Astrology/Tarot this week (various)

Weekly Intuitive Astrology and Energies of Feb 1 to 8

Molly McCord

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Weekly Tarot Forecast January 30- February 6, 2023(All Signs In Chapters)


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Astrology January 31-Feb 6 -Venus Square Mars -Sun Square Uranus – Leo Full Moon
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This week in astrology the moon is building to full in creative Leo by this weekend Feb 5. Uranus is the main theme this week – expect the unexpected, disruptions and changes. This will be a very bold, passionate heartfelt dramatic full moon that brings emotional awareness and consciousness expansion. Possible changes to people of power and or issues with groups and politics. Things involving children could also come up. Changes in values, money and resources are possible as well, or at very least new awareness about such topics.

Venus square Mars has the lovers connecting in aspect of tension. Make love or war, love or hate. Strong desires, sparks fly, sexual tension is strong. Some cooperation issues are possible, but still passionate and or frustrated. This aspect can also be social conflict. Direct your passion into love and creativity.

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If you have emailed me with questions about my reports and have not received a response, just know it’s nothing personal. I get a lot of emails and have a difficult time keeping up. I do try and get back to everyone, but some emails fall thru the cracks. If you want a report from me, the best way is to just buy it from my services page, sending me the email with your data and i will respond with confirmation and a date for your report.
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Aspect list and timestamps:
Tues Jan 31 10:25
Moon inconj Mercury 9:27 pm PST
Moon square Neptune 11:20 pm PST

Wen Feb 1 15:00
Moon trine Saturn 3:57 am PST
Moon inconj Pluto 9:32 am PST
Moon ingress Cancer 12:11 pm PST

Thurs Feb 2 18:58
Moon square Jupiter 12:54 am PST
Moon trine Venus 4:14 am PST
Moon trine SN sextile NN 5:17 am PST
Venus trine SN sextile NN 1:08 pm PST
Moon inconj sun 4:11 pm PST
Moon sextile Uranus 6:27 pm PST

Fri Feb 3 24:15
Moon opp Mercury 4:08 am PST
Moon trine Venus 12:01 pm PST
Moon inconj Saturn 5:08 pm PST
Sun square Uranus 6:50 pm PST
Moon opp Pluto 10:18 pm PST

Sat Feb 4 29:52
Moon ingress Leo 12:48 am PST
Moon trine Jupiter 2:33 pm PST
Moon t-square Nodes of Fate 4:49 pm PST
Venus square Mars 7:28 pm PST
Moon sextile Mars 11:34 pm PST
Moon inconj Venus 11:57 pm PST

Sun Feb 5 39:17
Moon square Uranus 7:08 am PST
Moon opp sun (Leo full moon) 10:28 am PST
Moon inconj Venus 11:57 pm PST

Mon Feb 6 47:17
Moon inconj Neptune 12:43 am PST
Moon opp Saturn 6:15 am PST
Mercury sextile Neptune 10:25 am PST
Moon inconj Pluto 10:55 am PST
Moon ingress Virgo 1:13 pm PST

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[Jan 30-Feb 5, 2023] WEEKLY Astrology Numerology Star Code Forecast
Tania Gabrielle
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