Soulstice Rising ~ Ascension Notes by Kara Shallock: Integrating the Eclipse Cycle – 4/6/2015

 Excellent observations about the shifts we are experiencing due to anchoring in more light, and how to cope with the changing interpersonal dynamics.~PB

Soulstice Rising ~ Ascension Notes by Kara Shallock: Integrating the Eclipse Cycle – 4/6/2015

We are in the phase of integrating the recent Eclipse Cycle. As we step further from this energy, we can begin to see what we moved from and into. So much has been transformed, whether it has been conscious or unconscious. Violet Flame energy was gifted to us from our Source Galactic Sun and touched everyone. This Divine Flame moved through and transformed all that was ready to be transformed. For those not yet awake, they may not have realized what was happening and so resisted much, which created great pain within them, as resisting anything results in a schism within and simply is not pleasant; it blocks the Flow.

As we continue to integrate the changes, many will be seduced into repeating past behaviors in order to “fix” things. This is not the way of the New, for we are not to save, rescue or fix anything or anyone. If a person attempts to do this, they retreat back into the old and prevent circumstances and people to be able to move forward in Divine Order. We are to stand strong and firm in our knowing that everyone is on their own path and to rescue them is to deny that they are powerful and responsible for all in their lives. We can, however, be Compassionate Observers, without interfering in their own growth as well as our own. You may want to go back into your old ways of being, yet please resist that temptation. Choose a new way of being. You can still be loving, yet not become embroiled in others’ lessons or drama. Let it go; let it be without feeling the ego-need to fix or rescue.

Everything that has occurred is for your highest evolution, and this can be a painful realization if you are not willing to be in Allowance or want things to remain the same. Ask yourself if you want to experience a higher level of Love or if you want things to remain the same, even if they are painful or abusive.

Many beliefs, emotions and even memories have been transmuted by this Sacred Violet Fire. If you now have more Compassion, Forgiveness and Understanding, while still having boundaries around what you’re willing to accept and what you’re unwilling to accept, then you know you’re in a whole new level of being Divine. If someone isn’t treating you with Respect, then by no means do you have to remain in that space. Be sure, however, that you have released all victim energy from you, for if others are not treating you the way you want, you may still be carrying victim energy within. Simply leaving a situation is not enough. Until that victim energy is completely transformed, you will continue to create other similar circumstances until you “get” the lesson; the gift beneath is self-Responsibility, self-Respect, personal Power and Love. There is no suffering in real Love.

Know, too, that as your vibration increases, so does your consciousness. Old forms and ways of being simply cannot survive in a new consciousness of Divinity. If one holds onto the old and familiar while their vibration rises, they create a disparity of energy within that results in pain and suffering. You might wonder what you can do. Accept the changes that present themselves to you. Do not attempt to control, fix or manipulate the changes upon you. Observe and allow, even if it is painful for you at first. It won’t always be painful to let go, once a new way is more integrated. This takes time and Persistence, so be patient with yourself and stay focused on how you want to feel.

The current integration energies are high right now, which helps us not only integrate more Light, but to anchor any new behaviors that clearly move us beyond the old. Also, whatever you have been focusing on will become reality. Continue this focus (or change it if it is limiting), which can be new projects, new paths, new relationships and a higher expression of Love…all without attachment to how it evolves. Remember that now Soul is in the lead, so simply follow your Heart without expectations of how it “should” look.

As we move further into April and the eclipse energies integrate and become stronger within you, don’t have expectations about anything. There will be many ebb and flow energies, so be open with life and expect the unexpected. During the ebb times, allow yourself to rest and during the flow times, take action on what it is you want to create. Be flexible with everything. If you have expectations about anything or anyone, you’re likely to be disappointed when things don’t go the way you expect them to. This is perfect, because it allows any separate ego aspects to dissolve more into Soul-Guidance. There is still much change ahead, so allow the shifts in your life without over-thinking them. You will continue to let go of the past and this means it will revisit you. You might think, “Wait! I let go of that!” Remember, we ebb and flow and as the energies spiral deeper, releasing layers of old. So stay observant without attachment and continue to let go, while focused on the New you are creating, based on how you want to feel.

There is no going back nor will things return to “normal,” for “normal” is done with. We continue to evolve and we continue to let go of all that is not Love; life continually is created anew in every moment. The best way to flow with this is to not have expectations or wish for “happy ever after,” for things will continue to unfold and you will continue to evolve in Awareness. You will have many “Aha’s!”, which will help you make choices aligned with your consciousness. Evolution and growth are continuous; there is no stopping point.

Many have had more of their innate gifts revealed and enhanced. Intuition has definitely been upgraded, so you are seeing and knowing much more. Many of the Ascension manifestations have subsided, because we have released so much and are now filled with much more Light. However, for those who are newly awake, they may experience many physical adjustments. The most important thing to do is to stay away from old situations. Be proactive, set intentions and take a step toward your desires. As long as they are aligned with Soul, they will be manifest; and perhaps in a way that is unexpected.

To keep the energy fresh, switch up your routine. Do at least one new thing and go big. The energies support “big.” Pay attention to when you are energized and do more of that, for you are being guided. Guidance is not a thought process; it is based on how you feel around your Heart Chakra. If something brings up fear, take a step toward it. Either the fear will dissolve or you will be guided not to go that way. Fear is an illusion, created by separate ego to hold you back in old protection. Fear comes up when you are taking a step into the New. Fear can also tell you erroneously that things won’t turn out; that you’re making a mistake; and other mind games that you tell yourself as to why you can’t do a certain thing. Feel the fear and do it anyway. As you walk through it, it dissolves into nothingness and you are filled with a sense of Victory. Take a step into the unknown; this gifts you in so many ways.

Stay neutral and in observance. In this space, you are guided and don’t limit your evolution with “head-tripping.” In fact, if you find yourself over-thinking and analyzing and procrastinating, you are setting up resistance for yourself. Be true to you and speak as truthfully and as lovingly as you can with others…or stay silent. Silence is a great communicator and offers another an opportunity to discover their own Power. And mostly, be your Authentic Self, for in this way you integrate the Love that you are. This is your life; live it as you choose to and let go of what anyone else is saying, doing or not doing. Stay true to you.

~ ~ ~

A Short Planetary Situation Update by Cobra ~ Monday, April 6, 2015

The Portal: A Short Planetary Situation Update

Monday, April 6, 2015


The Eastern Alliance is making good progress, especially on the financial front, as the major global powers except the US join the new Chinese-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB):


AIIB will support infrastructure projects of global importance:


The Eastern Alliance will also unleash some much needed capital for a soft disclosure of advanced technologies:


The Eastern Alliance has set a target date of January 1st, 2016 as the day of the financial Reset:


That proposed date may or may not be the real date of the Reset.


You might also notice that the basic composition of the new financial system (especially scenario 3) here

is extremely close to what I have leaked 3 years ago here:


In the past, I have also mentioned a secret positive group operating in Latin America. One of their main purposes is to keep Chimera-controlled US military bases off the continent:


Although there is much progress, much works still needs to be done.

First, there is still a lot of Cabal infiltration in the government structures of the leading BRICS countries, especially China and Brazil:


Second, right now there are more human slaves on the planet than at any point in human history:


Especially in India:

As we get closer to the Event, a true balance needs to be reached between the East and the West, keeping the best of both worlds and discarding the rest:


When the Event happens, the following resources may become handy:


The Breakthrough is near!

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Take advantage of the increased intensity of Love enveloping you all today. | John Smallman

Ours for the asking…

Johnsmallman's Blog

  Saul Audio Blog for Easter Sunday

Your disappointment and tiredness is understandable because you, all you Light bearers and way-showers, have been long engaged on a very difficult task.  Before you incarnated you knew that it would be difficult, but until you were incarnate and doing the work it was almost impossible for you to foresee how difficult and stressful it was actually going to be.  Nevertheless, you are succeeding beyond your wildest hopes!  Before you incarnated you had a vision of what success would entail and what it would look like, and I can absolutely assure you that if you could see what you are achieving from the perspective that you had before you incarnated you would be ecstatic.  God’s plan to awaken humanity, that you are so nobly assisting with, is moving forward most wonderfully.

For eons humanity has been lost, wandering, often seemingly quite aimlessly, and…

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The Tipping Point at the Crossroads of Time by Zen Gardner

The Tipping Point at the Crossroads of Time

by Zen Gardner Mar 30, 2015

by Zen Gardner

It appears we’re hitting that infamous tipping point in many arenas of late. So much is getting revealed and reaching the collective consciousness as the truth manifests. Remember, to finally tip a scale it just needs that last grain of sand to completely reverse perceived reality in the mass mind.

Just look at not just the grains, but the flood tide of truth being released into the public mental, spiritual, economic and political domains, never mind the profound vibrational morphic field shifts with so many souls awakening in a whole range of areas. It’s astounding.

There’s still a lot to be done but the landscape is changing fast.

No doubt the external world situation grows more direful by the day, but it’s important for people to be able to identify these powerful shifts now taking place for their own encouragement and inspiration. While the forces of abuse and control seem to be making monstrous strides toward their end game, their machinations are becoming more obvious and clearly malicious. As people are able to step back and identify the fact that their world is a completely manipulated one they shed their fear of it and soon find their true spiritual and consciously aware footing.

This is the very definition of empowerment and drastically weakens the power structure’s control over people’s minds. As a result the flame of true freedom grows brighter continually, further propelling humanity’s awakening and empowerment.

The Alternative Mosquito Swarm

Every email, every blog, every website, every post, every conversation, every independent media outlet  broadcasting the truth is a massively powerful influence towards turning the tide in the perception of our world and hence its actual operation. It happens one seemingly small act at a time, but it’s spreading like wildfire, in spite of the doubts of naysayers and and even alternative cynics.

Doubt is akin to fear, and its end result is apathy; i.e. disempowerment and inaction. It’s similar to one of the biggest lies ever perpetrated in the heart of mankind. “After all, what can little me do to make any kind of difference that matters? I’m just one little person.”

The absolute opposite of the truth.  As the oft used expression goes;

“If you think you’re too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a closed room with a mosquito.”

Now picture multiple swarms of truth-bearing mosquitoes, replicating as they go. Can’t you just see the  wicked minions in assumptive power fleeing their pretentious little bastions of lies and pompous superficial sandcastles as a result of such an onslaught? Absolutely glorious!

The Power of the Awakening Factor

Few realize the power of change, whether it be conscious awareness or fundamental knowledge tools. What we have been handed is a very limited viewpoint that needs continual challenging, especially once we become aware of the vast social engineering programs.

Researchers have discovered a very powerful dynamic in our social milieu, something we know in our hearts to be true but sometimes it’s good to have it affirmed by so-called scientific evidence.

Scientists at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have found that when just 10 percent of the population holds an unshakable belief, their belief will always be adopted by the majority of the society. The scientists, who are members of the Social Cognitive Networks Academic Research Center (SCNARC) at Rensselaer, used computational and analytical methods to discover the tipping point where a minority belief becomes the majority opinion. The finding has implications for the study and influence of societal interactions ranging from the spread of innovations to the movement of political ideals.

“When the number of committed opinion holders is below 10 percent, there is no visible progress in the spread of ideas. It would literally take the amount of time comparable to the age of the universe for this size group to reach the majority,” said SCNARC Director Boleslaw Szymanski, the Claire and Roland Schmitt Distinguished Professor at Rensselaer. “Once that number grows above 10 percent, the idea spreads like flame.” (More)

Pretty damn powerful, and personally empowering.


Turning Tides

Just look how the ISIS “terror” operation cover has been blown open for what it truly is, a ploy masterminded and funded by cooperative surreptitious interests out to destabilize and control the Middle East and beyond. This recent attack on Yemen by Saudi Arabia, of all despotic nation states, is another massive blip on the radar, as if that fascist state is interested in representative rule, all with the full on backing of Israel, the US and NATO.

And into another spectrum, how about the moon mission being thoroughly debunked as NASA admits they can’t pass the Van Allen radiation belt? This fact has been known for a long time but is now evident to all. Not only the whole space program, but all of the information coming from NASA all these years comes into question.

A new 9/11 novel titled Methodical Illusion by a former airline stewardess is chock -a-block with real information regarding what really transpired that day that’s going viral in the mainstream media, with pilots buying the book by the box to pass out to friends. The truth is being revealed by the minute in all kinds of arenas.

Clearly multitudes are seeing the world’s economy is manipulated by central banksters, and that the unending war on this scripted illusory concept of terror that they keep propping up with new false flags and boogeymen has become a worn out old saw for anyone even half awake to see. Now rapacious Israel has openly declared its intentions to eviscerate Palestine and other foes while its vice like grip on America is laid bare before the world.

And more examples are proliferating by the day. The obvious nature of this world game is now naked in the eyes of millions of people worldwide, despite Amerika’s comatose state – and these realizations are rapidly growing as lives change in the light of this awareness.

Yet you won’t hear a peep about any of this in the scripted media. After all, big money and control rule all in this metastasized Orwellian spin off to which we’re subjected. Another aspect is the vast discrepancy between fat cat incomes and the rest of humanity continuing to distend as these psychopaths think no one is noticing, all while subjugated citizens’  income and food supplies run thin as the elite’s bankrolls blossom and our food supply is systemically attacked.

The outrage is boiling and reaching the tipping point, in multiple ways. The tide will certainly shift, and already is in massive undercurrents. But now is the time to put our shoulders to the wheel of change while we can still operate freely in order to stave off as much of this draconian insanity as possible.

It’s time to rise.

Let it rip. Express these realizations loud and clear in whatever way you can to make the message heard while encouraging others that are sensing this same reality. The doors of opportunity are closing fast. If and when the temporally induced night comes, we need as many hearts ablaze as possible to light up the darkness while our work continues.

When Humanity Awakens and Arises

We’re about to see some fantastic cataclysmic changes on our planet, but way more importantly within human consciousness. This is not so much “their” doing even in lieu of the obvious socio-geopolitical arena, but is of cosmic proportions in ways they will never see coming. This awakening is what they inherently fear, as global takeover progenator Zbigniew Brzezinski articulated, and the very thing the would-be controllers are preparing for in their attempts to kill off, drug, cripple, transhumanize and militarily control humanity.

The tide is turning, the scales are tipping. This is not wishful thinking. It’s fact. The question does remain however: what will we do with this empowering dynamic? Observe, or participate?

Change, awareness and activation don’t just happen on their own. They work through you, they work through me. If we respond to them the changes happen. If we just observe, pass the buck and let it all just pass, it doesn’t happen or meet up to its full potential.

It’s a choice. It’s yours, it’s mine. To not enter in at this point is stupefied insanity.

Will you go all the way? Because that’s the type of commitment it will take at this stage of the game. All it is is simply responding to the need at hand. It’s not all that difficult. When push comes to shove most everything people are now preoccupied with will vanish as if it were a dream. That’s when the remorse sets in for all those who refused to take action.

Something to think seriously about. We are now at the crossroads. What world are we helping to manifest? Or will we irresponsibly let things slide along as they are? The answer is up to you.

It’s ours in which to participate. Passionately and with dogged determination. Because everything is at stake. Here and now.

Fulfill your calling.

Love always, Zen

Time Doors Swing Both Ways ~ a message from Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Time Doors Swing Both Ways

Wednesday, 1 April, 2015

As the memory of what was, seems to drift like a piece of lost wood in an ocean of confusion, we continue to move quickly down the corridor of time. We are being ushered into time doors that swing both ways. Down hallways that never end into a place that has not been created yet.

All of us have seen and felt the difference and the trail of chaos it leaves behind. Time is like a wild horse that bucks the 24 hr system and continues to look for a way out of the dimensional corral.  We all run like hamsters in a clear ball bumping into walls paddling our little feet as fast as we can. Not getting anywhere and exhausted by all the energy it took just to get this far. Time brushes past us like a gust of wind, not asking our permission to do what it was born to do.

Life pushes us harder into a corner of limited choices or so it seems, but it is us that has painted ourselves into that corner by our limited thinking. We can just as easily paint a way out if we choose.  Time has shifted. It has quickened its pace, and all past promises have shifted as well. Longitudes and latitudes dance to a new beat. Leylines and time markers are off line, sacred geometries are reset. An actual cog in time has been felt as the worlds walk into a new wavelength of Light.

We still biologically walk to the beat of the old drum when the band plays on in a different octave of time and light. Our perceptions are enhanced and we see in and out of time but are still not sure where to place each thought. Seeing between the worlds is not a place for those weak of purpose. One must hold tightly to the tight wire as time doors are opened and possibilities present themselves in a new array of colors. The unexpected is to be expected on a daily basis. People do there best to hide what ails them but actions are louder than any words.

This year of time asks one to get down to the business of picking up the shattered glass of this past year.

Seeing into the future is not a place for those weak of heart or knee. As one walks thru the time doors many trap doors make themselves know. Dimensional black holes to other places of parallel time loops can create a dizzying effect in most unexpected places.. Time doors open and close faster than the bat of an eye. Truth and time are adjustable in nature.

That which has appeared emptied now becomes full, freeing itself from  previous definition.  A shift of light realm awakens from a long sleep to escort you into the cornerstone where time and space meet. All limitations are transformed in this expanded view.  Do you have the courage to take an open-eyed leap of faith into this fluid point of possibility? Your vessel of perpetual self is being purified for the expanded energies and truths of the upcoming shifts.

You are an instrument of light that is being fine-tuned to play a new song. Relax into the Shifts; look at them eye to I, seeing with the wisdom of a thousand years!  See beyond what you deem humanly possible. Each situation has a million outcomes. It is up to the individual to pick the reaction  which then opens the door to a matching experience.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – PO box 217 – Dandridge, Tennessee 37725-0217 –


Update for March 31, 2015 by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation


Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

             12 Oc, 8 Mac, 11 Ik

Selamat Balik! We come with some news regarding the progress being made to set up a schedule for delivery of your prosperity funds. Much is dependent on two major decisions. These are now being examined by a number of the ancient families with regard to how these massive payments are to be handled by the myriad of banks involved in the ever-growing delivery networks. Many governments are as well involved in the transfers of these monies to you. Here, it is important to note, that security of these funds is one of the main reasons for the delays of the last few years. It is very difficult to arrange such a system if the main agencies that are a key to this process are dead set against such a massive exchange of funds. These delays have been addressed and a new system put into place temporarily. This system is to be used to test the viability of a newer one. Swift codes, or “Society for Interbank Financial Telecommunication” codes, are to be replaced by a new system, which is currently in development. That system is related to the new Chinese AIIB (Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank), the new BRICS bank plus a slew of banks in Europe, Asia, Oceania and the Americas.

   In short, a new system is coming online to create the conditions for global prosperity. This process requires some key testing and requires the concepts for currency reform to be widely adapted. Because of this, we are in a transitional mode where governments can get ready to reset the current system and create a new one. Thus, certain currencies are to be the “prime weight” for this reset. Until this is fully online, the reset is stalled. It is unfortunate that certain disagreements are temporarily stalling this new system. Certain key forces are presently using their resources to move these difficulties forward. Nevertheless, it is to take but a short time in your history to resolve these matters successfully. We know this by what we are exposed to daily. Our liaisons are working diligently with a number of organizations, which deeply wish to set up this new system. We intend to use our influence to push through agreements that were first proposed last year but were never fully acted upon.

   As this process goes forward, we can see that a number of key individuals are more than willing to make it successful. This growing enthusiasm is being reflected in the prosperity funding. Count Saint Germain and Quan Yin wish that these funds be disbursed to you as rapidly as possible. Our wishes mirror these nobel desires. Yet, we know just how vile the dark cabal truly is. Hence, we are moving slowly, but nevertheless surely. These fundings in the US are tied to NESARA. We realize this and are working on a complex negotiation to permit these funds to finish their release properly. The present cabal-oriented regimes in power are using all their guile to slow this down. We see our purpose as somehow using our abilities to speed this process up. Currently, we are watching the dark succeed in this slow down. Our intention is to counter this and allow you to be able to use your blessings to help humanity. Much remains to be done. There is a natural flow to this that we are tapping into, and we intend to use this to quicken the pace and permit this new reality to manifest.

   Long ago in Atlantis, you were still fully conscious Beings. Daily, you used your abilities to pressure the dark and return this realm to the ways of lost Lemuria. This eventually led to your ancestors being noticed by the Atlantean elite. This heinous elite worked with their dark advisors to forge a heinous scheme, which led to your fall into limited consciousness. Heaven is now determined to reverse this dark deed and return you to full consciousness. We are here as heralds of this great change. So far, we have prevented major attempts by the dark to complete its evil plans for you. Our task is to see that those who desire the greatest good for you are indeed triumphant. Heaven has canceled the whole dark scenario. The current sources of power on your world are now mostly dark; nevertheless, the tides are changing. We are pleased with what is happening and fully intend to continue our procedure of forging such change until the dark is a mere footnote in your histories. We as well fully intend to carry out a mass landing in due time. You need a special time to interact with your mentors.

   Namaste, We are your Ascended Masters! The current times are indeed a blessing. Our associates are working to use a number of critical assets to push the dark cabal from power. All of this is being done with Love and use of the heart! The dark has long disregarded our efforts. Only recently have they seen how our pattern of gold and legal precedents is to drive them from power. This has caused some degrees of panic among them. Their strategies to force some type of a global Marshall law in response to our efforts has failed. We are at a point where all of us have not been since the end times of dark Atlantis. We know that this time the results are to be different! We are, dear Ones, to give you your freedom back. When you move into full consciousness, our task grows more complex. We are required by Heaven to be your divine supervisors. We are to offer special council and give options about how to complete your sacred tasks. Together, we are to forge a new star nation and a wondrous fate!

   The most important point is to realize who you are. Go deep within yourself and discover by meditation how you truly “tick.” Use this daily exercise to understand in full measure who you are. Learn to consult this Inner Self. Consciousness is something that you can manifest. It is like a spiritual garden. By using a great amount of tending, your inner realm starts to emerge. It is something unique. It is a gentle source for many marvelous things. As you show your care daily, great wisdom begins to form. At first, it is just simple sayings. Then it becomes more intense and answers to your questions come out during your daily conversations. Soon, you can look forward to every session. Your inner wisdom starts to give you ways to look at your life and your daily routines. You become calmer and better able to handle any difficult situation. This growing wisdom becomes something that you use to plan your life!

   As you become more conscious, you learn how your now more integrated self can wonderfully plan and execute your life. You start to see things, which you previously ignored. You see clearly how your life flows and how you can discover what things are more applicable to any given situation. You are able to be calmer and to increase your friendliness in general. You begin to attract things or events that you wished to happen. You begin to develop a field around you that seems to benefit you. What once seemed so difficult now becomes much easier to manifest. Your times of joy naturally increase. Indeed, your whole demeanor with others seems to change. Life becomes a more wondrous experience. More and more of you are benefitting from the joys of meditation mixed with prayer. Learn to be gracious. Many benefits accrue from this. We Masters have learned from this and taught it to others. Be ever gracious!

   Today, we carried on with our messages. These are to inform, and to set energy for this realm. The dark cabal’s authority in this realm is coming to a conclusion. It is approaching the time of grand celebration and our formal arrival on your beautiful shores! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It!  Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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The Alliance Fleet by Cobra | The Portal

The Alliance Fleet by Cobra | The Portal

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Since the Archon invasion in 1996, there is an intense war going on in this Solar System.

Right after 1996, the joint Draco-Reptilian fleet together with many factions of the Illuminati secret space program had almost total control of this Solar System. Many humans were forced to work for them as slaves, mining the asteroids. Draco forces tended to occupy the colonies in the outer Solar System, whereas the Illuminati focused more on the asteroid belt, Mars and the Moon.

On the Moon, there was the traditional divide between the near side and the far side. The near side was occupied mostly by positive races, with the main exception of the Archimedes base, destroyed earlier in 1977, which belonged to the Solar Warden program. Dracos, Reptilians and Illuminati had their bases mostly on the far side. The reason for this is that they wanted to hide their activity from the prying eyes of the surface humanity, but at the same time they did not have advanced cloaking technology the Light forces have. For the same reason they have painted their secret spacecraft in black color to lower their albedo (reflectivity) in order to avoid detection by professional and amateur astronomers on the surface. Also, they had to adjust flight trajectories to minimize the risk of detection.

LOC (Lunar Operations Command), which was the main stronghold of the Solar Warden program and now belongs to the Light forces, is located on the far side of the Moon.

It is interesting to see that some deep intel about the colonies has leaked on internet, disguised as science fiction, with some colony descriptions very close to reality:

Also, there is some soft speculation about the possibility of underground Lunar bases in the mainstream media:

Luckily after the 1996 invasion the main base of the Light forces on Ganymede was not taken. The Ganymede base is the location of the main interdimensional portal towards Sirius for this solar system and this portal was maintained intact throughout the invasion, holding the Light.

In addition to that, a resistance movement was organized in the Draco/Illuminati slave colony on planet X. This Resistance Movement made physical contact with the Pleiadians parked beyond the heliopause in the outer Kuiper belt and with Pleiadian backup it organized a mutiny on planet X in December 1999, kicked out the Illuminati, freed the planet and shifted its base to underground Agartha network on planet Earth.

Planet X was used from then onward by the Light forces as the strategic base for Solar System cleanup operations. First they cleared the main military stronghold of the dark forces on Charon. Then they proceeded quite quickly through the outer Solar System, cleared it, and then intense battles were taking place in the main asteroid belt between 2000 and 2003.

In March 2001, a certain important operation of the Light forces was completed and the Central Civilization was able to intervene directly into the Solar System. They have positioned spherical midway stations the size of the Moon just outside the heliopause of this Solar System to stabilize the inflow of intense energies from the Galactic Central Sun which was about to become more active at the peak of its 26,000 year cycle. By directing these energies into the Solar system harmoniously, many cataclysms, including those on Earth, were prevented. When the Illuminati detected the presence of these spheres, they freaked out and created the 9-11.

In 2003, the Light forces began to prevail in the Solar System and in 2012, all negative secret space programs except those connected directly to the Chimera Group were cleared out.

Now the only problem outside Earth is a very small number of Chimera individuals and their minions which defend their Solar System strongholds (mainly implant guardian stations) with plasma strangelet and toplet bombs. Because everybody on Earth has implants that block access to that intel, all intel about the Chimera is in the deepest shadow of collective unconsciousness, much deeper than SRA , MK Ultra, MILABs or SSP.

 After the successful opening of the IS:IS portal on December 15th last year, which has completed the triangulation of darkness for the Local cluster of galaxies, the Central Civilization has positioned larger spherical midway stations (some of them up to 30,000 miles in diameter) at the heliopause and repositioned many smaller, Moon sized ones inside the Solar System.

After the successful removal of all physical strangelet and toplet bombs in late January this year, an operation for the final liberation of our Solar System (codenamed MOSS) has been initialized.

Planet Earth is still the focus of the proxy war between many extraterrestrial races. Representatives of many races have entered the quarantine many lifetimes ago and they kept fighting. On the Light side, most of the Lightworkers have come from Pleiades and Sirius. Many Lightwarriors originate from Antares and Arcturus. Most representatives of the Dragon families originate from the positive faction of the Draconian race. Many members of the Resistance Movement and Positive Military have Andromedan origin. On the dark side, the Rothschilds come from Orion. The Rockefeller/Bush/Illuminazi faction comes from the negative faction of the Draconian race. Islamic State and Blackwater/Xe/Academi mercenaries have Reptilian origin. The Jesuits and Black Nobility families come from the negative Andromedan faction.

The general plan of the Light Forces to liberate our Solar System and rough outline of their fleet positions has been known for decades:

All ships of the Light forces inside of our Solar System are cloaked with a Tachyon membrane to avoid detection from the surface of the planet. Many of these ships follow similar orbit as main belt asteroids and Kuiper belt objects and most of their Tachyon membranes project the spectral signature of an ordinary chondrite (for asteroid belt ships) and the spectral signature of frozen methane (for Kuiper belt ships). Therefore surface astronomers mistake them for regular asteroids or Kuiper belt objects.

These ships are not ships as we understand them, they are multidimensional biosatellites, an organic interaction of consciousness and intelligent Light matter.

The smaller ships belong to the Ashtar Command, the Jupiter Command and Pleiadian, Sirian, Andromedan, Arcturian and Resistance fleets. The larger spheric biosatellites belong to the Central Civilization.

The Central Civilization is an ancient race, which evolved close to the Galactic Central Sun and is the first race in the Galaxy which reached spiritual maturity many millions of year ago. In some circles, this race is known as the Wingmakers:

Sometimes they have manifested throughout the human history as physical angelic beings with wings.

One of their representatives, Iona, brought Goddess mysteries to Earth in Atlantis:

Millions of years ago, the Central Civilization began to build interdimensional doorways throughout the Galaxy and create the Galactic network of Light. As it did so, it encountered many races throughout the Galaxy, assisting them to achieve the same level of spiritual maturity. All those sovereign, spiritually mature races have created a confederate union which is called the Galactic Confederation (NOT Galactic Federation). As the name implies, it is NOT a hive-mentality centralized federation, but a loose, constructive confederate union of sovereign, mature races. You can read the distinction between a federation and confederation here:

There is a special division of the Galactic Confederation which is called the Ashtar Command. The purpose of the Ashtar Command is the liberation of this planet. Another important division is called the Jupiter Command. The Jupiter Command is the guardian of the Ganymede portal and its main purpose is the spiritual liberation of this Solar System. It is the main spiritual force behind the Order of the Star and behind the Blue Dragon families.

Many people were mind-programmed against the Ashar Command after 1996. Since then, most of the channelers were mind-programed also, their transmissions disrupted and they are now mainly receiving deceptive messages from the Archon etheric/plasma grid technology instead.

The key here is to search for the Light. If you seek contact with the Light forces, you will find it. If you choose to always focus on the negativity, fearing that everything is just another scam, you will find it. So choose your focus wisely.

As we are now in the Breakthrough phase, the purpose of the Alliance (another word for the allied Light forces) is to continue with the final offensive to completely liberate Sector 3. Sector 3 is the deep intel codename for the Solar System.

The Alliance extraterrestrial forces are the master force behind the BRICS/Eastern Alliance on the surface of this planet.

After the completion of MOSS (Multidimensional Operations Solar System) and subsequent Sublunar Operations, the Event will follow.

This will be the completion of an old prophecy which is part of the spiritual lore of the Central Civilization about the time when all darkness will disappear from the Galaxy and the Galactic network of Light will be completed.

A lot of intel about the situation in our Solar System will be released through my blog and other intel sources in the near future as the liberation operations continue. Therefore it is of the vital importance that you educate yourself about the basic facts about our Solar System to better understand the intel that will be released:

The Breakthrough is near!
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Benjamin Fulford – March 30, 2015: Proposal for world federation has now been passed on to key power centers

Benjamin Fulford – March 30, 2015: Proposal for world federation has now been passed on to key power centers

The White Dragon Society has proposed the creation of a world federation (not a fascist New World Order) in order to achieve permanent world peace and start a golden age of unprecedented progress and prosperity. The proposal was made, during ongoing secret negotiations, to the Pentagon, the Vatican, the Chinese, the British Commonwealth and other power centers.

Under this proposal, the United Nations Security council would be replaced by people representing the political consensus of seven major regional groupings. These would be Africa, China, East Asia excluding China, Europe including Russia, India, the Muslim world and North plus South America. Decisions would be made by a majority and each region would have a veto only for its own region. Each region would also have its own meritocratically staffed future planning agency and people owned central bank.

In addition, a meritocratic future planning agency would be established for planning mega-projects that transcend regions. Technocrats with good track records at existing international institutions like the World Bank and the IMF would be invited to join either this or one of the regional agencies.

The Pentagon, the Chinese armed forces and the Russian armed forces would gradually integrate to form a planetary protection force.

So far the Pentagon plus the agencies, the P2 lodge (the Vatican), the Chinese, the Russians, the Germans and the British have all given initial signs they support this plan.

The creation of such a structure would make it possible to resolve all international disputes through arbitration, court cases or sporting events instead of war.

It would also allow the release of equivalent of tens of trillions of dollars to spend on an unprecedented campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction, create new eco-systems and explore the universe among other things.

In the public sphere we can find strong evidence that a new system has been agreed upon in principle. When China announced its Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the cabalists in Washington told their allies not to join. Since then, Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, France, Germany, South Korea, Russia etc have all announced they would join. This forced the IMF and the World Bank to also announce their support. In other words, the secret controllers of the Federal Reserve Board have lost control.

What is left of the old financial system is a combination of a functional retail system and a dysfunctional institutional system. In other words, salaries, electricity bills and the like are still being handled in a realistic basis at the street level but stock markets, bond markets, hedge funds and the like have left the real world a long time ago. Super computers, algorithms and their handlers are duking it out with each other using quadrillions or decadecillions (look it up, there is such a number) of dollars in complete detachment from a real world where one year of world GDB is only $100 trillion. The plug is about to be pulled on all that.

The Satan worshipping Khazarian (Hyksos) families that controlled the old system are now circling the wagons around their ancestral homelands of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Israel. This is what is behind the announcement of an “Arab” army. Note that this is not a Muslim army since Turkey, Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan and other Muslim nations are not joining because they know the Hyksos countries are actually run by Satan worshippers. The Hyksos countries are being attacked by a joint Pentagon, Turkish and Iranian force and will soon be forced to surrender. In the propaganda news this attack is being explained as two separate events, one involving a US/Iranian attack against ISIS in Iraq and the other as a Saudi/Israeli attack on Yemen.

The other Khazarian strong points outside of the Middle East are the US South West, the Western Ukraine and parts of the Russian mob. These are all being dealt with.In the US, special forces are conducting “exercises” in Texas, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and California that are in reality a move against the Satanic networks there.

In the Ukraine, a joint German/Russian task forces is dismantling the Khazarian controlled military and gangster forces.

There has also been more information provided by the Russians about the mystery of Vladimir Putin. In the video at the link below (in Russian) you can see clearly that not only are there multiple Putins but there were also multiple Boris Yeltsins and multiple copies of the same Czar.

The various Putins can be seen in the picture below:
(video and still images of “Putin”)

This latest information from the Russians has allowed this writer to finally figure out a mystery. Over the years, multiple sources including the Chinese, the Yakuza and the Pentagon have talked about how Western leaders were being replaced with clones. I never wrote about it because it seemed too weird.

Now however, checking the historical sources, I found out what is behind the clone business. The predecessors of the Hyksos were the Hittites in what is now Anatolia, Turkey. The Hittite leaders were being constantly killed in never ending power struggles. The Hyksos solved this problem by placing puppets on the throne and keeping the real leadership secret. The puppets could be replaced by look-alikes whenever they were killed.

The Japanese Yakuza once told me they killed George Bush Sr. and he was replaced by a clone. I heard something similar from the British. I also heard that North Korea’s Kim Jong Il was replaced by a clone. There is no need to invoke the supernatural or unknown science to explain how this could be possible. It would simply be a matter of finding several identical people and grooming them to act like a leader during public events. The real leaders could then write the “acting presidents’” scripts from behind the scenes without fear of assassination.

The question then of course becomes one of finding out who the real script writers or secret leaders are. Thanks to the internet and the ongoing global awakening, a lot of them have already been flushed out. We all know about the Rothschilds, the George Soros types, Freemasons, the gnostic Illuminati, the P2 lodge etc.

What these various secret groups all have in common is that highly influential people gather in secret and form a consensus. They then force the public puppets like Prime Ministers etc. to carry out whatever decisions were made in secret.

However, there also now exist benevolent secret groups fighting for the average man and not for the benefit of a Satan worshipping elite. They need to stay secret in order to avoid assassination by the Satanists.

The battle has now reached the point where the Satanists are negotiating a surrender to the Red and Blue, the White Dragon Society and their allies.

According the MI5 sources “the negotiations will be conducted against a backdrop of a rolling banking and financial meltdown in EU with massive calls on UK finances to bail out Germany, Italy, Spain etc. This scenario is likely sooner than later certainly over the summer.”

Furthermore according to the same source “Parliament was proroged (suspended from power) last Thusday in preparation for the election campaign. In effect the country is now being run by Cabinet Office and Sir Jeremy Heywood, Cabinet Secretary and Head of the Civil Service, until putatative ministerial oversight returns with a new Government sometime after May 7th. I need say no more.” In other words, the UK now has a meritocratic government.

The US is also now under a de facto meritocratic government headed by the Pentagon and the agencies. In Japan, meanwhile, preparations are also underway for regime change. The Emperor’s US based handlers contacted the WDS after the Japan Independence Party called for the arrest of cabal stooge Shinzo Abe. The Bushes want to make a deal.


April 2015 Predictions,Comments and Questions by Steve Rother | Lightworker via Spirit Library

The notes included in the transcript below are my own, and reflect my interpretation of the messages from Steve Rother and The Group.  -Phoenix Boulay


April 2015 Predictions,Comments and Questions by Steve Rother |Lightworker via Spirit Library

or on YouTube

Phoenix Boulay: MY NOTES:

Steve channels The Group: (15:00)

– Solar Flares very active lately but none have been Earth-facing

– The Internet “Wars” (a different level of Security problems and hacking coming our way, that won’t be discovered for years, the dangers of leaving it on all the time, etc. due to how it was set up in the beginning, practical precautions and technology that sometimes gives us convenience over safety, especially regarding finances.) The energetic shift to a time of No More Secrets means revelations, hacking but also the hackers getting caught down the line. The dangers are temporary and will eventually be a non-issue as new developments correct them.

– The Timeline Cross – what it is and how the timelines are merging us into multidimensional beings/reality. “Bleedthrough” of dimensions/overlapping realities.

– Financial ups and downs, instability.

– Volcanoes, earthquakes and movement of the magma and tectonic plates, especially on the Ring of Fire. Tsunamis are the larger danger.

– Pole Shift potentials and how to Be in the Right Place at the Right Time, volatile energy shifts and how to transcend them.

– The Group praises the Lightworkers for the great job they are doing.

Q & A. topics (34:20) Although specific questions are answered, often the topics are something the reader or listener can relate to their own life. You may well see some of your issues mentioned here:

– Self-Healing and setting the energy to overcome health issues.

– Indigo incarnates & collective energy shifts 12-12-12 and beyond..a seeming step back before leaping forward, forward movement and resistance to feeling the magic. -END OF MARCH -DARE TO GET OUT AND TRY SOMETHING and FAIL 3 times 😀

– Concern about Governments/clampdowns – DARE to get out and be vocal, speak your mind, sharing your feelings in talking to others.

– Electricity/Energy TESLA/Alternating Current -60-cycle electricity magnetic energy and how it impacts Crystal Children and incarnates: overheating is an issue and they also must drink lots of water, be in water/baths, stay grounded (hugs), diminish SALT intake due to it’s tendency to conduct electricity, especially in Crystal Children, to slow them down/ calm down/ adapt.

– Gracefully facing challenges, and why do they come all at once? You asked for the fastest path to your goals, you are completing sacred contracts, so things can accelerate. Losing a pet..they can return to you by over-souling another animal who comes into your life. As for job loss, we clear the ground and adapt, and create anew. World is not crumbling, it is opening up -this is major change.

– AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER and what is behind it, what is going on.  COMMUNICATION is the biggest challenge in the Spectrum. Disassociation, small tasks despite genius level on other things. they are bringing in the Parts of New Humanity. We will discover the  physical reasons for Autism. Monsanto, GMOs, the USE of ROUNDUP getting into the environment and aquifers is a big factor. MIT is currently studying that potential connection. We must demand labeling and end to the use when it come up for a vote.

– Seeing patterns, intuitive impressions, seeing 11:11: “THE 3AM CLUB” A triad of sleep, sleep for 3 hours, awake for 2, sleep for 3 more, where humans wake up at 3 for a few hours and goes back to sleep.  ELRA says our Circadian Rhythms are changing, our consciousness is raising, making it harder to go into DEEP SLEEP.  This is OK, as it means we will have more REM SLEEP and DREAMS which are part of our evolution….we are returning to a healthier way to sleep, very creative 2-hours in between, write, create during that time. Our ancestors had special dressing gowns for walking in public at 3am.  (Note: This phenomena is also known as “Two Sleeps” and was very common last century before electronic devices.)

– Earthquakes…it is more about the Tsunamis, and rising waters. California..We are trying to release small quakes…the tectonic plates will be moving, and that is a good thing as it releases pressure so we don’t have a bigger quake if it builds up too long. Let your daughter live her life and don’t worry about where she is living, let her make her mistakes and learn from them.

– Bringing The 5th Dimension here now into form. Yes, correct, we do not need to go anywhere to experience the 5th Dimension…it is here, we are living 5D now but trying to use 3D rules. (example: grandparents WORK HARD. Parents: WORK SMART. Us: WORK PASSIONATE.) In about another month or two, we will have a seminar on Multidimensionality, Circular Time, the Torus, how everything connects together, etc. and our new relationship to time.

-Feeling “HOMESICK” and struggling to enjoy this time of change we have waited so long for.  Steve: There is some scar tissue (probably punishment from a past life for knowing these things) and you ARE a teacher, whether you know it or not. THIS IS WHAT UNDERMINES YOUR CONFIDENCE- A FORM OF THE FEAR (opposite of LOVE) FROM THE DARK SIDE. The more we can live in the middle,  the easier life will be.

– Feeling “STUCK” and disconnected, lost. Find Spiritual Family and make bonds. SEPARATION ANXIETY -we sense we are from somewhere far away and we are sad we are not “home”. We see a bit through the veil, so it makes us sad. FIND WAYS TO LIVE NOW AND NOT WAIT TO RETURN HOME TO BE HAPPY.  You are not alone and will find new friends who resonate with you.

– Going through a Spiritual awakening and influence of the family dynamic as catalyst: Healers come in all forms, sometimes it is words that heal. Scar tissue from past life experience, emotional level.  Resistance to stepping into the work. Sometimes we incarnate into a family that was not our first choice, we are the Black Sheep and they do not understand you, but you understand THEM, a gift to them. Gifts come effortlessly, it will feel like you are remembering something. You can help a lot of people if you can get over your lack of confidence. It’s all you need.

–  Life lesson of TRUST: The way to get past your blocks is to help someone else, you open the door for someone else and in doing so, learn how to open your own door to Mastery. Claim it, step into it. You can heal with your words and ideas. Amazing.  Speak out from the heart!  Let your feelings come through you. A beautiful combination of Love and Wisdom.

– Raising frequency/vibration for healing. Is illness stuck energy surfacing for healing? You answered your own question. Our medical system is changing. Medical Doctors are starting to reach outside of their teachings to find solutions that work. They are opening to the Mind-Body connection and the role of the patient in his own healing. Medical doctors are dropping out of the system, can’t make a living,  due to insurance/ regulation. They are seeking alternative healing expressions.

– Pain in leg. Pinched nerves -difficult- challenging.  Emotion, right side is Mother’s energy, left side is Father’s energy. (Hmmm!) Something to look at..could lead to an Epiphany.  Can also be a repetitive stress. Change behavior.

– Flight 370 Why do they tell us things we know are not true? The whole incident was a very sad situation. Something was set into motion..a young person?  and everyone was unconscious, and the plane was on autopilot. Attempt was made on this side to reach them and wake them up, they were flying through a portal. It did not succeed. Should have been found by now. They will find them eventually near where they have been looking. Unnecessary loss. Sadness.

– Life changes, adapting to new job, situation, environment. Should I change my environment? CONTRACTS -you are there to complete 3 but only 1 so far. However, if you do not fulfill them, it is optional, you can change your mind. NO PENALTY FOR NOT COMPLETING A LIFE CONTRACT that you made prior to incarnating. You can adapt, change or stick it out. Leave if you want to, you will find a way to fulfill the contracts elsewhere.

– Singing: A voice from within -incredible, everyone was amazed..why have I lost it? -where did it come from? Your body hit a perfect harmonic resonance. You draw in life lessons and that is part of the challenge, to get it into motion and attract the things that resonate.

– Relationships: Some of the most difficult things you will experience on Earth. Love and life lessons take WORK! “RELATION-SHIFT” it ebbs and flows, some people grow apart and stop trying. Some need to end, but many can work by adapting to the shifts. Happiness is what determines your success. Communication, conscious choices are better than letting things happen by default. Go forward, not back. Build together with excitement or let it go.

– Money/new cost of access to the information and seminars:  MONEY is an Energy Exchange. We charge more now as we spend a lot of time/energy and gave away about 60% of our efforts. We have bills, too!  We are not obligated to offer all of our services free of charge. We offer ways to connect that do not require money, so everyone has access to our concepts and ideas. It’s there and perhaps we need to do an Abundance seminar. We do not judge you for paying or not paying. We are trying to balance the energy exchange.




Lightworker is a non-profit corporation dedicated to spreading Light through Empowerment. Lightworker is a place to help you re-member who you really are and why you are here.  Our greatest hope is that we may help you to re-member what you planned for yourself before you were born into this life.

The Group first came to Steve Rother in 1996 and since then has given information for a evolving planet that has filled several books now translated into 18 languages. The monthly Beacons of Light ~ Reminders from Home are translated into 21 languages each month and have been presented at the United Nations five times on two continents.

At Lightworker we will not tell you which way to turn or if you are right or wrong as those concepts are an illusion of the polarity that we are now leaving.  What we will offer is a view of humanity from the perspective of spirit, not to help you ascend off the Earth, but rather to help you have a wonderful human experience while you are here.

Blood Moon – FREEDOM PORTAL – Urgent Message to Ground Crew – Galactics by Anna Merkaba

This Sheldan Nidle interview by Alexandra Meadors brings a lot of clarity to those burning questions you have… ~PB

Alexandra Meadors 3-24-15… “A Highly Informative Q & A With Sheldan Nidle: Revelations Have Changed Our Future! March 24, 2015″
Posted on 2015/03/26     by kauilapele

Thanks to William who informed me of this. Immediately upon seeing it I felt it wanted to be posted. So here it is. I have not listened to it all as yet, but I felt that many would resonate with Alexandra’s questions for Sheldan, and learn some more about what this “Sheldan Nidle” person is all about.

Published on Mar 24, 2015

You will love this interview! Sheldan Nidle and Alexandra Meadors share an informative review of some of the hottest topics reviewed by our online community. You will hear a concise recap of what is unfolding now, what was done to prompt these changes, and what we can look forward to. Sheldan and Alexandra are discussing the possibility of a monthly presentation on specific topics! Stay tuned!

The views and opinions expressed herein are those of person(s) interviewed and do not necessarily reflect those of Alexandra Meadors and Galactic Connection.