Weekly Forecast: April 19 – 25, 2015 ~ a message from Kelly M. Beard

Weekly Forecast: April 19 – 25, 2015

Weekly Forecast:  April 19 – 25, 2015     

4/19 ~ Mercury (expression) ~sextile~ Neptune (dreams):

This is a great energy for being imaginative and intuitive. This is not an intellectual energy, you will have to rely on other senses, like feeling (intuition). You may be very perceptive as to what others are thinking or feeling. Try to avoid work that requires any attention to detail.  Allow your creativity to flow freely without censoring what comes through you at this time.  You can organize it later.  This is the energy to CREATE!

4/19 ~ Venus (art & beauty) ~square~ Neptune (vision):

This energy is great for creative flow. If you are artistically inclined in any way, you will have access to an energy that will allow you to create something amazing. This energy is not so good for relationships. There may be a tendency to idealize your partner, only to be let down by the reality of the situation. If your relationship happens to end under this influence, it’s not necessarily a bad thing because it suggests that it was never on solid ground to begin with. Be thankful and move on.

4/20 ~ Mercury (expression) ~square~ Jupiter (truth):

This is usually a good energy, making you optimistic and positive. You are probably going to feel like setting some long-term goals. The only challenge with this energy is a tendency to overlook the details if they are not in line with YOUR plans. Just plan carefully and remember the big picture. Remain open and receptive to information that could help you down the road.

4/21 ~ Mars (energy) ~trine~ Pluto (transformation):

This is an active, transformative energy that will help you to change your life in a healthy, positive way. You may be especially focused on what needs to be DONE in your life at this time. You will want to take action and the Universe supports that decision, as long as it is righteous and not totally self-serving. This is a good time to get moving, take action regarding your long term goals – and you will be able to create momentum. You may realize some of your recent actions or choices do not necessarily support your deepest drives or desires. You must align within and without. Be creative ~ be brave!

4/22 ~ Mercury (inner-voice) ~trine~ Pluto (deep connection): 

This energy provokes deep delving WITHIN. You will be most inclined toward learning the meaning “behind the meaning”. You will want to explore your inner Self and try to understand it better. It is best to be alone for such research. Take a day or a weekend and grab your most powerful books and music and get somewhere beautiful if you can, if not your bedroom will do just as well – and dig deep! You are finally ready for the deeper truth, and you will be transformed by what you learn. If you must communicate with others, plan on that being deep as well. Nothing superficial today. The only warning with this energy is not to become obsessive about one particular idea – and certainly don’t try to force your particular opinion on others. If you feel the deep need to focus on one particular thing, that is fine but try to keep some perspective or write down all your revelations so you can reflect on them at a later time when you are more objective.

4/22 ~ Venus (relationships) ~sextile~ Jupiter (optimism):

This energy may help balance out the rest of the things happening this week (hopefully).  Try to tap into it if you can, but it is up against some major movement so don’t be surprised if you miss its influence altogether.  It is usually an easy energy to deal with, usually involving friends and social activities; optimism and new friendships or relationships that help you be the best person you can be.  You will want to deal with positive, uplifting people under this influence.

4/22 ~ Mercury (thoughts) ~conjunct~ Mars (energy):

I have to preface this with two things: (1) is when Mercury is involved, it is a relatively fast-moving energy.  (2) is when Mars is involved, being the lower version of power (Pluto being the Higher version), reminds us that with power, also comes responsibility.  Now, that all said, the positive expression of this energy is that you can control your mind and direct it with passion, getting tangible results.  This heightens your intellectual ability and mental capacity (for better or worse).  You will be able to clearly articulate your thoughts and you should have quick, effective responses.  If you maintain your integrity, this is an excellent time to ‘fuel’ major creative expression.  If this energy manifests is negative side, it can make you petty and combative, arguing over nonsense and wasting precious time and energy in ego control-dramas.  And if it is not coming FROM you, it is just as possible to be coming AT you (from others).  This is the best time to put your energy (Mars) behind your thoughts, ideas and words (Mercury).  The power of this pairing is that they are occupying the same space, essentially energizing each other.

Sarah Varcas: On Life after the Uranus/Pluto Square: Choosing the Cliff-Edge | Awakenings

Uranus/Pluto square, Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn, conscious evolution, personal change, personal truth, deep truth, commitment, wisdom

On Life after the Uranus/Pluto Square: Choosing the Cliff-Edge
By Sarah Varcas | Awakenings

Uranus and Pluto have received a lot of air time since 2012 when they began to form their lengthy square that is currently fading into history. The impact of this square, which has shaken up countless peoples’ lives, has been impossible to ignore. For many, looking back to life pre 2012 is like watching a different person, barely recognisable in some cases. So much has changed, within and without, that the notion of total rebirth is not too drastic a description of the events of recent years. Many people have been shaken awake by this square, forced to confront themselves and their lives, the consequences of choices previously made and the impact of living a half-life in the shadows of possibility for so long. It has been a time of both trauma and ecstasy, challenge and liberation. Few have been left untouched. The initiation into the Aquarian Age has well and truly begun.

Like all initiations, however, it is just the beginning, not the whole story, and true strength is born of knowing how to respond after the intensity has passed and the next phase has begun. This is where we find ourselves now. The energetic themes of the past three years are lifting and changing, morphing into something altogether different. Uranus and Pluto are parting ways, releasing their grip each upon the other. This signals a parting within us too, for as above so below. Change comes in new guises now and we need to recognise it when it arrives at our door.

Uranus and Pluto are hugely powerful planetary heavyweights. Together they augur the birth of global cycles and massive societal change. When two planets square each other we are forced to take action or endure mounting intensity and frustration. Our environment constantly blocks and obstructs us, pens us into a corner, pushes us away from where we need to be until we take responsibility for our own lives and make the changes necessary for true progress and deep transformation. Pluto rules the shadow, those parts of ourselves we avoid and ignore, deny and project on to others. In its square with Uranus we have been faced with the consequences of doing so as our shadow has repeatedly risen up to meet us from the outside, confronting us with the consequences of trying to be someone we’re not, of refusing to claim our sovereignty, of living small and safe when we needed to break out and risk freedom. Uranus, the Great Awakener, creates radical disruption. It demands nothing but truth, no matter how shocking. It perceives a future in which there are no lies, no fear and no constriction. This prospect may seem dangerous in our world as it stands, but Uranus is not of this world and will not abandon its agenda to accommodate our earthbound aspirations.

This is the truth of working with cosmic forces: they demand of us largesse and greatness, not in terms of egoic acclaim and narcissistic absorption but of being big enough, wise enough, powerful enough to see beyond the limitations of the egoic mind to something beyond our imaginings. They demand that we live on the cliff-edge of life, the very boundary of possibility where we are forever challenged to go further. They demand profound integrity, searing honesty and a willingness to change in ways that may seem impossible from where we currently stand. When giants such as Uranus and Pluto square each other, despite the incredible intensity of their action, we are somehow more able to respond. We simply have no choice. We find what we need inside to do what they demand. Even, and especially, when we believe we won’t. For all the stress and pain of their action in our lives, the outcome is also beyond our wildest imaginings as we discover strength we never knew we had, options we never imagined could be ours and a life awaiting us which reanimates those parts within previously left to wither and die. It is tough, for sure, but the changes we undergo when we offer ourselves up to these processes of deep and enduring transformation make the offering worthwhile. Sacrifices made are repaid many-fold in the currency of wisdom, freedom and true presence in the midst of our mysterious life. What started out as tragedy and trauma becomes rebirth and new life. Against all the odds we arise from the flames to live another day.

This has been the story for so many in the past three years. This month that story begins to change as the Uranus/Pluto square dissolves. As these commanding planets part ways their impact is modified and we will meet them in different guises on the path ahead. No longer is it the case that in meeting one we meet the other. They’re no longer a team. Yes, Uranus still wants to throw everything up in the air and Pluto still reveals the darkest depths to shed the brightest light upon them. But they’re doing things in their own way now and that means we must adapt accordingly. Life won’t force us quite like it has been. It won’t so much be the case of ‘I can’t bear another minute I simply have to change no matter what’. We’re going to have to make some conscious, risky decisions born not of utter necessity (change or die!) but out of a deep inner knowing that if we are to play a full part in the evolution of this planet, we simply have to do what needs to be done, end of. It is both our birthright and obligation as custodians of this time and place.

From this point on it may become easier, gradually, to avoid change, to find excuses not to do it, to sink back into old habits with plenty of justifications for doing so. The choice is ours now, more so than before, simply because it won’t be so hard to stay stuck. It really is up to us. Pluto will still come along and stir up the darkness and Uranus will still be hitting us over the head screaming ‘WAKE UP BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!’, but they’ll somehow be easier to ignore. Our defences will be stronger, our denial and/or self-deception more effective. If we simply want an ‘easy life’ we’re more likely to get one now. But easy is not necessarily better. And after a few decisions to stay safe, step out of the ring, stay stuck rather than change, we may begin to look around and realise we have been left behind, companions on the path gone ahead, potential withering on the vine, possibilities once close now out of reach.

The urgency fades as the square between Uranus and Pluto does. Which doesn’t mean change is not needed, only that we have more choice in our role as its agents. We can step back from the cliff edge if we choose. Step out of the fray, batten down the inner hatches and stick our feet into the mud refusing to move again. ‘Those last three years were a heck of a ride, so I’ve done my bit now thank you! Over to someone else!!’. But you are that ‘someone else’ and so am I. So is everybody. We are all the someone else to whom is handed the baton now for the next lap of the race. If we discover the pressure is off and life offers a ‘get out’ clause when the going gets tough, that doesn’t mean the clause is the best option, only that the challenge is met now in the choices we make not in our ability to endure when change is inescapable. It is up to us to decide how we proceed from here, whether we settle for what we have or embrace our role as Evolutionary Agent for the long haul. We always have a choice and there will always be different forces and factors which influence it. Uranus and Pluto have driven us through the flames but now they take a different tack. Still as powerful, still as transformative, still as liberating, they come individually, inviting us to enter into their shadow dance and scary ride of freedom. But they are less insistent, less demanding. Their intensity will rise and fall as ever, but the imperative that felt like ‘change or die!!’ is lifting. We’re entering the next phase now, where we choose radical change because we know it is the only way to fulfil our evolutionary potential, not because we simply believe we have no choice. We have a choice, always. And never was it more vital than now that we make the wisest one.

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Sarah Varcas

THE ORACLE REPORT: Tuesday, April 21, 2015 + Monday, April 20, 2015

New Moon Phase: beginnings, set intentions

Moon in Gemini

Goddess of Wisdom: Chinnamasta (Goddess Who Expands the Mind)

God of Will: Ian (God of the East, King of Battle)

Skill: keep a cool head

Positive Imprints: staging or building a structure or idea, mind-blowing, demanding one’s rights, well-grounded, surges of energy, endurance, understanding something, standing up for something, bringing forth memories of things from the past that are lasting and valuable, emergence

Catalysts for Change: growing intensity to the point of shocking release, feeling out of control, taking over, anxiety, demanding one’s way, projecting blame onto others, inflated egos, ungrounded and overloaded, disconnected, interfering in other’s business or stirring up things, dramatic reactions, anger, minimizing self or others

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: “the music of the spheres”

Situations and emotions are “highly charged” today with the Sun moving to the degree of the Sabian symbol “an electrical storm.”

In combination with the Black Moon yesterday beginning to discharge the energy of the Sabian symbol of “a volcanic eruption” through April 28, things have potential to become volatile and spill out.  An upset to the way things used to be (in our world and in our lives) is activating our instincts.  In turn, new approaches to things are revealed.  Are you seeing things in a new way?

As the Second Renaissance unfolds, so does a restoration of balance.  To re-balance things, we need to strive, and striving means effort.  But striving does not mean struggling, though it often feels that way.  This is a key concept to keep in mind because the Sun is coming to the place in the sky where the planet Chiron, the archetypal energy of the Wounded Healer and Teacher, was discovered.  A distortion of the Chiron energy is suffering and self-sabotage.  Chiron is the energetic signature of the Master Teacher, so it reveals wisdom about suffering and self-sabotage – wisdom which heals us.  The Sun will fully activate the Chiron energetic on Thursday.  It should be noted that Chiron is the energy that engineers bridges and is the energy that bridged us into the Second Renaissance.  If the ancient Greeks had the term, the mythological god Chiron would have been called a Renaissance Man.  The “inner Chiron” in all of us is activating, so we will strive for healing and learning, not suffering and failing.

New approaches, new needs, new paths, new discoveries, new everything is happening now.  From deep within us, things are reaching forth, seeking light.  With “electrical storms” come flashes of light – inspiration!  These come in radical packets today, so we want to maintain good grounding and not blow circuits.  A good use of this energy is to clean or clear.  Space will open up and energy will flow more efficiently (more happily).

Today, connect with the stroke of lightning – the stroke of genius – that is the manifestation of your spirit on Earth.  Reach forth.  Strive.  Bring balance.

Caption for today’s photograph from wise owl Jessica yesterday:

“As we are in a new epoch of humanity…I took this today of my daughter and her friends (some established, some brand new as of today) at a home school program run by the county park.  To my eye, it speaks volumes about how people can be if treated properly.”

Wise words indeed, Jessica.

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THE ORACLE REPORT: Monday, April 20, 2015

New Moon Phase: beginnings, setting intentions

Moon in Taurus/Gemini (7:30 pm ET/11:30 pm UT)

Goddess of Wisdom: Chinnamasta (Goddess Who Expands the Mind)

God of Will: Ian (God of the East, King of Battle)

Skill: gain clarity

Positive Imprints: inner knowing, vitality, bursts of creativity, spiritual guidance, focus, new ideas, powers of observation, taking the road less traveled

Catalysts for Change:  sensory overload, difficulty focusing, naive, temper tantrums, clinging to the past, emotional outbursts, resisting growth, burdened, feeling spacey, fear of the unknown

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: “the music of the spheres”

As hoped, the Sun sent a coronal mass ejection from a long-duration solar filament that erupted just four hours before the New Moon on Saturday.  I have not been able to locate data on the exact duration or time of onset, but the peak occurred at 10:19 am ET/2:19 pm UT.

At that time, the Moon was located at 26 Aries and the energy of the Sabian symbol “a man possessed of more gifts than he can hold.”  Could it get any better?  While the field was being swept of the old, more abundance, more ideas, more potential, and more wisdom than we can understand at once flooded in.  These are the new imprints into the energy, and they will unwind in time as we grow into our understanding of them.

Would you agree that when people are given possession of more gifts than they can hold, renaissance unfolds?

The rebirth continues today, with a little help from the Black Moon, which will move to the 17th degree of Virgo today at 4:45 pm ET/8:45 pm UT.  The Sabian symbol for this degree is “a volcanic eruption.”  While this energy brings release of emotions or things that have built up, it also refers to an eruption of ideas.  If you have been holding something back (or if something seems to have been held back), we are in brand new energy for that to come forward.  And it can come forward in the manner of your choosing.  We’ve been holding back for a while waiting for new energy.  The Black Moon will remain at this degree until April 28 (the First Quarter Moon phase), so we have a window of time to bring forth anything that has been suppressed.  If you experience an eruption or the eruption of another, observe and consider the message.

The Sun at the degree of “a clear mountain stream” today also reinforces the revitalization.  A flowing current from Spirit comes down.  This energy is about having a direction, course, or aim.  The steam’s path may wind all over the place  today or it may be a fairly straight shot, but the refreshment occurs regardless.  We are following a course toward clarity and refreshment today.

Also, today Venus disseminates the degree of “newly opened lands offer the pioneer new opportunities for experience.”  This is added energy for refreshing the field and taking a direction.

There is a great deal of guidance in effect today.

I perceived the beginning of the Second Renaissance as a subtle shift, but we will see how subtle or overt the energetics are today with these themes.  As we begin to open more “gifts” (wisdom)  than we could ever imagine, aim for clarity and the way will be shown.

I think we are off to beautiful start, wise owls.

(Note on the 4/20 craze:  The old world order instigated a campaign to connect/co-opt the plant teacher marijuana to the date 4/20, which is Hitler’s birthday.  It’s an outworn imprint; see it for what it is.  We are about imprinting the new now, so if it is your pattern to partake in this, do it at 4:19 or 4:21 or any other time, but not 4:20.)

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What’s Happening in the Stars? April 20-26, 2015 ~ Contributed by Hillory Skott

What’s Happening in the Stars? April 20-26, 2015

Feel the sun on your skin, smell the new growth in the air.
All the flowers, grass and trees just springing into life sharing
the soothing smells of effortless growth.

From operatic white snowdrops to melodic purple hyacinths,
spring arrives with a symphonious display of color. The crocuses
croon with voices of lavender and the forsythia is a fanfare of
golden notes.

After the silence of gray winter, life remembers the music of
possibility and the song of hope.

Jubilant yellow daffodils emerge from the quiet earth like the
ringing of a thousand bells.

Daffodils are a beautiful symbol of this annual reawakening of
the life force and are used to represent hope and renewal.
Treat yourself to a bouquet this week!

Karen & Salma

What’s Happening in the Stars? April 20-26, 2015
~ Contributed by Hillory Skott

Motivated Mars, clever Mercury and the bright shiny Sun
are all in earthy stable Taurus. Deep diving Pluto connects
in a super helpful trine formation with Mercury and Mars.
You may discover some hidden information that helps
you to feel more secure. Or more deeply connected with the
ones you love. Commitments come naturally. Perhaps now
it is time to stake your claim. What holds value is much clearer

The Sun will move to slow moving Taurus on Monday which
is a great big breeze of relaxation after all the go go go Aries
energy. This next month is for really appreciating the simple
things. Taurus does have a nose for value and an inclination
towards the finer things and little luxuries. Purchases made
now are likely to last a life time. Any slow methodical work
is supported.

The difficult side of all this earthy energy is the stubborn streak
Taurus is well known for. Be careful, you might be digging your
heels in about things that don’t matter for no real reason.
Change is not easy for Taurus; any feather ruffling at all is
distasteful to them. So you might feel the same for the next
month. But no one is asking you to change. Simple enjoyment
is all that is really required of you. Feel the sun on your skin,
smell the new growth in the air. All the flowers, grass and trees
just springing into life sharing the soothing smells of effortless growth.

Seed planting is highly favored. It can be literal or figurative. What
do you want to see grow into your life through the next couple of
seasons? What would you like to harvest in the fall?

Tuesday Mars and Pluto connect in the earth signs. Much can be
accomplished, purchased or procured with this mix of planetary
energy. Pluto is thorough and ambitious. Mars is ready to move.
With the earth signs ruling this mix you can count on some staying
power to all endeavours. How would you like your life and relationships
to evolve- What moves can you make in that direction. Slow and
steady will get you there. One step at a time. Establish productive

Wednesday Mercury will form a supportive trine with Pluto. There is
much power behind all of our communications now. A serious
understanding of complex topics is possible. Express what needs
expressing; share what you know for the greater good of the

There is a serious tone to all of this; much energy can be released
from the subconscious now. Witness what comes up, bless and
thank whatever you are reacting to and choose differently. Say,
“I choose peace”, Or love, Or happiness. It really is a matter of
choice and perspective. Simple shifts have much power.

Pluto is always interested in advancing along the evolutionary path.
Tuesday and Wednesday you will see it at work in your own life.

Sunday has a fortunate trine between eccentric Uranus and harmony
loving peace seeker Venus. Who might you meet today? Get out
and mingle. Anything off the beaten path holds promise of new
interesting connections. It may be in the 3D world we live in but
could also be connections with our angelic helpers, spirit guides
or totem animals. Messages of importance can be received and
help to advance you on your path, transforming darkness to light.
Peaceful progress is possible this week- Breathe deeply and savor
every moment of it.

~Contributed by Hillory Skott

Have a wonderful week and Create Amazement!

Karen & Salma
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Shanta Gabriel: Allow Yourself to Love and Be Loved | Inspiration for the Week

Allow Yourself to Love and Be Loved
by Shanta Gabriel |
Apr 20, 2015 | Inspiration for the Week

Inspiration for the Week

For this week’s message from Archangel Gabriel, we are being called to open to a new level of Balance by allowing ourselves to be loved and supported.

The Gabriel Message card for this week

One way to Balance within is to allow yourself to Love and Be Loved.

In the midst of strong and powerful currents of energy we are experiencing, Balance has become one of the most sought-after experiences.

This card is reminding me that allowing myself to receive love is just as important as giving it. Love comes in many forms. How many times do I shy away from a sincere compliment? What about those times when, for varying reasons, my receiving channels are closed to those who want to support me?

Often I find it so much easier to give love to others than allow myself to receive it. But this card makes me question that practice. If I am more focused on giving, doesn’t that block the flow of receiving? And when I start to think of all the other places that I might be shut down to receiving, such as to the flow of finances or creativity, it becomes a much bigger deal than turning aside a compliment that was well-meant. I cannot afford to block the flow of supportive energy toward me.

Receiving graciously the support being offered is an important way to demonstrate gratitude to the bounty in the Universal flow of Good toward me. When I allow myself to be willing to receive, my heart is opened to the new opportunities to receive love and support that are a part of my daily experience.

The biggest discovery for me is finding that just loving myself turns out to be the most empowering and fastest way to bring me back into Balance. Leaving myself swinging in the breeze without my own support and love has been an old habit and one that is no longer workable. My inner guidance surges forward to let me know in myriad ways that I have disconnected from Source energy and there are beings of Light waiting to help me. It does not feel good when I am closed down to receiving. I don’t have the energy I need to do what I love and would most uplift me.

One of my favorite long-time affirmations is: I Now Allow Myself to be Loved and Supported on all levels. In times of resistance to the flow, it is often difficult to remember, but the power of opening my heart to myself is the key to coming home to Balance within.

Everything I do has this intention for alignment at its base. I am recognizing that Love is my guiding force and coming from my heart is the key for Balance. When I come from this place, the energy I feel within helps me to know that I am connected to my Soul and doing the work I came on Earth to do.

Shanta Gabriel

copyright: April 19, 2015


The Gabriel Messages #53

One way to balance within is to allow yourself to love and be loved.

Dear One,

When you allow yourself to love another person, it opens channels within your being to receive divine love from God, the Infinite Source. There is an inexhaustible supply of this love. When you begin to freely give this love you are blessed with more, so you can continue to give. In this way you will never be starving for love because you feel you have given too much. You cannot give too much love, because the inexhaustible resource of God’s love is equal to every demand.

There are many ways to give love. At times the most loving thing you can do is to leave people alone to follow their own path in life. Even then, you are not shutting them out of your heart, although you may never see them again. Giving love freely means loving yourself enough to only be in those situations which serve your highest good at all times, and which allow you to be treated in a respectful manner.

Receiving love is sometimes more difficult than giving it, but your willingness to receive is also necessary for perfect balance to exist in your life. When you receive love from others, you are allowing them to give. This completes the circuit of God’s love. Allowing yourself to be loved opens the door to receiving infinite abundance from the Universe, and creates channels for you to receive in wondrous ways from other people. This means receiving support for your life, which is important because you were never meant to struggle alone. You are a child of the Divine Source, and so are given infinite ways to receive love. Allow yourself to receive and be grateful for all the demonstrations of love, large and small, which are given to you every day.

When you open your heart to another person, it creates an energy of love within you which in turn brings balance to all the systems of the physical body. When your body is in balance, it creates healing currents within itself. This is one reason that love is such a powerful healing force. To have health in your body, you cannot allow yourself to shut down your heart to love.

When the quality of balance is active in your life, all things will seem to fall into perfect order. There will be balance in your finances, in your health, in your household, and in your spiritual life. When you give and receive in a balanced way, you are open to the flow of Divine energy which gives depth, beauty and meaning given to your life. You will feel abundantly blessed in every way.


It is important to have the “energy of allowing” actively influencing your life. When you allow things to happen for you, there is no feeling of pushing “the river of life.” You take one step and the way is open for the next, and so it goes without effort. When you push to make things happen, stress is created in your body and mind. This leads to an imbalance which may cause disease. So practice acting in balance and harmony with all life. Allow others to love and support you. It will then become easier to have a more joy-filled, meaningful existence as this sense of allowing will help create the openness necessary for miracles to occur.

Step into the flow of a miraculous lifestyle. Give yourself the opportunity to be loved and supported by God and by those who love you. Let yourself give love freely, and know that it will be returned in miraculous ways. Allow yourself to give love so you will create balance in body, mind and emotions. Know that circumstances work for your highest good when you are in balance with all of life.

Remember your message from the angels today:

One way to balance within is to allow yourself to love and be loved.

Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel Copyright: April 19, 2015 www.TheGabrielMessages.com

The Oracle Report: Monday, April 20, 2015

THE PORTAL: The Ganymede Portal by Cobra Sunday, April 19, 2015


THE PORTAL: The Ganymede Portal
by Cobra

Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Ganymede Portal on the largest moon of Jupiter is the most important location in our Solar System.

It is the strongest energetic pathway in our Solar system which leads to the Galactic Central Sun. Sirius is a midway station between the Galactic Center and the Ganymede Portal, stepping down the vibrational frequency of the Central Sun energy to the degree that our Sol system can absorb.

There is a huge Galactic Confederation underground base on Ganymede which is a central hub for all intelligent positive races working upon the liberation of our Solar system and planet Earth especially.

That base is the main stronghold of the Jupiter Command and they are operating the portal towards the Galactic Center.

The base is located near the center of the Gallileo Regio:


The Ganymede Portal is the main beacon of Light for this Solar System including our planet. Without that portal being open, humanity would not survive the Archon invasion in 1996 and would be now extinct. Exopolitical events have much more influence on geopolitical situation than most people realize. The Archons have cleverly labeled everyone with more that a passing interest in cosmos as a »lunatic« to ensure that people would not detect the real source of the problems we have on Earth.

You can read two excellent summaries of the exopolitical background of the planetary situation here:



You can also connect energetically in your meditations with the Ganymede Portal, as it is the strongest source of spiritual Light in our Solar System:

As the next phase of MOSS will be activated in May, the activity of the Ganymede Portal will increase dramatically. This portal will also be the main transmitter of energies from the Galactic Central Sun at the Event.

After the Event, members of the Cabal who do not choose or are not able to accept the Light, will be processed through a sorting facility, which is located in one section of the Ganymede underground base. Many of those Cabal members will be then taken to the Galactic Central Sun for restructuring.

The Ganymede portal is purifying the plasma accretion vortex strings (tunnels of Set) that extend from planet Earth beyond our Solar System into the Local Bubble:


While at the same time our Solar System is entering a sector of the Galaxy that will trigger more drastic changes and much sooner than scientists are willing to admit:


Scientific evidence is mounting about unusual activity in the Oort cloud. Astronomers are detecting radio signals which are coming from the Spheres since their arrival in 2001:


Powerful people with much potential positive influence upon the exopolitical and geopolitical situation are reading this blog. For this and also for other reasons I would ask people with deep intel about secret space programs to contact me at cobraresistance@gmail.com for possible future cooperation.


Posted by Cobra at 3:07 PM

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Cosmic Weather – New Moon Report for 4.18.15 by Irma Kaye Sawyer


Cosmic Weather – New Moon Report for 4.18.15
by Irma Kaye Sawyer

Hello friends. Well I’ve just got to share how much I am LOVING the energies of the incoming New Moon. Once you get into my report you’ll see why. For those who have been following our reports at the “Cosmic Weather” Facebook page have heard me talk about the challenges and opportunities of the current “Dragon” Stargate/vibrational upgrade for the last three weeks. It certainly lived up to its name and reputation. Even a (wood) Dragon like me was feeling a little singed around the edges at times, but I’m the better for it. Even if you don’t feel like it upon this reading, I am fairly confident in time you will see you are too. It also gave me much interesting food for thought for my next book. The lights were very bright and the shadows deep in the Pisces/Aries Stargate. I wouldn’t describe it as an Alice trip down the rabbit hole, but more in the territory of some classic Hunter S. Thompson and Dr. Gonzo high weirdness. ;) Not everyone had that type of experience mind you, but I’d say for the majority of folks it would apply.

Sabian Symbol for the New Moon at 29 Aries: The Music of the Spheres – Attunement to the Cosmic Order.

The individual who has entered into a new realm of possibilities of action should learn the harmonic possibilities of operating in this realm. The message is to listen to the Inner Voice within; to listen without personalizing this Voice in a glamour-producing manner. It is the Voice of the Whole, of which one begins to realize that one is a tiny little part – yet a significant part, for every note of the Universal Chord has its place and its ineradicable meaning. ~ Dane Rudhyar

Keynote: How personal abundance, wisdom and greatness ARE within the cosmic order and not hubris on our part. Re-attunement to the I AM (Aries) presence within.

New Moon Suggestions: RELEASING meditations and exercises; fire pujas will be especially powerful. Writing your “wish list.” Filling out “Abundance Checks” from the Universe.

I am sharing this excerpt from my new digital offering, “The Aquarian Empath, Part II,” as I feel even non-Empathic folks can possibly connect to it as well. I’ve been playing with this idea of the “rules” spiritually for some time now and the idea that they are often based on consensus reality. What if we all took the “Quantum Leap” in consciousness the Keepers suggest here into a new world of compassion and personal sovereignty? Cosmically that would make quite a splash, and the time is certainly quite ripe for it NOW.

Dear ones, part of the agenda for Empaths at the moment involves clearing trauma, hypervigilance and foreign energies from your being. Also the knowing that you no longer have to process the pain and suffering of others or the collective. You have asked us “How do I do this?” It is simply a matter of accepting new terms around your Empathic nature and practicing loving-kindness towards yourselves. The “new” energies impacting Gaia (Earth) are truly Aquarian, in that they are of a spiritually self-supporting nature. You will be free to maintain your roles as guides, energy workers and counsel for others, without all of the “baggage,” so to speak. There is great support for you in this as you make the Quantum Leap back to your gifts and true potential at this time. The clearer you become, the higher you rise. Shanti. ~ The Keepers, 4.14.15 (excerpt from “The Aquarian Empath, Part II.”)

**You can pre-order my new digital book here and a reminder that you don’t need to have a Kindle device to read it. There is a free Kindle app available for both Android and Iphone. Thank you friends. The Aquarian Empath – Part II

NOTE: The New Moon in Aries is 4/18/15 at 11:57 am PDT/2:57 pm EDT.

Image by JD Cogmon.

Happy New Moon friends and remember to keep it Cosmic!

Kari Samuels: April’s fiery new moon in Aries

Kari Samuels: April’s fiery new moon in Aries


Things are heating up in the heavens.

You’re feeling it. There’s fire in the cosmos and it’s igniting a spark inside of you.

We’re entering head first into the bold energy of Aries now (and with the Ram as this sign’s totem, is there any other way)? The confident, courageous, assertiveness of Aries is here to lift you out of the watery depths of the emotional eclipse energy that you’ve experienced the past month.

If anyone can give you a fresh start – it’s Aries! Aries is the first sign of our Zodiac that is initiated with the first day of spring. Spring is the time when the seeds that have been buried beneath underground all winter, push through the Earth and sprout. Most likely, you’re probably feeling that energy within you too.

The eclipses stirred up a lot of lingering emotions about self-worth, self-expression and self-esteem. You’ve got the fire in the belly now pushing you forward to pursue your passions, demand more of your life and relationships, and put yourself first. You’ve been ignited by Aries!

As difficult as the past few months may have been, the process has been vital for you to recognize how you have been limiting your love and abundance, and why you deserve more.

Good news! Now is the time to live your heart’s desires!

New Moon. New Beginnings

Our Aries new moon on Saturday, April 18th will take your life to a whole new level. With both our Sun and Moon in Aries – our first sign of the zodiac, it will be a completely fresh start for you, full of new possibilities and opportunities. It’s like pressing the restart button for your life! This will feel more like the new year than January 1st!

Adding an extra boost of blessings,  our lucky planet Jupiter is in the exuberant fire sign of Leo, and Saturn is in the optimistic fire sign of Sagittarius.  A double dose of courage! With all of the fire signs activated during this joyful new moon, this can fuel you forward for an amazing rest of the year like a rocket!

New moons are a potent time for setting your intentions.

With so much fire power supercharging this new moon, you’ll want to make the most of this powerful energy.

Here are some Aries themed intentions you can manifest:

  • Express your passions and pursue your purpose with confidence
  • Expect and receive more money because you know you’re worth it
  • Start that business or enterprise that you have always dreamed of
  • Enjoy super soulful relationships while having healthy boundaries with people who don’t treat you with respect
  • Get your body looking and feeling super strong and sexy
  • Live life on your terms – having the financial and emotional freedom to do whatever you please
  • Have fun every day

You know you deserve a better life with more money, love, and respect. It’s yours if you claim it!

New Moon Rituals

I highly recommend you to a New Moon manifesting ritual to let go of anything you don’t want, and boldly declare your intentions to the Universe.

If you want to have the spiritual support of the mightiest winged warrior in the world, you can call upon Archangel Michael to help you.

Archangel Michael has a fiery energy that transmutes fear into love in a flash! He can wrap you in his shield of light for protection, and motivate you with confidence and courage to pursue your passions and claim your power with conviction.

If you want to join me for a truly life-changing New Moon Manifestation ritual with Archangel Michael, I’ve got something special planned for you. I  hosted a free live call on April 14th to prepare you for this awesome April new moon with a special angel abundance activation and energy healing.

With Archangel Michael’s help, you will clear out your negative emotions and entanglements with other people – to weed your spiritual garden so you can plant seeds of prosperity for the future. You can catch the replay by clicking here. It’s only available for 48 hours so listen soon.

It was absolutely amazing and I am so excited to share this with you.  It will really light up your world!

See you at the bonfire!

~ Kari


Lynda Hill’s Sabian Symbols: April 13, 2015 Tuning In To The Music Of The Spheres: April’s Aries New Moon

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