✨ WEEKLY ASTROLOGY ✨ July 20, 2022 – Jane International

✨ WEEKLY ASTROLOGY ✨ July 20, 2022 – Jane International

Jul 20, 2022

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The Sun moves into Leo this week – yay! I think this is a breath of fresh air we all were craving – a time for us to be unapologetic about those things that we truly desire in our lives… as the Sun works his way into a square with the Mars/Uranus/North Node Conjunction over in Taurus, we absolutely are going to feel the urge to make things happen for ourselves, with or without the approval of others and with or without the promise of success. It is something we MUST do because of who we are inevitably becoming. The Moon is waxing and moves through Taurus, Gemini and Cancer. Our own self interests are prioritized and our minds and hearts are aligning. Jupiter over in Aries is slowing way down preparing for retrograde on July 28th – and will give us a chance to fully embrace these new identities.
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