Rik: Astrology Aug 9-15 2022 – Aquarius Full Moon Karmic Grand Cross – plus many aspects

Astrology Aug 9-15 2022 – Aquarius Full Moon Karmic Grand Cross – plus many aspects

Aug 9, 2022

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This week is tough and karmic. The energy is serious and heavy., but the full moon leads to turning point.

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Aspects and timestamps: Intro about the week: 0:21

Tues Aug 9 3:25
Moon trine Mercury 12:50 am PDT
Moon square Jupiter 1:24 am PDT
Mercury inconj Jupiter 6:05 am PDT
Moon inconj sun 3:32 pm PDT
Moon trine NN sextile SN 4:51 pm PDT
Moon trine Uranus 5:57 pm PDT

Wen Aug 10 10:54
Moon trine Mars 2:12 am PDT
Moon sextile Neptune 3:44 am PDT
Moon conj Pluto 6:44 am PDT
Sun T-square Nodes of Fate 9:27 am PDT
Moon opp Venus 9:39 am PDT
Moon ingress Aquarius 11:44 am PDT

Thurs Aug 11 18:00
Moon sextile Jupiter 1:08 am PDT
Sun square Uranus 5:53 am PDT
Moon inconj Mercury 6:05 am PDT
Venus ingress Leo 11:29 am PDT
Mars sextile Neptune 2:43 pm PDT
Moon T-square Nodes of Fate 4:06 pm PDT
Moon opp Sun (full moon) 6:35 pm PDT
Moon conj Saturn 10:58 pm PDT

Fri Aug 12 30:58
Moon square Mars 4:06 am PDT
moon ingress Pisces 11:44 am PDT
Moon inconj Venus 1:55 pm PDT

Sat Aug 13 33:58
Moon opp Mercury 12:01 pm PDT
Moon trine SN sextile NN 4:26 pm PDT
Moon sextile Uranus 6:49 pm PDT
Moon inconj Sun 11:09 pm PDT

Sun Aug 14 37:02
Moon conj Neptune 4:57 am PDT
Moon sextile Mars 7:52 am PDT
Moon sextile Pluto 8:10 am PDT
Sun opp Saturn 10:10 am PDT
Moon ingress Aries 1:42 pm PDT
Mars trine Pluto 2:27 pm PDT
Moon trine Venus 8:52 pm PDT

Mon Aug 15 40:55
Moon conj Jupiter #:58 am PDT
Mercury trine NN sextile SN 6:04 am PDT
Moon inconj South Node 8:pm PDT
Moon inconj Mercury 9:40 pm PDT


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