Denise Le Fay: Late October Gateway Energies & Galactic Changes

Late October Gateway Energies & Galactic Changes


“ATMOSPHERIC CANYON ON THE SUN: A large hole has opened in the sun’s atmosphere, cleaving the Earth-facing side of the sun with a gaseous canyon more than 700,000 km long. This image, based on data from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, shows the jagged structure directly facing Earth on Oct. 22nd:

This is a coronal hole–a region where the sun’s magnetic field peels back and allows solar wind to escape. The solar wind emerging from this hole is blowing faster than 600 km/s and is expected to reach Earth during the late hours of Oct. 24th. NOAA forecasters say there is a 45% chance of polar geomagnetic storms on Oct. 24th, increasing to 80% on Oct. 25th. Arctic auroras are in the offing. Free: Aurora Alerts. ”


The Sun continues doing its part in these October 21–25th Gateway energies, and as you can see by SpaceWeather’s report above, there’s more coming so keep the antacids and other digestive, guts and bowel-soothing aids close by!

Man this one’s been really tough on the tummy/digestive track, the HighHeart, and the head because many of us are processing on a Milky Way galactic level now, which is also assisting the entire galaxy to ascend to a higher octave. Have any extra weird dreams along these types of lines the past few days? Walking around in an Earth world that’s been abandoned by recent humanity? Closing down old systems and worlds? Overseeing the completion and disintegration of the old everything on both global and galactic levels? Is it any wonder we’re needing more sleep time and some of our physical body parts have felt really horrible and rebellious? No because so much more is currently happening than most realize.

I often intentionally zoom out beyond the Earth, turn around and view it from that position. Lately however this has happened to me automatically on a galactic level; I suddenly zoom way out beyond the Milky Way galaxy, then turn around and view it—the entire galaxy—from that position. The reason this has been happening during this late October 2017 Gateway is because the entire Milky Way galaxy is in the process of evolutionary ascension to a higher octave and place. Why my digestive track is so affected by this is beyond me but whatever, it’s just Ascension business as usual really. And you thought you’ve just been Working on Earth all this Volunteer lifetime! Not hardly fellow Ascension co-workers, we’re at a galactic level now with all this. Universal is up next. Swoon…

Going to keep this one short as I mainly wanted to let everyone know that more Solar winds, therefore Earth and human magnetic fields are being impacted and upgraded (further crystalline DNA and more) and will continue. Rest and sleep and know that you’re doing so much more than just feeling rotten again.


October 23, 2017

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Denise Le Fay: Fires, Floods, Hurricanes & X-Class Solar Flare

Fires, Floods, Hurricanes & X-Class Solar Flare

If you’ve felt EXTRA miserable physically, seriously achy, weak, rattled and sort of in a state of free-fall, and like every single cell in your entire body is swollen, hot and being irradiated the past three days or so, it’s only because that is exactly what’s been going on.

After clearing more whatever it was for you personally during epic August, here comes more NEW higher energies in early surreal September. The past two or three days have been extra painful physically for our bodies as they Embody more NEW higher Light, Codes, DNA and more every few days. A reader friend recently wrote me that she’s felt like “Every cell has been flogged!” which made me laugh because that was such an accurate description. Now we can add irradiated to the flogging thanks to the Sun spewing out a massive Solar flare. A 9.3 X-class Solar flare.

“This is a decade-class flare.”

And that is exactly how it feels; epic and like nothing we’ve experienced before because we haven’t, not at this level. This seems to be in the air now and hurricane Irma is shaping up to be a record breaker also. There’s going to be more of this type of thing playing out now at this point within the Ascension and Embodiment Processes. No fear, just greater changes for everyone.

My body can’t sit at the computer for much longer than this today because of my irradiated, flogged, exploding with NEW Light cells that are hurting and expanding like crazy. Surrender to The Process and continue evolving into some more of what you/me/we are quickly becoming now. This is more prep work for our upcoming “coronations” later this month and the rest of the year and into 2018 as well. We’ve never been here before and that says a lot about how much AP and EP progress we’ve made so far so don’t worry about the NEWness of these greatly amplified, higher frequency, higher vibrational events both internal and external.


September 6, 2017


GEOMAGNETIC STORM WATCH (G3-CLASS): A CME hurled toward Earth by sunspot AR2673 on Sept.4th is due to arrive later today. NOAA forecasters say the CME’s impact could spark moderately-strong G2-class geomagnetic storms with isolated periods of strong G3-class storming on Sept. 6th and 7th. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras in bright moonlight. Free: Aurora Alerts

MAJOR X-CLASS SOLAR FLARE: On Sept. 6th at 1202 UT, sunspot AR2673 unleashed a major X9.3-class solar flare–the strongest solar flare in more than a decade. X-rays and UV radiation from the blast ionized the top of Earth’s atmosphere, causing a strong shortwave radio blackout over Europe, Africa and the Atlantic Ocean: blackout map.

Above: The extreme UV flash from today’s X9-class flare. Credit: Solar Dynamics Observatory

The explosion also produced a CME, shown here in a movie from NASA’s STEREO-A spacecraft. (The fast moving star-like object in the STEREO-A movie is the planet Mercury.) NOAA analysts are still modeling the trajectory of the CME to determine whether or not it is Earth-directed.

Many readers are asking about the historic context of this event. How epic is it? Answer: This is a decade-class flare. A list of the most powerful solar flares recorded since 1976 ranks today’s flare at #14, tied with a similar explosion in 1990. Compared to the iconic Carrington Event of 1859, or even the more recent Halloween storms of 2003, this event is relatively mild. Modern power grids, telecommunications, and other sun sensitive technologies should weather the storm with little difficulty.

On the other hand, sky watchers could see some fantastic auroras before the week is over. And ham radio operators will surely be noticing strange propagation effects as the sun exerts its influence on our planet’s ionosphere.Stay tuned for updates.

Evolving More – Ascension Notes by Kara Schallock | Soulstice Rising

Evolving More – Ascension Notes  by Kara Schallock


We are and have been in a powerful transition in the last month especially. (Of course, we have been transitioning from the old to the New for a very long time…lifetimes.) We have been preparing in the last month for the eclipses and the 8-8-8. Eight is symbolic for Power, so expect a leap up in your personal Power, which means that you take Responsibility for all in your life. There is no acting small or deciding something or someone else is to blame for any perceived shortcomings you might see yourself having (the Truth is that you have no shortcomings). What makes you happy? Nothing makes you anything. Your Joy is within; your Power is within; your Knowing is within. You need nothing outside of yourself to prove who you are. There is no need; therefore, you’re not needy. You are a powerful, sovereign being of Love.

During this particular preparation, we have had an Opportunity to dive deep into ourselves, which has led to more uncovering of the Truth; if you took this Opportunity, that is. Leo symbolizes the Power of the Heart and wow; do we get to roar out who we are! We not only got to dive deep into the layers of us, to core issues; we also have been receiving powerful downloads of Light at the same time. The downloads of Light help shine a light onto that which we still need to let go of and to who we truly are.

Our physical bodies are adjusting; and this is nothing new. Do realize that nothing will go back to the way it was. This is not the new norm, for things continue to shift and you do as well. Nothing remains the same. We are continuously evolving; there is no stopping place. As we evolve, our consciousness shifts higher and therefore, life continues to reflect this high place to us and continues to shift. What helps is to let go of any desire to control your life, simplify and meditate. Being in Nature, even if it is just to step outside your home, greatly helps. We are purifying through elimination, becoming an empty chalice so that the chalice we are fills with nothing but Love.

As we become more and more Love, we recognize our Godness/Divinity. We are urged to let go of all identification, which means letting go of labels and words that separate. As Divine, we are One with all and we need not define anything, for definition limits evolution. It places things in a box with immovable walls. Everything flows according to resonance. All the surrendering we have been doing helps prepare us for our Godness. Be aware that unless you make room for the New and unless you trust the process, nothing changes. Trust and stay committed to the path you’re on.

Do you wonder how shifting to being crystalline, your DNA being replaced with New DNA and activations to your Pineal Chakra affect you? Have you doubted these things, looking at life and not finding “proof” for your intellect to wrap itself around? These things are real. We are becoming New, as Earth is. They affect each one differently, based on their Soul’s Wisdom and the choices they make. Generally speaking, you may feel very tired. You may find yourself bubbling over with anger or depression or sadness when there is no “reason” for it. Others may react to you differently; you may even seem invisible to others. You might feel lost and directionless. All of these things could be going on for a long time or not at all or for a short period of time. They all have to do with your ascensional shifting.

Of course, there are other things you could be feeling like feeling very amped up, even when you’re tired. You could feel stress due to the release of old patterns, especially if you try to keep things the same as they always have been. If you feel depressed, often this is the grief that comes up when you release a lot of the old. You might experience panic. This occurs when the separate ego is unsure of the future. Therefore, Trust is essential, as is staying in the Moment so you can consciously choose your next step; one that is aligned with how you want to feel.

Do remind yourself that you are not powerless. Any vulnerability helps you keep your Heart open, so if you protect yourself from “hurt,” stop. No-one can hurt you. And besides, if you do feel hurt by someone, surely there is a message for you within that “hurt” and you most likely carry victim energy. It’s an illusion that anyone can do anything to you or make you feel a certain way. Your eating patterns may shift too, so listen to your body. It may ask for things you have decided are not healthy. For instance, if you have rules about eating vegan or vegetarian only, make sure you are not doing it because someone said it’s the right thing to do or you do it to feel better than meat-eaters. Make sure you are choosing freely. Your body will guide you. All food is Light and there are no rules in the New. You may have certain pains or vibrations in different parts of your physicality. These may be adjusting energies as well as a release of emotional or physical toxins. Don’t judge it as good or bad; it simply is. Some of the pain can be in your spine. This makes sense, as most of your chakras are located along your spine and it is where your Kundalini is located and rises. You could also have skin eruptions, Heart phenomena, digestive issues, headaches…or not. It just depends on where you are in your Ascension/Transformation.

I could go on about how your body is shifting; only you know how you are experiencing the physical, emotional and mental shifts. You need not compare your process with others, for your path is uniquely your own. Suffice it to say that the electromagnetic fields are shifting higher, which affects us and the Earth. And they affect our consciousness, which affects all areas of life. Christ energy is infusing us and the Earth and this increases our vibration even more; it affects all our chakras and aura and some may feel a rising of their Kundalini, as it spirals upward through the chakras.

The high vibrational energies flow into the Pineal Chakra, then travel down the many Ka channels that flow through the aura. Then this Light flows into your cells and DNA, uplifting all of who you are into the higher realms of you. Do you see how everything is interrelated? Not only are we One with all of life; our bodies are One with the higher frequencies and dimensions.

As we receive more and more Light, the lower frequencies are transformed. However, this isn’t automatic; we must do our part by taking Responsibility for all our choices. Through Light downloads, our current DNA is replaced by New DNA, so we don’t just supplant the New with the old. The New DNA holds the crystalline consciousness. You know what crystalline consciousness is, don’t you? Visualize a crystal; it is clear and it is multidimensional and holds its own vibration and consciousness. Do you see how we are becoming this? We are becoming clear channels of Source; with new perceptions, new ways of being and new potentials.

Do know without doubt that the New Earth Grid is anchored as is our New Body Grid. All that is required is for us to hold a high frequency and weave our own consciousness and Soul Essences into both grids. This requires each of us to keep our vibration high and clear without the drag of the old 3D duality. Light downloads not only infuse us, but Gaia as well, through the New grids. It helps to merge with Soul/Highest Self, as things become easier when you do; they flow. Each of us brings with us our original Home Dimension, which we deposit into the New Earth Grid. This is not all done in a second; it takes one step at a time, for when we are slow and do things with intention and purpose, we build a strong foundation to which the New is anchored. This gives us a sense of Balance and Stability.

Continue to be the observer as you evolve and trust that no matter how things look, all is evolving according to Soul Plan.


~ ~ ~

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Energetic Overwhelm – The Era of the Heart Center by Vera Ingeborg | The Wake Up Experience

Lovely you,

on May 24, we have entered a new 26000 year cycle: The Era of the Heart Center. And with this shift, we are experiencing completely new energies coming in that we have never experienced before. An important shift is happening as the first movers of the carriers of the Divine Feminine codes now fully anchor into the fifth dimension. This can feel quite shaky first and the new energies can cause a lot of fatigue. As she now moves into a heart centered living, the mind changes its function and with it the new way of perceiving the world and what comes from within needs time to integrate. In the article, “Energetic Overwhelm – The Era of the Heart Center” we are looking a bit closer into what is going on.

I hope you enjoy the read.

With so much love and gratitude



Wow – once again we feel a strong overwhelm of energies. It can get quite emotional in between, followed by huge fatigue and physical ailments. Yet, these energies feel much softer, than those related to solar flares or geomagnetic storms. We have troubles to see and feel what is real. Troubles to sleep although very tired, troubles to think, to plan and to take decisions. It is common to trip, bump into people or objects and feel out of balance, losing orientation. We often crave food that does not seem to exist. Welcome to the Era of the Heart Center and completely new energy waves coming in with it, that we have not experienced before.


On May 24, we have entered a new era – a new cycle of 26000 years. The cycle of the heart center. And oh wow, can we feel the energies shifting. The mind just often refuses to work and has difficulties to express what is going on. Memories are fading away and linear time seems to dissolve. Nothing seems real anymore as we move from moment to moment. We feel that we have lost our talents and gifts and that our intuition is not working as it used to. And we are very tired. Our system is completely overwhelmed with all these new energies, light codes and data coming in that needs to be processed. Just know that this is normal as we get accustomed to shifting completely into a heart centered living. Find your me-time and space. Connect to nature and like-hearted people.

“The brave first movers and carriers of the Divine Feminine codes are now fully anchoring in self-love and their power.”

The brave first movers and carriers of the Divine Feminine codes are now fully anchoring in self-love and their power. The last bits of doubt and fear are washed away and shown to her one more time. And all that says is: Time to let go. Let go of the past. Let go of what kept her busy and from moving fully into the fifth dimensional frequencies and reality. Once this shift happened, she is no longer afraid to share her truth and vulnerability with the world. She follows her heart and creates what she loves. She lives her life as she always wanted and is focusing on herself. She now is inspiring others to find their way into the fifth dimension, too. She no longer feels attached or obliged. She has now learned to set her energetic boundaries and is no longer compromising herself, no longer trying to be someone she is not just to fulfil an expectation. Instead, she is now showing her full authenticity and is speaking her truth. She is now sharing herself openly with the world and everyone who is ready to receive her wisdom and unconditional love. She is no longer is afraid of being alone or of losing people that are dear to her.

“She knows that she needs to let go once again to enable the Divine Masculine to now find into his own power and true strength, by discovering his own vulnerability and ability to feel and transform.”

Because she now knows that what belongs to her and is meant to stay will come back. She knows that she needs to let go once again to enable the Divine Masculine to now find into his own power and true strength by discovering his own vulnerability and ability to feel and transform. As long as she was still feeding him with her energy, he had no reason to enter his own process of growth and expansion. She is now able to receive and feel him, without processing and transforming the energy for him any longer. She can feel his anger and the intense grief hiding behind the anger, for having been betrayed and forced to be someone he is not and to have had to live against his inner truth. Energetically, there was no impulse for him to transform, as long as he was provided with the energy he needed to feel comfortable and safe through her. The Divine Feminine now sees and knows clearly that he needs his space again to recognize that his boundaries were guards out of fear and not out of self-love. He was still trying to tiptoe around his fear and pain to prevent this feeling of being seen as weak. By her boundaries out of self-respect and self-love, no longer making herself energetically smaller than she is to reach him, she forces him to follow onto the higher planes. The Divine Masculine now is starting to truly awaken and to follow the Feminine who is guiding the way and holding the safe space. A safety he has never felt before. He is learning to drop the need to perform and to act to be someone he is not. She is helping him now energetically to find the courage to be who he truly is and that there is no need to compromise himself anymore either. He is now learning, that there is a completely new possibility of being connected. A relatedness instead of a relationship.
An interdependence instead of a dependency. Shared joy, happiness and freedom instead of neediness and contracts. As fear drops away – there are no more strings attached. And for the first time, unconditional love, experienced in a physical body, truly becomes possible.

“As fear drops away – there are no more strings attached. And for the first time, unconditional love, experienced in a physical body, truly becomes possible.”

He has been waiting for her to come into her full power and into her heart center. So that he can now find his own way back into his heart. To find his connection to Source again, and to all that is – dancing with her on a whole new level. So that he can come home to her – as a true warrior of the heart, co-creating a new world with her – detached from any old concepts of the 3D reality that is no longer able to persist, when she keeps the frequency high.

The texts I share are always based on my intuition (“downloads”) and/or on experiences of clients and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage you to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. With lots of light and love, Vera Ingeborg


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Jenny Schiltz: Energy Wave hitting and Transforming each of us




Beloved masters, let us again review some of the basic teachings which are so vitally important during these critical times of transformation. As you move forward on the path of en-Lighten-ment, and you come to a better understanding of cosmic law and the workings of the universe, we welcome the opportunity to occasionally give you a better understanding of some of the concepts of Creation and the complexity of the physical vessel. Therefore, we would like to give you an in-depth explanation of the composition of the Etheric Body and its importance in the process of Ascension.

The Etheric Body (or Etheric Web), which is much finer in substance than the earthly body, refers to the invisible counterpart of the physical body.

The Etheric Body is composed of the physical aura, which conveys your physical state of health via various colors and the distortions, or lack thereof, within the Etheric Web pattern. The emotions of pain, suffering and resentment are thought forms which are keeping you from embracing and becoming the Bearer of Light you were meant to be. The auric field is the invisible electromagnetic force field that surrounds the physical body, and it magnifies energy to you and radiates vibrational frequency patterns from you.

The aura of the mental body within the Etheric Web is almost non-existent in those who are trapped in the restrictions of the Third and lower Fourth Dimensions. That is because they see the world and events through a filter of illusion created by their past beliefs, thoughts and actions.

When existing in a Third-/Fourth-Dimensional environment, the dominating force within the emotional body is the astral plane. Therefore, a vast majority of people are under the influence of their base personality and the ego desire body, which is composed of unfulfilled yearnings from the past, as well as emotional imbalances and feelings of being unworthy and/or unloved. One of the most dramatic phases of the Ascension process is moving through the distortions of the emotional mass-consciousness belief system into the stability, freshness and harmony of the higher Dimensions.

Never forget, fear takes away your power. The general mass-consciousness belief system is powered by negative, hostile thinking and a resistance to new concepts and change. The majority of the masses are frozen in a reality of pain and suffering, but they are unwilling to entertain new expansive ideas, which would relieve them from their self-imposed prison of limitation.

It is vitally important that you stay firmly grounded and balanced within the accepted range of duality while functioning within the reality of the Third Dimension. You must also strive to establish emotional harmony and serenity within the illusionary world of the Fourth Dimension as you seek wisdom and endeavor to become acclimated to the mental plane of the lower Fifth Dimension. You must be ever alert for the whispers of your Soul and Higher Self. It is also important that you understand that you do not have just one Higher Self, but many fragments/Sparks of your Higher Self scattered throughout the universe.

The Ascension process entails the gradual integration and assimilation of the next Higher-Dimensional frequency Facet of your Higher Self. You are in the process of expanding your Light and your consciousness. Your transformation into Self-mastery, as well as the Ascension process, will be greatly accelerated once you have expanded your personal lifeline of Light – an etheric tube of Light – which is your core connection to your Divine I AM Presence. You are also in the process of reestablishing your connection to the River of Life via your personal Antakarana (Rainbow Bridge of Light), which contains the Creator Essence called Adamantine Particles. Over the many past ages, humanity has diminished the connection to the River of Life/Light so that, in most people, it has become only a small trickle.

Each of you has a sphere of radiance that is produced by the vibrational patterns of your auric field and your Soul Song.  Ascension means bringing the total bodily chakra system into balance, which will facilitate the clearing, refining and balancing of the Etheric Body / Auric Field. Your goal is to return your Etheric Body and Auric Field to their perfect Divine Blueprint, which is the human blueprint for your original bodily form called the Adam/Eve Kadmon Light Body. We observe you via the bands of color within your multiple body systems, physical, mental, emotional and etheric, which have been created by your thoughts, actions and deeds throughout your many lifetimes down through the ages.

Your Energetic Signature is composed of the vibrational frequency patterns you emit day-by-day via your thoughts, actions and deeds. Your Energetic Signature can vary greatly when you are functioning within a Third-/Fourth-Dimensional environment.  However, as you progress along the path of en-Lighten-ment, your Energetic Signature gradually becomes more harmonious and melodious, and eventually becomes a part of your permanent Soul Song. Your Soul advancement is monitored by the frequencies of your Soul Song, and not by your daily actions.

Your Soul Song is composed of Mid-Fourth and Higher-Dimensional vibrational patterns of unconditional love, wisdom, balance and harmony. As a Self-master, your Energetic Signature and your Soul Song will merge into a Celestial Mandala of sound and color, by which you will be identified in the higher Realms. You are recognized by the brilliance of your inner Light. The more Light Essence you incorporate into your physical vessel, the more brilliantly your aura will glow.

The Holy Spirit or your Higher Mental Self is the discerning higher intelligence, which monitors and regulates the Light infusions, and the gifts of Spirit that are allotted to you according to your level of spiritual awareness and your present needs. Special dispensations are also monitored and dispersed by your Holy Mental Self, which is the intermediary between you and your I AM Presence / God Self.

Meditation helps to discipline the lower mind and the ego so that you can attune consciously to the musings of your higher mind. It takes patience and discipline to stop the mind chatter that is the norm for those closed off from their higher consciousness.  We encourage you to practice active and passive meditation. A decree or affirmation is a prayer with power.

It should be a concise, positive affirmation expressed with confidence, and the assurance that it will be manifested in the proper form at the appropriate time. If the affirmation is sent forth with loving intent for the greatest good, you are aligning your will with that of your Higher Self; and Universal Law will assure that your cocreator thoughts and aspirations will be combined with those by others of like mind. Thus, they will be increased in strength and power. Silent meditation is listening for an answer from your Higher Self, your guardian angel, or the Holy Spirit.

Remember, one person who is centered within their Sacred Heart and Sacred Mind can convey cosmic truths and inspired thoughts to millions of people, while the loving vibrations of their auric field blesses everyone with whom they come in contact.

Serenity and joy are qualities of the Soul. Intelligent love results when the Soul becomes the dominating force within and the ego personality has been brought under control. When you successfully dissolve the membranes of Light guarding the entrance to your Sacred Mind, you gain access to your personal storehouse of Divine Wisdom.

Allow us to give you a recap of a few of the many symptoms of Ascension which you, the initiates on the Path, are experiencing at this time.

**   You find yourself withdrawing from social activities and events that were pleasurable in the past. Loud noises, crowds and boisterous activities disturb you, and you yearn for seclusion and perhaps, the serenity of nature. As your vibrational frequencies lift and become more harmonious, you will disengage from interaction with people, events and places that emit lower discordant frequencies. Also, gradually, you will have less and less in common with certain friends and relatives, especially those who are negative, judgmental and unkind to others.
** You may have intense bursts of energy whereby you can hardly stay still, and sometimes you may feel so light inside that you barely feel your bodily form. At other times, you may feel so weighed down that you are almost sinking into the ground, and you may experience extreme fatigue. Your bodily form is going through an intense metamorphosis at an etheric and cellular level, and some of the transformational symptoms are not pleasant – especially for those who are existing in an older or somewhat debilitated bodily form.
**   As the Kundalini (Sacred Fire) begins to rise up your spinal column (the etheric tube of Light), you may experience times of intense inner heat, while your exterior body feels cold and even clammy. That is the reason why, initially, it is best to strive for a gradual release of the Kundalini Fire stored within the Root chakra at the base of the spine so that you may slowly integrate the higher frequencies of God Light. Faster and more is not necessarily better when you are in the midst of the transformational process of Ascension.
** For those in the early stages of the process, the integration of refined Light frequencies experience will not be overly dramatic. However, for those Star Seed who are well on their way within the Ascension process, and who have agreed to be World Servers – clearing the path for others – it can be a formidable and ongoing process as they integrate higher and higher frequencies of Light to share with others.
** You may feel as though you are on an emotional roller coaster as you experience many emotional ups and downs. You are tapping into and releasing much impacted energy/discordant frequency patterns from a deep cellular level. It is important to allow these feelings to come to the surface so they can be transmuted into refined Light substance. It is also important that you learn to become an observer of what is occurring – to objectively view, process and rectify, with loving patience and understanding, that which is being revealed to you.
** Your eating habits may change drastically. Whatever you choose to eat, follow your inner guidance and monitor how your body feels after you have ingested anything.  Your Body Elemental or inner body intelligence is awakening, and if you will pay attention, it will direct you to the proper food and diet.  Always remember, moderation in all things is the key.
** You may have many strange aches and pains, for which there is no definitive diagnosis. There are many minor chakra and meridian points within the physical body.  As the higher frequencies of Light try to flow throughout the body, they can meet resistance at these critical junctures, which can cause discomfort. One of the most common areas of distress is in the area of the spinal column of the upper back, between the shoulder blades.
** You may feel as though you are losing your mind or at least your memory. There are Multi-Dimensional levels within the brain, so as you lift your frequency patterns, the lower levels of the brain will gradually be refined. Therefore, you will no longer need or be able to access much of your negative past history, as well as much of the trivia you have stored there. You will be gaining access to the higher levels of the brain where your Sacred Mind dwells. The unification between the Sacred Mind and the Sacred Heart is an integral part of the Ascension process.

Beloveds, you must admit, it is an exhilarating time to be in the physical vessel. And yet, your physical vessel is struggling to keep up with the ever-increasing frequencies that you are integrating moment-by-moment and day-by-day. Many of you who have not suffered colds, the flu or intestinal disturbances for many years are now experiencing these debilitating symptoms, and some of you are asking, “What am I doing wrong?”

You are not doing anything wrong, my brave friends; it is what you are doing right that is causing some of these uncomfortable bouts of bodily distress. We acknowledge the fact that these occurrences are not pleasant to experience. However, we wish to give you another facet of truth to ponder on. Again, many of you who are deeply immersed in the transformation/Ascension process are experiencing these uncomfortable symptoms as a way to quickly transmute the old negative energies within your physical vessel. You could call it a transmutation or baptism by fire, a burning/releasing of old frequency patterns to allow the higher, more refined crystalline cells of consciousness to infiltrate and take dominion within. Not all viruses are bad, nor are all the uncomfortable symptoms you are experiencing. See them as a means to an end, and serving a higher purpose. These things, too, will pass, dear ones.

We ask you to nurture yourselves – to pay attention to your physical vessels as never before – as you learn to recognize the signals or messages your wise body Elemental projects to you. How will you enjoy the beautiful world of love, joy and abundance you are creating if your precious physical vessel is not vibrant and healthy?

Join us in your Pyramid of Light, beloveds, and let us assist you to move through the process with ease, grace and great joy. May the radiance of our Father/Mother God pour down upon you and fill you with the Light of Life Everlasting. Know that we are ever near to guide and protect you. I AM Archangel Michael.
Transmitted through Ronna/Sacred Scribe * As transmitter of this article I, Ronna, claim the universal copyright in the name of Archangel Michael.  Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship and my Email and website address is included. It may be published in journals, magazines or public print with permission from :

Ceila Fenn: The Shift from Carbon base to Crystalline Silicon Structure bodies

Thanks to Dreamweaver for bringing this to my attention. I miss a lot of In5D posts lately, as well as HealingEnergyTools posts.  Many of us have been experiencing a lot of these specific Ascension Symptoms. ~PB

Jenny Schiltz: Frequencies have Begun Separating

WTF? Why am I feeling like Sh*t right now?!?

[Friday was my emotional meltdown had been building for a while, with plenty of Ascension Symptoms, particularly the lack of a good sleep for days on end, followed by the occasional down day of sleeping in and resting a lot. Feeling sluggish and dreamy, but content a lot of the time, until hidden fears get triggered by something, and all hell breaks loose. Moving helps. On days I worked more or got out in nature, moved, I felt better. Happy Eclipse! ~PB]


WTF? Why am I feeling like Sh*t right now?!?

Lovely you,

Sometimes I really love the Facebook memory function. It played me out this blog “WTF? Why am I feeling like Sh*t right now?!?” that I have written a year ago. And it is striking, how accurate the information is again at the same time. The next awakening wave is happening now, and although it is exhausting and painful – it truly is a blessing in disguise. We are at the brink of a big leap in human evolution! So please be patient, honour your process and know that you are not alone. We are upgraded intensely 🙂

I hope you enjoy the read!

With so much love and gratitude

WTF, why am I feeling like Sh*t right now?

by | Feb 18, 2016
WTF, why am I feeling like Sh*t right now?

Note: I wrote this article on February 18, 2016. And it is striking how the energetic patterns are repeating themselves almost exactly at the same time a year later. The frequencies are even higher than last year. So I have updated this article with some additional information in Italics. 


Sorry for my language, but this is how I would quote people who reached out to me the last couple of days for help, after having thought that their healing was on a good way and into more stability. I am sure many of you can relate…. The good news: You are not alone and you will feel better soon. A lot of people have felt supercharged the past couple of days up to a point where they had feelings of just wanting to die – and there is a reason for it.


What if I told you that this is actually a good thing? Whaaaaat? How can feeling so devastated be something good?

Well, I want to congratulate you. Because if you do not already know…. you are part of the “early adopters” (now: the early majority) of stepping into the next level of consciousness in human evolution.

As I had explained in articles before, everything in this universe is energy. So are our thoughts and emotions. They can be of low frequency (when they are still ego and fear based) or of high frequency (when they are love based). We do not only have a physical body, we also have energetic bodies: the emotional body, the mental body and the spiritual body. These are surrounding us and they are often referred to as the human aura.

The momentary thought spirals are taking place in your mental body, the depressive emotions in your emotional body. But why is it so intense right now? In order to understand this, we need to go into some scientific theory.

The Schumann Resonance

We all carry our baggage from the past: traumas, fears, programmed societal patterns that are deeply anchored in our energetic system. These are energetic blockages that hinder the energy from running the way it should. In addition to that, the geomagnetic field on earth is changing and with it the energetic frequency on earth. The Schumann-Resonance is the base-frequency on earth (named after German physicist Prof. W.O.Schumann). It was measured to be at 7.83 Hertz in the 1950s. This frequency corresponds with the frequency of the human brain. There are four areas of conscious states:

multicolored sparkling abstract wave background


  1. Delta – Waves (0.5-4 Hertz): deep sleep or unconscious states (e.g. coma)
  2. Theta – Waves ( 4-7 Hertz): dream sleep state
  3. Alpha – Waves ( 8-12 Hertz): relaxed awakened state (e.g. in meditation or shortly before falling asleep)
  4. Beta – Waves (12-30 Hertz): “normal” awakened state (I am putting normal in quotation marks, as this is about to change)
  5. Gamma – Waves (30-100 Hertz): simultaneously processing information in both brain hemispheres (dolphins and whales operate and communicate on these frequencies, most human beings are not capable of that yet)

The Schumann Resonance represented the border between Theta and Alpha and it was in exact resonance with the hippocampus-frequency. The hippocampus is the part of the brain where our emotions sit. The amygdala is part of this limbic system and is the centre of fear (fight or flight responses) but also for motivation.

Now, latest measurements of the Schumann frequency have shown that it has doubled but sometimes is not measurable at all. This of course has an effect on us as energetic beings vibrating at a certain frequency. Like many people being sensitive to weather changes, when our energetic system is open enough, we feel this change, too. Quite intensely indeed. It puts us under stress and in much higher brain-wave patterns of beta- and gamma waves. The beaching of the whales in New Zealand is very likely to be related to this frequency shift, as even their energetic wave-lengths they are communicating on was disturbed.


The Geomagnetic Field


Magnetic field surrounding planet earth. Digital illustration.

Paired with this, the geomagnetic field is changing on earth. Scientists speak for quite some time about a possible pole shift within the next decades. The magnetic field has been dropping during the past 200 years and it continues to do so, faster and faster. As this happened, the protection of geomagnetic storms caused by solar flares and coronal holes in the sun is not as provided as it used to. So earth is hit by geomagnetic storms a lot more intensely than before. This has an influence on the energetic frequency and Schumann Resonance on earth.  Not only is it disrupting power grids, communication tools etc., but also disrupting our own energetic systems, our energetic bodies and causes symptoms in our physical body. Taking into account, that the Schumann resonance is rising and is being disturbed by these hits, it becomes obvious why we are feeling not well. We are pushed out of our energetic comfort zone. Thus, the frequency patterns we carry within are magnified when this happens.

Common symptoms are:




Altered blood pressure

Weakened immune system

heart palpitations

blurry eyesight

back, shoulder and neck pain

digestion issues

headaches / migranes

Ascension Flu, intense coughing and sore throat

Ringing Ears

Disrupted Sleep Patterns

Hot and Cold Flashes

Intense appetite followed by no appetite at all




Depression and despairAnxiety attacks

Anger / Rage and deep frustration

Death wish / Suicidal tendencies

Feeling of being completely disconnected


Thought spirals

Mental disorders

Questioning everything

Being lost in thoughts

The Raising of our own Frequency

After having understood this it becomes clear: In order to further be able to live on this planet without a permanent discomfort, we have to evolve and adapt and raise our personal frequency. This means getting rid of low frequencies we have been carrying around with us for so long. And these are our ego based belief systems, societal patterns we considered to be true, our fears and traumas. The change in our environment forces these things to surface now. But why do not all people suffer? Yes, there are still lots of people not experiencing any of this. There is a very simple reason: Their personal energetic system is still completely shut off from these cosmic energies yet and their subconscious is still resisting to open it up. The more these changes are going on, the more people are forced into opening up because, even if their mind wants to resist, the human physical body will not be able to stand the energetic friction between those low and high frequencies for much longer and will collapse and burn out. It is comparable to the friction when re-entering the atmosphere from space. Too much friction caused by the different density of air and space will cause the entering object to burn. And then there are other people, the first movers, not experiencing these symptoms anymore, because they have already raised their frequency to a level that they only feel minor distractions.

“So actually what is happening is amazing! We are experiencing human evolution while being alive.”

So actually all of what is happening is amazing! We are experiencing human evolution while being alive. Although we cannot see or feel it yet: A whole new world of possibilities opens up when we raise our frequency. Living in a place without fear and full of love in the future is one thing. But: entering the area of Gamma waves will make new forms of communication possible. Telepathy (as whales or dolphins already use) will become easier and we will open up to new universal frequencies we can tune into, that so far we were not able to receive. There is a global consciousness we get access to more and more, which will take us to a new level of understanding.

Well great…. but what to do when I feel like Sh*t?

1) There is no way back – accept it

First and most importantly: Accept what happens for you. Simply by understanding the bigger picture and realizing you are not alone will calm down your ego and the fears related to it. By embracing what happens and not identifying with it, you are already taking the first step of raising your frequency.

2) Grounding is very helpful

We are naturally in tune with nature and its vibrations, we simply forgot about it. The energetic density most of us live in, in big crowded cities, offices, polluted air and noise adds to further stress onto our system. This density is also of a quite low frequency. So get in touch with nature and fresh air. A walk through a forest, touching a tree or walking barefoot on natural ground, taking a bath in natural water (or a sea salt bath at home) can help immensely to get in touch again with natural frequencies.

Also music can have a grounding effect, especially when playing at 432 Hertz as this is the natural frequency we align with in complete harmony.

3) Get familiar with your energetic system and find correlations

Just as we learned how our physical body functions and what it needs to be healthy, we have to get familiar with our energetic bodies. So dive into it and understand your meridians, your chakra system, what energetic blockages are and how they work.

Look for correlations to learn when your system is overcharged and need some rest or grounding. Observe what is going on around you and what is draining you. Are there major earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, electromagnetic fields, crowds, noise, people that suck your energy, foods you do not handle well… Learn to set your boundaries and be brave enough to say “no” when you need alone time to recharge. We are not obliged to please other people. We need to heal ourselves first before being able to support others without being drained. Start to always put yourself first. This is not egoistic – no – this is necessary for raising your own frequencies and finding your way into self-acceptance and self-love.

4) Redirect energies and learn to transform them

When we are hit by emotions or thought spirals, we easily get caught up in it and see no way out. Following these spirals is the worst you can do. Although it takes some effort, redirecting those energies is helping to raise your frequency. So start doing things you like doing. Sports, painting, writing music, journaling, writing poems, supporting other people – all of these things will mirror back higher frequencies to you through endorphins caused by creativity, body exercise or gratitude of others. And – if you feel like doing nothing and just be at home – respect that, too. Learn how to transmute energies – and raise your own frequency quickly. If you are interested in learning everything you need to know about how energy works and how to raise your vibration quickly, this video tutorial might be helpful for you, too.

5) Learn to love your emotions


Emotions are the key to transmuting energy. We get easily caught up in trying to figure out with our head why certain things are happening. Understand that you will not transmute energy with your head. That is only possible through feeling and allowing the pain to surface. Crying is the best thing that can happen to you. And appreciating that release will help you move through the pain quickly.

6) Meet your ego and your inner child

Get familiar with your ego and realize that you are two beings in one: Your fake ego self and your true self. It is important to understand, that you are not your ego but that this is a programmed version of you living in fear and jumping from past to future, worrying constantly. It keeps your true self from coming through, which is you but in a much higher frequency.

The inner child is a synonym for the fears and traumas we carry around with us from our childhood. These wounds show up again and again in our behaviour and reactions to situations we are in. Starting to understand little you and then work with him or her to dissolve these old and low frequency patterns will raise your personal vibes immensely. For more info on this, here is an interview I gave on these topics. If you’d actively like to work with energy and your inner child, my video tutorials might be resonating with you.


“Please be patient with yourself. It is a process and adapting too quickly would cause your body to burn out”

And PLEASE: be patient with yourself. It is a process and there is a reason that this adaptation is a step by step process. As explained before, going into the higher frequencies too quickly will cause too much friction. Your system needs time to process these things and to adapt on a higher level. Feeling like Sh*t is an essential part of this reintegration, so honour these “downtimes”. So take your time, enjoy the process as part of your personal evolution and growth and be amazed by the things you discover and learn when going through this.



The texts I share are always based on downloads I receive and/or on experiences of clients and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage everyone to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. With lots of light and love, Vera Ingeborg


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Shekinah Rose: Current Ascension Shifts and Symptoms for Starseeds & Light Bearers

Shekinah Rose: Current Ascension Shifts and Symptoms for Starseeds & Light Bearers
~ Jan. 14, 2015


By Shekina Rose, 01/13/2017

We are addressing different spectrums of the Starseed and Light Bearers shift awakening, to let you know you are all a part of this together, each affecting the whole matrix 444 and that is all beings on the planet in unison of creation of the human web of light. Some of the old souls, ultra sensitive empaths who have been on the path for a long time, may feel fatigued and burned out from the years and decades of transforming the energies, ascending and evolving. The burn out from the old souls and the Starseed, Light Bearers, ultra sensitives may feel they have been pushing against the energies, as their resonance field is not always responding to status quo structure systems of what is here on the planet. Each Starseed forerunner is diverse in the energetic response to which they are attuned from the Rays of Creation.

The Indigos and Blue Rays Diversity and Similarity

As for the Indigos, when they are trailblazing the new energetic highways and not in alignment with their true systems, they can go into overdrive and hyperactivity. They transform and bounce off the energies differently than the Blue Rays. Blue Rays may react inwardly, needing time to readjust and balance, and can feel fatigued and isolated. 55 Both Indigos and Blue Rays are in frequency of the Blue Ray and have a particular color spectrum in their auras.

Starseed Burn Out and Fatigue

The old soul Starseeds and Light Bearers who are experiencing burnout or fatigue can emerge from their bodies needing a time of deep anchoring of their spirit. And for the new hardwiring upgrade systems to meet them where they are on the planet, this space can occur at different cycle periods of the Starseed evolution journey.

You have done lots of spiritual service and transformation and wanting to rest and anchor is part of the process. Allow yourself to settle where you are and for the new systems and support of light that you have cultivated to reach you. You are in spiritual service just by being who you are. As you are the point in the Divine Matrix that is unifying the field of light, let it respond to you for synchronicity and inspiration of joy to be your guide of action. 33

Influx of New, New and More New

For other Starseeds, the influx of new ideas, inspiration, systems, pathways, upgrades, new, new rushing in since the beginning of the year. There are new groups, meetings, new partnerships, and from this is a birth of synergy expansion of who you are and your grander potential. This is Love and this is light from Creation coming to meet and support you!

For all Starseeds you may question, where is my grounding and footing now? Where do I go from here? 11:11 There is an energy of expansion and the Universe is showing you that you can reach more and be more of your essence, and that you are supported to do so. You can see this by the new people and information entering your life. Listen to what your heart is saying and to the Universe that is reaching out to you. As you are in new territory, feel your way as to how you now want to express; you are limitless.

Ascension Shift Symptoms: The Raising of Frequency

It is suggested to consult a healthcare professional for symptoms as not every symptom is from ascension. And though it may be an ascension symptom, you still may need assistance with the process.

♦ Energetic heat waves throughout the entire body, or just certain areas such as the crown chakra, hands and/or feet.

♦ Not being able to be in time, inter-dimensional time shifting.

♦ Dizziness, feeling like you are not completely standing on the earth; this comes in waves. It’s okay to seek assistance from a health care practitioner if that is how you are guided.

♦ Where do I belong now and where is my soul and star family?

♦ Times of brain fog.

♦ Brain multitasking. Times where many thoughts, ideas, solutions are coming at once; this is the rewiring of new pathways of the brain and inter-dimensional thinking.

♦ Sleepless nights, awaking at early hours, 1, 2, 3 am.

♦ Unusual, interdimensional dreams and, at times, feeling like in a dream state while awake.

♦ Dietary changes. Some will feel they do not want to eat food, others are eating lighter, and yet some are eating heavier and this will all again shift.

With the recent eclipses, big breakthroughs, upgraded templates and time lines may have come bouts of crying that brought emotional healing release and clarity. 333 This was the sacred divine feminine being loved, healed, restored and coming into balance. This allowed for more expansion and true divine essence expression of who you are in the Universe.

Thank you beloveds for coming to the planet and remembering who you are, for being Love when it has not been easy and for letting go, forging ahead and your continued evolving. You are such a gift and presence here for all of Creation.

Channeled by Shekina Rose