Pam Georgel: Full Moon in Gemini December 7th 2022 Psychic Crystal Reading

Full Moon in Gemini December 7th 2022 Psychic Crystal Reading
by Pam Georgel

Pamela Georgel
126K subscribers
Dec 3, 2022

Astro Info 2:23 Earth 4:00 Water 10:13 Fire 16:08 Air 24:16

Hi everyone! Please be sure to check out my “Full Moon in Gemini December 7th 2022 Psychic Crystal Reading” now posted to my YouTube channel ~ Pamela Georgel:

This Full Moon In Gemini, December 7th 2022 will bring about logical thinking, and feeling comfortable with where we are.

Yet since we are in the energy of Sagitarrius this month, we may feel inspired to explore and seek adventure. The fey will be to find a balance among these varying energies.

Communication will be highlighted with tis Gemini full moon, as will adventure.

This full moon will also illuminate our emotions and feelings, therefore we will feel the strong desire to express them.

We must be careful getting things out of our system, as it may not be completely well reasoned.

Since this full moon is squaring Neptune and in a tight alignment with Mars Retrograde, we must be cautious of impulsive actions. It’s wise to take notice of what resonates with us.

We may want to conquer some situations, but it’s not a good idea as there is too much uncertainty at this time – over the next 2 weeks and up to 30 days.

We will gain better perception and mastery of what we want and who we are, from these stressed and strained energies.

These energies will be the strongest for the days around the full moon, and for two weeks, but can last up to 30 days.

If you’re interested in seeing what this upcoming New Year in 2023 holds for you, you can get my “New Year 2023 Psychic Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign” available on Vimeo. I recommend watching both your Sun Sign and your Rising Sign if you can do so:

And for more detailed messages for your astrological sign for December 2022, my “Psychic Crystal Readings for December 2022 for Each Zodiac Sign” are also available on Vimeo:

I wish you all phenomenal energy and many blessings to come to you from this Full Moon in Gemini December 2022! xo Pam ~ The Lucky Mermaid LLC®



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