Rik: Astrology June 21-27 2022 – Last Q moon – Solstice – Venus ingress Gemini – Mars sextile Saturn

One of my favorite Astrologers who often is MIA due to the demands of private charts/readings. He lives off grid, so its good to take advantage of his insights when he shows up.

Astrology June 21-27 2022 – Last Q moon – Solstice – Venus ingress Gemini – Mars sextile Saturn

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Jun 21, 2022 Β 

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Tues 6/21 00:36
Venus trine Pluto 1:23 am MST
Sun ingress Cancer 2:13 am MST
Moon conj Jupiter 8:36 am MST
Moon sextile Mercury 11:34 am MST

Wen 6/22 12:04
Moon conj Mars 11:58 am MST
Venus ingress Gemini 5:34 pm MST
Moon sextile Saturn 7:18 pm MST

Thurs 6/23 16:14
Moon square Pluto 1:02 am MST
Moon ingress Taurus 4:57 am MST
Moon sextile sun 9:11 am MST

Fri 6/24 24:00
Moon conj Uranus 3:14 pm MST

Sat 6/25 26:23
Moon conj NN opp SN 9:39 am MST
Moon square Saturn 6:01 am MST
Moon sextile Neptune 7:04 am MST
Moon trine Pluto 12:02 pm MST
Moon ingress Gemini 4:13 pm MST

Sun 6/26 29:37
Moon conj Venus 12:02 am MST
Moon sextile Jupiter 6:26 am MST

Mon 6/27 31:18
Moon conj Mercury 12:21 am MST
Mars sextile Saturn 3:28 pm MST
Moon trine Saturn 6:23 pm MST
Moon sextile Mars 6:34 pm MST
Moon square Neptune 7:38 pm MST

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