October 2022 Energy Update – Lee Harris

October 2022 Energy Update – Lee Harris

Sep 30, 2022

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The October 2022 #EnergyUpdate has arrived! A few of the themes that I will be covering this month are: The Metamorphosis That We Are All In, and The Sheets of Emotion That are Coming Off Us and Falling Off Us as we go through it, The Heart and Throat – Energetic Eruptions, and Expansions – October will be a big month for that. And lastly, Believe the Aligned Truth of Those Whose Heart Energy You Can Feel. Heart energy is the barometer of the future. We’ll look more deeply at these themes and several others, so be sure to watch the full Energy Update.

Big love, Lee xx

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Time stamps:
– Intro
– Metamorphosis Energy and Sheets of Emotion leaving you
– Allowing or resisting the WAVE of change?
– Higher Consciousness pulses of energy – forcing out the old, the heavy, and the painful

14:25 – Heart and Throat – energetic eruptions and expansions happening (feeling and communication)
– Grief transforms into the new (The Queen – end of an era)
– Is the fight even real? Is it outside you or inside you? Is it from the past or from the now?
– Believe the aligned truth of those whose heart you can feel – heart energy is the barometer of the future
– Seek and celebrate the innovation and evolution – it needs to be seen by us to grow


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