Lee Harris: April 2021 Energy Update: Creating is Healing, Fast Energies, Brightest Month

April 2021 Energy Update:
Creating is Healing, Fast Energies, Brightest Month

•Premiered Apr 1, 2021

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Hi everyone, The April Energy Update is here!

A few of the themes coming up for us as a collective this month are:

💫 April will be the BRIGHTEST AND LIGHTEST month energetically that we have seen so far in 2021. (Good for those of you ready to create the new, or an accelerator for healing if you’ve felt low or stuck.)

💫 The energies will be FAST and OPPORTUNITIES will show up in faster ways. This can be great energy for building the new in life, but can feel chaotic if you don’t stay grounded – so remember to slow yourself and your energy down when it feels too much.

💫 Why CREATING is HEALING and how creating anything is actually setting us on a healing path. We’ll also look at Ancestral Healing, Electrical Energy Upgrades, Connection Energy and the Energies of Love and Magic. So check out the full Energy Update for more and I hope you all have a great month ahead.

Big love,
Lee X

▶️ Themes:
01:29​ – BRIGHTEST AND LIGHTEST ENERGY we have seen since 2021 began
​ – ENERGY WILL BE FAST this month, and will bring with it many personal opportunities
​ – ELECTRICAL ENERGY UPDATES are more common than ever right now
​ – ANCESTRAL HEALING continues on the planet
​ – CONNECTION ENERGY – with people, plans and with collaborative projects or actions
​ – THE ENERGIES OF LOVE + MAGIC – Stay PRESENT to see and receive these energies
​ – AFFIRMATION FOR APRIL: ” I allow myself to become more fully me.”

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