May 16, 2020
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I hope you all are doing well, getting through things the best you can, being patient and kind to yourself and others. Its kinda like a test (metaphor)… who can rise above in consciousness beyond the dramas of the world as they appear, see beyond duality and remember our true power within. Even if we struggle at times- it’s OK! You cannot fail! Your Infinite Self is all Divine mercy, love, Faith, forgiveness.

In the beginning, Source & ourselves- agreed to experience polarity to ascend to higher states of consciousness more quickly… experiencing polarity, then rising beyond it is how Egos/Souls get off the wheel of Earth Realm death/rebirth and the dream of good vs evil.. it is an experience that can seem so fixed when you’re in it, but there is always a greater part of you with you, within you & beyond the experience. It doesn’t matter if we/you are awake, how long we/you been on this path- it takes constant daily work and it is a choice.. that’s the beauty of polarity- the ability to choose. We can rise in consciousness- or fall further into the dream. Either way, all are redeemed- all is One. Everything that manifests is our own Creation, but to create conscious or intentional change- we have to develop (self control of destructive functions of the personality) the ability to take responsibility for our own Creation, look deeply at & within ourselves and decide to change our thought patterns, our reactions, our concepts to change our ways(not by suppressing.) We are using our own consciousness/mind/heart/creative force- the Infinite, to manifest aspects or time segments of Creation on the material plane/outer world, that already exist.

I mentioned in Feb. Energy Update there would be “major turning points- earthquakes of change, wisdom, knowledge” (earthquakes means earth=manifestation/physical form, quakes=things shaken up) and seems like many are moving into new time segments, experiences manifest diff. for everyone- it depends on the person/situation and what has been focused on- where attention is alot of the time, and what is within the depths of the Soul/Subconscious.

I will be posting a Divine Feminine/Masculine Reading Soon for Mid May XO

I want to share some of the activations/shifts/manifestations I’ve experienced over the last several months incase it is helpful for anyone. Some may experience Flower of Life/Merkaba/Oneness activations in the coming months or near future. It took about 2 months to really tune into the Subtle/ether body with the physical body then about another 7 months for integration after my experience and I have been able to see the change in my Rainbow Body and my outer reality in huge ways ever since. Its like opening the bridge/direct link to Source- Superconscious Mind through/by integration of Objective & Subjective Spheres (opens the Flower Of Life ) Integration to Oneness is a process… dual aspects at all levels integrate into one field- individual, collective, planetary, solar, galactic, Cosmic, moving the individual beyond the spheres of consciousness where dual mind operates to Superconscious Mind of the Infinite Self. It is only when we have gotten beyond the dream of good vs evil that we can fully be living in and from the Inner Heart- Subtle Body Gateway to your Infinite Self and All that exists. It is not an easy thing at first- most of the world is divided in beliefs and heavily divided in politics, but when the memory awakens and you become it all- you see it is 2 sides of the same coin. And in time, your mental body is attuned to this state of awareness and can observe from a detached place while not being sway in attention or picking sides of Light/Dark. It just Is.

** If you are going through major life changes- in times of doubt, hold onto your Faith in your Infinite Self- it is worth it! This is an individual journey, we can help one another, but cannot do the inner work for another or remain dependent on another. It’s constant work, no one has it easier then another as far as potential… If one person can get out of difficulty, then another person can too. And at some point we all have to figure it out in our own way- even if its not easy. We are each responsible for own own thinking/feeling/attention. Trying to focus on all that is good- to attune your mental body, is helpful. Outer changes are the result of inner change- it is a new path opening up. Staying focused on your energy, your state of consciousness and what you are putting into your photosphere (aura) is important.. it doesn’t matter if the whole world is focusing on negative or evil (for the purpose of ascension to rise beyond dual aspect within)- your True Nature is Life/Spirit within the inner Heart of Life and the more we stay in this space of knowing- we are in alignment/harmony with Cosmic Law and are uplifting others through the thought currents/ vibrations we are sending out through our mental body.



Aluna Ash- 9D: ENERGY UPDATE 🤗 1/25/20 (description box)

ENERGY UPDATE 🤗 1/25/20 (description box)

Jan 25, 2020
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Sorry if my voice is scratchy- I did alot of talking and recording all day prior to recording this. These messages are for whoever feels like listening. There seems to be some energy within the collective that feels like a “pause” and I personally feel that it is because there is a lot of reorganization that is about to take place in the physical based off of the shift in Consciousness that has been taken place up until this point (and will comtinue ofcourse.)

On Jan 12th I had an experience in meditation where I saw two star constellations and DNA spiral, as if I was seeing the communication of my DNA and energy that’s coming to the planet. There was a gravitational wave that hit the planet on January 14th- the source is unknown. I found an article that speaks about this, linked below:…

I’m sharing incase anyone else noticed this. I see some energy (not all) & hear energy so I have noticed a change since Jan 12th. It’s been pretty constant.

Days after this experience I had a dream that Humanity had been changed by seeing humanity singing a gospel song “I know I’ve Been Changed” 😁😂 and I saw Plasma being poured out to the collective through the Water Bearer, Aquarius- which was symbolic of a Gardener that is impressing the (garden) subconscious of humanity. The garden is the creative mind of humanity, the gardener, Aquarius, is consciously creating. I was told that there will be no one Messiah, or no one “Christ” or only One New Era World Teacher for this New Age, but it will be all of humanity.

We are our own teacher & we help and guide one another as well as ourselves. All are Equal, not one is above within the consciousness of the age of Aquarius. A guide, teacher, Being, entity, Angel, Group Consciousness, Galactic Being or Group, Ancestor, etc.. physical or nonphysical- that is really interested in your Soul’s evolution to integrate Universal Consciousness/Christ Consciousness/Oneness, will not allow you to become dependent on them for guidance. messages, answers, manifestations constantly/regularly. They will not be interested in pushing your Spirit out of your vessel. Constant dependency on another Being- keeps that Soul separated from accessing the Truth within themselves. All is One Consciousness and you do not need another Being or individual aspect of the One to give you answers. The answers are within. It only makes one weaker by depending on another consciousness outside of themselves- even though all is One. A teacher/guide wanting your Evolution will want you to access information/guidance from within your Godself…only at times will they impress thoughts/ideas/emotions/inspiration upon the subjective sphere for you to access. Age of Aquarius is about the individual becoming God/Christ- all becoming One within themselves equally.

I feel there are many Souls here, who last incarnated to the Earth Plane ATLEAST 200 yrs ago to begin what will continue now. Some around 1700-1800s- to be here for this specific incarnation. For these Souls there seems to be a stronger push/desire to evolve. I have always been in amazement every time I go into a store like a little kid because I remember when they didn’t exist.

I have noticed my response to the recent energy as: some changes in sleep, very active dream state, deeper meditations, increased manifestations & synchronicities, itchy ears, feeling energy & thought currents more easily, stronger desire to stay in alignment and w
ork on my growth. Feeling a balanced detachment, everything just IS. I don’t really feel connected to certain beliefs/things that I once did, that seems to have grown. I have noticed that energy can evolve or grow more quickly from thought/focus as well. I have also been picking up on others subconscious/unconscious intentions very quickly- more quickly then before. I can only really share what I experience, feel or notice.

I know many are feeling alot of stress, anxiety, agitation, intensity..which I feel is the collective shifting into a new Era or new age, and also the release out outworn beliefs that have crystallized as physical conditions. There may be an increase in unconscious reactions/responses out of anger or due to suppressed emotions. Do your best moment to moment, try not to dwell too long in resentment, anger, sadness, jealousy, etc.. if you notice that it is a pattern or anothers/collective energy. Acknowledge it and where it is coming from but don’t dwell there too long. Healing comes when we assume we are healed. Not through dwelling on what hasn’t healed. It may not be easy at first or at times, but we wouldn’t experience more then we can handle. You were drafted by the Universal Mind/Spirit/God to awaken and rise above self imposed limitations.

Love You Guys!

I will be finishing up the rest of the 2020 Vimeo readings for the other elements. And Patreon Feb. Readings/messages will be posted on Patreon this week.




Dec 4, 2019
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#Aries #Leo #Sagittarius

Fire Signs December 2019

Messages are confirmations, not predictions.

A Whole New World💗
*I think the magic carpet, the genie etc.. may be a message for someone. Interpret these messages however you like/feel😊

Thank you for your support!




Dec 4, 2019

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#Cancer #Scorpio #Pisces

Water Signs December 2019 Messages are confirmations, not predictions. YOU control your fate/destiny/reality.. not a Tarot reader, Astrologer, Channel, or anyone else.

*Everytime I was looking at the middle card in the overall energy, I kept seeing a black or bruised eye…that was healing or starting to show. Either one. Messages can be symbolic or metaphors, but if you are in an healthy relationship or situation & if literal- please do what is best for you💜 this wouldn’t be anything new, it is past.

Thank you for your support!



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Dec 2, 2019

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Messages were focused on a cycle of transformation, healing and moving forward into a positive new beginning.

I will be uploading Fire signs, Water Signs and Patreon Readings as soon as power is back (snowstorm) Hopefully today & hopefully soon!

Patreon: Meditation for 7pm EST is still on for tonight🤗 (just may not be super long due to battery and snowstorm/power) And ill be posting TF elements, and all signs soon as well


Dec 1, 2019

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#GEMINI #LIBRA #AQUARIUS Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius for December 2019. Or for anyone (Adult) drawn to this message. Messages are for those who feel aligned. These readings are for confirmations not predictions.

Water, Earth, Fire Signs will be posted soon!

*Patreon December Readings, December TF Element Readings will be posted December 2nd. I will be going through the signs speaking about the December New Moon eclipse. I will also be doing a Livestream meditation on Patreon. December 2nd at 7 p.m. EST.

I love you guys and I am very grateful for those who listen because & support this channel/my work because they truly feel aligned with what I am speaking of. I am grateful for those who are here now, and those who have been here all along. Thank you all for your support!

Song I mentioned: Amazing Grace. Seemed to be connected to a Father or Father figure for someone.

I also had a clear message of someone organizing, excited for a big change and kind of getting ready for the change it would cause anyone involved in this persons reality. I saw someone sitting down with a financial advisor or investor. I felt the emotion of a knowing that someone already experienced. I know exactly what I was being shown because I experienced the same exact thing yrs ago right before manifesting a beautiful shift in my reality.. so someone caught the feeling of it, it became a fact in their consciousness & so it is. Now it becomes reality. This seemed to an overall life change for the better, not just one thing specifically. You will know if you experienced this…may have happened while you were sitting down or driving a car, when you had this deep “knowing”. If this doesn’t sound very familiar, it may not be for you. And I do believe this is more then one person, because there are a few (or more) that have been so dedicated towards healing & shifting attention/emotions/thoughts towards upliftment… not getting caught up in any of the 3D dramas of the physical. Staying focused. And it wasn’t easy to get to this space either so there is immense gratitude and appreciation. These are the ones who have gone through massive changes/adjustments in the recent past & childhood.

#AirSigns #December #Tarot #EnergyUpdate

Aluna Ash- 9D: ENERGY UPDATE (description box)11/25

ENERGY UPDATE (description box)11/25
•Nov 25, 2019

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#NewMoon #NeptuneDirect #SolarActivity

This is the last time we will have 10 GAP days (Galactic Activation Portal Days) in a row, or a large portal of GAP days, until July 2020. This 10 day portal starts on Ahau, the 9th day of Eb, which is connected to the Sun, and on the 2nd Lord of the Night, which is connected to Neptune. The portal closes on Dec 14, also on 2nd Lord of the Night.

**The reason I speak about GAP days is because they are connected to rhythms, cycles and patterns where vortexes are open and more Cosmic light comes in..  more light that comes in from the central sun in connection to our physical sun &  Solar activity. The frequency of the planet increases during GAP days,  and synchronicity speed up. Everything is synchronized perfectly in Divine Order. When we know these days/times & the natural timing frequencies, we are more synchronized with the Planet, the Planetary Lightbody, the elements, the collective, the galaxy, and the Cosmos.

10 GAP days: December 5th- December 14th
Bringing in back to back Solar activity throughout December.

Not the last “portal” because we have new moon & full moon portals all the time & other GAP days throughout the year that are usually  separate (52 GAP days in 13 moons of 28 days each) When I talk of portals, I am not speaking of numbers/dates or the 12 month calender dates, I am speaking of GAP days along with the Maya calender… in order to describe the timing, I have to use dates related to the 12 month calender system…other wise no one would know what Im talking about (I use different systems together in my own way)

We do start Caban 8- which is linked to the planet Uranus, Feb 20 2020- the 2222 (I talked about this in older/past videos) it is the beginning of a new energy & earth synchronization with Uranus. Caban means Earth and earthquake…or earthquakes of knowledge/wisdom. The force within the Earth in connection to Humanity & the Human body, the creative intelligence and the resonance within Earth. Caban 8 is like a new year with Maya calender, just happens to fall on 22 22, builder numbers. The same day, 2/20/2020, Pluto moves to 24 degrees Capricorn… while Saturn is at the last few degrees of Capricorn (Saturn will be entering Aquarius in mid-late March 2020)

Our signs & synchronicities are the physical manifestation of the subconscious impressions from our conscious mind & Higher Self/Higher Mind…its an interaction with ourselves, Divine intelligence, Elemental Kingdom, Planetary Body, enviorment, group consciousness, etc…

Every experience is a reflection or result of our consciousness individually & collectively. Opposing forces will always be a part of the Earthly experience, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to experience one from another. We have the choice to decide where we place our attention, how we respond and what we choose to create/manifest.

I was shown, that long before we have any physical Eclipse whether it be solar or lunar, the spiritual body & subtle body of the entity is eclipsed first. This happens weeks prior to a physical eclipse. So I was shown the Sun’s spiritual body/subtle body being eclipsed.. almost like its happening in higher dimensions first before it manifests here in the physical, in this density & in linear time. This happening right before the 10 day portal opening December 5th. We we’ll see a lot of changes with the magnetic field of the sun because of this subtle body eclipse.. possibly creating back-to-back solar storms.  Over time more of the collective will be aware of these shifts in energy, astral currents, cosmic waves, solar activity, etc.. because they will physically or clairaudiently be able to hear the distinct difference between planetary energies, cosmic energy, solar activity. So more will know/hear/feel these shifts long before they manifest in the physical. I have been using hypnotherapy & reprogramming as a tool for somewhat blocking clairaudience and it has been working. When clairaudience is fully opened 24/7, (not just hearing pitches/tones every so often, but always hearing energy,) it can be very overwhelming… and there are ways to adjust it.

It is important to trust how you feel. Not how something looks or appears to be. If you know something just does not feel aligned for your highest good or good of others, listen to that knowing & pull your energy back. Emapths are like the Sun, a bright light & heart that shines and is felt by all unconsciously. When your light/energy field shines bright people will be drawn to you..  physically, mentally, emotionally, subconsciously drawn to your Light. Remaining judgement free & detached allows you to be aware while not being affected energetically. Once balanced, Empaths are the most powerful, yet feel no need to exert their power.

I hope everyone has a beautiful Thanksgiving (for those who celebrate)


Aluna Ash- 9D: HUMANITY AWAKENING, GALACTIC TIME (description box) 11/19

(description box) 11/19

•Nov 19, 2019

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#Awakening  #GalacticTime  #SolarStorm

I have been getting messages about more of the collective (not all) accessing Monad consciousness and synchronizing with the Elemental Kingdom bridge with the Earth Soul, Planetary Light Body and Galactic Intelligence and of another group/groups consciousness functioning as a singular entity like Humanity that will be sending more clear messages- sending their” song” and this would be talked about in a more public way in the near future. I was told there would be talk about this, other life, in the near future due to this Galactic Intelligence and Telepathic Grid coming online for Humanity as one singular Entity. They showed me that it begins individually, then expands…then we project that consciousness/reality as a group. But there is a collective timeline where this does take place.

**the Plasma colors, to me, was a metaphor us being the Rainbow- electromagnetic spectrum

We began the 2007-2012 integration of the 13:20 timing frequency (related to Maya Calender) Galactic Time in different timelines, accelerating in the synchronization with the Planetary Light Body. More (not all- for those aligned) of the collective will be accessing this timing frequency of Galactic and Cosmic Time more fully moving into timelines of what can be seen as their future selves, timelines that are already created, we just manifest that/or magnetize that. As the feminine energy, negative/magnetic charge & individual & collective subconscious/unconscious is used consciously/with intent-(by use of the masculine/conscious mind) many experience a quantum shift in reality. Jupiter is conjunct the Galactic center 11/19 at 13:20 Universal Time, its been about 12 years since the last/most recent time in December 2007, Jupiter & Pluto (Feminine, Soul, Subconscious Fusion) where both were @ G

alactic Center in 2007. The Galactic Center moves 1 degree every 72 years- which is related to the 72 Names Of God. Jupiter at the Galactic Center while we have a Solar Storm coming is beautiful- Jupiter along with Venus and Earth are responsible for creating the pull and geometry for the 11 year Sun cycle and shifts/flip in magnetic field of the Sun.

With this 13:20 Timing Frequency Integration & Synchronization- part of the collective will have no awareness of synchronicities or the Divine intelligence/ interconnection between all life forms & kingdoms, who will also be experiencing time differently..more slowly. And  part of the collective will see & feel opposite

Humanity as one singular entity is balancing polarity over a long period of time. We as individuals represent the magnetic and electric charges of imbalance within Humanity as One Entity. As we balance within ourselves- the charge within the collective balances. Everything is the Magnetic and Electric/ Feminine & Masculine.

Feminine/Neg. Charge:                                                                  Masculine/Positive Charge:
(Top is Feminine, bottom Masculine if reading from phone)

RH Negative Blood/Feminine                                                     RH Positive Blood/Masculine

Magnetic                                                                                      Electric

Integrating Heart Chakra Root Race                                           Purification of Solar Plexus Root Race

Subconscious Mind                                                                     Conscious Mind

Earth/Water                                                                                  Fire/Air

Venus/Moon/Neptune/Pluto                                                        Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun

passive/receptive                                                                         active/reactive

emotion                                                                                        thought

Yin                                                                                               Yang

Down                                                                                           Up

Female Gender                                                                             Male Gender

Pull/magnetize                                                                             Push

Soul                                                                                              Ego/Personality

The charges within an individual also relate to the frequency of the plasma..not so much the color- that message was just shown to me as a metaphor I believe.

There are so many others things related to the charges, including color, brainwaves and perception/consciousness…

We, as individuals are a reflection of the whole and balance of the universe. As within, So without.

#Awakening #GalacticTime #SolarStorm



Aluna Ash- 9D: ENERGY UPDATE 11/14


Nov 14, 2019
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#GalacticCenter #Energyupdate #HunabKu

This density wave that we are moving into being transmitted from the Galactic Center, is something that we have never experienced before, along with Cosmic cycles converging. This is shifting timelines, paradigms, dimensions and consciousness.

Some people may start feeling what is aligned, or not aligned, more and more strongly as our Higher/Larger-Dimensional Selves are guiding us through the language of desire. We become more selective, aware & precise with our attention & energy. We change our future by knowing exactly what we want or desire & don’t want. Following your heart and innate spiritual guidance while remaining in compassion and integrity is most important. The more we embody God/Universal Spirit and develop deep love for ourselves, we treat everyone/everything else with love. Changes don’t have to be dramatic, difficult, negative….there doesn’t have to be blame, victim-ness, judgement, anger, resentment, guilt, shame, hurt, sadness, etc… there is always another way. The dramas that show up for some or within collective, are part of the release/dissolve of the past. The closer we get to the True core of our Being, there is no blame or victim roles. There’s an awareness of being all aspects, the player of all parts, and the Creator of all experiences. The true knowing of being One. The Christ Mind over-riding the Carnal mind. Our concepts of ourselves and our concepts of others- shapes and/or interferes with our future… when we change our concept of ourselves, then theres a change in how we relate to our reality & others, giving you the opportunity to rearrange experiences and potential experiences. Pay close attention to what is distracting you from your path around this time. Don’t allow yourself to get distracted by anyone, any being or anything.

Know that you are worthy💜 it doesn’t matter who you think you are/were or what you’ve gone through/experienced…what you did or didn’t do, you are ALWAYS Divine & Worthy💜 Every moment we have multiple outcomes and life paths we can choose… consciously & unconsciously.

We are energetically preparing for some big shifts & fields of potential that are opening up through these shifts that develop in our lives individually and collectively. Jupiter will be at the Galactic Center, and Venus will join as well. Both will be entering Capricorn for the December shifts. We’re preparing for a massive 10 day portal that will be opening in the beginning part of December related to the Cosmic calendar (we are actually way ahead in “time” just most unaware of it) which is bringing in some much needed uplifting beautiful light/Galactic intelligence, prior to Solstice and the Jupiter- New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on December 26th… which feels more positive/uplifting- I’ll talk about more in another video 🙂

If you feel aligned with supporting Kimberly along her healing Journey, link is below🙏🙏…

And please feel free to share her link if you feel guided to. I plan on doing a group meditation on Patreon this week. Thank you all, I am grateful for your love and support!


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Nov 6, 2019
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#EnergyUpdate #GalacticIntelligence

**Everything I share is my perspective, my own interpretation of the energies and messages that I receive from the Oversoul aspect, my own guidance, experiences & insights- I’m not here to convince anyone of anything, not interested. These messages are for whoever is guided & resonates. And this channel is for sharing & connecting.

The Galactic Cosmic Rays coming from the Density wave transmitted from the Galactic Center are coming through much easier due to the instability of the magnetic field of the Sun and opening of the energy field from the last 12 day portal. This will continue along with Solar activity in between🤗 Lots of beautiful energy coming in for those who can see it, hear it & feel it. Many will be communicating with the 9D Monad point & transmissions directly connected to the Galactic Center.. “linking up” with Galactic Intelligence. This is happening naturally Guided by the soul & 5D Higher Self but more intensively for those who have been accessing these inner dimensions of the brain & consciousness through regular meditation & alchemy practices along with consistent control of mental activities/thoughts. Everyone is connected to God/Universal Mind.. it just can take time/inner work to deepen that connection.

Quick Meditation:

Get comfy, you can put on some 528 Hz from youtube, close your eyes & talk your body into relaxation. Take your time with this so you get into a passive relaxed state. Speak out loud or mentally “my feet are relaxed, my knees are relaxed, my legs are relaxed, my stomach is relaxed, my back is relaxed, etc…..” (I do this with my entire body & organs)

Breathe into and through your body.. imagine your breath coming in from your feet, your legs, knees, stomach, arms, etc…

Imagine a perfect circle of golden light around you, entering your body through all angles and forming a ball of light just below your rib cage. Breathe in slowly and allow the energy move throughout the body. Breathe in from the base of your spine slow and deeply and imagine a spiral of energy reaching the top of your head, breathe out and allow the energy to drop back down to the base of the spine. (you can do this a few times)

Anytime you feel pulled in a different direction with your thoughts- speak to your body to relax and begin breathing in through and from different parts of the body.

After you are relaxed, and in a passive state, this is the best time to imagine/visualize… getting into the feeling of the wish fulfilled sends the creative force in that direction. Be mindful of what you want for others- ONLY wish good for others, see everyone in their highest desired potential with love/compassion. Wish health, love, happiness and success for everyone because they are you!

That is Oneness.

Books that are helpful:
Emmet Fox- Find and Use Your Inner Power
Emmet Fox- The Mental Equivalent
Emmet Fox- 7 Day Mental Diet
Joseph Murphy- Quiet Moments with God
Neville Goddard- Be What You Wish
Neville Goddard- 5 Lessons
Joseph Murphy- Magic Of Faith
—There are so many others out there and online & for free through YT as audiobooks

***Focus on what is uplifting, helpful, healthy and loving. We get no where by thinking of what’s wrong with everything or the world- we only keep re-enforcing the creation of that energy consciously or unconsciously— Cosmic Law. I think mastering our thoughts while still being present & emotionally connected, is a life long journey.

And here’s an article about Mercury transit face of the Sun:…

🔥 Sagittarius ~ November: Astrology, Tarot, Energy Readings

As always, I will add more videos as they become available. For your sign, go to the video tab of each channel. ~PB

SAGITTARIUS November 2019 – AWAKENING | Desire | Success | OMEN & LOVE – Sagittarius Horoscope Tarot

Oct 23, 2019

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Horoscope, tarot reading for Sagittarius November 2019 by psychic, medium Sasha Bonasin. Career, health, relationships, love & finances. Life coaching & spiritual guidance.

November will indeed be the beginning of a transformation period for Sagittarius, an important month when it comes to a great success financially, and also when it comes to relationships. This month will be a busy one filled with people.

An important negotiation will take place, with a rather nice gain, success and victory, which on another hand means that this will be a great month for negotiations in general as the energy and the actual vibration will be just perfect.

Also, I would like to mention that meditation, grounding and connecting with animals and nature this month will in particular be beneficial. For rejuvenation, energy, grounding and spiritual power.

Tarot Card Of The Month: Ten of Coins: Financial security, good Omen, health, balance, relationship, peace & joy.

“THANK YOU for letting me be a part of your journey!


~ Sasha XXX”

This horoscope readings are for the Astrological sign Sagittarius, Sagittarius Ascendant & Sagittarius Moon.






Sagittarius November 2019 Astrology It’s BETTER THAN You Could Possibly Imagine!

Oct 15, 2019

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Sagittarius, your November video provides astrological insight into your personal development, love, career, business, health, spiritual growth, and prosperity and so much more.


Some people celebrate the New Year on January 1. Nothing wrong with that, but if you want to celebrate your personal new year, look to your Solar Return. Every year when the Sun returns to your exact degree at birth, you are in a new Solar Return. What Solar Return opportunities await you?

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Oct 23, 2019

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SAGITTARIUS 💜 *✧・゚:* HALLOWEEN SPECIAL READING ✧・゚: * 💜 – Psychic Tarot/Oracle Reading – NOVEMBER

Oct 27, 2019

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💜 Happy birthday Sagittarius! 🎂. Does spirit have a deeper message for you this Halloween? 💜 Is there something that spirit would like you to focus on and transform? Let’s dive deep and find out what needs our special attention so that we can grow 💜

Welcome to She Bear Tarot. A channel dedicated to bringing you a new psychic tarot reading every month. I hope you enjoy it!

Love and best wishes,

Ursula. ❤

A general psychic tarot reading for SAGITTARIUS NOVEMBER 2019.

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Caution: Language may be strong at times.

*Unfortunately, private readings are not available at this time. #shebeartarot #shebear #sagittarius



🔥 Your Soul’s Journey 🔥 Sagittarius // Aries // Leo // November Tarot Readings

Oct 24, 2019

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*NEW EPISODE* – all zodiacs 15-31th October

All zodiacs 1-15th October…

The ‘He Said/She Said’ game September 15-30th

SEPTEMBER Extended readings 1-15th

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The Mary-El Tarot – Marie White

Oracle of the Mermaids – Lucy Cavendish

The Psychic Tarot – John Holland

The Archangel Oracle Cards – Doreen Virtue

Angels, Gods, Godesses – Toni Carmine Salerno

Work Your Light – Rebecca Campbell

Chakra Wisdom Tarot – Tori Hartman

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Sagittarius Psychic Tarot Reading November 2019
by Pam Georgel

Oct 30, 2019

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SAGITTARIUS November HONOR YOURSELF 🔥POWERFUL Clarity & Transcendence!

Oct 22, 2019


Happy NOVEMBER, SAGITTARIUS!! Your reading begins with spirit messages channelled during meditation, and then we move into interpreting the cards. I record these readings for creative people, artists, entrepreneurs or anyone who is working on their creativity or self-expression in any way. My intention is to help inspire you about the potential changes and energies that could be ahead. If you don’t resonate with this reading, you can try your rising or your moon sign, or it’s normal if none of them resonate. These are just general readings! Thanks for watching!

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Oct 30, 2019
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#GalacticCosmicRays #SolarStorm #Sun

I hope you all like my drawing😁😁 it’s the only way I can kinda explain how this looks in my mind & why I call these New Moon & Full Moon portals and how they affect the Suns magnetic field.

**Galactic Cosmic Rays are coming in easier and stronger due to the changes with the magnetic field of the Sun and the shifting into the new Sun cycle. I saw a massive activation & change with the Sun in December that links up the collective consciousness with the planet in a more interactive way, more connected to nature, the elements, the Sun, planets, Etc….. this, it feels, is integrated until Feb. 20, 2020 where this link up is more consciously known & experienced. And of course we have the energy from the alignments in January as well. –I haven’t been excited about an eclipse in a longggg time, but December 25th Eclipse looks & feel beautiful, very excited!! Some (not all) are linking up to their Oversoul/Monad directly & consciously, those that are focusing on One, All being One, are shifting into higher dimensiomal timelines alot quicker after this eclipse

30/31st- 13th day of Ben cycle, Mercury Retro in Scorpio, til Nov 20th then shadow. The Moon is crossing Jupiter & the Galactic Center on Halloween as well.🤗

Nov 1st- All Saints Day Nov 1st-13th is the Cimi/Death cycle: Here’s more info on the energy of this 13 day cycle below:

Nov 2nd- All Souls Day, will be celebrated on 11/3 for many

Nov 3rd- planetary energy, group experiences, collective, rituals, magic, manifestations, completion– within Cimi 13 day cycle. I found it interesting the way Trump mentioned “11 kids rescued, 3 were not” (someone sent me a clip of his speech) like it is to connect timelines.

Nov 4th- last day of 12 day portal. And then the Solar Activity chills out for a minute

Jupiter will be conjuncting the Galactic center with Venus in November expanding more of these Galactic/Source energies- which will be so beautiful & uplifting in helping in creating the new higher dimensional relationship template within the collective consciousness.

Some feel shifts in energy a lot easier than others because there is a merge that takes place with the energy body & the physical body where you start becoming more sensitive of what your energy body is picking up on like: shifts with your environment, solar activity, Galactic cosmic rays, psychic impressions in the atmosphere, what’s happening collectively, shifts with the planetary field, astral currents, the elements shifts, with weather etc…. literally everything speaks to you.

Thank you for your support!

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Aluna Ash- 9D: NEW MOON & G1/G2 SOLAR STORMS + + 10/25

•Oct 25, 2019
Aluna Ash- 9D
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#NewMoon #SolarStorms #GAPdays


SOLAR ACTIVITY WILL CONTINUE OVER THE NEXT WEEK AND A HALF… what’s coming in right now is just from one release rotation the new moon portal- is pulling on the magnetic field of the sun creating more of a release of energy from the Sun, I spoke about this in a video a couple weeks ago. Solar storms/solar flares


Please make sure that if you’re struggling with your mental health, emotional well-being or physical health in any way that you go within first & (if needed/wanted) seek guidance either w someone you feel comfortable with or by a professional & don’t just say “oh well, its the energy..” if you are experiencing rapid changes in your thoughts, emotions & energy, it is really important to seek guidance/support if needed. Mental health is extremely important during these times and will become something that is more focused on within the collective. You will get to a point where you feel positive & balanced during these waves/shifts without going too high energetically then going down after- meditation daily & constant awareness of your thoughts, is key💗staying present. Stay focused, aligned in your Heart, Soul Heart & don’t get caught up in BS, the blame game, victim roles, programs.  Hold steady to the Original Force/Spirit. Where your focus goes, your energy flows.


Kundalini energy can be moving all through your body & energy field.. maybe even more active at this time


**Correction, the October Energy Update was posted 2 weeks ago speaking about this Geomagnetic Storm & Portal

But I believe I spoke about it again in last weeks 12 day portal video as well.


**10 Galactic Activation Portal Days in a row within a 12 day Portal:
October 26th-November 4th are the 10 GAP days.
12 day portal: October 24th-Nov 4th


Re-activation of culminations/shifts of or from the Full Moon 25 degrees Sagittarius on June 17th & re-activation of energy of the Total Solar Eclipse at 10 degrees Cancer from July 2nd during this 12 day portal and during the 9 GAP days. And an activation begins with the Galactic Center following this New Moon, that will continue until December when Jupiter moves into Tropical Capricorn duting prior to the next larger Portal & the next Solar Eclipse that will be bringing in Geomagnetic Storms as well (my intuitive feeling)


This Portal is connected to those that transitioned & even more so to those that have crossed while the nodes have been in Cancer & Zodiac since last October. The veil is thin around this time & perfect for honoring Ancestors, healing, meditation, cleansing, relaxing, deprogramming, etc..


💜With the energy coming in, it’s causing an acceleration with the synchronization with the planetary light body & planetary field through our consciousness, DNA, pineal gland- galactic antenna, and activating different spheres within the Brain through number codes/subliminal frequency transmissions from Higher Dimensional Mind impressing upon the individual Subconscious bringing the subliminal messages up to the conscious awareness into the objective reality to be impressed and creating a new program through repetition. This is part of a hive mind deprogramming from the higher dimensional mind/awareness. The Elements will be stirred up within the collective due to this 12 day Portal & energy coming in. It, the weather changes, are natural due to Cosmic energy, shifts with collective & the planetary field.



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