Welcome to Noos-letter 104 2018 Magnetic Bat Moon Edition

Welcome to Noos-letter 104

2018 Magnetic Bat Moon Edition

Welcome to the Magnetic Moon of Purpose, the first moon of the Planetary Service Wavespell.  We have now entered the powerful year of the Red Cosmic Moon. This is the Year of the Great Purification. 

The affirmation of this year is:

I endure in order to purify
Transcending flow

I seal the matrix of universal water
With the cosmic tone of presence
I am guided by the power of space

In this first moon we set our intention for the next 13 moons. How can we best serve humanity and our planet during this time of tremendous change?  

The Red Cosmic Moon opens the Sixth Light Gate that activates the interdimensional bridge of Timeship Earth and enters us into New Sirius Cycle 31 (1.31).

Moon energy corresponds with galactic/karmic Mercury with the qualities of purification and love. Purification is defined by “the removal of contaminants from something”, and the process of making something “spiritually or ceremonially clean.” 

The kin number for Red Cosmic Moon is 169 (13 x 13), and this year is guided by Kin 13: Red Cosmic Moon, which also codes the Day out of Time 2019.  Thirteen is of key significance this year and corresponds to the return of the feminine power with its nurturing and receptive powers.

The Dog or Compassionate One is our supporting energy of this year infusing the purification process with love. The guiding mechanism of a pure heart operating by synchronicity and telepathy attunes us to the magnetic core of Earth. 

Everything that grows, appears, moves and transforms within the Earth’s biosphere does so by attunement to the Earth’s core. Fear and clinging to the third dimension cuts us off from accessing this core. 

According to the Law of Time all human difficulty and environmental degradation is rooted in the unnatural 12:60 timing frequency. Everything in nature is based on a timing frequency. Timing frequencies predate and actually govern the rise of human culture and civilization. 

This 12:60 frequency is based on a 12 month calendar, 60 minute hour. Following this 12:60 frequency humans have created an artificial civilization with materialism and war at the forefront. Just because technology is advancing doesn’t mean consciousness is. 

“The 12:60 timing frequency has hardly been questioned much less thought about. Following 12:60 so religiously has led to a world of total entropic materialism, of endless growth and proliferating problems with no solutions. The 12:60 has covered up as much as it has created. Everything covered up leaks through, whether it is telepathy and synchronicity or galactic beams and inexplicable cosmic or subatomic phenomena.” —Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan

Pay special attention to events leading up to and after the following dates: Resonant Moon 12, Yellow Planetary Star (21 January 2019), which is the full lunar eclipse and Supermoon on the eve of the 11th spin since Valum Votan’s passing. Cosmic Moon 6, Red Lunar Serpent (2 July 2019), the only full solar eclipse of the Cosmic Moon year.

This year offers us the opportunity to purify aeons of ignorance, inertia and toxins in order to allow new streams of pure water (of consciousness) to flow. The archetype this year is the Cosmic Healer with the symbol of Universal Water. 

I am the Healer
Coded by the Red Moon
My number is nine
The power of time, destiny and the cycles of life
From within the living waters
I merge with the universal flow
Purifying all within my sacred stream
And lifting the vibration in every nature kingdom
I am the harmony of wholeness
And the regeneration of life
I am fluid and flowing
At one with the phases of the Moon
I am the queen of life-nurturing water
I am the rain and the stream as it flows
Feeding the plants and the flowering herbs
In my sacred stream lies the kinship of all
I am crowned by the restorative splendor of leaves, roots, seeds and flowers
The supremacy of divine mind
To know me and my endless powers of healing
Is to cast aside all doubt and enter the stream of the faithful ones

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Elizabeth Wilcock: 13 The Holy Number of the Goddess

A gentle reminder from David Wilcock’s wife about
the Sacred Feminine/Goddess connection to the Number 13. ~PB

The Priestess Path


13 The Holy Number of the Goddess

Happy Friday the 13th!

The number thirteen is found in the harmony of the earth’s cycles, moon cycles, women’s cycles, and in the cosmic order of the universe. It is interesting to note that for hundreds, if not thousands of years, this number has been made out to be “unlucky”.

We clearly see that there are thirteen moons in one year. The ancient Maya and Native American cultures used the cycles of the full moon to tell the time. There are exactly 13 full moon cycles in one solar year with one sacred day out of time. You can get 13 Moon Mayan Calendars if you wish to follow moon time.

Native American cultures also used 13 moon calendars. Each of the 13 moons of the year has a name associated which reflects the aspects of the earth and climate when the moon is full.  For example the “Blossoming Moon” in March clearly notes the time when the the plants and trees blossom. The Saanich people of northern most Washington had this thirteen moon calendar:


Thirteen also happens to be the number that marks the half way point from full moon to full moon. Each full moon cycle is 28 days, with day 13 being the half way point.

It is interesting to note that a woman’s menstrual cycle is normally 28 days and harmonizes with the moon. Day thirteen of a woman’s menstrual cycle is her fertile time and marks the half way point in her monthly cycle.

In the earliest records from Neolithic times, we see goddess figures associated with the number thirteen. This carving is known as the “Venus of Laussel.” Found in a shelter in Southern France, it shows a volouptious goddess figure with her right hand holding up a bison horn with thirteen notches engraved in it and her left hand placed upon her pregnant belly. The thirteen notches, likely noted the thirteen moons in one year and/or the thirteenth day of her menstrual cycle in which she could get pregnant.



In the mystic teachings of the Hebrew, there are thirteen aspects that make up the body of God. There are thirteen Sephiroth in the Tree of Life, the thirteenth realm being that of Ain, which is the unmanifest, yet all-potential aspect of God.



Throughout the course of history, the number thirteen has been feared, vilified and marketed as “unlucky”. For instance, the number thirteen is known as the “Devil’s Dozen” the fear of the number thirteen is known as Triskaidekaphobia. Fear of Friday the 13th is called friggatriskaidekaphobia.

And let’s not forget, the noble Knights Templar, who protected Christian pilgrims to the Holy Land, met their fate on Friday the 13th in 1307. The King of France feared their power and wealth and got Papal support to massacre, arrest and seize all the assets of this powerful and noble group of warriors. Likely, this attributed to the fear of 13 and Friday the 13th.

Fear of the number 13, could also come from there being 12 Apostles of Jesus and then Judas the 13th, who betrayed him. Fear of the number 13 is also clearly the fear of the Goddess and women which resulted in the Christian vilification of this trinity: The Goddess, Women and the number 13. This world wide fear has crept up to the present moment in time, but many are seeing through the veneer of fear into the sacred reality and origins of the number 13.

Rock on 13, we love you!


© Elizabeth Wilcock The Priestess Path 2015-2018