 1, 2013 ~ 9° ~ Uranus in Aries/Pluto in Capricorn

April 21, 2014 ~ 13° ~ Uranus in Aries/Pluto in Capricorn

December 15, 2014 ~ 12° ~ Uranus in Aries/Pluto in Capricorn

March 17, 2015 ~ 15° ~ Uranus in Aries/Pluto in Capricorn

4/22 ~ Mars (passion) ~square~ Jupiter (enthusiasm):

This energy can be expressed one of two ways (like most) – you can over-extend your Self and your resources being overly optimistic without actually doing any planning or work, relying on luck alone and unfortunately, this expression will basically make you pay double (in more ways than one) sooner or later. The better way to express this energy is to think of what you are DOING today as the benefit to you in the future. You have access to foresight, so use it to foresee what your ultimate goal is and what steps you can take today to make that happen. Focus on what can be, rather than what is right now. You also have access to increased energy and optimism, which can be built on but not if you overdo it, then you defeat the whole purpose. Calculated risk is okay – impulsive reactions – NOT. This is also the energy of when things are good – they are very good but when they are bad, they are terrible! So keep it positive, stay focused and balance your input with your output – mentally and physically.

4/23 ~ Mars (energy) ~oppose~ Uranus (radical shift):

This is a mixed blessing. On one hand, this energy can bring on impulsive reactionary behavior. You can have sudden outbursts of anger or frustration with a strong need to be ‘free’ from whatever you are perceiving as holding you back (person or circumstance). The best use of this energy is really consciously directing your energy to free yourself from any restrictions – self-imposed or otherwise. This is a time when you will be extremely motivated to do whatever it takes to live freely (by your own definition). Do not suppress this energy as that will only make it blow up in your face at a most inconvenient time. Use this activation to check yourself and determine what you deeply desire, what your definition of freedom is and what you are willing to do to live a more authentic life.

4/23 ~ Mars (lower will) ~square~ Pluto (Higher will):

This is a test of what you are made of on the deepest core level and will require surrender as well as focus. This energy challenges you to evolve and will make you want to push through all obstacles but you must be careful not to be so aggressive that you are stepping on anyone to get where you’re going. This is a potent energy that can facilitate major transformation in your life if you know who you are, what you want and what you are willing to sacrifice to get there – that includes parts of your Self that need to shift to be more effective. This energy brings power struggles, either within or without, so be mindful because this energy is affecting everyone at this time. This is the time to tie up any loose ends if you are close to beginning anew. If you do not finish what you already have in the works, it may get in the way of things you want to do in the future.

4/25 ~ Venus (love & money) ~trine~ Saturn (stability):

This energy tends to make you very realistic about your relationships and is, therefore, a good time to talk about any recent challenges or future plans. Venus is the energy of love and money, so you will also be objective and somewhat conservative where both your relationships and finances are concerned. With this interaction with Saturn, I would suggest outlining a reasonable financial goals for the next 3 – 6 – 12 months. Relationships started under this influence should be fairly stable and more practical than passionate, but solid nonetheless.

4/25 ~ Mercury (expression) ~conjunct~ Sun (core-Self):

This energy will compel you to express yourself on many levels. Communication will be a focus, just make sure it is reciprocated. You will have access to some powerful energy that can (and probably will) make quite an impression on others (if you need to). This is a good time to travel if possible too. However, if not physically, than mentally and certainly within your own area, you will take in more information per square inch than usual. Pay attention! You may even gain the much deserved recognition from others you have worked so hard for.

4/26 ~ Mercury (expression) ~sextile~ Neptune (dreams):

This is a great energy for being imaginative and intuitive. This is not an intellectual energy, you will have to rely on other senses, like feeling (intuition). You may be very perceptive as to what others are thinking or feeling. Try to avoid work that requires any attention to detail. Allow your creativity to flow freely without censoring what comes through you at this time. You can organize it later. This is the energy to CREATE!

You are encouraged to share articles as long as copyright and contact info are always included. Thanks for your courtesy. Kelly M Beard ~ Published by GypsyChild Publishing Copyright © 2000-2013 Kelly M Beard All Rights Reserved

23rd / 24th April 2014: Cardinal Grand Cross by SarahVarcas


A Stoppage in the Flow by Gary RosenbergImage: A Stoppage in the Flow by Gary Rosenberg

As the Cardinal Cross reaches exactitude we encounter the opportunity to step outside of everyday consciousness and concerns into a landscape altogether new, in which the four elements air (Mars in Libra), fire (Uranus in Aries), water (Jupiter in Cancer) and earth (Pluto in Capricorn) present everything we need to begin again should we choose to do so.

This cosmic event brings the notion of satori to mind: the experience of awakening as taught in Zen Buddhist tradition, which sometimes arises not as a welcoming liberation but as a force of such power that it tears apart all that is known leaving the awakened one effectively broken – but free – in its wake. Satori embodies the trauma of awakening, the breaking apart of self and soul in the moment of recognition that both are false gods designed to keep us safe in our narrow, tiny lives. If we contrast this with the goal of replacing an undesirable self with a more desirable one, inherent in many spiritual teachings, we can come to appreciate the entirely different order of experience available to us now.

The Trappist monk Thomas Merton once described love as ‘the only revolutionary force capable of producing anything new’. These words also resonate with the energy of this week, for love is a raw force of such transformational potential that we, the human race, have sought to reduce it to hearts and flowers, I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine, and conditionality which demands all manner of pay-offs before commitment is made. The cosmic forces aligned right now mock such inconsequential associations with the most powerful force in the universe and will tolerate them no more.

As we journey through this week immersed in the rays of this rare alignment, we could too easily overlook the vital importance of this time. We may continue to seek refuge in the familiar, allowing change but only so far as we’re comfortable with it: conditional change on our terms. Or we may seek an experience of transformation which comes as a treat, satisfying our need for it to look and feel a certain way, delivering us to a particular destination. But any and all preconceived notions of possibility must be open to challenge right now, ready to be blown out of the water at any moment to make space for a whole other order of experience, of which we can barely conceive until it has arrived.

This is a revolutionary time, no doubt about it. Old concepts and expectations are being shattered, no matter how sacred they may have been to us. Life is not what we thought and nor are we. The life force itself rises up to take control of our lives, no holds barred and with little regard for what we think ‘should’ be happening right now.And at times of such revolutionary spirit, as Thomas Merton recognises, love is a vital ally, the ‘only… force capable of producing anything new’. For if we cannot soften our ego edges to allow a radically new perspective or to embrace the demons within ourselves and others, nothing really changes. All we do is recreate from the same old ingredients, believing ourselves to be formed anew.

This time will not return to us. There will be others in due course, of a different order and resonance, to help us move through the most intransigent aspects of our psyches, but this particular opportunity is a rare and valuable one. If we can open ourselves to its energy and resolve to allow change to be what is necessary and not what we ordain it to be, we may discover that awakening is more powerful than we ever conceived, than we could ever conceive. That it introduces a whole new order of being which isn’t about happiness, personal satisfaction or living the life we want. Instead awakening is revealed to us now as the very essence of the incoming Aquarian age which demands that we live in a state of radical trust, a recognition that if we can dream it, it is too small for these times and if we want it with all our heart then our heart yet needs to expand beyond it.

Whatever we believe transformation and awakening to be, the Cardinal Cross brings a new beginning which challenges all notions, reminding us that to know is to limit possibility and to believe is to impose form upon a universe that we have not even begun to understand.


Sarah Varcas


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