News – APRIL ENERGIES – FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELT! by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
Thursday, 10 April, 2014 (posted 15 April, 2014)

At the beginning of this year we were told by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth that 2014 would be a year like no other. It seems like that was an understatement. Powerful Activities of Light have taken place this year involving the entire Company of Heaven and the I AM Presence of every man, woman, and child on Earth. These events are literally catapulting Humanity and the Earth forward in the Light. The results of these events have helped reverse the adverse effects of our fall from Grace, including the schism that was created between Humanity and the Elemental Kingdom when we fell into the illusion of separation and duality.

One of the most tragic things that occurred with the “fall” is that we lost awareness of the Divine Intelligence associated with the Elemental Kingdom. In the midst of the chaos that we inadvertently created through ignorance and the misuse of our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions, our fragmented and fear-based human ego came to the erroneous conclusion that the Earth is an inanimate object that Humanity has the right to use and abuse as we choose. Most of the atrocities we have inflicted on this Planet are the result of that distorted belief system. The gross mutations of disease, aging, degeneration, famines, plagues, pestilence, and all of the inclement weather conditions are a reflection of Humanity’s fallen consciousness and the result of our human ego’s lack of awareness of the Elemental Kingdom. Even death, as we know it now, is a human miscreation and not part of God’s original Divine Plan.

For a very long time the Elemental Kingdom has been thought of as a mere fantasy by the masses of Humanity. Periodically there have been groups and cultures that awakened to the reality of the Divine Intelligence within the elements and nature, but that has been rare. Now we are in the midst of the greatest shift of energy, vibration, and consciousness the world has ever known, but it cannot be accomplished without the conscious and deliberate cooperation of Humanity and the Elemental Kingdom.

Throughout history we have heard of people who have completed their learning experiences on Earth which enabled them to attain their Ascension at the end of a particular lifetime. The most well known Ascended Masters are Jesus, Mother Mary, and Saint Germain. Their Ascension allowed them to move up the Spiral of Evolution and to continue the next phase of their evolutionary process.

Now you and I are in the midst of our Ascension. The difference this time is that we are taking the Earth and ALL Life evolving on this Planet with us. We are not going to leave our physical bodies and Ascend after we have gone through the process we call death, as many people in the past have done. This time we are going to transform the elements of our physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies from carbon-based planetary cells into 5th-Dimensional Crystalline-based Solar Light Cells. We are also going to transform the elements that comprise the physical, etheric, mental, and emotional strata in the bodies of Mother Earth into the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline-based Solar Light Cells associated with the New Earth. This will allow every particle and wave of precious Life energy evolving on this Planet to God Victoriously Ascend up the Spiral of Evolution and to become One with the New Earth as we embark on the next phase of our evolutionary process. What is vital for each and every one of us to comprehend is that our Ascension onto the New Earth cannot be accomplished without the cooperation and the assistance of the Elemental Kingdom.

In order to fully understand the magnitude of what is happening as we move through this Ascension process, we need to realign with the Elemental Kingdom and we need to remember how these Beings have selflessly served the Sons and Daughters of God since we were first breathed forth from the Core of Creation.

There are three Lifewaves evolving on Earth. The Human Kingdom which you and I belong to as Sons and Daughters of God, the Angelic Kingdom which most of us are aware of and invoke in times of need, and the Elemental Kingdom which is the Divine Intelligence that draws the unformed primal Light substance from the Causal Body of God and manifests the elements of earth, air, fire, water, and ether which are used to create Humanity’s Earthly Bodies, the Bodies of Mother Earth, and the bodies of the plant and animal kingdoms which are also part of the Elemental Kingdom>

The Elemental Kingdom is also the Divine Intelligence that is invested with the responsibility of projecting the earth, air, fire, water, and ether elements into the thoughtforms and emotions Humanity is creating everyday through the use of our free will and our creative faculties of thought and feeling. Without the Elemental Kingdom manifesting our thoughts and feelings in the physical world of form, we would not be able to experience the results of what we are creating on Earth. By actually experiencing what we are creating with every thought, feeling, word, and action we are learning what is loving and what is not loving about our creations. Step by step, we are learning to become cocreators with our Father-Mother God and we are learning to fulfill our Divine Potential.

When we began our Earthly sojourn aeons ago, we were each assigned an Elemental Being who volunteered to remain with us throughout all of our Lifetimes. This Being is known as our Body Elemental. The purpose of this Divine Collaboration is for our Body Elemental to help us learn to become cocreators with our Father-Mother God by manifesting the thoughts and feelings we express everyday through our free will choices.

The original plan was for us to observe all of the patterns of perfection in the Causal Body of God, and then through our unique perception and our unique ways of thinking and feeling, we would create previously unknown expressions of Divinity. This would expand the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and teach us to be cocreators with our Father-Mother God. Unfortunately, when we fell into the paralyzing grip of separation and duality and developed our fear-based human egos everything changed. From that point on, instead of creating Heaven on Earth we used our free will and our thoughts and feelings to create all manner of pain and suffering. With that tragic occurrence, our Body Elemental and the Elemental Beings associated with the earth, air, fire, water, and ether elements were forced to create gross mutations not only in Humanity’s physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies, but throughout the Nature Kingdom and the Bodies of Mother Earth as well. These mutations have manifested, and are manifesting now, as every conceivable form of pain and suffering on this Planet.

Now let’s fast forward to this Cosmic Moment. We are in the midst of Ascending into the infinite perfection of the 5th-Dimensional New Earth. However, the ONLY way we are going to successfully Ascend into the patterns of perfection for the New Earth, and to create the physical bodies of vibrant health, eternal youth, and radiant beauty that all of the prophecies have told us we will abide in on the New Earth, is for Humanity and our Body Elementals to heal the schism between us and to begin cooperating on a conscious level. The fastest and most effective way of doing that is for ALL of us to transcend our human egos, and to begin functioning from the level of Christ Consciousness associated with our I AM Presence. Due to the miracles that have taken place since the birth of the New Earth on December 21 – 22, 2012, that shift of consciousness has already begun and will be much easier than you might imagine.

During the month of April 2014, we are receiving an unprecedented influx of Light that will assist us in accomplishing our goals in what will seem like miraculous ways. As you read the following words, KNOW that you are powerful beyond our knowing and that this month Humanity is being presented with a life-transforming opportunity.

Through the Activities of Light that have taken place so far in 2014, our pineal and pituitary glands have been activated to the highest frequency we have experienced since our fall from Grace aeons ago. This activation lifted Humanity into a higher state of Christ Consciousness and gave our I AM Presence direct access to the Divine Alchemy taking place within our physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies. This Divine Alchemy is gradually transforming our carbon-based planetary cells into 5th-Dimensional Crystalline-based Solar Light Cells. This transformation is being accomplished through the intervention of our I AM Presence and our Body Elementals. That Activity of Light paved the way for an amazing event that took place with the influx of Light that occurred during the March Equinox.

The Equinox reflects the moment on Earth when day and night are balanced. It also reflects the Cosmic Moment when the Inbreath and Outbreath of our Father-Mother God are brought into perfect balance. When the Equinox occurred on March 20-21, 2014, Humanity was vibrating at a level of Christ Consciousness that allowed our I AM Presence to breathe the Holy Breath of our Father-Mother God through our pineal and pituitary glands and into our right- and left-brain hemispheres. This influx of God’s Divine Breath brought our physical brain structures into a new level of balance.

Once that was accomplished, the Masculine and Feminine Polarities of God flowed through Humanity’s spinal columns recalibrating and strengthening our nervous systems. This process widened the shaft of Light that flows through our spines, our chakra systems, our acupuncture meridians and into every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of energy in our Earthly Bodies.

With this event God Victoriously accomplished through the cooperation of every person’s I AM Presence and Body Elemental, Humanity can now withstand and assimilate higher frequencies of 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light than ever before. This is greatly accelerating the Divine Alchemy of transforming our carbon-based planetary cells into Crystalline-based Solar Light Cells of infinite perfection.

I know it is difficult to fathom the wonders that are unfolding on this Planet now that we have birthed the New Earth. This is especially true since we can still see the chaos surfacing from the old Earth to be healed and transmuted into Light. But I assure you, your I AM Presence and your Body Elemental are well aware of the miraculous shift into Christ Consciousness that is taking place within your heart and mind. This shift is playing a major part in healing the schism that our human egos caused with our Body Elementals.

Regardless of how aware or how oblivious a person may be of the miracles taking place on Earth, each and every one of us is moving forward into the frequencies of the New Earth. There is no turning back. Now Humanity, our Body Elementals, the Elemental Kingdom, and the Earth are in position to benefit in astounding ways from the influxes of Light we will be blessed with in April 2014.

Every year, following the March Equinox, the Resurrection Flame begins to bathe the Earth in its glorious Light. This is the Sacred Fire from the Heart of God that restores Life and awakens the sleeping Elemental Kingdom. Because of the changes that have already taken place in 2014, this Gift from our Father-Mother God will bless Humanity, our Body Elementals, and the Elemental Kingdom by lifting us up in more powerful ways than ever before.

April 14-15, 2014, we will experience the Passover Full Moon which is always the first Full Moon following the March Equinox. This year on the Passover Full Moon we will be blessed with a total Lunar Eclipse. Eclipses are celestial alignments that bathe the Earth and all her Life in frequencies of Light that greatly amplify whatever we are empowering with our thoughts, feelings, words, actions, beliefs, and memories. As long as we are focusing on what we want to create in our lives, and not the things we do not want, Eclipses are wonderful opportunities for growth and transformation. This Eclipse will be an exceptionally powerful time to release and let go of anything that no longer serves our highest good, and it will provide us with an amazing opportunity to empower the patterns of perfection for the New Earth, the Divine Alchemy taking place within our Earthly Bodies, and all of our hopes, dreams, visions, and heart desires.

On April 20th, billions people around the world will celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus the Christ. Easter is always the first Sunday following the first Full Moon after the March Equinox. Billions of people focusing their attention on the Resurrection of Jesus on Easter Morning will form a collective Cup of Humanity’s Consciousness. This Chalice of Light will provide an open portal through which the Light of God will flow to accelerate the return to Christ Consciousness which is unfolding within every person on Earth through the Divine Intervention of his or her I AM Presence. This is what Jesus meant by the 2nd Coming of the Christ.

Humanity’s return to Christ Consciousness is occurring regardless of a person’s religious affiliations or whether or not he or she even believes in God or the potential of a higher level of consciousness. This is happening through the I AM Presence of all of our sisters and brothers in the Family of Humanity because we are One and there is no separation.

“I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of ALL Humanity. As I AM lifted up ALL Life is lifted up with me. And so it is.”

There seems to be a lot of discussion about whether Jesus was actually crucified and whether or not he was Resurrected. Jesus and the Company of Heaven have clearly stated that the crucifixion and the Resurrection were critical facets of Jesus’ Divine Mission and that indeed both events did occur. But unfortunately, as has occurred with most of Jesus’ teachings, the crucifixion and the Resurrection have been grossly misinterpreted>

Jesus was not tortured and crucified because we are so evil and such worthless sinners and worms in the dust that he had to be brutalized in order to save us. Jesus agreed to go through that experience because he wanted to demonstrate in a profound and powerful way that there is nothing Humanity’s fear-based human egos can inflict on our Earthly Body that will destroy the Divine Presence abiding in that body.

During his Resurrection, Jesus transformed his carbon-based planetary body into the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline-based Solar Light Body he would need in order to Ascend into the timeless, spaceless frequencies of the 5th Dimension. When Mary Magdalene saw Jesus after his Resurrection he said to her, “Do not touch me, my body is not of this world.” Forty days later, Jesus Ascended into the 5th-Dimensional Realms of Light and the next phase of his evolutionary process.

Jesus wanted to anchor an archetype and to model for Humanity the Divine Alchemy we would all go through in the Ascension process we are now experiencing as we move into the 5th-Dimensional New Earth. He also clearly demonstrated the Path of Divine Love that would lead to the return of Christ Consciousness Humanity is now in the process of accomplishing.

On Easter Morning, as the Resurrection Flame bathes the Earth in more Light than Humanity has previously been able to endure, every person and every particle and wave of Life on Earth will be Resurrected into higher frequencies of Light than we have experienced since we fell from Christ Consciousness into the fragmented consciousness of our human egos. This is a Cosmic Moment that we can all take advantage of by being aware of what is happening and by affirming the reality of the experience.

“I AM the Resurrection and the Life of Planet Earth and ALL her Life, now made manifest and sustained by God’s Divine Grace. And so it is.”

Following the Activity of Light that will bless all Life on Easter Morning, we will experience a very rare and a very powerful Cardinal Grand Cross Alignment that will catapult the Elemental Kingdom forward in the Light. This event will greatly accelerate the Divine Alchemy that is taking place within our Earthly Bodies and the Bodies of Mother Earth. It will also exponentially expand the Healing and the Forgiveness that is taking place between Humanity and the Elemental Kingdom. This enhanced Healing and Forgiveness will greatly empower Humanity’s ability to transcend the maladies our human egos miscreated on the old Earth.

The peak of the Cardinal Grand Cross Alignment will bathe the Earth April 22nd-23rd-24th, 2014. The Planets involved in this Grand Cross are Mars, Uranus, Pluto, and Jupiter. These four Planets will form a Grand Cross by aligning at exactly 13 degrees in Aries which represents the Fire Element and Humanity’s mental body, Cancer which represents the Water Elemental and Humanity’s emotional body, Libra which represents the Air Element and Humanity’s etheric body, and Capricorn which represents the Earth Element and Humanity’s physical body.

This will be an incredibly powerful time for all of us to focus on the Divine Alchemy that is taking place within our four Earthly Bodies as they are transformed from carbon-based cells into Crystalline-based Solar Light Cells. These are the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline-based Solar Light Bodies Jesus demonstrated for us when he was Resurrected. They are the bodies that will reflect the vibrant health, eternal youth, and infinite perfection we will all experience when our Ascension onto the New Earth is complete.

The final monumental influx of Light we will experience in April is a New Moon Solar Eclipse that will take place April 28th. Through this Eclipse, our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven will seal every particle and wave of Life on Earth in the highest frequencies of vibrations we are capable of withstanding from all of the Activities of Light that have taken place since the beginning of 2014. This Gift of Divine Grace will prevent Humanity and the Elemental Kingdom from ever again sinking to the depths of the discordant energies our human egos miscreated on the old Earth.


This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered for FREE, it is not altered, and the proper credit line is included. Thank You.


©2014 Patricia Diane Cota-Robles


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April Eclipses, Grand Cross & Merging Streams: Harmonizing and Homecoming – Expect Wonderful – Channeled Messages from Archangel Michael through Meredith Murphy

AprilEclipses, Grand Cross & Merging Streams: Harmonizing and Homecoming
– Expect Wonderful – Channeled Messages from Meredith Murphy

April Eclipses, Grand Cross & Merging Streams: Harmonizing and Homecoming

Message from Archangel Michael

Channeled by Meredith Murphy

Telepathic Transmission – 8 April 2014

(This transmission is given members of the Legion of Light, and I was

guided to also share this publicly, so support our collective

participation in April 2014.)


Greetings Dear Friends & Family of Light,

This new wave of light weaving within our midst and upon your planet

is the stuff you’ve been waiting for, for a long while. It is the energy

of your essence, transmitting to you from within and being met from

without, in accord. There is a powerful resonance of being taking place

and for many of you, who for so long have not yet felt at home on Earth,

this will change all that.


There is a homecoming happening energetically, and you can easily

feel it within your heart. It’s enough to move you to tears, some of

you, as this fuller knowing of who you are comes together.


Regardless of how you respond to this energy the energy itself is realizing your

deepest aspirations for life on Earth, dear ones. These are very dear

hopes, and long-held visions for participating, for evolving, for

collectively creating and for uplifting Earth and opening up the

planetary matrix to other cosmic levels of being and light. It is a time

to feel deep satisfaction and joy.


Life will never be the same and the Legion of Light, the Angelic

Realm here and in the material, plays a significant part. Many of you

are participating simultaneously in the Angelic Realm and from that

focus you feel your essence on Earth. The same way that on Earth you

sense your non-physical presence. There is increasing openness between

Earth and all realms which means there is increasing openness and clear

pathways for connection, communion and transmission between you and you

and you and you and you …!


It is time for you to begin to merge with your more abstract aspects

of being. And as you do this, you will remember more about how it is.

Remembering is the most important thing you came here for and it is

expanding. The remembering that is most powerful is the remembering that

gives you a sense of knowing. A sense of knowing about it all. How it

all works. What makes sense. Your expanded knowing is that part of you

that when you encounter vast new ideas says, “Oh, of course. I knew



Makes perfect sense.” These are moments that point out to you that

your broader knowing is more present in your life then you typically

think or notice. It sneaks in! Your essence. More and more whenever

possible. Whenever you relax more, invite more, open more, it just flows

in more. It’s totally natural, and it’s entirely the idea of how to be

in your body, so it does not require your participation. Although you

attention to it, is nice, and fun for you and gives you more awareness

of what it feels like to be you.


As we move into April, there are some massive energy waves in motion.

We have two eclipses this month — a solar and a lunar eclipse. We

begin with the lunar eclipse which will assist you in becoming freer

emotionally. As you begin to embrace your freedom and your sovereign

presence, it is very important to become more free of emotions. Emotions

are so very beautiful! They can feel intense or soft and gentle. They

can be experienced in so many flavors. They are an enormous part of

being human. However, you are NOT your emotions. They are an experience

that arises from your stuff.


They arise from your beliefs about what is beautiful what is wonderful what is not beautiful
what is not wonderful.They also arise from your chosen state of being, your practiced

emotional state, or even your preferred emotional state. You can select

things to focus upon which give a triggered response in you to

experience the emotions you choose. None of this is good or bad. It just

is. And with this realization that it just is, we wish to add — your

emotions are not you.


You are conscious awareness and knowing and with this expansive

realization you can enjoy your emotions or not. You can consciously

cultivate your emotions or not. You can realize how your emotions, like

stories — thoughts and beliefs, etc. — affect you, and you can,

therefore, have preferences if you wish. But you are not your emotions.

Anymore than you are your stories. Emotions are just stuff. They are

energetic qualities in particular arrangements. We use them. We

experience them. We transmit them. You enjoy them. You experience your

life more deeply because of them. They are, however, like all stories

and stuff, temporary. They arise and disappear. They are stuff, made of

particles in temporary arrangements to be experienced, but not to be

identified with nor taken personally.


When you experience an emotion, regardless of what emotion it is, and

experience it fully, completely and let it dissolve, then you

experience your life in an ongoing state of clarity. When you feel an

emotion and you use the emotion to try and control a situation or

others, use the energy of the emotions to accomplish something, you

distort it. This leaves a trace within the experience. When you use the

emotion to try to force something to happen, this also leaves a trace.

In this way you hold onto the emotion within your energy field and

remain connected to the energy of the situation. You find yourself

continually thinking about it, feeling things that lead you into

thinking about it and find it hard to be in the present because of this.

To resolve this you must step away from this and not engage. The more

you engage the more you are fragmented and not in the present.


This Lunar Eclipse will help you to clear any of your lingering traces from
incomplete or distorted emotional transactions.


The second eclipse is a Solar Eclipse. This Eclipse takes place in

Aries and is going to amplify your presence on Earth in your new, more

refined state of coherence and purity, following the passage through the

energies of the Lunar Eclipse and the Cardinal Grand Cross.


The Cardinal Grand Cross is a bit like a second Equinox. It will be a

profoundly balancing event with regards to your multidimensionality.

You are increasingly merging with streams of YOU from other dimensions,

timelines and frequencies. As this occurs, there is a benefit to recalibrating
and harmonizing your stream, your conscious awareness and

knowing, in this particular human life.


The intention here is to bring the fullness of all you into the

material here on Earth. And to bring the awareness of you on Earth fully

into the aspects not located here. This is to open up all the

time/space matrixes related to you. As you do this you help to open up

the planetary matrix more.


As Earth opens up more, it is participating in opening up the

Universe. This Universe is opening up in ways that are making further

expansion possible. This expansion is opening up pathways and corridors

of light between Universes beyond your Universe.


Everything in Creation is an experience of expansion and merging and
opening and reuniting.


Your participation in the month of April is especially important.

Earth aspects of the Angelic Realm will be focused, impulsed from an

essence perspective, to arise into the greatest clarity and purity of

emanation possible. Because the more purely you are present, the more

you can compliment and harmonize with all of Creation and with

everything that is unfolding, opening and expanding on Earth. Thus the

exquisite perfection of Creation expands.


Our focus, this month, will be in sharing these experiences together

and in working with you, each of you, to assist and simply love and

enjoy with you, this transfiguration of humanity, of life on Earth and

of our continuing shared ascension into Oneness.

You are dearly loved.


I am Archangel Michael




Note: We’ll be coming together for two global events during this Eclipse Cycle, click HERE to learn more and see if you’d like to join in the dance.


The Full Lunar Eclipse takes place on April 15.

The Cardinal Grand Cross, on April 23/24

The Solar Eclipse on April 29.

For more information see NASA:


Lee Harris Energy: April 2014 Energy Forecast – The Strength of April, found within…


Lee Harris Energy: April 2014 Energy Forecast – The Strength of April, found within…

Thursday, 3 April 2014
(Transcribed and edited from Lee’s live Video message.)

“Hi everybody. Welcome to the Energy Forecast for April 2014.

It’s April 2nd that we’re recording this. It’s not REALLY a spring day here but maybe we’re venturing towards it – we’ll see. (Smiling)

We’re all still here on the planet; which is always nice and unexpected. And the reason that I say that is because today there are two principles I want to touch on.

Something I’ve said repeatedly through the forecasts over the years is that we never know how long we’re going to be alive. And it’s true – we don’t know that we’re still going to be alive at the end of today. And yet what we can often get very fixed and focused on is the future of life rather than the present.

I keep hearing many people over the last year or so getting activated and worried about things they are hearing or suspecting about the future.

So for example, someone might be talking about a volcano that somebody has predicted to go active on a certain date or an earthquake that’s been predicted for a few months ahead. Or other speculation on how the future of the world is going to go…and what I want to remind everybody is that all of it is conjecture.

I’m not saying that you can’t truly believe that one of these things is going to happen, and prepare yourself in whatever way you feel you need to be prepared so that you’re comfortable again.

But what I have noticed is many people are putting their trust and weight behind some of these dates in the future, and thus putting their fear behind it. And then when that date passes and nothing happens, they repeat the same pattern all over again with another future date they’re given.

So what I’m asking you to look at here is not the idea of future dates, but more closely than that, your own fear relationship to what’s going on in the world.

The world is sped up, chaotic and panicky at the moment. And it’s understandable as to why. There are several things that you can see going on in the world that can make you nervous about the future of the planet, and the now of the planet and what people are dealing with.

But one truth I have come to both learn and experience is that the more centered and stable we are able to stay, the more ready we are for anything that Planet Earth is going to throw our way.

So if you are living in fear or worry of the future, you are constantly off your center and disempowered.

You may say, well how do I calm down about this terrible future thing that’s happening?

And I say, well number one; you know that you don’t yet know it’s happened. You don’t yet know what the future outcome is. So even those of you who may be very good with psychic or future predictions, I’ve also met many who are good at those predictions and some of them have come true. But with some of their other predictions, things have not manifested. So perhaps something has changed or it was just a possibility rather than a certainty.

So ask yourself, are you living in the future or are you living in the now?

Obviously, the past and the future have to be taken into our relationship with the now. We can learn things from the past that can help us make different choices in the future. But I’m noticing a lot of people, because of the fear energy on Earth and because of the chaos, leaving their own bodies and not living in the now, not living today but living “what’s the future plan” and “what’s the future danger we have to worry about”.

I would propose that to live on Earth is far more unpredictable than we ever anticipated or were taught.  And that’s coming from someone living in, at this point in time, a fairly safe region.

So what I’m saying is that much of what is happening is our conditioning, our belief that we were in a grid that kept us safe (the outer world), which is now falling away and changing.

And as that falls away, you can get a little nervous that there’s no safety rail.

So if you’re already nervous that there is no safety rail and someone comes along and says, (Big in breath) “Yellowstone’s going to erupt! Look out!” That nervous fear energy in you suddenly has a perceived genuine threat to focus its target on.

So try and identify what’s the difference between where you’re focusing and targeting your fear in your mind and how much fear do you have in your body? For the way to work with fear is literally to work with it as an energy – not a story.

So for example, if right now your fear has come to the surface because I’m talking about some of the things that are triggering you, or talking about fear that you’re experiencing, know that the body needs to be trained in the other direction.

So you could just literally take a moment and breathe (in the video Lee takes a deep, slow breath in and exhales slowly); and just do that a few times. If you just take a minute or two out of your day to keep breathing every now and then, you start to regulate, calm down and open.

The problem for many of you will be not identifying when the fear or the chaos of someone else is influencing you.

So if I were to be in a fairly peaceful state, but I go home and my partner is there and my partner is kind of going, (speaking rapidly) “Well, I’m worried I might lose the job and what are we going to do about money and da-da-da-da-da…” – all of that energy that’s coming off the partner, I’m interacting with. And even if I’m standing a meter away, it’s still in my zone. So the question is, does it catalyze me?

The question for you is, how catalyzed are you getting by others right now?

So for those of you living busy lives around lots of people, know that more people are in chaos than before. But the difference is a lot of people aren’t aware of why they’re in chaos, or the fact that they are focusing on certain chaotic or fearful stories in order to process what their inner body is doing. Their inner body is going, “Aaah, the safety rail is going! This isn’t the Earth I thought it was going to be.” That’s a truth for everybody.

So, at this point in time, 2014, we are looking ahead at the coming decades and realizing things are going to be different. And that’s a certainty. The solutions as to how we are going to arrive at putting the new in place take place every day.

So just to focus on you and your personal life, you are constantly creating “new” every single day. For us as a world, we are constantly creating “new” every single day.

So today is where we can focus. And many of you are overwhelmed and freaked out because of this big future that you can sense or feel is coming. Yet what you have to remember that what you can feel or sense is coming is related to how you’re feeling today.

So I just want to share a quick exercise with you. I just created something called ‘7 Days of Peace’ , which is 7 daily short meditations to help you access and invoke peace in your life. And in one of these meditations, I talk about the “hollow body”.

So let me explain this to you. Imagine yourself for a second as hollow inside. Imagine that you have no physical organs inside this body and not only are you imagining this inner body of yours as completely hollow and spacious, but let’s include around 12 inches outside your body too – your energy field. See this inner space and outer space around you as your hollow energy field.

A quick exercise you can do a few times a day is to imagine yourself in your hollow body. Closing your eyes will help.

So, first take a breath, (in the video Lee takes a deep breath) then through your imagination and senses, feel the hollowness of you and feel the spaciousness of it.

Then, imagine light coming from above down through your head and filling you. Light is filling you.

Now – quick caveat – for those of you who imagined your hollow body and suddenly went, “Whoa, I’m full of everyone’s stuff!”, that’s the point to first say, “I release everything that is not mine. I release everything I am carrying for others.” Whatever words come to you around releasing what you are carrying for other people. Do a quick verbal release, then focus on the hollow body and bring in light.

And just breathe it in, this light. Feel yourself just being filled for a while. However long feels comfortable to you.

And the reason this is so important is it just allows you to come back to you for a while.

Now I know many of you who are very sensitive or empathic are working on daily principles to be less affected by others. This is one you can add to that toolbox – just imagining yourself as you and only you for a couple of minutes a day, a couple of times a day. Just you and your energy field.

The reason to do this is it will bring back your sense of peace and balance. But also, it will give you strength that you might not be accessing if you’re trying to find strength in the outside world right now.

Maybe you’re used to your friends giving you your strength. But all of a sudden, your friends all seem in crisis. So you’re a bit panicky, because the place that you used to go to feel good (your friends) is no longer making you feel good.

Maybe you just lost your job and the security that you used to feel around having that job is now taken away. So you’re feeling a little nervous and asking yourself “What am I going to manifest next?”

This level of change is happening all across the world. Things that used to be safety zones for people, things that used to be trusted, and things that used to be known – they’re all moving.

So what we have to do is go within. And within ourselves, we find new strength.

In April, strength is going to be a theme.

Yes, astrologically this is a very strong month, so you can expect explosive things to play out world-wise and personally. But how those explosive things look is going to be very distinct. It might not be the worst case scenario you are thinking of – it will just be a strong energy.

So that means you can harness the strength of these times and be a conductor of that strength in your own life. But only if you are taking the time each day to figure out who am I in the middle of this crazy planet? I can see that there’s all this stuff going on around me. I can feel and be affected by all of that.

But I also have to remember that I am sovereign in here – my heart (in the video Lee puts his hand on his chest). I have a place that is untouchable to anybody. Even if I’m in reaction to things going on outside me, there is a place inside me that is just mine.

So, spend a little time this month taking a few times a day getting in touch with just you.
And what will come to you this month is greater strength than you’ve previously had.

Look after yourselves well everybody and I’ll see you in May.

Big love, bye-bye.”

4th – 6th April: Preparing for the Off!: Liberation Awaits ~ by Sarah Varcas


4th – 6th April: Preparing for the Off!: Liberation Awaits ~ by Sarah Varcas

“There is much talk of the intense influences around this month. What with a total lunar eclipse on 15th, a Cardinal Grand Cross on 23rd/24th followed by a solar eclipse to round the month off on 28th/29th, yes, there’s plenty to excite! And of course, as with most things in life, these alignments do not just appear out of nowhere on the day in question, but instead build gradually towards a climax of fulfilment and fruition, before just as gradually falling away into nothingness once more. If we take the analogy of child-birth, we could say that right now labour has begun but there’s a way to go yet. Come the lunar eclipse things are speeding up and the birth is imminent. The Grand Cross sees the arrival of new life and the solar eclipse brings the full awareness of what this new beginning means for us and every aspect of our life. Suffice to say we have an intense few weeks ahead, but at the end of it lies the potential for a shift of both personal and collective orientation which could, in due course, change the course of history. Of course, history can be changed in all manner of ways, positive or negative, and neither course is set in stone. It really is up to us at this juncture and there are some interesting and enlightening challenges ahead!

But right now we are preparing for the birth and as such we need to be focused on the task at hand, committed to seeing it through and prepared to do whatever it takes to bring new life into the world. This is a time of anticipation, excitement and fear, often in equal measure. However we’re feeling right now about the challenges ahead is absolutely fine. If we’re telling ourselves we shouldn’t feel [insert whatever emotion you don’t want right now!] we’re already unnecessarily complicating things. If we’re scared, fine. If we’re confident, that’s fine too. If we’re full of hope or full of rage… so be it. Whatever we are experiencing at this time is our own personal fuel for the journey ahead and not to be judged, dismissed or denied, only acknowledged, embraced and respected for the message it holds for us.

This weekend, as has been the case for the past few days, intensity mounts. The air is full of emotion with suppressed irritations, anger, fears and forebodings rising up as if with a mind of their own. Whatever we’ve been avoiding lately we can’t avoid it now so we may as well give up that particular fight and open ourselves to the possibility that the aspects of our being we’ve been so eager to deny may just be the ‘pearl of great price’ we never thought we’d find. And of course, if we’re generally more inclined to identify with the struggle and overlook the pleasures, maybe we have a whole load of denied and suppressed fun to deal with now. In which case, enjoy!!

With the North Node now in Libra along with retrograde Mars, and Jupiter in Cancer, relationships are of the utmost importance in this current process. The divide between ‘us’ and ‘them’, ‘me’ and ‘you’ is under the spotlight and in need of deep examination at this time. Any tendency we have to judge and compare, blame and reject, to find others (or ourselves) wanting in some way, serves as a smoke-screen which obscures the opportunity we have before us right now. But this opportunity requires a willingness to be vulnerable for a while, to see the world through new eyes and be prepared to turn things on their head. The current burgeoning influences remind us that there is no destination on this path other than the path itself. If we feel we have a reached a point of arrival (often identified by choosing a label to go with it – ‘I am a ….’) then we’ve missed the point of the journey altogether. This month we are challenged to release all labels, which merely serve to forge yet another identity that will limit us eventually, and embrace life just as it is. In doing so we will know what is required of us in each moment, and our ability to respond will be exponentially increased without an identity that we need to serve and an idea of who we are to keep us in a familiar but stifling box.

It’s all about focus, identifying where ours usually rests and then shifting it around a bit. For example, if we know we’re sensitive and spend a lot of time focused on what we’re ‘picking up from others’, now’s the time to focus on what we’re putting out there for others to pick up and deal with. How much of us is our environment having to process on a daily basis?! If we tend to see ourselves as a ‘go getter’ it’s time to wonder what would come to us if we didn’t set out to grab whatever we desire. What are we missing in the act of securing what we think we want and need? If we identify as a healer/ light worker/spiritual [enter your own title!] it’s time to drop the label and feel what it’s like to just be me, plain old, beautifully flawed, sometimes terribly wise, sometimes really stupid, sometimes considerate, sometimes selfish me. This month the heavens are done with labels and identities, no matter how ‘spiritual’ they may be. It just wants us present and ready when the starter gun goes off at the Cardinal Cross in a few weeks time.

So this weekend the energies continue to mount and we may feel this in all manner of ways. If we find ourselves struggling with difficult emotions – our own or those of others – those very emotions can provide the fuel for deep transformation. It’s best we don’t overlook this fact because times like these don’t come around too often. Yes, the lessons may sound familiar, but right now the energy behind them is super-charged. Which is why it’s so important we get to grips with what’s really going on in our hearts and minds, in our relationships and communities, because wherever we invest our attention, energy and identity now is being infused with some of the most powerful energies in the universe, and we want to make sure we’re putting this Divine energy source to good use!

So, yes, challenging times for sure, but also liberating ones, and the extent to which we experience the latter is commensurate to how far we’re prepared to embrace the former and do whatever it takes to bring about a wise and positive new beginning in the days and weeks to come.”

Sarah Varcas

The Energies of April 2014 ~ a message from Jamye Price

The Energies of April 2014
a message from Jamye Price
(posted 4 April, 2014)


There is movement in April that is generally a feeling of improvement over the first few months of 2014.  In the first few months of this year, we were still adjusting to some energies of December.  Just around the solstice, there was a major challenging shift that occurred in the balance of dark/light, negative/positive with humanity.  It was during this shift that the oppositional forces on earth lost their dominant power hold.  It resulted in an increase in ‘scramble’ for power.  It did not matter, the balance had been tipped.  I don’t often talk about things like the illuminati, the ruling elite or the dark forces because it is not my path to focus there.  There are some whose path requires not only focus, but whistleblowing or some sort of interaction.  For many, they will not be uncovering the dark, but building the new.  That is where we meet.  Lightworkers have all sorts of duties and each individual will have a mixing and a shifting of duties (like Marianne Williamson running for Congress!).  This is the year of personal empowerment.  In April, you are being called deeper into your path of service, more aptly named your path of sharing your Light.  We are at a pivotal point in the Ascension of humanity.  Still challenging in ways, yet ever exciting and enlightening.  The masses are awakening, the Lightworkers are refining their strength.  The balance is now in favor of humanities evolution toward freedom.  Still, there is work to be done.

March Review

March had the energy of movement, preparation and Truth.  Oy!  That Truth! In March many were gently nudged (pushed) to speaking and living their Truth.  It could have manifested in many different ways, some had the task of speaking up and holding boundaries with family, co-workers or friends.  Some had the task of not spewing words or resistance in order to open to the Truth they were masking within.  Even the monthly energies class that I teach each month had quite an intensity to it.  I felt like apologizing to everyone for all the change that was initiated!  I’m kidding, I actually felt a lot of admiration for their courage and relief for what was released.  It is each of our personal journeys of courage, self-empowerment, forgiveness, creativity and change that affects the Whole.  Ascension occurs for the collective within each individual.  You create it, then you emanate it and the collective responds.  See the exponential change?  Right now all the chaos that is going on around us is responding to our inner call for peace, equality, joy, freedom and creativity.  Your courage to look within is admirable and appreciated.  It’s the work that our psyche and our world systems try to avoid.  Love them anyway, Lightworker.  It creates change for the betterment of All Life.

April Energies

April has manifestation energy to it, but more focused around the path becoming clear.  When you are manifesting something, there are clues.  You are forming something from the subtle, invisible planes into the denser, physical, visible planes.  So if you are wanting to create relationship, you begin that with a subtle desire or idea.  It’s done.  Relationship is on its way as people in alignment with the totality of you begin to gravitate in your direction.  Soulmates, temporary example or initiation partners; they are all gravitating into your life and clues begin because the relationship is still in its subtle form.  You will see examples all around you, feelings will stir, issues will stir, fears will stir, hope will stir.  As you clean up the vibrational patterns (still in subtle form) you are facilitating alignment with the physical form.  You will experience ‘doors’ opening and closing and its all for you to look within and continue the vibrational work.  In April, the overall path to creation will become clearer for many.  Your clarity merely helps with the movement.  The action path will become clearer and the details will become clearer.

I had an experience of vacillating on a choice a few years ago.  My Guides said, “Make a choice or one will be made for you.”  It came with the understanding that it wasn’t a ‘choose or be punished, choose or lose,’ scenario, or even that choice must be made or I’ll be dominated, not get what I want or any other type of disempowering reaction.  It is merely that either I choose, or Life will continue to aim me in the direction of my evolution.  There are no wrong decisions, only decisions.  Any decision causes an effect.  The decision not to act causes an effect.  Your clarity can be as vague as not knowing details, but knowing with such surety of the brilliance of the flow of life that any decision will be ‘right.’  You have the free will to change direction at any moment.  That change of direction begins within, magnetizes experience to you and begins to build the form of your Life.

If you are feeling frustration (or any other resistance) toward where you are on the path, you are blocking the flow to the path.  As you release the frustration or resistance, the path flows more easily and rapidly.  Life is unfolding benevolently for evolution, even the opposition has a purpose.  There is perfection in the timing and interaction that is not obvious in the midst of challenge.  April will begin to shed more light on the challenges and open doors that are appropriate for your path.  It will feel more like the gears are clicking into place.  It will feel like the expansion is more viable.  Your work is to observe this on an internal level, as much of what you will be seeing on the world stage is the ‘birthing pains’ and ‘death throes.’

The Astrology

(Cue ominous music…)

Eclipses, oppositions, Grand Crosses! Oh my! There is some intense astrology in April.  Around mid-month the 5th (change) of 7 (wisdom) Uranus/Pluto squares culminates in a Cardinal Grand Cross along with a solar eclipse.  Yowza!  As I was looking at the energy of April without really realizing the details of the astrology, I had a feeling of big change, a big stir up of energy.  I don’t know how that will play out on the world stage, but it doesn’t really matter.  We are to maintain our focus on the inner world, even as we interact with all that is occurring outside of us.  You as a Lightworker will become clearer about your path within the breaking down of the old restrictions and the building of the new potentials.

Astrology offers an understanding of the push/pull energy that helps move things into a more fluid, expansive, empowered state of being.  Something like the Grand Cross as well as an eclipse is a turning point because it typically has a more intense push/pull in ways that effect more obvious change.  Your inner peace assists your inner clarity which assists your outward expression.  All is well, life is evolving.  Some change easily, some quietly, most loudly with great resistance.  You choose your experience by your internal reaction.


Perhaps because of the Cardinal Grand Cross, the energy of expansion feels stronger this month.  Jupiter (part of the Grand Cross) is in cancer right now, a relationship of exaltation.  This will bring to the fore our emotional connections and boundaries.  How can we move beyond judgments and hard lines (rules/ultimatums/controls), into respect for another’s ability choose and also honoring our own?  This will become apparent in the LightBlasts this month as we move beyond our perceptions that limit and separate through resistance.  Separation is a part of the human experience as we honor our separate bodies, choices and viewpoints.  But as we look and feel beyond the separation, we find the deep connection that cancer seeks, the deep connection that brings expansion.  It requires a vulnerability and a strength that takes practice to master.  The intense astrology of April will help us with this movement.

It is this deep, courageous connection that Lightworkers are working to illuminate and enlighten.  Connection is 5th dimensional expression in form.  It is our Ascension work to view this life of separation through the invisible connection of Love.  As we do this, we break the barriers of separation and strengthen the unique beauty of all forms of Life, unity and strength through diversity.  The action of this is compassion as we learn to see beyond differences and disagreements into the power of each sovereign being to choose.  The challenge of this is empowerment as we learn to hold boundaries that support Love and release boundaries that maintain suppression of self or another.  The support of this is Love, as we heal wounds of separation that have allowed the world to culminate as it is now.  The promise of this is the future that is responding to your inner call for peace, equality, joy, freedom and creativity.

In Summary

Get ready for some practical and perhaps some radical movement in April!  You will still be shifting from within, but you will find opportunity knocking and beckoning you onto your path for another level of expansion.  As you watch the world unfold to its evolution, take some time to stop and smell the flowers.  If ever there was an example of the strength of vulnerability, it is a flower.  Fleeting, but not one second is wasted on regret for the blooming and the cycle passing.  As you observe the budding, let the anticipation excite your patience into the beautiful tension of excitement for the moment.  There is such sweetness available in life, find your perspective of loving connection with the moment and allow that beauty to live on through your appreciation, your courage to live robustly and your focus on the Ascension of humanity into mastery.  It’s a process.  You are blazing the trail.

Happy April!

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