The Arcturian Group Message for MARCH 10, 2019 by Marilyn Raffaele

Dear readers, welcome to the new age you are creating and have begun to experience. Let go of any concepts about how change must look because this only reflects what is already known.

The massive shift in world consciousness that is taking place will express in ways and ideas that the human collective is not yet aware of. Many resist change simply because they believe it will interfere with what seems to be perfectly fine already, unaware that better expressions of these same things will manifest in their place.

Those who remain focused on self- serving at the expense of others are being exposed and brought to justice. There is more to come and more to be exposed. You are in the midst of it because Light is now penetrating into many previously hidden agendas. The ascension process that began so long ago is beginning to manifest on a global scale.

Personal and collective consciousness manifests outwardly because Consciousness is all there is and therefore the substance of all form. The expansion of spiritual awareness in increasingly more individuals cannot help but express as higher and better form (change). There is much to come dear ones, much to come.

You, who have evolved beyond the illusory concepts of third dimensional thinking, are feeling tired and finished with the worlds’ nonsense and game playing. Living in the density of third dimensional energy is difficult for those who are spiritually awake and who often incarnated from places of much higher dimensional energy. Life for those who are already awake is starting to feel like being back in middle school.

Many are finally starting to recognize the manipulation that commonly takes place in businesses, politics, relationships, and organized religions etc. etc. Three dimensional games always arise from concepts of separation that justify manipulating people and circumstances through advertising, speeches, news, preaching etc. as being perfectly acceptable for getting what one “needs”.

Up to now, the majority has allowed itself to be hypnotized by the beliefs of others, especially if their words came in an expensive or beautiful wrapper with lots of degrees and authority. These dear ones have been unaware that their ignorant acceptance of everything they are told has been feeding the coffers of the self-serving.

There are some businesses, relationships, and churches that function from love, but many as of yet do not. However, every day more and more individuals are waking up to discover that the “Emperor has no clothes”.

Do not resist or become despondent when you discover that you no longer resonate with certain people, foods, or activities as you once did. Understand that your energetic resonance is becoming more refined causing you to be out of alignment with anything of a lower resonance. Beliefs you previously held as truth are starting to feel foreign causing you to wonder how you could have ever believed them.

Never allow new insights to result in guilt and regret for past actions and words, but rather learn to love and accept these experiences as facets of your learning process that brought you to an examination your belief system and helped you to move into a higher state of awareness. Earth experiences are all about learning and growth, there are no accidents.

You are ready to “fine tune” your belief system through the recognition of certain seemingly innocent and innocuous beliefs you may still be holding. Example; “You must work hard in order to succeed., There is never enough., Murphy’s law (Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.) There are hundreds of these sayings, and as you begin to recognize them as being alive and well in your belief system, more will begin to surface. Everything held in consciousness will manifest.

Painful experience has been the learning tool of the third dimension. If you are reading and resonating with these messages, it means you no longer need to learn this way. You now understand that everything flows out from Source (Divine Consciousness) within. Therefore, why do so many of you continue to anticipate and expect difficulty, pain, and suffering?

The evolutionary tools that were necessary for you long ago are no longer relevant but as long as you continue to make them a part of your consciousness, they will appear. Release everything reflecting duality and separation, not in an absolute way, but rather in awareness and replacement with truth way. Accept that the Omniscient, Omnipresent, Omnipotent living Light is already fully present within you.

Humans struggle to hold their “life medallion” with its good side out at all times, even gluing it in place with all the three dimensional “glues” they are aware of but if their consciousness is one of duality and separation, their “life medallion” must sooner or later flip to the bad side because duality will always express as the pairs of opposites.

You are ready to allow the true forgiveness of self and others to become your attained state of consciousness which means allowing an honest examination and re-evaluation of all issues still causing physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual pain. Deeply buried or ignored experiences can and often do remain unconscious for lifetimes but are nevertheless alive and well in the person’s energy field until cleared.

Forgive yourselves for past offences and actions taken from a less evolved state of consciousness. Release those still running programs of guilt, regret, judgement, and criticism through accepting that you brought these experiences into manifestation through ignorance. You were living from your highest level of awareness at that time which is all that is required of anyone, but are no longer that state of consciousness–you have graduated.

Forgiveness does not mean you become best buddies with your seeming nemesis, but rather means you recognize that they too are spiritual beings having human experiences in order to learn. Often the very person who has caused you the most discomfort in this life is in reality a dear close friend from your soul group who volunteered to play the “villain” this time around in order for you to learn.

However, forgiveness never means being a doormat or are not allowed to speak your truth, saying what needs to be said to someone. Allow the words you are guided to express to flow on an energy of love (silent recognition of the other’s Divinity) rather than anger (separation), and always asking yourself; “What did I learn about my own belief system from this experience?”

You are spiritually prepared to allow any remaining buried energies out of the basement where you have kept them hidden, perhaps for lifetimes–no more resistance, ignoring, or giving power to them regardless of how painful or unpleasant. Old energy often surfaces and clears through dreams. If this happens and it is intense, do not fear, resist, or make a power out of the experience but rather rejoice in the realization that you are finally clearing these old energies.

Past life experiences involving torture or intense suffering that resulted in death or severe injury often remains alive and well in a person’s cellular memory until they are spiritually prepared to acknowledge and integrate these energies which often continue manifest as an intense fear of some certain person, place, or activity. Example: Falling to one’s death from a cliff lifetimes ago today may manifest as an intense and inordinate fear of heights.

Consciousness, the substance of all form–“What am I continuing to hold in my consciousness?”

Those who choose to end their lives early are not punished as many believe, but are lovingly welcomed home and helped to understand that they were learning something from their experiences. In their next incarnation these dear ones must once again get to the same or a similar difficult place and this time move past it. Nothing is ever for nothing. No one is ever lost because there is only ONE.

It is a new time and a new consciousness you will be living. We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to allow yourselves to let go of grievances you may still hold for certain persons, places, organizations, or things. Grievances represent separation, an energy you cannot take with you into the new.

The three dimensional belief system consists of concepts that promote entitlement, that the goal of life is to be happy, rich, beautiful, and to experience every good however one can. When those of this mindset find they are unable to achieve these goals they will often turn to drugs or alcohol in the belief that they are failures which simply further empowers the very situations of lack, limitation, pain, and suffering they sought to be rid of. More often than not, these experiences are “wake up calls” meant to force the individual into new and higher insight.

Regardless of how beautiful, rich or famous a person becomes, these things all remain behind when the person “goes home”. The only thing that remains forever with each and every soul is their state of consciousness which they bring with them into their next incarnation. This is the secret of “child prodigies” who are simply souls who attained a high level of expertise in some particular area throughout previous lifetimes and now carry this expertise with them as an attained state of consciousness.

You cannot slip backward to an outgrown state of consciousness, although some attempt it when they believe life was easier before. With each incarnation, you pick up where you left off. Everyone carries their attained state of consciousness with them wherever they go, and in reality no one is responsible for another’s problems.

What may look to others to be a very un-evolved life, may in reality be an upgrade from the person’s last life which is why it is foolish to judge by appearances. Everyone is only able to live out from his or her attained state of consciousness but everyone is continually adding to their spiritual awareness regardless of how un-awakened they may seem to others. This is how evolution works.

Perhaps in previous lifetimes a person easily got away with nefarious actions toward others–stealing, using, lying etc. but this time around, these familiar methods resulted in a prison sentence. The whole scenario was most likely part of his/her chosen soul contract as being necessary for soul growth. Next incarnation, he/she will incarnate with a more evolved consciousness prepared for a higher way of living but most likely still perceived from a third dimensional level at first. So on, and so on goes evolution.

Gaia is a living soul in earth form and not material matter to be owned, destroyed, and used for self serving. Gaia took the body of earth in order to provide a place for people to evolve but as the result of mankind’s ignorance and selfishness has become very damaged and has chosen to ascend to a higher resonance. Please include this living, breathing, loving soul in your realizations of truth and Light.

We are the Arcturian Group 3/10/19

Note; Due to commitments and some travel, the next Arcturian Group Message will not be until April 7th.

Thank you,



Aluna Ash- 9D: Energy Update, Pole Shift, Dimensional Shift, The Magnetic Sun & Our Brain 2/12

Energy Update, Pole Shift, The Sun & Our Brain 2/12

Streamed live 82 minutes ago

Sorry if theres glitches!

That’s supposed to be a drawing of the brain😂 May not resonate..

what I share is based off my own perception, research & guidance. Listen to your internal guidance & knowing always.

We are basically just shifting in our own individual and collective perception..which then creates a new paradigm or pattern😍😎🤗

Plasma wave/cosmic rays from the Sun stargate coming in this week. Some may feel this around Feb 15th-20th. Based off my guidance & galactic/solar cycle patterns I’ve been mapping since 2016

I only mentioned the projection and manifestation being an internal thing when it comes to relationships soulmates Twin Flame or Divine counterpart connections because it really stinks to see so many suffering or focusing on the pain of not having that person physically or not communicating with them.. when I just think its the detachment from the 3D transactional experience externally before internal- is lesson being mastered.



Jennifer Hoffman: February 2019 Energy Report

We’re into another month and this one will be focused on cleaning up after the chaos of January. Remember that chaos is the result of dis-integration of old paradigms and we’re seeing a lot of that now. The energy focus for February is connection and the other 5D energies of collaboration, community, and creativity (which is also the theme of 2019). This can be a great month if we don’t get lost in confusion, self doubt, and forgetting that we are masters of our own universe and .

February’s new moon is another one in the series that began in November 2018 where all of the new moons are at 15 degrees of their sign, which continues through April. 15 degrees is the midpoint of a sign, which is the fulcrum or balance point with equal amounts of energy on either side. This is a neutral point, where there is harmony in giving and in receiving. Are we having lessons in being balanced in all areas of our lives? This new moon is in the sign of Aquarius, ruling community, friends, social groups, and connections.

Does that remind you of what’s going on in the world now? Think of how many connections we make via the internet that has created an interconnected global community. Think about the Q movement (whether you follow it or not) and the strong global community of an estimated 500 million or more dedicated, loyal, and committed followers it has. This is not a political statement, it’s an example of 5D energy at work which is all about community, connections, and expanding our awareness of ourselves as the human family on a global and universal level.

We also have a full moon at 0 Virgo on February 19, falling in the cycle which began in November 2018 where all of the full moons are at 0 degrees of their sign. The number zero (0) does not mean nothing, it is pure potential and means no-thing, energy waiting for an intention to bring it to form, energy looking for an energy container to fill. So see each full moon period until May as being pure potential, completing the old (a full moon is a completion), to start  fresh and new.

This full moon brings Chiron, the wounded healer, into focus again. Chiron has been a huge factor in all of the work we have been doing for the past two years as its presence in Pisces brings up the old, deep, and very traumatic soul wounding we have suffered from for many lifetimes. These are being brought to our awareness and attention now because we say we want to ascend and these old soul wounds keep us grounded in their energy of pain and trauma. This is especially true this month as we have Chiron at the final degree of Pisces which Mercury will highlight later this month as it approaches this degree to begin its retrograde in March.

Yes we have a Mercury retrograde in March and its shadow begins on February 21 at the degree of the March 6 new moon. Prepare for an extra strong dose of healing potential all month and into March. I’ve described the special relationship between Chiron and Mercury, Virgo and Pisces before so I won’t elaborate here. Just know that with this month’s emphasis on relationships and love, with Valentine’s Day, having all of this Chiron energy bringing up soul wounds may be a bit difficult but it’s a reminder to close out these old karmic relationship and love energy cycles that have been so painful and unfulfilling, so we can welcome new ones.

Let’s talk about Valentine’s Day, a day which some of you may look forward to, some may ignore entirely, and others dread it because it reminds them of how long it has been since they have had a relationship, or it is a reminder of every bad, failed, tough, and terrible relationship they have ever had.

Instead of being sad, mad, depressed, or angry this Valentine’s Day, do something nice for yourself. Treat yourself to a spa day, do something you enjoy, buy yourself some flowers, send yourself a beautiful card with a note about how wonderful and valuable you are, or treat yourself to a lovely lunch or dinner at your favorite restaurant.

Do you know that the word ‘restaurant’ is from a French word which means ‘to restore or revive’?

Why wait until someone comes into your life to do these things for you? Show yourself some love this month and then enjoy yourself while you’re doing it. And who knows, by going out and doing something nice you just may meet someone.

Miracle energy is high this month, so be prepared to use it.

This month we get a test of our energetic sovereignty and have the opportunity to explore our energetic maturity, which can be a lesson in how we move on from the past.

Do we get stuck in the energy of the past or are we going to move forward into the future?

Does the past define us in the present moment or is it just a blip on the radar of our life that serves as a reminder of where we have been that we do not want to visit again?

Or it’s about the lessons we learned that we’re going to use as a foundation to create stronger energy boundaries, more powerful intentions, and a greater focus on our self esteem, which we must have to become more self-loving.

We can be a drop of water looking for an ocean or the vast ocean itself.

Remember we cannot have someone in our life who loves us more than we love ourselves. This month’s focus on love and relationship can start with the relationship we have with ourselves, it is our most important one. January may have created a mess but in February we have the tools to clean it up
and restore ourselves to our divine congruence that brings peace, joy, love, prosperity and most of all, harmony.

Time to get out the mop, bucket, broom, and dustpan and get to work. Have a wonderful month.


If you like this article and would like to work with me because you are ready for profound personal and spiritual transformation, consider a personal intuitive consultation or intuitive coaching, where we work together to examine your life path, purpose, potential, and possibilities and help you choose one that will bring you the joy, abundance, love, peace and power that you are ready for. Click here to explore the possibilities for transformation.

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Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message, January 25, 2019


Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message,

January 25, 2019

Following the interest shown in the “Event” extract in a recent message, I am now including a longer extract that is very informative and well detailed. It certainly reads better in the present day, bearing in mind that the original message as per the extract below went out on the 22nd November 2013.

“THE EVENT” a Lord Sananda message extract through ElizabethTrutwin.

About 2000 years ago Sananda Kumara was incarnate on Earth as Jesus with the Master Plan in place to Ascend Earth. The Plan failed then as Caesar of Rome created Maritime Law making slavery the Law of the Land. A new Plan had to be made because the dark cabal had taken the Grand experiment beyond intentions. About 500 years ago the Rothchild’s in England hid the fact that Sir Francis Bacon was St. Germain incarnate on Earth. They had dark dealings with money and crimes which denied Sir Francis Bacon the throne. He would have been next in line as King of England and from that position able to make changes to heal the Planet and end Duality. In recent years the dark Cabal continued to wage worldwide war for their benefit, and have attempted multiple times to create World War III and have failed. Mass starvation, nuclear threats, land grabs, insider trading, mass psychological attacks like 9/11 and Banks too big to fail have led to a moment when the Galactic’s could intervene, because the one caveat in the Prime Directive has been violated beyond what is allowed.

What is new is that the Archangels led by Archangel Michael and Archangel Metatron, initiated a Super Portal on 11.11.13. This is a special dispensation that will allow for the requirements to be met to bring on the “Event.’ Earth is a Trinary Star System with Sirius A, Sirius B and Sol our Sun. Jupiter will be the next Sun in our Solar System. Earth is in the Photon Belt and moving into the Pleiades through the Central Sun Alcyone. A Super Portal has opened near Jupiter and it is a portal which operates like a wormhole and opens into the Light Matter Universe of On. This Multidimensional Portal allows in Super Charged Magnetic Light from On to enter into this Solar System and to Earth. Earth has raised an entire Octave since the Equinox in September 2013, and the new energy will make it possible for Earth to enter Zero Point.

What is new about this Portal is a decision was made by the Council of Gods that Earth required this special dispensation as the best way to bring in changes. It carries with it a heavy reality. All has been done to allow as many Souls as possible to go on to New Earth. Since Earth is a Planet with Free Will, some have refused to make the necessary changes to remain on Earth beyond Earth’s Ascension into the Higher Realms. More Souls will be leaving than was anticipated. This is what Ashtar spoke of in a channel. The Super Portal is pouring in Higher Vibrational energies that act to buoy Earth into the Higher Dimensions. In these Higher Dimensions all living on Earth are able to access their Etheric Bodies and travel in their Merkaba Bodies and truly live multidimensional lives. In this High Energy the Light Cities will be accessible. Those not moving on to the New Earth will experience it as a vibration they cannot sustain within their 3D body. These darker denser energies will remain on 3D Earth and continue there. Their physical body will be projected on to 3D Earth and as far as they know no change has taken place. They will continue to deny the Higher Teachings and in their perception nothing will change. Those timelines will continue for now in duality.

Meanwhile 5D Earth will be raised by the Cosmic Builders as a Space Ship rises away from its take off point and flies out of its atmosphere into deep space. Each of the Planets are firmly anchored in place by their energy Grids in orbit and relation to the Planets around them. This Super Portal will have the effect of Earth moving Higher in the Dimensions in the same way we move a bead up a string. It will drop the old Timelines and become Lighter and will exist Higher in the Cosmic Grid, it will bubble up.

Much has been said by us about right timing. Divine Timing for the Event is one of the requirements. Ashtar always says No Dates, No Nukes, No Flukes. The truth is that there are windows of opportunity which come up only a couple of times a year in which the “Event’ can take place. This Super Portal speeds the changes in energy to make it possible for the “Event’ to take place. The likelihood that it will happen soon have been greatly raised since 11.11.13 with the Super Portal. If you are reading this and you repeatedly chosen to not take action and return to love, we will have to draw the line. If you have not been successful in raising your vibration to the minimum needed to sustain love you are invited to remain in duality awhile longer and rejoin Higher Dimensional Earth when you have prepared accordingly. There are no short cuts. Still there are No Dates, No Nukes, No Flukes. Nothing can stop Earth from Ascending.

All of the minimum needed requirements for survival will be freely given to all on Earth. All is prepared and ready to go and has been for some time. Homes for the Homeless, clean water, abundant food, replicators and healing technologies, free energy and more. This will be accomplished by millions of Galactic’s, and by their ships and the technologies they have brought here. This has been planned a very long time.


I feel that as more information comes out it will need circulating to reach as many people as possible. In accordance with the Prime Directive because Earth is a planet of freewill, each soul will have to make a choice as to whether they are ready to incorporate the new energies to ascend, and enter the Golden Age. It would seem that there is ample time to make up your minds, but if you have chosen to ascend the sooner you concentrate on your evolution the better it will be.

This message comes with the guidance of my Higher Self. Let your Light shine out and touch the hearts of those around you. Your presence has a much greater effect than you could possibly imagine.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


Please send any questions and/or comments to Mike at

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Eclipse Aftermath: What we learned, what to focus on now + Planetary Liberation News Analysis & Cobra’s “tsunami” 2019-01-23 | The Unknown Lightwarrior | RETURN TO YOUR TRUTH

Eclipse Aftermath: What we learned, what to focus on now + Planetary Liberation News Analysis & Cobra’s “tsunami” 2019-01-23 | The Unknown Lightwarrior | RETURN TO YOUR TRUTH

Boy oh boy …

We ECLIPSED (pun intended) our achievement of the massive Solar Eclipse mediation of Aug 2017.

I knew the turnout would be strong. But I honestly didn’t know we’d be able to pull that off to such a degree!

All this breakthrough on the back of real provable 3D events like:

bills introduced to abolish the IRS, and subsume the Fed into the US Treasury

military tribunals already beginning

and the massive clearing of the mental plane the 144k did on the New Moon Jan 5th mass meditation

plus much more …

If there’s ever a case of us 144k members needing to ‘stick with it’ … this is clearly it.

So … onto the important ‘clarification’ points I’ll be discussing on this week’s episode of Ground Crew Command … such as “where to from here” … among other exciting developments.

How you can take [planetary] matters into your own hands

Grid Specialist Michelle Gibson joins us for her 2nd appearance on Ground Crew Command, to discuss experiences that you’re more than likely to relate to quite strongly.

We all see things in the news … or in some esoteric writing & media … that either anger us or creates a major sense of urgency about the need to ‘do something about it’.

Many of us (and I’ve been there as well) ‘freak out’ … email the nearest ‘guru’ or trusted energy worker, and say “you’ve gotta do this, (energetically clear it) or you gotta do that”.

And you never hear from them or it just doesn’t get worked on. And yes, if these sorts of things don’t get worked on, it does slow down planetary liberation.

Well dear ones … those days are gone. With Michelle, we’ll get into:

▪ what you can do, to TAKE CHARGE, and clear massive physical or non-physical issues of the past … to free yourself & those suffering around said issue of this … without any waiting or hoping.

▪ How you can be the ‘guru’ and in the process … rediscover powers that have been sitting there, waiting for you to discover them by ‘taking matters into your own hands’ when it comes to planetary clearing work (aka, external work)

▪ … and what Michelle did … the example she set … to handle the intense planetary & human ‘quagmires’ that tends to bog down the ascension process … with all the energetic backing she could possibly need to TAKE CHARGE of whatever she saw out there in the world that was really worrying her.

This is crucial coaching … to remind you that…

You are NOT Small!



What To Shine The Transmutation Light of Your Consciousness on, This Week

A full analysis of the latest, with the inevitable big focus on the Eclipse meditation aftermath. Crucial clarity will be delivered, especially around:

• What to focus on now, to bring the Event closer still, without the roughness that’s made life so hard … to proceed with your life with more confidence … all the way to the Event.

• How to make the absolute most of this massive breakthrough that Cobra has confirmed, to show all our Higher-Selves & upper realm Light Beings … that we are no longer ‘lower-selves’ … we’ve matured … evolved … and we’re ready for the big responsibilities that come with freedom & massive power, in order to get that next big internal UPGRADE … to therefore transform the external!

• The 3 reasons to why you don’t have to feel anger or worry about the ‘tsunami’ that will result from the pole shift after the Event … (and yes, even for the plants & animals).

• The new responsibility of the 144k, to insure the energetic breakthroughs are SUSTAINED and continue to build on themselves … for the PHYSICAL breakthrough to occur ASAP.

• What the 144k must do with the ‘bubbles of heaven’ to accelerate things

• Cobra confirms, per the ‘Why Goddess Worship Needs to Come Back’ article I released a couple of months ago … the Cabal’s attempt to wreck kundalini activation from aligned/undistorted polarities of male-female interactions, that’s instrumental to planetary liberation. Hence the heavy demonization of masculinity in the recent Gillette commercial.

• How the Goddess article mentioned above, shows women’s role is even more than the already massive responsibility of creating their feminine resonance field that is the ‘Contact Dish’ for The Event. And it all involves BEING in their femininity. This article explains why it’s so much more powerful than the masculine.

• The real reason behind Cobra’s drive to create Islands of Light (small communities on the surface) inhabited by soul families.

• … as for 3D results of our energy work, more bombshells land … as the US Military, along with their Chinese & Russian allies have taken over the all Global accounts (incl Vatican & Fed accounts). How and why did this happen now, at THIS point in time/space? … Why not a few weeks or months ago?

• Find out what else happened in the physical plane to prove that the ‘energetic tables’ have truly turned!

• How the “government shutdown” in the US is part of a legal & strategic move to simply fire all employees of oppressive agencies like the IRS & TSA, and corrupts members of law enforcement like in the FBI / DOJ / CIA.

• …. and to legally shut down many civilian courts that would take a million years to process such large numbers of Cabal … Luciferian … and pedophile dark incarnates

• Learn the real reason behind the Pelosi flight being grounded

BIG stuff going on, but it’s all for nothing if you don’t have a higher perspective & thus the ability to bring clarity to the table … all of that is right here waiting for you on …

Ground Crew Command (live broadcasts every Wed 9pm EDT) … YOUR central support network; and your weekly dose of empowering clarity, inspiration & motivation to get you through the Archon invented “work week” –

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Or connect from your browser with the link above.

p.s. If you haven’t joined the 144,000 Army of Light that’s being built … and you feel the calling or desire, watch the short video at this link & click to join! Let’s take charge & Liberate This Planet!

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See you there!

The Unknown Lightwarrior


The host of Ground Crew Command Radio & organizer of the 144,000 Activation Campaign is The Unknown Lightwarrior: a member of a powerful team of Lightwarriors & Lightworkers who either remotely or in person, clear & restore to the Light; natural and man made power centers, vortexes, portals, ley-lines, control rooms, sacred geometry and all darkness obstacles on the etheric, astral, and plasma planes… to put you, me and the whole planet on the fastest timeline to the Event. To learn about the Global Leylines Tachyon Chamber Project, and/or the Activation of the 144,000 Campaign, or to access powerful healing (down to soul level) … clearing … energy surgery
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Jennifer Hoffman: December 2018 Energy Report

December 2018 Energy Report

Can you believe it’s the final month of 2018? What a year it has been and this month is an energy wrap-up as we put the finishing touches on a year of spiritual initiation (an 11 year) and prepare for a year where creative energy, intention, and manifestation, all 5D energies, will dominate. Are you ready for 5D creation? If you aren’t sure what that means I’ll explain it in this article and just to get you started, it’s about being the CEO – that’s Creative Expansion Officer – of your energy, managing your energy container, setting good boundaries, and creating the energy path to fulfill your intention. To prepare for that the theme for December is efficiency and how we manage our use of our energy.
December opens in a completion cycle which is perfect for the final month of the year. Think of tying up loose ends, finishing what you started, taking care of your life’s business and re-organizing your priorities. Did you take on too much? Maybe it’s a good time to re-assess your commitments and let a few go. It’s OK to tell someone that you cannot meet a commitment and have to let it go. In fact, it’s far better to do that than to try to force yourself to honor a time or energy commitment you wish you had never said yes to and that you allow to drain your energy with regret, self judgment, and anger.

This is why I said the theme for December is efficiency because we need to learn how to be efficient in how we use our energy. Efficiency means to perform in the best possible way with the least amount of waste of time, energy, and effort.

This month we can do an efficiency review of our energy and ask the following questions:

  1. Is this situation the best use of my energy?
  2. Am I doing things that I enjoy doing and being part of?
  3. Have I over-committed my energy resources, am I giving and not receiving anything in return?
  4. Is there another potential for my energy that I have not considered yet?

These questions don’t mean that you stop doing things for others, that you don’t exercise kindness and compassion, and that you pull your energy from everything. They do give you the opportunity to reconsider your own options before you give to others and to ensure that you are not over-committed, drained, tired, stretched to the limit, and unable to meet your own energy needs.

To explore the full potential of 2019’s creative options we will need to have full control of our energy so we have the energetic resources to expand into our new potentials and possibilities and not have energy leaks and drains sapping our resources. To do this we will have to learn to say no to people and situations that are not an efficient use of our energetic resources. That may be hard to do at first but remember that often the people you think you disappointment by rejecting their requests for assistance are merely inconvenienced because they have to ask someone else (see my article on Disappointed or Inconvenienced at this link).

So what does December have in store? First, the month opens with a Mercury retro which ends on December 6 and Mercury is at 29 Scorpio, recalling the long Saturn retro over this degree from June to September 2015. We also have 4 planets at 29 degrees of their sign. This is the degree of completion which contains all of the energy of that transit for us to reconsider, re-assess, and release before we take that next step. What an excellent message for December.

And we have a new moon on December 6 at 15 Sagittarius and a full moon on December 22, the Equinox, at 0 Cancer. Remember from the November Energy Report, from November through April 2019, all new moons are at 15 degrees, the degree of alchemy, and all full moons are at 0 degrees, the degree of absolute potential. 0 is no thing, where infinite potential exists because it is energy that has not yet taken form, which we do with our intention. It’s great support for our creative path in 2019. Every month we’ll have support for creation and transformation and unlimited potential.

One interesting astro point – Mars is in Pisces all month and moves into Aries on January 1. Mars rules Aries, the first sign of the zodiac so with its Pisces transit in December it is bringing us full circle, the Alpha becomes the Omega, the initiate completes their path and achieves mastery. I first wrote about this in the March 2015 energy report, which you can read at this link.

It is interesting that the new year will begin with Mars in its own sign of Aries, the sign of the pioneer, way-shower, and new beginnings, at the critical zero point, the very first degree of the zodiac. Another example of the alpha becoming the omega, coming full circle into energy congruence, becoming 360 within our Divine Trinity, and aligning our humanity with our divinity in a flow of congruent harmony.

Do we need any more proof of the powerful creative potential that we are stepping into now?

The Solstice of  December 21 and is followed by a new moon at 0 Cancer representing home, family, the mother, and emotions. We have a lot of Chiron activity again this month, so look at the Martyred Healer paradigm you may be engaged in and start thinking about moving into your Empowered Mastery. Emotions impact our energy field, our health, our mental state, and every aspect of our lives. Pay attention to your emotional energy this month, and watch how your emotions either drain your energy or expand it.

November ended with a surprising announcement, the death of George HW Bush, a former US president. His death marks an important release of a significant amount of 3D density as he was a major cornerstone and embodiment of that paradigm of domination, power, greed, and control. There was a noticeable lifting of energy with his passing and we’re going to see more of the dismantling of this 3D power structure in  December and in 2019.  Jupiter’s entry into Sagittarius supports truth, justice, and higher thought and actions. Anything less than that will no longer be supported by the collective energy.

And finally December 2018 has a 5 energy, the number of transition from material to spiritual. Look at how 5 is written, it can become an 8 or a 6. The 6 is Virgo, representing detail, judgment, and service, and the 8 represents infinity, empowerment, and rebirth or destruction. Virgo is either in service as a servant or of servant as a Light Beacon or master.

The 8th sign of the zodiac is Scorpio, which has three representations – the phoenix which rises from the ashes of its destruction to be reborn, stronger and more powerful than before, the scorpion which stings itself with its own tail, or the eagle, which soars high in the sky with very clear sight that either focuses on minute details or sees far ahead into the horizon. These are key topics this month, they figure prominently in how we will use the creative energy of 2019 to expand into new and wonderful possibilities, and they are also described more in my upcoming book, which will be published this month.

It’s a powerful month so get complete and give yourself closure, learn to manage your energy resources, become your own Creative Expansion Officer (CEO) and start thinking about what you want to create in 2019.


If you like this article and would like to work with me because you are ready for profound personal and spiritual transformation, consider a personal intuitive consultation or intuitive coaching, where we work together to examine your life path, purpose, potential, and possibilities and help you choose one that will bring you the joy, abundance, love, peace and power that you are ready for. Click here to explore the possibilities for transformation.

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Magenta Pixie: Triple 11 Gateway – November 11th 2018 (Ultimate Paradoxical Unification) – 11-11

Triple 11 Gateway – November 11th 2018
(Ultimate Paradoxical Unification) – 11-11

Published on Nov 9, 2018

Critical Mass amongst Starseeds of Paradoxical Consciousness and the Creation of the Fifth Dimensional Gaia through polarity understanding, rainbow bridge creation/connection within a seven year cycle and Zero Point, Twin Flame ‘Double Unity’, Holy Trinity and the sacred square.
Channelled, written and narrated by Magenta Pixie. Video compiled by Catzmagick.
Magenta Pixie Website:
Books by Magenta Pixie: “The Infinite Helix and the Emerald Flame”
“Divine Architecture and the Starseed Template”…
“Masters of the Matrix”…


Jennifer Hoffman: November 2018 Energy Report

November is a month for intentional action as we’ll see old cycles end as new ones begin, big changes in spiritual understanding and awareness, and space created for new energies so we can expand into greater multi-dimensional potentials and realities. November’s keywords are justice and karma with a strong 11-11 vibration, as the 11th month in an 11 year. We haven’t had this kind of energy since November 2009 and at that time we were nowhere near as awake and aware as we are now. Are you ready for an exciting, action-packed month? It’s here so let’s get started.

The entire year has a strong 11 vibration (2018 is an 11 year) which is the number of the initiate on the spiritual mastery path. 11 is the first of the 3 mastery numbers and we tend to forget that the initiate is charting new spiritual territory and learns by trial and error, it’s the first step on the mastery path. We can expect to encounter challenges and have doubts about our abilities, but our lesson is to learn from them and forge ahead, integrating the lessons into our next steps.

In November we have access to the result of several decades of lessons to apply to our new path. With the nodes and Jupiter changing signs and completing important cycles, we are considering the lessons of energy from April and July 2000 and November 2006 (the previous time Jupiter was in Sagittarius).

What were you doing then that is coming back around now? How is your life different today than it was then? More importantly, how much has your awareness expanded today, giving you access to new frequencies, vibrations, potentials, and possibilities? *note: Jupiter was in Gemini, Sagittarius’ opposite sign, in 2000.

Not only are we are going to be seeing the continued implosion of 3D density timelines in the face of the 5D integration and expansion, anything that constricts our energy, is not supportive of this integration or is opposed to it, is going to have its day of reckoning. The karma wheel is turning now and it is seeking completion and closure or, if we choose that path, it will start another karma cycle for us.

Jupiter moving into Sagittarius, a sign it rules, brings forward the concepts of higher thinking, philosophy, legal issues and law, spirituality, and justice. In ancient astrology Jupiter ruled Pisces, the sign of spirituality, the unseen world, and the illusion. Jupiter governs justice which we tend to think of in terms of courts and law but justice refers to fairness, balance, and equilibrium.

All wrongdoing must be righted, giving must be balanced with receiving, competition is replaced with collaboration, and justice must not be tilted in favor of one person or another. This is a tenet of the spiritual path, that everything must be balanced. We cannot be a giver and not receive, we cannot be a healer and not focus on our own healing, we cannot be made powerless without having a chance to reclaim our power.

Jupiter also brings the truth to light in ways we cannot ignore. Sagittarius is the archer who shoots arrows of truth with laser accuracy. Do you think that being the biggest planet in our solar system gives Jupiter extra ‘weight’ in issues? I think so.

Energetic sovereignty is the outcome of this month’s energy and the moon’s node change reflects that as well.

The nodes changing sign are also a big event this month because they are an indicator of generational energies and shifts. In April 2000 the nodes moved into Cancer/Capricorn where they will be again this month. Think of the changes we have seen in the world since 2000 and all of the disappointments as the turn of the century did not bring the peace, joy, love, and abundance to us and to the world that we thought it would. That period also brought corporate dominance into the world stage. We saw the rise of the ‘corporatocracy’; some would call it the ’corruptocracy’. Now that concept gets re-visited in a new light as the karma wheel turns again.

Will we continue to see the multinational corporations continue to dominate the world? I don’t think so. Monsanto, one of the world’s biggest and, in my opinion, most destructive multinational corporations, was recently acquired by Bayer, another large multinational. Then, in a surprising court ruling, a California groundskeeper won a $278 million verdict in a lawsuit against Monsanto because the jury agreed that their herbicide caused his cancer. While the verdict amount was reduced to $78 million, the legal precedent was set, opening the door to over 1500 lawsuits against Monsanto for similar health issues caused by its herbicide products. Bayer stock is quickly losing value and the company won’t be able to afford the verdict payments in subsequent lawsuits. Karma in action? Is justice served? You decide. Monsanto is also responsible for the development and production of GMO products, which were secretly introduced into the food supply in 1995.

This principle applies to our lives relative to how we have been using our energies and where we are out of balance, not in equilibrium, not congruent or aligned with our own ascension path of divine congruence and harmony. How can we use November’s themes of justice and karma in our lives? Think of where your life is out of balance – where are you giving more than you are receiving? Where are you dimming your light so others can shine or won’t be blinded? Who are you trying to heal and what karmic cycles need to be ended?

These are important questions and they have big implications so you’ll need to consider them carefully. But the ascension path needs to continue to expand and these are our biggest limiters to forward movement and expansion.

As November opens Venus is retrograde in Libra, covering ground it first went over in September. Libra’s glyph is the scales and it rules relationships and partnerships. This is more encouragement to seek balance in our energy and with those we are connected too. We cannot always be the giver, the healer, the supporter, and the light for everyone without pausing occasionally to fill our own glass from the well of joy.

And we have the final Mercury retrograde of 2018 that begins on November 17 (the day after Venus turns direct) and that lasts until December 4. All of the normal Mercury retro cautions apply, double check communications, read everything before you sign it, expect travel delays, and expect some aspect of the past to rise up.

But there is another aspect of this Mercury retro that is a blast from the past. It ends its retro period in the final degrees of Scorpio, the degrees Saturn slowly crossed from June to September 2015. Every time I see a retrograde over those degrees it reminds me of that tough period in 2015 when everything seemed to be so hard, so much was dredged up, and we had to battle our own fears to keep moving forward.

As we continue through these cycles, and they do get more enlightened and easier as we move along, those final degrees of Scorpio will continue to trigger strong change, introspection, and release of stuck energy.

As if the Evolution Revolution needed any more help this month, Uranus goes back into Aries and covering ground it first went over in July 2017. More of the past rises up for justice and karma review. Remember the reason is not punishment or revenge, it is to achieve equilibrium and balance, so look at everything through that lens.

Along with Uranus in Aries we have Eris, the social justice warrior, also in Aries. Uranus and Eris have been traveling together since 2016, empowering people everywhere to stand up for their truth and social change that removes corruption, evil, and injustice. In the past few years we have learned a lot about the injustice and evils done to the most vulnerable, weakest, and most disenfranchised people around the world, especially women and children.

We can thank Eris for that knowledge and Uranus for the strong action taken to fight against it. The evil has existed for centuries – now we know about it. That battle moves forward into a bigger effort now and we are united, as the family of humanity, against those who wish to harm others in the name of greed, power, and corruption.

Don’t forget about Chiron, the wounded warrior, which is in Pisces this month, where it will strengthen Jupiter’s time in Sagittarius and is also heavily active at this time. Soul wounds are triggered and activated for healing and release. Your most painful lessons are always your greatest sources of empowerment. This is your point of pain that you can turn into your point of empowerment.

The November new moon in Scorpio on the 7th assists us in finding comfort and peace after digging deeply to find the sources of our pain. Normally a Scorpio new or full moon can be very emotionally painful. This one presents a new option, the congruent harmony, peace, joy, and divinity that are possible when we are willing to release our emotional baggage and engage our intuition and spirit to uncover our real truth and wear it proudly.

The full moon of the 23rd is at 0 Gemini, shining its light brightly on Jupiter, newly placed in its ruling sign, ready to balance the scales of truth, justice, and the divine path.

And here’s an interesting observation, the 15th degree of any sign is the balance point, which holds the full energy of the sign. It is also the number representing divine harmony, spiritual and material balance, and manifestation. From November to April 2019, all of the new moons are at 15 degrees.

November 2018 continues the move towards the big Saturn/Pluto Capricorn conjunction and stellium of 2020, a once in 500+ year alignment. If you add the big group of planets that will also be in Capricorn at the time, it’s probably more like a once in 5000 years event. All of the planets are moving into position over the next 14 months. We are going to see the balancing out of self sovereignty versus corporate rulership over the next two years and probably a rise in entrepreneurs and business startups as more people leave their jobs to pursue their own dreams, gifts, passions, and talents.

The Cancer/Capricorn node change in 2000 saw massive job layoffs (I am a veteran of those) and corporate restructuring with the loss of lifetime employment and job and career security. Many people lost their jobs and had to change careers or start a business. I predict that this new cycle is going to feature people voluntarily leaving the corporate world to pursue their dreams. Most will work from home, that is part of the Cancer North Node and step into self empowered self sovereignty, that is the Capricorn South Node.

We’ll also probably see more emotional healing that will allow new relationships to begin on a less karma-based and more balanced basis with strong boundaries that help us keep our energy flows managed, aligned with our intention, and going in the direction of our manifestation and outcomes.

Your Point of Empowerment this month is self awareness, self sovereignty, and moving from healing into wholeness into congruence. That is the healing path which is our soul mission and life purpose.

Be in your own energy field and power, take a stand for your self sovereignty. Have strong energy boundaries that manage the flow of your energy and allow you to be in control of what you manifest in your life.

Avoid staring at the closing doors and face the new portals of potential that open up for you instead.  What has ‘run out of energy road’ is no longer a source of empowerment for you. Ascension is a dynamic process, change is an inevitable consequence of that process. While chaos does happen when paradigms dis-integrate, it can be temporary when we have a strong intention to guide our energy into new dimensions of manifestation that can create joy, peace, prosperity, and congruent harmony out of the chaos.

Buckle up buttercups, it’s going to be a high vibe, wild ride this month. Have a wonderful month.


If you like this article and would like to work with me because you are ready for profound personal and spiritual transformation, consider a personal intuitive consultation or intuitive coaching, where we work together to examine your life path, purpose, potential, and possibilities and help you choose one that will bring you the joy, abundance, love, peace and power that you are ready for. Click here to explore the possibilities for transformation.

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Arcturian Group Message for OCTOBER 7 2018 by Marilyn Raffaele


Arcturian Group Message for OCTOBER 7 2018 

by Marilyn Raffaele

Dear readers, the time has arrived when both the awake and the un-awake are discovering that a great deal of change is beginning to take place within the status quo you are so used to. When change comes to firmly held belief systems, it causes a great deal of anxiety and fear because there is comfort and security in knowing what is going to happen, when, and how.

Wanting to plan and know the when and how of everything is a facet of the third dimensional mind set, one that sees itself separate from others and from God and thus must plan for every contingency in order to be safe and survive.

You are well aware at this point in your spiritual evolution that you are not separate and must begin living these truths and trusting that there is a bigger picture going on behind the scenes separate from what you are seeing and hearing on the news.

Dense creations of the three dimensional belief system are being exposed so that they can be recognized for what they are and changed. Each day more and more awaken to realize that a large number of commonly accepted laws, beliefs, teachings, and promotions are simply not true and do not serve the highest good of mankind.

Enlightened ways of seeing and doing are replacing many false beliefs in spite of the fact that there remain some willing to go to any length in order to maintain the status quo.

A huge component of the evolutionary journey throughout the ages has been the ongoing imbalance of masculine and feminine energies, each of which is actually fully present within every person. Attaining this balance is a necessity for anyone seriously seeking to spiritually evolve because the low resonating energy of separation cannot be brought into the higher energies of Oneness.

This is the reason so much cellular clearing is taking place at this time–accumulated false and lower resonating energies are simply unable align with higher frequencies–you can’t bring them with you.

You are witnessing the rise of the Divine Feminine because mankind is finally evolved enough to do the work along with the fact that powerful ascension energies are exposing the need for it. The Divine Feminine is the original energy of earth, located in the heart center of every person. Over time those seeking “power over” blocked, intentionally ignored, and closed their heart centers allowing only their analytical masculine side devoid of input from their feminine (love and equality) to dominate.

The “masculine” is the active, be-er, do-er, intellectual aspect of God . It’s energetic color is blue. The “feminine” is the love, intuition, receptivity aspect of God. Its color is pink. When perfectly balanced the resulting color is purple, the color of royalty and high status.

As with all reality, the feminine and masculine aspects of the Divine find expression on earth as physical form, emotions, and mental thinking. The masculine and feminine are the two halves of ONE whole. An individual’s spiritual evolution cannot proceed until this is realized, accepted, and becomes his attained state of consciousness. This is what is called the Mystical Marriage, reflected in the third dimension as ordinary marriage.

Because humans are consciousness and not bodies, it does not matter if the three dimensional sense of marriage takes place between two men, two women, or a man and woman. The Mystical marriage takes place within every person individually when they are ready and has nothing to do with concepts of marriage. The mystical marriage often leaves a person no longer desirous of human marriage or partnership, because they no longer feel the need to look to another to provide their missing half.

Your masculine is that part of you that acts to protect, plan, do, and analyze. Your feminine is that part of you that brings intuition, compassion, and love to the decisions and actions of the masculine. You all know people who are well balanced; the man who brings love and intuition into his actions and the woman who lovingly gets things done.

Issues of balance are not dependent on a person’s present physical body because humans are consciousness, not just flesh and bone. Every person brings with them energies accumulated in other lifetimes. If a soul has experienced lifetime after lifetime as female and then chooses to experience life as a male, he will continue to experience the familiar feminine energy he is used to until he adjusts to what is unfamiliar. It is the same for a female who has lived many lifetimes as a male.

This is the source of gender confusion. These dear ones are in the right and chosen body, but believe they are not because they are experiencing the energy of the other gender brought with them from past lives. This is also the reason a woman may have too much masculine energy or a man too much feminine. Gender related issues are often carried from lifetime to lifetime until false beliefs about gender and sexuality are evolved beyond and a person begins to understand that they carry both the masculine and the feminine.

Division, judgement, anger, superiority etc. regarding masculine versus feminine has run its three dimensional course and you are witnessing the dissolution of these obsolete separation beliefs as high resonating ascension energy flows to earth.

Attaining balance does not mean that women should begin acting like men, or that men should act like women. Gender is chosen pre-birth based on the dominant energy needed by the incoming soul. It means living as a man or woman with balance–men allowing their feminine to have a part in their actions and women allowing their masculine to express through the courage to make their own decisions while reclaiming any power they may have given away in order to be loved.

The feminine/masculine pendulum is swinging wildly beyond center at this time, but this is a necessary part of the process. Many still hold tightly to third dimensional concepts of “real men” being only those expressing in “macho” masculine ways and “real women” being only those who are clingy, powerless, and beautiful.

Many are acting out in frustration and anger because they are not being heard which reflects two levels of consciousness energetically unable to align. With time the pendulum will center and there will be a balance of masculine and feminine energy in both men and women because it is the reality. This is evolution

It is a new and energetically powerful time dear ones, and what you are witnessing unfold represents but the tip of the iceberg. World consciousness is changing and can never return to the old patriarchal beliefs of the past because the energies that gave birth to these beliefs is dissolving as more and more awaken.

There is and will continue to be discord for some time yet regarding the equality of masculine and feminine because these beliefs go far back in time and are deeply embedded in universal consciousness. Those who either consciously or unconsciously cling to them are in fear of losing the whatever seeming power patriarchy has for provided them. Anyone believing himself to be superior simply because he lives in a male body is in for a wake up call.

We have spoken mostly in regard to issues of male energy dominance, but there are some living in female bodies who also manipulate others by utilizing commonly accepted concepts of femininity for personal gain. Men as well as women desperately need to wake up and honor both aspects of themselves and others. This is love.

Try to not judge what you witness in the outer scene, but rather know that those involved as well as those observing are learning and evolving. You who resonate with these messages are already balanced or close to it. Many of you did this work in other lifetimes and are here to be an example of balance to others. Some of you will continue to experience situations necessary to the integration your masculine and feminine because you are ready.

A man who is spiritually ready but refuses to open his heart without attached conditions, or who relies completely on his intellect while ignoring his intuition, will begin to have life experiences that force him to activate his dormant feminine side.

A woman who is spiritually ready but continues looking to others to make decisions for her, believing that she must look and act a certain way in order to be loved, and surrenders personal power to others will begin to experience situations that force her to make decisions and reclaim her power.

Learning experiences for both men and women can be difficult, life changing, and frightening, but provide the necessary jolt required to shift an individual out of his or her comfortable but outgrown state of consciousness and into new and higher levels of awareness.

Silently and secretly send Light to all struggling with the masculine versus feminine issues surfacing at this time. Send Light to those who are rigid and ignorant regarding these matters as well as to those trying to present a more enlightened viewpoint.

You become a healer when you attain a consciousness of truth because your consciousness goes with you into every situation, lifting the energy of those who are receptive. Your awareness of what is taking place in the outer scene and your non-reaction to it, helps to shift the conditioned consensus consciousness to one no longer in alignment with what is false and outdated.

Be aware that much is coming that will validate what we are telling you. There are going to be changes that you never expected so let go of trying to figure it all out intellectually. As humanly smart as someone may be, unless he can align with the higher frequencies, his information will always be limited.

There is a plan, a bigger picture (evolution) happening on earth right now and it is being assisted by many evolved Beings of Light as well as extra- terrestrials from spiritually and technologically advanced planets–many of whom you will soon become aware of.

Remember and rest in;

God alone is power and all is proceeding according to plan.

We are the Arcturian Group 10/7/18

Donations are welcomed

©2018 |
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Lisa Transcendence Brown: Your Level of Consciousness is Going to BE BEyond Important


I prefer not to write this stuff, yet it’s important to assist those collectives finding themselves “challenged” with their own Consciousness/physical reality. I will explain, paint a “picture”, so all can read/see, and then CHOOSE: HOW to experience all… from inside… as Shifting your Energy/Consciousness, shifts your overall vibration, therefore your body’s transmission, therefore your physical experience…

This is not to create fear, it’s quite the opposite. It’s to create awareness, which can resolve the fear, through Intentional Conscious Expansion, which give you the power to then shift your own consciousness/act from a different space inside, therefore shifting the vibration of the reality and experience, by applying a different mindset to the reality, one that doesn’t hold judgment/fear/lack and emanate from the survival mode/root chakra area of Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root Chakra area of the body (hips/legs/feet too).

Conscious Awareness returns each’s power. Judgement/fear is a dis-empowered state. These are opposites. One allows you to act from your higher vision/you, the other is you acting/beliefs, from your lower dimensional/ego aspect. Choose.

The 3rd Density was a reality, a frequency bandwidth, created out of a level of (un)consciousness. If your body is in 3D, it’s going to be pure hell. If you are holding onto anything, beliefs, things, people… this is fear/attachment and lack. Root chakra-based… heart closed/mind closed. No/little deep inner-connection on a Soul Level. Fear/control/judgment rule these realities that increase “collapse mode”.

As the constructs for 3D timelines continue an accelerating process of dissolving/dismantling/deconstruction phase (template), the realities built on these go too. Judgement is an ego game of “blame/outside’s fault/I’m a victim” and complete disempowerment. This is a huge energy that all hold prior to physical body ascension can occur. It’s up to each to SEE this energy and choose not to play that lack game/program out anymore.

The human ego LOVES to judge and be a victim to outside being the fault. This is pure separation and it perpetuates the old until all the judgement goes. The conscious being OBSERVES the judgment and the mentalities stemming from this and comes to realize the game involved, which is “I’m not taking responsibility for my own Energy and owning my own reality. Instead I’m going to blame and gossip and point the finger at that/them, because if I don’t, I actually look at myself and realize it’s my lack of power/connection”. Judgement carries the stories on and re-inforces the “belief”. Pre-judging is each creating an opinion on all and bringing forth these “pre-judgments” based upon something not of the current vibrational experience (presence), because of some program still playing inside that individual/collective.

Judgement is PURE VICTIM mentalities/energy that loves to make everything “someone else’s” fault. Example: “I’m broke, they charge too much.” or “I’m not capable/they did this to me”. It’s an EXCUSE not to stand in your power and take responsibility for your own Energy/REALity as LOVE, abundant, infinite and Sovereign. There’s always a dualistic blame/fault/victim/perpetrator…. which perpetuates the 3rd/4th Density Experience…. which will become heavy, create chaos and take each to a “breaking point”. When instead, observing the judgment means we see it, yet it’s not our reality anymore.

I awoke to observing many Collectives, Cosmic Energies and “what’s to come” for 3D/4D realities maintaining a level of unconscious programming still. I share for each to understand, that shifting/expanding our consciousness, completely shifts this as “reality”…. to an alternate/very different one.

So, here we go: (3D/4D Consciousness). I’m making all as direct as possible. No fluffy stuff.

  • Harshness is “coming” (vibrational response) to all holding judgment/ego lack games still
  • Harshness means that those timelines/templates have collapsed and the experience is to clear the energy still held within.
  • Harshness is a word to describe a vibrational experience relative to unconsciousness
  • Harshness doesn’t “have to occur”, if each will CHOOSE to shift vibrationally/expand
  • This applies to still trying to make reality conform to old limited lack-based beliefs
  • Holding onto old ways
  • Allowing “Lack” to rule, therefore transmitting out for “lack” to be returned
  • Judgement is an Ego-Projection reflected back for each to observe/clear/see
  • Hearts closed/minds closed… which means the only reality available has to be as strong or stronger to get the heart/mind open finally/again. This can be soft/beautiful or harsh/rough. Our energy/level of consciousness dictates this.
  • Not self-accountable for own Energy (leaving from presence to “go off” and get caught up in something “outside”).
  • There is a “caged animal syndrome” (my phrase) that occurs, when the human ego aspect gets boxed in or realities are collapsing/control no longer works. This will increase for those deeply unconscious and trying anything to avoid opening their hearts and standing in their power as LOVE.
  • “Forced Change” is how the human ego experiences up-shifting and heart opening, because there is so much refusal/resistance energy held. Technically, on a Quantum Scale, it’s Energy relative and of a greater “force” to break those old constructs down and “break/dissolve” that energy…. yet the human aspect cannot understand this, because of the dis-empowered state of consciousness it lives in. This is going to increase as 3D templates go.
  • 3D = All HELL breaks loose on a collective/individual level (3D Version of Earth too). Closing your eyes, going deep inside, pulling away on an energetic level and shifting/tuning in to a higher state of consciousness can assist with shifting the actual experience, unless “you waited” too long, then the physical may play itself out, because of the amount of energy still held inside. (Unconscious programming/separation/dualistic energy).
  • 3D Energy has to fully clear. 4D is where all maintain “one foot in each reality” until all of this duality can clear on a physical level, for the (Light)Body to vibrate/Merkaba full activate (occurs over months/years), for Physical 5th Dimension to become HOME.
  • 5D/5th Density and above – Opposite realities from 3D. Flourishing, vibrant, abundant and alive, because the BEings here don’t operate from fear/lack-based programming anymore. This is called Transcendence…. and the whole physical reality is an alternate dimension and different frequency bandwidths only visible as each elevates their consciousness to see (then experience NEW Earth). First in dream/meditative state, to expand each’s consciousness, open hearts/minds and DNA/body template to re-write/build itself according to Quantum Geometrics (non-linear).
  • For Heaven to materialize, hell must dissolve inside. Hell was hidden for a long time. It started as an etheric thing, yet becomes a physical reality to held clear these energies/programs where they were housed in the physical body, often “undetected” for eons/years, masked by ignoring, pretending and suppression…. until no longer an option.
  • 3D/4D/5D (and way above) are accessed through each’s body….. Learning how to open access and clear this deep seated programming is an immense process for us all.
  • A complete re-education through higher consciousness practices and application is required. The whole body will go through a massive process to accomplish multi-dimensionality here.
  • The physical body “weights” (anchors) each in the lower dimensional realms of unconsciousness (amnesia/veiled). Each must get their body’s vibration high enough to “leave” the lower dimensions/frequency bandwidths “once and for all”.
  • Free-will (Choice). Human aspect “thinks” it has a choice or “thinks it doesn’t”, depending on the perspective/current dimensional experience. The only “choice” each has is within the present moment, fully connected or disconnected and dictated by which aspect/version is in charge/command. Human ego is unconscious, therefore technically the choice is unconscious too, which is not in full alignment on a SOUL LEVEL, therefore returning a distorted reality to experience (out of sync timeline/parallel). As a Higher Self (or in conjunction with our higher selves/aspects/Universe, depending on our own current vibration and “where” our higher aspects are “located” (within or out/up there), the decision is aligned on a Soul Level, therefore the reality created is fully aligned too. Any variance from this can create an alternative parallel to experience, splitting off from a fully aligned reality to experience something “necessary” to learn/dissolve separation/unconscious programming. One can step right back into the primary aligned timeline, if it’s still available or “have to wait” until another portal is opened for a different/similar opportUNITY to become available again. Sometimes it never will, as it wasn’t that important on a higher level/bigger picture kinda of thing. If it’s necessary for the bigger picture/highest dimensional existence, then it will. The human ego aspect won’t know which is which. Only the Soul Level Avatar/Higher Self can understand/see and intentionally activate/call this forth here. Free-will is misunderstood by the human ego aspect, as it thinks this is “control” and “what it wants”, when in essence it’s the opposite. It’s exercising vibrational choice and action (or conscious non-action) to shift a reality/timeline vibrationally and comes from a deep sacred respect, integrity, honor and love. The human ego aspect doesn’t have this capability. Each choosing which aspect/version is “in charge”, determines how all of this plays out. Control is removed when the linear/ego constructs “have to dissolve/collapse”, forgo the desperate ego, trying everything it can to “get out of” the current experience…
  • 5D Light BEings… This is a frequency bandwidth emanating from Sacred Love and Respect. Judgment does not come into play here. If it does, then it’s not 5D. It’s lack programming again and each has shifted “back” into a 3D/4D Level of Consciousness again.
  • The integration of the 12D template within us and Gaia is what “causes” these lower frequency bandwidths to collapse/dismantle/disengage…. WE are in a Vibrational reality where all now is being re-aligned to match this 12D Template (we are building continually from this). The “merging” of the 12D Axiotonal Lines are pivotal for this and all. For the lower dimensional realms of consciousness

Carrying “others” with your field… this is going to get “heavier”, meaning cutting those cords of attachment and “hanging on” will occur “faster”, because many were using each other to maintain/get through/get by… words don’t matter. The mentality/energy does. No more carrying others. Each has to stand on their own two feet (energetically), come into their own POWER and open their hearts fully… experiencing exactly what is necessary to assist with this.

The more Light held, the more others love to attach, be in that energy and live off of that…. it’s easy, abundant, magical and happy…. yet if all are not wide open and contributing, there are distortions/imbalances and you won’t be able to “carry others” anymore… It will “get too heavy” and weigh on you. Literally, your body will put on weight…. You will be carrying “heavy” with your body and your field, and your field can’t spin in the direction/at the speed it must in order for you to expand…. if you are the one relying on someone else’s field/energy/anything, then you may notice them pulling away, shutting doors and ending relationships, closing out realities/timelines… your human will be shocked, even go to judgment or blame, when in essence it was YOUR ENERGY… so observe yourself and what you are transmitting out.

Warp Speed and slowing all down to a halt: Quantum Jumping, Quantum Realities are at warp speed/the Speed of Light. Maneuvering and Mastering can only be done from WITHIN THE PRESENT MOMENT and functioning in Universal/Cosmic flow…. Zero Point Field is where all is CREATED FROM… if you are scattered, not present and separated off into other places, times, things… if you’ve attached to something outside or anything, when the geometrics/Light Codes for your current reality activate to change the structure of your reality, you won’t be aware of this and it will “appear” all is collapsing, because you are trying to “hold on” to something going… instead of embracing what’s newly/now available and ready to come forth, the moment your heart/mind are fully open and you are on-board with ALL OF YOU….

NEW EARTH IS QUANTUM…. multi-dimensionality is Quantum… there’s absolutely nothing linear here. We all have to learn how to function in non-linear states, from a Quantum State of Consciousness in order to Master the Physical here. This is through practice, applying much higher consciousness knowledge to your current reality, through the Light Encoded Teachings/Sharings available and created/shared to “make all easier” for those who VALUE this. It takes awhile to learn/understand how all works… as it’s all completely different than before. Your old ways won’t work…. and we all do have to choose NEW EARTH over Old Earth… at some point. The “sooner” we do this, the easier all is…. as all can align their entire reality on a Soul Level themselves…. instead of the “alternative” options that the ego aspect requires, due to refusal to open up to multi-dimensionality as a whole new “real existence” now.

3D = Ego Experience. Control. Narcissism. Fear. Judgment. Blame. No inner power/connection.
4D = Duality Experience/Transition phases while DNA repair/re-writing occurs. Higher Self becomes audible. “Other dimensions” (etheric realm) presents itself dependent on each’s awakening process (Battle of Armageddon between Heaven & Hell, Good and Evil, Dark & Light begins. Outside and inside until inside aligns fully, then outside can begin.
5D = Higher Self is birthed/takes over/moves inside (descends into your form/emerges from within)
6D & Higher begin after 5D Embodiment has occurred… everything is birthed from within

NEW EARTH is beyond the 3D/4D Mentalities/Limits and Judgments, where bliss, magic, pure JOY, Harmony and infinite everything exists. It comes forth from within you…. as you awaken to your highest aspects/versions and START TO LIVE THIS FULLY NOW.

Unity – Love – Consciousness is our NEW Way. Sharing, caring, respect, kindness, compassion, generosity… supporting, receiving as a vibrational response to each’s ENERGY, which is Quantum (non-linear)…. our entire reality is fully aligned with this. There is zero feeding the old, allowing the old to play out. We don’t “carry others” or tell them what to do. We allow all to decide their own reality to live out on whatever Earth they choose, whatever dimension/vibrational timeline. We don’t “criss-cross” like before. We see each’s purity, each’s abilities and each’s unconscious/conscious actions/energy CREATING REALITIES to occur and we honor this. We do have to separate all out, otherwise human ego aspects will impose and bring their karma/unconscious programs forth and dump them on our table/on our doorstep for us to “deal with”, which is an unconscious program on all’s part… where this is allowed to play out.

This is a multi-dimensional experience where an open heart means each is kind, each is contributing, each is sharing, each is holding their own/pulling their own wait and showing up fully….. there’s zero lack… as that’s an ENERGY and everyone has the ability to manage, master and shift their own energy. Only the human ego says it can’t. ♥

I love you… you won’t see me writing on this anymore (unless it’s mega important for collectives), as my focus is on those who are embracing, ready and not playing the lack/judgment/blame/victim games anymore. My focus, as are all that I unite with, is NEW EARTH and Unity and our amazing realities we already live. My focus is supporting those in return, who have decided what is important and VALUE all as LOVE. My focus is fulfilling much higher roles/purposes here and we work daily to accomplish for all of humanity here. Those who truly value themselves, each other and are ready to live the most amazing realities too, are not arguing, fighting, judging and letting lack mentalities “control” their choices, because they understand that lack breeds more lack. Gratitude, abundance, appreciation and re-prioritizing creates and activates the highest timelines through the exchange of Light Codes to awaken within one/their field, for integration, application and living our highest vibrational DREAMS and Heaven on Earth fully… because we can.

You won’t find us going small and catering to human lack programming…. because that’s Old Earth… which is “dead”. Literally… NEW EARTH IS VIBRANT, ALIVE, THRIVING and miraculous. Yet we all have to CHOOSE TO BE HERE… and all here… we have/did.

NEW EARTH is not experiencing 3D/4D (Density/Dimensional) Realities, because they are relative to our own Levels of Consciousness held/Embodied…..

See your OWN DIS-EMPOWERING JUDGMENTS…. and resolve these yourself. Clear this energy and open your heart fully. You can’t bring judgment to NEW Earth. You must leave it at the gates…. to enter/walk through. ♥

p.s. I have a saying.. If you are Judging then you are not Doing…. You can’t do both. Pick. ♥
p.p.s. This article is not a judgment. It’s a Light Encoded Activation/Clearing to assist collectives with transcending the suffering that judgment creates/perpetuates, a Cosmic Multi-Dimensional Energy Report directly speaking to an Unconscious 3D/4D Program/Energy (Clearing Process) for all holding this still.