Molly McCord:Cancer New Moon ~ A Push From The Universe to Trust Yourself More – 2022 Astrology

Cancer New Moon ~ A Push From The Universe to Trust Yourself More – 2022 Astrology

Jun 14, 2022

Molly McCord

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The Cancer New Moon at 7 degrees on June 28 brings you into your heart, needs, and emotional world to connect with more of what you are ready to grow next. The Sun and Moon in Cancer look for safety, support, connection, and comfort zones that feel nurturing. You may have a focus on family, home life, and the type of support you are seeking now that supports your feminine energies. The Sun and Moon are both receiving a push from Jupiter in Aries, urging you to trust yourself more and start something that you are feeling drawn to. The strong Aries energy is helping to move past hesitations or doubts, and asking you to claim more of what you need and want, even if the Cancer energy is waiting for something to feel right before acting. More to share in this video.

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