Jane International Tarot & Astrology: New Moon in Sagittarius Brings Stronger Desires for Freedom! Nov. 23, 2022 – Weekly Astrology

New Moon in Sagittarius Brings Stronger Desires for Freedom! Nov. 23, 2022 – Weekly Astrology

Jane International Tarot & Astrology

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Nov 23, 2022


Timestamp for start of  Reading: 11:02

Things I’d love to know – if you wish to respond, I’d love to hear from you! jane@janeintl.com is the best email – I may not respond but I WILL read every word ❤️

A few questions that might help!

– Where would you say you are on your journey?
     ~ Just beginning the path of self discovery
     ~ Needing to make big life changing decisions
     ~ Seeking to continue your current path, but find greater spiritual and material abundance

– What benefit do you receive from watching my videos, or tarot and astrology readings in general?
– Where are you in your life, and what big life challenges are you facing?
– Have you ever seen true results from following the advice/guidance of my readings? If so, help me better understand.
– What role do these messages play in your life?
– What real world guidance do you seek most…
– Do you want to learn more about tarot and astrology, or do you not really care and just want to hear the messages?
– Are you an entrepreneur? Or do you want to become one?
– Are you facing any huge new chapters in your life? Retirement? Marriage? New Career? Having Children?
– Do you feel you understand yourself on a deeper level as a result of my readings?
– What information do you think you need in order to connect more with truest yourself, to find alignment so life isn’t so chaotic and stressful?

Seriously love all of you!!!!

Weekly Extended Readings for each zodiac sign are available for subscribers! Any tier of subscription will have access to Weekly Bump Extended readings AND Weekly Love Readings (Published on Friday).

Or become a member of my Soul Seeker Group and get EXCLUSIVE videos – starting a new educational series in September, 2022!

For more information, visit: https://janeinternational.com

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