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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

David and Goliath

We are now entering the crucial part of the year. Between August 15th and October 18th, Eris and Pluto will be in an almost exact square. This is the most powerful astrological aspect of the year and it signifies a battle between two timelines, the positive Ascension timeline and the negative Coronavirus reset timeline:

This period might appear to be very frightening, as the dark forces will do whatever is within their power to continue with their long term plan to impose vaccine passports and maybe even forced vaccinations:

Martin Armstrong, a well known economist, has developed a computer program named Socrates that makes predictions based on different cycles. Interesting enough, his predictions often match my intel. He is calling the period between August and October a dark period:

However, the Light forces are working behind the scenes to counteract this. On July 24th , Goddess priestesses of the Resistance Movement did a very powerful kundalini activation in the catacombs below Paris:

This has given much needed energy support to the protests that began on that day in many countries worldwide:

Gendarmes, the French paramilitary police, were supporting the protests, in some cases actually leading the crowd, with their helmets off:

There is a very powerful positive faction in the French military working behind the scenes, supporting this.

The protests DO have a positive effect, and Macron was forced to partially back down on vaccine passport mandates:

And Alberta, a province in Canada, was forced to drop almost all coronavirus restrictions:

The Light Forces have communicated that peaceful protests against medical tyranny are supporting the planetary liberation process and can dramatically decrease the level of violence that might happen during the peak of the transition.

In the volatile August to October period, doing the Flower of Life meditation will be also very beneficial:

Right in the middle of this August to October period of Eris Pluto square, certain important operations of the Light Forces will be completed, and around September 18th  the dark forces might finally begin to lose power on the physical plane on the surface of the planet.

A hint:

There are two key countries in this process, France and the United States:

Interesting enough, Martin Armstrong is expecting a turning point on September 23/24th in France:

This inflection point is NOT yet the moment of the Event.

In the United States there are certain things going on behind the scenes, as you can read in this partially reliable report:

The Resistance has communicate that it is not Trump who will return to the White House at the time of the Event. Rather, a provisional interim government will be formed until new elections can be held as soon as logistically possible after the Event.
Intel about fake duplicate White House is correct and has been confirmed by many sources:
More and more people are aware that only two companies, Black Rock and Vanguard, control most of the global financial assets:

Black Rock is the financial force behind the Great Reset plans of the World Economic Forum:
And is buying real estate massively from people so that you will “own nothing and be happy”:
Luckily, the awareness of Black Rock and their nefarious plans has entered mainstream and already generated protests:
The real reason why the dark forces are so much in a hurry to force their Great Reset is because they are afraid of the polar shift:
I will release intel about the coming polar shift and the updated Ascension Plan as soon as I receive clearance to do so.

Victory of the Light!
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The Fall of the Cabal ~ Documentary + The Sequel to The Fall of The Cabal | The Great Awakening Report

The videos are embedded at The Great Awakening Report site.


The videos are embedded at The Great Awakening Report site.


Always do your own research and access many sources.

Post Election Debacle –Information coming fast & furious! Voting issues galore!

Twitter has been flooded with videos, images, article, whistleblowers refuting the “NOTHING TO SEE HERE” crowd, who want to push in a candidate while there is much dispute, and some states are still sorting out their counts (Georgia did a recount and went RED, for example.)  THE MEDIA DOES NOT GET TO CALL AN ELECTION , NOR DOE THE CANDIDATE GET TO DECLARE THEMSELVES THE WINNER WHEN EVIDENCE OF FRAUD -BOTH WITH PAPER BALLOTS AND ELECTRONIC VOTING- IS RAMPANT! Here is just a taste…

1.   Listen to an interview with Retired USAF 3-Star Lt. General MacKinerny explain how the #ScorecardandTheHammer technology was obtained and deployed by the Deep State to
   perpetuate fraud and maintain control. They don’t want their crimes exposed.
“This is a Coup D’Etat!”

2.  Watch in real time to see vote switching technology in action broadcast on CNN…

3.  Visit a twitter post to see another vote-flipping incident someone caught on their TV

4. The Justice Department opened an investigations.


Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney USAF (Ret) And The American Report’s Mary Fanning Discuss #ScorecardAndTheHammer

Election Hack On Worldview Weekend With Brannon Howse – The American Report – WORLD VIEW RADIO

Please help us get this information to the American people. Guests: Lt. General Thomas McInerney, (3-Stars) U.S. Air Force (Retired), Author and Researcher Mary Fanning. Former National Security Council Staffer for President Donald Trump Rich Higgins join us to give us his thoughts on what it would mean for America if Joe Biden becomes President due to his a national security threat due to being compromised by the Communist Chinese and government of Russia. You will hear General McInerney tell our audience that Brannon is revealing facts that no other national talk show host on terrestrial radio is covering because they likely are not aware of this breaking news. 

Topics Covered in today’s broadcast as written by guest and research Mary Fanning and confirmed on air by retired, 3-Star General Thomas McInerney. 

In February 2009, the Obama administration commandeered a powerful supercomputer system known as THE HAMMER. THE HAMMER includes an exploit application known as SCORECARD that is capable of hacking into elections and stealing the vote, according to CIA contractor-turned-whistleblower Dennis Montgomery, who designed and built THE HAMMER.

THE WHISTLEBLOWER TAPES, confidential audio recordings released by U.S. DIstrict Judge G. Murray Snow’s courtroom in November 2015, revealed that SCORECARD was deployed by the Obama team against Florida election computers to steal the 2012 presidential election on behalf of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

SCORECARD is now being activated to steal the vote on behalf of Joe Biden once again. Biden utilized THE HAMMER and SCORECARD while running for Vice President in 2012. Votes are again being stolen on Joe Biden’s behalf as he runs for President of the United States in 2020.

This time, SCORECARD is stealing votes in Florida, Georgia, Texas, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada, and Arizona, according to Montgomery.

SCORECARD steals elections by tampering with the computers at the transfer points of state election computer systems and outside third party election data vaults as votes are being transferred. The Obama White House had an encrypted VPN in order to access THE HAMMER at will.

In August 2015, CIA contractor-turned-whistleblower Dennis L. Montgomery provided the FBI and the DOJ with evidence stored on 47 hard drives that implicates Robert Hunter Biden, son of former Vice President Joe Biden, in illegal activities, Montgomery states.

Among the 600 million pages of documents stored on those 47 hard drives of electronic data that Montgomery turned over to the FBI were 10,000 pages of documents regarding Hunter Biden and Joe Biden, according to Montgomery. The 10,000 pages of documents regarding Hunter Biden and Joe Biden included videos and images. 

Going all the way back to 2003, Montgomery maintains, the U.S. government continuously targeted Joe Biden and Hunter Biden with electronic surveillance via THE HAMMER.

On February 3, 2009, Brennan and Clapper moved THE HAMMER to Fort Washington, Maryland and began using the foreign surveillance system for domestic surveillance, targeting President Obama’s political enemies for “blackmail and leverage.” Montgomery, as a CIA contractor, worked for John Brennan and James Clapper. 

Montgomery became a whistleblower upon seeing first hand how the Obama administration had turned THE HAMMER against America. Montgomery received two limited immunity agreements from the DOJ and the FBI in exchange for evidence production and testimony. 

Montgomery originally designed and built THE HAMMER in 2003 as a foreign surveillance system to protect America after 9/11. 

“THE HAMMER IS THE KEY TO THE COUP” — Admiral James A. “Ace” Lyons, On His Death Bed, Speaking To His Longtime Friend, Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney 

They stole a super-surveillance government tool for foreign surveillance and they turned it against America and are using it to steal the Presidential election of 2020. 

* CIA contractor Dennis Montgomery built THE HAMMER in 2003 as a foreign surveillance tool to keep America safe from terrorists after 9/11 and to protect U.S. troops on the battlefield.

* Robert Mueller’s FBI provided the computers for THE HAMMER.

* THE HAMMER foreign surveillance system featured multiple echelons of safeguards and sign-offs to prevent U.S. personnel, up to and including the President of the United States, from using the system for unlawful domestic surveillance.

* On February 3, 2009, two weeks after President Obama’s inauguration, Brennan and Clapper moved THE HAMMER to a secret CIA facility in Fort Washington, Maryland.

*After Dennis Montgomery saw Brennan and Clapper commandeer THE HAMMER foreign surveillance tool and transform it into a domestic surveillance system for blackmail and leverage, Montgomery became a whistleblower.

* In 2013, Dennis Montgomery alerted multiple officials in Washington D.C. that THE HAMMER was being used to conduct illegal domestic surveillance. Montgomery even sent faxes to President Obama and Vice President Biden to alert them about the ongoing illegal domestic surveillance.

* Brennan and Clapper used THE HAMMER to spy on Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, 156 Article III judges, FISA Court Presiding Judge Reggie Walton, Members of Congress, Wall Street executives, Rudy Giuliani, Lt. General Michael Flynn, Donald Trump, Trump Tower, multiple Trump businesses, and members of the Trump family. Brennan and Clapper spied on Donald Trump because the CIA feared Trump. Brennan and Clapper wiretapped Donald Trump “a zillion times.”

* The Obama Whitehouse could access THE HAMMER at will through an encrypted VPN. 

* In August 2015, Dennis Montgomery, under a limited immunity agreement, provided FBI General Counsel James Baker and FBI Director James Comey with 47 computer hard drives of evidence proving that Brennan and Clapper had used THE HAMMER to conduct illegal domestic surveillance. Included on the 47 hard drives was 10,000 pages of documents regarding Hunter Biden.

* In December 2015, Dennis Montgomery, under a second limited immunity agreement, provided the FBI and the DOJ with sworn testimony about THE HAMMER and the contents of the 47 hard drives. 

* THE HAMMER framework could throw multiple exploit applications. The Obama team used a HAMMER application called SCORECARD to steal the 2012 presidential election in Florida.

* The Biden campaign is using SCORECARD to steal the 2020 presidential election (they have NOT turned off THE HAMMER).
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Watch in real time to see vote switching technology in action broadcast on CNN

#TheHammer #Scorecard

First published at 08:17 UTC on November 7th, 2020.

channel image

SGT Report
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What you will see in this video is direct evidence of ELECTRONIC VOTE FRAUD captured in REAL TIME on CNN…This is proof of votes being automatically tabulated for democrats and taken away from Republicans using Hammer/Scorecard technology in the 2020 election.

Use the BRAVE browser – It’s FREE, 3X FASTER than Chrome & it WON’T spy on you. Plus, it has a built-in ad blocker!

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A_Blosssom  @A_Blossom4USA ·

A friend just sent this video she recorded election night.

Start of video PA total votes are:

Trump 1,690,589
Biden 1,252,537

At the end of the video the totals on the screen are for PA are:

Trump 1,670,631. -19,958 votes
Biden 1,272,495. +19,958 What a coincidence!


Watch video….wait for it…wait for–THERE!

This is #ScorecardandTheHammer software in action, flipping votes during transfer as totals update to news feeds…split second..barely noticeable shift of 19, 958 votes. One person gains that much, the other person loses that exact amount. This is for ONE county in ONE state, but the software may be deployed in multiple counties in about 30 States. Let that sink in.

This is one of many examples I have seen in the past few days… mind blowing! Nobody knew this existed, because the software technology was not originally designed for domestic use, it was designed for use against foreign nations. The corrupt former heads of the #FBI obtained it years ago, and along with #BigTech and the #MainstreamMedia, have weaponized it against all of us. They need to stop telling us to “get over it”, because unless these things are thoroughly investigated and a valid explanation is clearly given, those of us who love the #USConstitution and expect integrity in the voting process AND the data transfer of election results will continue to question them.

It doesn’t matter which candidate you support, this is not about them, this is about the future of voting in the United States and the integrity of the process! This is about what happens when 50% or more of the population feels that the system is completely corrupt and there is no such thing as Democracy any more. That’s what we’re fighting for. #TheConstitution and #TheRuleOfLaw

(p.s.) #TheJusticeDept has opened an investigation into multiple voting anomalies due to #eyewitnessreports and #whistleblowers.

They also have film of ballots being brought in a van to a crematorium and burned.This saddens us!!! We are angry and hurt that anyone would do this! There is NO joy in this for anyone involved.😔 It is a dark day for Democracy and for the USA.🗽🌒



The attorney general said that he had authorized “instances” of investigative steps but that inquiries should not be based on specious claims.



David Icke is pretty brilliant…conspiracy theorists tend to be ahead of the curve at connecting the dots and seeing through the game, because they’ve done their research, which is why down the line, they often prove to be correct. But by then, so many people are on board that they’ve forgotten where they first heard it…Listen to what he says about the World Health Organization and who runs it, about “Fake News” and what he calls the “Cult” running the world and our economy. This is dark, uncomfortable stuff and not for the novice, especially as we see what is transpiring on the world stage. He is good at delineating the problem, but offers no solutions. Yet I can’t believe that we good people will be scared into complacency. I have to believe we can overcome these challenges. ~PB


Premiered 6 hours ago

London Real

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David Icke, is an English writer and public speaker, known since the 1990s as a professional conspiracy theorist, calling himself a “full-time investigator into WHO and WHAT is really controlling the world.” He is the author of over 21 books and 10 DVDs and has lectured in over 25 countries, speaking live for up to 10 HOURS to huge audiences, filling stadiums like Wembley Arena. David joins us today to talk about the CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC, the worldwide COVID-19 LOCKDOWN, the looming global economic crash & why the CORONAVIRUS is taking a toll on countries such as China, Italy & Spain.

CRYPTO EVENT – 5 Coins To $5 Million:

Watch the full episode for FREE here:…







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Republishing,  as much background material pertains to this prior post:



A MUST-listen if you are confused and/or alarmed by the political theatre of our times, and are not a conspiracy theorist! I made a partial transcript.  In the longer video, Bill Wood gives details of his military service and duties as a Navy Seal with Above Top Secret clearance, 9/11 intel that preceded that day, and evaluation of the event. These guys who serve certainly pay their dues, in one way or another. He also explains about the Looking Glass technology, and how and why it was used and later shut down. Mind-blowing, if you understand the concepts, and he breaks it down pretty clearly! The shorter video is the last part that pertains to current “end times” and what is playing out geopolitically, as predicted it would, after the timeline convergence in 2012. ~PB.
My tags: Ascension, Bill Wood, Cabals + Conspiracies, Disclosure, Kerry Cassidy, Military Insider, Navy Seal, Project Camelot, Interview, Project Looking Glass, Shadow Government, 9/11, White Hats/Oathkeepers, Whistleblower, Area 51, “Loose Change”, Timelines,

(Transcript from last 1/3 of this first interview; the 3 interviews are a.k.a. “The Bill Wood Disclosures” )
“…The biggest cherry on top of all this conversation, would be a synopses to say, that if I could convince everybody out there, that for all intents and purposes, what we believe to be true, eventually becomes true. If somebody convinces us that a major disaster is going to happen in the very near future, a major disaster happens in the very near future. If we don’t buy in to that fear, and accept that there’s really nothing that we know is going to happen, and accept that, whatever happens, that makes the convergence of the timelines happen as naturally as possible…. and the attempts to try to go away from this one inevitable conclusion….I again, see as a new beginning, an end of this reality, and the beginning of something that we can’t even possibly understand, based on the level of our beliefs currently, but when all that information comes flooding out, there is going to be no denying what’s true and what’s a lie or what’s illusion.


We won’t have the choice to believe that 911 happened because of a bunch of terrorists, because we’ll know exactly what’s happened.


Basically, what we’re experiencing right now is two master chess players sitting at the board, and one of them looks down at the board and sees that he’s in checkmate in 7 minutes, and he looks across it at his opponent and he knows that his opponent sees it, too. So there’s no getting out of it. So at this point, the loser can only prolong the game…the game… both players know the game is over. It’s only a matter of time before he does this, and then you’re forced to do this, and then hes forced to do this, and eventually checkmate.


We as a race, if we could understand that the game is over…that based on the rules of the game the bad guys have already lost… the good guys have already won. Yes, there’s moves left on the table, but those moves are being forced by the player that is going to win.


The only way the checkmate can’t happen is if the player that’s winning makes a mistake. But from all the information that I have gathered, all of the information that’s been given, all the information that’s been vetted to me, it seems pretty obvious that the good guy player on this side of the chessboard knows exactly what has to be done to win the game… and so, at this point, any mistake would be all but impossible.


But again, you really have to understand the game to know that the guy that’s losing has lost… and I’m sure most people sitting watching the chess match between 2 advanced chess players know the games over long after the 2 players know it’s over.. because they can’t see the board and see that there’s only 7 moves left.


Now let me say why I believe that it comes down to one inevitability, is because I was entrusted in getting it down to two possibilities.. and I’ve heard both of those possibilities talked about in massive proportions, the good and the bad.


To most easily put it to people, one scenario is what most people would understand to be Ascension, or an evolution of consciousness that brings us out of the cocoon and turns us into a butterfly. Timeline Two is some kind of major global catastrophe that drives most of us underground, and leaves a few of us on top to fend for ourselves…


But I would also like to point it out, that what they called timeline two, “Timeline Two”. It seemed very odd to me that even back then, it was identified as NOT one, and that “ONE” didn’t get talked about.”
-Bill Wood


BlueEyes @AbbeyMaeCook88 · 4h

#QAnon Project Looking Glass It all makes sense!




Mar 24, 2013

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.Q reference “Project Looking Glass” Bill did some work with this technology.
In his 2nd interview with David Wilcock, and Bill Ryan on the project camelot channel, he talked much more about this technology and his use of it. But he does talk about here as well, in less detail. I did not mirror that interview, or the the 3rd on Kerry’s channel. And currently am not finding them.
There is lots of info here.
131.30 Talking about pentagon and what a tomahawk missile strike looks like compared to a large plane with engines.
135.09 talks about f
orced choice of being registered sex offender over prison when no crime was committed
136.36 talks about gathering his data
137.10 being contacted by “a group” that Kerry then categorizes as while hats. He ca
lls Oathkeepers.  They have a huge amount of information fighting for the good guys. ………… they are the patriots…… still in military, government, FBI, CIA all alphabet.
Shorter version of important stuff toward end is here

This is why he disappeared to work with them.
Bill disappeared and here are 3 videos he left that explain some things.
(explains about his trials and the sex with a minor charges…)
For more on Project looking glass, there is some info here. this was read on Patriots Soapbox the day of the Q post.…
for Q updates and patriot news see Patriots’ Soapbox News Network LIVE 24, they start a new live feed daily at 6am.
mirroring this site

Project Camelot Uploaded on Jan 17, 2012
An interview with an ex-Navy Seal who during the years 1992-2000 was sent on top secret bombing missions in the Middle East, predominantly in Iraq. Years after the first Gulf War when we were supposedly not at war with Iraq yet he and Seal Team 9 were targeting Tomahawk Missiles on a monthly basis taking out targets that were increasingly “soft”… involving deaths of hundreds of innocent civilians.
Find out how this highly trained young man and his team were coerced by the military into purposely destroying villages and creating future terrorists as part of a plan that would ultimately serve their dark purpose, the war on terror and 911.
And if that weren’t enough, hear how he was trained in Area 51 as a specially gifted group of highly classified psi spies to see beyond the famous Looking Glass technology into the future involving 2012 and beyond.
Groundbreaking in every way.
Kerry Cassidy Project Camelot
update: I believe currently this video was removed from Project Camelot’s site.


QAnon Project Looking Glass It all makes sense!

Nov 11, 2019

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Did The Q Team Contact Him? Sure Sounds Like It Here!!




You can watch the rest of the interview here and below:


I just trimmed it down to get to the part it explains everything QAnon has been pointing us to.


Literally they cant stop what is coming. its impossible!!!







Update on Bill Wood’s mututal fallout with Project Camelot

Bob07's picture

Kerry Cassidy conducted her first two interview with Bill Wood in an uncharacteristically restrained and “allowing” style, but that has now devolved into epic nastiness, which is worth wondering about.

I’m not stating any opinion about the article below (which originally appears here (link is external)).  I have no way of knowing where the truth lies, but have only gut feelings.

If you want some background on this fallout, watch the very good Lisa Harrison-Bill Wood interview (link is external) that is referred to below.   I did not listen to the Cassidy radio interview (the third one) where allegedly the noxious waste matter hit the revolving paddles, but having heard about it, I don’t really want to.  …However, based on this report and my former impressions of Cassidy, I do wonder whether she has a serious personality disorder.  At the very least, the writer of the article does bring up some perspectives on Camelot (and Avalon) that may be worth thinking about.  Here we go…

Shootout At the Camelot Corral-Part 2: Mental Hate Crime (link is external)


Related: Shootout At the Camelot Corral-February 10, 2012 (link is external)

The Bill Wood Disclosures:

I have now gone through nearly 12 hours of the audio, and the video of the first interview, with Bill Wood from Project Camelot…some of these twice! I have witheld any substanitive judgements of the level of information provided in those interviews, but have commented on the hubris surrounding the “Beyond Looking Glass” marketing campaign launched by Camelot to feature the interviews on their site.

Even as the videos went viral, it was clear that Kerry Cassidy was unhappy with Bill’s performance, so much so that David Wilcock was brought in to shore up the shaky foundations. The problem lies, not in the information Bill Wood provided, but in what was EXPECTED by both the collective of Project Camelot and the audience. Forget for now, the accusations that Brockbrader/Wood was not a SEAL and that he is a registered sex offender…those issues are dealt with effectively on both sides. Forget that when the third Camelot video became an expose of sex rings in Las vegas and a platform for Bill’s spiritual pursuit, Wood was “lynched” via chatroom comments.  As I said, I have refrained from any comments until I have spoken with Bill Wood, personally.

What IS clear is that Bill Wood failed to provide the level of “sizzle” required for a whistleblower on Project Camelot. So, Wood was thrown under the bus by Cassidy (link is external) because he failed to live up to the hype promised by Camelot, who of late have a shortfall of new dislosers. Cassidy’s pale “love and light” veneer gave way to outright denunciation after Wood issued some corrections is his subsequent interview with Lisa Harrison (link is external) on February 7, 2012.

In an email to which I was a recipient, Bill attached a lenghty statement dealing with both substanitive issues and the heightening war of words with Kerry Cassidy. The full statement is posted below as a PDF. What follows is Kerry’s reply, and my commments to her recent actions, focusing on her repeated undermining of people with which she has conflict, by invoking a “mind control” epithet.

More Truth Revealed by Bill Brockbrader.pdf  (link is external)



Mind control, “programming” and other similar terms are MEMES…repeated and regurgitated throughout the internet media, removed from their context. They also act as TRIGGERS for both the victims, and those distinctive varieties of trolls who habituate forums, talk show chatrooms, and blog comments.

The act of bandying these terms around in loose fashion, especially as a means of discrediting a subject is nothing less than a form of mental hate crime! Like racial epithets, gender-based slurs, or derogatory comments on the disabled, the usage of “mind control” and its associated terms as an implied negative character disorder, desensitizes the public perception of these hideous practices, and minimizes the trauma of its victims in favor of a broader, more pragmatic usage to the detriment of everyone who works to END FOREVER these practices.

As I outline below, if Ms. Cassidy wishes to denounce Bill Wood as a “liar”, that is her perogative. The term is fairly clear, and perhaps applicable where two parties vary on details. Lies can be addressed in a substantive manner by the readers and listeners with the proper degree of discernment…the world if FULL of liars.

On the other hand, mind control must be understood as a syndrome of violence to the human soul and psyche. In extremis, it is a violent, brutal, and devastating process that strips the subjects abilities to recall or assess their own thoughts and actions. Mind control subjects are VICTIMS…not liars, in the capacity of their particular testimony. Anyone who has ever spent time interviewing subjects of mind control (including abductees), fully knows the precarious nature of both the psyche and the testimony being given.

These factors make any such interview a matter of delicacy and great sensitivity. That sensitivity must never be over-ridden by the subjective whims of the interviewer, or audience, regarding the subjects’ moral intentions. To be more succinct: lies are purposeful distortions; mind control is a subjegation of willful response and action. The two are not morally equal, and the latter is involuntary.

As a publicly denounced “liar”, Bill Wood should have slunk away. He did not do so, and in fact, roared back with a level statement on the differences with Camelot, the war of words with Navy SEAL, Don Shipley, and an offer of validation by a former SEAL trainer who recalled both Wood and Blackwater founder, Erik Prince.

Cassidy, understandably upset (but with no small blame to bear due to her ungraceful handling of the entire Bill Wood debacle), shot back with one phrase that once again demonstrated a lack of integrity as regards the subject of MIND CONTROL:

Feb 13




More lies from you.  Obviously you are re-programmed and no longer trustworthy in any way.

Please do not attempt to contact me or send me further lies regarding me or Camelot.

Thank you.

For those who are not familiar with Cassidy’s prior attempts to smear someone with the “mind control” label I refer you to the article here: Letter To Kerry Cassidy-December 5, 2011 (link is external)  What follows is my response to Cassidy’s latest drive-by mind control attack:

Randy Maugans

Feb 13 

to KERRY, Bill, …


We have Bill’s written statement, and Kerry’s blog article, we are all grown-ups, let those with ears hear. I have an issue with Kerry—a pattern if you will, that persists: whenever someone turns on her, or those on the INSIDE of Project Camelot, she reverts to accusations of mind control, as she does in both her posts and this email regarding Bill Wood. She did this in the accusations made against Richard Hoagland by Gary Vierre back in December 2011, when she wrote that Gary was likely a mind control subject.

I would have to ask you,  Kerry, what substantive evidence do you have that Bill has been “re-programmed”? What evidence did you ever have about your cruel accusations against Gary—a person with which you had NO contact?

You may ask why this matters?

Again, it goes to the very core of the work you and Bill did in Project Camelot’s early days with whistleblowers who were generally assumed to be both handled, and subjects of some form of mind control. You have had witnesses who acknowledge they are being handled…Barry King comes to mind, as he told me directly he is still handled.

The problem is one of deploying convenient pejorative labels whenever things turn to shit on your end. So I ask: is being a “mind control” subject a descriptor of a person who is to be treated with compassion, or derision? I don’t think you can have it both ways. If you choose the negative connotation (and you have), then you place into disrepute not only those you have so labelled, but your own “body of evidence”, and any such future endeavors.

That those coming out of such projects are subject to surveillance, handling (direct or indirect), and even ultimately being “switched” should not come as a surprise to you, a veteran researcher of these subjects. That you have a repeated pattern of such behavior demonstrates either a double standard towards such subjects, or a naïveté beyond your experience.

It appears this is your last resort epithet when all else has failed. In a sense, you, being a researcher of mind control, employ mind control by invoking mind control—even where a lack of such is absent. You wonder why your whistleblowers are drying up? Do you not sense that even your own audience is growing fatigued with your sharp elbows and tactless manner in attempting to pry the last ounce of substance from your victims (er, interview subjects)?

I think you have fairly stated that Bill’s testimony was not in line with your standards in this statement:

“…a lack of familiarity with what Project Camelot is all about. And therefore Bill and Eva are not able to assess accurately what is new and what is well known to the Camelot audience.”

You also seemed to evoke the proper tenor for a person in your field when you wrote:

“I suggest that rather than judging him you consider the impact that simple mass mind control has had on your own lives and then try to put yourself in the shoes of someone who has that and on top of it joins the military and becomes the focus of intense mind manipulation over long periods of time. Then you will begin to understand what it truly means to be a whistleblower, or someone who has chosen to break ranks and come forward to tell the truth about what they have experienced.”

That was then, this is now. So there are double standards, or what we would call “conditional love”….nice!

In your haste to rush out the Bill Wood material, did you ever vet his testimony? Did it occur to you that the fact he presented material similar to other whistelblowers was to be considered more “corroborative” than the stunning next big thing that your (perceived) adrenaline-addicted listenership demands? Part of the art of media is knowing how to frame things, and present in a manner appropriate to the presenter. When the first interview failed to yield the appropriate “buzz”, did you really need three people to handle a second interview…or is this just Camelot’s manner of “handling” a subject?

Kerry, you have a problem: you are completely disingenuous about mind control. IF…I repeat…IF, Bill has been “reprogrammed”, then he would not be the culprit, but those who are his handlers. On the other hand, if “mind controlled” “reprogrammed”, or other similar terms are to be bandied about in hostility and anger, then it can be presumed you lack the appropriate insight and sensitivity to work with such people.

I suspect those who have watched these repeated “blow ups”, especially witnesses presently not coming forward, are also seeing the big picture in this regard. I suggest you clarify your perceptions and responses with an attunement of sensitivity toward subjects of mind control programs, and resist taking (once again) the “low road” when things go bad.

Grace under pressure is the real sign of a professional…not the name-calling and hurled implications which you cannot know or prove.

Randy Maugans-OffPlanet Radio (link is external)

In his written article, Bill Wood proposes a serious solution to the constant churning of “information” at Camelot, and one I support: an alternative to the white knuckle atmosphere of Project Camelot-type forums:

“I would only suggest that, as Kerry states, that Project Camelot is not the proper forum for first time whistleblowers and that many people, including myself, agree with her statement. It is my greatest wish to establish a forum in which whistleblowers can disclose seeming unbelievable information and not be discredited simply because they don’t possess a level of proof that nameless, faceless people in the chatrooms and forums


I get a steady flow of emails form listeners and readers who voice concerns over the goings on at Camelot/Avalon, usually of the type that indicates they feel captive to the millieu of such turmoil. YOU HAVE A CHOICE: Dump them and begin to dig out the truth for yourselves! Camelot may be the “big dog” (for now) of truther-type media, but they are certainly not the only one.

In fact, be suspicious of “big dogs”—they are usually “well fed”, if you catch the drift. Certainly, the tone of arrogance indicates that Kerry & Co. feel justified in deploying the mind control meme to their advantage whenever it suits them. That arrogance worries me…how about you?


[More comments and the discussion branched out to discuss but consciousness and Terrence McKenna.]



UPDATE: I removed the “Bill Woods/Kerry Cassidy” post but then re-posted, as the intel is pertinent to this update.

I am listening to this update (one of several). Same guy, he did serve in the military, his name is Bill Brockbrader, explaining what this whole intelligence gathering and distribution thing was about…much of his story as told to Kerry is true, but it was part of a psyops plan with a supposed NSA contact to draw out assets to learn more of the inner workings of the cabal…about how the Corporations control governments and create terrorism through conflicts…war profiteering and the creation of debt slavery. Both sides are being financed by the same people. As you see the big picture, you see the financial world in a new light, and how we are manipulated. MSM is manipulated to keep us distracted and in conflict with one another.

He says there is something amazing, so big and so secret that no one knows what it it is, but it is disrupting Corporate control of society….also, he says none of us have any really important info to share, if we did we’d be arrested, or they’d come after us.

He talks about the rash of corporate suicides, the roles of Agents and Assets, blackmail and the world of finance, oil, futures, etc. and how they manipulate prices for profit. This group..and others..are trying to expose and overthrow those who perpetuate this prison planet that keeps humanity in conflict and unable to thrive.

I need to sleep but may revisit this…


trial shipley1

earth history and aliens1


RETURN TO YOUR TRUTH – 144k HQ: Last Reminder – Time for our own ‘trick-or-treat’ … to accelerate FREEDOM [TIMES & LINKS]

Last Reminder [T-Minus 4hrs] Time for our own ‘trick-or-treat’ … to accelerate FREEDOM [TIMES & LINKS]


144k HQ via 

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RETURN TO YOUR TRUTH – 144k HQ: Last Reminder – Time for our own ‘trick-or-treat’ … to accelerate FREEDOM [TIMES & LINKS]

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X22Report: Message Relayed To [DS], All Exits Are Now Blocked – Episode 1922b

Message Relayed To [DS], All Exits Are Now Blocked
– Episode 1922b

Published on Jul 21, 2019

Report date: 07.21.2019 Rep Tlaib has been caught on video, and it’s not good. Trump continues to tell the people that the squad is working against the US best interest. More information is coming out about [JE], all links are being connected and this is part of the plan, this is about optics, tying all the players together. The D’s are getting ready for Mueller, this will fail. New survey shows the country is less racists since Trump came into office. Trump relays a message to the [DS], stop what you are doing with Iran or else. The [DS] doesn’t know it yet but they already lost, this is their last push.

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Shipwrecked on Ten Islands with Clintons & Branson – Part II – by Corey Lynn | Corey’s Digs

Child Trafficking,  Clinton Foundation,  Drug Trafficking,  GLOBAL,  Richard Branson

Shipwrecked on Ten Islands with Clintons & Branson – Part II – by Corey Lynn | Corey’s Digs

Please read Part I first.

What is Going On At Comoros Islands?

Comoros is one of the islands on their list that they wish to bring renewable energy to. It actually consists of three islands, with the largest island being the main focus. It is located just off the coast of Africa between Tanzania and Mozambique, with a population of 800,000. Comoros is a Tier 3 Island, meaning they have a severe problem with child and human trafficking, and the U.S. may be restricting aid to them.

In fact, in the U.S. 2018 ‘Trafficking in Persons Report’, the government of Comoros has literally done little to nothing to help exploited children or prevent trafficking. This is the assessment:

“The Government of Comoros does not fully meet the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking and is not making significant efforts to do so; therefore Comoros remained on Tier 3. Despite the lack of significant efforts, the government took some steps to address trafficking by funding the salaries of new personnel at a listening center that provided assistance to victims and by adding a second emergency hotline to ensure crimes from all three islands could be reported. However, the government did not investigate, prosecute, or obtain convictions for any sex trafficking or forced labor crimes, including those committed by complicit officials.

Since 2014, it did not identify or refer any trafficking victims to protective services, and lacked formal procedures to do so. Authorities continued to lack an understanding of trafficking, and the government did not provide adequate resources or training to law enforcement officials, including the office charged with investigating child abuse and exploitation. The extensive use of mediation and financial settlements in lieu of investigation and prosecution of crimes resulted in the return of children to their alleged exploiters. The Anti-trafficking Task Force, which became operational in 2016, made no discernible efforts during the reporting period.”

That being said, there is something oddly strange when viewing this island via satellite. A pattern of trees planted to form what literally looks like a profile of a pigs head, along with some strange grid pattern of additional trees atop it. Located within it, there is another strange image of what would appear to be a very large disc-shaped reflective material with an opening in the center. It looks to be inset on a slight pitch into one of the crater-like mounds. Is it some sort of a solar device, missile launch site, or entrance to some peculiar underground area? Hard to say. If it is some sort of solar mechanism, the nearest home would appear to be quite a distance from it, located north, outside the main perimeter of trees, within its own square perimeter of trees. Going further north and just a hair west, up near the figure eight shaped crater-mound, there is another home with a purple roof. Both seem quite a distance from this reflective disc-shaped material.

The overall outline of the tree pattern spans roughly 2 miles, accounting for one heck of a lot of trees. The silver disc is approximately 130′ across based on google map’s measurements. There are very interesting crater-like mounds on the north end of it as well. This was once a volcanic island, so that may explain these inverted mounds?

Despite all of this, members of the Clinton Foundation visited Comoros Island in February, 2018 to discuss sustainable development initiatives, moving full steam ahead.

Two months later, when April, 2018 rolled around, President Assoumani suspended the country’s constitutional court, calling it dysfunctional. He proposed a constitutional referendum would be held in July, and was gunning to end the system that rotated the single-term federal presidency among the three islands, as well as to allow a president to serve up to two terms. His hope was that if the referendum passed, he would be eligible in the 2019 elections for two new terms as president. There was a lot of resistance and he was accused of an attempted power grab.

In early July it was reported that vice president of Comoros was stripped of most of his duties due to denouncing President Assoumani’s plan. The referendum was held on July 30, 2018 and the proposed changed included elimination of a one-term presidency, would grant the president the power to dismiss the three vice presidents, as well as ending Comoro’s secular status, designating Islam as the state religion. Despite the incredible opposition boycott, there was a 60% turnout and the electoral commission claimed that almost 93% of the voters supported the referendum. Opposition leaders and others disagreed with the reported results. A story all too familiar. What is at stake for President Assoumani to stay the laws so he may remain President?

On August 13, 2018, President Trump nominated Michael Peter Pelletier of Maine to be Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United States of America to the Republic of Madagascar and the Union of the Comoros. Perhaps Mr. Pelletier will have a closer look as to what’s going on at the Comoros islands.

Who Are The Shipmates?

DNV GL: Technical Partner and Lead – industry standard, project development and procurement

Clinton Foundation: Technical Assistance and Procurement

Rocky Mountain Institute/Carbon War Room: Provides overview and recommendation of renewable solution, including technology risk/benefits, overview and recommendation of proposed project investment sites, and develop process steps and time for project schedule.

GRUPOTEC: Saint Lucia – An international firm founded in 2011 and based out of the United Kingdom, develops solar plants and undertook the engineering, procurement, and construction of the solar farm.

LUCELEC: Saint Lucia – Monopoly utility company in Saint Lucia who the government owns shares in, as well as EMERA being a top three shareholder, working with National project coordinator to facilitate development and implementation of renewable energy.

Solar Head of State: Based in Oakland, CA they began installations in 2010 and are entirely volunteer-driven and funded by donations since inception. A non-profit organization working with governments. They provide, free-of-charge solar photovoltaic systems on iconic buildings such as executive residences. Partner with the Clinton Foundation, Rocky Mountain Institute, IRENA, and several others. One of its advisors is Jigar Shah, Co-founder of Carbon War Room with Richard Branson. Another advisor is Danny Kennedy, former owner of Sungevity, who provides some of the free solar panels.

IRENA: International Renewable Energy Agency – promotes adoption and sustainable use of renewable energy.

CARILEC: Caribbean Electric Utility Services Corporation – trains member utilities on renewable energy resource development

EMERA (Caribbean) Inc.: Electric services company that provides power to many islands (not on the Saint Lucia project but is a top shareholder in LUCELEC).

Plus several other utility companies and stakeholder agencies/organizations.

Staying The Course:

Their argument for the need to transition the islands into renewable energy is due to the costly importing of fossil fuels to these islands. In their ‘Project Document’ via GEF and UNDP, they state “For instance, Saint Lucia imports almost 100% of its oil needed to run its sole power plant on the island. According to the Caribbean Electricity Service Corporation (CARILEC), electricity prices average at least US$0.34/kWh, in a context where the average annual household income is US$12,800 (2011). The dependence on imported fossil fuels is a familiar story throughout the region and the lack of diversified resources leaves the Caribbean islands greatly constrained in its economic opportunities. The objective of the Ten Island Challenge (TIC) is to accelerate the transition of Caribbean island economies from heavy dependence on fossil fuels to a diverse platform of renewables and energy efficiency, thereby establishing a blueprint for other isolated economies.”

They state that their “Off-Island Stakeholder Groups” will include: financiers and investors, multinational renewable energy and energy efficiency companies, commercial vendors, consultants, regional media, multilaterals, tourism industry corporate HQ (cruise companies, large hotel chains, etc.), energy NGOs, non-profits, foreign governments and other donors, replicators, Caribbean diaspora, small island nations’ governments, and tourists.

Wow, that is a lot of responsibility and involvement. Their goal is to have all islands achieve renewable energy penetration that amounts to 20-50% share of RE in the power generation mix by 2030.

It’s interesting to note that DNV GL is in the oil and gas business as well as renewable energy. CEO Remi Eriksen, believes that renewables and gas will become friendlies, working together in the future because gas can also provide baseload electricity to grids.  He takes the position that gas is the way to go, moving away from coal and other fossil fuels, and states that by 2022, the Norwegian Continental Shelf could host a CO2 storage hub. He feels that the “North Sea can be the CO2 storage hub for Europe and source a new billion-dollar industry, with huge cost savings for combating climate change, representing a massive upside for gas in the future energy mix.”

This was their initial plan, though it has grown since:

Ultimately, their end game is for “The Carbon War Room, through its Smart Island Economies program, will have the infrastructure in place to be able to expand the lessons learned from this experience well beyond the initial Ten Island Challenge participants.” All of this is being carried out in conjunction with the “Island Playbook” guidelines created by the Department of Energy.

Shipmate #1: Clinton Climate Initiative (Clinton Foundation)

According to their website, “The Clinton Climate Initiative has partnered with governments of island nations to develop renewable energy projects that will reduce fossil fuel consumption and assist the transition to a low-carbon economy – with the goal of replicating and scaling this model to significantly reduce the impacts of climate change by creating resilient communities.

By partnering with governments, utilities, financing institutions, and the private sector, we help islands realize their own vision for a sustainable future.”

“CCI, launched by the Clinton Foundation in 2006, is working with small island developing states around the world to create, advance, and scale diesel replacement solutions. Rocky Mountain Institute-Carbon War Room, under the banner of the Ten Island Challenge, which was officially launched at Rio+20, is working with ten island nations to accelerate commercial opportunities to transition island economies off fossil fuels.”

An ironic and rather comical quote on their website states “We do not let the fact that we have different email addresses interfere with getting things done”, and is posted twice by mistake. Or was it? After all, duplicate copies of emails are always good. Maybe it was symbolic?

By 2015 they had already partnered with governments of 25 island nations across three continents, prepared over 20 renewable energy projects in nine island countries, and commended the Norwegian government for making it all possible via grants. They also thanked the Dutch Postcode Lottery and their donors for their generosity. In another release, they stated that the project was made possible by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Global Environment Facility (GEF), and the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation.

Just two months after Wikileaks launched a searchable archive of over 30,000 emails from Hillary Clinton’s private email server, the government of Norway posted a lengthy statement on their website as it pertains to their financial relationship with Clinton Climate Initiative, Clinton Health Access Initiative, and the Clinton Foundation. They state that they provided CHAI with NOK $533 million toward health projects between 2007-2015, and expected to provide an additional NOK $37 million. They contributed NOK $51 million, with anticipation of an additional $19 million toward CCI’s renewable energy to islands, and state that their contributions have created a tenfold increase in investments from the private sector. Cooperation agreements have been entered into with 21 small island developing states. They make it very clear that no funding was provided to the Clinton Foundation, CCI or CHAI before 2007.

It seems this ‘Ten Island Challenge’ has progressed quite a bit. According to Rocky Mountain Institute’s site, they list partnerships with 13 islands, Norway claims there are agreements with 21, and the Clintons stated in 2015 they had already partnered with 25 islands. The Clintons have a tendency to exaggerate, so it’s hard to say which number is accurate.

The Saint Lucia solar farm was a EC $20 million project, located north of Hewanorra International Airport. Now, the Clintons state that “it is the first utility-scale renewable energy project on the island and is funded, owned and operated by LUCELEC”, which is contrary to what all other websites, press releases, and the actual ‘Project Document’ that breaks down the funding reveals. In fact, nowhere does it state that funding came from LUCELEC. They are the monopoly utility company on the island which the government of Saint Lucia has 12.4% shares in.

It boasts nearly 15,000 solar panels which will generate approximately 7 million kWhs (or units) of electricity per year. Construction of the solar farm began in November 2017, and the solar farm began feeding the grid in April, 2018.

The Clinton Climate Initiative, an initiative of the Clinton Foundation, stated they provided technical assistance during the procurement process for the project.

Shipmate #2: Rocky Mountain Institute & Carbon War Room

Carbon War Room, founded by Richard Branson in 2009, focuses on initiatives in operation including shipping efficiency, green capital, renewable jet fuels, and smart island economics, with emphasis in environmental areas such as energy supply, industry, buildings, transport and waste management.

The launch director for Carbon War Room was Peter Boyd, who worked for CWR until late 2014, shortly around the time CWR merged with Rocky Mountain Institute. He had also served as CEO of Virgin Mobile South Africa. While working for CWR, he also served as chief of the U.K.’s Energy Efficiency Deployment Office, and was on the advisory board for the World Bank’s Sustainable Development Network.

Richard Branson is a busy boy, from owning Necker and Moskito Islands to Virgin Group, and  an energy company called BMR Energy, which it was recently announced that he will be buying the STX Solar Farm on St. Croix, and quite possibly the damaged facility in Estate Donoe on St. Thomas. In 2016 they installed a 36-megawatt wind farm in Jamaica and a smaller facility in Guatemala. He also initiated The Elders back in 2007 with Nelson Mandela and a lot of familiar faces, in an effort to combat HIV/AIDS and climate control. Let’s not forget he was the founding sponsor of ICMEC back in 1999 as well. This is only the tip of the iceberg with “projects” Branson is involved with.

In December, 2014 Carbon War Room joined forces with Rocky Mountain Institute, which had been around since 1982. Founded by experimental physicist, Amory Lovins and his then-wife Hunter, they are dedicated to consulting, research, publication, and lecturing in the field of sustainability. Their main focus is on profitable innovations for energy and resource efficiency. They have nine initiatives: smart island economics, electricity platform, renewables solutions, shipping efficiency, sunshine for mines, sustainable aviation, trucking efficiency, mobility transformation, buildings, and reinventing fire: China. They have headquarters in Colorado, New York, Washing D.D., and Beijing, China.

Justin Locke, Director of Rocky Mountain Institute, also had connections to the World Bank. He served as disaster risk management specialist for the World Bank and managed one of the largest per capita investment portfolios in World Bank history. He accessed climate financing for Eastern Caribbean countries. Prior to that, he worked for UNDP as a development specialist at the UNDP Regional Center based in Fiji, providing technical assistance to 14 island countries, in addition to serving as the community/recover program manager for their multi-country office in Samoa. From 2002-2004, he was a Peace Corps volunteer in the Republic of Kiribati.

Shipmate #3: DNV GL

DNV GL is very involved in the ‘Ten Island Challenge’. In fact, they have a page dedicated to this on their website, which states: “DNV GL acts as the key technical advisor for assisting the three non-profit organizations, local governments and utilities in this transition.” The three non-profits being the Clinton Foundation, Carbon War Room, and Rocky Mountain Institute.

DNV GL is an international accredited registrar and classification society headquartered in Hovik, Norway, with 350 offices operating in over 100 countries, with additional subsidiaries in the shipping and offshore classification society, making them the leader in the industry. They provide services to numerous industries including maritime, renewable energy, oil and gas, petrochemicals, aviation, automotive, electrification, healthcare, food & beverage, and software & information technology.

Prior to becoming DNV GL in 2013, it was previously ‘Det Norske Veritas’, and was established in 1864 in Norway to head technical inspection and evaluation of Norwegian merchant vessels. It has a long history in the shipping industry. Just a few years after their inception, in 1867 Germanischer Lloyd was founded in Hamburg by a group of 600 ship owners, ship builders and insurers.

On December 20, 2012, the two companies announced a merger which was approved by competition authorities in the USA, EU, South Korea, and China. The merger was officially signed on September 12, 2013 when Stiftelsen Det Norske Veritas (an independent foundation) owned 63.5% of DNV GL shares and Mayfair Vermogensverwaltung owned 36.5%. On December 14, 2017, Mayfair sold its shares to Stiftelsen Det Norske Veritas, making it the sole owner of DNV GL.

Stiftelsen Det Norske Veritas is a foundation with several levels of subsidiaries, all of which they now own 100%. Here is how it breaks down:

In a nutshell, Stiftelsen Det Norske Veritas is an independent foundation which has no owners or shareholders and operates with a governing body consisting of 10 Board of Directors and 45 Council Members, and was majority owner of Det Norske Veritas Holding AS. Det Norske Veritas Holding AS owns its subsidiary DNV Group AS. After the merger in 2013, when DNV Holding acquired the GL Group, Germanischer Lloyd SE, they changed their name to DNV GL Group AS. Once they finalized their deal with Mayfair in December, 2017, Stiftelsen Det Norske Veritas became 100% owner of Det Norske Veritas Holding AS. Confused? To summarize: Stiftelsen Det Norske Veritas is an independent foundation with no owners or shareholders, yet owns all of its subsidiaries listed above, five of which are Norwegian limited companies, one is registered as a European Society public company, and one is registered as a Dutch private company with limited liability.

Whereas a foundation in Norway may not have external or internal persons with ownership of the foundation’s assets, the foundation itself can be an owner of companies, and it may accept obligations and financial commitments and be subject to agreements and processes. Foundations are governed by the ‘Foundation Law’ of June 15, 2001, and the Foundation Authority.

They state in their 2016 Annual Report:

“Stiftelsen Det Norske Veritas is a free-standing, autonomous and independent foundation whose purpose is to safeguard life, property and the environment. This purpose is achieved through its ownership of companies – of which the most important is the DNV GL group, a classification, certification and technical assurance and advisory company.

In 2016, the Board continued to further develop and refine the company’s corporate governance model and role as a majority owner and holding company without direct involvement in business operations. This work is carried out continuously, in close cooperation with the other governing bodies of Stiftelsen Det Norske Veritas.”

What’s not indicated above, is the fact that the DNV GL Group has additional subsidiaries such as KEMA (shipping), GL Noble Denton (Oil & gas), and GL Garrad Hassan Canada Inc. GL Noble Denton was originally two separate companies dating back to 1867. The two companies scooped up a dozen maritime and oil & gas businesses over the years, and merged in 2009 prior to DNV GL merging in 2013, taking them all over. They also reflect in their 2016 Annual Report that in 2015 they acquired ISC ‘International Standards Certification Pty Ltd.’ in Australia and Japan with focus on the healthcare industry. And, they acquired ‘Noomas Sertifisering AS’, a leading Norwegian inspection and certification body within the fish farming and equipment industry. In 2014 they acquired 70% of shares in Marine Cybernetics AS (Norway) with the agreement of acquiring the remaining 30% of shares over a 3-year period.

DNV GL is organized in a group structure with five business areas of focus:

  • Maritime: headquartered in Hamburg, Germany
  • Oil & Gas: headquartered in Hovik, Norway
  • Energy: headquartered in Arnhem, the Netherlands
  • Business Assurance: headquartered in London, UK
  • Software: headquartered in Hovik, Norway

The main shared service providers including HR, finance and IT support to all of the business groups, is headquartered in Hovik, Norway just outside of Oslo.

Det Norske Veritas Eiendom AS is their real estate arm which owns their headquarters in Hovik, just outside of Oslo, Norway, with their parent company Stiftelsen Det Norske Veritas and DNV GL operating out of the same location. In addition to the headquarters, Det Norske Vertitas Eiendom AS brought in real estate revenues of NOK $238 million, of which NOK $18 million was revenue from companies outside the Group.

This company is quite expansive. They have offices located all over the world, with multiple locations close to home in Norway. They span the outskirts of the U.S. from Boston, Massachusetts in the East to Miami, Florida in the south, straight over to Houston, Texas, with several locations up the coast of California, and upwards to Portland, Oregon, up north to Seattle, Washington near all of the islands.

According to their 2017 Annual Report, their net profit for 2016 was NOK $876 million, in comparison to NOK $1,233 million in 2015. The significant difference is due to the arbitral award related to the financial settlement between Stiftelsen Det Norske Veritas and Mayfair Vermogensverwaltung SE merge in 2013. It seems they had a little bit of a hiccup related to a pre-merger issue with Mayfair Vermogensverwaltung SE, which resulted in a NOK $42 million settlement. Apparently there were some disputes regarding representations and warranties in the Business Combination Agreement and on how to govern DNV GL in accordance with Norwegian law and the Shareholders’ Agreement. Mayfair was also ordered to pay NOK $9 million in legal fees. Google indicates their overall revenue to be at NOK $19.5 billion for 2017.

What Exactly Does The DNV GL Group Do?

It is the world’s largest classification society, providing services for over 13,000 vessels and mobile offshore units, representing 21% of the global market share. They are also the largest technical consultancy and supervisory to the global renewable energy (wind, wave, tidal, and solar) and oil & gas industry. 65% of the world’s offshore pipelines are designed and installed to DNV GL’s technical standards.

As a classification society, DNV GL sets standards for ships and offshore structures, known as Class Rules. They comprise safety, reliability and environmental requirements that vessels and other offshore mobile structures in international waters must comply with. DNV GL is authorized by 130 maritime administrations to perform certification or verification on their behalf. They also created ‘Navigator Port’ software that assists ships with managing electronic paperwork from ship to shore and makes for a smoother port clearance. It boasts more than 1600 forms and port papers required by local and national authorities worldwide, and they are pre-filled with ship’s information and crew data. It covers more than 13,000 ports and terminals, and offers electronic reporting directly to authorities, including US eNOAD.

DNV GL also operates the world’s largest high power and voltage test laboratory, working as an independent, accredited certifier of electricity transmission and distribution components. They are the leader in certifying the renewable energy industry and handling site assessments, permitting and design consultancy. Their energy arm of advisors also handles renewable integration, plant operations, transmission and distribution grids, energy store, and measurements for cyber security.

Additionally, they handle business assurance, having issued certifications to more than 70,000 companies in multiple industry sectors, and is an accredited certifier in 80 countries. They provide accreditation and clinical excellence certifications to American hospitals as well. DNV GL is a provider of digital solutions for risk management and improving safety and asset performance for ships, pipelines, processing plants, offshore structures, electric grids and smart cities. Most recently, they have been accredited by the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) to issue certificates proving compliance with the AWS international standard for freshwater management.

According to their 2016 annual report, the world shipping and mobile offshore units (MOU) was the third highest year ever for scrapping, yet despite this, the world fleet grew by 1% in vessels and 3% in gross tonnage. There were 940 ships contracted in the newbuilding market. DNV GL led all classification societies with 25% of global orders by GT, and the DNV GL-classed fleet stood at 12,404 vessels and MOUs.

DNV GL has also received numerous U.S. government contracts for inspection and certification processes. Between 2015 and 2018 some of those contracts amounted to a combined total of nearly $1 million.

In 2017, they were selected by the World Bank to be part of a consortium to support the development of three new standards in offshore wind turbine support structures, offshore substations, and offshore wind farm power cables in China. They will also be advising the Chinese government on project financing and risk management.

Being a Norwegian company, one can see why the Norwegian Government has a vested interest in the ‘Ten Island Challenge’, and contributed $8,372,000 to the Clinton Climate Initiative for their solar farm projects. DNV GL has 45 overseeing council members and all but seven are from Norway. In addition to this,  Dr. Gro Harlem Bruntland was the “mother of sustainable development”. Dr. Gro Harlem is the former Prime Minister of Norway, former Director-General of the World Health Organization, and Deputy Chair of The Elders, a group that was initiated by Richard Branson in 2007 for the purposes of combating HIV/AIDS and climate change.

Who are The Elders? Another “humanitarian” adventure consisting of a group of members such as Gro Harlem Brundtland, Jimmy Carter, Desmond Tutu, Ban Ki-moon, and numerous others. In 2008, Nancy Becker Kennedy, from Los Angeles, CA, sent an email to John Podesta in the hopes that President-Elect Obama would consider her program she proposed pertaining to “creating millions of jobs through nationalizing in-home care for seniors and people with disabilities.” She went on to explain how she hoped Obama was planning to utilize the invaluable resource of the ‘Global Elders’ and included numerous links about all of the wonderful members.

Back in 2011, Jimmy Carter sent an email to former President Obama letting him know that ‘The Elders’ had accepted an invitation from North Korea to visit Pyongyang. They planned to make stops in China and South Korea as well. Their purpose was to learn as much as possible about humanitarian problems, the political and military situation, and to encourage peace and denuclearization of the Peninsula. Mary Robinson, Gro Harlem Brundtland, and Marti Ahtissari would be joining him as well. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t seem much was accomplished on the denuclearization.

Interesting side note: Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland was the Director-General of the World Health Organization from 1998-2003. In 2002, Dr. Jim Yong Kim, the current President of the World Bank, nominated by former President Barack Obama in 2012, was working with the World Health Organization on a Tuberculosis treatment, and became the advisor to the Director-General in 2003. Flash forward to May 24, 2018, the World Health Organization and the World Bank Group joined forces to strengthen global health security. World Bank Group President Dr. Jim Yong Kim co-led the creation of the ‘Global Preparedness Monitoring Board’ which is co-chaired by none other than Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland. The focus appears to be on outbreaks, pandemics, and other emergencies with health consequences.

In regards to Saint Lucia and multiple islands in the region, DNV GL is the technical partner and lead,  with CCI/CWR-RMI focusing on energy audits, feasibility studies, grid integration studies, Integrated Resource Plans (IRPs), and are developing Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for procuring IPPs and contractors.

According to DNV GL, they have already been working on projects on other islands such as the British Virgin Islands, Aruba, Bahamas, San Andrés and Providencia, and a utility scale solar project on Caye Caulker, Belize, which is partially owned by Harry Dole.

Shipmate #4: LUCELEC

Up until the beginning of 2016, LUCELEC was the only fully integrated electricity company in Saint Lucia with the exclusive right to transmit and distribute electricity. However, on December 16, 2015, Governor-General Pearlette Louisy enacted the National Utilities Regulatory Commission Act, and the National Utilities Regulatory Commission (NURC) was formed to grant licenses to independent power producers (IPPs) to generate electricity from renewable sources. This put a bit of a strain on LUCELEC since they had always maintained the monopoly position. The new ACT would allow for competition in the renewable energy area, but LUCELEC was confident they would maintain their position in transmission and distribution. Due to the mandate to achieve 35% of electricity production from renewable energy by 2020, LUCELEC was guided by the National Energy Transition Strategy (NETS) to pursue several renewable energy projects. Interestingly, NETS was developed jointly by the Government of Saint Lucia with LUCELEC, in consultation with the Rocky Mountain Institute.

Just for the record, Governor-General Pearlette Louisy is no stranger to Bill Clinton. She was Governor-General from 1997-2017. The Saint Lucia government website still hosts letters of gratitude toward Bill Clinton, such as this one from 1999 where “Dame Pearlette Louisy highlighted the historic visit of President Bill Clinton to the Eastern Caribbean two years ago:

“What was most memorable was the tremendous upsurge of hope and enthusiasm and generous goodwill that this visit generated as well as the new spirit of partnership that the Bridgetown Accord evoked between the Caribbean and its nearest neighbor, the United States. Dame Pearlette Louisy emphasized that there is need to recapture this spontaneous fervour and vitality which inspired the deliberations and decisions of this historic meeting, so that the efforts at preserving peace and democracy and at advancing the economic and social progress to which the Caribbean and the United States them committed themselves can be sustained.”

On January 18, 2003, after his presidency, Bill Clinton attended the Ballroom of the Sandals Grande Hotel for a dinner in honour of him. Many officials were there in support, such as Governor General Pearlette Louisy of Saint Lucia, Governor General of St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Colleague Prime Ministers of the OECS, Members of the St. Lucia Cabinet of Ministers, Chief Justice of the Eastern Caribbean, Members of the Parliament, Their Excellencies the Members of the Diplomatic Corps, and other distinguished guests. Here is a snippet of what they had to say:

“More than ten years ago, the people of the Caribbean watched and followed the trajectory of the presidency of William Jefferson Clinton. Over that period of American prosperity, President Bill Clinton earned the admiration of most and captured the imagination of many. Tonight, we are honored with his presence among us. Tonight, we who have mostly seen greatness unfold from the proximity of our television screens, have the distinct pleasure and the honor of breaking bread with greatness – in person.

In the best tradition of Caribbean culture, a politician knows when he or she has made it or has lost it, when one becomes the subject of a Calypso. In the past week, one of our radio stations has been playing, over and over, a Calypso defending your record of achievement and accomplishment. The calypso was composed by the Mighty Sparrow — a Trinidadian singer, born in Grenada, a product of our Caribbean, acknowledged and honoured as the world’s greatest calypsonian. It’s most popular refrain is “Don’t Touch Me President”. Now, when a Caribbean Calypsonian whose favorite pastime is “dissing” politicians, tells the world Don’t Touch His President, then Sir, you know for sure that you have entered the annals of the untouchable, the invincible and the unassailable.

The ties that bind the United States and the Caribbean are not simply the links of history, but the association of family, migration, opportunity, and geography. It would be no exaggeration to say that not since John F. Kennedy has a United States President captured the minds and hearts of Caribbean people, as did President Bill Clinton during his tenure at the White House.”

It is remarkable how those words may otherwise be interpreted.

Shipmate #5: GRUPOTEC

The company was founded in 1997 and is based in Valencia, Spain. It also has a presence in the United States (California, Miami, and Puerto Rico), Morocco, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Ecuador, Mexico, Brazil, Algeria, and India.

Valencia International reported on Grupotec, stated that Grupotec is dedicated to engineering and architectural services and has been undergoing a spectacular growth period. However, the article is not dated. They state, “The company’s 2014 revenues have reached 134.389.659 euros thanks largely to contracts obtained in the UK in the areas of renewable energies and sustainable development. Overseas income in fact represents more than 90% of the income of this company founded in 1997.”

Oddly, Grupotec doesn’t even mention their project in Saint Lucia on their website. In fact, they haven’t added new projects to their website since 2013, and the news media coverage on their website only contains stories between 2010 and 2015. For a company that has expanded greatly, one would think they would promote such projects.

According to the videos (top of article) on the big solar farm project and the Governors House in Saint Lucia, Grupotec was the main builder/installer on this job, yet they have very little internet coverage.

Other Shipmates Working on The Ten Island Challenge on Other Islands

Note: This is the short list. More research is required to cover all partners on all islands.

Shipmate #6: Emera (Caribbean) Inc.

Emera (Caribbean) Inc. (EC), is a wholly owned subsidiary of Emera Inc., a publicly traded energy utility company. Emera Incorporated has headquarters in Halifax, Nova Scotia and Canada, and as of 2017 it had revenues of $6.2 billion with assets of $29 billion. It originated from the provincial Crown corporation Nova Scotia Power Incorporated in 1998 and the name was changed in 2000 to Emera. In 2013, Emera acquired Bridgeport Energy, Rumford Power, and Tiverton Power plants from Capital Power Corporation for $541 million. In 2016, Emera acquired TECO Energy, based out of Tampa, Florida, which included Tampa Electric, Peoples Gas (not the one in Chicago), and New Mexico Gas, for $10.4 billion.

In addition to the above utility companies, Emera also owns Nova Scotia Power, Emera Maine, Barbados Light and Power Company, Grand Bahama Power Company, Dominica Electricity Services, and Light and Power Holdings – LUCELEC. It also owns power plants and trades and markets natural gas and electricity as well as two natural gas companies.

Now follow this: Emera Inc. owns 80% of Light & Power Holdings. Emera Caribbean Limited, who is wholly owned by Emera Inc., sold its 19.1% interest in LUCELEC to Light & Power Holdings Ltd, also owned by Emera Inc., in 2011 for $25.8 million. This brought Light and Power Holdings to an equal top two shareholder in LUCELEC.

In 1994 LUCELEC went public. According to their 2016 credit rating report, as well as information on their website, the current makeup of shareholders include: EMERA (Caribbean) Inc. (20%), First Citizens Bank Ltd. (20%), National Insurance Corporation of Saint Lucia (16.8%), Castries Constituencies Council (16.4%), Government of Saint Lucia (12.4%), and individual shareholders (14.4%). LUCELEC’s shares are traded on the Eastern Caribbean Securities Exchange.

Aside from Emera (Caribbean) Inc. being an investor in LUCELEC in Saint Lucia, they are also reaping the benefits from their Barbados Light & Power company in Barbados, Grand Bahama Power Supply, Emera Caribbean Renewables Ltd., and are a majority shareholder in Dominica Electricity Services Ltd.

Emera was working in St. Vincent on a geothermal project that was expected to commence in 2016. In their 2015 report they state “legal, policy and technical support continues to be provided by the Clinton Climate Initiative and Rocky Mountain Institute.”

In regards to their overall clean energy strategy, they are seeing a “driving change in the global energy arena” that include insights from the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change from 2015 that was held in Paris and “charts a new course in the global climate effort.” From their climate change agenda, they are seeing results with new energy policies made by Caribbean governments. They also state “Further impetus is coming from initiatives such as the Breakthrough Energy Coalition announced by Bill Gates and others that are expected to accelerate technology developments in the renewable energy sector and reduce the cost of alternatives.” As noted above in the timeline, this coalition’s goal is to raise billions from governments for renewable energy to various locations. The group consisting of the likes of Jeff Bezos, George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, and numerous others contributed an initial investment of $2 billion of their own funds.

Shipmate #7: SIDS Lighthouse Initiative (IRENA)

IRENA was founded in 2009 by Hermann Scheer and is headquartered in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. It is an intergovernmental organization to promote adoption and sustainable use of renewable energy. It consists of 153 states and the European Union, and is an official United Nations observer. Herman Scheer was a socialist democrat member of the German Bundestag (parliament), president of Eurosolar and general chairman of the World Council for Renewable Energy. According to Wikipedia, in 2010, “he suddenly died in a hospital in Berlin from heart failure after an unspecified short and severe illness.” Adnan Amin, Kenyan representative, was sworn in on April 4, 2011 as the first Director-General.

In 2015, IRENA developed the SIDS Lighthouses Initiative to support the strategic development and implementation of renewable energy in SIDS (small island developing states), and to assist policy makers with the required steps to enable targeted action. They provide coordinated support for islands to convert fossil-based power systems to renewable energy. They work together with private and public partnerships, intergovernmental and non-governmental stakeholder organizations, and offer technical expertise in planning, identifying, structuring and executing projects, in addition to assisting with financing stages. They state on their website that they have mobilized US $500 million.

The Climate Initiatives Platform website indicates the complete breakdown of information on the SIDS Lighthouses Initiative since its inception in 2015. According to this document, they claim to have an investment volume of $1 billion, representing 19 registered projects since the launch of the Caribbean portal at COP21.

Under participants, they list 19 members:
European Union,  France,  Germany,  Italy,  Japan,  New Zealand,  Norway,  United Arab Emirates,  United States of America,  Indian Ocean Commission,  IRENA,  Association of the Overseas Countries and Territories of the European Union,  UNDP,  World Bank,  ENEL, Clean Energy Solutions Center,  Clinton Climate Initiative,  Rocky Mountain Institute – Carbon War Room,  SE4ALL.

They indicate they partner with:
Antigua and Barbuda, Mauritius, Bahamas, Nauru, Barbados, Palau, Cabo Verde, Samoa, Comoros, São Tomé and Príncipe, Cook Islands, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Fiji, Seychelles, Grenada, Solomon Islands, Guyana, Tonga, Kiribati, Trinidad and Tobago, Maldives, Tuvalu, Marshall Islands, Vanuatu, Federated States of Micronesia, ENEL, New Zealand, European Union, Norway, France, SE4ALL, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Indian Ocean Commission, United States of America, IRENA, UNDP, Japan, World Bank Group

According to the Clinton Foundation’s press release on September 1, 2015, they state that the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) is teaming up with Rocky Mountain Institute-Carbon War Room (RMI-CWR), and the International Renewable Energy Agency’s (IRENA) Lighthouses Initiative to help island nations accelerate the deployment of renewable energy and transition away from fossil fuels. They refer to the small island developing states as (SIDS) for short. Not to be confused with SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) most people are familiar with.

Shipmate #8: CARILEC

The Caribbean Electric Utility Services Corporation (CARILEC) was founded in 1989 by USAID part of an electric utilities modernization project implemented by NRECA (National Rural Electric Cooperative) under a five-year co-operative agreement. It began with 9 members, and currently has 35 members, 67 associate members, and 5 affiliate members.

They have partnerships with Rocky Mountain Institute-Carbon War Room, Clinton Climate Initiative, IRENA, and CARICOM (Caribbean Community) of 15 Caribbean nations and dependencies, all of which are presented front and center at the top of their website.

CARILEC is an association of electric utilities, suppliers, manufacturers and other stakeholders working in the electricity industry in the Caribbean. Their goal is to become a major player in forging member states to develop an energy package.

In 2016, CARILEC signed a MOU (memorandum of understanding) with Rocky Mountain Institute-Carbon War Room which entailed a framework for cooperation and coordination in the renewable energy sector and information sharing between utilities in the region.


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Corey Lynn is an investigative journalist. Support her by becoming a Patron. Follow her at and on twitter: @coreysdigs

Corey Lynn is an investigative journalist. Support her by becoming a Patron. Follow her at and on twitter: @coreysdigs

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