Rik: Astrology Sep 20-26-2022 – Equinox – Libra New moon opp Jupiter – Venus/Neptune/Pluto – Sun/Mercury + Sep 20, 2022

Astrology Sep 20-26-2022 – Equinox – Libra New moon opp Jupiter – Venus/Neptune/Pluto – Sun/Mercury +

 Sep 20, 2022

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This week we have a lot of major aspects at play indicating important circumstances and events. We have a change of focus and change of season with the Equinox and Libra new moon opposite Jupiter which is at its closest point to earth in 59 years. Big energy with lots of growth and expansion this Libra season.

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This week’s aspects and timestamps:

Intro about the week ahead: 0:22

Tues Sept 20 4:00
Moon trine Neptune 1:24 am PDT
Moon opp Pluto 5:58 am PDT
Moon sextile sun 8:56 am PDT
Venus inconj Saturn 1:11 pm PDT
Moon ingress Leo 1:37 pm PDT
Moon sextile Mercury 6:51 pm PDT
Moon trine Jupiter 10:31 pm PDT

Wen Sept 21 10:45
Moon T-square Nodes of Fate 6:23 pm PDT
Moon sextile Mars 10:59 pm PDT

Thurs Sept 22 14:01
Moon square Uranus 2:35 am PDT
Moon opp Saturn 4:06 am PDT
Moon inconj Neptune 12:57 pm PDT
Moon inconj Pluto 5:27 pm PDT
Sun Ingress Libra(Equinox) 6:03 pm
Sun conj Mercury 11:49 pm PDT

Fri Sept 23 19:08
Moon ingress Virgo 12:53 am PDT
Mercury ingress Virgo 5:04 am PDT
Moon Inconj Jupiter 8:50 am PDT

Sat Sept 24 22:05
Venus opp Neptune 1:50 am PDT
Moon trine NN sextile SN 3:55 am PDT
Moon square Mars 10:50 am PDT
Moon trine Uranus 12:16 pm PDT
Moon inconj Saturn 1:37 pm PDT
Moon opp Neptune 10:10 pm PDT

Sun Sept 25 28:15
Moon conj Venus 12:23 am PDT
Moon trine Pluto 2:34 am PDT
Moon conj Mercury 5:49 am PDT
Moon Ingress Libra 9:42 am PDT
Moon conj Sun (new moon) 2:54 pm PDT
Moon opp Jupiter 4:44 pm PDT
Venus trine Pluto 10:45 pm PDT

Mon Sept 26 38:04
Mercury conj Venus 10:58 am PDT
Moon inconj NN 11:10 am PDT
Sun opp Jupiter 12:32 pm PDT (Jupiter closest to earth )
Moon inconj Uranus 7:31 pm PDT
Moon trine Mars 7:54 pm PDT
Moon trine Saturn 8:44 pm PDT

Thanks for watching!

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