Archangel Gabriel and Creative Solutions + Archangel Sandalphon and the Light of Well-being | Shanta Gabriel + Lana Walker

Chakra 1

At the heart of all desires is the powerful calling
for Well-being.


Is there an area of your life that lacks Well-being?
Perhaps it has to do with finances or health. These are the issues of a weak Base Chakra, which lies at the base of your spine.

Each of the individual energy centers, called Chakras in the yogic traditions, has a purpose for your life. When they are not being met, you experience a lack of Well-being.

Well-being is a reality that provides for all your needs to be met with Grace and Ease. This is the foundation for a happy life. If you are feeling left out of the flow of Divine Energy, there is an opening that allows you to bring back a sense of alignment within.

A balanced chakra system allows for you to find and experience the benefits of a beautiful physical life, emotional and mental equanimity, and deep spiritual connection with the generous resources available to you. When you have a clear sense of a secure base of operation in the foundation of your life, there is a powerful presence of Well-being within you. This attracts more of what you need into your life, such as greater abundance and health with clear guidance on your path. You feel more supported and connected. Your life demonstrates an abundant flow of the living light of Well-being.

Archangel Sandalphon

Represented in the base chakra is Archangel Sandalphon, one of the most accessible of the Archangels. Sandalphon is said to be the Soul of the Earth, providing nourishment to those who feel empty. He is so expansive that he can hold the Earth in the palm of his hand. Yet he has the capacity to provide you with an individual sense of being loved and supported, cared for deeply.

You can relax into the Wings of Love Archangel Sandalphon provides. It is a deeply satisfying sense of allowing yourself to be supported in the river of life. When you do this, you are bringing a higher frequency of Love, Compassion and a caring vibration into your foundation for life, by empowering your base chakra.

This empowerment greatly strengthens your sense of Well-being. When high frequencies of Light stimulate each of your chakras, all that does not resonate is lifted into the Light for healing.

Each chakra has its own power and place in the structure of your life. When attention is placed on the qualities of consciousness most needed to support a sense of Well-being in your life, your spiritual resources are engaged. Suddenly creative solutions abound, you feel more support and beneficial opportunities flow to you.

When you allow yourself to receive assistance from the Archangels, the areas of physical, mental and emotional well-being become enhanced in your chakra system. The resulting sense of Freedom will illuminate your life, and you know at a deep empowering level that all is truly well.

And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel

February 13, 2020

Shanta Gabriel: New Structures for Life ~ A Message from Archangel Sandalphon

New Structures for Life ~ A Message from Archangel Sandalphon by Shanta Gabriel

Mt. Shasta, base chakra of the Earth, photo by Christine

Dear Ones,

This is your initiation into the empowered structures required to anchor your new Light Body.

Throughout this year you have been activating the codes for sacred blueprint of Divinity in form.

The Creative Source of All That Is blesses this momentum of Light so your daily world can transform. You are being provided with a new level of freedom to express your true divine nature as a blended human. Recently the Archangels have provided activations within every chakra to raise the frequencies and bring a more solid connection to the presence of God. The principles that they can empower in your chakra system will impact your perceptions of the world permanently. Whenever you remember their presence your body will resonate in a new way.

Your alignment with Source energy has been activated through your focus of concentration. In the next period of time you will complete the process of embedding a new structure into your DNA. This new structure allows you to fulfill your highest Soul’s Destiny.

Provisions have been made for you as a part of a heart-centered group of dedicated souls. The frequencies that you have been able to access as a community have magnetized a deep connection to Source energy. Your heart has uplifted and expanded its loving frequencies throughout your body/mind.

You may have noticed a quiet peacefulness has been ushered into your awareness recently. When you extend awareness into your field, do you feel a sense of being okay just as you are? Some of the frustration has fallen away as you have gotten stronger in the central core of your being.

This is what it feels like in the new structure that you have created. When you connect with your Higher Self on a regular basis, you purposefully anchor your Divine Nature through your chakras and into your field of energy.

Now this last phase alignment has been illuminated and anchored into a powerful structure that allows you to feel more at Home on the Earth. This is creating a different form of reality where you embody a greater sense of Wholeness and a deeper connection to the Earth’s wisdom. Your new structure provides a space of deep awareness and a foundation of Love that will be present for you, always.

When you call forth the light of Wellbeing, you will have the sense of a energetic foundation that is connected to your Light Body field. It has a stability that has never been possible. At the same time it is free to mutate into whatever form most serves you.

Life is calling you in a new way. It’s calling you to find your place on the Earth to anchor your new structure, where you can listen more deeply to the wisdom Nature is providing, and receive the Life Force energy into your body so you feel nourished and supported.

This is what happens when you are in Harmony with your Soul, and allow the Divine Presence to expand within you so you are empowered to anchor a new reality on Earth. Life is celebrating you, and so it is.

Shanta Gabriel for
Archangel Sandalphon
May 4, 2018