LeeHarrisEnergy: June 2020 Energy Update

June 2020 Energy Update

Jun 1, 2020
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The JUNE ENERGY UPDATE has arrived. Many different themes came in this month, as is the case in this peculiar time that we are in. But a couple of the undercurrents are:

+ MAJOR CHANGE ON THE HORIZON – you might need to proceed slowly and with caution through the month of June.
+ CHANGE MAKERS GOING INTO A YIN MODE in order to deepen your wisdom, deepen your actions in the world.
+ EMOTIONAL SPIKES in you and in the outside world. How are you dealing with your own? How are you dealing with those of others?

Check out the full Energy Update for much more and remember to look after yourselves
– this month and always.

Big love, Lee x

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Anna Merkaba: Energy Update – Turbulence – Environment – Satellite

Energy Update – Turbulence – Environment – Satellite

Greetings My Beloved Masters of the Universe! I have just received an interesting message from the Pleiadians about what is happening now. Again please understand that we are simply in the midst of great changes, stay positive, stay in the NOW, and remember that you have been prepared well for this mission! I love you all! ❤

Glistening in the winds of change the plethora of unprecedented occurrences rises now in the unsettling environment of previous destinations, succinct to say that the anger and trepidation of that which is to come is overwhelming the circuits of your planet and hence the vibratory scales of internal vibrations are adjusting to allow even greater capacity in order to unite the aforementioned circuits with the new paradigms, shifts and platforms, the secondary degree of nurturing is abound and prosperity whistles are blown in order to unite mankind with its inner most deepest level of benevolence.

For the turbulence experienced by all residing on Gaia is of malevolent nature which is being swiftly eradicated from the earthly shores in order to make way for a new cognitive understanding of being. The informational portals are open for you now, and the upliftment of energies are surrendering those who have opposed said awakening to take hold. As much of your world is changing, the landscape of your reality is shifting rapidly for you now, as has been revealed to you in our previous messages.

And so, and thus, the benevolent co creation of the new matrix of Being is making waves in your earthly realities, and bringing focus within for those who have yet to comprehend the true nature of Being. Every moment of your reality a new cognition is born, and through said cognition a new member joins the ranks of the benevolent ones, the ranks of the awakened ones, leading the way for all of humanity.

And so and thus, in the days to come a major satellite event shall make itself known to your world, and through said satellite many more changes shall start to unfold rapidly in succession, as they are meant to be experienced by all on your planet.

The satellite of your planet has been reintroduced into your exosphere many months ago, and has been monitoring your planet’s natural patterns, volcanic activity, oceanic activity and pollution with which your planet has indeed been burdened.

And so, said pollution indeed is lessening due to the escalating adherence to the master plan behind said occurrence which in your known world is known as the coronavirus. For said virus is that which mimics that which your earthlings have indeed brought forth through their cognitive behavior tactics in order to magnify that which no longer works in your realities. Albeit the true nature of said virus, the energies which it has brought through have been mirrored back to those who brought it and utilized in order to shift the energies into the right gear.

And so, and thus, through said programming which has arrived on your shores in time, a major catastrophe has indeed been averted, as the pollution of your planet has increased the volcanic activity. And so, the clearance of the fear based programming is allowing your planet to restore balance within and without, to restore itself, re-balance and re-calibrate the natural flow of life, natural sequencing so that the survival of all beings and GAIA can proceed as has been invoked and asked for by those of you who call yourselves the children of the stars and whom we call the Ground Crew.

For indeed through your presence on the earthly shores, said benevolent interference was indeed possible, asked for and necessary in order to recalibrate the energetic pathways of your planet so that the ascension process can continue, advance and reach new heights.

For indeed, many on your planet have begun to awaken, awaken to the understanding of self, to the understanding of Being, and true reality of Being. And so and thus, the satellite of which we speak shall make itself known to you in the days to come and usher in a revolutionary understanding of your world. For through said satellite much needed change shall begin to unfold not only in your present reality but of all realities that are presently occupying your time and space continuum.

The feedback that has been received and the data that has been collected is showing the fluctuation and increase of awakened ones bringing a total of such souls to a desired number in order to continue the awakening process without further disturbance and through said participation, through said collective energy of positivity, the magnetosphere of your planet is becoming stronger, by the second. The energy field is strengthening which in turn is allowing many catastrophic events to bypass your world, (as I was channeling I was shown a few asteroids that were about to collide with earth but due to the recent events, pollution has lessened so much so, that GAIA was able to restore the protective energy field, coinciding with collective prayers which sent a lot of positive energy out into the collective consciousness these asteroids were buffered away from our planet), for indeed the seeming chaos of your of you world, has allowed much more light to enter into every fiber of your being, which resulted in the release and purification of energies that stuck on in the fibers of your energetic pathways which in turn allowed a tremendous shift influencing not only your immediate environment but environment of all that exists to shift into positive “gear” and propel humanity onto a new octave of Being, and albeit the seeming chaos and undesirable vibrations, the energy of your planet is escalating and the vibrations are rising higher and higher, all due to the alignment of each one with their higher selves, and the prayers which are seen as positive energy vibrations and which have indeed allowed your planet to move into higher gear and jump an octave.

And so, and thus, notwithstanding the turbulence and the hurdles that are yet to be overcome by all on your planet, recent events have allowed to avoid a true catastrophe that could have been.

And so, we congratulate you yet again, on a job well done, for it is through your intentions that you have been able to influence those around you into purification of being. And so and thus, as the situation continues to unfold and escalate in the geopolitical arena of your world, the energies of the heart shall begin to awaken further rand further in the ones stationed therein and multiply trifold as the struggle between two polarities continues to unfold on your shores. Rest assured that said turbulence shall pass , stay in the NOW moment, and allow only the positive vibrations to bathe you in the eternal vibrations of LOVE , Benevolence and truth, truth, benevolence and cocreation, cocreation, adherence to the true principles of Being and Benevolence. Stay true to that which you are, knowing that you are being supported by all that is.

That is all that we have for you now. We are with you. We love you.  Goodbye for now.

~Anna Merkaba – is a Channeler, Lightworker, Healer and Messenger of the KEYS to help YOU on your journey of awakening to your true self! For more channeled messages to help you on your journey of self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL–https://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/


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Tania Gabrielle: COVID-19 Astrology Numerology Healing Update: Surrender To LOVE

COVID-19 Astrology Numerology Healing Update:
Surrender To LOVE

Mar 15, 2020
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Lee Harris: March 2020 Energy Update: Birthing a New Identity + Love is a Superpower


Watch the March Energy Update Now!
The themes to emerge for March are:
  • GROUNDING YOUR NEW IDENTITY – you will start to feel the birth of your new identity, surrounded by grace and support and with far less chaos than previously.
  • MOMENTUM ENERGY FOR BUILDING THE NEW (and getting things DONE!) – there is going to be a propulsive energy around making grounded changes.
  • LOVE IS A SUPERPOWER – as an internal and felt experience.
  • TRANSMUTING OUR SHADOW – noticing what’s happening inside ourselves in response to the shadow we’re seeing, to bring us back to a more compassionate place.
  • THE POWER AND HEALING FOUND IN SILENCE – take silent moments to reset yourself and allow in some of the good energy that’s around in March.INTUITIVE POWER TOUR



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Jenny Schiltz: Energy Update: Clearing the Cache

I had a session yesterday and the client and I were discussing the current energies and their intensity.

Many have been experiencing major exhaustion that can even be mixed with sleeplessness, wired and tired. Some have had major vertigo and woozy, dizzy heads. There can be a struggle for words, concepts and blank spots in the thoughts. The experience lately has been very physical. We were working with Quan Yin and asked her to give us some insight into what is taking place.

She explained that we are in the midst of a template rewrite. This will continue for a couple of days more.

Using computer technology that thankfully made sense she likened a template rewrite to clearing out your web browser cache and cookies.

She said it was an incredible opportunity for all of us to make radical changes.

Think of our “stuff” as websites or articles we visit:

“Things to be scared of today”
“10 ways to have no boundaries”
“How to replay those memories to feel even worse about yourself”

I jest, but you get the point. (Sometimes we have to laugh at the insanity of the human condition.)

We tend to visit these sites daily creating a looping of fears, worries, and doubts. It is a large undertaking to choose differently and not follow that well-worn path

This template rewrite comes in as a massive DISRUPTOR. It literally disrupts our normal way of being. The thought patterns that have created our foundation. This disturbance can make us feel quite unstable and dizzy. For example, we may follow path A, B, C, D on a regular basis. This template rewrite comes in and all of a sudden we go A… But have to search for B, C, D.

That’s where the golden opportunity comes in. We don’t have to search for those familiar ways of being. We can choose to leave it all behind. We can also choose what we want to keep.

Quan Yin recommends getting really clear on what we want and not to focus on what we don’t want to be created.

This is not as easy as it sounds as so many of our creative abilities have been and are being directed, manipulated and harnassed. It is our job to create responsibility. To really understand that energy focused on what we don’t want takes away from what we do want.

It’s time to chose our focus and take advantage of this incredible template reset we are experiencing. Be firm on what you want in your life, visualize it with your full energy and move towards that while choosing not to walk that well-worn path that leaves you sad, drained, full of doubt, feeling worthless or angry.

Sending you all lots of love, Jenny

P.S. I was recently contacted by one of the Nature Spirits that is on my team and was asked to assist. There feels to be a push with this. If you are wanting to connect with the nature spirits and earth on a much deeper level, they too are wanting to connect with you. They asked that I give this course one more time, it is the only time it will be available this year.  The nature spirits are asking us to be awake, aware and in full partnership with them. They are incredible healers of the mind, body, and soul. They offer you the keys to your once held Magic that so many of us pushed away as a child.

The course information is online but we will meet as a group 5 times during the class to discuss the information and the exercises. This is a jam-packed fun course that will help take you to the nature realms.

Class starts on March 16th or March 19th, two separate times to accommodate the many time zones. Register for the class now.  Click here for more info: https://jennyschiltz.com/course-connecting-with-the-elementals/

The earth is calling those with ears to hear and eyes to see.





The internal waters will rock and roll
this week. Feelings run the gamut:
moody, crabby, inward, inspired,
diligent, worried, fired up! Not all bad
by any means, but like the ocean, our
emotions are strong and changeable.

This week, we can make significant solo progress
on our own endeavors, especially work or
spiritual projects. And—we won’t always
feel sociable! Try to go with it; check
Crystal’s Daily Success Guide in order
to time key interactions so that we and
others will find them most enjoyable and
productive. Friday evening, here we

For more, check

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– Susan

Pam Georgel: Mid Month Psychic Tarot Update February 2020 for All Zodiac Signs

Mid Month Psychic Tarot Update February 2020 for All Zodiac Signs by Pam Georgel

Feb 14, 2020
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Time stamps: Aries 1:50, Taurus 7:17, Gemini 12:52, Cancer 18:16, Leo 23:36, Virgo 29:14,
35:18, Scorpio 40:37, Sag 46:48, Capricorn 52:46, Aquarius 58:37, Pisces 1:04:02.

Thanks for watching! xo

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Edited by Daniel Georgel

Intro filmed and edited by Nicholas Georgel


Aluna Ash- 9D: ENERGY UPDATE 🤗 1/25/20 (description box)

ENERGY UPDATE 🤗 1/25/20 (description box)

Jan 25, 2020
99.4K subscribers

Sorry if my voice is scratchy- I did alot of talking and recording all day prior to recording this. These messages are for whoever feels like listening. There seems to be some energy within the collective that feels like a “pause” and I personally feel that it is because there is a lot of reorganization that is about to take place in the physical based off of the shift in Consciousness that has been taken place up until this point (and will comtinue ofcourse.)

On Jan 12th I had an experience in meditation where I saw two star constellations and DNA spiral, as if I was seeing the communication of my DNA and energy that’s coming to the planet. There was a gravitational wave that hit the planet on January 14th- the source is unknown. I found an article that speaks about this, linked below: https://www.livescience.com/mysteriou…

I’m sharing incase anyone else noticed this. I see some energy (not all) & hear energy so I have noticed a change since Jan 12th. It’s been pretty constant.

Days after this experience I had a dream that Humanity had been changed by seeing humanity singing a gospel song “I know I’ve Been Changed” 😁😂 and I saw Plasma being poured out to the collective through the Water Bearer, Aquarius- which was symbolic of a Gardener that is impressing the (garden) subconscious of humanity. The garden is the creative mind of humanity, the gardener, Aquarius, is consciously creating. I was told that there will be no one Messiah, or no one “Christ” or only One New Era World Teacher for this New Age, but it will be all of humanity.

We are our own teacher & we help and guide one another as well as ourselves. All are Equal, not one is above within the consciousness of the age of Aquarius. A guide, teacher, Being, entity, Angel, Group Consciousness, Galactic Being or Group, Ancestor, etc.. physical or nonphysical- that is really interested in your Soul’s evolution to integrate Universal Consciousness/Christ Consciousness/Oneness, will not allow you to become dependent on them for guidance. messages, answers, manifestations constantly/regularly. They will not be interested in pushing your Spirit out of your vessel. Constant dependency on another Being- keeps that Soul separated from accessing the Truth within themselves. All is One Consciousness and you do not need another Being or individual aspect of the One to give you answers. The answers are within. It only makes one weaker by depending on another consciousness outside of themselves- even though all is One. A teacher/guide wanting your Evolution will want you to access information/guidance from within your Godself…only at times will they impress thoughts/ideas/emotions/inspiration upon the subjective sphere for you to access. Age of Aquarius is about the individual becoming God/Christ- all becoming One within themselves equally.

I feel there are many Souls here, who last incarnated to the Earth Plane ATLEAST 200 yrs ago to begin what will continue now. Some around 1700-1800s- to be here for this specific incarnation. For these Souls there seems to be a stronger push/desire to evolve. I have always been in amazement every time I go into a store like a little kid because I remember when they didn’t exist.

I have noticed my response to the recent energy as: some changes in sleep, very active dream state, deeper meditations, increased manifestations & synchronicities, itchy ears, feeling energy & thought currents more easily, stronger desire to stay in alignment and w
ork on my growth. Feeling a balanced detachment, everything just IS. I don’t really feel connected to certain beliefs/things that I once did, that seems to have grown. I have noticed that energy can evolve or grow more quickly from thought/focus as well. I have also been picking up on others subconscious/unconscious intentions very quickly- more quickly then before. I can only really share what I experience, feel or notice.

I know many are feeling alot of stress, anxiety, agitation, intensity..which I feel is the collective shifting into a new Era or new age, and also the release out outworn beliefs that have crystallized as physical conditions. There may be an increase in unconscious reactions/responses out of anger or due to suppressed emotions. Do your best moment to moment, try not to dwell too long in resentment, anger, sadness, jealousy, etc.. if you notice that it is a pattern or anothers/collective energy. Acknowledge it and where it is coming from but don’t dwell there too long. Healing comes when we assume we are healed. Not through dwelling on what hasn’t healed. It may not be easy at first or at times, but we wouldn’t experience more then we can handle. You were drafted by the Universal Mind/Spirit/God to awaken and rise above self imposed limitations.

Love You Guys!

I will be finishing up the rest of the 2020 Vimeo readings for the other elements. And Patreon Feb. Readings/messages will be posted on Patreon this week.


Eric Raines: Energy Update 1/21/20

Profoundly informative and insightful energy Update by Eric Raines .Talk about making the Mind-Body Connection! Wow! I AM grateful and honored to share this wisdom, and Eric’s guidance on what we can do to assist our personal, collective, and planetary transformation! 🙏 🌎🌍🌏 

No photo description available.
Eric Raines

Energy Update 1/21/20

The Earth is preparing for a massive etheric upgrade, affecting closed off genetic programs and traumas that have lead to the situations we are seeing in front of us now.

Under the surface of wild emotional swings and refusal to integrate facts and truth into personal belief systems, lies a core wounding that doesn’t allow many on this planet to fully embody themselves.

Full embodiment is simply being fully aware of every level that you exist in while in a physical body, whether this is social, physical, energetic, collective or emotional.

Because we have been trained into operating with the brain at the control, direct focus has to be placed on whatever “issue” comes up in order to understand it.

This is very similar to having a flashlight in the darkest night. In order to “see”, the flashlight must be pointed at whatever is needing to be observed instead of having a lantern shining in every direction at once.

This system of direct focus is exactly how sleight-of-hand magicians and pickpockets distract from what is actually happening. They guide the “flashlight” into what they want observed while working quickly and efficiently behind that awareness to steal or astound.

The singular focus is a symptom of being trapped inside of the brain where we have to translate all our emotions and energies into words and concepts in order to communicate with everyone else trapped inside of this mind virus.

The system of trauma wounding is very similar to the layers of an onion. Without the deeper awareness, the only thing “seen” is the outer layer where collectively, loss, mistrust, fear and pain echo through this field due to thousands of years of warfare, domination and control.

We are already seeing this layer being peeled back, exposing worldwide lies, corruption and greed on a scale unprecedented in human history.

No longer are the “conspiracy theories” conspiracy. Many of these “theories” have not only been proven true, but many of the people who have perpetrated these systems are being prosecuted and put in jail around the world.

This is only the first step in this unveiling.

It might seem like we are in the wildest times in human history, but it is only going to get wilder.

Gaia is prepping for a fundamental shift of monumental proportions, activating the “chakra centers” and “meridians” of her physical body.

Many of the earthquakes and volcano eruptions are “pressure release valves” of the traumatic, blocked energy that have not been accessible to the light for aeons.

As Gaia shifts and grows her consciousness back into being awake and aware, we will be seeing the collapse of the old world systems of control on a much larger scale.

Tuning into this process, it feels like a deep inhale of life, a soft exhale, transmuting death and decay into “compost” for new life, but on a much grander, slower scale than human breathing.

Expect more physical instability on every level.

We are entering the cycles of destruction, ripe for a rebirth. In the new world, the archaic systems cannot exist.

This might appear as if the world is going crazy, but it is indeed a beautiful thing….if you understand what is happening.

For many humans, they will look at this process over the next few years as the “end times”…and they are.

Marching in lockstep with this physical activation will be much deeper levels of energy accessible to everyone. As we are shown frantic emotional instability, there will be a schism as those looking to better themselves and those running the mind virus program will start becoming physically obvious.

As deeper levels of multidimensional knowing vibrate through the planet, incredible experiences, miracles, etheric contact and physical youthening will become the every day norm, while those stuck in the program will devolve into pure reaction, losing the ability to respond.

This will stretch to opposite ends of the extreme until the physical polarities flash into unity consciousness, expanding through both sides of light and dark, fully integrating the shadow…thus allowing us to take the helm of the collective vehicle and point it in the direction of true human nature.

Benevolence, wisdom, connection, kindness, excitement, joy and love.

These energies are accessible to anyone, but the negative programs of fear, control and domination have been the majority, thus making a neutral consciousness slide into that space, making the positive energies in life a chore that has to be worked for, instead of naturally aligned.

This will sweep through the planet until the major activation that many know as the Event, or the Golden Age of Mankind, which is not something happening to us, but being created by us as we expand into the deeper levels of awareness, and more importantly, clear them.

What you can do:

Recognize that the thoughts in your head that speak in words are the tiniest percentage of true thought, floating on the surface like a sheet of oil on water.

In order to go deeper, we have to surrender the iron control the brain has over the body and this is much easier than many realize.

Stop trying to control the sensations by directing them from the brain. Instead, start to study the internal sensations outside of the brain, the breathing being the easiest to tune into.

As you inhale, your ribcage stretches the intercostal muscles, the abdomen extends, the shoulders rise and fall and the elastic skin barrier, with billions of nerve endings, gently glides underneath the clothing.

Sit in stillness, deep breathing while paying attention to these sensations, allowing the words to echo in the background, but fully immersing the attention into the body.

This activates the bioelectric flow out of the rigid control of the brain and into the body-brain, where we have trauma, tension and pain echoing inside of the muscle memory.

This is similar to “words” trapped in the brain, but a feeling trapped inside of muscles that then create the thought loops powered by those negative emotions stuck in the fascia.

By bringing your awareness to this level, you open the doorway to allow them to transmute.

Once you feel this space deeply, put a gentle smile on your face and begin to pull that feeling into the activated body, using the exhale to drain anything that does not feel this way into the Earth, transmuting trauma in the fires of Gaia.

This simple, yet profound awareness begins to peel back the internal layers of awareness, allowing the soul to expand beyond the barriers of the body, into our reality at large, where we can shift anything that is not moving.

Life on Earth is evolving. It will never be the same again. As we go through these cycles of destruction in order to reach the rebirth, hold space for those who do not know how to activate on these levels.

Your service is literally divine. This is why you are here Old Soul. This is why you incarnated Starseed.

This ride is going to be amazing





There are five main themes coming up for January:

  • BLINDING CLARITY– a theme for the whole year of 2020 and it will be making its first big appearance this month.
  • DRAMA HEALING – healing from dramatic events that have recently occurred or finding new ways to deal with what used to show up as drama in your life.
  • COURSE CORRECTION– an energy that is going to come in very strongly in January and through early February. There will be a lot of opportunities for you to course correct.
  • RISE OF THE MAGICAL – magical energy beginning to show up in your personal life at play and at work.
  • ABUNDANCE – where the MAGICAL is concerned.  People giving you experiences, things, and opportunities that you weren’t anticipating or didn’t know you could bring to yourself.

Welcome to the first Energy Update for 2020.  This time of year always carries with it a ‘review and renewal’ energy for people that’s been a tradition for decades. We take stock of the past year and we start to think ahead, but it’s also interesting that this month is also the beginning of a new calendar decade. Certainly, in terms of spiritual, energetic, astrological terms, the 2020 to 2030 decade is going to be a huge one. So it adds some weight to the ‘review’ energy that many of us will be feeling.



In January, the first theme that came to share with you is Blinding Clarity and this also relates to the 2020 forecast (a 1-hour 11-minute detailed live video forecast, found HERE). Blinding clarity is going to be something that shows up time and time again throughout this year to come, and this can relate to many different aspects of life.


It can mean suddenly having clarity about your life as a whole or certain situations you are personally in, but equally, for many of us on the planet, it’s going to be us suddenly having truth revealed to us that we either weren’t ready to see, weren’t seeing, or weren’t expecting. It relates to outgrowing people, places and truths that used to hold and serve us, but are no longer needed where you are going next.


So, this blinding clarity can sometimes hit you like a ton of bricks and deliver a truth that is unexpected. It can be painful to process or very shocking at the time that it happens, but as time goes on, we become more able to take a long view of why those events come up for us and what it is they’re doing for our lives. For most everybody, we are being asked to move forward and to change at higher speed than ever before. This is also because the world is changing so fast; much faster than most of us in this body, this lifetime, have ever experienced before.


Blinding Clarity is driving change, and it is happening personally, collectively and in the world at large, and while there’s a lot that we can say about that, I mostly want to focus on how that’s going to feel to many of you personally. There is often an element of shock (or grief) and having to let go of the old when new clarity emerges. However, what may be newer for most of us, is the charge of energy that comes with it. When this blinding clarity hits you – either it will come through your internal awareness or it will show up through outside events.  It’s going to have a charge unlike any other in your past and bring in an electrical energy to your field.  It might make you know what you want to do immediately or feel this real sense of fire and wanting to act on something. It brings with it an energy of doing at high speed with less fear than before. In that sense it represents a breakthrough of old limitations.


Just try and be aware of that charge being something that’s going to come through you. It’s going to activate and elevate you, which is great, but as ever, be mindful about how you act on it. When we get very electrified, we tend to want to run out into the world and sometimes force our external circumstances to match the electrical feeling that we have inside us.


Sometimes that’s exactly what we need to do and sometimes that is how we make forward strides in life.  We either previously haven’t had the courage to make or didn’t know that we could, but equally, it can be a chaotic way of doing things if we are trying to force things before they are ready.


If you are familiar with that ‘I need to make a change’ feeling and it starts brewing in you….:

  • Let it sit with you for up to a few days if you can.
  • Let it have some time to move through your body, mind and energy as you consider the changes you want to make.
  • Let it stay in your system as long as you can before you make any big or dramatic actions, for that will help the outcome.



If you can’t do any of the above, and just need to go for it, then trust the propulsion energy is what you need to follow, BUT be aware that dramatic changes can make for dramatic reactions.


So the above considerations offer a new way to be mindful when that electrical charge comes in.

So if you can sit with it for a while, you’ll be able to feel, “Ah! This charge, this energy, it’s reshaping me inside myself.”

Ask yourself:

What can I practically do with this feeling and desire I have now, that is perhaps a smaller step and less impactful to my outside world while I build on and ground this energy in my body, heart and mind?


Blinding Clarity brings with it a big energy of transformation and if in this moment it looks like things are rearranging in you and around you, that’s where all your focus will go. But actually, if you look back a year from now or two years from now, you’ll see that what this blinding clarity is actually doing is propelling you into a higher place far beyond the current details you can see today. 


It is moving you into a more aware place and more importantly, a more aligned place. You might be slowly being shifted into a reality where you’re actually more useful to that reality than the one you are in now. Your skills, talents, and abilities are more able to come out where you are going, and so might your feelings of being present in life and in love.


So, it can be a tricky time to navigate emotionally, because that level of blinding clarity and the transformation energy it carries with it, has a lot of big effects on our emotional relationships and connections with each other. 


This leads me to my next theme, which is Drama Healing.


So this is interesting and I’ve never heard this as a theme before, but drama healing came in very strongly as a message for January, and we can look at this several different ways.


Drama healing can literally mean there is an actual drama in your life, (a physical, very dramatic event that can be sudden, painful, or toxic), but equally, it can mean that you are learning how to navigate out of and through dramas in a more peaceful, more stable way than ever before.


You may find yourself taking stock and look back at your life and go, “Wow, the last time this happened in my life or something like this, I did not react very well. It caused a huge outpouring of emotion or conflict in me and things were unstable for a while.” Many of you will notice that while drama healing can mean that yes, dramas are happening in your life to force and induce healing for you, it can also mean the opposite. That you yourself are seeing that you are no longer needing to play out the kind of 3D drama game in quite the same way that you were. And that can be a great gift and feel very liberating.


Many of you will notice this ‘Drama’ theme because you might be the compassionate ear or listener to someone else who is in one of those periods, and you may have compassion, because you remember being there yourself.   Equally, there is a rise on the planet around emotional drama for people, as there is so much change happening at high speed which is putting more in touch with their feelings at deep level. And for many, that experience is like a shockwave running through mind and body.


And most of you reading this have probably been on your path for a while, so you may have been aware that this was always going to be an explosive time on the planet and a time of big changes.


Drama healing can also mean that if you’ve been through some big dramas in the last year or perhaps the last few years, there is going to be an energy of healing coming in for you now. So, you can really start to lean into that and start to begin to give yourself permission to recognize that the trauma can now be left behind you. That a slower period is upon you so that you can integrate. Equally, this will be a great time to go and get whatever kind of trauma therapy you really need, so that you can really work with your body for any shocks that it has been through,  You don’t need to carry that with you or be running subconscious anxiety through your next few months.


And anxiety is a big theme and focus on the planet right now, so it is definitely something for everybody to look at and work with. Lots of people are feeling it, it’s in the air, so it might be something that you have to be mindful to not get involved in –  the dramas of others with your emotional body.


Many empaths are beginning to learn, “Oh, great, I can hold space for other and I can listen, but I don’t have to run all their emotions through my body while I do that.”


Like for many of you, this lesson has definitely been a real learning curve for me personally over the years, and it takes focus, awareness and some digging deep to see where and why you began doing that in the first place. But this way of being is something that you will be starting to notice is changing energetically inside you as the months go on and January heralds a new beginning of that.




Course Correction is a theme we will be seeing in January and it is where you have made a choice, a decision or started to go in a certain path and then you get to change your mind or make a different choice. You could also be on the receiving end of someone else’s choice, so it may have resulted in shock or emotion for you.


Course Correction energy is going to come in very strongly in January and early February, so there are going to be a lot of opportunities for you to course correct in one of two ways:


Either the form of the choice you have made (or others have made) will be changed, meaning decisions made will be reversed or minds will be changed. Or if not the form of what ‘actually’ happened, the way you feel and get to move forward after these sudden changes will happen faster than usual because of the presence of this energy.


So, there’s a lot of intersection there around the themes of ‘Drama Healing’ and ‘Course Correction’, and sooner being able to feel open to where you find yourself, rather than to recoil or close off from it.


These are very tender times and the emotional surface of everybody is much closer to the skin. People are either showing up in beautiful vulnerability, authenticity and leaning on one another for support, being more open with each other than ever before. Or conversely, they are fighting, with judgment and defense against what’s going on or shutting down and pulling away. This is just the heart trying to protect itself from the shock, from the pain and conflict, and we can see that energy playing out on a world scale.


How we each deal with it, will be personal.


The other theme for this month is a pleasing one-  it’s Rise of the Magical. We don’t just have The Rise of Skywalker in January (hello fellow Star Wars fans!), we also have the rise of the magical and it is going to show up in many different ways, but specifically in work and in play.


So for those of you who are very mission-focused – the work that you’re here to do, the mission that you’re here to have, you’re going to see a lot of magic and opening occurring in the kinds of relationships that you bring into your life to help you with your work. Perhaps, the magical will show up as just a new awareness of the good place that you’re in, because a lot of mission-focused sensitives, change makers, light workers are being really supported right now, because we need it.


This decade is going to bring a lot of challenge with it, but also a lot of positive energy around transformation. So you will be seeing a lot of magical synchronicity, connections, and opportunities coming up around the work that you do, the mission that you’re here for, but equally, play.  This relates to this new level of connection, openness, vulnerability, and sharing that is available on the planet. It doesn’t mean you should sit at home and wait for it to knock at your door, we definitely have to be proactive.


We definitely have to recognize when we’ve been shut at home for too many years, and wonder why we feel isolated.


Isolation is one of the issues that we have now as a theme on the planet, so we have to take steps and make strides to walk out of isolation. I always say, start with making an affirmation of intent.


“I will bring more magical loving, wonderful friends into my life this year.” 

“I invite wonderful new people to come into my life.”

Then back up that intention with some actions. 


Put yourself in some scenarios where you might meet some people, to show you’re willing on the ground as well as in the energy realms.

With magical new energies and the rise of the magical showing up in work and at play, it can also boil down to you feeling more present than you ever have and being able to go, “Wow, even with all that crazy that’s going on in the world, I actually, in this moment feel more present, more conscious, more alive. In a few moments that might change again, but right now I actually feel more light and more alive than I ever have.”

That’s when you know magical energy, is in and around you and you are tapped in.  When we talk about magical things happening, they are the things that induce that state and that we also attract more of when we are living more from that state. Magic, like heart energy, is a magnetic force.


Magical meetings and magical opportunities is where abundance comes in as our last theme in January. Abundance where the magical is concerned, with people giving you experiences, things, and opportunities that you perhaps weren’t anticipating or didn’t know that you could bring to yourself. So there’s a real thread of connection that’s beginning to happen for those who want to find each other, so be willing for that to come into your life too.


To conclude, what we are doing in January is really opening new ways and energies for this coming decade. Most of us aren’t going to tune in on the next 10 years, which is okay, because that’s not where most of us work with our focus in our minds, but we are at the beginning of a very new decade and the energy is here now.  


If you cast your mind back to 2010 and how you felt, especially, if you were one of those people who thought that 2012 was going to change everything overnight, or you weren’t quite sure about 2012 and there was some uncertainty, take a moment to look back at all that occurred for you in this past 10 years. 


We’re in a much stronger time now in terms of collective awareness around active transformation on the planet, and there is actually less uncertainty around what is going to go on with our future now than there was in 2010. People are more aware than before of the needs we face at this time and we’re also more aware of the areas of crisis than we were in 2010. And awareness leads to change.


In 2010 there seemed to still be a lot of magical thinking in much of the spiritual community. Nothing wrong with that, but that changed after 2012, when people recognized we’re all still here being part of this 3D world yes, BUT with all the other dimensions we have available to us too. And sleeves are being rolled up by those who feel here to be part of this change era.


This recent era that we’ve been in has held plenty of death energy, in literal and metaphoric ways. I know of lots of people who have exited the planet in not just the last year, but even the last few months and I am hearing that reported from many others too. Death energy always brings with it transformation and new birth. As those left behind, have to shift and become someone new in the wake of a loved ones passing. So in that way, death creates a birth also.


So if you are still here on the planet my friend, you have something to do and/or something to be here for in the coming decade.


We’re at the beginning of a decade where a lot of new ways on the planet will open, and also new ways of being in you, in me, and in all of us as individuals.  If you have a little nervous energy when I say that, that’s okay. It’s just an indicator that, yes, you’re in that change group, too. There are going to be some things or ways of being that you have to let go of in order to move into your next stages, but everything you’ve walked through has prepared you for the way you are right now.


So as we enter 2020, thanks for tuning in and I hope you have a January full of grace, healing and magic.


Much love,