How your sovereignty affects others. The Council of Radiant Light, through Ailia Mira

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Hello, Dear Friends,

We greet you in love. Today, we want to focus on willingness, willingness, specifically, as it relates to choosing sovereignty. We know that it’s still challenging for you to give yourself permission to really be sovereign, to mind your own business, to see others as sovereign and in doing so, cut yourself loose from obligation and expectation that you’re responsible for how other people are living, or for how other people’s lives are going.

​Today, we want to focus on the things that might help you to feel willing to choose sovereignty, because being sovereign starts with being willing to be sovereign. For most of you, that will happen as you start to really like the idea of living sovereignly. Once you like the idea of living sovereignly and see the benefits of it in a real way, and recognize what it can create, not just for you, but for everyone you love and care about, you feel much more empowered to make that choice. Then once you are willing to choose sovereignty, your skillfulness in living it will grow.

We know that sometimes you find these choices to center in yourself difficult, because you don’t have the beliefs that support them. We’ve talked recently, specifically about how some of you don’t have the beliefs in your mindset that give you the ability to ignore other people’s perceptions of you. Most of you believe and therefore feel, that what other people think about you matters.

If you think that what they’re thinking about you isn’t complementary, you get in a tizzy about it, and it creates inner conflict. Sometimes, what’s missing in living a sovereign life, or in any way you wish to live, are the beliefs that can support you in living the way you want. Instead of those empowering beliefs, you have ideas that choosing to care about you and your joy actually comes at a price for others, or will cost you in terms of what you can elicit from others. This is actually a misunderstanding, and so today, we want to clear that up to help you set yourself free.

​In life, you are organized into a template of energy. Your body is an electromagnetic pattern into which your energy is projected, infused, and with which your energy collaborates. The optimum well-being of that energy system that you know as your embodied life is only possible in alignment.

Clearly, you’re in alignment often enough, because you’re here, and you’re having whatever state of health, and clarity, and abundance, and well-being you’re experiencing. There is a certain level of it that you’re steadily able to experience. Yet, there is an infinite level of expansion in this way available to you if you were to reach for the most optimum experience of alignment on a daily basis, you would open up and expand your experience of well being.

​This drive for excellence is already within you, but for most of you, you’ve muted it, or disconnected from it, or created stories about it that make you feel guilty for wanting to be great at life. It’s no different, this drive, than a drive for joy, or a drive for lots of money, or a drive for a passionate lover, or a drive for brilliant self-expression. All drives to be excellent, or have excellent experience, or have more of the good things in life are coming from that momentum within you which seeks out optimum well-being, which is driven to expand. This energy that is you, seeks alignment, so that optimum energy flows into your embodiment, and is furthered through optimum (authentic) self-expression.

Realize that the energy state of your life system is your primary mode of self-expression. The primary way that you express yourself is through your presence. Most people don’t think about that. They think about the things they do, what they accomplish in a manifest way that’s physical. They don’t think about their energy state being their primary mode of self-expression, but today, we’re inviting you to consider that, and to consider what it might mean to aim for the optimum expression of your energy state. We also will say, that the more optimized your energy is, the better everything else will go in your life. <Smile>

​Momentums of your own vastness are constantly nudging you from within, steering you, guiding you, indicating for you the easiest path to move into what you’ve indicated you want to experience, and the path that will elevate you. When you allow yourself to do what feels right to you, you live in a way that not only do the things you’ve chosen come about more easily and often, but what shows up is magnificently enhanced by All-That-Is. The experiences that you let in come in as fully as you let them in, and they’re not just what you’ve asked for, they’re enriched by All-That Is. This happens because of resonance. Anything that’s similar and complimentary to the things you want to experience and will elevate and give you that experience, comes too.

We want remind you: You can create your energy state and what you allow into your life because you determine what is active within you as vibration. What you cannot create is someone else’s life for them. You can create your energy state.

You can create your energy state such that more and more of these things come about. What you cannot do is create someone else’s energy state. Therefore, you cannot create their life. You cannot create their life experience. No matter how much you want that or how much you think they may need that, you can’t do it.

What you can do is thrive.

What you can do is be an example of thriving. What you can do is be a powerful, energetic presence in their experience. What you can do is be so fulfilled and so aligned that, when others are with you, they feel good. They feel good.

Although it may not be conscious, they will also feel the potential of that coherence within themselves as much and as fully as they are capable of feeling that and realizing what it is.

You, being fulfilled, true, emanating the coherence of your being, can and do inspire others in ways that is extremely powerful.

We just said, you’re obviously in alignment often enough to be alive and experiencing the well-being you experience, so you’re already doing this, and you can do it even more. The part of you that really cares about others and certain people, specifically, can contribute more to their lives through optimizing your energy fields than through any other thing you could possibly do.

You will likely never know who and how you inspire, and that’s fine, because the aim is not to inspire. The inspiration is simply a natural byproduct of being true to you. The aim is alignment.

​Today, we want to suggest that you think about all this, and you think about the beliefs you have about being sovereign, and you consider if maybe the moment has arrived in which you are fully willing to be the best you can be at being you, at being aligned, now, today, and then perhaps again tomorrow, and then maybe the next day too.

Then what if, each and every day, you woke up with a willingness to allow yourself to aim for the optimum experience of alignment that day, being the best you can be at being you? What if you took excellent care of you? What if you took excellent care of you and your alignment, so that you could be in the best state possible every day?

​What if each day you started over, because each day does start over. What if you caught up with that idea? What if each day you started fresh and said, “Today, I will be the best receiver I can possibly be. Today, I will take excellent care of myself to the best of my ability, so that I am in energetically in the best state possible, so the best things can come to me, so that I can be in the best, most coherent energy state possible for myself, and for everyone and everything that I encounter?”

What if that attention to alignment and how you are present were actually understood as your greatest gift to others?

You being you, fully and freely is how you contribute to life.You being you coherently and fulfilled offers others the greatest benefit through your presence.

You cannot turn on the lights for other people, but you can show up bright and shiny, and they can get a feel for what that’s like. They can feel good, because you’re not pulling on them when you’re with them. If they ask you how you do it, you can just say, “I’ve decided to do all I can do to be who I am and feel good. I’ve decided to honor myself and take really good care of me.” You can, in a sense, through the demonstration of your thriving, give them permission to consider that same choice for themselves. We ask you to not underestimate what an enormous gift that is, to give another person permission to do what they want and to feel how they want to feel in life.

If you’re not sure about this, then remember how good it feels to you. Remember all the hesitations, and self-doubt, and misgivings that you might have had about putting yourself first, and remind yourself of the incredible relief it’s been to do what you want to do more often. When you live, and be, and allow yourself to be who you truly are, it’s so much easier. SO MUCH EASIER.

Realize, to feel good more often, and to give up trying to fix the world and other people, and maybe even yourself, it’s not just something that you’re learning to do, but you’re potentially giving others permission to do the same.

What if you were a presence that saw the wholeness? Saw well being and capacity not just in the mirror, but in others? In the world?

Feel the incredible relief of deciding to stop approaching your life as if there were something wrong with you, and realize that you can offer that to others. Energetically.

Remind yourself of how amazing it is to realize that you’re already perfect, just as you are, and that it’s just a matter of choosing what you want each day and tuning to what feels right to you, better to you, moment, to moment, to moment.

Then we ask you to realize that you, in alignment, are energetically communicating all of that. It’s happening energetically. You simply emanate a clarity, a coherence, a quality of knowing in an aligned and sovereign state that is liberation.

What could be more wonderful than that?

When you are fulfilled from within, you feel an unconditional appreciation for so much of life.

Sometimes, beloved, you can feel that unconditional appreciation for everything! Effortlessly. It just fills you up and overflows from you.

In those moments, the divine is here fully, as you. Realize, dear friends, how beautiful that can be, to be experienced, to be glimpsed, felt experienced…for anyone.

This is a glimpse from us to you, of how your sovereignty affects others.

We are complete.

We are the Council of Radiant Light.

Solstice Message, June 2017 The Council of Radiant Light, through Ailia Mira

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Solstice Message, June 2017
The Council of Radiant Light, through Ailia Mira


The Solstice Energy is always furthering you being you.

You might think of solar energy in general as always being about your identity in individuated consciousness. The Solstice, then, amplifies that energy and with that you can tune into a clearer and more whole sense of self. The real you. The core energy signature of all that you are.

It matters not if it is the winter or the summer solstice, when the solstice alignment occurs, you have clear, easy, direct access to knowing yourself more fully.

We would suggest over the next few days and as a celebration of your divine light and sovereignty, you might focus deeply on appreciating you! You might decide to notice you and pay more attention to your sense of self. Pay special attention to what gives you the feeling of you, “being in your element.”

Being in your element is you being in alignment, and in situations and circumstances which you may have created and/or which you have allowed to unfold, which give you expansive, joyful, free opportunities to fully express yourself. This kind of self-expression is profoundly satisfying and feels natural, elegant and in those moments your spirit soars. All is well and you know it!

These are the moments to live for and living skillfully is bringing them about more often.

Learn what brings forth your joy! Discover what gives you the most blissful expansive feelings of happiness! Notice what relationship to yourself liberates you – find how to free yourself to know bliss. Then choose the things that light you up with love and expansive clarity.

Choose to live an authentic life and express yourself freely. This is living in higher consciousness.

In higher consciousness all paths lead to divine expression, which is simply a poetic, spiritual way of say – you being you! Truly, purely, fully – without hesitation, filtering, diminishing. You moment to moment following your spirit and expressing the beauty and uniqueness that is you, as inspired and flowing, here.

The shift in consciousness happening in the world now is opening up insight and knowing that you are eternal consciousness in an embodied form, capable of creating through consciousness. A remembering of your capacities – you are powerful, eternal, infinite and free.

Knowing this, feeling this and learning to live oriented to this identity is the first step in living in higher consciousness. Begin here, now. Use this week, today, this moment, to feel more of who you truly are, and allow yourself, with love and generosity, to tune to that, to flow that, to be that. Be you!

Happy Solstice!
We are complete.

We are the Council of Radiant Light.

Living Your Sovereignty The Council of Radiant Light, through Ailia Mira


Living Your Sovereignty
The Council of Radiant Light, through Ailia Mira


Hello Divine Ones,

We greet you in love. It’s good to be with you in this conscious, deliberate collaboration. We love that you are becoming more aware, on a daily basis, of the non-physical support you have at hand. We love being able to consciously co-create with you and we love that you are oriented to this support more often and that it gives you a profound feeling of well being.

Life on Earth. Such a beautiful experience in so many ways. Yet so many people find themselves in states of struggle, discontent, unhappiness, fatigue. We know you’ve each had experiences like this yourselves and yet we are excited for you that you’re realizing how you can shape your lives differently. Coming into a realization of your sovereignty is the most empowering experience in embodiment. Nothing can change your life like truly understanding that you are a sovereign being.

We want to speak specifically about sovereignty today so that there is no doubt in your mind as to what we mean and how you might leverage this reality for your joy.

To be sovereign is to be the absolute authority in your experience. You are a sovereign being. Not just eternally, but here – in your embodimed focus. To realize that you are sovereign is to take the reins in your life and begin to discover how to intentionally shape your experience.

Everyone is creating their personal reality. Each and every human being is a sovereign being. There are no exceptions. All of you create with your attention. All of you are focusers of energy and beings who flow energy with attention and with a dynamically changing point of view, which thereby informs – gives form, to the energy you flow. This is how you create everything you experience.

When you are focused upon something, how you are focused upon it shape the energy you are flowing. Your choice in focus is not simply creating future experiences, it is also creating your current energy state. So as you are focused, the way you are focused, right here, right now, affects how your energy is right here, right now, and also creates a momentum of further experiences that are like the focus you have right now.

Recently we shared some communication with you about liberating yourself from limitation or lack. We described in that transmission how lack is the essence of everything you dislike. The opposite of lack, is abundance. To be abundant is to have what you want and to feel as you want and to know how to make that so, as your desires evolve.

To live being able to create what you want and to shape a life you love and to feel the ways you want to feel, is to know your power and to experience your abundance. You are meant to have these experiences right now, as you are. Nothing about you need change for you to feel this way and discover your inherent powers to shape your lives and your energy.

You don’t need to fix anything about yourselves, or unblock yourselves, or become more lovable, or worthy or anything. Anyone who teaches you ways to clear your energy field, or ways to unblock yourselves, or ways to heal yourself is very likely a well intentioned person, but they’re also offering you, likely without knowing so, an unnecessary detour to living as the sovereign capable being you already are.

When your life feels like it needs fixing, or you feel really lost or disconnected, or unhappy, it’s only the result of one thing – the way you’ve beein focusing. Meaning – the things your thinking about and how you’re thinking about them. When you’re looking at anything you don’t like, you create momentum in that direction.

Turn your focus to what you do like. You are infinitely free to flex your focus and therein lies your power.

As you focus upon things that feel good to you, you reclaim, in that very instant, your deliberate use of your sovereign power. You didn’t need to do anything to fix yourself first, you just flexed your focus and practiced, on pupose, getting a new momentum going. It’s really that easy.

For life to feel good and fun and easy and free, you might consider learning to let it be this simple.

Want to feel better? What more fun? Want to experience your innate and infinite power to create your life in ways you love? Be sovereign. Be yourself. Choose what you focus on and do it with wisdom and purpose. We suggest your purpose might be – what feels best to think about right now, given where I am. What feels even a little better. Get used to reaching a bit for more positive, more empowering, more uplifting thoughts.

Your whole life is sovereignly yours to create. You weave in and out of how aware you are of this. We are here, talking about these same wonderful things over and over and over again, for a singular purpose: to help you make real and important in your thinking that which matters most to you. To assist you remembering, and becoming accustomed to a life of sovereign, deliberate focus. With this, with our endless harping on these principles which you have in play already and our encouragement to claim them and use them on purpose, with awareness, we invite you to be who you truly are, and soar.

We are complete.

We are the Council of Radiant Light

Deactivating the Energy of Lack (Limitation) The Council of Radiant Light, through Ailia Mira

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Deactivating the Energy of Lack (Limitation)
The Council of Radiant Light, through Ailia Mira

Greetings Divine Ones,

We are here because you are here, and in your focus, and in your desires, and with your heart, and because of your aims, you have summoned the energies, the knowing, the insights, the connections, the collaborations that serve you in this time/space reality, in the fulfillment of your desires, and we love that.

We are here to speak with you today about activating the energy of abundance. Deactivating the energy of lack or limitation.

We are happy to be here and we are happy to be of service in this way. We are very keen to participate in life on earth and we are keen to participate in any way that benefits those of us embodied here, which is you. We love the inter- dimensional play that is happening, as more and more of you wake up and remember the unseen world from which your embodiment came about.
More and more of you realize how you got here, and then choose to live in full knowing of who you really are. We especially enjoy the times in which you come together with each other in a conscious co-creation like this. There is tremendous amplification of the experience for all involved, no matter where we are focused.

As you live with this expanded reference point in your life, your sense of what’s possible opens up, and if you allow yourself to feel it, the knowing of the tremendous support that is yours becomes visceral and real for you, and you start to feel a lot lighter.

This is a wonderful way to live on earth, and we feel you soar as you feel the possibilities for your experience open up. You were meant to feel good, and to know your capacity, and to feel free, and to have fun, and to be in your knowing. You are meant to bypass the history of living in limitation and instead, focus on confidently feeling completely at liberty to express yourself, and discover what you like.

You were meant to be here feeling good, feeling capable, feeling free, having fun, being in your knowing, discovering what you like, discovering what you prefer, discovering what pleases you, and choosing freely to have experiences that do please you, living in ways that suit you, having more fun day after day after day.

Yet you don’t always feel like life is this way, and we know that bothers you. But if you could just let yourself know that when life doesn’t feel that way, there’s nothing wrong, you would have an easier time of it. If you would let yourselves know that when you have a bad day or when you have a few days when you’re kind of irritated or a few hours when you’re kind of unhappy or a moment when you suddenly feel displeased…if you would let yourself know that nothing is really wrong, you would find that gloomy stuff and that gloomy feeling lifts faster and you feel good again more quickly.

You feel as good as you let yourself feel and yet, generally, the changing feelings in your experience happen pretty gradually. The rising and falling of vibration tends to happen rather gradually. Most often, it happens incrementally. By and large, you don’t tend to go from bliss to hatred, or from hatred to bliss. You tend instead to move in smaller increments where you start out feeling kind of calm and content, and then you feel eager and things start to feel like more fun and you smile more and there’s a sweetness, and then elation, and joy. That’s more like what happens.

In the other direction, it tends to feel like boredom, and then boredom often goes to irritation, or dissatisfaction and then you get kind of annoyed or unhappy, and then sometimes you get angry.

The movement tends to be more gradual and this is beneficial to you. It’s beneficial to you that things take time to develop because you get to refine your focus. The fact that the momentum you’ve got going requires your focus to continue is also beneficial. This means you’re in charge. This means when you withdraw your focus, momentum will fade out and the experience that corresponds to that will stop showing up. Isn’t that liberating?

The stuff in life that keeps happening that you don’t like? Stop paying attention to it. Let it peter out. We talked about this a little bit recently.

Today we want to talk more about the states of mind you’re in that really ultimately can be boiled down to a simple point of view that doesn’t serve you and how to help yourself not be in that state quite so often. How to let that state peter out. How to let the active vibrations of the things you don’t like stop being the active vibrations that manifest for you.

The way to do this is to notice when they’re happening, and the way you notice when it’s happening is you notice you don’t feel as good, and before it gets moving too fast, withdraw your attention from it, and see if you can put your attention on something that gives you sense of relief, or something you do like and have, and want to continue, would welcome more of.

This small and subtle shift will serve you well. It’s such a simple thing, but it has power, and it has power because you are powerful beings.Your attention is how you flex your muscles, it’s how you distribute and apply your power. Your attention is the way you are powerful, and in order to really liberate yourself from a life of limitation and the transactional ways of creating that most people experience, you have to begin to really consider that your attention is your power.

Your attention is how you flow energy.

Everything you pay attention to is amplified, and has active momentum. Pay attention to what you want to continue, and learn through practice, gradually, to build a habit such that when you notice you don’t feel good, you realize it means you’re focused in ways that don’t serve you. Find your own methods for dropping your attention from the things you don’t like and shifting to something you won’t mind repeating, or reoccurring.

These things you don’t like, they can’t happen to you if you don’t pay attention to them. Or if you don’t pay attention to something that has the essence of that experience going on. Everything that comes into your experience is a refection of your focus of attention. The essence of it shows up in your life and sometimes the actual specifics of it.

The essence of everything you don’t like is lack.

The essence of everything you don’t like is, “I don’t have what I want.” That’s the essence of everything you don’t like, so if you’re focused on lack, you will manifest all kinds of variations of lack in your life, and lack is the thing that you dislike most. It’s the most frustrating experience for you, and it enrages you like nothing else. It makes sense that it would, because it’s entirely at odds with who you truly are, which is unconditional empowerment.

When you’re thinking about what isn’t the way you want it to be, that’s lack. When you’re noticing the way people are and you’re feeling annoyed, that’s lack, too. They’re not the way you want them to be. You don’t have what you want. When you’re looking at your checking account and thinking it’s not enough money, that’s lack, too.

When you look at your house or your body or your friends or your business, and in any way think, “I don’t have what I want,” that’s lack. All the ways you focus on what is, that you don’t like, are the essence of lack.

Lack is, “I don’t have what I want. I don’t have what I want. I don’t have what I want.” It’s really the source of everything you don’t like in your life. Everything you don’t like in your life comes from all the times in which you’re focused on, “I don’t have what I want.” Anyway in which you can spend less of your day focused on, “I don’t have what I want” is going to feel better to you and from this different focus, life will get better, too.

The reason it feels better to you is the real you is abundant! The real you is capable. The real you has access to everything you want all the time, and that’s the way you want your life to feel because it’s who you really are.

When you’re focused on what you have that you like, you feel like you!

You think it’s the thing that you have that makes you happy. It’s not the thing that you have that makes you happy, although it might be entertaining and fun. The reason you feel happy is you’re in a state of mind that correlates to who you really are. Who you really are is abundant.

Any version of lack will amplify an experience of lack because creation is amplifying everything you pay attention to. It doesn’t matter if you’re paying attention to it and completely hating the experience of, you’re energetically saying, “give me more of it,” because your attention is on it, your attention is power.

Anything you pay attention to, you get more of, and when you’re paying attention to it, if you’re thinking, “I don’t have what I want,” guess what? You’ve just expressed a vision of your life in which you don’t have what you want.

You’ve just said, “The way I see my life, is I don’t have what I want.” You just put out there a vibration that says, “My vision of my life is I don’t have what I want. My vision of my life is I don’t have what I want here, and I don’t have what I want here, and I don’t have what I want here, and I don’t have what I want here, and that’s my vision of life,” and Creation says, “Okay.” So you get more of that.

Understanding this is the most important shift in your life to make if you want things to go better for you, because feeling, “I don’t have what I want” is the essence of all the things you don’t like.

All the things you do like are the essence of, “I like that I have this. I like that this is happening for me. I like that this is going on for me. This feels good to me.”

Underneath all of this is: are you feeling capable or not? Are you feeling capable or not?

The real you is capable and anytime you don’t feel capable, and anytime you don’t feel like you’re abundant, you’re not going to feel like you and you’re not going to like it. The real you, the eternal you, the soul self you are, the field of light from which you emanated into this embodiment is continually in an experience of abundance and clarity and empowerment and everything you want is yours.

You veer out of sync with all that you are anytime you’re thinking, “I don’t have what I want.”

A different way of living, the joyful way, the abundant, capable, clear way of having an embodied experience starts with realizing you’re free to focus on what you want.

The leading edge ways of living begin with exploring the infinite possibilities of focus available to you in each moment. All of this starts with learning you have more flexibility in every moment with how you use your attention – discovering first hand, your infinite freedom.

We would suggest the empowered way is to focus on what you easily love. We suggest that you notice what you already have that is to your liking, and to pay attention to that, and give your attention, day in, day out, mostly to that, and to learn how to do that.

On that topic, we spoke recently about how much information is coming at you each day and how much content all of you take in. We want to say clearly, none of it need be eliminated. What matters is how you feel when you’re taking it in; that will indicate your state of being – you know this because of how you feel. You know what the point of view is that you have about all this content by how you feel. If you feel good in the receiving of it, the more feeling good experiences are being created. If you feel less than good, if you find yourself in consuming content of any kind, that you feel yourself tiring or fading or getting irritated or annoyed, then the point of view you have is one of lack. What you’re looking at, you’re holding it in a point of view of, “That’s not what I like. I don’t like that.” So you’re creating more experiences of lack, and stuff you don’t like when you’re focused like that.

You don’t have to eliminate anything in your life in order to have the experiences you want, but it might be easier in the beginning to focus on the things you love, and really get that momentum going so that you’re more inclined to bring that unconditional point of view to everything.

It might be interesting to ask yourself, “How can I be focused in this moment and feel pretty good? What can I look at that might give me a little ease? What can I pay attention to right now if I’m not feeling so good that might help me feel a little better, or maybe just feel relaxed or fine?”

These soft and gentle intentions for better alignment are beneficial. You have infinite choices in your world and in your mind in terms of what you pay attention to.

In your mind, you have desires you could think about. You could think about why you like them, why they’d be fun, why you are excited about them coming. You have your imagination, you even have memory from which to choose. So there’s everything you have access to focus on in your consciousness, and everything you have access to focus on in outer reality — there’s a lot of choices and you’re free to choose. There are a lot of different things from which to choose where you use the power of your focus, and there are always things you can pay attention to easily which feel better.

Being love, this whole Soar Fest is about being love, and we’ve talked about how there’s only, really, unconditional love, nothing else is love, and unconditional love is entirely natural, and unconditional love is what you feel in a state of alignment.

So, alignment is the goal and unconditional love flows forth from alignment, as do all other good things you wish to experience. Alignment is clarity, alignment liberates an experience of unconditional empowerment and unconditional love, and everything we’re talking about here with you.

Everything we’re suggesting and inviting you to play with, and explore, is for the singular purpose of empowering you to be who you really are, the sovereign, unconditional, powerful eternal being you are.

Today, we suggest you pay more attention to your feelings with an understanding that less good feelings typically come from, “I don’t have what I want.”

Today, see if you can reduce the amount of your day that you’re spent focused on lack, and whenever you realize your attention is in any way in a point of view that is, “I don’t have what I want,” or, “That’s not what I like,” recognize it as a lack, or limited point of view.

Learn to realize that point of view isn’t accurate or beneficial, it’s just one point of view – you can choose another. That view is not beneficial because it takes you out of alignment with your wholeness. You won’t feel as good in that point of view, plus you’ll generate more experiences like that.

So, since it’s not the only point of view, choose a different one! Learn you can choose a different one – do it for yourself! Choose a different one when you think of it, and it doesn’t matter how long it’s been going on. It’s not earth shattering, it’s not devastating. Don’t make a big deal out of it if you find yourself not feeling good, but notice it. Notice it, and become a master of it!

Discover your capacity to make different choices when you find yourself feeling less than happy, and find out firsthand that those little shifts actually create a wonderful momentum and that wonderful momentum will feel better, and when you’re in more alignment, unconditional love and joy is your experience and that experience? You will like that, and what comes of it, a lot.

We are complete.

We are the Council of Radiant Light.


How to Allow Your Expanded Energy to Flow ~ the Council of Radiant Light through Ailia Mira

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How to Allow Your Expanded Energy to Flow
the Council of Radiant Light
through Ailia Mira


Hello Dear Friends,

We greet you in love. It is good to be with you today and to have this chance to connect with you in a state of loving appreciation, for that is how we feel about you.

We feel immense love and appreciation for you. For all that you are. For all that you are becoming. For what you’ve not yet imagined and for what we know will occur in each and every moment of your embodiment: expansion.

Expansion of all of Creation. That is what you are making possible through your focus and with your manifest expression.

We love when you are feeling good for in those moments we are more fully with you. We are more fully able to flow into your life and with you, amplify what you are focused upon and enjoy with you all that is in a way that you feel exquisite and know yourself in the way we know you; as a lover of life.

You are a lover of life. This excludes nothing. We know you as a lover of all life and in that way you are free and expansive and fully resourced. Your flow, the expression of all that you are is empowered by your state of being and in the non-physical you are an immense lover of life. This empowers you. In fact, being a lover of life is the structure of how you are expressed and how you are expressing. It is your Source and the pathway of Source supporting and enlivening as you, as your consciousness.

No matter where you are focused you have a direct and perpetual connection to All of Creation. In your innate capacity as consciousness you are free to choose how you are expressing energetically and what you flow and create. In this realm of focus, you are surrounded and supported by immense diversity which acts as a reflection to you of what you are expressing and also triggers expansion in your consciousness. The world around you helps you to feel the distinctness of you and in that awareness of who you are, you expand as consciousness. Knowing yourself in new ways is an adventure. New experiences and choosing new aims for your focus, elaborates your energy and enriches your life. When you live knowing this, you allow yourself to flow.

Allowing your flow is the most blissful experience. When you allow yourself to flow your life is graceful and you feel light, informed, clear, steady and life feels easier and better to you moment to moment to moment. Because, in fact, life is becoming more and more to your liking from moment to moment to moment. You are creating this when you allow your flow and you know life is getting better all the time because you are feeling better all the time. More and more of your moments are ones you are enjoying, savoring and finding pleasing. This is how to live in an elevated state of consciousness.

There has been a lot of confusion in your world about how to live in higher consciousness. A great deal of the guidance and beliefs about living in higher consciousness have come through a filter of struggle and limitation. Many people who wish to live in higher consciousness have a basic sense of lack in terms of their own self-perception; they feel unworthy of what they want. In a state of believing in your unworthiness, you naturally wish to change how you feel. So you do things to try and feel worthy.

Therein lies the misunderstanding; you are already fine. Perfect. Worthy of anything and everything you want. Nothing else could be accurate given your source. You are here to live freely and express freely and all that you do accomplishes what is your inherent function: expansion. You expand all of life in every choice you make. You tend to judge your choices based on ideas of morality and beliefs about right and wrong; yet all of those ideas are human inventions. All of life expands consciousness and consciousness is unconditionally expanding because of all you do. That is a wonderful thing!

We love you and we know you as a flowing, elaborating expressive field of consciousness. You are in the world in which you are focused because you chose to extend your energy and embody your signature here, now. You made this happen with your attention and you did so with great enthusiasm. You viewed this as a wonderful adventure and saw Earth as a profoundly stimulating environment from which to create. You did not come here to fix things. You did not come here to rescue other people here. You did not come here to be light and overcome evil. You did not come here so that you could make right your prior mistakes. In short you did not come here to learn lessons, or to heal yourself or others. You came here, for the fun of it, knowing you would get here, discover what interested you and play with all of that. Learning and growing would happen naturally as a by product of you being here and exploring, but they are not the aim. The aim was to expand and explore and to create and express. You came here to express yourself.

Now we know many of you feel you wish to do this, but that you are somehow hemmed in, limited, blocked. You have many beliefs that make this a reality for your life manifests from your practiced momentum’s and the ways you’ve been thinking and feeling about yourself and in each moment.

All it takes to change your life and allow more of your flow, is to think differently and do so often enough that you feel differently.

When you feel differently and in this case we mean “better” then you know that you’re thinking differently often enough to create new experiences that you will also like better.

Life is far simpler than you’ve been thinking and your connection is direct. Many of you turn often to others who wish to help you feel happy and feel it is their role to help you liberate yourself from the darkness and then to liberate others from the darkness. If you want to play that game, you can. But it’s a made up story, not a requirement of living here.

When you live here on Earth, whatever you think about a lot and pay attention to, becomes real for you. Your embodied life experiences are no more real or shall we say, no less real than a novel, or a film that you watch. Only that there is more form associated with them and to you they feel more real. Yet all of it is happening in consciousness and what you are paying attention to, becomes real for you, in your experience.

You may feel you can watch a film or read a book and know it’s not real. That you feel perfectly capable of putting down that book, or pausing that movie and moving on and into what you think is your “real life.” We encourage you to think of your real life knowing it is just as much a construct as a movie or a book.

You are the Creator of your life experience. You are free to rewrite it and change it up anytime. You may not believe this, because you may not yet have lived this, it in a dramatic enough way to make it real for you. That does not mean that it isn’t how everything in your experience comes about.

You are energy. Pure, eternal consciousness infused into conscious form. You create your energy state with your attention and the non-physical wholeness of you is always with you. The non-physical wholeness of you, is unconditionally present in every moment and your feelings in every moment show you the relationship between how you are focused and perceiving and how the non-physical wholeness you are is focused and feeling. Your feelings are your guide constantly helping you know – am I in sync with all I’ve chosen and become? Am I keeping up with what I’ve realized I prefer and am I allowing my life to flow and bring to me the experiences I will love even more? Or not.

Your feelings beloved friends are always telling you how you are relating to YOU. How you are in relationship to the Infinite Intelligence which is acting on your behalf, unconditionally, to bring about everything you pay attention to. Your attention to something is like placing an order at a restaurant and like putting down the book, or pausing the movie – you can change your order at any time by turning your attention to something else.

Life if a flow of experiences, thoughts, and connections that are demonstrating to you how you’ve been focused and the essence of what you are creating energetically. You are a masterful being; an eternal field of consciousness here to express your uniqueness as you play and explore this realm of focus.

There is nothing else you need do. We suggest you consider that your experience of the world, is continually adjusted to reflect how you are using your attention and focus. This world, this Universe, All that is, is constantly rearranging and orchestrating what you experience so that it reflects your vision, your momentum, your energy and the way to know what you’re emanating is through your feelings.

A lot of people misunderstand all this. They believe they are flawed, capable of being flawed even, or broken, which is not possible. You cannot be broken, or diminished. Only you can alter your flow. Although embracing your capacity might initially feel difficult, isn’t the promise of it fabulous? Isn’t the relief of considering that there is in fact, nothing wrong with you, with any part of you, or your life, worthy taking to heart? Doesn’t it feel good to love yourself this way?

Of course it does. In loving yourself unconditionally, just as you are, you do not settle for life as it is, you allow life to flow! You sync up with all of Creation in adoring and appreciating you! You empower yourself. It’s normal it’s natural and it’s available.

The truth of your being is powerful, creative, expressive and free. As eternal consciousness you are born into this form, of your own making. You’re making this whole experience happen day in day out, by the stories, you tell to yourself and others, and the way you are choosing to use your attention.

Discovering how to expand and alter the quality of your flow, is key to being who you truly are. When you allow your flow to expand you allow your expanded energy to infuse you here, in your embodiment, elevating your experience through the coherence of your eternal consciousness.

To open up the flow of more love, abundance, happiness, freedom, ease, clarity,, well being, and anything else you might like, tune to the feeling of it what you wish to experience. In tune to the vibration of it, you attune your field to it, developing resonance with all you pay attention to. This is how you become ready to receive what you wish to know as your life. You can let your feelings tell you when this is happening.

If you would feel your way into things and use how you think and what you focus on to generate feeling states you prefer, your flow would open up in ways that thrill you and you would begin to know, first hand, how powerful you really are. You are powerful because you control everything about your flow!

We are the Council of Radiant Light

Ailia Mira: Reclaiming Your True Foundation Message from the Council of Radiant Light

24 MAR2017-Ailia Mira Expect Wonderful_edited-6

Reclaiming Your True Foundation
Message from the Council of Radiant Light
Channeled by Ailia Mira

Hello Beloved Ones,

We greet you in love. We are commencing this transmissions to invite you to reclaim your true foundation. We shall lay out a foundation and invite you to feel how you feel in response to these fundamental ideas we’re sharing. We’re inviting you to feel how you feel about embracing these ways of orienting to your life as a new basis for your experience here. Yet in reality is is more accurately a reclaiming of your true state of being.

We are quite passionate (as you would say) about this invitation. We are clear and enthusiastic about the benefits of you stepping forth into this new relationship to life. For until you embrace an accurate, eternal and vibrationally oriented understanding of your life here, and then learn to live in accord with those principles, life will endlessly frustrate you.

We want to help you have more ease. In fact ease is a doorway to allowing more of your expansiveness to flow into and infuse your humanity. Ease is fun. It feels good. Ease reflects the power that is yours. Ease is possible because of who you truly are.

We are asking you to pay more attention to ease and to choose ease as a way of being. In ease you are relating to yourself without pushing, without pressure, without feeling inadequate, without trying so hard and without getting ahead of yourself which screws you up. You are letting who you truly are, come about, or flow.

You all know what it feels like when you do this. You also know what it feels like when you don’t let your life be easy.

You’ve all had the experience when something feels right. You’ve all thought perhaps of calling someone and then noticing for some reason it didn’t feel right to do so, and right then you have a knowing; and with that knowing you have a choice. Do you honor your knowing or do you push ahead with what you were going to do and call them anyway. If you call them, things won’t be lined up and it won’t go as well as if it could if it had felt right when you thought of calling them.

Things, when you call them, won’t be lined up for you yet for you’ve gotten ahead of yourself pushing life and trying to make things happen with action instead of honoring your innate connection.

You innate connection to the vibrational reality and all of creation is telling you, moment to moment to moment, what’s lined up and what’s not. When you live acting on what’s lined up and you leave alone what’s not, then you feel ease. It’s so simple. It’s so easy. (Smile.)

When you live informed by this knowing, when you allow yourself the lined up pathway, you feel ease and you feel a feeling of who you really are which is a quality of flow. That’s really the best way to describe who you really are: you are this flowing, elaborating, creative, expressive, powerful pure energy. Even in your embodiment that’s still who you are, although your experience may give you an indication that you’re a body or you’re a person. Who you really are is consciousness. You are eternal sovereign consciousness. As a human being, who you truly are is the consciousness, the free flowing pure powerful energy that is present and gives aliveness to the experience of you in this body.

When you live in ease and you act on what’s lined up, you feel good. It’s so simple.

You can feel good much more often than you do.

When you feel good much more often than you have been, then what happens is life gets better too because life is adjusting to the frequency state that you’re in. When you’re in an easier state you’re in a better vibration, and the manifested personal reality that your experience as your life unfolding, begins to show up in ways that reflect the better feelings you’re having. What shows up is stuff (experiences, ideas, connections, manifestations) that’s more synced up and more in sync with what you like. What starts to show up more is situations and connections that are in accord with your higher frequency state.

Most of you want to live in higher consciousness and sense, rightly, that doing so will feel better. In fact, you often think of it as “living heaven,” and it is not surprising to us that you feel that way for it’s living as your true self.

The most important thing here is that when you live this way you’re re-orienting to who you truly are, you are reclaiming your true foundation. You’re living, in knowing and with the empowerment of who you truly are.

In a way you might think of this as uncovering who you truly are, or liberating yourself, by letting your life be simple and easy and natural. Please hear us here and notice the sequence of this last sentence. By choosing ease you liberate your power. You don’t liberate your power and then discover ease. Ease is the WAY.


In choosing more ease, you start to relax into life. Once you live from the truth of your being life gets really good, and you feel yourself in the way in which we know you – as an endless, eternally focusing and flowing field of consciousness.

We don’t even think of you as a being. We think of you as a field of consciousness that’s flowing, through your choice of focus, and expressing and elaborating and endlessly creating. This life, this body that you are experiencing, this identity, is an expression; a manifestation of the vastness you are, which you created by focus and attention!

The vastness you are is with you consistently in this experience and enjoying all of it. Most of you is still non-physical. The vastness you are is operating as consciousness and constantly you have a sense of if you’re in accord with the vastness you are or not. This is what you think of in life as authenticity. Being true.

Your relationship with the vastness you are is what gives you a gut sense about things in life, a sense of what feels right to you and what doesn’t. Your feelings – all of your feelings in life – are always about your present relationship with the vaster you.

Because the eternal perpetual, powerful, pure you is constantly with you and holding a perspective of infinite capacity in your experience and not looking at things as if they’re right or wrong, and knowing all is well, the vaster you enjoys all of it and you can enjoy all of it when you sync up with all you are. This is ease, or what we would call the true path, or the easy way.

Sometimes in life you’re in accord, you’re in unity, you’re in sync with all you are and when you are, you feel good. That feeling is a manifestation of an increased state of alignment. If the alignment is really full, then you feel elated. You feel blissful, you feel radiant.

When this kind of unity of spirit is your state, you feel the ascending current, the rising current of creation expanding within you and you are aware, if you’re in your knowing about who you really are, that you are here at this leading edge opening up new pathways of light. In an embodied manifest realm in accord with all of creation, you are focus and facilitating that flow – allowing the degree of flow by your state of alignment.

Now you may not really use those words or label it in that way but you could. The feeling of that way of living is passion, and aliveness, and eagerness and enthusiasm, and a profound sense of participation and engagement. Elation even and appreciation and satisfaction and in your words, you think of all this as LOVE. This is how you feel when you are in consistent, dancing, beautiful, unison with the vastness that you are, while you’re here. This is what we like to call the rising spiral, the effortless flow of light from pure potential or pure positive energy into structured form given focus and flow by you. By you.

You collapse waves into particles through your intentions and preferences, and all that energy then becomes vibrational reality. The vibrational reality you intend is embraced by the vastness you are and thus amplified through the attention of all that you are (and all that we are). Thus this creation gains momentum and gestates and alters the Oneness that is by expanding it. Creation starts to orchestrate all the things to bring about the new creation that you have generated through your focus and your sustained resonance with this opens up the flow for what you’ve created to be realized in your personal reality.

As this is all happening, life is, Creation is continually, immediately actually syncing up, again and again. This organizing coherence is what clarifies your knowing when you are feeling into what feels right and what doesn’t feel ready yet. It is extremely beneficial to understand this, because in that way of orienting, you can choose ease. You can choose to feel when things are ready for you and when they’re not.

You are part of this vast orchestration and when you’re in sync with the vastness of you, you feel what’s ready and what’s not. You feel what’s a yes and what isn’t a yes. That’s really all you need to know to be in clarity. Is this a yes unequivocally? If it’s not, then it’s a no.

When you act from that kind of simple direct knowing — and you all have access to this knowing already — then you live in harmony with all you are, and your life feels easy. You live in a flow of knowing and clarity and you feel this kind of incredible poetry to your life. You feel the support of creation at your back, if you let yourself. If you let yourself, if you let yourself be easy, life can all be easy and wonderful and light, and you can feel very expressive and free.

You, the essence of who you really are, the real you, loves being expressive. You can’t help but be expressive. You can’t help but focus energy, you can’t help but make choice after choice about what you will pay attention to – which is how you are expressive. That feeling of being expressive is expanding all of life. It’s magnificent and all of life dances to your tune. All of life is orchestrating each and every choice and what you pay attention to so that it can come about in your manifest experience. But you are how it comes into manifest experience; through resonance and allowing.



When you are living in a way that gives you pleasure, that feels good, that makes you happy, that lets you feel joy in your life, you are cooperating with All That Is. You are a harmonious element in this universal orchestration of all life.

The ever expanding life that is the Oneness we are is constantly in sync with the leading edge of everything that’s been chosen and intended and created by everyone. The Oneness that is, is constantly updated, constantly coordinating all the desires and vibrations of everyone, all of us.

The amplification of that which you give life to is realized. It’s fact, it becomes. It is in vibrational reality and experienced by the vastness of your being and for it to flow from the non-physical into your own personal experience is made possible your alignment. Your sense of what’s ready and what’s not, your harmonious synced up cooperative participation in the wholeness of creation, of which are a most important and powerful creative leader makes this possible.

You are a key in all this. You make cosmic co-creation possible. You are expanding All That Is through your presence here and through what you allow to flow into your life experience.

You tend to think of yourselves as needing to prove your worthiness and needing to fix whatever you’re doing wrong, whatever’s keeping what you want from you and it is so ironic because you are the leading edge empowering the expansion of Creation! Any way in which you’re nicer to you and allow yourself to have more ease opens that up, that flow. And that flow? That flow is who you really are, expanding, elaborating, expressing in more and more ways.

So really the most important thing we hope you might glimpse in this transmission is that it’s safe to choose ease and also that you’re not ever doing anything wrong. You never have been. Your life is good now and your life as you allow it to, will get even better. The more you realize who you really are and how it all works, the easier it gets, and as you are easier life gets better. So you’re just in a state of re-orienting, remembering, reclaiming, not being wrong, or corrected, or fixed, of healing, etcetera.

You’re just re-orienting and uncovering this ever expanding sense of self, and what we’re pointing out here is the most important key to experience your life with ease and joy and all the other feelings that you want is to reconsider who you are and why you’re here, and base that on what’s real. Reclaim your true foundation: you are eternal, sovereign and free!

We’ve been presenting new ideas for you to consider as your fundamental identity. All is well. You’re eternal, you’re sovereign, you’re one with All That Is. You’re an innate creator. Your life here is an expression, an expression of who you truly are and the purpose of this expression of who you truly are is to further express yourself and discover yourself in new ways.

Once you realize these fundamental structures that give basis to your experienced embodiment, then we suggest you embrace them because they’re really who you are. They will set you free from living a life of limitation and shifting instead to the intention of your embodiment in higher consciousness, which is expression.

We suggest and this is quite important if you wish to thrive, we suggest you not only embrace them but you take the time to absorb these ways of orienting until they become your referenced ways of understanding life.

We encourage you to practice thinking of life in these ways often, frequently. You want to establish them as your reference points because once these ways of orienting become an energized, amplified established foundation within you, they will replace the limiting ideas. The power of this knowing will shift your whole experience.

You all have beliefs about your life experience. You can’t have a human experience without beliefs. You’re going to have beliefs in your human experience so a belief is just a thought you think a lot and a fact is just a thought that a lot of people have thought a lot and then it becomes very solid feeling thing in your experience.

You all have a lot of beliefs and ideas that are at odds with the clarity we are reflecting to you about who you truly are. Some of you have heard, and feel you know that these ideas that life is good and you are free and you’re eternal and all that stuff is stuff you’ve heard before, and you like the idea of it.

We want you to go way beyond thinking it’s true, or liking the idea of it. We want you to think about this new way of looking at yourself, your life, your purpose until it becomes so dominant in your knowing that in infuses everything you are and re-orients your entire life.

This means you need to think these kinds of thoughts. You need to look at these thoughts, you need to write these thoughts down. You need to say them out loud. You need to really let them sink in and get established if you want to embrace this relationship to life because you’ve already got other belief systems that are powerfully amplified and solid in your mindset that need to be replaced with the truth of your being.

So spend time on this and ensure it as an established reference point in your consciousness.

When you do, the limiting ideas that have made you feel disempowered or self-doubt or fear will just not be active because you’re not paying attention to them. Same too with ideas you need to heal, fix, clear or save yourself in order to have the life that you sense is the good life. That is a misunderstanding about embodiment that is quite common in 4th dimensional consciousness and lots of people are stuck there. You can bypass that, by practicing using your consciousness to think new thoughts and think about yourself and your life in new ways. Simple and easy.

It is very simple to do this and it doesn’t take a lot of time but it does take attention if you want to live this way.


If you chose to embrace who you truly are and establish that knowing as your life then, put your attention on these ideas. Think these thoughts often, write them down, say them, read them, elaborate upon them. Repeat the thinking of these thoughts until they are arising naturally, until a strong established set of neural nets within your brain which is an indication of a belief structure is within you, and these ideas and the implications of them become then the structuring basis of your reality which is in sync with who you really are.

Once you do that, you and your life will be radically upgraded, different, direct, clear, expansive, free. In the easy knowing of your true self you will feel much more alive and liberated. You will find yourself receiving visions and insights about what’s possible now because you’ve clarified your ideas about you. The momentum that will flow from this will be big, really, really big and easy.

We invite you and we’ve explained why, today we to focus on these new foundations and establish them within your experience. Establish them and allow yourself to intentionally choose how you’re going to orient to life and live. Do you wish to continue living a life of limitation, struggle and earning your way to glory? Or does it sound like more fun to reclaim your true foundation and live as the free, powerful and eternal being you are, right now?

As you feel your way into this new identity, as you let yourself sit with it and enjoy and play with it and feel it, you will feel the new platform for your life that you are choosing.

Ideas create experience. Established ideas become a platform or a foundation for experience. We want to be really clear here. We are not creating a platform out of thin air. We are uncovering what is within you and we are encouraging you to think in ways which are in accord with the truth of who you are until those ways of knowing are established within you and replace the false premises you’ve been living from.

We want this to be very clear. Although we’re suggesting you create a belief structure and reference points in your consciousness as a human being, we are not creating the ideas we suggest you might practice thinking. We’re not creating them. We’re uncovering with you, the truth of what is and putting it into words that you can hold and incorporate as established knowledge within your own understanding.

So this is a game changer in the most profound and easy way. It can and will reliably shift everything once this new sense of self becomes from and real and established within your consciousness. This way of orienting to life will then sit as a foundation at the core of your humanity, empowering your expansive flow and from this new platform and location in embodiment, many things will no longer have meaning or power over you.

You will find that life feels really, really good and fun and clear and light and easy. You will find yourself feeling powerful and free because that’s who you truly are.

We are complete. We are the Council of Radiant Light.


Ailia Mira: Discovering the Perfection of You ~ Message from the Council of Radiant Light

Living as Your True Self Message from the Council of Radiant Light Channeled by Ailia Mira

23EB2017-Ailia Mira Expect Wonderful_edited-4

Living as Your True Self

Message from the Council of Radiant Light

Channeled by Ailia Mira

Greetings Divine Ones,

We connect with you here, now, as you are, in total appreciation of you.

We do this, completely aware of your life, and how you are present. We feel uninhibited joyful appreciation of you.

We wish today to reflect back to you, how we know you and share the joy we have in our experience of this co-creation with you.

First and foremost, you are here boldly experiencing life. In all you are and do and choose and experience, you are expanding life. You are transforming the possibilities for being human from within embodiment. As you allow your own consciousness to sync up with your eternalness, and as you let yourself live in unconditional love, you alter life on Earth as it has been, opening up new pathways for the non-physical to stream into form here.

Unconditional love is your true state and your true self is spontaneous, creative, abundant, free and infinitely resourced and supported. We speak to you, encouraging you to see yourself as this eternal light and know this life is simply an elaboration of who you truly are; holographic to who you truly are. Capable of so much more than you have yet discovered how to allow.

You are becoming more aware of the drive to create and the power of desire within you. You are learning to see yourself as worthy and peers with us in the non-physical. This is beautiful for us and empowers our co-creation in significantly new ways. It’s not essential that you see life this way, yet if you want life to be fun and easy, then it is important to know yourself as an eternal being co-creating with the non-physical on the leading edge of life.

In embodiment, you are this amazing portal; an ever-expanding point of distinct focus in which the absolute non-physical pure positive energy that is LIFE, flows into physical manifestations and expands Creation! This is happening through you.

We, in the non-physical, are amplifying all that you are creating and intending and preferring and communicating vibrationally through consciousness as you live your life and focus. We are also here to remind you and celebrate you and support you in remembering who you truly are. We do this so you can live as you intended and so we can more directly co-create with you – each playing our role.

We are not here to help you improve. We are not here to heal you. You do not need fixing, or healing, or to clear out things of your energy field, or to forgive yourself. All that you are is holy and blessed and is expanding creation.

In the non-physical we do not see life as right or wrong, nor you as right or wrong.

Any ideas, processes, communication or beliefs that suggest that you are not doing well right now or need to improve, do not come from clear non-physical consciousness. Such ideas are human inventions – practiced, perpetuated and solidified by lots of focus and yet, inaccurate understandings of you, your eternalness AND your humanity.

From the non-physical we are also not communicating with you so that you can become your non-physicalness. You are not “waking up” so you can leave your embodiment or emancipate yourself from it. You are waking up to who you truly are, for the joy of directly co-creating with All That Is, while embodied! For the fun and expressiveness and fulfillment of being you, on Earth, with knowing.

It is hard to believe life can be this simple, and yet we say, it is so. We invite you to consider, do you feel excited and joyful when you hear these things? Do you feel a flow of ascending energy rise within you giving you a glimpse of what might be a more fun, happy and exciting path?

This is an important indicator of alignment and truth. Inner knowing will feel expansive, good, freeing, uplifting and may also make you warm, physically. Use these feelings to know if what you encounter is for you. If it feels good for you, it IS good for you. This is different than so much popular thought in your world and living in this clarity may take practice and reorientation, repeatedly until you establish as beliefs that when you’re happy, you’re in alignment and on your optimum path in life!

There will always be other view points in your world. About everything! Diversity is expanding and will not diminish.

You discover who you truly are, through this wonderfully expansive realm in which there are so many different ways of being. The more you understand that your joy in embodiment comes from opening up your awareness of you and opening up your capacities, the more the variety on your planet will excite you. The great diversity shows you what is possible, and gives you ideas. You have natural responses of “yes” or “no” to pretty much everything, if you feel for your knowing. In all this, you discover more about you and you create an ever-expanding field of possibilities for a joyful life.

Each of you are sovereign divine beings. We are urging you to drop anything that makes you feel that you’re not there yet. Where is there, anyway? You are infinite and eternal. You are going to focus and create, endlessly. Endlessly. In fact, you already are.

Happiness and all other feelings are manifestations of your perspective of focus and whether you use conditions to create your desired feelings or choose them unconditionally, you are always free to feel as you wish and create the state of your energy field. You are sovereignly creating your life. Always. So is everyone. Whether you embrace this or not, does not change the fundamental premise of life.

The world is opening up as more of you realize these truths and drop all the false stories and beliefs that say you’re not enough, that you’ve got to earn it, that your life is to be feared, or others are dangerous to you. Once you truly claim your sovereignty you no longer fear anything. No one can create your state of being, or how you feel, and what manifests in your life, but you. You are completely free.

To know this is not an end, it is a beginning.

We are with you always. We love knowing you are witnessing your consciousness flow as you open up to these radically liberating perspectives. It is exciting to us, that you are starting to enjoy your desires, to embrace them. Once you move beyond the fear of wanting things you don’t have yet into a realization that life is a flow and desires, give you focus, you begin to enjoy the expansion you create for you and for All That Is, as you discover what you want and use it to focus. This focus that draws more life force through you and in which your inner sense of what feels good, guides you, always, on a joyful path of ever-expanding life, capacity, well-being and abundant everything, is the way to live as the multidimensional being you are, with mastery!

Once you establish the understanding of your sovereign eternalness, as your sense of self, life becomes about discovering yourself in new ways, creating and enjoying your life. In all you do, you are flowing inner light, from your own non-physical source, into your body, your life, your world. Life is integrating and Oneness is being expressed and harmony is being expressed as you tune to your inner knowing, and joy.

Many are still living in limiting paradigms. Love them, and let them be. Give up any ideas of denying their intelligence or their sovereignty. Withdraw your focus from what doesn’t interest you and focus on what appeals to you, what calls to you. This is your own vastness guiding you through your feelings and inner knowing. This it the pathway in which you tune to joy and life becomes joyful! Allow all version of life to be valid and realize how each individual unique being gifts you with clarity and knowing about you!

In this orientation, unconditional love, the seemingly impossible state of being, for humans, arises naturally. As it must for it is your true state.

Denying what is your true state, does not make you un-sovereign, or take away your freedom, but it can make you feel miserable, trapped, unhappy, bored, angry and disempowered. You can tell yourselves stories that you are limited, and energize beliefs that you are blocked, that you can’t have what you want, yet none of this changes the fact that you are creating even that, in your sovereign freedom. You’re making it up with your focus, as you go along. Why not tell the stories and energize the beliefs that fulfill you? That give you pleasure? That open up your flow and your inspiration and fill you with aliveness?

Glimpsing your sovereign powers of creativity is a doorway. Step into a life of exploring these insights more fully and making them your own way of living, liberates you!

A life beyond limitation is at hand for those of you who choose to embrace your sovereign eternalness and live as your true self.

The joyous possibilities of an Earthly life are starting to come into view for more and more of you. We celebrate your growing clarity, your eternal light and all that you are here, and all that you are becoming.

Know too, that are One. (Smile)

We are the Council of Radiant Light. We are complete.


Access Expanded Capacities through Your Eternal Consciousness Message from Archangel Michael and the Council of Radiant Light Channeled by Ailia Mira

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Access Expanded Capacities through Your Eternal Consciousness
Message from Archangel Michael and the Council of Radiant Light
Channeled by Ailia Mira

Hello Divine Ones,

It’s really good to be with you again! We’ve been noticing so many subtle insights and changes in you – in the way you are living and feeling. We want you to realize that these small adjustments and new understandings which are opening up for you at this time, are really more powerful than they may seem.

Given how slight some of the adjustments are and how much you love yourself, adjustments more and more will be small and refinement will yield big results. You are discovering what you care about, what you like and how to feel the way you want to feel. You are finding out how to allow yourself to claim your sovereignty. You are learning the small changes in how you respond to life, or choose to relate to what happens, that serve your alignment and further your joy.

More and more of you are truly believing that your joy is important. We are overjoyed about this! We are loving that you are finally choosing to make your pleasure and your joy the priority, for in doing so you align with who you truly are! You align with who you truly are, when you reach for what gives you joy. You can reach for joy in your thoughts. You can reach for joy in deciding what to act on and what not to act on. You can use your imagination to try on activities or choices and feel, with such clarity – does it bring me joy?

This is profound. To know what brings you joy, moment to moment, is to know how to be true to who you really are.

Pretty fantastic. Isn’t it?

We love that you are remembering your own essence in a stable way. We see you being more sure about who you really are. We notice that your sense that you are soul expressed in this distinct humanity, is becoming more factual for you. You are taking that idea and thinking about it often enough and with enough openness that it’s become real to you. This is empowering your expanded capacities.

Capacities in life come forth from states of being and states of consciousness. Your state of being and the consciousness you experience moment to moment are determined by your alignment. When you choose joyful paths of thought, of action, of being, of perceiving, you further your alignment. In furthering your alignment, all that you are, is available to you in expanded ways. Your presence here, is dynamic. It is not singularly accomplished, it is dynamically created, moment to moment to moment.

There is some misunderstanding in some who feel that the energy will change them and then suddenly they’ll be lifted into higher consciousness and life will be easy from there on forward. This is an illusion that is not helpful, so we want to clear this up. You are living here now, and what you are experiencing now, is a matter of what your focus and alignment is now. That state, creates momentum. The energy of Creation, amplifies ALL of your momentum – be it focused on things you enjoy, or be it focused on things you do not enjoy. You include in your life all you give your attention to, and amplify and further what you pay attention to, and are supported by Creation in bringing more of it to you. All of it. Anything you focus upon is amplified. This is how you create. You generate momentum of what you focus upon and that is then furthered by Creation and more and more similar feeling experiences and ideas come to you as a result.

So you can see here, that you are free in ways you may not always feel but is nonetheless reliably available to you. You are totally free in that you are free to always choose what you pay attention to. So you are free to create your personal reality and the only reality you live, is your personal reality. You are not living one another’s reality. You are living your personal reality which is the translation of vibration by your body/mind into experiences and sensations that are interpreted based on your state of being. Your alignment.

So you’re sovereign and free even if you choose to deny this. Why not embrace it? Why not cultivate your joyful pleasure? Well you’re starting to see this and it’s bringing about big changes for those of you willing to play with these subtle inner sensations and connect the dots in your understanding.

Since you are dynamically creating your experience everything can change very quickly, in any way in which you are focused and build momentum. You know this experientially. You’ve all had days that start off badly and go down the drain. You’ve all had wonderful experiences that then lead to more wonderful experiences – big and small.

Realizing that you are constantly creating your momentum. Claiming your eternalness as your sense of self, you begin to live beyond fear, beyond ideas of even needing to work on yourself spiritually and instead you begin to tune to joy.

This is the leading edge of empowerment and embodied capacity. It is those of you cultivating your momentum – your alignment – who are expanding Creation with new ideas. For it is in this expanded alignment that you are open to the new ideas from higher consciousness that are being called into focus in your world. You are the cooperative components of Creation who are furthering All That Is, by allowing new ideas, fresh ways of living and being, to take shape and take form and manifest and be created and answer the longings and the dreams of your fellow human beings. And all of this is and will be for you a joyful path of expanded capacity and joy! This is what it means to be open to fulfilling your soul self here. To allow what wants to come through you and what feels joyful to you, to be given your focus through attention and willingness to let inspiration guide you. To let the fullness you are, lead you and prompt you and inspire you.

You in your expanded self-loving and in your realization of your true self, are empowering greater capacities for conscious co-creation to emerge here. This bridging of realities, by the choices in your personal reality, is game changing! The game is changing from those of you within the game, remember and wanting more. More joy. More power. More fun. More expansion. More of all that turns you on – that is what you’re meant to flow and focus upon and allow and emerge into and then? See what interests you next. Let that flow. Let that come about. Cooperate with the fullness of your being who is guiding you and who, when you are in alignment, can speak clearly to you through your inner knowings and the ideas and inspiration you receive.

You are meant to be fulfilled. Repeatedly. Living in clarity is the result of living in alignment and having a sure footed approach to each day happens when you intentionally create your state of being and thus your mood, the tonality of your energy and the momentum of your day. When you make your happiness the priority. When you love yourself enough to tune to who you truly are, and use your feelings to know when you’re in alignment, then you bring about the New Creation here which this age has prophesied.

You are discovering that you can live here, knowing who you truly are and working intentionally with the inherent laws of Creation and thrive. As you believe in and live from your eternalness you move beyond fear, beyond separation. You no longer need to deny your power, or your sovereignty, nor the power or sovereignty of any other.

You begin to realize that you can only live in your personal reality and you choose to trust the wholeness that is LIFE, to guide you from within. You lean into that inner light, knowing that in doing so, you are freeing yourself up from the old game of living in limitation and believing you are less than – well, anything or anyone. Now, you are free to be you, fully, eternally and in great clarity, here.

What fun that is.
We love you!

I AM Archangel Michael with the Council of Radiant Light
We are complete.

Liberating Your True Expression ~ Message from the Council of Radiant Light Channeled by Ailia Mira

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Liberating Your True Expression
Message from the Council of Radiant Light
Channeled by Ailia Mira


Hello, Great Beings of Love,

We are happy and joyful in this co-creation, and glad to greet you once again. We appreciate your willingness to take time each day to be in this knowing, in this acknowledgement of who you really are, and how your life is coming about, and the different inputs of energy and focus and clarity that you have within you.

We especially appreciate the shifts you’re making, the adjustments you’re making, and celebrate with you your increased capacity to liberate the flow within you of knowing and fullness, and the way your life is changing because of this.

Once you begin to live your life knowing the truth of your being and paying attention to that, you change your experience fundamentally.

What we mean when we say this, is that you have actually made an enormous shift that forms a new basis for your embodiment, and it is of central importance that you realize the implications of this shift in understanding and orienting to your life.

You have done this. You’ve made this shift in recognizing yourself, remembering yourself, claiming your sense of self as eternal, divine, free. You know yourself as an extension of what might be called soul or source or all that is, extension of these vaster, eternal, divine energies in embodiment.

As a result of knowing this and claiming this, and this new foundation created from this, and the new location in which you live your experience because of this, you cannot expect your life to look like other people’s lives. When you do, and when you pay attention to the beliefs, and systems, and structures, and agreements, and contracts, and transactional ways of thinking that everybody lives by who isn’t thinking about themselves this way, you feel yourself diminished.

We want to remind you that you have expanded beyond many of the beliefs and ideas of your world. You have eclipsed many of the ways that humans have lived, and many of the ways that many humans do live. There are others like you, quite a lot, and you are not alone ever, nor without human company, should you think you mean your only company is non-physical. (smile)

You do not need to worry about where anyone else is relative to this, even, and perhaps especially because you feel most concerned about those closest to you. You only need continue to return to the sense of self that you’ve acknowledged, that you’ve allowed, that you’ve embraced, and tune to who you really are.

Practice these new ways of being until it become normal to you, and then continue to make real and important what you want to be real. We suggest you make learning how to do this is the focus of life, once you embrace the truth of your being and choose to express who you are, fully and freely.

The way you express who you are will evolve. It will change. It’s dynamic. You have many different ways you could express yourself. You will have different interests at different times in your life. Life will stimulate you in many ways.

Contrary to what you may have believed before, or have been told, or have considered, you do not have an assignment in this life. You did not come here in agreement to be something in particular, or to play a certain role. Many of you actually still hold onto these ideas, so today, in order to further your true expression, we must talk about this.

Many of you hold these ideas, that you have an assignment, that you have a purpose, that you made agreements before you came here, and these are interpretations of embodiment that are made when one is in more limiting frequencies. To hold these ideas limits you, because they limit your ability to follow your spirit in the present, which is where all truth within you is accessible.

When you hold these ideas about your life, you’re overlaying your life with some kind of filter, which limits your ability to hear the truth within you in the present, and respond freely in the moment to follow your spirit.

When you have ideas of right and wrong, and good and bad, and you’re thinking about your life in terms of finding that mission within you that you have, that you need to fulfill, or the idea that there’s this purpose that you had when you came here, and you need to be it, you limit your ability to live in coherent clarity and knowing and sovereign alignment.

We want to point this out, that these ideas may have made perfect sense to you before now, but they can be dropped now. You can find in doing that, in dropping these ideas, that your inner knowing becomes radiant, and clear, and brilliant, and inspiring, and you will like that a lot.

We say it again: You did not come here assigned a particular role or function. You do not therefore need to discover it and do it. We get a lot of questions in individual sessions and in the Q&A sessions in events such as, “What am I supposed to do? What should I do next? How can I best use my gifts?”

We see that within many of you, there are still these ideas that you have an assignment and it’s your job to suss it out and express it. We want to remind you that you’re free to be who you want to be. We also want to remind you of your sovereignty. You’re not here to make life better for others. You’re not here to save someone else or even to challenge them so they will grow.

These are radical ideas, because most people who have a spiritual orientation embrace these kinds of beliefs. Yet as you ascend you will find they don’t make sense for in sovereignty you see everyone else, and yourself as capable and indeed as living as a master, here.

So then, let us talk about what you did come here for. You came here to explore this realm of focus, to see what it was like, to enjoy it. You knew that by infusing this expression of you into a human body you’d have a lot of options for expression. You wanted to discover in the embodiment what interested you. You wanted your life to be wide open.

You came here for the freedom of it, and to discover what it was like to be in this wide-open, free place. You definitely did not limit things before you got here. You came here without agenda, without agenda. You came here trusting yourself. You came here knowing that you had this vaster aspect of you to which you could tune and feel yourself into alignment, or you might have thought of it as truth.

The words do not matter. You came here knowing you would still be clearly connected to all that you are, and trusting you could find your way.

You came here to experience this, and to feel it, and to feel yourself in it, and knew that you would find your alignment, knew that you would feel inspired, knew that you would feel connected, knew that you would have moments when you didn’t feel these things, but figured that you could find your way amidst all of this, confident in yourself. You came here feeling free to discover, and explore, and make choices, and share, and feel what it was like to have all those experiences, and knowing without a doubt that all of that would create expansion, and that that would benefit all that is, and so you could focus on fun, over, and over and over again.

You knew that you would have all kinds of ideas. You knew that you were a unique, particular, and beautiful being, a signature of energy that is whole and coherent. As such, you knew that your life would inspire things within you, things that come about from the correspondence between you and all you experience, things unique to you. You knew that you would have things that call to you, some more than others, and that you could trust yourself to feel your way, and that there was … Really, we want you to hear this today, so we will now speak in present terms. You knew before you came here, and we ask you to consider how you feel about it now, you knew there is no way to do this wrong.

There is not some better way, or some assignment you need to fulfill. There is simply you here, having an incredible experience in an incredible body, in an incredibly wide-open, rich, diverse realm of focus. There’s just another opportunity each day, to discover what you want, and what you like, and what feels good to you, and how in all that you want to live now, and what calls to you now, what do you prefer now. You could just consider, “What do I want to do with my day? How can I make my day the most fun for me? What gives me pleasure? What’s calling to me? What do I want more of? How do I feel?” This is really your work, if you want an assignment, to pay attention to yourself, and to use your inner knowing and your feelings to orient, and to tune to yourself, and to discover the path of joy for you in this realm of focus.

We want to reassure you, of that inner knowing within you, and also point out the subtlety of how this really works. All you think is important, all you’ve been told you need to make your focus, things like lighting up the world, sharing your gifts, discovering abundance, having a vibrant and healthy body, having beautiful relationships and connections, having awe-inspiring experiences, and transcendent moments of grace and love, all of that is natural and comes from this tuning to you and paying attention to you and your path of joy. It all comes from those things. It’s a byproduct of that – your sovereign alignment.

Living in alignment and claiming your sovereignty, you naturally experience those things and contribute abundantly. In sovereign alignment, you free yourself up to follow your spirit, to express yourself authentically in the present moment, informed in clarity and in knowing. In that state of orientation, all of life opens to you.

The expansive, wise soul within you, who knows all you like, and what you want, and has embraced everything you’ve chosen and become guides you through your inner knowing and the inspiration you feel, along the most graceful path to ever-expanding fulfillment. The feelings that are manifested help you to steer. You can steer right around obstacles and limiting ideas about your life, if you follow your spirit. There’s no need to first clear all that, just follow your inner knowing and you can bypass all that you might think needs to be cleared. Isn’t that a relief?

All of that can lead you into the experiences of that which you prefer and want to know as your life.

True expression is really achieved through giving yourself permission, permission to do what you want, permission to give yourself pleasure, permission to do what gives you joy, and to realize that there’s not, and this is scary for some people, there is not some assignment for you to complete or to discover so that you can do. It’s scary for some people to really understand how free you are, but we hope it’s also really fun.

We suspect that the scariness comes from all the ideas in your world of right and wrong, and the times in your life when you were wary about doing what you really wanted, and how other people might think or feel about that, or did. Or have a habit of concern about what it might mean given this criteria of what’s good, and what’s bad, and what’s best, and what’s right, to do what you want. And of course in your world, thinking of yourself and putting yourself first, is growing in acceptability, but many times is called selfish and viewed with extreme criticism and negativity.

Yet you are in a new state of knowing.

Now that you’re oriented to the vastness within you, and returning regularly to the inner connection to all that you are, you are liberating an ever-expanding flow of that inner life into your embodied experience.

We suggest you consider that the whole point of being here is to see what’s possible here and choose for the pleasure your choices bring you.

Today, we ask you to think about your day this way. Imagine if you were in a shipwreck, and you showed up on a shore. There was food and things there, but nothing else. What would you be doing? You’d be exploring. You’d be seeing what there was to do. You’d be seeing what you wanted to do. You’d be setting up your life in a way that you liked.

We want you to really realize you have that choice every day, to create the life experience you want. The only thing that stands in your way is the resistance you feel to doing what you want because of all these ideas of what you think you should do.

Isn’t it perhaps time to realize that your life is no longer built on those terms, and that you are, in fact, free?

We are the Council of Radiant Light