Sarah Biermann: The Hot Season of Change: Part 2 – Are Your Fears Being Triggered?

The Hot Season of Change:
Part 2 – Are Your Fears Being Triggered?

This “Hot Season of Change” is lighting a fire under two things: your deepest fear and your greatest desire. If your fears are being triggered, this is why.

While the two things are opposite each other, they are very connected because you can’t manifest and live your dream unless you become aware of and face the fear, even embrace the fear, and ultimately release it.

A hint: the thing you most fear isn’t an injury or damage to your body or to a loved one, it is the “horrible thing” that proves that you are a pitiful looser and that all your (failed) dreams are “illusions”. The fear is that there will be proof of what a deluded, foolish and stupid idiot you are. Not to mention a “fake spiritual person”.

Ugg… It hurts! It can crush you and make you want to end it all, to give up and even consider exiting this life.

It can also make you avoid living your dreams so that you end up doing work that just pays the bills, doing a job that you don’t like, and even hate.

(I am also getting triggered as are just about everyone I know. For me, when I let myself really go into it, with all the tears and shaking, then I felt better afterwards. Well, not right afterward, but I did feel better the next day. The fears are just fears. Try not to attach to them by believing they are true and real. Part of this is being fueled by the planetary shift and part by the Old Energy pushing our buttons.)

Did you know it was going to be this hard, that it would suck this much? Why does it have to be this way?

The other reason is that the Old Energy and those who are trying to prevent the transformation to the New Energy are doing everything they can to prevent the Transformation. The Transformation from the Old Energy to the New Energy is a really, really big thing! It is also a really, really important thing.

This can sound rather obscure so we have systems to interpret and understand what is happening and how we can participate in the Transformation.

I see astrology as a mirror, reflecting back to us what is the focus and the cosmic energy at certain times. Your natal chart can show you what gifts you brought in, as well as what challenges you chose. Other systems, like numerology, do a similar thing, helping us to understand what “it’s all about”.

The recent eclipses speak to the intensity of what I call the “Hot Season of Change”.  The focus point of the eclipses is Leo and especially, 29º of Leo. The Lunar Eclipse on August 7th had the Sun at 15º Leo and the Solar Eclipse was at 29º Leo. Mars is conjunct the Sun and Moon, pushing action and possibly aggression. Leo is all about self-love and self-worth. Other celestial bodies have continued to cross over and activate this place. So, what does this mean?

The challenge we are being faced with is to come face to face with the things that make you feel less-than, powerless, unlovable and ashamed. It’s the weakness that you don’t want anyone to see. The outcome of this process is to move past the limiting beliefs and to truly know your own self-worth and lovability.

If you are not clear about what this is for you, one way to understand is to look at what house is ruled by Leo is in your natal chart. If you don’t have your natal chart you can get it at If you need more information and understanding about the houses please contact me or do a web search. The astrology system that I use is Contact me if you would like to know more about why this astrological system, more than any others, is what I believe has the best understanding and point of view of any others.

Many people thought and expected that at the end of the “Mayan Calendar” the wonderful New Earth would begin. The expectations were that all the negative and ugly stuff would go away and we could go forward with the positive and beautiful.

What happened instead is that the negative and ugly was exposed, big time. What I wrote earlier applies to this situation and the polarity.

“While the two things are opposite each other, they are very connected. You can’t manifest and live your dream unless you become aware of and face the fear, even embrace the fear, and ultimately release it.”

While the end result, and the reason you and I are here now, is to manifest the New Earth with all its splendor and beauty, we have had to go through the “cleaning of the basement”. We had to get down and dirty and go into the ugliness in order to clean it out.

It’s not fun… You chose to be here to do this… You are one of us who wanted to be part of this and YOU were chosen because you have the ability to know the worst and still know the best. You are able to anchor the “New Earth Waves” here and hold this truth for our planet.

BTW What you are doing isn’t just for this planet. What you are doing is affecting the whole Solar System, the Galaxy and beyond.

It is not easy to do this, not at all. Yet, you are here now because you are uniquely able to do this.

One of the hardest parts of this job is that the ones who are who haven’t yet chosen their desired movement into the New Earth, mostly have no awareness of it nor any understanding of its importance. Unfortunately, this includes many of your family and friends, not to mention the mainstream media/news that influence these people.

If you feel the heart tug upon reading this. If there is a moment when you think, “Yes, this is me!” before your doubts kick in, then you are definitely one of us.  You are one of the special souls that is incarnating now, despite the challenges and the losses.

Please do not think that you are the only person who has doubted yourself. The opposite is true. The major challenges of an Old Soul are doubt and lack of self-worth. You could say the doubt and low self-worth (AKA shame) are the “self-karma” of Old Souls.

I know this well. One of my teachers, mentors and friends (who also introduced me to Shamanic Astrology) labeled me, “The Queen of Shame”. This was partly because I am such a huge “fan” of Sting, the lead singer and song writer of the 80’s ban The Police. He wrote a song about himself called, King of Pain. (Looking at it now, this could be the mantra of most Old Souls). The other reason was that I went through the deepest, dungeon of my personal shame with her support and that once I delved so deeply into it, I was relatively comfortable with it. I was no longer driven by wanting to hide the “secret shame” that I had lived with for decades.

(Important note: When I finally was able to (with my friends support) go to the center of the “horrible truth” about myself that I had kept hidden my whole life, I found that there was nothing there. There was not a wretched truth or secret thing about me. The shame didn’t hide anything. There was nothing there at all).

This was also the moment when I experienced shifting my perspective from the  “miserable human” to my Greater Self. My human aspect was beyond misery, curled up in a ball on the floor and sobbing. My GS was experiencing this as, “Wow, this is so intense!” without feeling that the intensity was bad or miserable. It was really weird, amazing and life changing. This experience has stuck with me. It enables me to facilitate others while they experiencing this while being empathic but not hooked in to the emotions. This also enabled me to be able to delve into the lowest frequencies (shame and fear) while still having an awareness that is outside of polarity.

What is important to realize is that you have a human aspect that is living within the constructs of the Old Earth reality and can be triggered by cosmic and Old Earth energies AND you have a Greater Self / Soul aspect that is able to step outside of that limited perception and to know and understand the bigger picture.

This ability is something that your brought in to this incarnation. This is something that you already are. I know that it usually doesn’t feel this way, but you would not be reading this if it wasn’t true for you.

So, breathe… imagine if the current challenges were not “really real” and are instead a trigger of your old fears.

And this too will pass…

URGENT! National Security and International Terrorism ALERT (Re: Directed Energy Weapons)

At Cobra’s request, we are posting this urgent article. Please share! ~PB


“..The other extremely important thing is to awaken as many people as possible to the reality of directed energy weapons. The easiest way to do that is to make the following article viral through your blogs and your social networks:   …”

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

URGENT! National Security and International Terrorism ALERT

Received from reader with request to provide this information to our readers. You may want to get involved and use this as a guide to send your own letters to the appropriate individuals for where you live, including Wash DC.  Providing this information because we are personally aware of people who have been abused and victimized (murdered) by these weapons.  This report is providing TRUE FACTS.

Urgent National Security and International Terrorism Alert

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please read the following notification carefully as it requires actions on your part and might have legal implications for you and your office in future.

I am writing to inform you of large-scale human rights violations and systematic physical attacks on the civilian population within all countries of the world using modern electromagnetic weapons and neuro-weapons, often in combination with non-consensual implants and covertly administered nanotechnology.

What makes these weapons particularly dangerous and devastating for societies is that they act covertly. Using the fact that electromagnetic waves propagate without being noticed by humans and can penetrate walls, these weapons can be used to destroy human life and permit the perpetrators to escape detection.

The systematic and clandestine nature of the crimes and their striking similarity around the world indicate that it is a global program run by the international military-intelligence complex committing premeditated mutilation, torture, systematic subjugation and a silent genocide of parts of the population. It amounts to crimes against humanity and a global death camp program.

I am writing to formally request that under you statutory duty to investigate crimes against humanity, protect the civilian population from acts of terrorism, communicate matters of national importance to your government and uphold human rights, or otherwise, you pass on this message to the relevant authorities and you yourself act within your means to ensure that all victim cases are investigated and that these large-scale criminal operations are shut down in your country by 1st June 2017.

The actions you take in response to this communication will be followed up over the coming months and, should it turn out that you chose to ignore this notification and your duties to act to stop these crimes and to support the victims, you might be charged with, for example, official misconduct, malfeasance in office, dereliction of duty, conspiracy, aiding and abetting crimes against humanity, high treason or your legal system’s equivalent of such offences. Should that be the case, you will be called to account and held liable in one of the upcoming court or tribunal cases for crimes against humanity.

The attacks on victims are launched from mobile directed energy weapon units as well as telecommunication infrastructure such as cell towers and satellite systems. This is an integrated weapons system that has been built up covertly around the world. The weapons system is now fully operational around the world and is destroying innocent victims’ life in the millions and is subverting nations covertly. Individual victims are hounded and tormented by the national surveillance networks, encircled by perpetrators at all times and systematically tortured and mutilated with electromagnetic as well as ultrasonic weapons in public as well as in their homes.

The assaults exploit the fact that beams from electromagnetic weapons are silent, invisible and can penetrate the walls of buildings such that victims can be assaulted everywhere without leaving traces that lead back to the perpetrators. By these means, victims are effectively placed into individual concentration camps that are erected around them by the intelligence agencies, corrupted members of law enforcement and their network of criminal operatives.

This operation is accompanied by targeted slander campaigns, infiltration and subversion of every aspect of victims’ life, including their social circle, their family, their work place and especially their medical care. Operatives enter victims’ home clandestinely, damage property, sabotage computer equipment directly or remotely, poison food and run harassment campaigns to psychologically disintegrate the victims so that they are eventually driven to suicide or are murdered.

The electromagnetic and neuro-weapons have capabilities that transcend anything that the world has experienced in terms of weapons technology in the past. Due to their ability to attack and manipulate biological processes, inner organs and the human nervous system as well as neurological processes, these devices are the most dangerous weapons produced by mankind to date.

The effect on humans is devastating as the weapons can simulate many illnesses, cause pain and organ damage, brain damage, strokes, heart attacks and death. The most common form of harm through the use of these weapons is DNA damage and tumour formation and eventually cancer. DNA damage in the reproductive eggs of women alters the mitochondrial DNA and thus damages entire future generations. The operations of these weapon systems is therefore a threat to the future of humanity itself.

Another insidious aspect of these weapons is that they can be used to impair, alter and control human bodily functions, movement, behaviour and even thought processes often without the  realisation of the victim. This can be used to subvert the functioning of every aspect of human endeavour from personal relationships, business endeavours, to democratic processes and the national security infrastructure of a nation.

Mobile directed energy weapons come in all sizes and have various capabilities. They are hidden by the perpetrators in adjacent properties, cars, drones, planes and even parts of the national infrastructure. Agents of the surveillance networks carry assault weapons in bags and rucksacks. This covert weapons system is fully integrated and centrally controlled. Victims who fled to other countries discovered that their assault protocol travels with them and is continued by the local surveillance and law enforcement system in whichever country they reside.

From what could be established from declassified documents, the organisational matrix of the assault teams follows the protocol used for the death squads run by the large intelligence agencies in, for example, Vietnam and South American countries. It is of paramount importance for national security to stop this terrorism and shut down the funding and the systems that enable its proliferation.

The weapons technology itself has largely been classified for a very long time. There are, however, countless publicly known cases from around the world where the weapons have been applied to individuals over many years with the intent to intimidate, torture, maim and murder. From the testimonies of those victims, many of whom have shared their plight online on blogs and through social media, publicly known patents and declassified documents, we know of the devastating effect of these weapons and the staggering scale of the crimes being committed around the world.

Please assist us in stopping this global silent Holocaust.

Yours sincerely,




Diary of my personal torture experiences is available at –

Yours in the search for openness and respect for universal human rights
John Finch, 5/8 Kemp St, Thornbury, Vic 3071, Australia, TEL: 0424009627


Posted by Olive Oyl at 12:26:00 PM

Jenny Schiltz: Breaking the Mirror Concept

Breaking the Mirror Concept

Jenny Schiltz: Breaking the Mirror Concept

We are deep in timeline collapses, personally and collectively.  For many, it has been an interesting time of feeling lost, like you are straddling two worlds or like you simply don’t belong in the one you find yourself in. With the collapsing timelines we are finding ourselves on clean up duty.

I recently was connected via social media with my first boyfriend’s, best friend, what a blast from the past and perfectly timed. It brought to the forefront things that were left unfinished within me. Things I hadn’t allowed myself to see and reconcile, thus collapsing a timeline. My soul conspired perfectly to bring this to my human attention so that I could tie up loose ends on things I haven’t thought of in years.  Some of you may find similarities to this situation or it may just be memories coming to the surface to be acknowledged as well, thus collapsing that timeline. Along this same line, some are finding physical ailments return that they hadn’t experienced in years or a replay of an injury.  Again clean up duty… we have to look at what emotions link us to that reality verses another. It was for this reason that many felt like they were plunged into a lower vibration or “back there” again a few weeks ago. Some were able to pop right back while others are still feeling like they are moving through mud.

Others may be finding that what was once familiar is no longer, things have shifted and changed. Like driving on a familiar route and seeing something you have never seen before and having to question – Am I on the right road? While this can be unsettling, it is glorious confirmation that you are indeed shifting.

This energy has a really interesting component to it as it is digging up all of our stuff but at the same time there is a ROAR quality to it. Many are finding themselves cranky, uncomfortable in their own skin and wanting to lash out. If you look into the collective or even someone close to you, you can see where some just want to pick and fight, particularly on social media.  It’s a good idea for everyone to step back and really see the truth behind this wanting to fight energy, as to act on it just provides a distraction.

In looking at the spiritual community on social media what was once “out there”, the ego, judgement and meanness is now showing its head massively in the spiritual world as well. For me this was unsettling because for so many these communities have provided a safe haven for those who are just opening or have experienced past trauma and judgement for using their gifts. I recently had my own run with this as I was hit with criticisms of my work and even on how I look on videos. I realized that it is this energy that simply stops people from being their most authentic self. That as a tribe of spiritual people we have a responsibility to raise each other up, to encourage one another and to discuss things without resorting to psychic attack. It is time that we really walk our talk, that we walk our soul on this earth now.

As I sat with this frustration and the feeling of wanting to just contract (which feels so unnatural), I decided to shamanic journey:

I found myself before a fire with the one I call ‘grandmother’ as she was drying things over a fire. I told her how I was feeling about all the negativity I have been seeing in the spiritual community and I asked if they were my mirror. “Was all the nastiness and ego representative of what was going on within me?” She stopped her motion and stared at me intently and said

“No… If all around you were a mirror, there would be no war, no famine.”

I let that sink in and said “I get that, but when people were criticizing my work or how I look, it brought up within me that deep seeded fear of not feeling safe being the real me – isn’t that a mirror?”


She answered “The concept of mirroring is a trap, as it leaves many chasing their tails always searching within for why another acted a certain way. If how one acts brings about deep emotion then it was your gift for you to see, but if it did not, what then? Do you then find reasons for what is wrong with you? Do you see how this leaves you feeling that something within must be fixed and it leaves little responsibility on the shoulders of the one who actually projected what was within them.”


I sat and pondered this and said – “ok, so then if someone lashes out and it brings emotion to me, then it is mirroring me?” She shook her head and said “No, it is still a person projecting what is within them onto another, (smiling) It just happened to match what needed to be seen within you.”


She then asked me to follow her and we walked to a field of flowers. There were two beautiful wildflowers growing near each other. She told the one flower that it was beautiful and it seemed to grow bigger and brighter right in front of our eyes. She then told the other one that it could never live up to what the other flower was, that there was something wrong with it and it simply began to wither, shrinking, making itself small.

She looked at me and said “Our worlds are no different, what is said in your world or the energy given can have the same effect. The only difference is that in my world, you can see the results immediately, where in yours there are many layers that keep you from seeing what you do. This keeps people from accepting responsibility, from being aware.”


She then went to the second flower and asked for forgiveness and expressed love and gratitude for its role in helping me to understand. I watched this little flower grow tall again as tears slid down my cheeks.

She hugged me and explained that “Humanity must grow up, they must see and take full responsibility for what they say, do, and project onto all around them. At the same time each must be responsible for the energy they allow to affect them. When one does not accept or ignore unpleasant behaviors near them, they are then sending the responsibility back to where it belongs.”


I told her I thought the problem was that so many on this path are kind hearted and don’t want to hurt or offend anyone yet find themselves the brunt of other’s wrath. She smiled and said “That is the test of the awakened ones, to love all unconditionally yet not allow themselves to be treated any less.”

Yes that is our test. We can love unconditionally and not accept less for ourselves. We can love from afar those that are unable to do anything other than lash out. We can put ourselves first, creating boundaries so that we are able to maintain alignment with self. This includes boundaries on our energy. We must also learn to be more aware of what we are creating and affecting as well. It’s time for all of us to walk our soul.

Sending us all lots of love and support. ❤


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Encountering Fear

Encountering Fear | Forever Unlimited

I was texting a friend who is facing some challenges, and thinking about how important it is to  transcend fear. I’ve been working on it for years.  It is both a practical idea and a metaphor for life. 

When one is in a situation that is potentially dangerous, many factors come into play. Let’s use the example of when I used to hike out in the wilderness in California, and on rare occasions, encounter mountain lions.

The mountain line perceived me as an enemy because I was near the baby. I was just walking on a fire road that led up the mountain. I heard a noise and peered into the bushes below on the hillside. I saw a little mountain lion cub face looking up at me from about 30 feet down, in the trees.  Just then, I heard bushes up above the Fire Road suddenly crashing, and I could see the top of the vegetation moving as well, as something…a shadowy figure,  was rapidly moving towards me. 

I didn’t actually have time to be afraid, but I had to think fast. I also had to rely on my instincts….so my adrenaline kicked in, and time stood still…I was able to think calmly, rely on my prior knowledge…

My instincts told me “don’t run!” and the knowledge I had, from having seen warning signs posted, and having read about Mountain line encounters, is that I had to make myself big. I had to be brave, and I had to basically scare it away…while at the same time, side-stepping, to present less of a threat, and avert danger, by no longer being between the mother and the cub. 
So when I made myself big, I stomped my feet, yelled and waved my arms, clicking two rocks together above my head. I kept doing that as I sidestepped, then walked backwards, for 200, maybe 500 yards, till I reached a place where there was a hairpin turn that went through heavy Woods down to the lake where I had to cross a dam to get back to my Jeep. 

I had concern, but not fear. This allowed me to make a graceful exit, so I was not perceived of as “enemy”. And because I didn’t feel fear, she didn’t smell fear coming from me. 
This was a great lesson, how to save my own life. It wasn’t my first dangerous encounter, but pretty much was my last, because I stopped putting myself in those situations. 

Now I’m on the East Coast, wondering how to transcend my fear of bears! 🙂 

I haven’t hiked here on the East Coast since I was a teenager, backpacking along part of the Appalachian Trail on Maine with my boyfriend.  Perhaps it’s time to give it another go, with another beau.   ❤ 

Unicorn Riot #NoDAPL Highway 1806 Standoff (live video feed) + ACLU Petition to Demilitarize Standing Rock

Image Source

Related image

Unicorn Riot #NoDAPL Highway 1806 Standoff
(live video feed) 6+ hours nonstop so far

There is a tweetstorm over #NoDAPL Water Protectors fired upon with rubber bullets, and sprayed with water cannons in sub-freezing temperatures (27) with wind chill (16). Many are becoming sick with hypothermia, losing their bodily functions, medical help is not getting through, there was a small fire. The water cannons were pretty intense.

I am appalled and disheartened that people can do this to other human beings.
$$$$$ rules, not heart. Do not wait till the ecological disaster comes. Speak up!
This has to change! POTUS needs to step in and stop this!
Major organizations are speaking out against the militarized police action.

#humanrights #NoDAPL #DivineInterventionNOW #PrayforPeace


Indigenous people at Sacred Stone Camp

Demilitarize Standing Rock

American Civil Liberties Union Call to Action

DAILY OM ~ The Wisdom of Fear: Honoring Life Changes

Honoring Life Changes

DAILY OM ~ March 2, 2016
The Wisdom of Fear: Honoring Life Changes

Anything really worth doing in our lives will always have some fear attached to it.

Anything worth doing will always have some fear attached to it. For example, having a baby, getting married, changing careers—all of these life changes can bring up deep fears. It helps to remember that this type of fear is good. It is your way of questioning whether you really want the new life these changes will bring. It is also a potent reminder that releasing and grieving the past is a necessary part of moving into the new.

Fear has a way of throwing us off balance, making us feel uncertain and insecure, but it is not meant to discourage us. Its purpose is to notify us that we are at the edge of our comfort zone, poised in between the old life and a new one. Whenever we face our fear, we overcome an inner obstacle and move into new and life-enhancing territory, both inside and out. The more we learn to respect and even welcome fear, the more we will be able to hear its wisdom, wisdom that will let us know that the time has come to move forward, or not. While comfort with fear is a contradiction in terms, we can learn to honor our fear, recognizing its arrival, listening to its intelligence, and respecting it as a harbinger of transformation. Indeed, it informs us that the change we are contemplating is significant, enabling us to approach it with the proper reverence.

You might wish to converse with your fear, plumbing its depths for a greater understanding of the change you are making. You could do this by sitting quietly in meditation and listening or by journaling. Writing down whatever comes up—your worries, your sadness, your excitement, your hopes—is a great way to learn about yourself through the vehicle of fear and to remember that fear almost always comes alongside anything worth doing in your life.

UPDATED: David Wilcock MAJOR NEW ARTICLE 11-25-15… “DISCLOSURE SHOWDOWN: The War For The Truth”

11/25/15: As usual, there seems to be a problem accessing David Wilcock’s controversial information…I cannot access the site yet to read David’s voluminous post, but rest assured, when it becomes available. the revelations will be well-worth the wait!   I am able to access some of the material via Kauilapele’s post, but as of this moment am still unable to access the direct links to Divine Cosmos. ~PB/ForeverUnlimited

David Wilcock MAJOR NEW ARTICLE 11-25-15… “DISCLOSURE SHOWDOWN: The War For The Truth”| Divine Cosmos via Kauilapele’s Blog

David_Wilcock_Search155So here it is!! The one we’ve all been waiting for! Just saw this via David’s FB page. This consists of four sections:

I’m posting the beginning of the first part, and linking to the rest, as updates from David will likely occur, and that’s how DW likes it to be posted, and if I were to do it any other way, there’s always the potential I’d be portaled off to Gaiam TV’s Boulder Colorado studios in my underwear. Enjoy!

[Note: I’ve included a few of the links, but to see all of them, and to view the images, please go to the original article.] -KP


DISCLOSURE SHOWDOWN: The War For The Truth by David Wilcock | Divine Cosmos

Read more at Divine Cosmos…






It is highly recommended you read Section One first. All four sections were published simultaneously.

If you did read it, you will have seen whistleblower proof that mega-banks are financing terrorism — as well as a huge list of suspicious banker deaths.

We also leaked insider information regarding the use of five-man teams to create a fake suicide as a means of assassinating people the banks don’t like.

This next excerpt from a June 2, 2015 article by Pam and Russ Maartens establishes one of the motives for the mega-banks to be killing off their workers.

Felony-level criminal charges are hitting the banks left and right, for the first time in two centuries:

6/2: Wall Street Banker Deaths Continue: Where Are The Serious Investigations?

In any serious investigation, law enforcement is required to look at any potential motive for foul play.

But when it comes to serial deaths among Wall Street bankers and technology personnel, occurring repeatedly over the last 18 months in highly unusual circumstances, the deaths are almost instantaneously labeled non-suspicious by the police….


For the first time in two centuries, iconic Wall Street banks are being serially charged with committing felonies.

These banks have known that felony charges were coming for the same 18 months that bankers have been dying under suspicious circumstances.

After a series of deferred prosecution agreements, two weeks ago on May 20, five global banks pleaded guilty to criminal charges of conspiring to rig markets.

Two of those were U.S. banks, Citigroup and JPMorgan Chase, where recent unusual deaths have occurred.



The mega-banks are now being hit with a wide variety of epic scandals, with LIBOR only being one example. They are being systematically exposed.

LIBOR and other scandals have exposed the mega-banks to so many lawsuits that their full exposure and downfall is inevitable.

Together, these scandals have revealed that these criminal syndicates have rigged every possible market to their advantage.

This is already a commonly-known fact.

Lawsuits have already been filed by a huge number of local and state governments, as well as aggrieved corporations and even federal governments.

Insiders have revealed that the number of lawsuits now in process against the mega-banks will inevitably lead to their downfall. They are on borrowed time.

However, the rash of highly suspicious banker deaths suggests that an even more outrageous secret is still being hidden.



Another layer of the puzzle, though certainly not the end of it, is that these banks can cash in on murdering their own employees through staged suicides.

What would happen if you took out a life insurance policy on a family member who then “just so happened to fall down the stairs?”

You would very likely be embroiled in a criminal murder investigation.

Imagine now that a small business was allowed to take out a life insurance policy on one of its workers.

The worker suddenly dies mysteriously. The business then takes all the insurance money — and gives nothing to the family of the deceased.

Obviously, in a case like this the family would “lawyer up” and take on the business in a criminal investigation. If they won, the business would be liquidated.

The mega-banks insure their workers all the time, including the ones who then die… but no one can reach them because they have been “too big to fail.”

When Pam and Russ Maartens of Wall Street On Parade tried to conduct their own investigation on the banks doing this, they were told it was a “trade secret.”



Here is an excerpt from the Maartens’ investigation of the stabbing death of bank executive Melissa Millan, included in the November section of our list above:


12/8/14: Slain Wall Street Executive Was Investigating Banker Deaths

On Thursday, November 20, 2014, the body of 54-year old Melissa Millan, a divorced mother of two school-age children, was found at approximately 8 p.m. along a jogging path….

According to the coroner’s report, it was determined that Millan’s death was attributable to a stab wound to the chest with an “edged weapon.”

Police ruled the death a homicide, a rarity for this town where residents feel safe enough to routinely jog by themselves on the same path used by Millan.


Information has now emerged that Millan had access to highly sensitive data on bank profits resulting from the collection of life insurance proceeds from her insurance company employer on the death of bank workers.

[This is] data that a Federal regulator of banks has characterized as “trade secrets”….


BOLI is shorthand for Bank-Owned Life Insurance, a controversial practice where banks purchase bulk life insurance on the lives of their workers.

The death benefit pays to the bank instead of to the family of the deceased….

Banks as well as other types of corporations enjoy major tax benefits through the use of this type of insurance.

The cash buildup in the policies contribute to annual earnings on a tax-free basis, while the death benefit is received free of Federal income tax when the employee eventually dies.

Even if the worker is no longer employed at the bank, it can still collect the death benefit….


Because JPMorgan Chase has experienced a number of tragic deaths among young workers in their 30s this year, we asked the OCC for the number of deaths from 2008 through March 21, 2014 on which JPMorgan Chase collected death benefits….

[We also asked for] any peer studies showing the same data comparing JPMorgan Chase with Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Citigroup.

The OCC responded to our request on April 18, 2014, advising that they did have documents responsive to our request but that all documents were going to be withheld because they were “privileged or contain trade secrets….”

While the OCC refused to provide this information, Millan was among a limited group outside of Federal regulators who was in a position to have broad data on the death benefit claims being submitted by multiple banks.

Having data across multiple banks could have facilitated the type of peer review studies we had requested from the OCC – trade secrets that Wall Street does not want to allow into the sunshine.



It would be easier to sleep at night if the mystery stopped right there. Banks, fearing mega-lawsuits, are killing off potential whistleblowers and cashing in on it.

However, the “rabbit hole” goes much deeper than that.

These banks are involved in the most elaborate and ruthless mass crimes in human history. It makes mainstream media seem surreal at best, but it’s true.

We are told that our freedom and stability is being threatened by terrorists taking down airliners and shooting masses of innocent people.

Terrorists are receiving critical funding directly from the mega-banks themselves. Without the banks, terrorism would be far less frequent and effective.

We are told that these rag-tag religious extremists are so violent, ruthless and powerful that none of us can ever be safe again.

We now know that these terrorists are receiving critical funding directly from the mega-banks themselves.

Without the banks, there would be no terrorists. Or, at the very least, they would be much less effective at meeting their goals.

Welcome to the truth. It seems crazy. It really, really sucks. It is much more comfortable to try to make it go away. Yet the evidence is undeniable.

Everett Stern may have been one of the only whistleblowers lucky enough to survive being “suicided” for his work in revealing this horrifying truth.



Remember — Everett Stern blew the whistle. The banks admitted they were financing terrorists. They quietly publicized it, paid the fine and kept on going.

Some skeptics or paid disinfo agents could then say the banks didn’t know where this money was going.

They are a business, and their business is banking.

They need to keep circulating money in order to make a profit.

Yes, they sent hundreds of millions to countries like Iran, Libya, Sudan, Burma, Cuba and Mexico, but this was just for building roads, bridges and schools.

It was all a big misunderstanding. “Sorry, folks, we got a little too greedy. How could we have ever imagined they’d use the money to kill people?

This could be a nice stopping point on the side of the road.

They blame it on their own greed, say they didn’t know what was happening, pay the fine, maybe fire a few mid-level people and get back in the race.



The “rabbit hole” gets even deeper when we discover that the banks and their subsidiaries are giving these terrorists direct physical support.

This includes arming them with all the weapons and supplies they need, as we will see a bit later.

If this can be proven, all “plausible deniability” is exhausted. This is no “misunderstanding.” This is high treason — on an almost unimaginable level.

What if we could prove that the banks are also running all the PR and marketing for these terrorists?

What if we find out the banks are producing videos for them, and then promoting these videos in the media outlets they own and control?

Now we’ve crossed the line. There is no turning back. The mega-banks are creating and advertising these villains to fulfill their plans of controlling the world.

This is how you get a global mega-villain who has the psychological impact necessary to sway the minds of millions of people into another war.

I understand that this is disturbing stuff. Nonetheless, if you learn about it now instead of all at once, when the data dumps occur, you can help others cope.



These next two links we posted in August 24th’s “Terrifying Global Events” strongly suggest that ISIS is a stage-managed, Western operation, just as the governments of Iran and Iraq consider to be common knowledge.

A group like ISIS might not have the money, resources and know-how to achieve quality-level video production values on their own — but others certainly do.

9/24: Video Evidence Turkish TV Staged ISIS Beheadings
[A trailer for the Kurtlar Vadisi television show reveals a nearly identical scene as what we saw in the alleged ISIS beheadings.]

The idea that Turkey is supporting ISIS became far more of an urgent issue right as we were going to press with this article.

Turkey, a US ally, shot down a Russian warplane that was attacking ISIS positions in Syria:


11/24: Putin Says Downing of Russian Jet Over Syria is a Stab In The Back By Terrorist Accomplices
Turkey backstabbed Russia by downing the Russian warplane and acted as accomplices of the terrorists, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.
This incident stands out against the usual fight against terrorism. Our troops are fighting heroically against terrorists, risking their lives.
“But the loss we suffered today came from a stab in the back delivered by accomplices of the terrorists,” Putin said.
Putin said the plane was hit by a Turkish warplane as it was traveling at an altitude of 6000 meters about a kilometer from the Turkish border.
It was hit by an air-to-air missile launched by a Turkish F-16 jet. The crash site is four kilometers from the border. The plane posed no threat to Turkish national security, he stressed….
Russia has for a long time been aware of oil going from Syria under the control of terrorists to Turkey, Putin said.
The money finances terrorist groups.
IS has big money, hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars, from selling oil. In addition they are protected by the military of an entire nation.
“One can understand why they are acting so boldly and blatantly. Why they kill people in such atrocious ways. Why they commit terrorist acts across the world, including in the heart of Europe,” the Russian leader said.
The downing of the Russian warplane happened despite Russia signing an agreement with the US to prevent such incidents in Syria, Putin stressed.
Turkey claims to be part of the US-led coalition fighting against IS in Syria, he added.
Without the full context we are presenting in this investigation, many people must be extremely confused by this.
Isn’t ISIS supposed to be a terrorist enemy of the United States? Isn’t Turkey supposed to be an ally of the United States?
If Russia is bombarding ISIS positions — destroying the terrorist enemy of the United States — then why in the world would Turkey try to stop them?
Although it seems hard to believe, here is an idea to consider:
ISIS is the proxy terrorist army of the Cabal. Turkey is a powerful Cabal supporter. The Cabal needs ISIS to fulfill its political objectives.
Any attack against ISIS is an attack against the Cabal. Therefore, in desperation, a nearby Cabal ally — Turkey — attacks a Russian plane bombing ISIS.
This may seem quite surreal to you, but we have barely even begun to lay out all the evidence.
This time we are going to include the Infowars video that shows how Turkish TV had a scene that looked precisely identical to the ISIS beheadings.
The video goes much farther than that in exposing deep connections between ISIS and Turkey.
Now, in light of the shoot-down of the Russian warplane attacking ISIS and keeping us safe from terrorism, this is a must-see:
The goal was to balkanize Iraq, and its oil treasure, into a group of nation-states that could be far more easily controlled.
Hariri is no ordinary insider. As the former Prime Minister of Lebanon, you can bet that he has absolute evidence to prove his assertions.
Just as we were about to post this, we found an Infowars article that establishes an even deeper connection between Turkey, the US and ISIS.
Here is just a portion of what it has to say:
11/24: NATO Should Investigate Turkey’s Support of ISIS Jihadists

A highly classified report released to the Senate Intelligence Committee on the Benghazi assault in September 2012 details an agreement between Obama and Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdoğan to transport military supplies from Libya through Turkey and into the hands of Islamists in Syria.

The arms transfer “rat line” was documented by journalist Seymour Hersh, who was dumped from The New Yorker for dispelling the myth spun by the United States on Osama bin Laden’s death.

According to The Telegraph Jamal Maarouf, the leader of the Syrian Revolutionary Front, a group created by the CIA, Saudi and Qatari intelligence, was instructed to transfer weapons to al-Nusra.

Turkey helps jihadi fighters—including those from the Islamic State—along its border with Syria. “Turkey’s support was vital for the jihadists in getting in and out of the country,” Orhan Kemal Cengiz, a Turkish newspaper columnist, said last year….

Hillary Clinton and her Republican rivals have called for a no-fly zone in Syria. Ben Carson and Chris Christie have called for shooting down Russian aircraft if it intrudes on a no-fly zone.

Both political parties finally agree on something! You don’t say.
Uh, you guys do realize that France just got shot up by ISIS in a 9/11-style attack, and has joined Russia in bombing whatever is left out of ISIS in Syria?
This whole situation is getting more and more surreal by the day. The Cabal is desperate to protect whatever is left of their proxy terrorist army.
This is a very strong clue that if the Cabal loses ISIS, they have will have lost the ability to prevent Disclosure.
Let’s now continue with the second link we posted in Terrifying Global Events.
In this next link, we appear to be seeing the original Jihadi John beheading video of journalist James Foley from a much more revealing angle:
7/11/15: Staged ISIS Beheading Video Leaked From McCain Staffer  (You Must See It To Believe It!)
Hackers of the CyberBerkut group have released a video of the execution of prisoners of the Islamic State (AR), the Islamist terrorist armed organization, which according to the images, was filmed in a recording studio.
The hackers explained that they found the video on an electronic device belonging to a friend of U.S. Senator John McCain.
“We, the CyberBerkut group, have at our disposal a file which it is difficult to underestimate the importance!
“Dear Senator McCain, we recommend that you not take with you secret documents in any travel abroad, especially in Ukraine”.

Still image from leaked “Jihadi John” video, showing identical moves to the James Foley video and revealing it was all staged.

Jihadi John pretends to slash Foley’s throat. Then they both laugh and he pats him on the back in the leaked video.

The James Foley video was widely criticized by leading experts when it first came out for appearing to be faked.

The video inexplicably faded to black as the slashing movement started. No blood was seen.

Now we have another camera angle of this same video. Right after the alleged slashing, both guys laugh.

Just like the fake Bin Laden character said in the Alliance disclosure film Ironman 3, it’s all “green screen.”

Russia was responsible for hacking and releasing this video from one of Sen. John McCain’s own staff members.


This is an image of the high-profile Telegraph article that accused the Foley beheading video of being a fake when it first came out:




The total length of this video is five minutes. You do not need to sit through the whole thing to get the point.

You can slide along the bottom and find the key points in the video where the beheading appears to take place, only to suddenly stop.

Don’t worry. Nothing bad happens. There is no blood. It’s all a fake. They are actors. He does a violent slashing motion over the neck, but no one is hurt.

The guys then pal around with each other as if they were good friends:





It is ridiculous to suggest that anyone would go to the time and effort necessary to set up such an elaborate fake as what we see in this leaked video.

There are at least six staff, six professional studio lights, two high-end cameras, a gigantic green-screen and a pile of dirt intended to mimic the desert.

Two of the staff members appear to be holding cue cards for Jihadi John and James Foley to read their lines.

The second man from the left is holding a smaller cue card, and the second man from the right is holding up a larger one as it rests on the floor:



It would probably cost at least 10,000 dollars to cover the staff, equipment and studio rental sufficient to set this up if the hackers turned out to be creating a hoax.

Professional “three-point lighting” is used to ensure Foley’s head cuts the shadow against his right shoulder, as if it were being created by the sun.

Wide lights are mounted off to the left, to ensure the green background is lit evenly enough that the effect will be convincing by Hollywood standards.



In the still image above, you can see a slight black line around Foley’s shoulder and head, particularly on his right side, consistent with green-screen “keying.”

The sand and sky behind him is probably taken from a stock film that was shot with a still camera in the desert.

There appears to be some pixelation in the gray area above the sand, suggesting they did not shoot it at a high enough resolution to zoom in convincingly.

On a real shoot, this pixelation would not appear. Here, only the sand Foley is kneeling on is actually real. Everything else was added in post.

A scrap of hair appears above his left ear, suggesting his head was only shaved just before the shoot — and was not being kept this way before then.

These clues also explain Foley’s complete lack of any convincing fear. He knew he was acting and that he was not about to die.



It is quite astonishing that the mega-hit film Ironman 3 predicted that we would see a fake terrorist working on a green screen, just as we see here.

We had already argued that Ironman 3 and Captain America: The Winter Soldier were both heavily influenced by the Pentagon portion of the Alliance.



The setup in this hacked video has everything you would need to create videos that look precisely identical to what “ISIS” actually released.

If this was only a fake, done by the alleged “hackers” themselves, then why didn’t they also produce a fake video that the media identified and exposed?

“Here is the fake video the alleged hackers put all this time and money into making. Here is the real beheading video. See the difference?”

Why would hackers spend all that time and money to create a video that hardly anyone ever saw, outside certain alternative media circles?

Wouldn’t these hackers also be able to prove that the video came from John McCain’s staffer, if anyone bothered to subpoena them for court testimony?

The almost complete silence from Western media is another sign that this video was much too close to the truth, and therefore had to be ignored.

Too many people would start matching up the movements of Jihadi John’s arm with those of the James Foley video, revealing the two were identical.



Here is a link where the UK Daily Star covered this shocking story, revealing the entire ISIS story could be a Western con job, financed by the mega-banks.

The UK is one of the countries where there are both Alliance members and Cabal members working simultaneously in media and government:


7/12/15: UK Daily Star Covers Leaked ISIS “Green Screen” Beheading Video Footage

The Islamic State (ISIS) beheading videos reviled millions around the world as they watched Jihadi John callously murder innocent civilians in the most barbaric way in the desert.

But this latest video suggests the videos may have been carried out by ACTORS.

The short clip, which has been watched more than 120,000 times, captures a man wearing the same black clothing as Jihadi John does in the official ISIS films.

Another man wearing a red baseball cap, possibly a director, exchanges words with the actor and then moves back behind the cameras.


Other TV crew members stand around the set as the two actors appear to stand in front of a green screen – a production technique used to include special effects in footage.

The film, which lasts just over a minute, then appears to show the tall masked figure address the camera and gesture with a large knife – much in the same way Jihadi John does in the gruesome beheading videos.

He then grabs the prisoner’s head and moves the knife towards his neck before appearing to carry out the beheading.

But he stops a split-second later and moves away before playfully slapping his co-actor’s head.



The man in the bedroom.

Do you see him yet? Or is it still easier to close your eyes, plug your ears and attempt to hum it all away?



Now we have established that mega-banks are financing terrorism, very likely murdering whistleblowers and could be using ISIS as a proxy army.

They also appear to be helping them with PR and marketing, including producing their videos by green screen in a huge indoor studio.

They wouldn’t dare to film these videos outdoors, because Alliance satellites could then capture the scene and reveal it was all a fake — and no one died.



This is a lot to take in — but it is still not the end of the story. At this point, we need to look even deeper.

Exactly how much power do these mega-banks really possess?

A top Swiss FIT study, headed by Dr. James Glattfelder, determined that 80 percent of all the money being made in the world ultimately flows into 147 corporations.

This was a major focal-point of our book-length investigation Financial Tyranny.

Hardly anyone is aware that the overwhelming majority of all profits in the world are being taken by such a small number of corporations.

Most importantly, two-thirds of the top 50 companies in this list of 147 are the classic “too-big-to-fail” banks.



As we discussed in Financial Tyranny, these banks were handed 29 trillion dollars of bailout money in 2008, without a single public vote being cast.

How is it even possible that so much power could be in the hands of so few people?

The LIBOR scandal revealed that these banks only appear to be in competition with one another.

Secretly, they are all colluding and working as if they were a single entity.

Earnings and net worth are being dramatically over-inflated — in the greatest Ponzi scheme in all of recorded history.

This tremendous corporate mega-monopoly suggests that the problem runs much deeper than just banking and finance.

If you can make it this far in your own investigations, you are still only beginning to understand what is really going on.



It is ultimately necessary to examine the hyper-secret group that intentionally designed and built this towering monopoly.

It is no accident that “too big to fail” banks are dominating 80 percent of all money-making businesses in the world.

These secret syndicates have been building up to this level of global control for at least the last 300 years. Many great scholars are putting the pieces together.

It appears to go all the way back to the Roman Empire, the European bloodline royals, the Khazars, the Knights Templar, the Jesuit Order and secret societies.

The “banker suicides” are only some of the most recent casualties in a countless list of victims who have been murdered in this group’s quest for power.

Millions of people use potentially misleading terms like “Illuminati” and “New World Order” to describe this group. We have chosen to call them the Cabal.

This group has managed to infiltrate and dominate mass media, governmental elections, military and corporations through what they call “vertical integration.”



There is a sizable learning curve required to break through centuries of media brainwashing, at least since the 1700s, and educate yourself about the problem.

If you haven’t already done so, I highly recommend reading Financial Tyranny for a no-holds-barred investigation into who and what these people are.

The Russian network REN-TV made two three-hour documentaries out of Financial Tyranny that I was featured in, reaching an estimated 21 million viewers.

In fact, REN-TV executives told me this was the most popular prime-time special they had ever produced.



Once we get Disclosure and a revealing of the truth, most people are going to need serious time and energy to adjust to all the new information.

The more you study up about these things before the dam breaks, the more you will be able to help people who will be shocked and disgusted by the news.

Everyone will realize how much they have been lied to, and be able to live much happier lives.

On the positive side, the Alliance is working out the details of apology and relief payments everyone will receive as a part of the healing process.

It may take a while and be rough in the beginning, but everyone will realize how much they have been lied to, and be able to live much happier lives.

Financial Tyranny now has over 2 million unique views and is completely free, unlike our New York Times best-sellers Source Field and The Synchronicity Key.

It is not only impossible but unwise to attempt to summarize all of the data in each new article. The book has already been written.

The bottom line is that this group is very real. The Paris shootings may have been a sloppy act of desperation that has finally revealed what ISIS really is.



Did you notice how strange it was that the US is supposedly fighting ISIS, but then Russia went in and did far more damage?

This is awkward for the West. The Russians are wiping out the same enemy the West is also supposedly fighting against.

Whatever happened to “the enemy of my enemy is my friend?”



The whole story became even more outrageous after Turkey, a US ally, shot down Russian planes bombarding ISIS.

In order to understand the massive three-day Russian surge against ISIS that was announced on November 9th, a bit of back-story is necessary first.



Russia’s airliner was downed on October 31st. Then the founder of Russia’s main media outlet, Russia Today, died suspiciously in a DC hotel on November 6th.

This event was almost completely overlooked by American media — but is of tremendous significance to our story.

Mikhail Lesin actually founded Russia Today.

He worked at high levels of the Russian government, served as Putin’s press secretary and was still a major media kingpin at his time of death.

This means he was undoubtedly one of a select few who had earned a very high level of trust.

He would also have had critical knowledge of the Alliance, and was almost certainly a key player in the effort to restore peace and freedom on earth.



In case you haven’t already noticed, Russia Today has been leaking an incredible amount of data exposing the Cabal, particularly in the last few years.

It is very likely that Lesin was in DC to coordinate a major data dump of information through Russia Today, working with Pentagon members of the Alliance.

Multiple insiders have been telling us that such a data dump is rapidly approaching — and that Russia is of key importance in coordinating the process.

Notice that Daily Mail considers Lesin’s death so obviously suspicious that they put the term “heart attack” in quotation marks:



There are the usual smears in this article to try to make Lesin look bad, so the reader may be inclined to feel happy that he died.

This includes showing him with a young wife and a glass of champagne, flaunting his wealth and making accusations of money laundering.

It is also interesting that Russia Today is labeled as a “propaganda bullhorn,” considering the degree of damning information it has released against the Cabal.

Many times the Cabal engages in projection — accusing the brave people fighting them of doing the same criminal activities they are doing.



The Huffington Post gave more information about Lesin’s loss without the obvious propaganda bias seen in the Daily Mail article.

A critical detail is included in the Huffington Post version. Lesin did not drop out of the Russian government after 2009.

Instead, he had become a senior executive at Russia’s largest media holding company. This means he was still very deeply involved when he died:


11/7: Russia Today Creator Found Dead in Washington Hotel

WASHINGTON (AP) — Mikhail Lesin, a former aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin who helped found the English-language news service Russia Today, has been found dead in an upscale Washington hotel room.

The Russian Embassy in Washington on Friday confirmed the death of Lesin, whose body was discovered Thursday. Russia Today reported on its website that Lesin, 57, died of a heart attack.

Metropolitan Police Department spokesman Officer Sean Hickman said that officers were called to the Dupont Circle Hotel about 11:30 a.m. Thursday and found a man dead. Russian Embassy spokesman Yury Melnik confirmed that the man was Lesin.

Russia Today, commonly known as RT, credited Lesin with “inspiring the creation” of the agency.

Lesin served as Russian press minister from 1999 to 2004 and presidential media adviser from 2004 to 2009, RT said.

He then became a senior executive at Gazprom-Media, Russia’s largest media holding company.


A word to the wise: Insiders have told me that if you have reason to fear for your life, never order room service in a hotel.

There are plenty of untraceable drugs that can induce a heart attack, such as those that are made out of shellfish toxin.

They can easily be introduced into food, shot into you with a tiny ice dart, or even placed on the handle of a bathroom sink right before you use it.



Do you believe in coincidence? How far are you willing to stretch that belief?

Isn’t it strange that on the very next day, the US test-fired a Trident II nuclear missile — and sent it off in the direction of Russia and China?

This was no ordinary test. It created the brightest, most visible and astonishing light show over the entire West Coast in quite some time — maybe ever.

As a result, hundreds of thousands of people thought they were seeing a UFO — and set off a firestorm of tweets, videos and speculation on the internet.

In order to create such bright visuals, the launch had to be timed perfectly with the sunset, so the light would catch it just right:



11/7: Naval Missile Test Causes Bright Light To Streak Across Sky

A missile test flight from a submarine left hundreds of people from Southern California to Nevada and Arizona perplexed as it caused a bright light to streak across the sky Saturday night.

The Pentagon issued a statement that the Navy Strategic Systems Programs conducted a scheduled test of a Trident II (D5) missile from USS Kentucky, an Ohio class submarine.

The missile was not armed, according to the statement, and tests are conducted on a frequent, recurring basis to ensure reliability of the system.

Residents from Ventura to as far as Nevada and Arizona took photos and videos of the strange phenomenon around 6 p.m.

It is unclear if the flight diversions of Los Angeles International Airport planes over the Pacific has to do with the missile tests….

Twitter users became engaged in a heated debate over the origins of the bright light, claiming it was not a missile test but that it could have been a UFO or a comet.



The Washington Post soon revealed that this move seems to have been shrewdly calculated to threaten Russia and China:

11/10: California Missile Test: Social Media Nightmare or Exactly What The Navy Wanted?

There’s no longer any doubt that thousands of West Coasters witnessed an unarmed missile — and not a comet or an alien craft — streaking across the sky Saturday night.

What remains open to interpretation: Why?

Why test-fire a missile within sight of the nation’s second-largest city, terrifying some and leading thousands more to flood Twitter and Facebook with wild speculation about the glowing craft?

[Mysterious light blazes across California sky, sparking confusion, excitement and fears of alien invasion]


Did the Navy think the test would go largely unnoticed by the public? Did officials underestimate social media’s ability to turn a routine event into front-page fodder?

Or was that the plan all along, using the inevitable influence of social media to flex America’s military might for observers in Beijing and Moscow?

The answer: It’s complicated….


According to John Daniels, a public affairs officer for the Navy’s strategic systems programs,… Saturday’s test… occurred during unique conditions:

On an exceptionally clear evening, with the sun disappearing on the horizon at just the right time.

The Navy has performed similar launches many times, Daniels said, but never with effects so visible that they caught people’s attention from San Francisco to Arizona.

“That big, blueish green hue that everyone saw was a result of just that time of day,” Daniels said, noting that the fading sunlight was reflected from the rocket’s motor.

“Had we done it earlier in the day or later in evening you would have still seen the missile, but probably not the same way.”











It is highly recommended you read this from the beginning. It was all posted at one time, as a single investigation.

Russia’s passenger airliner was shot down on October 31st. One of their top media coordinators died mysteriously in a DC hotel on November 6th.

Then, the very next day, the US does a missile test over Los Angeles that creates a huge light show. The missile was flown up the coast and then out towards Russia and China.

This brazen, massive event over a major population center could easily generate fear of a thermonuclear World War III.



Our insiders have revealed that there are benevolent “angelic” ETs out there, and they will not allow a major nuke like this to be detonated on earth.

Countless acts of “Divine Intervention” have been taking place, particularly since 2010, making it utterly impossible for the Cabal to enact their ugliest plans.

This was recently highlighted in articles quoting revered NASA / Apollo astronaut and moonwalker Edgar Mitchell.

This is only one of countless dozens of Disclosure-related articles that have emerged in the past few years, preparing us for an “official” announcement:



8/12: Edgar Mitchell Claims ETs Saved America From Nuclear War

Aliens came to Earth to stop a nuclear war between America and Russia, according the bizarre claim of a former astronaut.

Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon, says high-ranking military officials witnessed alien ships during weapons tests throughout the 1940s.

The UFOs, he says, were spotted hovering over the world’s first nuclear weapons test which took place on July 16, 1945 in the desolate White Sands deserts of New Mexico.

The Nasa veteran has regularly spoken about his belief in aliens ever since he landed on the surface of the moon during the Apollo 14 mission in 1971.


‘White Sands was a testing ground for atomic weapons — and that’s what the extra-terrestrials were interested in,’ the 84-year-old Texan told Mirror Online.

‘They wanted to know about our military capabilities.

‘My own experience talking to people [=insiders] has made it clear the ETs had been attempting to keep us from going to war and to help create peace on Earth.’

Dr Mitchell says stories from people who manned missile bases during the 20th Century back up his claims.

‘Other officers from bases on the Pacific coast told me their [test] missiles were frequently shot down by alien spacecraft,’ he said….

He claimed our technology is ‘not nearly as sophisticated’ as theirs and ‘had they been hostile’, he warned ‘we would be been gone by now’.



Russia is the home of the greatest chess masters and strategists in the world. Move, counter-move. Point, counter-point.

They lose a plane, they lose one of their top media coordinators, and then a nuclear missile is test-fired in their direction — all in just over a week.

Russia massively bombarded 448 ISIS facilities almost immediately after the Halloween airliner attack, Lesin’s “heart attack” on November 6th, and the missile test on the 7th.

448 bases might not sound like much, but this was the vast majority of the infrastructure of ISIS, as we will see.

These three days of intense bombing were publicized on November 9th — and were extremely devastating:


11/9: Russian Air Force Destroys 448 Terrorist Facilities in Syria Over 3 Days

The Russian Air Force in Syria has made 137 sorties over last three days, hitting 448 infrastructure facilities belonging to Islamic State and other terrorists groups in the country, Russia’s Defense Ministry said.

Over the last three days, Russian jets made 137 sorties in the Syrian Arab Republic and destroyed 448 facilities of terrorist infrastructure in the provinces of Aleppo, Damascus, Idlib, Latakia, Raqqa, Hama and Homs,” Igor Konashenkov, spokesman for the Defense Ministry, was cited as saying by Tass.


Remember that number: 448 different facilities critical to the ISIS infrastructure were destroyed.

This has produced much greater results than the media has been reporting, up until recently. More on that in a second.



If you have studied World War II, then you understand how absolutely crucial the oil supply is to any war effort. Without oil and gas, you cannot run the machines.

The profits from the sale of oil and gas can also be of critical importance in providing revenue for food and supplies to an army as well — particularly in the Middle East.

This is precisely why Putin took out a massive convoy of ISIS oil trucks, which was announced on November 18th — just nine days after the destruction of the 448 facilities:


11/18: Russian Warplanes Destroy 500 Terrorist Oil Trucks in Syria, Destroying Main Source of Funding and Fuel

Around 500 fuel tanker vehicles transporting illegal oil from Syria to Iraq for processing have been destroyed by Russia’s Air Forces, the General Staff said.

“In recent years, Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) and other extremist groups have organized the operations of the so-called ‘pipeline on wheels’ on the territories they control,” Russian General Staff spokesman Colonel General Andrey Kartapolov said.

Hundreds of thousands of tons of fuel have been delivered to Iraq for processing by trucks and the revenue generated from these illegal exports is one of the terrorists’ main sources of funding, he said.

The spokesman displayed images showing convoys comprised of hundreds of vehicles transporting oil to back his assertion.

“In just the first few days, our aviation has destroyed 500 fuel tanker trucks, which greatly reduced illegal oil export capabilities of the militants and, accordingly, their income from oil smuggling,” Kartapolov stressed.

The spokesman also said that the Russian military has begun developing proposals for joint military action with the French Navy against the terrorists in accordance with an order by President Vladimir Putin.


11/18: Daily Mail on Russian Bombardment of ISIS Oil Supplies

Last month it was revealed ISIS is still making more than £320million a year from oil, despite the US-led bombing campaign which was meant to break up the insurgency.

‘This is where we must hit Daesh, in its lifeblood,’ said French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, using the Arabic acronym for the group.

Despite their diametrically opposed stances on Assad, France and Russia agreed to coordinate their military and security services to fight ISIS after the attacks in Paris and the downing of the Russian airliner.

The vast wealth generated by oil fields, power plants, extortion, taxes, and the pillaging of antiquities means ISIS is the most well-funded terrorist group in history, experts have warned.



Everett Stern’s HSBC testimony strongly suggests the reason ISIS is so well-funded is that it is receiving hundreds of millions of dollars from Western banks.

It is also noteworthy to point out that the US conveniently overlooked these oil convoys for the preceding year, claiming they didn’t want to kill innocent people:


11/19: US Conveniently Avoided Bombing ISIS Oil Convoys

Bloomberg suggests the Pentagon routinely declined to take out tanker trucks for fear of collateral damage.

“None of these guys are ISIS. We don’t feel right vaporizing them, so we have been watching ISIS oil flowing around for a year,” Michael Knights, an Iraq expert at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy told Bloomberg….

So sure, perhaps the US overestimated the effect its airstrikes were having on Islamic State’s oil production capabilities, and perhaps The Pentagon was concerned with killing innocent truck drivers.

It could also be that, as Sergei Lavrov suggested earlier this week, the US has until now intentionally avoided hitting ISIS where it hurts in order to keep them in the game and ensure they can still be effective at destabilizing Assad (the president of Syria.)

If you cut off the oil trade, they [ISIS] lose the ability to battle the regime.



In an even more surreal moment, PBS used Russian military footage of the destruction of ISIS oil tankers and claimed the US did it:


11/23: Epic Bombing Fail? PBS Uses Russian Footage To Depict US Airstrikes on ISIS Oil Fields

Apparently being unable to find any footage of the US Air Force strikes against Islamic State’s oil infrastructure, PBS NewsHour spliced Russian Defense Ministry’s video into their report – but it did not go unnoticed.

The PBS report last week used two objective control videos made by Russian drones while Sukhoi bombers based at Khmeimim airfield in Latakia bombed out an oil storage facility in Syria used by ISIS and a large camp of oil trucks.

While showing black-and-white military footage of burning trucks, the PBS voiceover says: “For the first time, the US is attacking oil delivery trucks.”

The fact was first noticed by the Moon of Alabama website, which noted that any average viewer of the PBS report would assume that the black-and-white explosions of oil trucks and tanks are from US airstrikes filmed by US Air Force planes.

“We have destroyed 116 tanker trucks and reduced ISIS’s ability to transport stolen oil,” reported Col. Steve Warren, spokesman for the combined joint task force, on November 18, after 15 months of bombing ISIS. He noted it was the first US strike against ISIS tanker trucks in Syria.

“But unless we have US video of such strikes and not copies of Russian strike videos fraudulently passed off as US strikes, we will not know if those strikes happened at all,” the Moon of Alabama said.

Last Wednesday, Russian General Staff spokesman Colonel General Andrey Kartapolov said: “In just the first few days, our aviation has destroyed 500 fuel tanker trucks, which greatly reduced illegal oil export capabilities of the militants and, accordingly, their income from oil smuggling.”



Thanks to these attacks, which have all but destroyed the oil supply as well as 448 critical infrastructure bases, ISIS is now left with only 34 bases in total.

As a result, it “looks like the end” for this terrorist group. All of this has happened very recently as of the time we are writing this article in late November.

ISIS again is accused of being “borne by the westerners” in this article from the Russian press:


11/22: “This Looks Like The End:” ISIS Left With Only 34 Bases After Russian Air Strikes

Syrian and Iraqi troops, supported by Russian air strikes in Syria, have continued to advance on Islamic State militants, leaving the jihadist group with just 34 bases in these two Arab countries, the Iranian news agency FARS quoted a media activist as saying.

“At present, ISIL only has 34 bases in Mosul, Raqqa, etc. which were many more in number,” Mohammad Ali al-Hakim, Managing-Director of Iraq’s al-Nakhil news agency, said.

According to him, the Islamic State may finally be destroyed in the foreseeable future.

“The end of the ISIL which has been borne by the westerners is close,” he said.


Remember the dates. In three days, Russia destroyed 448 critical ISIS facilities and took out 500 oil tankers soon afterwards.

These attacks have brought ISIS, and the people funding and manipulating them, to the brink of defeat.

Russia’s latest attacks have brought ISIS to the brink of defeat.

If they no longer have ISIS, they cannot make random and violent attacks against the Alliance anywhere in the world.

The near-complete decapitation of ISIS was announced on November 9th.

The Paris attacks occurred only four days later, on Friday the 13th — by ISIS.

These attacks have become the subject of tremendous scrutiny ever since.



When an attack takes place and is blamed on a fake villain, such as a targeted country, it is called a “false flag” attack in military lingo.

This means the country that was accused of perpetrating the attack is a false distraction. That country — that “flag” — is not really responsible.

Angry villagers may hold up the “false flag,” scream at it and burn it, not realizing that someone else perpetrated the attacks for a completely different reason.

The “flag” currently being blamed is the black-and-white ISIS design we keep seeing.

There are thousands of articles and videos already available deconstructing the Paris attacks as a massive “false flag” operation.

The reason we are summarizing data like this all at once is that single articles on single events do not have enough back-story to explain the “big picture.”



Let’s be clear — there certainly are real Muslims in ISIS, not just a bunch of paid white mercenary guys.

However, if you do your homework, you will find that white military-looking assassins appeared at the scene of the Paris shootings as well.

The Cabal apparently wanted to punish France for cooperating with the Alliance in bringing down the Federal Reserve, which we will discuss as we go on.

This attack hurt France in a major way, hitting their most beloved city. It also punished Russia for decapitating ISIS by attacking one of Russia’s allies.

ISIS is now on a very rapid decline, but there was still enough left of it to produce a convincing “false flag” operation like this.

In order to ensure the job would be done right the first time, the Cabal used their best people — who had many years of the best training money could buy:


11/14: Paris Shooters Were White, Muscular, Military and Expressionless

Two heavily armed ISIS gunmen pulled up in a black Mercedes-Benz and calmly slaughtered scores of ­innocent diners in a Paris bistro ­before driving away.

An eyewitness has told how 20 people were executed in a ­calculated attack on a busy restaurant in the heart of the French capital as they ate at tables on the pavement….


Mahoud Admo said: “The gunman showed no emotion at all as he began spraying bullets into the ­diners. He just kept reloading his machine gun and firing, without saying a thing….

Mr Admo, 26, who was staying at the Salvation Army hostel in Rue de Charonne opposite the Le Belle Equipe, told how gunmen executed patrons in a drive-by attack.

Trembling as he recalled how the massacre unfolded, he said: “I was just in my room and had the window open on to the street below.

“I could see lots people sat outside the bar eating dinner and enjoying a drink. The place was full of people just enjoying themselves.


“At about 9.30pm a new-looking black Mercedes pulled up outside with dark tinted windows at the back and the passenger and driver windows down.

I could clearly see the passenger’s face as he was not ­wearing a hat or mask.

“As soon as the car stopped, he quietly opened the door and got out in front of the restaurant.

“That is when I saw he was ­holding a machine gun that was resting on his hip. I could not take in what I was witnessing.


“People outside spotted the shooter approaching with his gun and tried to run inside, but he shot them down in the doorway.

“Then people inside moved ­forward to see what was happening and he sprayed more bullets into them.

“I was trying to catch them on my camera phone, but the gunman saw the light on my mobile and I ducked down behind the wall as they fired at my hotel.

“The gunman calmly reloaded his weapon several times.

He then shot up at the windows in the street to make sure nobody was filming anything or taking photographs. It lasted over six minutes.



As our excerpt continues, we get to the critical moment where our eyewitness reveals what these emotionless attackers actually looked like.

The answer is shocking.

What would happen if the Western political machine started telling us that elite white mercenaries were working for ISIS?

This would raise all sorts of questions. Why would supposedly die-hard Islamic fundamentalists ever trust white special-ops troops?

It would be no different than an obvious “narc” walking up to a bunch of hippies, trying to sound cool and asking if he could “score” a bag of weed.

However, in this case the “narc” isn’t interested in putting you in jail. He’s going to call in a drone strike that will kill you and all of your friends.

Wouldn’t ISIS have plenty of people willing to go and “kill the infidel” without risking their most serious operations in the hands of white foreigners?



With the witness testimony you are about to read in hand, the questions then become: Who are these white troops?

Who is paying them to kill innocent people having dinner in Paris? And why?

If the public started asking these questions, such as in a Snowden-type information leak, it could easily start a “domino effect” of disclosure.

The Mirror is a mainstream paper in the UK — and as we have seen, the UK press is well ahead of the US in leaking the truth:


11/14: Paris Shooters Were White, Muscular, Military and Expressionless

“He fired lots of bullets. He was white, clean shaven and had dark hair neatly trimmed. He was dressed all in black except for a red scarf.

“The shooter was aged about 35 and had an extremely muscular build, which you could tell from the size of his arms. He looked like a weightlifter.

“He was not wearing gloves and his face was expressionless as he walked towards the bar.


“The driver had opened his door shortly before the shooting began and stood up with his arm and a machine gun rested on the roof of the car. He stood there with his foot up in the door acting as a lookout.

“I would describe him as tall, with dark hair and also quite muscular.

“They looked like soldiers or mercenaries and carried the whole thing out like a military operation.


“It was clear that they were both very heavily armed and the gunman was carrying several magazines on him.

“They both then coolly sat back in the car and sped off in the direction of the Bataclan Theatre.”



As we documented in Financial Tyranny, the Western media monopoly is controlled by the same mega-banks earning 80 percent of all the wealth in the world.

We have been manipulated into seeing the Paris shootings as being conducted by wild, screaming Arabs praising Allah as they commit jihad.

The idea of jacked-up white military dudes carrying out the Paris killings, with no visible sign of anger, pleasure or stress, is certainly not what we would expect.

Elite white mercenaries were used to carry out the Paris shootings. The Cabal used its best people to make sure the job was done right.

However, if ISIS is a Western-controlled proxy army, they may well use highly trained white mercenaries to ensure the job gets done right the first time.

This would be a far more violent and risky assignment than sending in a five-man team to make it look like someone committed suicide.

Arab “patsies” are then set up to take the blame, such as by blowing themselves up with suicide bombs at the crime scenes.

People with extreme religious beliefs are much easier to manipulate into committing suicide attacks against others they see as “devils.”

If someone comes in as a strong and charismatic leader, tells them what they want to hear and offers them support to attack the “devils,” they will gladly comply.



In case you are still not convinced that ISIS is a creature of the West, here is yet another critical piece of data you must consider.

When a fully-funded, massive military force suddenly appears out of nowhere, and “just so happens” to be using American weapons, we become suspicious.

It appears that the Cabal deliberately allowed ISIS to capture a host of top-quality American weapons from various supply depots in Iraq.

There may also have been certain places (cough)Benghazi(cough) where the weapons and ammunition were being directly provided to ISIS:


Oops! Looks like the US “accidentally” armed ISIS by allowing them to capture all the best military equipment.


6/4/15: US Shoots Itself In The Foot By Accidentally Arming ISIS

One of the earliest major setbacks in the war against ISIS came last June when the U.S.-backed Iraqi army was routed by Islamic militants in the northern Iraq city of Mosul.

Government forces retreated from the Islamic jihadists’ assault. They left behind a trove of costly military hardware, including U.S.-made armored Humvees, trucks, rockets, machine guns and even a helicopter….

According to Reuters, the U.S.-made weaponry that fell into enemy hands including 2,300 Humvee armored vehicles, at least 40 M1A1 main battle tanks, 74,000 machine guns, and as many as 52 M198 howitzer mobile gun systems, plus small arms and ammunition. 

Although al-Abadi and other Iraqi and U.S. officials haven’t attached a dollar sign to the lost weaponry and vehicles, a back-of-the-envelope calculation of those losses might look something like this:


  • 2,300 Humvee armored vehicles @ $70,000 per unit. Total: $161 million
  • 40 M1A1 Abrams tanks @ $4.3 million per unit. Total: $172 million
  • 52 M198 Howitzer mobile gun systems @ $527,337 per unit. Total: $27.4 million
  • 74,000 Army machine guns @ $4,000 per unit. Total: $296 million


The grand total comes to $656.4 million, but experts say those losses represent just a portion of the many hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of U.S.-supplied military equipment that has fallen into ISIS’s hands. 

[This equipment] is being used against the U.S. and allied forces on the ground in Iraq and neighboring Syria.



ISIS found all these treasure chests of American weapons and ammunition just waiting to be used. That’s the official story.

It’s like a video game where you just jump around collecting gold coins everywhere you go. They’re all just magically laid out, waiting for you to come along.

If you still want to believe that ISIS “just got lucky,” and they were never intended to get these weapons, check this out.

The political watchdog Judicial Watch managed to declassify Pentagon documents revealing the US is secretly supporting al-Qaeda and ISIS-linked groups.

Uh-oh, this doesn’t look good at all:


6/26: Declassified Documents Reveal US Support of Al-Quaeda and ISIS-Linked Rebel Groups

Declassified Pentagon documents recently obtained by political watchdog Judicial Watch revealed that the US has deliberately supported al-Qaeda and other radical groups in an attempt to destabilize Syria.

As noted by Insurge Intelligence writer Nafeez Ahmed, the US went forward with the policy despite admittedly knowing it would lead to the rise of ISIS and the fall of Iraq.

“According to the newly declassified US documents, the Pentagon foresaw the likely rise of the ‘Islamic State’ as a direct consequence of this strategy, and warned that it could destabilize Iraq,” Ahmed wrote.

“Despite anticipating that Western, Gulf state and Turkish support for the ‘Syrian opposition’ — which included al-Qaeda in Iraq — could lead to the emergence of an ‘Islamic State’ in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the document provides no indication of any decision to reverse the policy of support to the Syrian rebels.”

Since the secret 2012 report was written, the Obama administration has continued its support of so-called “rebel” groups despite their admitted ties with ISIS.

Just last September, a commander with the Free Syrian Army (FSA), a group deemed “moderate” by the President, admitted to cooperating with multiple terrorist groups including ISIS.



In an astonishing act of bravery, CBS journalist Ben Swann did a news segment on these Pentagon document leaks, clearly showing the US supported ISIS.

11/19: Reality Check: Proof U.S. Government Wanted ISIS to Emerge in Syria

There is so much debate over how the U.S. and other nations will stop ISIS but can these leaders be trusted?

Ben Swann exposes secret DOD documents that prove the U.S. wanted ISIS to emerge in Syria.


The video is definitely worth watching, as it shows that the media stranglehold on the truth is finally starting to break down:





It is also very strange to note how ISIS just sprang up “out of nowhere” in the media on September 20th, 2013, armed to the teeth with top American weapons.

Thanks to brave whistleblowers like Everett Stern, we now know the mega-banks are financing groups like this all over the world.

ISIS popped up precisely when they were needed, with all the best US-made toys, in order to legalize the Cabal’s latest war by UN legal standards.

Consider this comment posted on Monday, November 17th, 2015 in Benjamin Fulford’s forum by “omgoo”:


Comment by omgoo on November 17, 2015 @ 12:58 am

ISIS as we know it only became news on 20th September 2013.

The UK parliament voted against attacking Syria on 30th August 2013.

This UK vote caused Obama to abruptly change course the following day on 31st August, and instead seek authorisation from Congress.

Events later unfolded that then stopped the Congress vote — due to Russia getting involved.


Russia arranged for Syria to depose of its chemical weapons, which removed the excuse for war.

The date the Congressional vote was stopped appears to be around 14th September 2013.

Bear in mind that during all of this talk of war, there was no UN mandate.

[Therefore, declaring war on Syria] would have been an illegal action under UN law, just like Iraq.


When did the first news article appear mentioning ISIS? 20th September 2013. Just [six] days after the Congressional vote was stopped.

You can prove this for yourselves by going to Google, searching for ISIS and then clicking “News”.

Click Search Tools, Recent, Custom Range and set a custom date range of, say, 01/01/2010 – 19/09/2013.

The search for ISIS will only bring up the goddess ISIS and some mobile card payment stuff.

Change that final date to 20/09/2013, and the terrorist ISIS stories start…



Brave and heroic whistleblower sites like Veterans Today and Infowars have been exposing this scam for some time now — and so have we.

“Proxy war” is how the real powers behind the scenes have been manipulating political events to their advantage for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

The power elite always use someone else to do their dirty work.

If the mercenaries themselves don’t know who they are really working for, they can’t rat out their controllers even if they get captured and tortured.

However, with the communication and surveillance tech available to everyone in today’s world, it is no longer possible to play these games in secret.



Even in mainstream media, there are ongoing clues that ISIS is just a front for something much bigger and more powerful, as we have just discussed.

Consider this Politico article from November 14th, discussing the mystery of the Paris shootings being blamed on ISIS and how it just doesn’t add up.

The reason it smells fishy, in this case, is the group posing as ISIS did not take credit for these attacks in any “normal” way.

It’s as if someone in the West wrote their own press release and designed it to look like their Arab patsies in ISIS had written it.

Politico noticed that this was sloppy work, and did not appear to have been written by real Muslims at all:


11/14: ISIS Mystery: Who’s Calling the Shots?

This morning, Islamic State channels pushed out official statements praising the attacks. Many have read this message, which gloated and moralized and promised a torrent of future attacks, as a claim of credit…

But the statement gave no indication of having planned or funded the attack, and indeed the message contained no information other than what the authors could have learned from reading their doorstep copy of The Washington Post.

It did not give the martyrs their customary send-off to Paradise, with smiling photos showing hairy faces and index fingers extended to heaven, nor an interview, or even mention of a nom de guerre.

Moreover, the statement contained infelicities of style and spelling, as if it had been written and translated without the Islamic State’s usual editorial punctiliousness….

One explanation for this hurried claim of credit or endorsement may be that there exists a third possibility, somewhere between “IS did it” and the increasingly far-fetched “IS didn’t.”

That possibility is something like “IS was surprised by what its supporters did — and maybe not altogether pleased.”



The Paris mass shooting happened on Friday the 13th. The Russian airliner was downed on All Hallow’s Eve, or what most call Halloween — October 31st.

Hmmmm. Is this also “just a coincidence?”

Both Friday the 13th and Halloween could be considered ritual holidays for groups that actively worship and practice what most people would call evil.

Now let’s go back to the downed airliner. Russia’s own mainstream media, Russia Today, firmly established that “ISIS” could not have done this:


11/1: RT: What We Do and Don’t Know After Russia’s Deadliest-Ever Air Crash


The head of Russian aviation agency Rosaviatsia, Aleksandr Neradko, has said that “all signs testify to the fact that the destruction of the structure of the airplane took place in the air and at a great altitude.”

The principal evidence is that the remains of the plane and the bodies have been scattered over an area measuring about 8 km by 4 km.

An Egyptian military source told the media that the plane cracked open into two main segments, one of which collided with a rock on impact.



This is the big question, as of now. Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL)-affiliated militants, based in Sinai, stole a march on officials, when they claimed responsibility for the downing of the plane.

Russian authorities – backed up by Egyptian officials – have dismissed the boasts as being out of hand.

[They said] the terrorists in the region do not possess the specialized equipment necessary to shoot down a large passenger jet flying at cruising height.



This article from the Huffington Post clearly establishes that all arrows point towards this being a missile attack against the Russian airliner.

The problem, as you just read, is ISIS “does not possess the specialized equipment necessary” to have done this, even with their “stolen” US weapons.

They would need surface-to-air missiles that could reach spectacular heights, or jets with launchable missiles — and they have neither:


11/2: Russian Airline Rules Out Mechanical Failure in Crash

ST. PETERSBURG, Russia (AP) — Only an external impact could have caused the crash of a Russian plane in Egypt that killed all 224 people on board, a top airline official said Monday, raising more questions about what exactly happened.

“We rule out a technical fault of the plane or a pilot error,” said Alexander Smirnov, deputy general director of Metrojet. “The only possible explanation could be an external impact on the airplane.”

But when pressed for more details about what type of impact and what could have caused it, Smirnov insisted that he was not at liberty to discuss details because the investigation was ongoing.

Viktor Yung, another deputy director general of Metrojet, said the crew did not send a distress call and they did not contact traffic controllers before the crash….


Smirnov also said the plane dropped 300 kph (186 mph) in speed and 1.5 kilometers (about 5,000 feet) in altitude one minute before it crashed into Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula.

The Airbus A321-200 crashed in the Sinai 23 minutes after taking off from the Egyptian Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh en route to St. Petersburg.

Alexander Neradko, head of Russia’s federal aviation agency, told reporters on Sunday that the large area over which plane debris fragments were found indicates the jet disintegrated while flying at high altitude.

He would not comment on any possible reason for the crash, citing the ongoing investigation.



Double-check the wording of the Russian investigation above.

The only possible explanation of what could have brought the plane down was an external impact.

That would require weaponry that ISIS simply does not have, such as jet-launched missiles — but which Western powers easily could have used and blamed on ISIS.

On Wednesday, November 18th, 2015, the mainstream media tried to wrap up the mystery by claiming ISIS destroyed the airliner with a home-made soda can bomb:


11/18: Did ISIS Use Soda Can Bomb To Bring Down Russian Plane?



If it was so easy to blow up a plane in mid-air with a single soda can, and get it through security, why did it take terrorists 14 years after 9/11 to do it?

And pineapple-flavored Schweppes? That’s just gross.

The “Powers That Were” are hoping that most people will buy this story — even though the Russians completely ruled out all explanations other than an external impact.

This means their investigation shows a projectile hit the plane from the outside, causing it to bend inward at the impact site.

A bomb from the inside would cause the hull to blow outward, bending the fragments in the opposite direction.



As of November 24th, the world is now well aware that Turkey shot down a Russian warplane wiping out whatever is left of ISIS.

This makes it far more likely that Turkey may have also shot down the Russian passenger airliner over Egypt.

Russia denies entering Turkish airspace at all. A leaked document shows that the decision to shoot down was based on only 17 seconds of time of allegedly crossing the border.

Really? Don’t you guys think you might want to take a little more time and think this through?

Russia has now released video proof that their Su-24 fighter jet never crossed the border into Turkey. It was shot down in a wanton act of aggression.

The whole thing doesn’t make any sense — unless you consider that ISIS and Turkey are working together.




Be Happy Now — 3 Steps to Using Fear as the First Step To Happy By Jennifer Hoffman | Enlightening Life

Be Happy Now — 3 Steps to Using Fear as the First Step To Happy By Jennifer Hoffman | Enlightening Life

My-life-journey-has-beenHave you ever wanted to do something but were paralyzed by your fears? Have you ever been angry with yourself for missing an opportunity, not taking action, and ignoring your dreams, once again? Do you wish you could get rid of your fear so you could be happy? There is a way to do this and it doesn’t require you to take big leaps of faith, pretend you’re brave (when you are not), take up skydiving or camping, or do anything that takes you way out of your comfort zone. It is three steps that start with fear because fear is the foundation for creating happiness.

Here are the three steps and you’ll see how they fit together:

Step 1. Admit that you’re afraid and know what you’re really afraid of. It doesn’t do any good to pretend you’re not afraid, that just creates more confusion. Even if you have a lot of fears, they have a common connection that could be a fear of criticism, judgment, loneliness, betrayal, persecution, ridicule, failure, or too much success. Know the fear and then you set the foundation for Step 2.

Step 2. Determine your ‘happiness reward’, so there is value in being happy, and it is greater than the value of your fear. The fear that paralyzes you serves a purpose, it protects you from doing what you’re really afraid of. You won’t take action when you’re afraid, so the value of being happy must include a meaningful, valuable reward. When you can see being happy as a reward and an alternative to being afraid, you’re ready for Step 3.

Step 3. Recognize your resistance and align it with your outcomes. We use phrases like “I could do this but then this other thing would happen, so I won’t go there.” These are but/so statements and they are very powerful because they show us where we resist. If we follow them with an action statement we acknowledge the fear and resistance, and our willingness to take action anyway. It sounds like this:  “I could start dating but then I might meet someone like my ex so I will stay home and watch movies by myself. Since I do want a relationship, I will take my chances and start meeting new people.”

Ignoring our fears serves no purpose, but staying in them doesn’t help us either, that just perpetuates the paralysis and drives us deeper into despair, inaction, confusion. It’s OK to be afraid, everyone is afraid of something, it isn’t useful to use our fears to avoid joy, happiness, and taking action. What is your reward for allowing happiness into your life? Make it big and appealing, important, and meaningful and use your fears as a stepping stone to understanding the core thing you’re afraid of and you won’t have to be afraid any more. Then you can start letting some joy in your life, feel better about yourself, create a happiness reward that is meaningful and fulfilling, and add happiness to your life intentions.


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