SonofSelene:🧙‍♂️ All Signs Weekly Tarot March 20 – 27th 2023 (Straight Forward in Chapters)

🧙‍♂️ All Signs Weekly Tarot March 20 – 27th 2023 (Straight Forward in Chapters)🧙‍♂️

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Mar 18, 2023

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Chapters & Timestamps
00:00:00 Universal Theme – Card of the Week
00:04:37 Aries
00:10:18 Taurus
00:15:39 Gemini
00:21:43 Cancer
00:27:13 Leo
00:32:28 Virgo
00:37:35 Libra
00:42:56 Scorpio
00:49:24 Sagittarius
00:55:27 Capricorn
01:00:35 Aquarius
01:07:30 Pisces

A little About Nico: I, Nico, SonofSelene (formerly known for Scarlet Moon & Practical Tarot Tutor ), have been on my path since the age of 14, but when I was even younger, my gifts were already presenting me with consistent visions, clairaudient messages, prophetic dreams, & spirit visitations. In 1998 I took my first steps in taking these skills to a more disciplined way of life. To me, this is not a lifestyle, it is a way of life I revere and live in every moment. Meditation, precognition, alchemy, magical arts ancient and new, it is my essence.

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